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Romney’s Convention Bounce

Did the Republican National Convention give Mitt Romney a poll bounce? Yes, it seems, but a small one. Before things kicked off in Tampa, Joel Pollak warned Romney supporters not to expect much of a post-convention bump. His admonition has been partially vindicated. Liberal electoral stats maven Nate Silver says evidence of a lasting poll surge is scant, but that assessment depends on what survey you’re looking at. Gallup’s weekend numbers showed Obama’s job approval dropping and his disapproval on the rise, but the overall race remains deadlocked. Reuters’ tracker also shows the race virtually tied, although there’s evidence that the convention helped Romney’s image beyond the daily horse race:

Mitt Romney emerged from the Republican convention with an overall improvement in his image among voters but no significant change in the number who say they will vote for him, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday. Republicans nominated Romney on Thursday after three days of testimonials from friends, relatives and supporters, many aimed at showing the candidate in a more informal light. Romney has struggled to shake off perceptions of being stiff and aloof. The four-day rolling poll has Democratic President Barack Obama still leading Romney in general favorability, 52 percent to 50 percent. But the poll showed Romney steadily improving in likeability and other positive-image features. Thirty-one percent of the registered voters responding to the survey found Romney “likeable” in Friday’s poll, up from Monday’s 26 percent.

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