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Federal rewrite of labor laws causing a flap down on the farm

Sparking outrage across the country’s rural heartland, the Obama administration is proposing rules to curb the ability of children on farms to engage in “corn sex” for pay.

Farmers call it corn detasseling, a time-honored but physically demanding chore designed to promote cross-pollination in the field. For decades it has been a way for teens to earn extra spending money — and forge some good-natured field hand camaraderie — for a few weeks each summer.

The Obama administration is considering revisions to federal agricultural work rules that effectively would bar teens younger than 16 from engaging in a number of traditional chores for pay — including detasseling.

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  • Oathkeeper

    UN agenda 21 ….. the takeover of Americas farming system in favor of a soviet style state run agriculture system. This is a globalist plan in the works for years, takeover of food resources, water and eventually moving towns and rural populations into large cities for easier control. Rural America will be a No Go zone. Newt Gingrich is a supporter of the world government agenda and is a member of the council on foreign relations, which is a admitted club of world government anti sovereignty traitors. George Sorros is a member, need I say more ? Newt got NAFTA passed and supports gore in the global warming BS carring tax the world scheme.

    • Crashaxe


    • d rash

      Wrong on both . You may dislike Newt, but at least keep it honest, OR, are you a democrat. Lying is to democrats is what breathing is to republicans. Both NEED it to exist! Want to piss off a conservative, tell him a lie. Want to piss off a liberal, tell him the truth.

      • Dale

        I could not have said it better. Oathkeeper is lying through his teeth about Newt Gingrich. And yes, Oathkeeper is a lying democrat who comes here to this site in an attempt to create chaos, which is the mode in which liberals and Democrats think and do.

      • scott

        wake up newt isnt honest thats why he tried to steal money froem the tax payers by not paying his

        • Say What??

          Newt….honest? What kinda dope are you doing? Puhleeeze!!!

      • Karen Flege

        Couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Right ON!!

      • Sandi

        d rash,
        Man, you sure nailed it. That is 110% true. That’s why I think the only hope for this country is for liberals and conservatives to get a divorce, and live separately. We will never see eye to eye.

      • fluter

        A vote for Newt = a vote for America to fail. Newt is going to crash so hard. Newt is a Progessive socalist. He is not a conservative. He is a one world government. Please do your reseach.

  • Oathkeeper

    Sorry …carbon tax

  • Harvey

    There is going to be thousands of rules thats the next President is going to have to undo.This President is trying to turn over our Couintry to the United Nations but he will never get it done,we will not stand for it.

    • Gordon

      I love to shoot at blue helmets..

    • Charlotte Juett

      yes, there is a lot to undo of the Exectutive Orders and only Ron Paul has said he will spend a lot of time on doing just that.

      • esek hopkins

        Actually, Charlotte, Newtsaid he will be issuing executive orders overturning all the Communist’s executive orders as the first order of business.



    • argoman

      Right on!!!

    • Mayflower Decendent

      I’ve sent so many emails to our Congressman and Senators and haven’t gotten diddley squat in return! It’s usless to try to get them to do anything because they are incompetent and choose to do this pres’s bidding. The Dems and Repubs are all one in the same. They are all hoping for this NEW WORLD ORDER!

    • d rash

      Who are you going to demand this of? Boehner??? Good luck. Boehner is a joke! Even if the republicans keep controlof the House, and they will, WE NEED A NEW SPEAKER!!! Somene who will be a conservative, and not cry! He’s pathetic.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Why doesn’t Obummer just drop a nuke on us and be done with it. Azz Hoole.

  • http://CowboyByte Mary Rutledge Colson

    I grew up on a farm and drove tractors, wheat trucks and herded cattle — the most dangerous job was gathering eggs in the dark knowing my Daddy might play a practical joke , jump out
    and scare me. If this government takes away kids’ ability to have such lives, our great country
    is truly doomed.

    • Just Thinking

      Amen! My childhood (when only 8 or 9) of driving the tractor (I could hardly reach the pedals), while my brothers and dad threw the hay in the wagon were some of the best and hardest working days of my life. It tought me what work ethics, team work, dicipline, physical exercise etc. etc. was, and all had to be accomplished before getting my weekly allowance. I did not always think it was fair at the time, but thank my dad daily now that he instilled such qualities which have kept me employed to this day.
      Thank you dad, though you are long departed, you had it right………..

      • Say What??

        There were 8 of us kids in my family. Raised in the 50’s & 60’s. We grew up with good work ethics. If we wanted something special, we saved our babysitting money. Nothing was ever just handed to us. We had to work for it. Kids working on farms is such a great experience. All kids (today) need to have 2 weeks on a farm, tending to animals needs, helping with chores just to keep them in check that nothing comes easy. Bunch of spoiled brats that want everything given to them….they expect it to be given to them. This plan to keep kids away from “detasseling corn” is so ignorant!!! They need to see all the work involved with putting food into their guts!!

    • Dingbat36

      Didn’t you see it coming years ago when they kicked the kids out of the strawberry and bean fields? I think they did that one to make sure the illegals had plenty of stoop work. Our kids on the other hand lost their summer money they often used to buy school clothes and other goodies!!

      If they are now trying to tell you that your OWN blood relatives can’t work on the farm, tell ‘em to go pound sand!!

      • mike austin

        If you can’t teach them a work ethic. Teach them gun control. Both hands and slow steady breathing. It will come in handy.

    • d rash

      Tell Obama to F**k off! What we need is to simply start ignoring Obama and his flunkys. Let them pass all the laws they want. In my town, we have a jail with 4 jail cells, and about 300 farmers. If we “civilly disobey Obama and his laws, do they have enough jail cells? F**K em!

  • Marc Jeric

    Let us all vote for kolkhoses, as in the defunct USSR (thanks, RR). All land belongs to people (i.e., government, or the Party). That is the program of Mulah Obama and his komissars in the White House (i.e., czars).

  • don

    we an we alone are to blame. do we have the will to fix it? probly not.

    • J.M.R.

      your right and most won’t vote for the lady that will try to fix this mess

    • Sleeper

      U R sooo correct, Don

  • Eli Jones

    Obama is meeting resistance in his efforts to implement his New World Order agenda. The American people are awake now. More and more Patriots have been informed about the Marxist/Muslim dominated United Nation’s “UN Plan 21″. Obama and his fascist NWO thugs out on 11-6-12.

    • Sleeper

      Tell us more, Eli.

  • argoman

    When the government runs the farms…people starve! check out Russia, China, and Africa. millions starved because of government policies. an old communist rule…..control the food and you control the people!

    • Dingbat36

      Ever hear the old joke about the government commissar in Russia visiting the collective farm?

      He asked the government stooge running the farm “How is the potato harvest, comrade?”

      The answer was……………”Wonderful commissar, the heaps of potatoes would reach the feet of God!!”

      The commissar said, “Comrade I am shocked, you know there is no God.”

      The answer? “I know, there are no potatoes either!”

    • floramae

      It’s also called culling the population…………look at mao history!!! this freak is truely vile!!!

    • Say What??

      Stalin starved out 7 MILLION of his own people back in 1933. Made the citizens that grew wheat hand 1/2 of their crops over…then, handing it ALL over, telling these folks that other countries were starving! They went as far as taking ALL foods out their houses, and going back to make sure they didn’t have any buried. 7 MILLION people starved to death. Those that went house to house were given extra rations of food, and then made to haul the dead bodies out of the houses. Disgusting!

  • Terry Marcum

    Sounds like a plan to open up more jobs for illegals. Americas Marxist president continues to spread the wealth.

  • NancyM

    In my day, we called it “chores and allowance”.

    • NancyJ

      Obama wouldn’t understand that concept. He always gets his by putting his hand in someone else’s pocket.
      (17 day vacation in Hawaii?? Gee, and at only 3,700 dollars a day for the little dwelling he is using?? There must be something I have been doing wrongly when I have saved for four months just for a plane ticket so that I can spend Christmas with my daughter and her husband)

    • Say What??

      Yep…that’s what we called it, too!! You want it? Work for it!!!!! My Dad used to tell us “We’ll see how badly you want this.” He was right. I babysat my butt off in 1963, just to have money for school clothes (other than what my Mom was gonna buy me). the 45 records were a big deal to us kids, too. Woolworths sold them for 45 cents/each. That was lot of money back in 1963. Had quite the collection of 45’s by 1985.

  • David Twente

    Farm work is dangerous work, no doubt. This farmer is well aware of that and I work hard to be sure that the young people I hire understand how to work safely. It is a tragedy that 2 young ladies were electrocuted last summer. That should have never happened, but taking all young people out of the field is not the way to fix that problem. I have been driving tractors by myself since i was 6, and was working with livestock (momma sows, boars, momma cows, and bulls) before that. I am thankful that my parents instilled in me the work ethic that they had. I have tried to instil that same work ethic in my own children. BTW, all 4 of our kids have college degrees, and have good, secure, high paying jobs in agriculture. One last point, how many young people were murdered on the streets of any metropolitan area in the last year? Living life in the big city is much more deadly than living and working on the farm, or even in a rural town. Those kids are too busy working and living to be involved in drive-by shootings because of drugs or gang related activities.

    • Say What??

      AMEN!! Good points you made. If more kids were working on farms in the summer months, there’d be lots less “gang bangin'” goin’ on. That’s all these inner city kids know. What gangs are cool to be in, etc. What a way to identify yourself!! It’s sad.
      I raised my kids like I was raised. They are both professionals. They took their time getting through college, but they did it!! The late 70’s/ early 80’s were hard for kids. The drug scene, all the promiscuous sex, etc. I feel blessed to have been raised in the late 50’s/60’s. Life seemed to make more sense….

  • Dr. Evil

    If planted properly, federal agents make good fertilizer too.

  • Shane

    This is just another example of the Liberal Fascists in the Obama administration trying to run every aspect of our lives. We must unite behind the GOP Presidential candidate and fire Comrade Obama in 2012!

  • MickeyMike2

    You know the old American Saying: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. That’s Obama’s goal and the theme of all his actions and speeches: Divide Americans so they fall to his Socialist System. With the overlords and ruling class in charge.
    No doubt America has problems, but creating a welfare state with all the decisions and control in the hands of few powerful bureaucrats sure isn’t the answer. Ask the Russians. Ask those in Libia. Ask those in Iran.

  • Sirwizard

    When I was a child of 9, I started engaging in this dreaded practice of detasseling corn for my Grandpa on his little farm. There were about 15 of us young folks doing this job and we had a pretty good time at it. We made a little money too, so we thought we were really doing good. Yes, we were tired when we finished, but all 15 of us grew up knowing what work is. None of us would think it appropriate to ask the government for money so we wouldn’t have to work. We have one of those dreaded capitalist traits called ‘WORK ETHIC’. When we weren’t working (doing chores), we played hard. We swung on ropes and dropped into a stream. We played baseball. We rode horses and mules. We fell off the mules and were thrown off the horses on occasion. We did all of this without helmets and OSHA. We didn’t have the government there to ‘save us’. We survived just fine, thank you. We were so busy doing chores and playing hard, we never found the time or inclination to dabble in drugs. We had no idea what a gang was. At 8 years of age, I got my first rifle. A great little .22 caliber single shot. By 13, I got my first 20 gage shotgun. I still haven’t killed anyone (except when I went to war on order of the President). This government is no longer OUR government. They are the terrorists.

    • Say What??

      I’d say you were “The All American Boy”….I applaud you, sir!!! Yep, swimmin’ in the creek, riding the barn sour horse (Buck) that was our neighbors, playing hide & seek after dark with flashlights, dragging home stray animals, plus snakes from the creek.
      We played outside, unless we were ill. There were 8 of us….didn’t get sick too often.
      No fast foods, no soda pop (except Saturday Night watching Shock Theater).
      We always had each other to play with, if no one else was available (grounded). Sure, we got hurt, off & on. I broke my L arm when I was 8. No one freaked out, or called Welfare on my parents. It was an accident!! I fell out of a tree….a BIG tree. I was real lucky that’s all that got broken. I still had to do my chores, regardless of the broken limb. Screwed up the rest of the summer for me.

  • Jack Coleman

    Really great when you have a bunch of politicians that never did an honest day’s work in their lives telling farmers anything about farming or robbing the young people of experience they will benefit from later in life.

    • Say What??

      “ROBBING the young people of the experience”… hit the nail on the head.
      They want the limp wristed, self absorbed, TV watching, play station/game boy playing youngsters. Now, with those violent games that are played on Xbox…..these kids grow up thinking THAT is the real world.

  • Bob Marshall

    When are people going to realize the US government and the United nations are working together to bring these changes about in America. Agenda 21, gun control and population control. Maybe one day when UN troops are in America training millions will seethe big picture. Wait they have been in the US training in riot control as well as Russian troops and troops from a few other countries. No! I didn’t find this out on either facebook nor twitter. Not even on the corporate controlled news media.

    • Say What??

      Oh, we’re gonna see it!! Gauranteed!!! When folks finally wake up, decide to take action and stand up…..yah, we’re gonna see it. That’s why those foreign troops are all ready here…on “stand by”….they’re just waiting for the green light. Northcom too.

  • cheryl

    Farmers are the backbone of this country. They give chores to their children according to their physical and mental capabilies. They also teach them a work ethnic. The OWS loons wouldn’t last 3 days on a farm. Children brought up on a farm are probably the hardest working, honest people we have.

  • Byrrni

    It isn’t just on farms, though. They have already taken away almost all the ways that teens can earn money. In most places, they can’t even have a lemonade stand anymore! They have turned them into a group who grows up thinking they deserve to be handed everything instead of learning, at an early age, the satisfaction of working and saving to achieve a goal. They are selfish and think they are too good/special to accept a low paying job and work their way up in the world. Just look at the OWS bunch, who are being used as pawns by the liberal planners who are really behind the movement.
    My parents bought a neighborhood store when I was in the 4th grade. From that time on, I worked. Nothing outrageous. I stocked shelves on Saturday. When older, I would work at the counter a couple hours a day, after school for less than minimum wage. I spent summers helping on my grandfather’s farm.
    When in high school, I decided I needed to find a better paying job, and did so. I learned to plan and save for things I wanted. I never even imagined being handed everything. I eventually paid my own way through nursing school.
    Thanks to the government interference in child rearing, we now have an entirely unnatural section of growing up, the “Teenage Years” who have no compass, for the most part. Their parents are working so they are unsupervised and at loose ends after school, if they are not heavily involved in sports. What better formula to create opportunity for mischief/criminal behavior. Those who don’t follow that path become video junkie, couch potatoes or cyber-bullies. These are our future leaders.

    • Say What??

      Scarey…ain’t it????

  • robert williams

    robert to everyone on this site ron paul is the best hope we have to get this country back on the right road to freedom if ran Paul was running for presadent of the U S A it wold really be a hard Dission another Good presadental candadate wold be Lt Col Allen West 22 year Ex Millitary man all three Of thease People Are Honest God abiding Citizens as well as Belivers in the True We the People,s Constatutional Rights Especially THe Bill of rights i myself am a Viet nam vet i am Also a Belever in the Intire Bill of rights Witch is the most Important Part of All U S A Citizens God Given Rights Read your Bible the rights all ten of the Admendments are Found in the Christian Bible As we all know when Gun controol takes place as it did in germaney against the Jews look what Happened SIX Million Jews were Murdered with NO WAY to PROTECT themselves look into the true Facts in History InChina With Gun Controol Millions Of Chinese Were Murdered By there own Government As well as in Afreca then look at Brizell Turkey 1.5 billion killed because on guns Soviet union 20 million Killed Guatemala tottle 300 million Cambodia 2 million Rwanda 800 000 al due to Gun Bans those people were never able to Defend themselves Aganist there Tyrental Governments. if bwe the people of this U S Of A .Dont Wake mthe Hell Up and Take a Stand Against this Forign Un And Unconstatutional Guin Laws we the People Will Find Ourselves Six Feet Under like the Millions Befor us With NO way to Defend Our Famileys Or ourselves. Remember My Words whin you watch in tarrer as your Famileys are Mamed and Murdered By the Government that you can no longer TRust Because you yourselves Stood by and Done Nothing when you still Had the Means to take Action Remember its time You Make the Choice Ither Dump the Dictator and his Regine or Face the Consaquences of your choice.

  • Oathkeeper

    D rash:………
    Prove me wrong ?

  • Oathkeeper

    Ck out the members of the council on foreign relations…. Newt is in good company with the likes of ….
    George Sorros
    Timothy Geitner
    Bill Clinton
    Christopher Dodd
    Thomas daschel
    And many many more politicians, news anchors, news Ceos including Fox, Military leaders like … Colin Powell
    Jimmy Carter…. the list goes on and on.

  • Oathkeeper

    Look at the members in the CFR…. all of which are traitors.

  • http://CowboyByte Michael G.

    Remember in “Braveheart” the scene when the Scots flapped their kilts at the Brits? Do the same at Obama & company, and tell them “Come and get it!”

  • Warren Pugh

    What fools. Yes, get rid of the laborites and the fawning NLRB. ‘We’ll fix those American kids. We will idle every one of them and eventually send them back to pre-school’.

  • Carl Stevenson

    The NWO plan has been a long term plan (multi-generational). Depopulation is a part of the plan.–-the-sick-population-control-agenda-of-the-global-elite/
    If they control food, water, and energy, they control the world population.
    Think about it … if the kids don’t learn how to grow food, there will be less farmers and EVERYONE will be more dependent on big agribusiness that’s controlled by the elites. Their fortunes will expand and they can starve the population down to their goal of 500 million serfs (few enough to control more effectively, but enough to serve them in the manner to which they’re accustomed.)

  • Adrian Vance

    Is there any limit to what these people think they can control? Michelle wants us to eat vegetable and lose weight, but look at her butt. I am from Illinois and detasseling was a good way to make money in the spring and summer. It is hand labor, and probably always will be in the making of seed corn and needs lots of hands. This is one regulation that will be ignored; count on it.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis,
    science and humor. In the top 3% on Kindle.

  • james

    Typical government intrusion. In California, you can’t let a kid mow your lawn unless you have workman’s comp insurance on him. Now you can’t have a baby sitter unless you hire two at a time, so that they get their “breaks”.

    It’s all about one thing:

    ” Teach are kids to be lazy and depend on someone else to take care of them. The government does not want our kids to have morals, integrity or work values. ” That is the leftist agenda stated 40 years ago and it’s starting to happen.

    If you don’t work, you don’t eat!

  • Berenice

    Just one more way to produce less food and start the starvation of Americans and the rioting in the streets so martial law can be instituted (for our safety). The FEMA camps are being readied.

  • KrazyKyngeKorny

    Socialism in action. Can you say, “Zeig Heil, Obama?”

  • Joyce

    Has anybody looked at what has been going on in Denver Colorado, at or near the airport? Lots of big earth moving machinery, concrete trucks, etc. This has been going on for years. That might be where the high speed rail was intended to go, with all the people that are not in compliance with the asses. This is strictly speculation, but, it scares the hell out of me. I certainly hope that my God takes me home before the monsters take over this once great nation, and turns it into one massive concentration camp. May God have mercy on us all.

  • burt

    the best way to handle the EPA, FBI or any other. Just say NO!