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Farm Dust Rules Targeted

Though EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson told members of Congress last week that the agency has no intention to regulate farm dust, some lawmakers and their rural constituents aren’t convinced.

Farmers and ranchers told members of the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on Energy and Power Tuesday that some farmers already face limits on their operations because of dust regulations.

The committee started a debate on the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011, designed to define the difference between farm dust and dust from power plants and other industrial operations, and to leave any dust regulation to states and local governments.

The bill defines nuisance dust as that “generated from natural sources, unpaved roads, agricultural activities, earth moving, or other activities typically conducted in rural areas; or consisting primarily of soil, other natural or biological materials, windblown dust, or some combination thereof.”

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  • lauri

    Don’t you ever wonder when these people will start doing something that matters and not just something to take up their time which only seems to justify their existance?

    • neal churchill

      Just de-fund this agency of fools!


    Like I’d believe ANYTHING this administration says!

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      These deranged extremist progressives must be purged from all positions of authority in America, these ideologues plainly seek a world eco-dictatorship that will starve the masses to death! These radicals seek to institute authoritarian rule over our every aspect of human life, while living in politburo style wealth and affluence themselves! Even if it takes violent measures, progressives must be forced to cease their “so far unabated” quest for domination of all human life on our planet! I no longer owe any allegiance to our unamerican federal government!

  • Fenderman52

    “All we are is dust in the wind.”

  • Jerry L Skeen

    Dust Control is just another way of shutting down American farm production and American job so our enemies can be the producers of all our food in another country where these idiots do not control the dust too.

  • Patriot 101

    Dust regulation is no JOKE. This is a very dangerous regulation that can shut down agriculture or have farmers face huge daily fines. These fines are unpayable, so land seizure is the next step. Besides you farmers don’t need so much land.
    Dust regulations could be used to shut down transportation (travel) in rural areas. Many areas have only “dusty” gravel roads.
    Enactment of these regulations will require an army of USDA workers to enforce this rule and other “silly” rules and regulations that are already on the books. If you are involved in any USDA “program” you are in violation of some rules and regulations as there are thousands of “rules and regs”, many contradicting each other, so everyone is in “violation”.
    These rules and regs were put in place for one reason only! Land seizure for “Redistribution”! This is the ultimate goal of the Commies in the White House.

  • CES

    What about all that dust in highway construction zones that were’shovel ready’ according to our dictator?What is the epa going to do about all the dust storms in AZ? Fine GOD??? duh

  • http://immirgration phil

    Hey, Why don’t we just close the whole country down and let the COMMIE”S take us over. Then we will really see what regulations can do. If you protests ..They just shoot you. Or put you in a Re training camp. Well this seems to be what the EPA, And the Liberals want …I don’t know where the money will come from to support it all … But why worry over something ya just can’t change.
    America, You folks had better wake up before it is too late.

  • DowgyCO

    What kind of DRUGS is this admn. on? To come up wiyh trash like this!!

  • Theo980

    After the first few EPA regulators are introduced to the 3 s’s program (shoot, shovel & shut up)they probably won’t be very gung-ho to enforce “dust rules”!

  • Bob L.

    Rules and regulations written by unelected bureaucrats are NOT LAWS.
    It’s time Americans stood up to these people and challenged them in all areas where their rules and regs trample common sense and freedoms.

    As for farmers, Those in the West Coast states that had their water cut off for the sake of some obscure minnow a couple of decades ago, I would have cut the gates off of the dam spillways. Today, with this stupid “dust rule”, I would be plowing up a storm and telling the EPA to go regulate a volcano somewhere that is polluting far more than all American farmers could ever do… But then, that’s not all I would tell them to do if you get my drift.

    If Congress won’t reel in out of control agencies, then there needs to be a rebellion by those of us who want a return to smaller government and common sense. I think we could bury the Socialist and Progressive movements we are now witnessing trying to collapse what’s left of Western civilization and America. As president Reagan said: “Government is NOT the solution, government IS the problem.”

  • oathkeeper

    This whole thing is about UN control of the United states . Agenda 21 is planned depopulation of America … they want to shut down farms and industry. It’s in their own words …. ck out the purposed map by the UN and take notice of the no go zones.

  • oathkeeper

    It’s a part of UN agenda 21
    Depopulation and moving of entire towns and cites. Ck this link out and research their plan .

    Most frightening is the red zones off limits to humans. It’s most of the country. All I can say is most of us are gonna have to die to get this map to work.

  • oathkeeper


  • oathkeeper

    It’s UN agenda 21
    This is a map they made for the planned depopulation of American steady it then start worrying.

  • Steve Davis

    Not only is this administration finding ways to shut down another vital part of our economy and the Amercian farmer…they are now wanting to limit another source of workers that are extremely vital to the family farm, namely our own children. Those rascals in DC ‘feel’ that farm work or working any kind of gas/deisel powered equipment is too dangerous for kids under 18 years.

  • Gary

    Like Lisa would tell the truth. Ha. She gets her marching orders from Obama. They say whatever it takes to pacify the issue. Then do exactly the opposite. Sort of like what Hitler did, don’t you think.

  • Sunshine

    I grew up on a farm – this is utter nonsense! Maybe we should not let the enviromentalists have any food from the farms – that might change their way of thinking – especially if the farmers decide to do a SHUTDOWN in protest! The American taxpayers are paying the salaries for these infamous people – can’t they find something more productive to do with their time than to measure FARM DUST?!?!?

  • oathkeeper
  • PatriotForever

    Isn’t it amazing that the EPA is now so benevolent regarding farm dust. Just a few years ago they would have crucified the industry. I guess the junk that the government is releasing in the air above both rural and urban areas would look to be a double standard if they ruled against farm dust. So, next best thing is to pass the responsibility to the state and local governments. The Aluminum, barium, etc. being released daily in this country from jets will do us all in quicker that farm dust. Please seek restraint from the poisoning of the atmosphere by contacting your Congressmen.

  • Teresa

    Oh no, So when Mother Nature’s wind blows and the sand on the beach blows around who will they blame? Lisa needs to get a life. I would love to follow around her and fine her. She is already in trouble because she is in over her weight limit and calorie intake each day. No health care for her! We need to stand up for the farmes. I live on several long dirt roads and ten acres they try to take my land, I have holes dug for them.

  • Bill2

    It sure looks like Germany in the 30’s to me.

  • Steve

    The EPA is Obamas new SS Troopers, terrorising the nation.

  • mack

    We need to evoke the firing squad in this country and line these idiot’s up for the kill. How stupid have these people become? Can anyone say, “brain dead”?

  • Pat

    The power hungry, grabbing EPA needs to be abolished. It is not Constitutional for this agency to even exist. It needs to be shut down. All the loons working there fired and run out of town.
    Lisa Jackson is one of the worst of BHO’s abusers of the American people.
    Not only does she demand and command draconian regulations, she and the EPA are killing jobs right and left in this country.
    Bloody hell. If people don’t vote this usurper out of office in 2012 and all his power hungry abusers are not thrown out, we might as well kiss our country good bye.

  • neal churchill

    Defund the EPA and save our nation. NO BAMA 2012

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