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Police: Guns, Molotov cocktails seized from stolen truck near UW


Police and the FBI are investigating after a man was stopped Wednesday driving a stolen truck packed with weapons, Molotov cocktails and body armor near the University of Washington.

Police stopped the truck at 10:30 p.m. in the 3400 block of Sand Point Way Northeast after a UW officer determined the truck had been reported stolen out of Montana. The driver of the truck, a Nevada resident, was arrested without incident and booked him into King County Jail.

According to a Seattle Police statement, investigators found a scoped rifle, a shotgun, suspected incendiary devices — bottles filled with flamable liquid — and body armor inside the truck, which was reported stolen from Butte, Mont. Police contend the firearms had also been stolen.

Speaking Thursday afternoon, UW Police Chief John Vinson said investigators don’t know why the 21-year-old was in Seattle, and that there is no indication he planned violence.

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  • jaxtom

    “no indication he planned violence.” – it’s all a misunderstanding. He was on his way to return these stolen goods that he merely found on the side of the road….

    • Ed Orr

      No,No,No! I got it from an impeachable source that the driver of the truck was a UW professor who was on his way to an anti-Christian rally involving teaching his students how to make and use Molotov cocktails on the infidels. The poor police office has subsequently been fired from the force and the professor is in the running for the presidency of the University.

      • carolchristine

        Are you kidding me?

  • wahotsdad

    So, what was his name? Abdul, Mohhamed, or what? Again the media and the establishment continues to put out half truths.

    • jlbs

      It’s called selective reporting.

      • Timur

        I would wager on a Muslim name.

        • EdWatts

          Yeah, me, too. The fact that they know he’s twenty-one years old but didn’t report the name just stinks.

          • TcyC2

            Just like the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “Boston Bomber” got special treatment so will this clown and he’ll probably be invited to the next Obama Bash ay the WH..

          • Timur

            if he was a white, conservative, Evangelical, Christian, with Tea Party ties, he would already be on a cross being crucified by the leftist media. They are salivating over such a scenario that does not exist in the real world, but makes up their fairytale land.

        • vet

          No race and no name.Hmmm that says allot.

  • sean murry

    Was he an muslim or was he planning on attacking us.the media needs to tell the whole story.

    • royums

      Oh no, he was on his way to church and was attacked by the bad guy and forced to do bad things.

  • Call me, Carlos

    Why isn’t the man named, in the article? Was he muslim? Was he middle eastern? Is this a case of politically correct news?

  • royums

    Burn him, unless , of course, he is innocent, yeah right, BURN HIM!

  • TeaTephi

    Just another day in lefty-land!

  • cclesue

    “a stolen truck packed with weapons, Molotov cocktails and body armor”

    Typical modern journalism. How do you PACK a pickup with A rifle and A shotgun?

    I thought PACKED meant: full,filled (to capacity), crammed, jammed, solid, overcrowded, overfull,teeming, seething, swarming; informal jam-packed, chock-full, standing room only, chockablock, full to the gunwales, bursting/bulging at the seams.

    I find it all just. . . to coin a new journalistic phrase. . . SHOCKING!

    That is new isn’t it??

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  • Moe

    Cram a cocktail up his gazoo and light it.

  • Silas Longshot

    Kinda vague on some of these details, eh? Like all kinds of PC going down here….no race, no indication of muzlim religion. Barely even one word on the sex of the individual. Like when the brothas get tagged jumping into one of those ‘bait cars’ on TV……somebody toll him to drive it over here and park it fo twenty dollahs.

  • dcartmill

    “no indication he planned violence.” Unbelievable… I could almost overlook a scoped rifle and a shot gun , but A stolen truck, Molotov cocktails , body armor . If ever their was a smoking gun before the crime this is it.

  • geneww1938

    I am waiting to here is ethnic background. He can not be a white Christian because they would have immediately identified him as a radical terrorist.