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US believes Syria has chemical weapons, could Bush have been right?


The White House said Thursday that the U.S. believes “with some degree of varying confidence” the Syrian government has used chemical weapons — specifically the nerve agent sarin — against its own people.

A letter from the White House to members of Congress said the assessment was based on “physiological samples” but called for a United Nations probe to corroborate it and nail down when and how they were used.

Sarin is a man-made nerve agent that has been used in terrorist attacks in Japan and possibly during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In large doses, it can cause convulsions, paralysis and death.

The U.S. has long believed that Syria was stockpiling chemical weapons. Intelligence reports indicate that it has sarin and the nerve agent tabun along with traditional chemicals like mustard gas and hydrogen cyanide. A 2011 CIA report said Syria was also developing the potent nerve agent VX, which could render a city uninhabitable for days.

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  • Jack Assime

    Now who are the liars?

    • silverbackV

      They always have been, it’s real easy to malign someone if you aren’t hindered by facts, truth, honesty, morals, integrity, decency, or logical thought processes. This is the same bunch that has separated us from our Christian founding and continues to flaunt degradation as normal life. We will and are paying the price for not standing up to them.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Politicians and media

  • Stephanie Wilson


    • El_Love

      of course he was right — Iraq used chemical weapons on the Kurds and it is 100% unlikely that they used all they had or did not manufacture more for furture uses and purposes. The UN also gave Saddam plenty of time to move them — we all knew this but the diabolical left wing media saw it as a political tool to spread lies and discord with.
      Our media is shameless — Obama has commited more crimes than any president in our history and keeps getting cover ups and passes from the media. Think Richard Nixon…….

      • jong

        We also know for a fact that Saddam had nukes or was very close. Material was detected by sat that crossed the Syrian frontier that was of the same wave length. For more proof follow the money to North Korea that he was paying to help him in both materials and advice. Iran most probably got all of this when they sent two ships to Syria for a friend ship visit two years ago.

        • Rhonda Reichel

          Israel bombed Sadaam’s nuclear dreams

          • jong

            This was after that incident. And although what you say is true he still had the knowledge if he could ever get a hold of more material. It is logical to say that his big brothers in Iran told him that they could make better usage and would be safer there. Some proof in this is the constant flow of military arms that is flowing to Syria from Iran. I expect that if we come involved Iraq may allow Iran to funnel troops through their country or side with Iran totally.

      • Antoninus

        Richard Nixon was an Altar Boy by comparison

      • Rhonda Reichel

        When we encouraged and aided Sadaam into attacking Iran we GAVE those chemical weapons to him

        • Bill Tyner

          Show your citations please.

    • docdave1

      US Unveils Iraq WMD “Curveball-Style” Lies Vs. Syria

      As NATO terror front collapses in Syria, US attempts to justify intervention by drumming up familiar WMD lies.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Show me where Syria used chemical weapons against their own people….the ones that are attacking Assad now aren’t mostly Syrians. You guys need to read some international news …our media LIE
      We gave those chemical weapons to Sadaam to use against the Iranians….he used them on the Kurds too though.

      • DCW16

        “the ones that are attacking Assad now aren’t mostly Syrians”
        Yes . . . and they are friends of the WH . . . and your Fellow Travellers . . .

      • eddyjames

        All politicians lie. Every last one of them to varying degrees. You are right it’s Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s good Buddies, That are attacking Assad. I see it as an attempt to create a Fourth Reich in the Middle East. Obama is hoping he’ll be the New Dictator. the one who dictates to the whole world.

      • James Star

        They ALL lie at some point, some are just better than others! The one we have now is an expert at it…

      • Bill Tyner

        Citations please…

      • Black Rain

        He,Bush, may have lied but, with his lie he went to congress to vote on war with Iraq. H Clinton and congress said go ahead. Until like BO going around congress to supply Libyan rebels with arms to outs of their leader and the supply of arms that flows through Benghazi. Then there is the “Fast and Furious” scandal that BO hasn’t came clean on

      • LARA


    • hedy

      Obama is the one that is the biggest LIAR of them , hi is so EVIL and hi dos not like to call his friend TALIBANS AND MURDERERS, I am so sick of him and his GUNS, destroying our

    • LARA


  • JThaddeus Toad

    What a bunch of DOPES ….. When the war in Iraq started,one of the talking points were WMDs…Sadam moved them out of the country to Syria and stored them in Bekkar Valley… How did we know they had chemical weapons???? was the question and the Libs accused Bush of lying….HEY DOPES ! WE KNEW THERE WERE WMDs because we SOLD them to Iraq in eighties…

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Finally someone with knowledge and capable of critical thinking !

    • James Star

      Yes, and what country cries the most about inhumanity and human rights! USA! That doesnt stop them from making a buck, now does it?

  • larrygrant876

    What kind of tyrannts would be so cruel to their own people? At least our dicktater plans to use bullets that our tax dollars bought

    • Ed Shick

      Give Obama a little more control and you will see what a Muslim Leader will do to us!! He is a traitor of the lowest caliber ,, He will do any thing and not accept any Blame,,, fast & furriuos , Benghazi , A very little man with communist backing and training!!

    • ReconVeteran

      For starters. If resistance gets to bad who knows.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      What kind of tyrants buy millions of hollow point bullets that are illegal to use in war?

  • larrygrant876

    Another point, We continue to refuse to name our enemy and that is a strategic snafu. It makes too many necessary plans for attack and destruction of the enemy nearly impossible, plus we have a top man in the whitehouse who is sympathetic and supportive of the enemy. I grow weary of knowing how many of us get it and yet we get crickets from the politicians.

    • larrygrant876

    • Tionico

      well, we haven’t followed the rules laid down by our Founders and had the COngress declare war, instead we’ve pussyfooted about aimnlessly under al manner of stupid PC restrictioins put on the “polilce actions” and “interventioins” by lawmakers.. who are NOT military experts…. we’ve had presidents with their hands tied up and rendered useless for so long, now we have one standing in as pres who is useless from the git go. Had our administration held their ground and demanded COngress declare war in Korea rather than falling for the UN “peacekeeping” nonsense, we’d never have got to the worldwide mess we’ve got today. Ron Paul is also right….. pull back our men from the 170 or so nations we’ve sent them to and end the workdwide cop meme we’ve taken up.. starting with Korea. We’d be in a whole lot better shape. Open trade with all nations, military involvement with none. Read George Washington’s Farewell Address on the termination of his Second Term as President. HE got it right…. but we’ve forgotten, or buried the truth.

      • Jim P.

        That’s another reason I feel we should withdraw from the UN.Billions of tax dollers wasted anyway.

    • James Star

      You have to realize that if it doesnt effect the politicans directly, they couldnt care less about ” We the people”.That also is a no brainer! One reason is now with the invalid voting we no longer have any leverage over them.

    • Kathleen Pedersen

      right on! it’s time for Americans to rise up and stop this crew in Washington DC and take our country back. We can do it at the polls. VOTE! Why do you think OB wanted the illegal aliens to stay in this country? So they could vote in the last election and now he pretends to want to do something. Ask the ICE personnel who they are being forced to break our laws in their job under threat of being fired if they try to inforce them. The gov’t is being sued by ICE’s union in our courts for this very reason only the general media won’t tell you that. Our Dept. of “Injustice” is trying to keep them from doing their jobs. We have a crook running it, what can we expect.??????????

  • Jim

    Bush has always been right about the existence of chemical weapons in Iraq. They were used by Hussien to kill 5k Kurds prior to the Gulf War. Before the Americans arrived, the weapons were shipped to Syria across the border to keep them hidden. After Saddam Hussien’s demise, the weapons became the property of Syria. These facts have been proven time and again, but the left wing media refuses to aknowledge them.

    • DianaS

      Jim, you are so very right!!! It’s been so simple to see since day one. We certainly gave them PLENTY of time to hide them. It’s a no brainer!!

    • SunniD

      Exactly right. Intel had it that trucks were moving the WMD’s into Syria. They have videos of Saddam testing the chemicals on animals. Sick!! Even sicker, he then actually used them on the Kurdish people. This is well documented, the photos of dead women and children are horrendous.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        I recently saw a video of Al Qaeda a.k.a. Syrian rebels testing chemical weapons on rabbits….funny that it is widely believed THEY are the ones that used them in Syria not Assad. Russia is calling for U.N. investigation

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Where do you think Sadaam got them from? us

      • DCW16

        About the same time Klinton was giving secrets to the Chinese I suspect . . .

        • alio

          And his wifie thinking about running for Prez??????? She was and is worse than her hubby……..never trusted that woman.

    • alio

      BINGO! The moment I heard about chemical weapons in Syria, I said those are probably the same chemicals the Iraqs shipped across the border. It was even on video.

      Then, the stupid libs who were out to GET Bush tried to make everyone believe there were No chemicals………..sure!! , we all saw the loaded trucks making trips into Syria but they tried to make our President at fault, when in fact ALL Congress voted to go into Iraq because of the chemicals we all believed were there and they were indeed there before they shipped to Syria. Good call, President Bush! and Congress.

    • dHb

      100% correct Jim!

    • LARA


      • carolchristine

        Yes they did.

    • carolchristine

      You are absolutely right. I listened to an Iraqi General on tv state that very fact and the Liberal press ignored him because it did not fit into the liberal spin at the time that Bush was a nut case, and was lying about chemical weapons.

  • Mort Leith

    Of course he was right,,, only the moron oDumbo voters think otherwise..

    • dagriz

      TRUTH is just something the left doesn’t handle real well

  • No Name

    There was an interview with a Christian missionary who was in Bagdad prior to the invaision of the U.S. forces to overthrow Saddam H. If you will recall,Saddam actually allowed Christian churches to exist,he “protected” them from the crazies ,aka moslem extremists. The Christian missionary “witnessed” convoy after convoy of heavy trucks going into the desert and not returning,and he was told by his sources,that these were the trucks loaded with weapons of mass destruction. If this is true and if this is the case,is there any room for doubt,why there were no weapons of mass destruction found in Bagdad? Could these be the “W of MD? If this is indeed the “proof”,ergo Bush did not lie,and the democrats still are.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      So…you are saying then that our intelligence didn’t know the weapons had left in spite of all the inspections prior to invasion & our 16 intelligence agencies….that’s pretty lame if that’s true
      All that were there by the time we invaded were old remnants not even viable anymore. Poppy blew much of them up in the first gulf war.

    • maryflaur

      Remember the phrase “Bush lied, people died.” I never did think he lied. My husband and I voted for him then, and would again.

  • jsnh

    How else could Syria have WMDs? It took so long before inspectors were allowed to look for them in Iraq that it was no surprise the weapons were removed from Iraq. Don’t forget, Congress also thought Saddam had WMDs, but then blamed Bush. Weapons are sent or transferred throughout the Middle East quite often, don’t you think? Like Libya, Turkey, Syria (I’m thinking about the Benghazi attack, obviously.)

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Gen Clark said that they had planned to attack Syria, Iran, Iraq etc years before it happened….even before Bush got elected it was being planned. Don’t be naive. We aren’t spreading democracy….& we don’t give a da*n about dictators persecuting their people….if we did we would have stopped the slaughter in Rwanda.

      • jsnh

        I don’t understand what you mean about my being naive about WMDs in Iraq during Bush’s administration.

      • James Star

        They care about others…. resources! Period! If it effects their pocketbook then you can bet they care! Whats a few more of our military and allies being killed matter when there is money and power involved! Sad, but true, think about it!

      • Black Rain

        R u kidding me. Clinton never planned anything. He was to busy hiding the cigar. Clinton had three chance to take out Osama before Sept 11, called it off because he didn’t feel he had enough evidence.

  • Bob Kane

    There is satellite imagery of trunk convoys rolling over the Syrian border right before the invasion of Iraq. Also, in 2007 an Israelie bombing raid took place in Syria, an action that has never been explained.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      That’s the point….we knew they had already moved them BEFORE we invaded

      • jsnh

        Then why did Congress deny there were WMDs in Iraq?

  • James Maxwell

    Suprise, suprise, suprise and how is this news? George and the intelligence community told
    us this a while back but the mindless whiners on the left could not get past thier bit*hing on
    Bush. I wonder if they will acknowledge that he and the intelligence community were
    right now? I not holding my breath though they to buzy howling about other made up
    trash to admit they were wrong. Well maybe on page 15 in ex-small print at the bottom
    of the page.

    • James Star

      Nope! Not even there! Has this president said he is wrong about anything? No, and he never will! He and his will continue to blame others for their mistakes.

  • kent

    Adolf Oboza sent billions $$$$$$$$ to countries to buy friends ?? Here is an example !!!
    Great,,,,,,,,,, another war commin’ up :( Young warriors of America, get ready, the Military will need you. Afterwords, The Govt. will turn it’s back on you,,,,,,,,,,, :(

  • agbjr

    It was acknowledged at the time President Bush was correct; the proof was all over the media. It is the Democrats and their compliant liberal media who continue to lie and do so knowingly.

  • mrookergolf1

    The reason why the US did not find chemical weapons in Iraq was that Sadam moved them to Syria. He had plenty of time to do it with the delays of the UN and 17 resolutions. Now, Syria can use them on its own people and anyone else that wants to mess with them.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      No record of Syria using them yet though

      • mrookergolf1

        Perhaps you haven’t been following the news. Several weeks ago, Assad gassed the protestors and many were taken to the hospital with gas poisoning. They couldn’t identify it right away, but it was certainly a gas poisoning of some kind.

  • geneww1938

    Months ago there were many reports that these chemicals were being sent to the rebels to be use and then blamed on the incumbent Syrian administration.

    Best we check the facts before we agree with anything said against the existing administration which does not hate Israel!
    The Arab Administration’s that had [have] any form a reasonable relationships with Israel were [are being] eliminated. Jordan will be next?

    • Rhonda Reichel

      That’s exactly what happened to….if it weren’t for Russia and some other countries they would have gotten away with that lie that Assad used it. It’s apparrent to me by the crimes committed by the rebels against Christians who the good guys are ….and it isn’t them

  • David W. Baker

    If only this Country wasn’t OVERRUN WITH SOCIALIST THAT WOULD RATHER STICK THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND, THAN FACE THE FACTS, we would be able to solve some of the atrocities of the Human Race. Hey, they didn’t have all this stuff and have it disappear in thin air. The UN’s method of dealing with the inspections of their facilities was a serious defect to TRUTH. I believe we should have shown up to inspect, if denied entrance, blown the place to smithereens, then they could declare there were no WMD’s but they would not surface later either.

  • Morton Friedman

    The anti-Bush MSM equated WMD’s with only nuclear devices, and kept harping on that. Conveniently ignoring that WMD inludes in addition, chemical and biological devices. Ask any Kurd if Sadam used WMDs.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I will be glad when someday all the dirt on the Bush family comes to light. Prescott Bush tried to overthrow the U.S. govt. and would have killed FDR to do it but Smedley Butler ratted him out
      Poppy Bush is a degenerate old criminal, it is rumored Jeb runs drugs out of Florida now. Heard Stew Webb talking about them and the Clintons.
      Dubya was an alcoholic and druggie from the sound of the gossip in Texas where he came from. Backed in his oil business by the Saudis. His legacy stinks. He ruined this country and the GOP
      Nope they are not royalty…..they should be in prison or in their 98,000 acre Paraquay hideout.

      • billyjshafer

        Bush went bankrupt several times in the oil business.
        Don’t believe rumors. No need for gossip. Bush admited his drug and booze problem many times.
        He is not from Texas.

        But I guess you are ok with Obama abusing drugs. As he has admmited doing.

  • Stanley Phillips

    The worst offender of chemical warfare is the United States. I’ve just looked at the third generation of Vietnamese suffering from Agent Orange. I can’t bear to see the damage we have done in that war and then we have the audacity to clai Syria has used chemical weapons against foreigen terrorists paid for by NATO.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      D U depleted uranium is even worse
      the gift that keeps on giving

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Stanley they can see the mote in the Syrian’s eye….they just can’t see the TELEPHONE POLE in their own

  • stevor

    could be moon really be made of cheese?

  • bless2live

    Imagine that! Syria has chemical weapons! In this world of today,all you have to do is think of what someone might be doing and you will be correct! I think of America and what this regime-goverment is wanting(and is) to do to AMERICA and YOU!! See, I am correct!

  • gbandy

    Bush was never a liar as lying is not in his character. He might of been misinformed by the Intelligence community as was Hillary Kerry and many others. Now we all should remember just prior to the invasion of Iraq several truck convoys were spotted leaving Iraq and heading towards Syria. Bingo Syria has Chemical Weapons. So I always in my heart knew Bush did not lie! Now how many examples of blatant downright lies can I cite from Obama? Many. History will show the Liberal Media and the Democrats used a falsehood of the Chemical Weapons threat of Iraq against Bush and the Republicans that the Democrats knew way a real lie. Finally there were many other countries who also knew Iraq has Chemical Weapons as all the troops had the protective gear. No country was fooled but Saddam moved the weapons to Syria.

  • hiskid1964

    as moch as i would like to agree i think it is much worse read this and notes that the people on the ground said the attack came from the free Syrian army then day’s later obouma does this smells like a payoff to me

  • Carlos

    So, this is where Iraq hid its WMD. Surprise, surprise..

  • dave3200

    Yes, Syria was Iraq’s hidey hole for their WMD’s – pretty common knowledge.
    No, Syria’s military has not used the WMD’s against the rebel invaders even though McCain and Graham say they know so. McCain says he learned this from rebel leaders “who we trust”. McCain is a raving lunatic and will cause our country to continue under democrat control unless he is silenced.
    The only chemical weapons used in the Syrian conflict were of chlorine gas taken from a chlorine gas production facility in an area of Syria recently captured by the rebels.
    Why does Foxnews insist on saying the Assad regime has used chemicals against the rebels? What basis do they have? McCain’s word? Such B/S. The sorry thing is, Foxnews knows the truth about what’s happening over there but the reporters who know the facts aren’t allowed to report honestly.
    So much for “freedom of the press”.

  • wolfd

    Americans in Syria are saying that CIA/ Al Qaeda / UN goons are responsible for unrest….sniper fire from all directions is what is going on….just as Libya…. wanting to be independent of US currency get the shaft….. Americans and citizens of both countries, outcries for intervention…..Riots smaller than the Los Angeles riots don’t need the UN to bomb them…… lame stream media would have you believe that all is lost…. and that Assad is the threat….Not so….this is a war in which you will be sold a story.. Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and China are the targets….. and neither country wants a war…… The banks have funded both sides of every war ever fought

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Both on television and in the Bible codes it said that WMD’s were buried in a specific valley in Syria before the American invasion of Iraq. The Russian Spitznaz troops were dispensed by Russia to move the WMD’s to Syria. Why the media has never said anything about this can only be because of their love for Democrats and Communist philosophy as well as their hatred for Conservatives. Even when Obama uses the same methods as Bush to obtain information, he can do no wrong. Explain that to me.

  • wolfd

    I guess most think that America is the only country that is allowed to police the world…. steal atomic tech. fr the nazis, build a bomb and use it….. and Bush’s grand daddy, Rockefellar ‘s, Rothchild , US standard oil, Alcoa, and Bayer gave you the nazis via IG Farben….. it is all a very misleading unfortunate agenda…. follow the money to expose the agendas and you will find the culprit

  • Tionico

    of COURSE Bush was right.. he must be laughing now. I hope he is publically vindicated. I saw satellite photos of large convoys of trucks heading across the border into Syria.. trucks the like of which were not seen in Iraq before. We KNOW they had those agents, in deliverable form, because we helped them GET them years before. The UN had records of what they had, they were supposed to allow periodic inspections to verify their location and quantity. They were also, after First Gulf, supposed to be systematically destroying them, under UN supervision… which they somehow stopped doing.. and got away with. Since there was no proof Iraq nad destroyed them as per treaty agreement, Bush was perfectly safe and correct in asserting thjey still had them. Had COngress not dallied so long, we’d have been in there before they got whisked away, and Syria would not have them now. The very fact Sadman INsane was still alive after First Gulf is further result of COngress’ incompetence. They refused to give authority to the presiednt at the time to cunduct a real war and END it…. instead allowing that administration to persue a “police action” wiht veyr restrictive “rules of engagement”…… playing cat and mouse instead of going in and cleaing up Iraq’s mess. When I learned we would not be going after Hussein himself to remove him from his power I just shook my head and said “just like CHurchil, he’ll be back. Only up to no good, in contrast to Churchill.

    THIS is why our FOunders insisted it is the Congress that has the power to declare war. Once war is declared, THEN the CinC must persue it with all vigour and clean up the mess. Since WW 2 we’ve not done it this way. And it has cost us trillions and hundreds of thousands of lives.

  • DCW16

    Perhaps we should send the insane Left-wing media over to take a few deep breaths and confirm the problem. We could have a lottery to see who should go . . . .
    My volunteers list would include . . . Peers Morgan, Madcow, Mathews, Beckel . . .

    • DSmith6605

      DCW16….Don’t forget Obama’s, Clinton’s and Holders they should go with them.

  • Centurion ‘

    Bush knew he was going to be killed in the press over these weapons. In true Bush class, he knew the facts would come forth. He didn’t care about appeasing the press or add a reason to continue the debate. He was being Presidential, a state of class (as in manners not seen anymore) that’s lacking in Politics today.

  • Robert Moulds

    I’m not surprised maybe the Iraqis hid them in Syria but doubtful in 1991 the Syrians were in desert storm which drove out Saddam’s armies from Kuwait. However Iraqi aircraft flew to Iran to avoid being destroyed only to be seized by Iran. So it is possible then again Syria had a chemical weapon program and was a revival to Saddam’s Iraq and an ally of Iran during the Persian Gulf war 1980 to 1988 Iran could be involved. In any case at least Barack doesn’t have to worry about Saddam.

  • James Fontana

    So what does Obutthead intend to do about it? Nothing as these are fellow Muslims Obama doesn’t sem to grasp the idea his fellow Muslims want to kill us. He thinks he will be spared and made ruler.

  • Washington76

    Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda Published on Apr 10, 2011

  • Dale

    The news media hates God, truth, justice so they rip it apart and lie about it. They build up evil, and anything to do with it. People follow the newsmedia like blind sheep. Too bad for all of us. Do you really think The UN will be honest and truthful? lol!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    LOL! Love the citation source.

  • Nursieee2

    I knew Bush was right! Saddam Hussein funneled those chemicals into Syria when he knew Bush was sending our Troops. I have never doubted Bush’s leadership of America. Can’t say that for what is in there now. Bush kept us safe from terrorists since 9/11. Obama has let five terror attacks happen and more is coming. None happened on Bush’s watch. Obama needs impeached for Benghazi coverup and purposely inflicting pain on Americans to get his tax increase. I hope 2014 we clean his plow with electing more conservatives to congress. He is still without proof he is legal to be in the whitehouse.

  • MIKE6080

    You know that by now they have smuggled them into this country , barry will make his usual excuses when the next tragedy occurs and wont be able to figure out who did it . Lets see we can blame Bush or the Tea Party , or the lone wolf but dont blame his muslim s

  • ezekiel22

    How come I get this stinking suspicion that we are being manipulated into yet another war by our leaders that we do not want? There is too much info out there to not come out with this conclusion. Things are too orchestrated.

  • usluv

    I’ve thought so all along. He had good intel….and I don’t think he would have taken such a giant step if he wasn’t sure.

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    asn’t it suggested during the Bush Administration that Sadam Hussein gave their WMD’s to Syria right before he was taken down. Our lying leftist press corps refused to admit that. Well perhaps time is proving him right and Americans had better stop listening to a press corp that hides the truth from them and lies about it when it comes out. Americans, these leftists think we are all stupid and can’t put two and two together. Time to show them how wrong they have been. Time to get rid of the present “regime” living in the WH and the rest of his entourage of liberal/leftists who have no interest in keeping a free and soverign nation. Folks why do you think they want to keep people on the dole and uneducated………just look at the proof of their long years of making the pudding. Time for a real change, one that we can truly believe in and that’s to go back to being the free nation we always have been and send these destructo folks packing. Pay attention to what’s going on!

  • aspacia

    Iraq’s WMDs were shipped to Syrian prior to our invasion. Syrian did not have WMDs until this time. Review what Iraqi defecting officers claimed years ago.

  • billyjshafer

    Bush tried to warn everyone about the housing market crash.People laughed at him called him crazy

    He tried to warn everyone about WMDs (gas). That Iraq had and was shipping to Syria.Everyone laughed and called him crazy.

    Well I guess the crazy guy was correct.

  • hommedespoir

    The moment I heard about chemical weapons was when I knew the US would yet again lie to force US into a phony war with the eleventeenth country in Imperialisms’ gunsights

  • samd001

    where are the liberals in this discussion? bho wants to support Al’Quaeda or Syrian rebels. They are our enemy. What’s wrong with this thing in the WH?