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House Committee to Subpoena Holder in ‘Fast and Furious’ Probe

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is planning to subpoena Attorney General Eric Holder this week to determine who in the Justice Department knew about “Operation Fast and Furious” — the plan to let thousands of guns sold in the U.S. get into Mexican drug cartel hands — and when they knew it.

The subpoena targeting Holder aims to get at the heart of the authorization for the program, and when the people in charge decided the program was a problem.

“When did they know it wasn’t the right way to do it and why (did) they keep doing it?” asked committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Issa, who is also a member of the House Judiciary Committee where Holder testified in May that he’d only learned of the program a few weeks earlier, told “Fox News Sunday” that “people in the top” of the Justice Department knew about the operation, were “well-briefed about it, and seemed to be the command and control and funding for this program.”

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  • http://yahoo floramae

    I would think so, this clown needs to be dropped to chavez land along with bobo the clown!!

    • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

      I applaud Issa for his efforts , but Come On … Everybody KNOWS who is the real culprit in this , Holder is nothin’ but a utensil on obamas dining table set for EATING
      OUR COUNTRY ! It is common Knoledge , that “Fast & Furious” is a deal cooked up by obama as a tool for killing our Second Amendment ,”Under the Radar” as promised to Diane Feinstein and a few other Traitors .This is a conspiracy to damage our Constituton , and MUST BE DEALT WITH AS SUCH !All involved Are Traitors to this Country … PERIOD .

      • mel

        this is a bunch of clowns.. not unlike the previous bunch of clowns – all driving the country into oblivion to suit their globalist plans.
        any person in or affiliated with the cfr – traitor.
        Bilderberg- more traitors
        Federal Reserve.. traitors still.

        Most of the congress people are traitors. They take an oath to the constitution as a formality. They have no plan whatever of ever reading it. They are traitors and criminal scum.

      • Frank

        It is just too bad Obama can not be IMPEACH because any plan in that direction will be block by Democrats Senate Majority Leader Harry “the bobo clown” Reid. Just look at the citizenship topic, nobody has brought it up, look at the Social Security Number in Connecticut, it is fraudulent, and nobody did anything about it and many other violations. The only way we can get rid of obama is thru Election 2012. Be ready to do your part hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of him peacefully…..

        • TONY PAGE

          I have sent e-mails to the Senator and two Representatives for the Dallas, TX area. In all three of them, I asked one question; “why is it that no member of Congress, nor the Senate, will introduce a Bill to request hearings for possible IMPEACHMENT proceedings against Obama for ABUSE of POWER Only received a response from the Senator. In it, she didn’t answer my question. Basically, she was campaigning for the Republicans. I based my feelings, on the fact that, they didn’t hesitate doing so to Clinton, for a “sexual indiscretion” and some “abuse of power.” A lot less dangerous than what the country has been facing since Obama’s Inauguration.

          • Elaine

            Tony, Nixon & Clinton got into trouble for far less. Seems to me– and I want your response. Could he be threatening their lives if they go forward to impeach him?

          • Ralph wolfmax

            It is past time to get rid of the entire obummer administration,even his puppets..reid,pelosi,clinton,schumer,etc.
            they are all crooks, send them all to the front line let
            them be leaders to fight their wars,not hiding in a
            bunker,actually on the front line!!!

      • Lipstick

        I have read several articles about Hillary Clinton working with the United Nations to get arms control here in the USA. Put her on this list also.

      • W WA

        It’s been said before and I know it’s true:
        When a Republican gets caught doing something wrong, he’s fired and fined or jailed. But when a Democrat gets caught, he’s promoted to Chairman of a committee.

    • RightAsUsual

      comrade holder’s call along with comrade obama – z 24623 by their call:

      1) gallows, 2) firing squad, 3) lethal injection, 4) guillotene

      They are criminals & quilty of treason(s) … nuff said … next up soros, ayers-dohrn, pee-losey, reid, stern, emanuel, sustein, pevins, et al

      • Robert from Texas

        Amen brother!!!!

      • Ken

        roger that

    • Sue

      RIGHT ON!!!!

    • BUD


    • BUD


    • Betty

      Holder is no doubt more crooked and evil than the BOZO that is in our beloved White house, it sickens me to think how much Bozo has done to cause so much distrust in our great nation. I knew the day that Bozo was elected, the American people had been duped by the imposter. I will never, never understand why the American citizens have not stood up to the evil imposter, it does not take much thought to realize that both Bozo and Nancy Pelosi had one thing on their pea size brains and that was to destroy this great nation!!! I pray every day that the two of them will be severely punished. I will pray that when Obama (Bozo) is ousted he will not be entitled to receive the “free”

      life time entitlements that our past President are receiving. This black “faker” has to pay for what he has done in trying to destroy our great nation.. 2012 just can not come fast enough!!!!!!!!!! Betty

      • Captcin

        Remember Holder was Mrs.Obama’s boss before 2008. He is the reason she no longer can practice law because of another illegal plan they pulled off at the hospital he was in charge of. No one ever mentions that. They are all above the law and have been for a long time.

      • JayJay

        My question is ……Why hasn’t the members of Congress initiated steps to impeach Obummer, the Marxist, Commie who isn’t even a citizen of this country? In his books, his arrogance and hate for his mama and her white race is evident. He states in one of the books, that he must follow his radical father and his people if it came to choosing sides and that’s exactly what he did. He actually told the truth once. As long as we let Congress keep giving him passes on all his unscrupulous, unconstitutional , evil acts, nothing will be done. Congress is no better than him if they keep allowing this usurper to tear down our country. We, the people, should try flooding our elected representatives with e-mails, letters or phone calls demanding they take the necessary steps to remove Obama and his mobster corrupt cronies, Holder from the high offices they were entrusted with. This should be on the top of our priority list!

        • JayJay

          Meant “like Holder” in last line above.

  • J.M.R.


  • art

    they better wear boots because it’s going to get deep with BS

  • Marvin Esler

    This is another example of this administration encouraging unrest along the border, They don’t care if US citizens are killed, as long as they keep their agenda moving

  • T-Texas

    No doubt that the hold obummer white house knew about this,Right after Senator Giffords was shot The bummer was asked about gun control and he replied that he and others were working under the radar for gun control,I think that he knew about Fast and Furious then or he was referring to signing on to a NATO treaty circumventing “WE THE PEOPLE”

    • Robert from Texas


  • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

    I applaud Representative Issa for instituting an investigation into this criminal act. Can you tell me why ( as when you or I do something criminal), that there are no (immediate) arrests? We would be sitting in jail or paying a hefty bail while awaiting trial for ANY criminal acts.

    • Robert from Texas

      Ain’t that the damn truth!!!!!! What a great question!!!!!!!!!

    • Lipstick

      I don’t even believe they will ever get to the bottom of this. Obama will not allow it. I read an article off Drudge last night (I think it was from there) that said the dems are working to get legislation to seal Obama’s records even after he leaves the White House. I sure wish the folks would throw all those dems to the curb. They are ruining us. Taking away any rights we have or ever hope to have.

    • Ken

      This is what you get when you let morons vots.


    Get rid of the liar and the man who hired him and even now is trying to cover his a##.
    IMPEACH and get rid of all the B.S. now.
    or we will get rid of all in 2012.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    “When did they know it wasn’t the right way to do it and why (did) they keep doing it?” asked committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

    Well Congressman Issa, any human with minimal cohesive thought capability would have looked at the plan on DAY ONE and said, “DUDE!! No way! This will get people killed AND cost a lot of money!

    But all we have heard from the planners and instigators is BS. All the while, they stay behind their desks gaining a paycheck; while any of us who might conjure up an asinine idea like this would be arrested BEFORE it ever got traction. Why are these idiots not in jail awaiting trial like other criminals?

    • Robert from Texas

      Just support Issa; at least we have 1 congressman with balls!!!!!!!

      • TONY PAGE


        RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Outraged

    It’s about time they do something.

  • http://AT&T cutie

    Holder is just as bad as Barry! Impeach this man for his lying . He knew about it all the time! Holder is a Bull —— just like Barry Get rid of him NOW!


      Who’s “Barry”? Are you referring to “Barney Frank”?

      • Tpartywarrior

        “Barry” is the name Barack Hussein Obama went by as a kid. Barry Soeorto.

        • BUD


      • JayJay

        Where have you been? This man has more than one alias!

  • Fed Up

    LONG OVERDUE! but will probably go the way that slick willys case went……no justice done!

  • Glenny

    Chris Wallace was interviewing Issa yesterday and Wallace gave him a quote from the 1940’s, but did not tell Issa until after his comments. Sounds like a gotcha question to me. Why would he bring up a quote from that era. Had to do a lot of research for that one. He did the same thing to Newt Gringrich in the debates with a gotcha question. What ‘s the point in this kind of questioning?

    • Robert from Texas

      Yeah; stinks don’t it!!!!

  • RightAsUsual

    muslim comrades obama – z 24623 & holder have been taught to LIE since their muslim nasceny training ~ there is no truth in either’s dna … absolutely … NONE !

    • Robert from Texas


  • AliveStillKickin

    Even if they nab this whitey-hating b*stard…Obama’s gonna’ pardon him.

    • Robert from Texas

      Good point!!!

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      If Obama pardons this POS, then we should just ignore his pardon and ship Holder to
      GITMO to serve his sentence.

  • Roy Jones

    Something else to be upset about: WE need to remove 99% of the robbers in Washington D.C. And why isn’t our so call government not allowing our farmers to grow Hemp.
    Google Hemp. It’s a crime not to grow it. Over 200 items can be made out of Hemp.

    • jimmy2beans

      Roy, how did you jump from Eric Holder and his role in gun running to a lecture on hemp?

      Stop puffing the mary jane just long enough to be able to form a cogent reply to the issue at hand. Many thanks!

    • BUD


  • SFC, D. Grant Chee

    Mr Attorney General Holder: Now see here Eric, all we want is the truth, the whole truth
    and nothing but the truth. Tell the truth! What exactly were you doing while high powered
    guns were being handed to criminals? Why were you “Out of the loop” while subordinates
    were in the loop? Did the president know what American officials, like yourself, that he appointed, were doing? Was the ATF acting without adult supervision? Is this the same
    ATF that participated in the murder of those kids at Waco when democrat Attorney General Janet Reno was at the helm under democrat Clinton; who hid behind her skirts? Why, Eric,
    did PotUS Obama select you to be AG when more qualified people were available? Was your
    appointment, in light of your past misconduct, a racist/agendist appointment? Mr Holder, will you resign for the good of our country; or will you attempt to dishonestly cling to power?

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    As said above by Luca Brasi, this whole deal was a smoke screen to give gun rights people a black-eye and to impliment draconian gun control laws into effect.
    I do believe that Obama is in this up to his pencil necked pointy head, as well as Holder, Hilliary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dailey, Emanuel, and the whole Democratic leadership in D.C..
    These people all need to be called before Congress to answer for this crime that they have perpetrated on the citizens of this country and Mexico.


    Eric Holder may slip by — although he claims he only knew about “fast and furious” towards the end he has emails and memos 10 months prior, but he says he didn’t read them–they were read by an aide. There has been a shuffle with head of AFT and others being reasigned, but no one seems responsible. I feel Obama is responsible, but there’s little hope of pinning it on him. And if Holder goes, Obamo will just appoint another one of his yes men who pick and choose justice to fit their cause. Meanwhile, more families suffer as loved ones may get shot due to arms in the hands of drug runners.

    • Michael

      May get shot!

  • R. Cook

    What do you expect from an administration that has Obummer as their comander in chief messiah? His first action on entering the White House was to issue an executive order sealing every bit of his past history. Holder and all the rest of Obummer’s minions are just following the lead of the most corrupt president in our history.

  • jimmy2baens

    “Fast and Furious” makes the Watergate scandle under Nixon look like a Sunday school picnic. The main stream media went after Nixon with a vengeance unknown in modern times (Nixon was a Republican) and he subsequently resigned rather than disgrace the presidency by being impeached.

    Clinton, on the other hand, perjured himself in front of Congress and the press treated him with kid gloves. He was subsequently impeached but dallied about as if nothing happened even after disgracing the presidency.

    Obama is a messiah to the liberal media and because of that this gun controversy will be not be widely reported even though the guns were never traced and hundreds of innocent Mexicans lost their lives and a border patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered using these same illegal guns that the Justice Department let walk.

    Try to find anything from MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or their television affilates about this gun program run amok. Only CBS and Fox have been reporting this news even though Eric Holder is technically guilty of at least manslaughter, and at most second degree murder.

    Obama is quite used to Chicago corruption and sadly he thinks corruption at the highest level of his administration is just another ordinary part of a ruling government.

    Where are reporters like Woodward and Bernstein when you really need them?

  • Joe

    Well, I hope you boys and girls stay as pissed as I am up to and through November 2012. I’m so dammed pissed I could swallow a hornytoad backward! We all have to stay livid past November 2012 because even if we kick the socialist/communist/Marxist/islamofascist bastards out, there will still be a lot of work to do to repair the damage perpetrated on our Republic.
    November 2012 will only be a start.

  • Tpartywarrior

    Watergate took down a presidency where no one was killed. Fast & Furious produced the death of a Border Agent. Holder and Obama are responsible. Will justice prevail? I doubt it……….

  • T-Texas

    Senator Issa needs to subpoena the bummer himself see how many lies he can tell without the Teleprompter.

  • Docmo

    How reckless can one be to totally bring down a whole nation of over 300,000,000 people when the majority of them were looking forward to his bringing respect and intelligence for those who voted for him. McCain might have been old, but I think he would have at least surrounded himself with, and appointed people with experience in going forward, rather than backwards.
    Even if the “BO” were to be impeached, he is replaced by another like him, except nuttier than a fruitcake. Another clown who only knows how to crack jokes and has convinced himself into believing that he knows what he is doing. Any true patriotic hard working American Citizen could do the jobs of the President & Vice-President of our country when you consider what they have done wrong. And they need college degree upon college degree to lose a country? It must be tough being that stupid when you bring the highest office in the world to the level of a low level such as this sitting group have.
    The few in congress who are trying to do the right thing will only become corrupt themselves, due to their not being backed by the american people, and they will just give up. Many good people have been worn down to corruption by those who started their lives as being corrupt.
    Have a good day America, because there is a future for you that will never awaken.
    Thanks to our American Military and their families, our long time and future hope.



    I think theve gotta move texas because there breeding with illegals to much inbreeding causes stupidity and it can’t get any dumber than what Ive read on this page !

  • Tom

    We WILL allow this scumbag “president” to leave the office whole in his family, and bank account. For some ASSANINE reason we hold our elected officials in the same light as Jesus Christ!!! Other countries don’t hold back when their elected officials break the law. I swore an oath to the Constitution just like all the scum in Washington District of Criminals did. I can’t steal, lie, or cheat the American people like those SOBs do. Yet we almost worship these pukes!
    Why do we still allow this? Clinton should be in federal prison! But no the immoral in charge, and there are lots of them, will defend these scum to the death! Algore- prison, Pelosi-prison just for being UGLY! Reid-just drop him in the middle of his home state for a campaign tour!

    • Cindy

      Pelosi-prison just for being UGLY! A truer statement I have ever heard and she is not ugly on the outside, she is ugly on the inside and it shine through. All her money has made her a shape shifter.

  • stevenartus


  • zac

    Its ALL one big show for the Global Gun Ban.

    Wake-Up America!

    Hillary is the leader.

  • Ginger

    Hasn’t anyone seen the picture of Hillary waving “gleefully” wanting and backing the UN for their complete control on a lot of websites???? She is just as much for UN gun control as BHO !!! Yes, the UN wants gun control for America, of course !!!!

    I do believe that our government (Congress) are so full of “undercover” Marxist/Communists/Socialists that there will be a Revolution as the end result of all the riots and gatherings around our country – they are a “weird” group of all sorts of people, some of which have no idea why they are doing this – are these the “useful idiots” for the underground?? Think about it !! What will happen to all these people and how long will they gather and live in “filth”?? This is going to get very dangerous – and Obama DEFENDS them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? He has criticised the Tea Parties several times – so does anyone know how this guy thinks !?

  • sc

    How wonderful, not the second biggest lier can stand up and tell another bunch of lies.

  • sc

    Opp, should have been now, not, not. sounds sort of like clinton what is the meaning of is, is.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Even if Holder does testify he will admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations.

    His ‘defense’ will ultimately be:
    1. it was someone else who did this
    2. the op was not carried out the way it was presented to him
    3. he was too stupid to understand what was being said because it was in Spanish

    end result still needs to be jail time – hopefully in Mexico.


    Wake-Up America Eric Holder Is A Muslim-Lover And A George Soros Puppet So He Is Safe. Dumbocare Has 58 Addresses 40 Forged SSN, Plus 40 Czars The Libs And Union Goons Are Making Big Bucks Off The Tea Party Patriots, Yikeess, God Bless America And Cain/Newt.