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Boston Bomber to be buried at Arlington


If Julie Frein has anything to say about it…

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, aka: The Islamic jihadist scumbag, aka: the dead Boston Bomber will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery if one US Air Force Veteran has her way.

Yes, you heard that right. The murdering, older brother who killed three and maimed hundreds more innocent people at the Boston Marathon, including an eight-year-old blown to bits has been offered a National Cemetery burial plot by a USAF veteran named Julie Frein. What?

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  • Ed Orr

    This garbage has no right to be buried anywhere in the United States especially in ARLINGTON!!

    The cemetery would have to place 24 hour guards because this animal would certainly be dug up and placed in a wood chipper vey quickly. I could not care who this Julie Frein freak is and she best get accustomed to wearing a full body rubber as every veteran I know of and do not know will be spitting on her or ANYONE who goes along with this………which is what she is.I can’t even type it as the word has always been so vile to me but I bet Y’all get mah drift. Inter him inside a speed bump would be more appropriate AFTER the wood chipper of course.

    • vet

      One word CREMATION!Then scatter the remains over a pig farm.

      • Ed Orr

        As long as it is not MY pig farm as it would pizz off my pigs. A speed bump in Arlington MIGHT be ok but it would have to be voted on by American patriots.

        • vet


      • Raymond

        I agree.
        This muslim piece of trash nothing less.

        • John

          Get ‘em, Raymond !

      • notso_old guy

        I agree that he should be cremated AFTER HIS REMAINS ARE MIXED WITH PIG OFFAL and then have his remains further mixed with liquified pig crap and sprayed over the mosque in which he was trained.

      • Fran

        If I am correct…CREMATION…is NOT ALLOWED for muslins. But definitely
        under NO conditions should he be buried at Arlington..

        • Linda Kilbride

          I don’t care if cremation is allowed for muslims or not. Do it anyway. Bombing isn’t allowed to be carried out against American citizens either, but he did it. Why not cremate his sorry azz!

          • Johughsie

            I say he will burn in hell anyways…………………………

    • jong

      What veteran that guards the place of the honored dead would deny any to dig this trash up and remove it from that place???

      • vet

        Not me I would help!

        • jong

          I live in Michigan and there would be a rush to get it done quickly. I would but, the traffic would be horrible

    • al1949

      This woman also is nothing more than garbage! She has no more of a right to be buried in Arlington than he does with an attitude like that

    • fliteking

      I still say feed him to the pigs (they’ll eat anything) and then send complimentary ” Gourmet Pork Chops” to the entitlement seekers.

      • jong

        Or serve it at the local muslim cafe.

    • John

      Embalm him with pig’s blood, wrap him in bacon ,and shove a pulled-pork sandwich up the posterior end of his alimentary canal, then sprinkle menstrual blood over him before you bury him.

  • onecornpone

    Good GAWD!!!

    WHERE does Axlerod find these freaks, to tweak us???

    Batsh!t crazy don’t half cover it…

  • Christopher Blake

    Bovine. EXCREMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Julie Frein, no doubt a lesbian member of the communist party disguised as a feminist democrat. It never surprises me how low someone will and can go to be recognized. This disgraceful act for 15 minutes of shame should put her on the list of the top 25 most despised people of 2013.

    • jong

      Welcome to the new Obama kinder and gentler military. We will have a very large mess to clean up including separating the sheep from the goats.

      • Hank Bradley


      • fliteking

        And the “sheep from the sheep” when considering the newer happier gayer military.

        • jong

          Until the defecation hits the propellers when they actually have to fight. Then of course you will have normal troops being bullied in the trench’s and not a word said about it. The rule will be that gays can do anything and if you want to get promoted you better not say anything. The rule of course will last about two minutes in a combat situation. About the same as the gays.

  • ruth

    Don’t worry – he won’t be there long!

    • Shirley Murphy

      Bury him out to sea way way out .

      • Raymond

        Use him for fish bait.

      • Doug Rodrigues

        I suggest chumming the water with pigs blood to get the sharks hungry first.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Julie Frien , What happened to your Americanism?
    His body should be burned, put in a 50 gal, drum and shipped around the US so everyone can piss on it.

  • Docs357

    The warped sense of values here is disgusting. This pig isn’t worthy of Boot Hill Potters filled send is remains back where they came from. It typical of obozo to take a shot at dishonoring our honored Dead and their family’s. that’s totally demonic

    • Devasahayam

      IMO, best way is to cremate the POS’ corpse in lard and then flush the ashes down a loo!

      • CAllenDoudna

        Best proposal I’ve ever heard! Will be sure and pass it on!

    • diana

      Cost us money to send him anywhere. So no throw him in a garbage pit

      • Docs357

        Amen you got it

      • fliteking

        Great idea . . . but even the flies won’t touch him.

  • pappadave

    This hag purports to be a USAF veteran. However, she was volunteering to give up HER spot at Arlington to this piece of garbage. What she apparently doesn’t know is that she isn’t ENTITLED to a spot at Arlington and even if she were, you cannot “donate” a burial plot there to anyone else.

  • Rio

    I hate to say it but if the left has anything to say about it, they would make it happen just to upset the right. You do know unless someone keeps watch, they will stick him in there under a false name. If we had a half way decent president he would say not no but hell no, over my dead body but sadly we don’t. I sure hope they find a way to keep that murderer from being buried in one of America’s sacred places. I also hope that they take her spot from her. God bless America.

  • doug63

    I guess we might as well bury him right next to JFK while we’re at it. Why not potter’s field? This dirtbag should not be buried anywhere in the USA.

  • Devasahayam

    The only place in Arlington that Tsarnaev should at all touch is somewhere on the Potomac — where a sewer-line empties into the river. His body should be cremated (Muslims fear this most — as confirmed by Babulal Bajrangi, a Hindu fanatic convicted of 2002 Gujarat Riots) in lard and his ashes dumped into any sewer!

    IMO, Frien is however welcome to do a version of “jauhar” since she likes the POS so much — she can be burnt (alive) and dumped along with him.

  • raccman

    If our elected politicians allow this – then there is really no hope for our country !

  • Chuck Evans

    I don’t know who Julie Frein is, and I don’t want to ever hear her name again. He should be cremated, and his ashes mixed with pig fat, and rolled in pig skin and dropped from an airplane in the desert, where no man will ever see it again.

  • danimal

    Nothing like a good slap in the face of all the brave men and women who served

  • C.L. Strasburg

    Wash his carcass in pork fat and drop it into an unmarked grave with his ass pointed toward Mecca.

    • joe meister

      in the movie ,set in British India . “lives of a Bengal lancer” it seems the worst thing you can do with his remains is to sew them up inside a pig carcass. they feel that will stop them from gaining admission to allahland. do that with this piece of crap. its about time we let these barbarians know that as soon as mr 0 is gone ,they may just be history .we can equitably share the oil with the major powers,who would also sell to their buddy nations , ok maybe that last part is a little much .but if 0 gets impeached over Benghazi & the 100’s of other frauds crimes ,intimidation . you look at pelosi & Hillary lately. they look like the 2 bad witches in the wizard of oz ugh.

  • dogwithoutslippers

    Deport the body!

  • jlbs

    Oh sure, rub salt in our wounds! Where in the h3ll did this woman come from?!! No doubt, the decision to bury this rot in Arlington, with all of our well-deserved patriots, will be made in a split second in comparison to decisions re: hussein’s eligibility!

    I’m beyond thinking that I’ve heard it all. Every day, it’s something more ridiculous. The Alinsky approach.

  • CAllenDoudna

    NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bandit

    This pics of trash should be buried in the ocean, he has no right to be buried with this nations heroes. That mazlam pics of garbage should just be dropped in the deepest part of the ocean where he belongs.

  • sean murry

    We dont bury garbage in Arlin gton it is for our honor dead that woman is nuts they have been brain washing these young kids in service.

  • E, Wayne Byrum

    Send his body to the city garbage dump or feed his body to the pigs.

  • freeman

    send him back in an ash jar wrap in pork rine. Julie Frein can deliver the jar then have her passport cancled so she can come back to the United States.

  • David Brewbaker

    Cremate & Flush. Repeat.

  • bob novak

    As a veteran, if I see a funeral parade for this terrorist enter Arlington, I will start blasting away.
    He shouldn’t even be buried on US soil. He should be sent back home in a Hefty trash bag, preferably dragged behind a ship.

  • diana

    Hell No he belongs in a ditch where sewer flows over him all the time better yet put him in a land fill of toxic waist

  • antiliberal00

    Feed that piece of garbage to hogs and send the photos of that to his dirt bag mother.

  • davienne

    that’s just another way the libtards want to slap America in the face….

  • tedthebear

    Wrap his ass in hog hide and bury him at sea with his hero Bin Laden!

  • Sharon Taylor

    Even though this stupid female is offering her burial plot, the Muslim bomber would need to show a DD214 in order to be buried there. Since he never served in any branch of our Military, he obviously does not have one.

  • DockyWocky

    I said it before, and I guess I will say it again – cremate and flush.

  • DockyWocky

    OH, and then send the bill to the Tsarnaev family.

  • Roy Rogers

    Never happen. You can’t give away a VA provided spot at a national cemetery and, unless she was awarded the Medal of Honor, Julie Frein does not rate one of the very limited remaining spaces at Arlington National Cemetery. She is entitled to a spot at any one of the other national cemeteries across the country.

  • TcyC2

    This woman has just disgraced this country and has opened up a huge can of worms.. on herself!

    • Raymond

      She too is a piece of trash.

      • Devasahayam

        An idea: cremate him in lard and flush his ashes down a loo — give her the choice (and five seconds to make it) on whether to be disposed-of with him (burnt in lard and flushed — her default-choice if she doesn’t decide) or given an immediate dishonourable discharge with a fine of $200K.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      An Air Force enlistment is for 4 years. She was discharged after 2 years? I think the reason why is the probability that the Air Force decided that she was nuts! She’d have to be nuts to want that Islamic POS buried in Arlington! All he deserves is the local trash dump, but only after pork is stuffed down his throat first.

      • kim

        I love it!!

  • DollyT

    Cremate him and send him back where he came from.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Send him in a very large envelope (cremated first) with some anthrax too!!

  • Moe

    Fly him back to his country and drop him from 30,000 feet. That will be the only burial he deserves.

  • RAS0503

    Her right to be buried there should be taken from her, dig up her husband and bury them both somewhere that does not disgrace those who have honorably served this nation. What a disgrace!!! If anyone has the right to be buried in Arlington it would be those who lost their lives because of this piece of crap. Bottom line, oblamo will probably ok it.

  • Nellie CA

    This should bring a lot of Military people to take up arms and take down Obama. I don’t want a terrors buried next to my husband in any Military cemetery. With all the Muslims in Obama’s office this must be a way to put the American citizens down.
    This murder should be cremated and sent back to home country with the whole family with him.

  • Gene Stone

    As a 22-year Navy veteran, Ms. Frein, YOU, as a “veteran”, totally disgust me to suggest this. Maybe we should bury ALL of those who have killed our men, women AND children in the name of Allah at Arlington. You turn my stomach.

  • Dingbat36

    Cremate him and strew the ashes in a pig sty!!

  • jb80538

    He doesn’t deserve to be burried there! That’s a disgusting thought that he may be burried among our war heros.

  • Jeff

    I love the rightwing lunacy and gullibility. People, a couple of points.

    First is this has nothing to do with Obama.

    Secondly, Tsarnaev isn’t eligible to be buried at Arlington. Ms. Frein can’t transfer her plot to another person.

    • centermass

      One point: The lunacy of the left…YOU…has brought this murderous scum upon us.

      • Jeff

        I haven’t done anything of the sort. If you want to lay blame, I suggest that you look to what the surviving bomber said were the motivation for their actions, the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

        Once again, a conservative wants to ignore facts, and promlugate a fiction.

        • Edward53

          Just bury the scum in Jeff’s backyard. Then Jeffy can make a shrine out of his grave to honor his terrorist buddy. I’m sure Ron Paul and his cult would help him.

          • Jeff

            Congrats on the cognitive dissonance, Ed. I see that you are completely adverse to facts.

            Shrine? LOL! You have more in common with Tsarnaev, than I do. You both believe(d) in a magical sky-pilot.

    • MargaretJacobson

      She can be considered insane!!

      • Jeff

        I believe it is ignorance, moreso than insanity at the root of Ms Frein’s problem.

  • Bill80205

    I say put him a 55 gallon drum filled with kerosene, light it on fire; when he has burned (and he will spend eternity in a place of fire) tie Frein to the drum and drop in over his families home in Chechnia. Don’t drop him in the ocean and spoil that too.

  • colleenf

    Cremate his body. Cremate a pig’s body. Put each in a zip lock baggie, unlabeled, and send back to mama in Russia………let them figure out which is which.
    I’ll supply the baggies.

  • Nancy Law

    Burn the SOB up in an OLD barrel.

    This is freaking unbelievable!

  • chief1937

    Arlington cemetary is for veterans and heroes of America and this nitwit wants to bury this criminal there what is she thinking? Oh thats right she is not.I was not aware the air force was that tolerant or uncareing but then she does not nepresent the air force only her own twisted mind.Just why would anyone want someone who wants to destroy our nation as this dude wants to in our prestigeous cemetary?

    • Jerry Davis

      This traitor most likely doesn’t qualify for a plot at Arlington since the requirements change from time to time. Currently, she would need to have been honorably discharged and a decorated soldier, i.e. Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Purple Heart, etc., and provide documentation of that. Then again, the most transparent administration in our history may bend the rules for this one – full-on victory for the muslime terrorists and just another day in the life our decaying, rotting, immoral republic, the once-grand U.S.A..

  • younggrandmah2b

    Shouldn’t he be dumped in the ocean like Bin Laden in compliance with islam?

  • missnellie

    ARLINGTON!!!!!!!!!!! Is she out of her mind?????????? Absolutely NOT! Many of us have friends and relatives buried there for basically one reason – their service to our country. I swear if this comes to pass it is time to organize a campaign to ban his burial….and I am willing to stand at the gates and protest. NO WAY – NO HOW is this piece of scum going to be buried there. I say cremate him and dump him out in the ocean three miles out! This is truly disgusting. Arlington is sacred ground….my dearest friend is buried there. In no way will I have her disgraced by such a possible action.

  • 7papa7

    This terrorist lover should be immediately dishonorably discharged and tried for treason or sent to gitmo. She is a disgrace to our great American military. She needs to be disgraced publicly so that everyone would know who she is.

    • Beedogs

      The bimbo served TWO YEARS in the USAF. The minimum enlistment is 4 years in the USAF. What is the status of her discharge? Less than honorable at the very minimum.

      • 7papa7

        If it was a BCD it needs to be revisited and she needs a dishonorable.

  • CWA

    Is this real? Desecrate a hallowed site for the sake of political correctness? The body should be thrown into a landfill and left for the rats to devour.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Great idea !!

  • Wiseoldlady


    Remember ob stating Bin Laden was tossed in the ocean. Well…..Why not this terrorist Muslim.

  • Engineer313

    Time to raise Holy Hell folks. Write your Senators and Rep, and DEMAND, that this piece of trash be buried at sea or back where he came from, But NOT IN ARLINGTON

    • MargaretJacobson

      Bury mp him with Osama bin laden ….at sea !!

  • VanceJ

    Cremate him, then flush down the toilet !!!!

  • Lew

    FEED him to the HOGS!

    • MargaretJacobson

      Font feed him to the hogs !! I like my pork !!

  • USMC 1976-1983

    Bury him like we did Osama… Toss him off an aircraft carrier into the Briney sea!

  • BobinCA

    I can’t understand the hate I’m reading here. I can fully understand that he doesn’t belong at Arlington, and I do think he should be buried quietly without fanfare. But I will let God be his judge, not me. All of this attention he is receiving is way too much, it’s surly more than any of our vets get when their buried after dieing in the service of their country. This needs to stop now! Maybe if more had talked to him about God and the Bible earlier in his life, this wouldn’t have happened. Bury him and be done with it, God will decide what to do with his soul. I do not like what he reportedly did, but I also will not act with the same hatred that he is accused of having. This out pouring of hate only strengthens it’s power in the world and allows it’s continuance. Stop. Cremate him and drop his ashes in international waters at sea, outside of America. Be done with it.

    • selahgreene

      Bobin, we are to hate evil, and those who promote it and support it. And Jesus commanded us to judge with righteous judgment (once we had removed the plank from our own eye). God Himself said that he hates Esau, the son of Isaac who turned from the real God to worship false gods and the carnal things of the world. When Jesus told us to love our enemies, He was not speaking of those who gleefully blow up little children to promote their false ‘religion of peace.’ Remember, Tsarnaev was upset that Americans perceived Islam as a violent religion, and that was one of his motivations to blow up innocents. Jesus, when he said “love your enemies,” was speaking of our neighbors who make our life difficult, of the jerks in the classrooms, plants, offices, and so on; He was not speaking of those who come into our nation and kill us to show how peaceful they are.

      You are right in that God will judge Tsarnaev, and He will judge us too. But we are commanded by the Lord to exercise discerning judgment in this life, and to stand up to evil. Jesus has already judged those who will not do that – in Rev. 21: “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

      • BobinCA

        I agree with you, I do not love evil, nor do I think he was anything less than evil. I just don’t hold hatred towards an empty shell that once held it. He is not there any longer, he or his soul has moved on so I hold no value for whats left. I stand fast against evil at anytime or place and will raise my sword against it anytime. I will not back any idea to put his remains at our heroes grave site or any where else that might show him honor for what he did. But I also will not speak of more evil to over come evil. All I’m suggesting is that people should be careful not to become what they hate and believe that God will see to the rest. Hence bury him at sea and leave no marker for his remembrance. Sorry if I’m misunderstood, I’m not the best at writing what I’m thinking or feeling.

    • Robert Courtney

      While I agree, there is a lot of trash talk here, I DO understand it. What I don’t understand is WHY YOU don’t understand.

      I do not oppose it, other than to say, PLEASE get it out of your system as going forward, we are going to have to decide what to do with the next one, and after that, and after that……
      It’s not IF, but when, as this Administration has shown it is incapable of calling a spade a spade.
      I truly think the best way to handle this is to ask the bombing victims families what THEY think should be done to dispose of the remains. It’s on THEM as they are the ones directly effected by this.
      And we should follow through on what THEY want, no matter how onerous.
      I think they would do better than what I have been reading here, as they would know the responsibility of their decision, but I feel confident they won’t be calling for this sack of meat and bones (and that’s all that’s left here, a corpse) to be buried at Arlington.


    Over my dead body he will

  • Carlos

    Is there shortage of public restrooms at Arlington?

  • Beedogs

    The bimbo served TWO YEARS in the USAF. The minimum enlistment is 4 years in the USAF. What is the status of her discharge? Less than honorable at the very minimum.

  • RockyMtn1776

    This is NEVER going to happen ! Every vet in America will be there to dig him up and do what should have been done in the first place.
    As for this Julie Frein, she is finished in the US. She will be sooo much happier living in Russia, Cuba or maybe China ! ( You notice these traitors asswipes NEVER move out of the USA) they are allowed to spew their filthy lies freely here plus enjoying all the benefits of being an American.

  • J J

    This poor misguided woman!!! If her daughter had been killed in Boston, would she still feel this way?? Why isn’t he being sent back to his home country at his family’s expense??

  • Americanpride

    This women is a piece of trash ! must be related to Barry !

  • Hank Bradley

    This scumbag is not good enough to have his remains scattered over a pig farm! Would definitely sour the taste of pulled pork for me. If he is buried in Arlington where American heroes are buried I will personally be willing to face charges for grave robbery and piss all over his corpse before I feed the trash to the sharks off Boston’s coast!

  • selahgreene

    CB, you do yourselves no favors when you use deceitful headlines. And this article’s headline is a blatant lie. Frein is a sad case, but the article is so shallow that it doesn’t cover any depth of her reasoning, her rationale, her history. Is she even qualified for a burial plot at Arlington? Not if she wasn’t awarded a medal during her service, and the article doesn’t go into her military history, where she served, why she was discharged halfway through her enlistment.

    Frein is misguided. She “wants the hate to stop.” Wonderful; we all want the hate to stop. But it won’t stop until the hate filled, poisonous imperialistic cancer of Islam is stopped. But you don’t need to use lies in this battle. By doing so, you make yourselves no different than the Islamist Taqiyyists, those who practice the art of Taqiyya, deception, on the infidels, to lull them into a false sense of security. You lose credibility when you stoop to that level; and we do not need to lie.

  • danclamage

    Cremate him and mix the remains with pig manure.

  • Silas Longshot

    THIS is incredible. Just stunningly stupid. Obviously discharged for mental deficiencies.

    MY view is cremate the dirtbag and scatter his ashes over the nearest
    landfill. Muzlims really get their turbans knocked sideways if they
    think their dead get burned up. And then to have what’s left mixed in
    with the garbage of America, just too fitting.

  • agbjr

    The remains of Tamerlan Tsarnaev should be burnt to ash and placed in a common household porcelain bowl … then flushed.

  • Washington76

    Explosive Proof Boston Marathon Bombing a Staged Terror Attack!View the additional pic’s in this link! Created 3 weeks ago 4,087,139 views

    The Truthseeker: Boston Bombing – What You Aren’t Told Published on May 3, 2013

    Triggers pulled on 4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments distracted by flag waving; clunky FBI propaganda; and unleash the War on Bathtubs. Seek truth from facts with former Marine Corps officer James Fetzer, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, the Corbett Report’s James Corbett, Questioning the War on Terror author Kevin Barrett, Boston eyewitnesses.

  • Pamela Dunn

    Give that stupid broad exactly what she deserves; A Retroactive DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE.

  • notso_old guy

    He should be cremated AFTER HIS REMAINS ARE MIXED WITH PIG
    OFFAL and then have his remains further mixed with liquified pig crap
    and sprayed over the mosque in which he was trained.

  • fliteking

    Here’s an idea , , , lets put the Boston Bomber AND Julie Frein on the next garbage barge headed out to sea.

  • Sister of Vietnam veteran!

    There are plenty of other cemeteries where this guy can be buried!! Do NOT defile this National Cemetery by allowing someone who has killed innocent Americans, in the name of Jihad, to be buried there. If she wants to do something, let her give the money for a plot somewhere else!! Better yet, let her give his family the money to take him back to Chechnya, where he belongs!!

  • Hugh

    Someone needs to check Ms, Frein out thoroughly to see what ties she has to Islam.

  • ElderAmbassador

    I am NOT going to comment on this because I could not do so in a manner in keeping with a “family” program. Another person who should just ESAD!

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Feed the body to pigs. Send the excrement to his mother.

  • stonemike

    No, and if our government allows this, it should be the straw that broke the back! How much more humiliation and disrespect will Americans accept! If this is allowed, it should definitely push the American people closer to revolution!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    I think the easy thing to do is cremate this Islamic POS and then flush his remains down a public toilet. He would forever be with other POS in a land fill.

  • USAmerican

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Not just NO but HELL NO!!!!! That worthless piece of sh#t would not have deserved the right to breath the same air as the HERO’S that are resting there.Cremate the SOB then scatter his ashes in a pig sty.

    • danimal

      You don’t have to cremate the low life, just toss him in the pen, and the pigs will do the rest. Why do you think they haven’t found Hoffa yet

  • jerry1944

    Well lets hope she doesn’t have her way this pig with HEROS. NOT EVEN CLOSE how about a accidently fire where he is that sounds better to me

  • northbrook

    Cremate him and send the ashes to Russia where the family can decide what to do with this trash.

  • Gee

    Bury Him In A Pig Sty With A Slab Of Bacon. Cheers Semper Fi

  • trader-bob

    Drop him in the ocean. It was good enough for Bin Laden!!!

  • Brad Child

    ABSURD. STOP LISTENING TO BASELESS RUMOR MEANT TO ENRAGE AND INFLAME PEOPLE’S SENSIBILITIES. This request was DENIED. You cannot transfer your burial to someone who is non-military at Arlington National Cemetery. It would take an Executive Order from the White House to make this happen. Even Obama is not that naive or stupid.

  • Doug Thompson

    Burry him the same place that BinLadin was burried, in the open waters of the Arlantic ocean.

  • kim

    Frankly, I doubt if Obama would have any objection to this burial. He was too much of a coward to be part of the military himself. So, he doesn’t have any clue as to how valiant most of the military men/women are. I hope they blast this all over television so everyone knows who this “person” is.

  • unclebob386

    Just the thought of burying the scumbag in Arlington dishonors out military heroes. It is my belief that he deserves a helocopter ride over the ocean and let him fall into the sea next to Osuma. Only problem is that the fish would spit him out as rotten meat!

  • ronifer

    T’will never happen !

  • DollyT

    Not even worthcommenting on. This is just sensationalism, junk reading.

  • samazf

    Burn him and flush him.

  • carol

    Its not her choice, Arlington is reserved for military personell, not for pig scum sucking terrorists…

  • VegasLarry

    If this woman has access to a plot at Arlington, why would she disgrace herself and her country and every person buried there with her actions? What’s in it for her and what compelled her to make the offer in the first place? Obviously, this woman is not a patriot but IS a disgrace to the uniform she once wore.

  • jim30-06

    Arlington is sacred ground. The minute they buried him I would be there to dig him up, I imagine with hundred’s of thousand’s of American PATRIOTS’! I hope his family never get’s “closure” you crazy witch!

    • RAS0503

      I am cleaning my shovel now and I will join you.

  • HongryHawg

    Stop with this story, already. This person has no plot waiting for her
    at Arlington. If she has one at all, it’s the same deal any veteran gets
    when he dies, a plot in a National Cemetery. That does not mean
    Arlington. The alleged bomber will not be buried in a veteran’s plot because they
    are not transferable. This fruitcake is just that. All you people
    running these news blogs need to do more than cut and paste. How about a
    little research? Or are you too busy collecting advertising fees? If
    you’re going to help, then help. If you’re just going to add to the
    confusion, back off!

  • Trisha

    According to the Arlington National Cemetery web site, you are not allowed to give your grave site to anyone. So he won’t be buried there in Julie Frein’s plot. Perhaps a pig sty somewhere in Iowa would be appropriate.

  • MichaelPerkins

    What she wants doesnt mean Jack S**t, She is the only person that can be interred in her grave. she has absolutely NO rights whatsoever to give it away. having said that her right to be interred there should now be revoked….

  • ralphwylie

    When did Julie Frein come to be in charge of Arlington National Cemetery? I must have missed the memo.

  • Unemployed

    He should be buried at sea like his brother Osama bin Laden

  • sean murry

    Feed him to the sharks.

  • Johughsie

    No!! No!! No!! No!! No!! No!!

  • John

    WTF ? Arlington is supposed to be reserved for those who have served our country. How did this POS get a spot in our national cemetery?