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Could Shale Gas Reignite the U.S. Economy?

In late 1998, Chesapeake Energy (CHK), an independent natural gas producer based in Oklahoma City, exemplified an industry in decline. The company’s stock price had fallen over two years from above $34 a share to 75¢. Its market value tumbled 93 percent, to $72 million. “They’re running up a down escalator,” Michael Spohn, an analyst at Petroleum Research Group, told Bloomberg News.

When Aubrey K. McClendon, Chesapeake’s chief executive officer and co-founder, announced he might sell the company, there was little interest. Falling gas prices had reduced the value of Chesapeake’s reserves from $2.1 billion to $661 million. “We’d had higher highs than others in the industry; then we had lower lows,” McClendon says with characteristic insouciance. “In this business, it’s good to have a short memory and thick skin.”

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  • J.M.R.

    well it sure won’t hurt it.

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      It could, but it won’t unless we find some way to negate the deranged radicalism of progressives whose nonsense beliefs would put us back in the middle 1800s, walking and in the dark cold! We must combat progressivism which is really just a form of governmental authoritarianism!

      • clyde melton

        The left have a motto: Kill yourself to save the world.

      • comsense08

        No kidding, not to mention it is their “religion”. They have faith it it’s policies, just like religion, they worship it, just like a religion, and they have their idols just like a religion. They will die for their policies, and take us with them. If that’s not a religion, I guess I’m not sure what one is then. Right now their senior cleric is Obama, if not the prophet too.

        • Sallie

          Everyone has to be ‘green’ but them!

      • http://none Duke Harris

        Duke says to Mike Stone sr., That sounds like text book reteric.

      • Mike Tanco

        Get Ojerko and the rest of his crooks out of office and we could bounce back. Canada did. We could develop our own energy sources and tell the Middle East Muslim to go F themselves. Let them try eating oil instead of the foodstuff we send them. Mike Tanco

        • http://COWBOYBYTE KlinnCon

          I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • lilolady

          Not to mention, we refine all their oil and send it back to them.
          Does that factor into what WE pay per barrel of their oil? If we
          were efficient and not dependent upon them they would have to find someone else to provide that service for them. We can do
          without that. We haven’t built a refinery in this nation in decades.
          They are busy working for the middle east.

        • David

          I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

        RIGHT ON;; off shore drilling, north slope drilling, shale extraction would do three things;; drive the dollar up, drive oil spots down and SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THE BANDITS robbing us daily of our wealth by having to buy their inflated crude.

      • ABO

        If there’s hope of it helping the economy Obama will fight it tooth and nail.

        • Sandi

          ABO, in so very few words you have summed up what Obama and his Flying Monkeys are all about.

        • Brian

          Amen to that! You are so correct – if it would help the economy, Obummer is agaist it as well as his cronies in D.C.

      • Dallas

        You are correct. Progressives will destroy this country if we don’t wake up and vote for conservatives who will bring us back from total destruction.

      • Elwood

        MikeStoneSr, you mentioned the progressives(actually they’re regressives) putting us back in the middle 1800s, walking and in the dark and cold. Don’t forget we would also be trying to dig our living out of the ground like my dirt farmer grandparents did. And don’t forget we would be drawing our water out of a dug well with a rope and bucket. Not to mention most of us would be back using outhouses out back to relieve ourselves. I could go on, but enough said?

      • Jstarusa

        Agreed! That was a very good statement… I realize we have to have change, but to have it just for the sake of change is not always good! Instead of thinking out the pros and the cons, its just crammed down our throats, and let me tell you most of it is a very bitter pill!


        Mike, I totally agree with your statement. If we the people demand ‘legislation’ that would keep government out of private businesses or private enterprises if you will; this country will experience a come-back in economics that made the Republic of the United States of America the most prosperous nation in the world. And we do have the resources to do it!

        USAF (RET)

        • ABN Infantryman

          M/SGT Thank You for Your Service to Our Country. GBU All The Way


        Colorado already went through the oil shale spoof. We have more new oil fields in north America then saudi. oil shale is just another solindra, the goverment will push it just for the under table kick backs. Where is the epa? better to drill a hole 15000 feet deep, then tear down a moutian or a open pit mining operation.

    • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS
      • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

        Watch the FRACing Movie on my Blog:

        • lilolady

          Michael Moore couldn’t have done a better hit job! Or scare job.
          I would enjoy a critical review of this stunner by serious petroleum engineers, before i would buy into any part of it.
          There is serious money behind this film. Middle Eastern, maybe.

    • Robert M.

      Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s I was making a good living hauling oil field equipment and pipe until the government shut it all down because of some deal with OPEC. Thousands of us had to totally readjust our lives as did the pipe mill workers and many others’ We have a resiliant work force in this country but it has its limits. We need the gov’t out of it including the abolishment of the Dept. of Energy, and just stand back and watch this country rebound and prosper.

      • Windrinker

        Why does this country bow at the alter of OPEC? Why does the dictator bow at the waist, in Saudi Arabia, to another dictator. Why does the world judge mualims with a special set of rules, just for them, while everyone else is judged with another set. What is this double standard about and why is it allowed. They have declared themselves to be our enemies, and have told us that they will see the muslim flag fly over the White House (Well….how far away are they from doing that.)
        The faster we get away from them, the better for us.

        We need to be energy independent from these heathens, in anyway we can. And, yes, any business that moves us toward energy independence will create jobs, and that is what we should be speedily pursuing.

        • bshinn

          a muslim flag would fly over the “white” house now if One thought he could get away with it ….. but he is working toward that goal… can you vision the power he would have being top dog muslim of this country !!!!!!!!!!!! frightening !!!!!!

      • bob

        we need big government and depts. out of our business all together, then we can take care of ourselves.

    • rod

      Buy some stock in it. If can kick Obama out of there. It will rise, and if we lose, and Obama wins. Then we are all going to lose everything….

  • Chris

    I always amazes me to see how quick americans are to believe what the “authorities” tell them. First of all, if this company had such magical capabilities, one of our money lords would have seized it up a long time ago. Second of all, Obama has done NOTHING for our economy, because Obama does not want our econmy to recover. Obama wants our economy destroyed because that will put him in a position to bring in aganda 21 (communism) and look like a saint for doing it. Someone needs to dig through the deception and find the real motive for his interest in this company, and whoose really gonna profit. Do a browser search on agenda 21. It’s not good (for us).

    • alone ranger

      Chris, your right on the money, obama is george sorros”s puppet……….sorros wnats to do for the U.S……………what he did for Greece

      • Dorris

        You are so right,I have been saying this day one.

      • comsense08

        And England!

      • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

        If America’s commander and THIEF REALLY WANTED TO GROW US OUT OF THE MESS he has CREATED HE WOULD drill , extract, permit more lease options to be used and that would mean less dollars going into our gas tanks and more dollars being spent on real necessities through out the business sector. obimbo is a crazed radical Marxist ideologue.

        • Gracie

          I agree completely, BO is ruled by Soros AND the radical ENVIROS. Both have the same aim: DESTROY AMERICA!

        • lilolady

          You are so right on!

    • shawn corrigan

      its simple, stalin blew it with communism, that is taking over everything. hitler was smart, he destroyed the small guys and controlled the big guys , farben,krupps etc. this is what obama is doing, he knows he can do it with government regulations, and taxes.
      that way the people who know how the do their job are still there,just forced to do everything obama wants. it is collectivism for sure, and communistic in principle but smarter. in a sick toxic festering sort of way. he must be stopped, i believe he has broken his oath to the american people to follow the constitution, i believe that is impeachable. even though the time is short,i think it is important to pursue justice and call this impostor and liar on his lies. he promised the people he would honor and follow the constitution, he has broken that promise, he needs to pay the penalty , and the people need to also honor the constitution by defending it from this impostor.

      • James L Frobase

        Jim Sez: We all seem to know, yet seem so helpless. Have we let this go too far due to our trust and apathy after WWII?? I fear so.

        • Old Sarge


      • shearwater

        I think legislators would like to avoid a confrontation on Obama’s situation on the bet that the next election he will be voted out. Remember the messyness of Bill Clinton’s impeachment and when that is over with, should we impeach Obama now, all that will come front and center. Many will declare racisim and there will be many law suits and the whole country will be locked up. People are hoping that we can avoid all that and let Obama go out to pasture without race riots, and all the confusion of the left causing problems for society as a whole. Unfortunately, the main line media outlets are on Obama’s side so republicans stand to lose much more than they would gain if an impeachment were put into the agenda.

        • comsense08

          Those of you out there with children, do you give them candy and appease them when they throw a fit? NO, so why are we worried about riots and idiots throwing a fit if we uphold the law and get rid of an illegal “president”? We only encourage the wrong behavior. If you want Americans to be honorable and live within the law, you must make sure EVERY one lives within the law. If you back away from the right thing to avoid confrontation, you have already lost.

          • ABO

            Well said comsenseo8, our founding fathers made it very clear that our leaders and representatives must follow the law of the land and if they become corrupt and or tyrannical they MUST be removed and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Obama has decided he can ignore congress and write and pass laws on his own as he sees fit. That is dictatorship plain and simple. Congress is no better for allowing him to get away with it. It’s past time we take action against these clowns who have decided to Hell with “We the People” and simply do things their way. Time to fight back people!

          • Andy

            Comsense, The last line of your post says it all. It jumped right out at me because the last episode of “Blue Bloods” a TV series made exactly the same point. If you back away from the right thing (or law) to avoid confrontation you have already lost.


          And what if the democrat machine cheats and steals yet another election and Obama remains in office another 4 years???

        • Stan

          I don’t think it has anything to do with race riots; that is just what they want the people to think. In reality, all democrats in both houses in Congress have been in lock step with obama; all of his policies, lies, and corruption. The DNC headed by Pelosi knew he wasn’t eligible for POTUS.

          To impeach him would implicate all of them, and they would be just as culpable for the Crimes as obama is. They are not about to put themselves in the position of being sent to jail for these crimes they have committed with obama. They won’t do it; they are all in on it.

          • lilolady

            I see a massive number of them choosing to “devote more
            time to my family” rather than run again. More than one way to skin a cat.

        • Windrinker

          All of Washington has protected obama, and they are still protecting him, since before he was elected.

          Everyone of them helped to sweep him into office regardless of his lack of qualifications. Everyone is keeping him in office regardless of heinous crimes against this country.

          They sold the American people down the river…there is no way I would let them off that easy….it is more than just wanting to avoid “messyness.”

        • muslims are Pigs

          I think the race-riots would be a good thing!!! We could get rid of some very ugly politicians and seiu unions, we need to thin the population of communist’s and freakin muslims Pigs … !

          We need moving target practice … !

      • comsense08

        You know, when Obama was sworn in and made a mess of the oath, I said right there he would use that some day to claim he never swore an oath to uphold the constitution. I do believe one day you will here him say that, and technically, he didn’t “officially” take the oath. He’s either the biggest idiot America has ever known as a president, or the smartest and sneakiest! I tend to believe the later, and that is a scary thought! He certainly is not good for the future of this nation!

        • Ray

          He didn’t blow the oath…it was Bush’s appt. to the Supreme Court that blew it. The oath was just for the record and to quiet people like you repeated later.

          • lilolady

            Yes, Ray. He did blow it! Was administered to him the next day or two .

        • lilolady

          Same bone chilling cold ran down my spine as well!

      • dragonfFIRE01

        flood the US HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES with demands that Obama be impeached or arrested on treason. After all Clinton was impeached for far less.

      • Gary

        That is why obama need’s to be DESTROYED!

    • Chris

      Go to your browser and type in 45 declared goals for the communistic takeover of america

      • willie

        WHY??? you trying to show us how stupid the people are that voted in obama? I think its all to obvious now. By the way —-you sound like one of his followers !!!

    • Old Sarge

      “Do a browser search on agenda 21. It’s not good (for us).”

      You have that right. I have pointed this out before and I will do it again. On June 9, 2011 President Obama signed Executive Order 13575 that will make it possible to by-pass Senate Ratification of Agenda 21 should it be implemented during his term in office. All he has to do is sign it. I hate to say this but, since Agenda 21 was first proposed in 1992, similar orders were signed by Presidents Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43. This brings up a very important question for voters. Who can we really trust?

      In the election year coming up, candidates will be making powerful speeches telling us why it is vital to vote for them. Do not be fooled by their campaign speeches. Those are just words and slogans. Edward R. Murrow said “Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” As we should have learned in previous elections, most will campaign on what they think the voters want to hear and then they will do something else once elected or reelected. Actions speak louder than words. Research the candidates. That means doing a little work. That’s right. I said that four letter word “WORK.” Look at their past voting records, accomplishments, backgrounds, the issues they supported, activities they participated in and the organizations they joined. Those things can tell you quite a lot about the person. The important thing is to get out and vote and try to encourage those who don’t vote to get off dead center and do so or we could loose this Republic the Founding Fathers started for us. Those who don’t vote deserve the government they get. By the way. The Founding Fathers did not create a Democracy. They created a Republic. A Republic that requires involvement from all the People. Not just the handful that vote now. APATHY, NOT OBAMA, IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS!

      • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS
      • Gracie

        Apathy and IGNORANCE. All the un/illeducated immigrants that have been welcomed into the U.S. by the millions, have played a big part here. We really need a MORITORIUM on most immigration until those here now learn to speak English and are integrated. Unfortunately, most of the Muslim population will never be integrated…and those who declare that sharia law should take precedence over our Constitution should be deported.

      • lilolady

        Hey Sarge, there is not a single candidate in sight that knows what the office entails. Palin is taking this time to educate herself and be fully prepared for the future. Wish to goodness I could say the same for just
        one of those in the running. ( I know this is off topic ).

    • Wayne

      Chris, you are right. He pops up on the tube (Fox News) several times a day. When I see his mug on the tube I have to squint when I look at him. Then he goes into his BS campaign mode at which time I have to walk away to calm down my nerves. How can anyone not see through this idiot’s BS. In order not to see that he is spreading the bull a person would have to be a complete idiot. Let’s all pray for our country that this communist gets defeated next year.

    • Bob Marshall

      I hate to inform you of this but Agenda 21 is already in America. My town has Sustainable Development in our apartment complexes. That is just one of the programs in effect under Agenda 21. Since this comes from the UN, Hillary’s big push is for population control.

  • ed

    Ban all Fracking in Pennsylvania !!! It is not in the reasonable long term best interest of Pennsylvania to allow the gas frackers to poison our water . Fracking causes cancer and death !!! Water is more precious than natural gas. This is a matter of self-defense and if we want to protect our lives and those of our loved ones , we will need to stop this destruction of our water. Fracking turns drinking water into poison. We do not have the means to dispose of the often highly radioactive and always toxic waste water that is created by fracking.

    • Wayne

      Ed, there are people like you who don’t want natural gas, nuclear energy, coal or oil. If we can’t use these natural resources that the Good Lord gave us, what in the world are we going to use to power our nation, heat our homes and all he other things we need these resources for? I personally think people like yourself are out on left field. Do you want to go back and live like they did in the 1800’s? Well you might want to, but I am one who does not want to live like that. I grew up that way so I know what I am taliking about. Just stop and think what you are saying. Without these resources what would this nation be like? We would not be a nation any longer. Get with the program. Let’s make this nation more independent and quit sending billions of our dollars over seas to the Muslim who hate us.

      • American Patriot

        We send more billions to Israhell that they use to start wars and promote their worldwide terrorism, then we send foreign aid to all the rest of the countries combined.

        • John Consolver

          You are no American patriot! You are a left wing godless fool! Read your BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! It clearly states that any one who blesses Irael GOD will also bless! Any who curse the APPLE OF GODS EYE “ISRAEL”, I the Lord God will curse!!! Israel is the reason for Americas existance. We are here to support Israel and to preserve mans freedom. Communism,marxism,IslamoFacism and any other form of tyrany is straight from HELL and any one who advocates for it is not of GOD but of SATAN. And you can laugh and ridicule me and all gods people all you want!! You are going to stand before GOD one day soon and give an accounting to him as to why you chose to serve hate and evil, NOT HIM!!!

        • Wayne

          American Patriot, you had better learn how to spell properly before you criticize others. You certainly need to change your name if you are an Obama Supporter. It certainly sounds like you might be. We don’t need Communist Obama, or any of his thugs in goverment. This country is a Republic. Obama is not following the Constitution. He skirts around Congress like Congress is not even there. Now in a logical way tell me what it is you disagree with me on.

      • Don DeHoff

        Wayne, your comment to Ed, was extremely short sighted. Your approach might solve our problems for today and tomarrow, but we must have a very long range viewpoint, We have solar and wind power that we can exploit that (hopefully) does not have as many disasterous follow-on consequences. Unfortunately, too many people are concerned with the “all-mighty buck”, than they are with extending the life of this planet—and it is dying. It might last another million years, but then it might shut-down in December of 2012, 0r a thousand years from now. Your approach is, “today, let us eat, drink and be merry”, as we might not have any food (and I think it is water we are concerned with here) tomarrow. Yes, our creator, (whom or what ever that may be), gave us the power to use logic, deductive reason and comon sense. If we fail to take advantage of our capabilities, all soon could be needlessly lost.

      • lilolady

        Hey Wayne, AMPAT is problematic on every site. Gets worse when the meds wear off. One Continent that has no idea how to best access it’s
        generous amount of natural resources or the people in Government or
        business to work for the good of their Nations is ….. Africa. There is no example like a bad example to set for others.

        • Wayne

          Lilolady, I guess if he makes any more idiotic statements like he did before, I’ll just have to ignore him. His name should be Unamerican Patriot. Maybe his bad spelling has embarrassed him.

    • Red Train


      Where has your head been over the last 50 years. We have the means to treat and neutralize all the alleged by products of fracking. You need to stop parroting the uneducated liberal speaking points of the OBOMA crew. These points were brought up and discussed early on.

    • Retired Marine

      ED, your fracked. Do some research.

    • Pat

      ed, your brain must be fracked from drinking the waste water they are cleanin up for human comsumption, huh? Did you complain about that also or just about what we need for heating our homes & fueling our vehicles????

      • comsense08

        You seem to want us to live like we did 100 years ago. I think if you study history you will find loads of people died because of bad water, bad air and the like. It wasn’t any cleaner or safer then! We have the technology and knowledge to do things right. We just have to make sure we do it that way, that’s all. No cutting corners, (hear that BP), and no bribes to government overseers. It comes back to honor, doing things right regardless.

    • Richard A Silva

      I live in the middle of the gas field in NE PA and would like to point out some fallacies of fracking. First of all the water tables are within much less than 1,000 of the surface and the gas is at 6-8,000 feet. Fracking has been used since 1948 and there has NEVER been a case of aquifer contamination EVER–ANYWHERE. If you watch the antifracking stories it’s always the same less than half dozen families complaining. I live ten miles from them and they stopped bitching when they got a 1.4 million dollar payout. Before the Europeans invaded (yes, I’m an American Indian) one of our legends was the bubbling water that burns. Also the burning black rocks and the burning black water. Stop listening to the Luddite wackos and do your own research. OH WAIT! First you have to be able to read. Sorry.

    • hocus focus

      you sir,have that screem wolf knee jerk sickness!
      fracking has and is safe,more than fourty years of practice& it has been proven to be safe and managable.
      if you want to ban any thing that has risks! you should not drive cars as there are many women out there driving around putting there makeup on driving !
      wake up. or are you splitting wood cause you dont use gas?

    • Joe Texan

      Fracking takes place hundreds or thousands of feet below the water table. It has been going on for decades. The movie “Gasland” was so full of fraudulent claims and outright lies, it should have won an award for fiction. Just like “An Inconvenient Truth,” oddly enough.

      • Stephen W Graves

        200,000 feet equals over 454 miles. Is that what your claiming?

        • Stephen W Graves

          excuse me. I read hundreds of thousands of feet. sorry

      • lilolady

        @ Joe/Texas. You have that right! Michael Moore couldn’t have done a better hatchet job. “An Inconvenient Truth” also comes to mind that was
        designed to scare the heck out of innocent schoolchildren across the
        Nation. Nothing but lies is the new name of the game.

    • American Patriot

      The additives added to the frac water are less then one half of one percent. If you don’t like it maybe you should park your car and turn the heat off in your house. By continuing to use them, YOU are contributing to what you say is so bad.
      The fracking is taking place over two miles below the earths surface and below many impermeable formations that are not affected. The fissures formed in the target formation are no more then hairline cracks that are propped open by a very fine sand that is carried in the fracking fluid. After the job is completed, the frac water is pumped out and disposed of in disposal wells that were drilled to deep pores formations that are barren.

      • Bushmaster_66-68

        @ American Patriot.

        I’ve been watching the fracking battle since the beginning and think properly done it would be safe.

        The repeated arguments regarding safe DISPOSAL of the used fracking fluids has led me to wonder:

        Instead of disposing of the used fracking fluids, why could they not “clean ‘em up,” replenish the lost but necessary components, and then reuse the fluid over and over?

        The ONE argument I’ve heard from those I’ve discussed this with is the problem of getting the used fluid to the “next” job site. I don’t see any problem any greater than occurs now with disposal.

        Even now, the DISPOSAL WELLS are NOT in the immediate vicinity of the points of use of the fracking fluid which requires an immense tank truck effort to deliver the used fluid from the point of use to the disposal wells.

        So… just deliver the used product to the next job site where it can be “rejuvinated” and used again.

        • lilolady

          Not a bad idea! Thinking independently! There are so many satisfactory answers to all the questions. How have they been solved in the past by others. There is no need to re-invent the wheel with every new technology!

    • Don DeHoff

      Ed, you stole my thunder! Thanks, seriously. My comments are not directed to a state, but the entire country and the entire North American Continent. My admittedly limited understanding of “Fracking”, is that it requires millions of gallons of water and “they” are using, up until now, required “secret additives” in the water to accomplish the process. You are ever so correct, that is equivalent to defecating in your living room and could eventually contaminate our entire fresh water supply. I include Canada, in this equation as they are setting on a real “pot of money” with all of that fresh water that is dumping into Hudson Bay and and the three oceans (including the Artic). We, as a country, are already short of potable and irrigation water. Each state and the federal government need to be addressing this issue NOW, and not wait until we have to pipe or truck-in water from Canada, or Alaska. And it will also be counter productive to seperate hydrogen (gas) from water as nature, as a whole, “aint maken no more”(sic).

    • Don DeHoff

      Ed, You Stole my “thunder”, but you did a good job of it. Thanks, seriously. I hold a similar viewpoint but I direct it to the entire North American Continent. My limited knowedge of “fracking”, reveals that it requires millions og gallons of water, along with some very secretive “additives”, that are necessary to accomplish the process. You are correct, in that fracking is analogous to defecating in one’s own living room. I bring Canada into the equation in that they are setting of a “pot of gold”, spelled, WATER. Fracking in Canada could contaminate all of the fresh water that is now being channeled into the Hudson Bay and the three oceans (including the Artic). Properly handled, Canada’s water supply could make them as rich as those oil rich Middle East countries. and we would be a major recipient.

    • LocalYokel

      Just the admitted documented deaths from over prescribed FDA / pharma approved double blind tested prescriptions administered to hospital patients exceed 100,000 / year. Water pollution from excessive use of carcinogenic FDA approved drugs is a matter of record and not speculation from EPA greenies. Poisons chlorine and Florine are added to community water unregulated without users being provided their long term health risk statistics evident to European victims with better substitutes available.
      Cancer and death you say?? Prior to use of newer technology I personally observed many seismograph drilled holes for years left open for any surface water to enter and contaminate shallow rural aquifers when that method was prevalent. Gravity did the rest with no contrary comment long before the Exon Valdez spill or any fuel crisis arose. Fracking is obviously less risky to ground water than seismograph drilling with holes often left open as formerly practiced. If they didn’t follow the rules then why should they follow any new ones. Local agencies were too busy drafting more rules to collect more fees for more bureaucratic expansion to deal with opportunity at hand. Political opportunists have usurped the responsibility of corrupt government for their own neurotic purpose trapping both political parties in their own web.
      Corporate greed and popular soil preparation for food production pest control have provided contamination for every surface water source apart from high mountain springs. Few inland fish food sources are free of warnings of flesh contamination from poisoned runoff regulated by EPA, USDA, FDA,OSHA and others. Oil speculators were in control then as they are now through buying all oil before it ever reaches the surface. Now they are diversifying by buying land over the biggest aquifer in the US while receiving government assistance for wind farm construction thereon. I’ve yet to see the exception of real public interest in any borrowed money bailout or other form of graft.
      Not unlike the bankers drawing interest from loans to the US government for the last 100 years at future generations expense, neither do other unconstitutional government parasitic agencies desire to cut off their supply of morally corrupt theft of US citizens wealth. Since the uninformed failed to object to FED leeching of the substance of US lifestyle on the coat tails of the16th amendment in 1913, The trend continues. Their diseased minds have simply formulated more ways to metastasize into any other organs of opportunity that are purely constitutionally mandated tax paid monopoly investment for yet more parasites to invade the willing host.
      Any protected business approaching a trillion dollars / year such as cancer treatment restricted to chemo, radiation and surgery while suppressing any form of prevention should ring the alarm bell for even the least informed. Legislation to enforce monopolized protection of the 800 billion dollar cancer industry is rooted in the false hope of all misinformed at the bottom of the money chain. There are now more parasites than hosts in the cradle to grave conspiracy attempting to force government over reach down the throats of consumers with obamacare and abuse by USDA, FDA, CDC, EPA, ICC and others to cut off all alternate preventive trends while providing the next crop of terminal cows ripe for milking.
      Conspiracy you say?? You can bet your camel on it!! Their determination to remain attached to their host is exposed below.
      Look here: to get an idea what a physician trained in Europe to cure disease has to face when upsetting the most prominent cancer clinic in the US by curing patients they sent home to die with simple amino acids. His analysis of autopsies performed on deceased victims of inoperable brain tumors all proved to exhibit a deficiency of the particularly cheap amino acid he used in treatment and cure of the living. Needless to say his patients followed him to court where every possible angle was used by boards of barristers retained by the FDA and their bed partners in the AMA to discredit his success including the first ever seizure of patient records by the IRS Twenty years have passed and they still maintain a stranglehold on his practice while attempting to steal his patent protected technology acquired without any government assistance.
      Use internet search while you can for informed commentary presentation and get out of the community organized bs box.

  • chvietvet

    From past experience, we can conclude that shale gas will create many jobs in the U.S., such as cleaning up the mess it leaves behind, providing medical treatment for the kids whose health is ruined, and moving large numbers of people out of the states where this industry will have poisoned the soils under the houses where they live. America needs to restore industry, especially manufacturing. Right now, the United States sells its natural resources, including gas and oil, cheap and re-imports expensive good, which are made into products in foreign countries. This maintains a continuous flow or wealth from the United States to foreign countries, especially those where the labor is performed by political prisoners in labor camps at a cost of about 25 cents per 12-hour working day. Before manufacturing can be reintroduced, the American infrastructure has to be repaired and modernized. This is an investment our political leaders do not want to make. Jobs to them mean sticking people in government offices, where they do nothing but embezzle funds and harass the citizenry. Welcome to the Third World!

  • CAllenDoudna

    The Economy will improve dramatically once the DemoCracks are out of the way. As for natural gas, that’s kind of a tricky question. One reason it’s Big is because the DemoCracks have denounced everything else. As one part of an over-all Energy Market it should do quite well. If it just has the propper fuel tank a gasoline engine will run on propane, methane, or natural gas (I’m not clear what the difference between those three is), and that same system could also burn hydrogen. This becomes important when you throw in the question of Islamic control over most of the world’s oil production. Call Islam “the Religion of Peace” if you like–but there’s a REASON the cities of the Mid-East have walls around them (Genesis 16:12).

  • john. b. williams

    How quickly we forget when the media deadens our minds with trivial stories. The states of Oklahoma and Texas rest on top of lakes of liquid oil. There is a refinery as big as a city sitting dormant in Oklahoma unused since Ted Kennedy led the charge to buy foreign oil way back in the 1960’s. We don’t have to refine shale. We have plenty of oil. This administration is saving it for the NEW WORLD GOVERMENT when the U.S.A. has been defeated by HIM.

    Think this is bogus? Do your research as you were taught to do,.

    • Chris

      To b. Williams Thanks. I love to see people step back and research something in order to get the real facts so that they are not dependant on propaganda. Remember: IGNORANCE IS ALWAYS AT THE MERCY OF DECEPTION.

  • oathkeeper

    Take the time to watch this … Obama is a puppet……..

  • Chris

    If you pay attention america you’ll see the “build ups” and “cover ups” of the coniving party.
    Did you know that it’s a proven fact that everytime a class of Dr. students get to the part where they are studing C section births, a number of senior dr’s start telling there patients that they cannot deliver normally so that the students will have real patients to practice with. Did you know that the mental dr’s that diagnoss your mental conditions make these terms up as the conditions come up. That because the communistist party wants everything the americans do to fall under a mental diagnosis that only a dr can treat or control. That was listed as one of the 45 declared goals for the communistic takeover of america. Watch how Obama handles this gay agenda in the school issue. first he signs the bill making it mandatory, and he has. Now the “professionals are disscovering evidence (oh how convient) that homework is bad for children and their health. Whats the problem with that you say? Well first of all any who believes that is an idiot. Second, Their doing that because they don’t want parents to know whats in the new text books and their new findings would eliminate kids from taking their books home. They already know that parents won’t go to the school to see whats in them. The few that do will bullied out of the building. The list is completely endless. Obamas 21 agenda says that it’s important to wipe out an entire generation of people. Now Obama is talking about injecting our children with anthrax and call it a vaccine in order to make it mandatory. Hes also calling it an experiment so that when all these kids die he can say “america I offer my apologies. It was an experiment that just went the wrong way.” (Thats the let down) America you better stop believing everything the PROFESSIONALS are telling you and do your own homework. GEEZ LAWHEESE

    • Pat

      could not have said it better myself but most parents do not give a darn & are more than happy not to have to help the little ones with homework of all things so they can put whatever they want in the textbooks. so sad to watch the country being destroyed

  • Walk The Line

    Whats the difference??? The obama regime will not let anything that would help our country get done!!!! He had rather support the islamic jihad countries and pay outrages prices for our oil!!! That means that he supports terrisem in the countries that want to KILL AMERICANS!!!! With this and all of the other things that this administration has done to futher decline our nation, why is this muslim still in office???

    • Red Train

      Why is this IDIOT still in office?????
      Let’s take a good hard look at the underlying facts. 1) According to the idiots in black robes, we , as American citizens have no standing with our objections to a usurper and unqualified jerk holding the highest office in the land. ie He is not, as required by the Constitution, a natural born citizen. ( an off spring of “TWO CITIZENS”). His father was never a citizen of the United States. 2) We , AS A COUNTRY, HAVE SLOWLY DRIFTED INTO A SELF CENTERED, EGOTISTICAL,SELF SERVING, populace having no concern about the country as a whole. We have taken as truth the statement that you can’t fight city hall. Thank GOD that out founding fathers didn’t fall into that thought process. 3) On the same thought as #2, Where in the hell is our backbone? Fifty -Six(56) Good people Pledged their LIVES,FORTUNES AND SACRED HONOR in order to establish the greatest country on the face of the earth. A country that guaranteed that each and every citizen had the right to succeed to his greatest ability. NOT to have those who took advantage of this opportunity, receive the redistributed portion of the fruits of their labors because they choose to put a ring in their nose and let someone determine their worth. I could go on and on re: the 16th and 17th amendment( which took away state soverignty)and the FED. However, I think a real good hard self examination of the aformentioned facts should be enough to get your blood boiling. Start reading and studying the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the federalist papers. make sure that you have an 1824 version of WEBSTER at hand when you do.

  • Kenneth

    To not use our own resourses is one way the crooks of the world can take us down. Those Islamic people in the mid-east who want ot control the world are laughing in their robes at how stupid we are to keep paying out our hard earned money for something we have right here at home. How long do you think it will be if they get control of America it will take them to start drilling?

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    CPO Standards, by Retired Admiral Mike McCaffrey

    Yes, we are unique and no other service has the equivalent !

    CPO Standards

    Contributed by: Mike McCaffrey, Admiral (retired USN)

    Never forget this, a Chief can become an Officer, but an Officer can never become a Chief. Chiefs have their standards!

    Recollections of a Whitehat.

    “One thing we weren’t aware of at the time, but became evident as life wore on, was that we learned true leadership from the finest examples any lad was ever given, Chief Petty Officers. They were crusty old bastards who had done it all and had been forged into men who had been time tested over more years than a lot of us had time on the planet. The ones I remember wore hydraulic oil stained hats with scratched and dinged-up insignia, faded shirts, some with a Bull Durham tag dangling out of their right-hand pocket or a pipe and tobacco reloads in a worn leather pouch in their hip pockets, and a Zippo that had been everywhere. Some of them came with tattoos on their forearms that would force them to keep their cuffs buttoned at a Methodist picnic. Most of them were as tough as a boarding house steak. A quality required to survive the life they lived. They were, and always will be, a breed apart from all other residents of Mother Earth. They took eighteen year old idiots and hammered the stupid bastards into sailors.

    You knew instinctively it had to be hell on earth to have been born a Chief’s kid. God should have given all sons born to Chiefs a return option.

    A Chief didn’t have to command respect. He got it because there was nothing else you could give them. They were God’s designated hitters on earth.

    We had Chiefs with fully loaded Submarine Combat Patrol Pins, and combat air crew wings in my day…hard-core bastards who remembered lost mates, and still cursed the cause of their loss…and they were expert at choosing descriptive adjectives and nouns, none of which their mothers would have endorsed.

    At the rare times you saw a Chief topside in dress canvas, you saw rows of hard-earned, worn and faded ribbons over his pocket. “Hey Chief, what’s that one and that one?” “Oh hell kid, I can’t remember. There was a war on. They gave them to us to keep track of the campaigns.” “We didn’t get a lot of news out where we were. To be honest, we just took their word for it. Hell son, you couldn’t pronounce most of the names of the places we went. They’re all depth charge survival geedunk.” “Listen kid, ribbons don’t make you a Sailor.” We knew who the heroes were, and in the final analysis that’s all that matters.

    Many nights, we sat in the after mess deck wrapping ourselves around cups of coffee and listening to their stories. They were light-hearted stories about warm beer shared with their running mates in corrugated metal sheds at resupply depots where the only furniture was a few packing crates and a couple of Coleman lamps. Standing in line at a Honolulu cathouse or spending three hours soaking in a tub in Freemantle, smoking cigars, and getting loaded. It was our history. And we dreamed of being just like them because they were our heroes.
    When they accepted you as their shipmate, it was the highest honor you would ever receive in your life. At least it was clearly that for me. They were not men given to the prerogatives of their position.

    You would find them with their sleeves rolled up, shoulder-to-shoulder with you in a stores loading party. “Hey Chief, no need for you to be out here tossin’ crates in the rain, we can get all this crap aboard.”

    “Son, the term ‘All hands’ means all hands.”

    “Yeah Chief, but you’re no damn kid anymore, you old coot.”

    “Horsefly, when I’m eighty-five parked and stove up in an old bastards’
    I’ll still be able to kick your worthless butt from here to fifty feet past the screw guards along with six of your closest friends.” And he probably wasn’t bullshitting.

    They trained us. Not only us, but hundreds more just like us. If it wasn’t for Chief Petty Officers, there wouldn’t be any U.S. Navy. There wasn’t any fairy godmother who lived in a hollow tree in the enchanted forest who could wave her magic wand and create a Chief Petty Officer.

    They were born as hot-sacking seamen, and matured like good whiskey in steel hulls over many years. Nothing a nineteen year-old jay-bird could cook up was original to these old saltwater owls. They had seen E-3 jerks come and go for so many years; they could read you like a book. “Son, I know what you are thinking. Just one word of advice. DON’T. It won’t be worth it.”

    “Aye, Chief.”

    Chiefs aren’t the kind of guys you thank. Monkeys at the zoo don’t spend a lot of time thanking the guy who makes them do tricks for peanuts.

    Appreciation of what they did, and who they were, comes with long distance retrospect. No young lad takes time to recognize the worth of his leadership.
    That comes later when you have experienced poor leadership or let’s say, when you have the maturity to recognize what leaders should be, you find that Chiefs are the standard by which you measure all others.

    They had no Academy rings to get scratched up. They butchered the King’s English. They had become educated at the other end of an anchor chain from Copenhagen to Singapore . They had given their entire lives to the U.S.
    In the progression of the nobility of employment, Chief Petty Officer heads the list. So, when we ultimately get our final duty station assignments and we get to wherever the big Chief of Naval Operations in the sky assigns us, if we are lucky, Marines will be guarding the streets, and there will be an old Chief in an oil-stained hat and a cigar stub clenched in his teeth standing at the brow to assign us our bunks and tell us where to stow our gear… and we will all be young again, and the damn coffee will float a rock.

    Life fixes it so that by the time a stupid kid grows old enough and smart enough to recognize who he should have thanked along the way, he no longer can.
    If I could, I would thank my old Chiefs. If you only knew what you succeeded in pounding in this thick skull, you would be amazed. So, thanks you old casehardened unsalvageable son-of-a-bitches. Save me a rack in the berthing compartment.” Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

    • http://ThatstorywaswrittenbyRobertDEXArmstrong DAVE IN HOUSTON

      Let';s give credit where credit is due, damn it! I can spot one of his stories a mile away and I feel sorry for the fellow who is trying to take claim of it.

      Here’s more of DEX:

    • willie

      “Chief”, sounds like you’ve been through the hog-wash to many times? I know you guys are great as well as any one else, you were kicked around ,lost a lot of good MEN and ships , but you came back , and kicked butt like true American Patriots, and real Men, Amen !!!! But theres a kicker to all this -What you said is true ,but who says it counts the most——–“SELF PRAISE STINKS”!!!! Let someone else toot your bosn pipe. It shows you are really appreciated for what youve done and are not just Bragging ?

  • malcolm

    Only one thing can restore our economy — Bringing manufacturing jobs back from foreign nations.

    In the 90’s Congress enacted legislation that gave foreigners a financial advantage over American manufacturers — that’s why American factories closed and factory workers lost their jobs. Now our stores are flooded with cheap/inferior merchandise made by non-Americans. And Americans can’t find jobs.

  • Patricia

    If you want to do something good for this country, support the Republicans in Congress that are doing their utmost to hold Obama’s destructive policies from going into effect. Everyone votes Congress down. The Polls that are separated still vote the Repubs. down. Why? Look at the bills they have passed and Reid won’t bring up for a vote. When truthful books are written about this dark time in American history, when America, Christianity, the Constitution, and common sense are so severely attacked, they will note the Republicans worked to stem the tidal wave of Socialism/Communism coming from a traitorous President and his administration with the help of the Progressive Democrats (Socialists) in the Senate.
    I fear the coming election for for Republicans in Congress. Based on the polls everyone may be wiped out and if we get Progressive Republicans (turncoats) elected (put another way, Progressive Democrats wearing the Republican coat) then all will be lost.
    We are facing a bloody battle for America’s survival. We are facing an election so dirty America will be the laughing stock of the world. Kid yourself not, this is a battle for the survival of America and Freedom.

    • Wayne

      Amen, Patricia. I watched Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich on C-Span last night answering questions. I would accept either one of these two gentlemen as a President and, or a Vice President. Newt Gingrich would be my preference as a president and Herman Cain would make a great Vice President. This way you would have a politiican and a business man in charge of the government. I feel they would make a good team together and could pull this country out of the doldrums.

      • lilolady

        Sounds like a plan, now … to get others to follow suit!

    • Bob

      As of today there are 16 bills that the house has passed and Harry Reid has held up in the senate. Many of these bills will put people to work, these bills were passed by Republicans and Democrats in the house, the senate and president is what we must change to get our nation back on track.

  • Steven

    I don’t know about ‘shale gas’. What I DO know is if the government got out of the way and allowed the REAL experts to develop whatever energy resources actually ARE profitable, our newly energy independent economy would take off like a rocket.

  • Charles F Neukam

    It would be a start what would really be good to get all the greedy politicians out of washington. Both parties

  • Dorris


    • Wayne

      Dorris, all those milions of dollars that Obama is getting for his campaign is coming from the left. I agree, billionaire George Soros is most likely the source behind all this money. We need a good honest government that can put the folks back to work and restore our country back toward it original roots.

  • Ed Gallagher

    Shale gas will only become a real contributor is we can rid the White House and the EPA of the zero growth nut cases that want to strangle the U.S. economy with their myopic vision of economic equality.

  • everett

    Mc Clendon is the sort of American the soros-obamanak pot smoking commies are protesting. Ask your local media to quit covering these spoiled brats and to try running a story on Mc Clendon, a real American….we need to drive the devil out…vote Republican

    • felton williamson

      Is President Obama Mr. Soros’s point man in establishing global tyranny?

      An economic crisis, ending in violent chaos is the prescription for replacing a Republic with a Dictatorship. Since taking office, Mr. Obama’s agenda has been a blueprint for establishing that economic crisis.

      That agenda is approaching completion. The economic crisis is almost upon us and the civil unrest to justify a declaration of martial law and suspension of the Constitution has started with the “OCCUPY WALL STREET” campaign. The Tyrant has slightly one year to bring his plan to fruition. The economic conditions resulting from Mr. Obama’s agenda to create the economic crises will certainly prevent reelection.

      On February 24, 2011 President Obama informed Congress that he would not enforce the laws that he disagreed with. Thus, Mr. Obama declared himself a Dictator? Is this our new form of government? A Dictator does not require the approval of Congress! Dictators don’t resign and dictators don’t allow free elections! The “OCCUPY WALL STREET” is the beginning of the final step to consolidate tyrant’s power!

      • comsense08

        Dead right!!! About the only thing left, is when all hell breaks loose, we take out more them than us. Then when the smoke clears, we can put this nation back together again the way it is SUPPOSED to be! Keep your head low and your powder dry! This group in Washington is pushing for a fight (like the big mouthy drunk in a bar). It may be a fight like they never counted on!!! They really do underestimate us. And frankly, prime time news personalities need to be the first to go!

        • Bob

          I watch prime time news every day and I also watch Fox news and get news from the web. Prime time news on ABC, CBS & NBC slant and leave some of the most important parts of the news out that doesn’t fit their agenda. If you want the truth and the complete story watch Fox and the web.

          • Sharon B

            Or listen to talk radio.. We need to simplify… K.I.S.S. (A.R.) Keep It Simple Senator And Representative .. ABOLISH OR DEFUND EPA, DOE, et.

      • ABO

        He has consistently violated his oath of office and ignored his responsibilities under the Constitution. What more do we need to see from him???

  • Ralph

    WHAT WE CAN DO????Vote out the commies that have taken over our LAWS. Namely== obama, Reid, Polin-bitch & their sole mates== too many to mention! Voter, use the brains you were born with and think before you vote, then VOTE FROM THE HEART!!!

    • Old Sarge

      Many of the clowns that voted them all into office were the freeloaders voting for the ones who they think will keep the food stamps and welfare checks coming.

  • Adrian Vance

    This depends entirely on the EPA that is trying to label carbon dioxide, CO2, a poison gas when it is not nor is it physically significant.

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition, 1/7th the absorber of IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 80 times as many molecules captures 560 times as much heat for 99.8% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.2% of it.

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    The Two Minute Conservative at has political analysis,
    science and humor. Now in the top 3% on Kindle.

    • Sharon B

      Did anyone try to calculate the impact of carbon generated by health care professionals ? By lives saved or deaths accelerated ? Maybe we just need to plant more food crops..absorb CO2, produce food & O2 ….

  • felton williamson

    Do you want $20.00/barrel oil? see the solution:

  • http://Cowboybytes Ron

    Falling energy prices at the retail level are always good for the consumer. The reason prices are down is more than likely because we have an abundance if Natural Gas. It would be the same story with oil if the politicians who reside in Disneyland would do away with some of the environmental regulations and let producers develop new fields. We have an abundance if Natural Gas, but there are many areas of the country where it is not available to consumers due to no delivery method. Vehicles can be modified to burn Natural Gas also , but again there is not enough converted vehicles to support a delivery system. If the government would get out of the way, American industry would come up with new sources and useage. Coal is another example of an abundant resource that can be converted to energy to fuel our vehicles. Germany did it in WWll. It is getting next to impossible to get the needed permits to mine new reserves and to keep active the permits that have already been issued. Somehow our know it all political leaders think that all the energy producing nations that we depend on today can produce their energy with no environmental impact, but we cannot do it on our own shores. Americans have lead the world in industrial might, but thanks to the left leaning politicians and the out of control ERA we now set idle while our jobs go overseas and our factories that were once so productive now set empty. We are on a down hill slide and the grade is getting steeper all the time. Time to level the field by reversing the change we were so happy to vote into office and now may not be able to remove. America, home of the brave and free, but for how long.

    • Bob

      If you have natural gas service now, you already have a source to refuel your vehicle at home, all you need is a compressor and some plumbing. A duel fuel vehicle will run on natural gas and gasoline. I have installed these kits on utility company vehicles and they work fine. The kits are available to anyone and they are also sold on the web. Check with your local gas company for more information about fueling your vehicle with natural gas. The conversion takes about 1 day or less depending on the equipment the shop has. If you are mechanically inclined you can install the system yourself and save the installation cost.

  • charleydan

    Any time industry has the freedom to produce freely according to the demands of the economy. Freedom survives. Creating regulation and restricting production. Only adds more people with agendas to create or prevent getting out of the board room and into production.

    Worst, like the gulf, it then becomes who is responsible. Yes, when a government sanctions something they do become responsible to some degree. So they give exemptions for it when a mishap. It is just a matter of how to sell the story/media.

    Nuclear is a good example. The industry did not want the liability to move forward. The USA government took that responsibility and the industry moved on. That leaves the Tax Payer the insurer. The very ones it is to insure. Madness.

  • Keith

    Could Shale Gas reignite the U.S. Economy?
    I have worked in the oil and gas industry for most of my adult years. It has always had its ups and downs. There a substantial differences between the current boom and the past cyclic ones.
    Most of the past booms were led by price fluctuations such as the OPEC embargoes of 73 and 79 and the price increases under the Federal natural gas policy act and Reagan’s deregulation of oil prices.

    The current boom is the result of new reservoir and a new technology. Formerly oil was thought to be discovered in accumulations trapped in sandstone and limestone rocks. As it was formed underground, oil would migrate through pathways in the rock until it could move no more. Shale is a kind of rock that has few if any pathways though it, so it had no use other than a means to prevent trapped oil and gas from migrating further. Scientists theorized the oil and gas were originally formed in shale rocks as shale was formed from the remains of millions of living creatures. However since it had few, if any pathways, the original oil and gas in shale could not be accessed. New technology has changed that.

    Hydraulic fracturing permits the introduction of large amounts of sand or other particles though perforations in a cased a wellbore into fractures in an underground bed of created by pumping fluid in under extreme pressure. After the pumps stop, the fluid flows back leaving the sand. The bed of sand that is left has pathways so oil and gas can flow through it back into the perforations in the wellbore. The problem with this application in a vertical well is that thre are limits to the length of the artificial fractures. Also it is difficult to control artificial fractures far away from the wellbore. So multiple vertical wells have to be drilled, perforated and fracked. Horizontal drilling solves that problem. A horizontal well extends along the length of the rock so fractures can be created in the reservoir along the length of the wellbore.
    One wellbore can replace the multiple wells that would be needed to produce one reservoir.
    This reduces costs and increases production. It also reduces risk when producing a large reservoir rock as there is less need to locate trapped accumulations of hydrocarbons. The entire bed of rock is an accumulation.

    Since shale is everywhere, this technique can be applied throughout the country. We are the beginning of producing a vast supply of oil just as we were after it was first discovered decades ago. This is reigniting the oil and gas industry and is reducing the cost of natural gas by increasing the supply. While it is having this effect on the local market for natural gas which cannot be easily transported across the oceans, it has not yet had this effect on oil prices. Oil prices are based upon world prices since oil can be easily traded and transported. However as this technology is exported to increases supply across the world, especially to non-OPEC nations, world supply will increase and prices will fall. This will reignite the world economy.

    Hydraulic Fracturing does not affect the underground water supply, unless the wells are perforated next to the water supply. This simply does not occur. Since the water supply is in a reservoir rock, there is nothing to prevent oil and gas from moving though naturally created fractures to that rock. However man made production is heavily regulated so that underground perforations and fractures must occur thousands of feet away from underground fresh water reservoir rocks.

    • Ray

      Pretty good description, but you didn’t address the hundreds of chemical additives to the pumping fluid, and how many are toxic, to say the least. You will always have some leaks of these fluids at the surface, and will from time to time have huge spills that get into local drinking water and air. Your description was more of a “on a good day” sort of story when we don’t always have good days in the real world.


      “However man made production is heavily regulated so that underground perforations and fractures must occur thousands of feet away from underground fresh water reservoir rocks.”
      There-in lies the key to safety of our underground source of potable water.
      Just (how safe) can FRACING be made with regulations? How many drillers will take all the precautions necessary to preserve our water? How many violations of drilling, casing, and sealing of wells is acceptable when dealing with a precious resource like water? How far away from the site of FRACING does that (hidden) crack in the ground travel before it enters a water bearing stratum? Who can know?
      Transporting of oil from the north slope was supposed to be a no brainer until the Exon Valdez was driven aground and despoiled thousands of miles of coastline with oil.
      I’d hate to ruin 3 or even 4 generations of groundwater use because the drillers didn’t expect and design for a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in central Oklahoma.

  • oathkeeper

    Sorros is a member of the Council on Foriegn Relations and is run by the Bilderburg group,
    these are the true traitors to America and other countries. World governmet is the goal…..
    The people on this list are supporters of the communist takeover of the world, the international bankers that have destroyed the world economy by design. Dont listen to the main stream media, the globalists own it. Greece and Europe have been decieved into the debt the bankers themselves made through the derivatives fraud. America has been swindled by the Federal Reserve that was involved in the scam. College professors are brought into bilderberg to help teach the socialist agenda in our schools. Look at this list ……

  • ray

    i have 40 acres they can drill for gas anytime they want.

  • BIN

    Here is the solution. “Double Tap” this P.O.S. in the white house. Wrap him up nice and tight to make all of his muslim sh*ts happy, and then dump him in the ocean next to BIN. Simple as that.

  • Raymond

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, shall he also reap. Galations 6:7

  • http://CowboyByte Michael G.

    Many years ago I was told by a petroleum engineer that we (the US) would not go after any of our own oil and gas yet because we plan to suck all of it out from under the Arabs and leave ‘em “high-and-dry.”
    The shale in Colorado alone would be enough to drive all the automobiles and trucks for the next 500 years–so I was told.
    (t wouldn’t hurt to have the technology in place before we begin using our own reserve. We’ll see in the near future just how ambitious this or any administration and Congress is in getting this done.


      That’s not an all bad strategy but what happens in the mean time while we pay Trillions of dollars to those same Arabs for their oil and eventually they can buy and sell whatever they want or even ALL of our precious US of A ? Obviously they’ve bought almost ALL of our politicians already.

      • American Patriot

        AIPAC is who owns our pollytissions.

  • comsense08

    If companies are allowed a reasonable profit, these companies can find all sorts of ways to accomplish something. That’s what made this nation great, it’s “can do” attitude! This is what we need to get back too. Government should be like the ref on the playing field. He is not one of the payers, he has no stake in who wins or loses, he has the rule book and the whistle and makes sure everyone plays fair. He does not call the plays and he does not pick whos on the teams. And when the day is done, he quietly dissapears.

  • Ray

    I’d suggest most of you do some homework on what fracking is, and the real history of it. In a nutshell it’s been around for a long time, but used little until recently. It is responsible now for virtually all the natural gas production. It involves high pressure injection of mostly water but also any one of hundreds of chemicals, many of which are toxic, along with sand, or other substances to keep the cracks open and allow the gas to escape into the well. I think only a fool would not be at least concerned if not downright opposed to fracking. I know the commercials that the gas companies are showing are cute and convincing, but they are only concerned about their bottom line and the story the tell is not complete. So, before you think that fracking is the answer to our problems, consider the countries that don’t allow it, or consider the fact that there are huge unknowns, but many very bright red flags.

  • Raymond
  • haroldson

    Fracking is safe and will not hurt, the water levels and most likely help the nation, If you want a sure boost to the nation and our economy every body pitch in and get rid of Obummy, That is a cure for sure.

  • gordon

    Ed said:
    “Fracking causes cancer and death !!! Water is more precious than natural gas. This is a matter of self-defense and if we want to protect our lives and those of our loved ones , we will need to stop this destruction of our water. Fracking turns drinking water into poison. We do not have the means to dispose of the often highly radioactive and always toxic waste water that is created by fracking.”

    Judging by the logic of his post, Ed apparently has been drinking fracing chemicals. :-) He can’t even get the word right.

    Frac – Fracturing; breaking underground rock structures to improve flow of liquid products.

    Petroleum industry drilling and production is heavily regulated by both state and federal agencies, including OSHA and EPA. Those regulation were developed over decades and carefully protect drinking water supplies with numerous rules that specify how wells are constructed. All potable water supplies encountered is sealed off from the well bore. No radioactive materials are used in Frac fluids; there is no reason for them and companies are sure not going to spend the money to get permits and meet all safety regulations for handling radioactive materials when it is not needed. Frac liquids are recycled whenever possible and are disposed of as required by EPA rules. Do some people break the rules? Yes, but they are the rare exception. In my 35 years in the oil industry 99.9%% of the people I worked with were ethical, hard working, responsible and patriotic. They would not even consider doing something wrong, dangerous, destructive or unlawful.

    That is not my experience with the left.

    Today’s outcry against Fracing is another attack on the petroleum industry designed to turn American people against an industry that can make the USA (again) independent of foreign oil, reduce energy costs, provide jobs and create wealth to get the US economy going again.

  • rowley

    Abolishing the Dept.s of Energy, Interior and EPA and repealing all regulations since 2007 would help lots.
    Lowering all taxation and freezing Federal Govt. Spending would result in a booming economy. Voting out all leftwing socialist liberals in Government would fix debt crisis.

  • spotted owl

    Search for “Democratic Socialists of America” to get the names of the socialists in the U S congress, over 70 of them proudly on the membbership list of D S A. Suppose that could be the source of some of this Republic’s problems.


    Fracing for shale gas seems easy enough at first glance. Only time will tell how dangerous the process can be to the environment over time.
    We’re going to have to be ready to PAY for the dangers that aren’t apparent at this time. Every source of energy/power brings with it some danger.
    Our current reliance on petroleum products leaves of us with few choices.

    • Wayne

      Givemefreedom, don’t listen to all those wacko’s on the left who are telling us that everything is bad for us. A good example is Al Gore with his global warming. We need to study up oin these things, but we also need to listen to both sides of the isle. We also need to listen more to those who have the least to gain. We will get better information from them. The ones who stand to gain monetarily, like Al Gore, will tell you lies so you will buy into the scheme of their BS. Common sense is our best defense.

  • Dan

    We continue to send our young men and women to fight and die and to get maimed in the Middle East, it’s blood for oil. Our Politicians find it easier to send our children out to fight and die, than to stand up to the EPA in our own country. They say we are in Afghanistan because of Al-Qaeda, I say it’s a lie. We are there because they have a vast amount of “LITHIUM” deposits. You know the lithium we need in long lasting batteries (Go Green). Look it up, it is said that Afganistan is to Lithium what Saudi Arabia is to oil.

    • Bob

      Our politicians are the ones that created the EPA, NEA, DOE, DOC, and the FED and a few others. This nation has got along just fine for hundreds of years without any of these agencys and cost to the tax payers. These agencys were created for the purpose of control and tax the people untill they are in their grave. The government has become a war monger, spending your tax money and lives on wastefull and unnecessary wars that benefit no one except the rich and munitions manufactures. It’s time to reclaim our government and end this wastefull self defeating policy. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, money is the root of all evil, the more you get, the more you want as your morality and responsibility fades away. The seeds of destruction have been planted. Since the government no longer workes for you, it’s up to you to reclaim it and restore it to it’s original constitutional values. There is only one candidate that can do this and you know who he is.

  • Raymond
  • Bob

    Natural gas has been ignored except for heating homes and cooking. It burns much cleaner than oil and is readily available in quantity in the U.S. As an engine fuel it is much cleaner than gasoline and produces almost as much energy, diesel engines also can run on it. Why would anyone buy an electric car that has limited mileage and cost at least $40,000 when you can convert your gasoline vehicle to natural gas for less than $5,000 and fuel it at home if you have natural gas service. A duel fuel vehicle can run on natural gas & gasoline, so there is no limit mileage wise. You also get the benefit of a longer lasting engine and fewer tune ups. These kits have been available for 20 years and many utility companies have been using natural gas in their vehicles for just as long.

    • Wayne

      Bob, your right. I remember my local gas company, when I lived in Ohio, was using natural gas for their trucks back in the 60’s and 70’s. Why has the government overlooked this great feature? Could it be because of the lobbyist that invades the halls of Congress and promises them a trip back into Congress for another term. Our government has not served its citizens very well over the last 50 years, but the last 3 years has been the worst under Communist Obama. The naive citizens seem to think their Congress Members will represent them well while in Washington D. C. The only people that Congress Members are going to represent are themselves. We really need to keep our eyes on the ones we vote into office to see if they are doing what they should be doing. Congress needs to pass a law that the U. S. is an English speaking country only. We don’t need this crap, push 1 for English or push 2 for Spanish. This is our country. Why do we need to cater to foreigners. Let them learn English if they want to live, and work here. Drilling for oil and gas should have never been closed. If the oil companies had permission to drill over the years we would not be paying as much as we are for gasoline. Donald Trump says we should not be paying much more than $1.50 per gallon for our gasoline. If we can get a President that will open up drilling, all the Repubicans say they will, we can lower the price on everything we buy in this country. Wouldn’t that be great; get more people back to work, and have lower consumer prices? I have faith with the right president that this can be not, but not with Commnist Obama. Instead of rebuilding our country, Obama is dismantling it with all his regulations. We can’t afford this idiot for another 4 years. Let’s also vote for the Conservative Republicans for our Congress Members.

      • Wayne

        I will correct my mistake. Your right should have been, you’re right. Sorry about that.

  • The Lion Poars





  • Michael

    Why not?
    Our country is crying for it. By the time we get on with it a new source of energy will already have been developed. Trust me. There already is one. In-the-meantime other countries could gang up on us to get our resources which we don’t even use.

  • Jeff

    In a word: No.

    It is absurd to the extreme. Of course, this is the place for extremism, so I am sure that most would believe such malarkey.


    Just Remember Organized Labor And George Soros Own Washington DC And King Obama Plus The Do Nothing Democrats Have Not Passed A Budget In 3 Years, Yikeess, And 75% Of All New Jobs Are Government Or State And Those Are The Jobs That Must Be Cut, Now. Now We Are Back To Barack Obamas Last Day 1-20-2013, Holy-Cow If We Only Had A Sarah Palin, Get Her Book “Going Rogue” And Her Movie “The Undefeated” Both On DVD At Wal-Mart $15 Only At Wal-Mart. Then Watch This “Iron Lady” In Action, Fighting The Soros Media Empire All The Way. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots With Drill Baby Drill Sarah Palin.

    • lilolady

      Hey,Thomas! Dittos to all you said. In case you have not already accessed the sites I gave earlier, I will give them again. The House Judiciary Committee harbors eleven
      Socialists. The Congress houses about 83, give or take how many have died, been
      voted out,etc. See how your state has allowed much of the destruction we see today.
      Congressional Caucus, DSA- Progressive Congress, Progressive Congress(Pelosi is here),
      CPA/DSA Communist Party of America/ Democratic Socialists of America. Member lists and States.

  • Jeff Matyas

    We have been developing an energy program for more than 40 years and we still haven’t established a plan. Unless there is something that can turn our energy needs around and fall within our infrastructure we better find sources of fossil fuels to meet our energy requirement. The fastest fix, in my mind is oil shale and natural gas. I don’t have a sail on my car and I can’t afford a$100,000 solar supported Fiskur. I drive a Toyota that uses petroleum. I remember when gas was under $2 a gallon. The talk was that when it was consistently over $2 a gallon, hydrogen would make sense. Well I paid $3.39 a gallon yesterday. The changes in energy will occur because American is country of doers. IF ONLY we had an Executive and Legislative branches of our government that were doers. Maybe we should just replace them all again.

  • robert j. wolfe

    Ok Guy’s, Want The Truth?

    The American economy will crash and burn even with a 9,000 year oil stash, think about it, we have 2 Trillion Bbl’s Oil, Sweet Light Crude and another 3,ooo year+ Natural Gas…Easy.
    Yes, I said 9,000 year supply of Crude Oil in America and it will not save our country however, If America turn’s from her wicked way’s, come back to God and stand hand and hand with Israel then, Only Then would America be The World Leader Again…
    Every person in all America could be wealthy…Only when we return to God, all of us…

    By the way, 2 Trillion Bbls of oil at $25.00 per bbl (cheap), that would give America enough money to be Paid In Full for 200 generations…or 8,000 yrs.

    • lilolady

      Amazing isn’t it. There are “Scientists” who have kept very quiet. If we don’t continue
      buying what we need from the Middle East, they will have their backs to the wall. They
      have nothing to offer and will be the agents of world demise uniting for the coming of the last Imam . We know exactly what that means .

  • Bob Marshall

    The power in congress come from the lobbyist whose organizations funded those elected to congress. Jack Abramoff in a interview with 60 minutes said that his lobbyist group alone had over 100 members of congress in their back pocket. That is, before he went to prison for four years.Watch for the lobbyist whose company’s will be involved in the building of this pipe line to ask for favors owed. He does warn that most Americans have no idea of the power that lobbyist have over congress. He also said most in congress see nothing wrong with what they are doing. the only way to stop this is for former members of congress not be allowed to be lobbyist after their term is up.

    • lilolady

      Amen to that, friend!

  • servant

    Please, don’t tell me we have forgotten the truthful remark, “Your utilities will necessarily skyrocket?”
    He only needed the oil spill in the Gulf to shut down all drilling rigs, and double gas prices.
    Those who live in the rural west, driving to work at a minimum wage job, need just about 1/2 of take home pay for fuel costs!
    Guess that’s the Progressive way!

  • Larry E

    Only when this “transparent” administration is out of office and an administration that recognizes the need for growth in private industry and energy independence that actually works not pie in the sky wind and solar baloney along with ethanol from corn scam.

  • ABN Infantryman

    Synthetic fuel operations should have been up and running. Standard Oil and Germany were producing my barrels during mid 20’s to 1945. We should have been offa of saudi oil and mid eastern oil years ago. Would it not be great to see arab oil down to $1 a gallon because we don’t want any.

  • IQ 180

    Green Energy like solar cells/wind etc, are just not going to work. The future power source most likely will be cold fusion, and it’s already being tested in the labs. One square acre of sea water would provide enough energy to power the world for a year using Cold Fusion. Green Energy may be viable in about 20 years, but the technology is not there yet to use this as a solution. In the mean time we need to use all the oil and coal resources we have to make the U.S. energy free from the rest of the world. The U.S. and Canada alone and not sharing it with the rest of the world either. And if we do, we charge them out the A*S, just as they have been doing to Americans…!!! In the mean time we American need to get Rich on are own. Read this book and attract the wealth you want into your life. This book has changed my life completely. Better Job, Nicer cars, and a lot more money. The books is called: “The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind” by Author Dr. Michael Williams. You can get the book at, or at (and this is were I bought the book) I am not playing around, all conservatives need this book so we can take this Nation back from the DEM’s. Money is power, and we need all the money we can get. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • dw663

    It’ll take more than that but!!!!! It will help the stability of the USA in energy, helping gas prices drop. It will put many Americans to work. And you know that whatever by-products come from it will be used by some entrepreneur to create another industry as long as Obama and his team of cronies are removed from office.

  • rottenrio

    We have a major problem. Who caused it? In my humble opinion, we did! Those who do not vote or vote without knowing who and/or what they were voting for gave us the government
    we deserve. Our solution is for more of us to study the candidate and the laws they intend to propose. Term limits and making those abide by the laws they inact. A minor start but ever journey must begin somewhere.

  • Joe Martinez

    I have watched the N Gas industry for a few years with the intent of making a few bucks investing in certain stocks related to N Gas. Chesapeake was one of them as well as Markwest/Clean Energy/Westport Innovations/Apache/Anadarko and many others. My intentions were as I said to make money on investment. However as I kept reading articles and I even joined Boone Pickens sort of Club in sending messages to Congress to initiate a Bill that would allow N Gas usages. After studying it further I understood that using N Gas in private autos would cause a great inconvenience to families as it the N Gas Tanks take to much room. So I kept looking at the situation and figured that Trucks of all sorts/School and City Buses as well as Waste truks could incorporate the use and many did. Fleet Trucks at Airports and other vehicles started using it. Of course if the vehicles so not have a motor with the proper equipment it can’t use N Gas. So that is where Westport/Cummins/Eaton stepped up and started to make engines for the N Gas usage.Then the cost came up, however as Mr. Pickens pointed out that trucks could move with N Gas much less costly but it still was to costly until recently Westport came out with an engine that trucking companys could realize that it could breakeven in a year changing to an New Engine. The next problem was the infractstructure of fueling the vehicles and thats when Clean Energy and other Co’s who put up money to build fueling stations around the Freeways in the U S.
    In Europe there over 16 models using N Gas and some of them are using their trunks and also they have learned to insert tanks uner the car. Some of these co’s are U S co’s.
    Now we need Congress to pass a bill to use N Gas on large vehicles. The way I see it through reading and thinking about it. Using N Gas just in fueling stations would put to work probably 10 people for each station, we would need pipelines which would require lots of workers and the usage would dimish the use of Oil which invarieably reduce our imports helping the inbalance of Billions of dollars going out of the country because our country with the Eagle Pas/Priminum/Baken/Marselius and Ultra fields and if need be Canada;s Oil Sands would provide ample commodity to fullfil our needs.
    I did not even touch on the Exporting of our N Gas which we have trillions of cubic Ft enough for our use and exporting it to countries abroad who desperately need it and it would help out bottom line.
    The tax base of the many peop;e working on the useage of N Gas would really put this country back where we were prior to the mess our present Congress and President have put us in.
    We need Republican President and !!!!!

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