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Farm Cuts Should Be Held to $23 Billion, Supercommittee Told

Spending on agriculture, rural development and nutrition should be cut by no more than $23 billion over 10 years, leaders of the U.S. House and Senate farm panels told the supercommittee charged with reducing the federal deficit.

Specific recommendations on what to cut, including possible reductions in farm subsidies, will be provided by Nov. 1, according to a letter today from the House and Senate agriculture committees to the congressional deficit panel.

The savings “should absolve the programs in our jurisdiction from any further reductions,” the top Democrats and Republicans on the panels wrote, citing previous cuts to crop insurance and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as well as the expiration of other initiatives as reasons the total shouldn’t exceed $23 billion.

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  • warren reynolds

    This “super committee is unconstitutional and should be laughed out of congress immediately.

  • Dan Clamage

    Central Planning has spoken!
    We’re doomed.


    The First Sign That This Is A Sham Is The Federal Govt Is Involved, Wake-Up USA Farmers And Ranchers When Pres Obama And His Muslim Run Tyson Foods Tell You To Bend-Over And Hold Your Ankles , Yikeess, Boycott Both, Because Without Farmers And Ranchers There Will Be No Food To Sell. Get The Feds Out Of Farmers Business Than Get Rid Of The USDA, The Farmers Have Always Made Money Without Govt Regulations, Yikeess, Cut The Feds And USDA Payrolls, Problems Solved. God Bless America And The Real Tea Party Patriots. ABO.

  • Roger

    Where exactly in the constitution do these subsidies come in ?

  • Robert R

    Instead of cutting the Farmers to 23 Billion how about starting by cutting the Government Officials pay and Health Care Expense. Farmers are the backbone of our country. If you mess with the farmers you are messing with us. I do not want to have to get our food from overseas or any where else. Let’s keep it in our country where we know our food will be safe to eat. They work very hard for their money and they aren’t becoming millionaires. They are honest workers and need to be recognized as such. This Super Committee is doing nothing but trying to pull the smaller farms down so places such as Tyson (Obama’s buddies), will be in control of everything. Don’t be fooled by a fool in sheep’s clothing (Oboner).

  • Roger

    Ummm…….maybe you should look at the labels on the produce next time you’re in the grocery store Robert. What farm did “Hecho en Mexico” originate on ?

    How many other industries are subsidized to NOT produce ?

    And speaking of stupid ideas…how about using our food for fuel and driving the cost of everything through the freakin roof ? How is that working out ?

    Before you talk about someone not being a milllionaire, check out some balance sheets and profit/loss statements. If there’s a new anything with “John Deere” on it the net worth of that person ( read farmer) is a million dollars and more

  • Pat

    Ironically there is a story today that the drought is costing farmers $8.7 billion. How about helping them until the rains come instead of taking care of farmers with Beverly Hills and New York City addresses or corporate interests? How about helping people who stand on their own two feet but may need help for circumstances beyond their control? Where did our American “stand up and help those who help themselves” ethic go?