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Rancor Grows Over Planned Oil Pipeline From Canada

The final days of rancorous public debate over a $7 billion oil pipeline that would snake from Canada through the midsection of the United States have taken on an unexpected urgency this week, as the economic and environmental stakes of the massive project snap into focus at a time of festering anxiety about the nation’s future.

The round of public hearings by the State Department being held along the pipeline’s proposed route — from a community college gymnasium here on Tuesday in rural eastern Montana, through Nebraska and Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast — is ostensibly meant to focus on a single question: Is the pipe in the national interest?

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  • Sara

    We desperately need this pipeline to help get off dependence on foreign oil and to bring gas prices down to an affordable level.

    • AliveStillKickin

      Uh…..Canada IS a foreign country.

      • Jack Death


      • Chris

        One that is friendly to the United States and very tied to us economically.

        • Adolf

          Chris – Canada will be tied to us much more very soon. This pipeline is one of steps in preparation for the North American Union, which would merge us with Canada and Mexico. It sounds nice on the surface but it would mean abolition of Constitution, Bill of Rights and Congress. In other words, we would be all slaves with no rights and no recourse.
          Also, why we need a pipeline to the Gulf when we can pull oil from the Gulf directly. That leaves only the sinister political reason for it.

          • Dale on the left coast

            Chris . . . give your head a shake!!! The pipeline goes to the Gulf . . . cause that’s where the refineries are. I know that is complicated, but that is the reality.
            This is “Ethical Oil” . . . oil from Despots and Dictators is NOT!!!

          • Willowspring

            Would they not lose everything as well? I don’t think that will fly for Canada, the U.S. or Mexico.

      • Dola LYTAL

        Right and we should dril from Alaska! It would be much cheaper and would stay in the USA!! love DG <

      • Dola LYTAL

        RIGHT! We should dril in Alaska, that would be much cheaper and would stay in America!! Just think if we had started in Alaska ten years, we would be telling OPEC goodby! Love DG

    • Gordon

      If we don’t build the pipeline south and buy the oil, china will pay for a pipeline west
      to the pacific and take all the oil they can. wake up america!!!

      • Michial Lawrence

        Hi Gordon,
        America is awake, it is the powers that be that are asleep. Obama and his hood are the ones that do not want the pipeline. They also do not want drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. They only want to run tis country into the ground so that it will be easy pickings for the Muslim extremists friends of his.

    • John

      The pipeline is coming from Canada, that is a foreign oil source. Did you not understand the article? This would still leave us dependent on foreign oil and allow nafta and the ipp to take away nation sovereignty, while then implementing the amero.We need this pipeline like we need another beuacratic lobbyist puppet politician. This pipeline destroy’s nation’s and profit’s the big oil barrons and banker’s to then take more of your right’s and liberties while at the same time imploding our economy!

    • W WA

      Last I heard, Canada is a foreign country, albeit friendlier to the US than the Middle East and Venezuela. Why send our oil purchase dollars to Canada and worsen our balance of payments problems?
      I believe the proposed pipeline is to transport oil from the Canadian end of the huge Bakken Oil Formation to the Gulf refineries.
      The Bakken oil formation extends from S Dakota, through western N Dakota and Montana into Canada.
      We also have huge economically recoverable oil shale deposits in Colorado.
      We have huge oil formations in ANWR and off the coast of ANWR that could utilize the existing pipline from the AK North Slope.
      How about we develop our end of the Bakken Reserve in ND and Mt, the Colorado shale oil formations and build US a refinery(s) in ND or MT and pipelines from there and forget about pipelines for oil we would be buying from Canada?

      • Michial Lawrence

        Now there is a thought. Drill into the Bakken Reserve in ND ot MT and pump all the oil out we can, before the Chinese can get it from the Canadians. Then we can sell what we don’t need to the Canadians and they can then sell it to the Chinese at a higher price. That sounds like a winner to me.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Better to send your cash to Canada . . . it will not fund terrorists as Saudi Oil does . . .
        Why do we not drill for our own? Enviro-whacks and the federal govt that thinks everyone should have a windmill . . . lol

    • don

      THIS PIPELINE HAS TO BE BUILT TO BYPASS obama’s ATTEMPT TO SHUT DOWN THIS COUNTRY’S ENERGY SYSTEM. I have seen the kenyan, marxist, muslim, flat earther, soros-union backed dictator intentionally do his best to shut down our economic, education, energy, food preparation, and business systems. HE HAS TO BE DETHRONED!

  • FlaJim

    The only questions we should be asking are:
    a) Does this cost us (taxpayers) anything? No, therefor it’s economically viable.
    b) Will it create jobs? Yes, a lot.
    c) Will this help stabilize our energy requirements? Dang straight it will and once drilling permits are issued in some northern states in 2013 under a GOP president, they’ll be able to tap into it, too.

    Precisely because this will help lead to less foreign energy requirements in the future is why the Dems oppose it. They’re still determined to turn back the clock by 200 years.

    • J.M.R.

      boy thats the truth

    • Vladilyich

      The only upside for the United States is possibly jobs, unless the oil companies bring in their own foreign workers.

      The Harper government has already stated that the overwhelming output of the XL project has already been contracted to China.

      • Charmin

        Only AMERICAN CITIZENS should get jobs created by a pipeline in our country. Harper, Obama, birds of a feather.

        • Dale on the left coast

          Harper is a “Conserative” . . . downsizing govt and balancing the budget . . . you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • BUD


    • BUD


      • Donald Cyriacks

        This country became great because we used energy to power industry. The greenies want us to go before the industrial revoultion and use manual labor & horses for transportation (no electric vehicles as we wouldn’t have teh means to power them except the sun-when it isn’t cloudy so we may be able to go 35 miles ).
        We NEED this pipeline to continue to be the great country that we are.
        JOBS created, ENERGY we need. WIN, WIN.
        Get the enviromentalists out of the. If they have their way not only would we be scooping up dog poop but also stoping to scoop up horse poop!

      • Vladilyich

        America is not getting the oil, China is.

        • Chris

          The reason China is getting some of this oil is a simple one, they are not waiting around to decide if they want it or not! They are putting bids in on it to lock up contracts and that is what people do that are smart in business!!!!

          Taking years to decide if we are going to buy the oil is the reason we will not get as much of it as we need, no other reason!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dale on the left coast

          What do you think will flow in the pipeline???
          China today is drilling around Cuba . . . with the technology available today, they could be drilling under Florida and in US waters . . . and nobody would even know. The dummie in the WH is selling out the country . . . its time for the folks to WAKE UP!!!

  • qtmaster

    I think that the pipe line is in the national interest. It could or has the the ablity to lower our price of gas at the pump. we get most of our oil that we import form Canada, the pipeline would lower gas prices at the pump due to transportaion cost’s alone. If the EPA & obumer would get of their butt’s sign the ok for the pipeline it would not only create jobs here in the USA. We all would have lower gas prices in the long run.

  • Bill Elliott

    We absolutely NEED to bring the oil in from Canada and we NEED to approve the wells in North Dakota and Montana. My only question is why do we need to pipe it all the way to the existing Gulf refineries. The major oil companies have not built a refinery in the USA for years, force the issue with them. Building a huge refinery somewhere close to Central USA makes far more sense.
    Post refining distribution costs would be cut for decades, creation of thousands of construction jobs to build the wells, refinery and pipeline, creation of permanent refinery jobs, housing jobs, development jobs, infrastructure jobs, even some government jobs.

  • Rick Jones

    Isn’t Alaska still part of America…why not a pipeline from there??

    • Dale on the left coast

      There is a pipeline from Alaska . . . into Alberta . . . thanks to Sarah. It of course could easily connect to the pipeline grid and move oil south.
      There are more than 50,000 miles of pipline in North America.

  • Patricia

    My question is: Why won’t they use the route Neb wants? Why a totally different one. If the aquifier is in danger from leaks or a major pipeline break then why are they set on one certain way? Let me put it this way. I feel anything coming out of the Obama administration is suspect. They hate America. I would go with what Neb. wants and screw the Obama elitists that have proven they know nothing.

  • Jim

    Check out the “Bakken Oil Formation”. Billions of barrels of light sweet crude right under the surface in Montana, N. Dakota, etc. The Dept of Energy and the EPA have a stranglehold on our energy industry! They both need to go!!!!!!

    • AliveStillKickin

      The Anti-American, Anti-Christian Kenyan Muslim has to go first.

  • Bill

    I believe the oil the article is speaking about is the Alberta tar sands and the huge reserve discovered along the US/Canada border near North Dakota/Montana. That reserve has been estimated to be large enough to sustain US entire consumption for the next 40 years. This would wean us off any oil imports for quite some time.
    I am not sure the oil companies want that so I believe there is political pressure not to approve it, more typical corrupt politics.

  • Donald Mc Guigan

    I would not be surprised if when it comes right down to it the people against this oil line are just some more of abamas ass kissers. This is not yet an emergency so bama will keep his mouth out of it. G.W. when asked to drill said it would take 5 years to see it effect the price at the pump. Well G.W. it is a hell of a lot passed 5 years, We would already of cut some of the string from around our necks. I’m sorry to say our government is not watching out for us, but they are looking out for the big bucks,in their pockets. If any out there believe that D.C. is worried about us are living in a make believe world. Congress has their hands out to anyone that will put the money in their hands. How else can you get so rich on so little while so called serving our Nation. The figures just will not add up. Congress you say you want to do what is right. STOP THE SPENDING. One way is stop asking for more to send to countries around the world,keep it at home. Also keep bamas ass in D.C. and quit wasting tax payers money for nothing. He has spent more time out of D.C. than in,maybe he feels like he is not wanted in D.C. For once he would be right.

  • Jimmy Hemminger

    Yes to drill, pumping, a pipeline, millions of barrels oil, millons of jobs. First we need to fire Obama and his EPA,get Gov out of the way. That is why we spend billion to buy oil from enemies, making them rich as american jobs leave, we got welfare checks, foodstamps, a national shame. Obamas job needs to go next, American economy will come back, sleeping giant will awaken.

    • Letitia

      This is a really intelligent way to answer the qeutosin.

  • kategray

    If this administration and the reglatory pundits in congress had not stopped our own oil drilling we would have enough to supply Americans. But as fate would have it we ship more out of this country, because no one and I mean congress and this prez(dicator) have seen fit to make us a third world country. IMPEACH THE PRETENDER and get rid of the good old boys.

  • Crsaderforliberty

    DRILL BABY DRILL!!!! My Son Is a pipliner. Right now he is in PA. The 798 IS the WORLDs most excellent Pipeliners! They can and will get the job done that is BEST for America. Most of the Pipliners have families and want what is best for their families and the environment.

  • Jim

    Shouldn’t the unions be fighting this building of the pipe line with foreign labor? I thought that was their job to protect the working force in this country against things of this nature. No way should an inch of this pipe line be built unless its done by Americans.

  • Fatunsassy

    We don’t need this pipeline?
    We don’t need the energy!
    We need to go back to burning Buffalo chips for fuel!
    Only the “More Equal Elite” need energy.

    • morgan not jp

      Or using bicycles. That is green energy! Oh … and no more AF one, he can use a bicycle also.

  • randydutton

    Either its oil from Canada or Venezuela. You decide what’s in our national interest.


    Is the pipeline in the national interest? You have to ask?

    The enviromental whackos are spreading their poisonus pap around again since their ANWR and climate argument is beginning to fail them miserably as the truth evolves. These people are in cahoots with agendas that are not conducive to the health and future of the nation no matter how loudly they make up the lie, they are. How could they not be when none of what they say holds one ounce of truth or logic. So far these wingnuts have opposed virtually every form of energy production we use and never try to stop stealing private property or obstructing projects in the national interest by the use of envionmental lying and deciet.

  • catman

    Where does all that oil from Alaska go now? Since there is no pipeline to the lower 48, I guess it would be safe to assume it is shipped somewhere via tanker ships. OK, so where do those ships go? China and Japan would be a good guess on my part!
    Question #2: Why are there no refineries being built in the lower 48?
    Solution: Get rid of the liberal assed judges who think they know more than anyone else including enigineers and geologists that don’t have the political strings the “greenies” do.
    Solution #2: Whenever the greenies show up at a construction site, KICK THEIR COLLECTIVE ASSES OUT, BY FORCE IF NECESSARY!!

    Enough of this “planet first” BS. People were put on this earth to use it’s resources. Admittedly they should be used with common sence, but then again the greenies common sence wants us to go back to living in caves. I know where there are several they can use here in Arizona. Just gotta kick the drug cartels lookouts out of them first!!

    • Public Citizen

      Confiscate their transportation.
      If they had to walk home they would have a lot of time to think over their hypocritical position.

  • Wayne Pierce

    one must never forget that 50% of the people out there have IQs of less than 100. any leak in a pipeline is detected almost immediately and shut down. How in hell is it going to get into a aquifier,How many pipelines cross lakes , rivers, prime farmland s now?Hysteria from the greenies is going to kill this nation

  • Public Citizen

    Look carefully at the picture at the top of the article.
    Ask yourself, “How many of these people are from within a five mile radius of the White House?”. The answer is probably zero so the next question is “How did they get there?”.
    Answer, some sort of petroleum powered transportation.
    Set them all to walking in order to get home and I’ll bet that they ~all~ start singing a different tune.

  • http://who-sez/net/wordpress/ Roger Cunningham

    While I support the Canadian pipeline to ease the energy crisis, it must be remembered that the crisis is seated in Washington, DC, not Montana or Nebraska.
    Here is the minority report on this subject. On by blog-site, I wrote comentary titled “Drill Baby, Drill …and do it in Alaska.
    You can go directly to that post at
    The Trans Alaska Pipeline is running at less than 1/2 of its capacity; not from lack of oil, but lack of will by the Obama Administration to end foreign energy dependence. rc



  • Meribel

    How can the Anti-American State Department now want to focue on ‘Is the pipeline in our national interest”? Where do we get these idiots from. We desperately needs jobs and oil and these GOVERNMENT idiots are wondering if it is in our interest to build a pipeline and use the oil from it. Tell me what these people are smoking!

    As Ronald Regan said many years ago, the most feared words in the country are “I am from the Government and I am here to help”.

  • LoneStar

    Canada said they would pay to have the pipeline built, the only problem i see with this pipeline is they haven’t started building it yet. [ Get out of our way obuma and you socialist democrats.]

  • John White

    With respect to the possibility of China buying up Canadian oil, it is worth mentioning that China is presently buying up Texas oilfields. What does this mean to us? Without respect to the origins of our oil, unless we take action to protect our national interests, we will be paying China for oil produced in this country.

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    This is tragic! There’s some VERY beautiful land out in that part of the country. I’ve been there, it’s extraordinary beauty in those high plains of Montana. These Montanans will be sorry for this in the long run. Oddly, there was an oil spill only months ago outside of Billings, MT. It seems Montanans are so desperate for money out there that they will sell their souls. It’s sad.

    This is not a question over liberal or conservative, libertarian or communist. Once you screw up such a place, there really is no going back. What about the Lakota tribes and Mennonites that live out there?? They must be pissed as shi+ over this! I can only hope and pray this oil pipeline “deal” fails.

    I’m not one of these liberal environmental nuts either, but big projects like this seem to be going too far. G-d gave us the earth to use, yet we are to treat His creation with respect and sanctity too. I believe G-d didn’t want man to turn the earth into a dump in exchange for money and power. America is leading the way in this regard and eventually we will reap what we sow. It proves this green energy movement by the government is a bunch of shi+, it’s just used as a sadistic experiment to see how much government can control us. The U.S. government could care less about our environment, it is just desperate to pay its debtors right now (The Federal Reserve). America has become like a mentally deranged, desperate, ill person. It needs spiritual and moral guidance no matter how much it wishes to resist.

    It is all due to the Federal Reserve. They are a spiritually and morally bankrupt institution, seeking to achieve world domination, all to eventually fail in the end. They are the parasitic enemy of all of mankind. Those who run it are delusional megalomaniacs.

    Ron Paul for President in 2012.

    • Old Cantankerous

      Jeffry, “IF” God had not intended man to USE the oil, he would not have put it there. We should be as independant as possible for our energy needs, but the MORE sources we have available to us for energy supplies, the safer our country is, and supply availability from Friendly nations certainly keep us more secure. I also prefer to use a mixture of supplies from both domestic sources AND foreign sources (such as Canada), AND others, because it will extend by MANY, MANY years the supply of our own natural resources before they are totally depleted. It is well known that both the oil fields of Saudi and Mexico are depleting, and the costs for oil will elevate rapidly as availability drops off.

      You also state that if you “Screw up a Place” there is NO goijng back, but that is nonsense. I have lived most of my life is areas that were totally barren from the spills and runoffs of oil and saltwater that occurred in the early days of oil booms, and no cleanup was even attempted for years, but now you can go to those sites and there is tall grass, trees and brush growing, cattle grazing, and you cannot even tell where any of that destruction had ever been.

      PS: I don’t know of ANY of our Military vehicles that operate on land OR in the air that will run on Wind, Solar, or other electric energy, and only “Some” of the Navy’s equipment operate on Nuclear power. In short, we NEED to do everything we can to assure that we have as many sources for energy supplies as possible for as LONG as possible, and to pass up this opportunity for another Closely distant source would be total lunacy.

  • A.B.

    There already is a pipeline through Alaska, which has pumped millions of barrels of oil for many years into the US for refining. The one through Canada will be a lot safer, using newer technology.
    There is much oil still underground off our shores and under our feet. We would not need oil from other countries if the federal government did not sell our leases to China and Brazil.

    If you look it up, you will see we don’t get as much Middle East oil as Europe does.

    We need realistic policies for energy development in all its various forms: crude, oil shale, solar, wind, and other renewable resources. There is no reason to narrow our focus to only one or two options.

    Where are the brave and energetic people who built our nation? We need more capitalism and free-market solutions. We need more folks to keep tabs on those who are trying to transform our way of life to fit a European model. WE ARE NOT EUROPEANS!!! We are Americans, and neither the UN nor other threats to our national interests should be tolerated.