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Groups Seek High-Court Review of Health Law

Republican officials from 26 states and a small-business association on Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to consider their challenge to the Obama administration’s health-care overhaul.

The challengers won a notable victory in August when the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta struck down the law’s requirement that individuals must carry health insurance or pay a penalty. The appeals court, however, refused to invalidate the entire health-care law, saying the rest of its provisions should remain “legally operative.”

The appeals court also rejected the states’ attack against the law’s expansion of Medicaid, a federal-state partnership that provides health care to low-income Americans.

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  • kategray

    There is more to this healthcare bill than people know. Certain religons are exempt and people who sell homes have to pay a tax to the feds. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PICTURE.? I would like to see if this was presented when the case was put before the courts. This administration said none of this was taxes, what do you call selling you home and having to pay the feds for this farce. There is more pork than on a farm that raises pigs.

    • Steven

      I doubt the pork/taxes are part of the lawsuit. The reason is that bad policy is not necessarily unconstitutional. The lawsuit is based on what the Federal government CAN’T do, not what it shouldn’t do.

      Note: I agree there are several items in the bill that are unconstitutional, and several more that are just bad.