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Senate Republican calls for a special prosecutor in IRS scandal, fellow lawmakers disagree


A powerful Republican senator called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the scandal surrounding the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that a special prosecutor should be called upon to investigate the exploding IRS scandal, as well as accusations that the Obama administration’s Department of Justice spied on a Fox News reporter.

“My belief about the IRS scandal is that this culture of going after tea party groups that were on the president’s case about Obamacare did just not accidentally happen. I think it comes from the top in terms of tone,” Graham said in regard to the IRS scandal.

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    A special prosecutor being appointed is kind of a no brainer. With Obama and everyone else involved playing stupid and being uncooperative. It’s something that leaves you no other choice if the truth is what you’re after. I don’t see in other way to get to the bottom of it. I wonder how many remember when Obama said you reward your friends and punish your enemies? Think about all Obama has done over his presidency. If people would listen to what he says and hold him accountable for not just his words , but his actions as well. He never would of been reelected.

  • Ed Orr

    “SPECIAL” as in honest and having a pair?

  • Larry Christopher

    Gee…Why do we need a “Special Prosecutor”? After all, didn’t Barry already tell Eric Holder to investigate any wrongdoings? There needs to be a total of 5 Special Prosecutors appointed. One for each of the four scandals, and then another to investigate the Special Prosecutors. At this point, it’s hard to trust ANYONE holding office. Even if a Special Prosecutor is appointed…will he/she be just another Democrat hack that won’t get to the truth? If a special prosecutor goes after an actual conviction, the Democrats will say they are a part of a Right Wing Conspiracy (because getting to the TRUTH is something that can’t even be imagined by the socialists on the left.) If they don’t actually find grounds to charge someone (even though it’s right in front of them), the Republicans will cry foul. Barry Soetoro has accomplished his primary mission…dividing this country and deflecting blame from himself. He needs to be REMOVED as soon as possible…and (Gulp) Joe Biden needs to accept the presidency (at least until his medication wears off). Damn! How did we get in such pitiful shape? I know…I know…it’s from the “useful idiots” with their hands out for freebies. The rest of us knew…and could have shouted from the mountaintop what was going on…and the indoctrinated public school children that have grown up to vote for a socialist wouldn’t understand what we are saying in the first place.


    Senators want that mike time, not justice.

  • joepotato

    The prevailing attitude in congress is to make a good show for the peasants but protect Ohomo O’Soebama from taking any blame, because that might be called (drum roll) RACIST! The entire congress should be charged (in their home states, and down to the last man/woman) with “misprison of felony” and malfeasance for failing to act on the overwhelming evidence of forgery, fraud, and questionable citizenship of O’Soebama. They have ALL been made aware of the evidence against him, but refuse to act because it would incriminate them as being complicit in a coverup of massive proportions. There could be a light at the end of the tunnel, but someone must act… and it’s not cheap and may not be safe either…

  • Washington76


  • Jeff

    Lindsey Graham is worried about being primaried by a tea bagger more extreme than he is, so it’s no wonder why he wants to call for an investigation by a special prosecutor. By calling for a special prosecutor, Graham is trying to demonstrate his bagger street cred.

  • Washington76

    New IRS Scandal Echoes a Long History of Political Harassment By Michael Scherer May 14, 2013

  • geneww1938

    Whoever they appoint should first investigate those who head powerful chairman positions and political appointees.