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Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Defund Obamacare


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, along with 17 other Senate Republicans, has introduced the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013, which would fully defund Obamacare, in the wake of the recent string of bad news surrounding the law.

“The Administration’s recent announcement to delay the onerous and unpopular employer mandate until after the 2014 election, coupled with its announcement to delay income and health status eligibility requirements in favor of an honor system for the most expensive entitlement for our generation, confirms what has been obvious from the start–this law is a colossal mistake,” Cruz said in a press release.

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  • Kizi 10

    There are a few notable information in here.

  • Take 2

    A group of Demes agreed to Obama care only if it was not a forced TAX vs Voluntary TAX. Turns out as per Chief Justice Roberts the Penalty is a TAX i.e. Obama Lied to his own party and Nation.

    • gus

      A snake,is a snake,is a snake and will bite you with poison.

      • Take 2

        Frog and Scorpion story is Obama and the DEM Party i.e. Media. Not us…! WE get to be the i told you Soooo! z

    • colleenf

      And what is new about that? If you listen long enough, he will always lie to you……..each and every “promise” has an expiration date. Some are just shorter than others.

      • Take 2

        guns ammo and murder seem to follow with more illusions of promises(s) and threat of expiration vs deportation…except his own documentation of who the abandoned boy from Indonesia is or is not.

    • Pam Dunn

      A group of DEMS took BRIBES to vote in favor of the bill; It’s apiece of trash just like our current white house occupant.

      • Take 2

        There are plenty of despicable DEM / Obama trash piles building up!

        The Obama 2/3 vote at DNC to discard God e.g., the Founders Law’s is my #1 barfing moment.

        The Chief Roberts miscue knowing the piles of DEM lies and straight up illusions of ‘tricking’ grown supposedly (our finest brains) professional Law makers into believing Health Care TAX w/Penalty THAT the Penalty rebuffed the Voluntary aspects of Constitutional Law. Meaning, the Penalty is not Voluntary and as such becomes a form of a FORCED TAX! Which means, the DEM group of hold outs agreed to vote yes for Obama Care solely based on the BILL/LAW contained NO FORCED TAX. Hence, Obama Reid and Pelosi LIED and the DEM party are all IDIOTS!

    • lokiswife

      Chief Justice Roberts had one of the biggest slush funds at the Vatican Bank when it was exposed last year. He is the best justice that money can buy…money talks and Roberts follows it…

      • Take 2

        He was obviously Bush ii biggest downfall and American traitor. The people finally had an opportunity to right our Grandparents going along with a Voluntary TAX w/a FORCED PENALTY wrongs of Woodrow Wilson FDR LBJ and this phoney

  • sean murry

    Cut it out it is like a cancer.

  • ellen

    These SCUMBAG DUMBOCRAPS should have DEFUNDED it 4 years ago!
    Go Ted!!!

  • Beedogs

    Bumbling BarryCare is DOA. They passed it to see what was in it. What is in it is so unworkable they have moved the goal posts continuously until it no longer resembles what they shoved down our unwilling throats.

  • 7papa7

    Another of a myriad of reasons why I think Senator Cruz is sooooo Good. We the people are behind you Mr. Cruz. I hope you are successful. How can we the people help???

  • NativeAmerican

    Bravo Senator Cruze ! Bring us back to America !

  • joepotato

    This action to defund is overdue, probably because it’s smart and the right thing to do… so it probably wont go anywhere… It’s (the law) a legislated extortion racket anyway… They really did outdo themselves when they wrote this **** up… Signed into law by an undocumented poser pretending to be an Art II NBC qualified POTUS… Well he did use FRAUDULENT ID (LFBC)…. Now, if we could just defund O’Soenobama …

    • Washington22

      It may be the law, Joe, but apparantly it STILL has to be funded. That’s our ace in the hole.

      • joepotato

        That’s the card that can be played the fastest… I hope it works…

  • Jack Parker

    Way to go Ted! Now let’s see if you can follow through.

  • mudguy

    How can the Senate defund something that was unconstitutional for them in the first place? All tax revenue bills must start in the House. But when has this government ever cared about the Constitution?

  • doc

    Obama care the greatest scam on the American people under the pretense providing “affordable” quality health care.. Nothing more than 2700 pages of control and tax moving toward a single payer system. If better than 53% of the American people opposed Obama care from the start and it was passed by putting the majority voice on ignore then who does this admin represent other than its own agenda? What happened to We the People?

  • Jim


    • Jackie

      I would love to see obama impeached as much as anyone but it will never happen even if everyone in America signs a petition. Simply put, charges of impeachment are created in the House but the trial takes place in the Senate. The House does not have the balls to bring impeachment charges against the first “black” president and even if they did it would all die in the dummycrap held Senate. Our illegitimate president is not going to be impeached no matter what he does so anyone hanging their hopes on that just needs to get over it, I’m sad to say.

      • The Quadfather

        We need to take back the senate then impeach.

        • Washington22

          ditto…..2014 can make or break us…………

      • angelou

        Jackie, the reason Congress will not impeach is because they are so complicit in his becoming president. They did not vet him and are basically guilty of treason for once again not obeying their oaths of office to protect and serve the Constitution. We need to start recall petitions for those Senators …take them out one by one. I know there is a recall for John McCain and Jeff Flake in Arizona over amnesty and one for Rubio in Florida. If people in these states would step up to the plate and “get ‘er done” it would start a movement. Of course the two people who are the most treasonous of them all: Dirty Harry (Nev.) and Piglosi (CA) should be the ones to go – tried, tarred and feathered. Both have profited from illegal maneuvers and government contracts, as did Feinsteins husband recently…who allows this?

      • Washington22

        Jackie, you have the right idea, you just don’t have the solution right. Yes, the House { with a MAJORITY } could easily bring the impeachment charges, but they have the good sense to know that, WITHOUT aa DOUBT, it would be defeated in the Senate { who has a majority } Harrry Reid probably wouldn’t even bring it to the floor, he’s so arrogant. Why would the House even bother to bring impeachment charges to the Senate? The Dems would use it to say, “see, we told you. They don’t like him because he’s black” or some such nonsense. Our politicians in Washington are no longer in an atmosphere where the can do the business of the country. Instead, they are hopelessly divided and it has all happened and been planned by this president. We are doomed until he leaves and I pray for that day.

    • ABO

      Way ahead of you Jim, but hopefully you’ll inspire others to act! In particular we Must put pressure on our US Senators and Representatives. If they don’t think anyone cares we’re done for.

  • Sonnyjelly1

    Good for you Senator, I hope you get all the Republicans to go along with you. The only thing this obama care does is tax everyone.

  • DE Navarro

    The only difference between defending and defunding is “u” (you). Let’s make this happen.

  • Billy Edens

    defund oscummer s care and abolish the IRS !!! NOW !

  • rightsman

    Let us stop calling names, please, it is beneath us! Let’s all get behind Sen. Cruz and those who are standing with him. Let’s send all of them emails thanking them for the action. Then, send emails every day to those who are not willing to go along with this very correct action, warning them that they will soon be out of a job, if they continue to do the bidding of the tyrannical crowd in Washingtion, D. C. Peace, Robert Walker

  • CARL


  • lizaz

    Great!! What took so long???? The Conservatives in the House need to do everything they can to deflect and deter the effects of this massive pos law, as well as a host of other agenda items the WH has to denigrate the economy and the welfare of the American people. We continually feel like a fish trying to swim upstream in a rain-swollen river……a new storm erupts nearly every day, directly from the WH to attempt to decimate our way of life!! When you wonder, what else negative can they think of??? And we have three and a half more years of this……….

    • Ed Shick

      We are long over due to get rid of the democrats that are bleeding our nation !! Ether recall , impeach , arrest as traitors or what ever it takes to get these liars out of office ,, When these people lie to you every day we have a problem and the Liberal News Media will alter any thing to get an “ATTA BOY” from the worse man in history of America,, We could not have tolerated it for One Term ,,

    • NoU4EN

      “What took so long????”…..A Toad in the Road – Boehner. Cruz, however, is in the Senate – so he may be pn in the wind.

      • lizaz

        Agree!! Nothing constructive will happen in the Senate unless Conservatives can get control in Nov 2014 and send Reid to the back of the room. The House, however, should attempt to defund this atrocity….the more publicity it gets, the more (we hope) people will shun it. We need to remove as many RINOs from the House as possible in 2014….hopefully people are paying attention this time!!!!

    • angelou

      Ted Cruz is one politician we need to support by writing letters, phone calls to All Republicans in the House. The House is the one that controls the money and can defund any expenditure. Saying that I wonder who okay’s Holder’s trip for 1.4 million or the billions that Mooch and Ovomit have spent on vacations? Obamacare will cost everyone of us – it is not free nor is that bill about health – it is about control. Amnesty bill should be thrown out – once again politicians have lied to you and I – there are far more than 11 million illegal aliens in this country; Rubio stated “no more welfare” however there are many exceptions in that bill, “if you are a senior, if you are a student, if you are unemployed, if you are ill” which will encompass most illegals. I do not understand what American politicians do not seem to comprehend about the word “illegal”. This is the only country in the world where you can illegally sneak across the border and our elected politicians give away the bank!

  • agbjr

    “With respect to the words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.”

    James Madison

  • Washington22

    Thank God for Ted Cruz and anyother politician who will at least make an atempt to do the right thing They are few and far between. We can’t quit trying, we can’t give up.

    • TLady62

      That’s what makes Senator Cruz a Statesman as opposed to your Garden Variety Career Politician who only wants to “go along to get along, in the spirit of bi-partisanship.”

  • angelou

    The Republican Party had better step up to the plate and support Ted Cruz as well as all the other Republican’s in Congress or the party will disintegrate. Karl Rove and the GOP have given us candidates that cannot win (Dole, McAmnesty and Mitt.) Rove has denigrated many conservatives and the Tea Parties in general – which are the ones that have given us good candidates. Sarah Palin, Lt. Col Alan West, Joe Millier (AK) Ted Akin etc., are candidates that the party didn’t assist or have been thrown under the bus. Please do not suggest Marco Rubio or Chris Christie…Ted Cruz has the cajones to stand up and speak out, has a great background and should be supported all the way. I wish Boehner had the same.

  • DenverKitty

    Cruz-Palin 2016?

    • Washington22

      What a combination that would be………..Then after 8 years, Palin could be pres……….I’m afraid with all the game playing that we have to do, it’s the only way she could reach the WH. Ted would be more palatable than Sarah, even tho she’s as conservative and as patriotic and as qualified as he is. Still, she’d have a hard row to hoe as first on the ticket. I’d take he in Washington DC anyway that I could get her there.

  • Robalou01

    Ted Cruz for President !!!

  • Billy Edens

    Go Get EM mr ted cruz , shove it in them where the sun does not shine !!!

  • Lewis and Harris

    Sen. Cruz has his eye on what is important to most Americans: When you see a bad law, get rid of it. In this case, he is not going to pay for it. None of us pay for shoddy products at the store, and we should not have to pay for shoddy products from the government. All Republican House and Senate members need to get behind this action. If you all don’t have a good thing to say about this Bill, then shut up and let Sen. Cruz do the job for you. We will remember the score when your next election comes around, and it will.

  • Marsha Carter

    Thank you, Ted Cruz!

  • Alan

    This horrible law should be done away with completely. Another bigger problem is the fraudulent use of the tenth amendment to push this crap down the throats of the states. I dont believe that was the original intent of the amendment, although it has been used to take away more and more power of the states, and push unpopular, socialist policies.

  • joepotato

    Now, if that Nazi-care thing can be defunded, the next thing would be to defund O’Soenobama and his criminal regime…


    I am so Happy to hear that maybe we have Hope this will bite the dust,This was forced on the American People and it is already starting to effect Peoples’ Lives in a negative way.People are getting cut to part time and losing their Healthcare they already had. the fines are a tax and yes America has been lied to.Hopefully Ted Cruz and others will put a stop to this Mess.

  • raygun

    Keep up the pressure, Ted, give’em heart burn and headaches… give’em ulcers. We will never give up. Tea Party dude from Fort Worth TX