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Nevada Health District shuts down organic farm picnic

Southern Nevada Health District has raided an organic farm picnic destroying the organic produce, which was classified by them as bio-hazard material.

The raid at the highly regarded and reputable Quail Hollow Farm, which sits in the picturesque Moapa Valley of Southern Nevada took place place after a tip off of the event because some of the food was not ‘certified’ in the correct state.

Apparently all the natural food served from farm must be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture so the owners had to dispose of all food including vegetables because of their ‘bio-hazard potential‘.

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  • roadkill


    • don

      THIS IS ALL COMING FROM THE MARXIST OBAMA AND HIS COMMUNIST CZARS. His intent is to destroy this country’s farming, education, energy, and business systems. He is now an unsustainable dictator.

      • Rick

        The Southern Nevada Health District is home to SEIU, as they are strong supporters of the union movement. SEIU is an ardent supporter of obama and anything to do with unions.

    • Richard

      They have started taking out useful idiots that they no longer need a long time ago.

      Immigration and our schools have taken control of our country and children we must take back control.

      Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!

    • Leefromok
      I don’t have any guns but I think when they pointed a gun at me I would keep eating food and ask them if they were going to shoot me for my own good.
      I might even be tempted to start a food fight.
      Where are the three stooges when you need them?
      It’s just like the government to bring guns to a food fight.

  • Moses

    Nevada should be sued, and forced to pay the promoters of that picnic for them to have to destroy organic food. That whole situation should have never happened. Had I been involved, you can bet I would have taken all those involved in the raid, into Federal court, and sued them for every dime they have.
    I just do not understand the difference between vegetables raised by commercial farms, which you can buy in your local grocery store; and vegetables you raise on your farm, which you can use your self, or sell at a Farmer’s Market.
    As far as the USDA is concerned, I have sold vegetables at local markets for several years, and they have never told me to destroy any of my crops, because my crops are a potential bio-hazard. Any such terms, as related to organic crops, should be rethought, and then rewritten, so that such crops are exposed to all of the govt regulations, which the current administration seem intent on throwing at us, in order to grind us down, and make the majority of this country over into slaves for a minority ruling elite.

    • floramae

      This is just to humorous, remember big fat mo’s garden???? she gave her crap away and it ended up she planted it in POISONOUS SOIL!!!!! IT’S DO AND I SAY NOT AS I DO!!! THESE TWO ARE REALLY OUT THERE IN DICTATORSHIP LAND!! lmao!!! we better get rid of them pronto!!!!!

    • Larry Hughes

      It’s not their purpose to protect the food supply. It’s to take control of the food supply so that they can control you. Do as we say or you don’t eat. Standard Marxist policy for controlling people who don’t agree with them.

    • catman

      Well Moses my man, you go right ahead and sue the state. Know what? You would lose BIG TIME. Who in hell do you think appointed the judges, the prosecutors and even if you could find an attorney dumb enough to take your case, you’d still lose.
      I agree it was a stupid thing to do on the health departments side. Really makes the public want to support their government doesn’t it?

      • American Patriot

        RIGHT ON!!
        Maybe the parasite rabby pigs weren’t getting a kosher tax cut. Sounds like maybe the greedy bastards want a piece of the organic business too.
        I refuse to buy anything that has their “blessing” thingys on the label.
        WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

        • chillchild

          Natzi, facist pig…another anti-semetic dig. When will you all see that is what this is all about. Chipping away at all that is good and sound in the U.S. A. like organic farming, or the right to bare arms, free speech, free trade, the list goes on. Then the left comes along and throws in digs at jews and they get blamed. The Left uses every issue that they can feed on. The adversary is a PARASITE. ( By the way folks George Soros is really George Schwartz…..may the Schwarrrrrrtz be with you.) God looks on the heart of man. Either you get clear in your heads and hearts and stop being led by you nose down the path of useful idiots till they don’t need you anymore; Or, try the light. ( Move closer to the light.) We vote, we use the courts and we pray. Not prayed on. Problem with the left is they really do not know how Powerful our God is. Poor babies. Really.

  • Don

    Harry Reid, you old fart, this is to much. You can’t stand it when you see or hear about good people and good food.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Being organic….The vegetables and fruits have fertile seeds which the government wants to exterminate.
    The government wants control of ALL the food.
    This needs to go to the courts for sure but with all the liberal judges in place…..a good resolution will not be easy.

    • Dingbat36

      No, they want Con-Agra and all their ilk to control our food. If you have heirloom seeds of any kind, hoard them. Is it the Norwegians who are establishing a (natural) “Seed Vault Bank” in the Arctic?

  • shearwater

    This is unconstitutional to say the least. Criminal at best. The health department people are interfering with free moral agency of those who would attend the picnic!

  • barbpatton

    This smacks of government control gone out of control. I am in agreement with writer Moses. We have hussein’s fat slag wife talking about feeding the kids more veggies. The same slag bag that does gardening in $750 designer shoeS. This is a disgusting story of just how bad government control and interference is in our lives. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND AMERICA.

  • floramae

    This story just sugar coats what really happened, THEY MADE THEM DESTORY ALL THE FOOD WITH CLOROX!!!

  • AliveStillKickin

    When one considers what the OWS protesters (molesters) are eating….This is just ludicrous.

  • J.M.R.

    maybe they will vote for reid again

    • RHSchumann

      What does he have to do with this?

      • don

        Reid is part of obama’s destructive machine. He has the marching orders from obama to block any solutions from the conservative Republicans to end America’s decline. You are obviously not getting the facts from Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin.

  • 4dees

    This is all about U.N. Agenda 21, which is a very real threat to our private property rights, the sovereignty of the U.S. and our very lives. Open your eyes and inform yourselves. Check out these links:

    • chillchild

      Yes, this too! Very much” This Too!”

  • http://www.USAonly.US USAonlyDotUS

    I live in this state. Part of the rest of the story was the health department would have accepted the meat if the farm owners could “produce” a receipt that the meat came from a store that had USDA inspections. The other vegetables were drenched with bleach so they could not even be given to the farm animals. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t hear of anybody getting sick or dying from Organic farm products, but how many outbreaks have we had in the last few years with products that are USDA Approved? How about a big “DUH” for the fact that people raise their own food BECAUSE THEY DON’T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT! A civil war is on the horizon. It will be your neighbor , who has a government job, doing his job, and trampling on your rights. I said it before there was OOWH (Obama Occupied White House).

    • American Patriot

      @ USAonlyDotUS,
      I agree. Just recently some big outfit had to RECALL thousands of pounds of contaminated turkey. I wonder why these jacka$$es don’t mention that.
      I am an old man and have lived on home grown organic garden produce and home grown and butchered chickens, turkeys, pigs and beef for almost 80 years. Except for an occasional cold I have never been sick a day in my life.
      We have no growth hormones in our meat and no one in our family that gets a share of the meat is obese.
      Obeseity today is primarily caused by growth hormones carried through in the product.
      Our garden is fertilized with animal manure instead of commercial poisons.

      • chillchild

        Wow, you are so blessed. Write a book on these topics so we can all learn and so our culture of self-reliance does not perish. Oh, by the way growth hormones, I am glad you brought that to light. More people need to know.

  • Morton Friedman

    Poetic justice.

    Considering that Harry reid ‘stole’ his seat there.

    But it does speak to a far more insidious problem of regulations gone berserk.. and not just in agriculture.

    • don

      Reid was elected by obama’s union thugs “servicing” the Nevada voting machines!

  • RMF

    I guess bleach isn’t a bio-hazard. FOOLS

  • Dingle

    Go to CAST TV and select movies in the upper left corner.

    Watch “The Future of Food” to find out what genetically engineered food is all about. The film was made in 2004 so you can bet there has been a great deal more come down the pike since then.

  • RHSchumann

    Another victory for Monsanto and other agribusiness giants who hate organic farming. Wonder who they paid off to conduct the raid?

  • mac

    Unreasonable search and seizure. If there was poison involved that would be different, but to consider uncertified food as “hazardous”? That is insane. The Southern Nevada Health District has completely overstepped their authority. Nevadans, get busy and sue!

  • mac

    Were these food items being sold? If they were being sold then the SNHD had jurisdiction. But I don’t see the need to destroy any food items before testing them for toxicity. There seems to be a move afoot nationwide by the regulators to seize and destroy products, both food and otherwise (see Gibson Guitar company wood seizures) in an unreasonable, unconstitutional manner.

    • don

      Also, remember the California central valley was denied water to its farms to the point of destroying the food production in the whole area. This damn obama government is using the environmental wackos to close down this country to a third world status. The ruling elite and their slaves is his plan for us. We will be no better off than the muslim or african countries. The drive-by news media is obama’s cover and facilitator. “Don’t doubt me”.

  • BruceD

    One of the facts as I understand from another article is that they were not selling any food. Merely serving it to family and invited guests. So why aren’t these “inspectors” going up and down country roads shutting down roadside vendors?

    There is no probably cause and no warrent. Just someone with a head full of power. Show her the door and to come back with a warrant.

    • chillchild

      Actually, they did in Florida. A man” gave away” his extra produce from his family garden and the county (I believe) came in and said he could not give away his extra to friends and neighbors. Something to do with infringing on the trades in the county. I can’t recall all the facts. It was either in The Blaze or Off the Grid.

  • Sharon

    I’ve been gone from Southern Nevada for almost 20 years. I see the “good ole’ boys” are still a bunch of cowboys controlling everything! Was Harry Reid deep in the middle of this?

    • chillchild

      Why would you give cowboys a bad name?

  • grizzlie

    Let’s see, lead and dangerous chemicals in foods coming from china, numerous deaths from spinach from Mexico, but the illustrious USDA can’t be bothered with that, yet their priority is to police organic farm picnics. ANYONE that votes for the continuation of this Presidency deserves everything Obama has in store for them. Meanwhile the rest of us have just about had all we’re going to take. As Patrick Henry once state, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Allow things of this nature to go unchallenged and you are witnessing the beginning of the end of this great nation. The “Don’t Tread On Me” motto was never more appropriate.

  • Andy

    Ronald Reagan said it best when he said ; ” The scariest words it the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

    • American Patriot

      Government wouldn’t be so bad if we could just get the zionist swine out of it.

      • chillchild

        See folks! Always they blame the jews and every opportunity to throw that in.

  • neal churchill

    Wake Up America! REQUIRED READING Barack Hussein Obama – Blueprint – Culture of Corruption – Demonic – Obama Nation – Crimes Against Liberty – The Manchurian President – The Roots of Obama’s Rage – Revolt! – Control Freaks – Liberty and Tyranny – The Shadow Party – Obamanomics – CONDUCT UNBECOMING

    • American Patriot

      @ neal churchill,
      Odumba would be inert without his jew puppet masters telleng him his every word and action.

      • chillchild

        After that display!!!!!, have you noticed how the writer calls themself an “American Patriot”. See the adversary is an “American Paracite”.

        • chillchild

          My Bad! “American Parasite”

    • inCATnito

      I’d like to add…”The Truth About Obamacare” by Sally Pipes. YoMama Scare is going to control every health insurance program, even private such as Aetna, Blue Shield, etc. Your physician will be forced to give you care based on what the panel tells them you are allowed. If they don’t comply, they will be fined or loose their license. If you’re between the ages of 15-40 yrs, you’ll probably get your benefits. If you’re younger than 15, maybe not…why? Society hasnt “invested” in you (such as education, job skills etc). Older than 40 yrs? You’re best years could be behind you….all depends on your skills and contribution to the government. Disabled? Good luck. Palin was accurate in her reference to “death panels”…

      GM was told support YoMamacare or no “bailout”. So were other entities…

  • nancee

    it sure is time to fight back-how many of you realize the czar -cass sunstein -is the founder of occupy-the group keeping our police busy and he is obamas college roommate-chicago school of law- see wickipedia and weep!![then get busy!!]

  • Steve

    I grew up in Moapa Valley but have been gone for over 25 years; and read about this event in the local paper for Moapa Valley. Everyone might be interested to know that the Southern Nevada Health Dept. called the police but the police refused to do anything to those in attendance. The owners of the farm then asked the police to remove the people from the Health Dept. from there land which the police did. After the police had escorted the Health Dept off the owners of the farm went out and picked some more fresh vegetables and the chef that they had hired made them a meal using just the vegetables. The people putting on the dinner did charge for the event, but only to cover their costs. After the Health Dept. came they offered a refund to everyone, no one took it. The last I heard was the county officials were meeting with all those involved to prevent to come up with a solution so that the Health Dept. cannot do this sort of thing again.

  • EHeassler, USN-Ret.

    This just reinforces the reason the second amendment was put into place as insurance against an overzealous and overcontrolling government. Having overthrown one, our founders wanted insurance against another one. Well, another one is upon us and thanks to the Marxist Dictator In Chief, O’Hitler, and all of the czars he has put into place, we are being suffocated with thousands of new rules and regulations that have the force of law. Allowed to go unchecked, within the next 12 to 60 months, we will cease to be a democratic republic and will be ruled by executive fiat.

    • American Patriot

      @ EHeassler, USN-Ret,
      Look who’s pushing gun control. Every one is a hell bent on taking our guns. Every one no doubt has armed bodyguards and would continue to have them after they take ours.


        American Patriot, we get your message loud and clear that you are an anti-semite bigot. Good luck looser.

        Organic is the way to go and the government regulators really suck.

  • pvfrmr

    The whole organic inspection process is a HOAX. The only requirement is that you have your paperwork in order. The inspector is not even allowed to go in the field to see if you are doing the proper things. I was in the business before and after the feds took over. It is a total sham. Anyone that thinks federal organic regulations protect them is terribly misguided.

  • USA4ever

    I like roadkills idea –long past time to start firing back
    and fight to take our free country back

  • Scott

    This is what Codex Alimentarius is all about.The “New World Order” wants to eliminate all organic foods from us, they will also make home gardens illegal, they want all health food store to be shut down, they want our vitamins to be illegal unless they are micro small doses (which would do us no good). They are the ones who are forcing GMO foods on us all. They want to eliminate Heirloom seeds from our availability. They want only themselves to have organic foods. The idea behind Codex Alimentarius is to “thin out the herd”
    They believe there are too many of us.

  • aeroguy48

    It sounds as those organic farmers are conservative Republicans, and why they were targeted.

  • chillchild

    And if that doesn’t work they will build a high speed rail and transport us to the re-education camps and if that doesn’t work. Was it Bill Ayers or Andy Stern or Francis Scott Pivin or Van Jones or all of the above and then some….who said …if they won’t be re-educated then they will have to be exterminated…I think the number was about they estimated to be 25,000,000 people may have to be done in……….All the president’s crew.