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Bacon at any cost

It’s bad enough that global warming prophecies predict seas around the world will rise, a million species will become extinct, and hurricanes and cyclones will level the landscape, but now dire forecasts say a world shortage of bacon is looming.

The theory goes like this: Climate change has created a drought, the drought drives up the cost of feed, pig farmers can’t afford feed, pig farmers can’t afford pigs, the crunchy goodness of a BLT goes silent.

This. Must. Stop.

Britain’s National Pig Association is urging consumers on their side of the pond to pay the higher prices when the shortage is expected to hit in six months to keep their pig producers in business.

In the U.S., the Agriculture Department (USDA) spent $100 million on a pork-buying program, and in China, the government is putting pork into cold storage.

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