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Obama Considering Government Shut-Down


The Washington Post reports that some Obama administration officials are pushing for a confrontational budget strategy that would likely result in a government shut-down. In one scenario, the president would refuse to sign any funding measure that didn’t roll back the sequester.

No doubt the administration officials advocating such a course are remembering the heady days of the Clinton administration, when the GOP’s decision to shut down the government effectively resulted in their losing control of the narrative that had swept them to power.

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    He’s just trying to get in front of an almost certainty. It’s all political with Obama and Reid. All republicans need to do is snicker at their posturing and move forward with the GOP plans.

    • mackelby

      The GOP plan sucks, it is also full of BIG brother gov’t

      • NDAMIX

        No, the GOP plan is defund and repeal Obamacare, get Keystone going and rollback some of these job killing/economy killing regulations. If you think that sucks, I would strongly disagree with you.

        • SallyE

          The question is: Will they have the cujones to do it, or is it just talk? I’m not sure I trust Boehner, McConnell and the rest. Let’s get the House and the Senate in 2014 and see what happens. They all seem like they are afraid of Barry Hussein.

          • Richard Haley

            To me, J. Boehner is similar to Obama, they BOTH have been promoted way beyond their level of incompetence!!!!!!

        • mackelby

          Defunding or repealing Wisn-n-Prayer doesn’t mean they are good GOPer’s it just means they understand 3rd grade math.

  • shearwater

    Remember, Saul Alinski said . . . or was it Rahm Immanuel . . . “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” Maybe this is the crisis Obama has planned for since his election. Social disorder is apparently what Obama likes with his draconian EPA regulations, so called Affordable Health Care . . . really a money scheme and regulatory boon doggle designed to bankrupt America . . . shutting down freedom of speech and tamping down religious freedom across all federal agencies, as well as repressing freedom in the Tea Party, certain religious groups, and opposition at every level by way of the IRS. Welcome to the new normal that renounces an illustrious past of constitutional government, unequaled wealth creation via capitalism, magnanimity of spirit, and a reverential acknowledgment of God. Obama’s thug government endorses such causes as Occupy Wall Street, ACORN, SEIU, and communist and Islamic organzations.

    • Sunshine49

      What people don’t realize is that Obama has an executive order in place that he can declare Martial Law WITHOUT Congress’ approval. His handlers have been building their private army and buying up all the ammo to fight Americans on US soil. Thinking Americans can see it coming. Too bad there aren’t more thinking Americans!

      • bgsmithh

        Right. They have been buying ammo for the last year…but people like me and millions of others have been buying ammo for decades. Who has more? We the people do!

        • americanpatriot

          You are so right MY fellow patriot

        • Daniel Spickard

          It doesn’t matter who has more. It’s who has a better shot. Only takes one bullet!

          • Ed Shick

            In the Second world war , Hitler told the president of Switzerland how many troops he could send against them,and what ever t he number the Swiss President sent the message back that means every one of my men will have to fire twice ,,,, Switzerland was not invaded !!! Maybe it pays for responsable Citizens to have a weapon as in Switzerland they do and are trained to use them!!!

          • Daniel Spickard

            In China ever male citizen has a rifle that is issued by their government! The reason Obama wants gun control, so when he pushes all his Islamic, commie, BS, no one would have any weapons to fight back.

          • Ed Shick

            You got it !! that is why they want gun Control ,, He has been working on Voter Fraud ,, and has it pretty well Done as you saw in last Election ,Where Cities the size of Cleveland went 100% for Obama ,, A touch screen if you touched it any where another vote for Obama ,,,, But if you were in the Service defending our country the votes were not Counted!!! Obama Did not Win ,, His vote was a LIE!!!

          • Richard Haley

            Again, how much of this, or how many more of these electronic voting machines are we going to accept? They are going to have to coin a new word for voter fraud to cove all of the fraud created and allowed by this electronic voting!!

          • gwobama

            You’re right Ed. His election was a big lie and a fraud. people in America are too gullible and lazy to check or question things out. He is counting on his lazy welfare collecting supporters to vote for him so they can keep collecting their food stamps and Obama phones. They would never ask how can a city which has one million voters come up with one and a quarter million votes for him. They are too stupid and lazy to question it.
            They won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

          • jim_shipley

            The real reason is that they are afraid we will use our guns on them just like the Poles did. Line up all the government crooks in a wall and mow them down.

          • boone1

            That’s what we the people need to do now not later

          • boone1

            Dude only the military has weapons in China stop BS people.

          • Daniel Spickard

            Every male in china is considered in the military from birth until death!

          • sandman

            But does NOT have a rifle, till he is in uniform, and MUST turn it back in when he leaves, after his obligation is over.

          • sandman

            What is really happening in China, is this. That every man in China that HAS a rifle, has it because it was issued to him by the Chinese Government, Not that ever man in China Has a rifle! as the Chinese Government has the strictest rules on gun ownership, than most every other Country in the world!

          • Ed Shick

            So I’ll stick with Switzerland, I think they have it right and are not Communist !

          • boone1

            Well when they come to take our guns we shoot to kill head shoots only.

          • Sunshine Kid

            And decades of practice trumps a couple of weeks training every time!

          • Sam

            Preferably a hollow point which is all so easy to make!

          • runnindeer

            Stay low. Move Fast. One Shot. One Kill. No Luck , pure skill.

        • jb80538

          I even recently read that the government was buying 3,000,000 rounds of Russian surplus 7.62×39. Our government doesn’t even have that caliber weapon in its arsenal. They just want to keep it out of civilian hands!

          • jaxholley

            No they have signed a mutual aid treaty with Russia for Russian troops to be on US soil in case of an emergency. Look it up

          • jb80538

            That’s pretty scary in itself because the Russian troops don’t have to go by our CONSTITUTION thereby don’t have to respect the fact that WE can possess firearms.

      • Daniel Spickard

        It doesn’t matter how many bullets, or what army Obama has. It only takes one bullet to end his life. Ask any sniper, one bullet, one kill! Obama thinks he’s invincible, he’s not! All that is needed is to start taking him out one administrative person at a time. In a sense cutting him off at the knees. How many military personnel do you really think wants him in there? How many do you think would stand with him after he threw them under the bus. Oh maybe his generals, but they aren’t the ones with all the bullets!

        • Marilyn Z

          Daniel…you need to be very careful with this talk or you are going to have the FBI or Secret Service on your doorstep. It happened in Texas and I saw it online. That is scary stuff. Best to lie low right now.

          • Alan

            Not to mention an IRS audit.

          • jim_shipley

            everybody in my company signed a petition and every one who did got an IRS audit.

        • Sam

          After what obamy has done to our military, he’ll be lucky if they answer the phone when he call upon them!

      • Marilyn Z

        I had one of his VERY LIBERAL supporters tell me to prepare for Martial Law when he was lst elected. I kid you not. She said to make sure you had plenty of food on hand. She also claims to be able to remove generational curses and to cast off demons which still makes me chuckle. Those liberals, anyway the ones that I know, are either not paying attention to the news, esp out of DC, or they are totally wacky and able to remove generational curses or looking forward to a NWO themselves.

        • Daniel Spickard

          But have you taken notice lately, how many of his minions have either already, or are about to jump ship? They don’t want to go down with this rat!

          • Marilyn Z

            This is sorta what I meant….even though some will jump ship (trouble is, the devil you know might be better than the devil you don’t know) there are still the voting idiots out there like those I listed who either don’t care, aren’t paying attention or are totally NUTS and casting out generational curses.

        • rosemarienoa

          If those liberals only watch the MSM they wont hear the truth!!! That bunch of slobbering sycophants just love our “dear leader” & they cant see the forest for the trees!!! They keep lying to the people to make oblamo look good!

          • Marilyn Z

            The ones I know are content to go about their lives, leave government to those political crooks and not worry about it. I think WE are the exceptions and there, frankly, just are not enough of us to vote him out. That is why it could be very interesting if push comes to shove and the military or law enforcement has to decide which side to choose. I am not too optimistic on that last one.

          • beebee

            If it were possible to get an accurate, true vote count, the outcome would have been and would be vastly different. Only problem, how can we accomplish that? Have you noticed in any of the reported “poll keepers” and “vote counters” videos, exactly who is running the polls? If you looked behind the desks, you would probably see a huge trash basket to throw the votes of conservatives into so they wouldn’t be counted at all! Either that, or the voting machines have been tinkered with to only record votes for one candidate and they all go to the one of their choice! Otherwise, how could some precincts have reported way over 100% of the votes for obum? Doesn’t add up. New math”?

          • Marilyn Z

            I worked on MANY elections in Texas and I guarantee you, the ones in my county at that time (Ft. Worth is the co. seat) were absolutely scrupulously handled. Our election judge was a wild-eyed conservative (had a shrine to Reagan in her front hall), but she was absolutely fair in dealing with some very irrational voters. I considered myself a moderate at that time and voted the person, not the ticket so I was watching at all times. When she went to retire she wanted me to take over and I refused…I was not going to deal with the many unreasonable, threatening nut cases on both side of the aisle that she dealt with. When someone went into a three-foot hover because they weren’t listed on our rolls, I was delighted to turn them over to her. I suppose it would be possible to do something odd to the machines, but so unlikely given all the checks and balances on the system. Before machines, when someone voted a paper ballot, they were not handed to one of us, but were put into a locked box that none of us had the key for. I have no idea how elections are handled elsewhere and that is up to each and every person who votes to watch and see how they think things are handled. I would have raised a terrible ruckus if I had seen anything wrong…voting is a wonderful privilege to me.

        • richardwfaith

          This message doesn’t get the attention it needs: American voters of ALL political parties need to take great care to vote AGAINST ANYONE who has ties of any sort whatsoever to any of the following:
          UN, Global Union (which is the new name of New World Order), Trilateral Commission, North American Union, World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and its COVERT SUBSIDIARY, the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve” (which is NOT federal and HAS NO RESERVES), Tides Foundation, Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress, soro$$$$$$, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, daviD rockefelleR, mauricE stronG, henrY ki$$ingeR. All of the foregoing are ENEMIES OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY, and as such should be HUNTED DOWN, NOT VOTED FOR. Everyone, PLEASE do the homework: LOOK for any such connections as you read up on the candidates of your choice, and modify your choice accordingly. Remember, once a FOREIGN-BASED DICTATORSHIP takes over OUR COUNTRY, it will be BLOODY DIFFICULT to EXPEL it!

          • barleywheets

            You forgot a couple of BIG ones.. the Bilderberger Group and the Free Mason. Those are two major ones .. helping to destroy our Great Nation!

          • richardwfaith

            I won’t comment on Freemasons, because I really don’t know much about them. As for Bilderberg Group, yes indeed! Good catch. Almost every time I make a post similar to the one above, I actually DO mention the Bilderberg Group, AND the CFR as well. Thanks for the wakeup call!

      • BONCARBO

        Bring it on Obama. I believe that our Military will stand behind the citizens of this country and Obama will end up like his Egyptian counterpart Morsi, exiled or in prison.

      • boone1

        I have seen it coming when Bush was in the white house.You didn’t think he was a good guy did you.If you did you were a fool he also like his daddy was a NWO guy and also would have taken our guns if given half a chance he was not a nice person.

        • richardwfaith

          NWO guys come in all flavors and colors; some are “out” with it and others operate covertly. Many of the latter are to be found with ties to the UN, Bilderberg Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Open Society Institute, Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, soro$$$$$$, henrY ki$$ingeR, mauricE stronG, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, or SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve”. Before you vote for ANYONE from ANY PARTY, PLEASE make SURE that your candidate has NO such sinister connections!

          • Daniel Gray

            Boone and Sunshine, you just lost any credibility when you started spouting conspiracies with no proof to back them up. For example, the Secret Service was NOT called off the day Kennedy was shot and Bush Sr was NOT the head of the Secret Service

            November 22, 1963 Dallas Texas

            United States Secret Service Chief James J. Rowley (Washington, D.C.)

            Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Gerald S. Behn (Annual leave- Washington, D.C.)

            Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) Floyd M. Boring (Washington, D.C.)

            Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) Roy Kellerman (Dallas, TX)

            What this means is both of you should increase your medication and try to stay away from the tinfoil hat crowd.

          • Marilyn Z

            This is all well and good, but how do you find out what a person is connected with? They certainly are not going to tell you these types of affiliations any more than Obama told us about his communist and weather underground ties or his sexual preferences.

          • richardwfaith

            Much of the time, the information as to organizational affiliations of politicians is very easy to discover; for example, you could just Google up “organization memberships of (name of candidate “X”)”. Another way is to go up on each of the websites for organizations you want to browse in order to find out if Candidate X is a member; for example, CFR lists Newt Gingrich. The Bilderberg-Group website probably lists its members also. You can also ASK your candidate by phone or e-mail if he is a member of any of the organizations in your “BAD” list, but he MIGHT LIE about it; after all, he IS a politician! Good luck!

        • Sunshine49

          From what I’ve read, Bush Sr. was the head of the FBI and responsible for JFK’s protection when he was shot. Strange that security was pulled off the car that day. Only one agent who refused to not go with the president. Also odd was that Johnson was from Texas and in oil too. Coincidence? — I don’t think so!

      • skeeter

        Well, us dum people been telling everyone this for a long time is anyone paying attention?

      • Daniel Gray

        Wrong. There is nothing in the US Constitution under Article 2 (powers of the President) that gives ANY holder of the office of the President the ability to make a law or give the item the weight of law. In fact Article 1 Section 1 of the US Constitution strictly forbids it! I have numerous signed letters from Senators AND House members that clearly state the exact same thing.All I am now waiting on is an attorney that will take this case to the federal courts and demand that Dumbama show under what Constitutional Authority he has to make an executive order or a presidential directive and give it the weight of law. In fact I almost have my own congressman about ready to file a case in federal court demanding that the Judiciary order Dumbama to cease and desist with executive orders until he can show under what Constitutional authority he claims this power.

        • richardwfaith

          Remember Terry Lakin? His challenge to obamA was strictly on high moral ground, and there was a BRILLIANT strategy to it; nevertheless, we all know where THAT went. Some absolute BS about “standing”! Stonewalling TO THE NINES! While I strongly believe obamA will try a similar stunt in response to the tentative case you mention, that’s certainly no reason not to go ahead and DO it; we simply need to follow through with a rapid-fire succession of other good moves. You never know which one will DEPOSE THE STINKING DICTATOR. If nothing in particular quite does the job, then we need to OUT-ENDURE him.

          • Daniel Gray

            Just do what I suggested and you will out-endure him as he will have no legal leg to stand on

        • Sunshine49

          BRAVO! Keep up the good work. The problem, even for honest politicians, is that they are dealing with international groups. The rules “change” in the international arena. I would almost guarantee that most politicians have also been threatened into silence. We are dealing with far more than just our own internal corruption. What we see happening is stunning to honest and thinking Constitutionalist. What is more aggravating is that our politicians don’t seems to want to fight for our Constitution either.

          I also know that most people don’t want to hear that this world wide corruption was prophesied over two thousand years ago in Revelation. Satan is ruling the day for now. Our “hope” and salvation lies in Jesus and not in “man”. Only Jesus will “change” things and that is the hope and change that I look forward to.

          Getting rid of Obama will NOT “change” the world stage or even the corruption that is running rampant in the US. It may slow things down for a little while, but this has been going on for over a hundred years already. The politicians sold the people down the river in 1913-14 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, the “direct” income tax on the people, and the IRS. The states also lost control when they couldn’t “appoint” their senators any more. The “central” government and the Fed Reserve have been controlling the country ever since!

          I still applaud your efforts and your patriotism. I’m glad to know that their are good people still fighting for our country’s freedom. Just remember that our salvation will NOT come through men and put some of your energies into following the right path. Jesus’ disciples had your kind of zeal for the truth. Their direction just followed a different path. God bless.

      • TAM44

        We are not asleep, and I fought for this country and will do so again if need be.

      • Noni77

        A nation of sheep begets a government if wolves… E. Murrow

    • Retired Marine

      The expected black vs white war didn’t happen as planned. It (Ogaymuslimusurper) will try to do something else to trigger a reason for martial law.

      • 7papa7

        We will then see whose side the military and local law enforcement come down on. It could be excellent recon for the real patriots.

      • Daniel Spickard

        Maybe Biden will call for Martial Law after some one takes out Obama from a sniper’s perch!

        • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

          SOMEONE should take the islamic communist puppet out, ASAP!

        • richardwfaith

          Last time I checked, bideN was just as mortal as you and me.

      • Marilyn Z

        Does he have to have a reason? Seems to me he does pretty much what he wants and no one objects. If worse comes to worse, it will be interesting to see on which side our military and law enforcement comes down on. We know where Arpaio stands, but there are too few of him.

      • Ed Shick

        Question? when Alice Palmer,a Communist Illinois state senator whom obama helped get elected by Voter Fraud ,, To show her Thanks she sent him on a trip to Russia and he studied Marxism at Patrice Lumumba univ. ,, do you think possible he came back as a KGB agent being lead by Vallerie Jarrot

        • beebee

          Certainly sounds like a good possibility……..

        • Marilyn Z
          • Ed Shick

            Thanks what I had read was in a book and i’m not sure which one? I was around Chicago in late eighties working at stamping plant so I had heard about Alice Palmer and how Obama came back sued her told of getting names off tombstones in South Chicago and he got to be Illinois state Senator , what a Creep !! check this,,, http;// and also http.//

        • Retired Marine

          I don’t put anything past this puke. I recall the open mike event, so it is more likely than not.

      • beebee

        Do you really think he needs a reason? So far he has ignored congress and the majority of the American people, and just goes ahead and does what he wants to do. How can this happen in America? Guess the “fix” has been in for longer than we realize.

    • Remington 870

      Great comment. Do not expect the Cowardly GOP congress to fight for America’s future and salvation. Obama is only the front man for this corrupt neo commie administration. Obama is too stupid to think for himself, because he is never without a teleprompter. Standing in the Marxist shadows of the White House are the evil masterminds and Obama only regurgitates what he is told.

    • joepotato

      Long story short… Soetorobama wants to go full-speed to tyranny… If he thinks he can pull it off…

    • boone1

      The SEIU is in every VA Hospital in AMERICA and you know as well as I that this union is communist.

    • Richard Haley

      I like how you returned to “the NEW NORMAL”

      Why oh why do we put up with this dumbing down that is ongoing everywhere?
      I would propose that we should keep asking those highly educated liberals; How much of this do you have to see before you really see what this dumbing down is really doing?

      • Sunshine49

        They KNOW exactly what is going on! Who do you think planned the dumbing down?

  • frankenbiker

    Another political move from the great goat fornicator. He’s going to do this just so his demoncraps have an easy go of it in next years elections. What a putz.

  • Centurion ‘

    Let’s transform America a little more, tax the poor now to fulfill the Socialist agenda, allow tax payers the opportunities to pay off more political fund raisers, threaten to shut down a non functioning government isn’t much of a stretch.
    It will take decades to restore American greatness after the damage done not just at home but abroad also.
    The clincher for me was when once again the President embraced a tyrant, who sent his people to try and kill me, as a follower of one of our history’s greatest founding fathers. How soon we forget this is a President that had a Mao Christmas ornament hanging on the People’s House Christmas tree.

    • beebee

      Good idea, Centurion, but who will be still living several decades down the road? The way government and schools are training/brainwashing the majority of our children, previous history will have been erased and they will have no idea of what happened several decades earlier. We have been invaded by the enemy, with the help of “progressive liberal mind control” of our future citizens. I just pray to God that he will save a remnant of His people who may some day be able to teach society right from wrong, and give them the wisdom and courage to restore the world to what it was designed to be. And it was definitely not designed for this so-called “new world order” run by evil tyrants.

  • texan texan

    There will be a gov shutdown if Reps play to the geezer party.

    • axmickl

      Once again Tex, ignorance is bliss.

    • NDAMIX

      The best thing that could happen is a govt. shutdown. The GOP called Obama’s bluff on sequester. They need to call Reid’s bluff on tax hikes and Obama’s bluffs on everything. The Dems had Gabriel chances to get things going, nothing has worked. They can come along, but they’ve got to go to the back of the bus.

      • charliehanna

        I agree, but my guess is Obama will threaten to stop social security to get the citizens on his side.

        • NDAMIX

          He can’t . Social Security, the military, the CIA, FBI,etc….all continue to function. Mainly federal office are affected, but will get back pay. The goverenment doesn’t actually shut down.

        • ladybug

          WE maybe old, but its our money! Don’t know how many seniors we are in this country, but it would also be away to take ALL SS. May you ROT in HELL you ASS.

  • Sarah Conner

    Shut down the feral gov’ment…like we’ll be able to tell the difference…let’s make it a REAL prison for moochie and her little b!tches…secure all mooseheads inside,then lock the doors and fill with cement…

    • combdyn

      And make sure to ground Air Force One first to make sure the rat is in the hole.

  • Fed-up

    Organize mobilize and let our voices be heard. March protest and keep on talking Big O is out to destroy the economy, put more american out of work and create more chaos than any President that has come before. He’ll be known as the great divider he is hopeless and changless the great deciever.

  • unclebob386

    Just more diversion from the incompetent one!

    • Ed Shick

      When ever I hear Obama or Reid , They are great Liars, They should be on a Game Show””Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader???” That would have to be done without his Teleprompter !!!

  • Chad

    How about grounding AF One and giving everyone in DC a PinkSlip… Please Shut it all down and give us a break from the ScandalPaluza

    • ladybug

      AGREE! AF one belongs to the people. Start charging him ,for the miles and gas he uses it, that is NOT government WORK! AND make sure its out of HIS pockets! NOT on our dime as has been the case!

  • Jim28threg

    My oh my . We should be concerned that the Monkey is going to shut down the ZOO ! I say it would be nice to have the criminal traitors sent back home for aanother visit with the folks they’ve robbing. The food stamp parasites may well get angry but the rest of us could use a break from and just have an extra dime we could give our grand children or maybe a second cup of tea without useing the wild rose hips. May you GOD forgive you I’m having a hard time of it. I’d much rather —-

  • rehabber

    Best thing that could happen for America is to SHUT DOWN and have the clowns go home for a couple of years. Think of all the money saved.

    • Ed Shick

      Good Idea , we could get rid of EPA and IRS ,,We could move the Capitol to Detroit , It was brought down by the Commiecrats 1

      • Daniel Spickard

        If they shut down, then Obama care goes the way of the dinosaurs. This is what he’s hoping will happen, so he can say he had nothing to do with it.

    • ladybug


      • Daniel Spickard

        If they shut down, then Obama loses all of his Secret Service detail. Hey everyone this will be open season on all of the Obama clan! No bag limit! And a one million dollar bonus trophy at the end!

  • Joanne Long

    No more of our money to the Islamic countries, Please.

    • Ed Shick

      We quit funding the UN,, then there are the 192 nations in the UN that we give Foreign Aid to !!

      • Delores109

        While I realize that Mark Twain once said, “Rumors of my demise have been highly exagerated,” he was NOT thinking about the United Nations or the Imposter President. U.N., I believe you would be happier on an island somewhere, anywhere. Obama, you will NOT have a choice. One does NOT collapse the economy of the United States, deliberately, via the Cloward-Piven strategy, and expect choices as to your future. Obama, you have done all of the transforming of the United States of America without being accountable to a charge and conviction of TREASON. Count on it! It could happen FAST & FURIOUSLY.
        Delores Smith

        • Daniel Spickard

          Let’s just say, if Obama destroys our world reserve currency system, we the people of the United States won’t have to worry about him no longer, because the drug cartels stand to lose billions of dollars if this happens. They would put a hit out on him, that even his own grandmother would take. There wouldn’t be one location on this planet that he would be safe! He would be looking over his shoulders with every step he took!

        • richardwfaith

          Thanks for NOT addressing them as “Dear”.

      • Daniel Spickard

        Let’s just hang Obama, then throw the United Nations out of our country, then go hunt down every last Muslim and deport them back to where they came from, and then throw our military on our southern border and tell them No one comes across, shoot to kill! That’s how China does it! Dead men can’t complain.

        • Marilyn Z

          Daniel…seriously, I am VERY worried for your safety. THEY can call talk like that terroristic and threatening of the POTUS and they WILL come after you. You sound like some of the men I know, but I hope they would not post it on public boards where they can be tracked down. Please back off a bit. I have emailed and faxed O many times and asked him if he was nuts or lost him mind, but I would never threaten. Daniel, I have been around a long, long, long time and like to think I have learned a little and that is something I have learned plus I have lived in a country where there was no freedom of speech so I have experience.

          • Delores109

            Marilyn Z,
            Remember what President Thomas Jefferson said: “When the people fear the government, it is tyranny; when the government fears the people, it is LIBERTY.” No one has been stirring up people more than Obama, and if anyone is afraid to express what they feel, we must remind Obama that this is NOT A DICTATORSHIP, even though he is trying to create one. Daniel, expose EVIL and you weaken it.
            Delores Smith

          • richardwfaith

            SO-CALLED political “correctness” is one of the main weapons in the Marxist suppression of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and SO-CALLED political “correctness” are polar opposites. They are mutually exclusive. They can not, and DO NOT, coexist. I for one choose freedom of speech. As soon as I can find someone who will make me a tee shirt (at a price I can afford, which isn’t much since obamA SABOTAGED the SO-CALLED “economy”, with the three-letter acronym “P.I.G” and the big pink face of a PIG on it, I will buy the shirt. If someone GIVES me such a shirt, I will PROUDLY WEAR IT IN PUBLIC PLACES. P.I.G. means “Politically Incorrect Guy”.

          • Marilyn Z

            I SINCERELY fear this government just as I sincerely feared the government in my former small town. Odd things happening to really good people and anyone who doesn’t watch his back is plain STUPID. My husband quit his magistrate job when he started complaining about things he had seen…NOT been told..HE HAD SEEN them and knew he could be next. Even a cop was run out of town..he was a neighbor and he was forced to move. Another friend was so frightened and they were making up charges against him and I just knew we would hear that he had had a bad accident with his horses or his guns. He kept his vehicles locked in the barn so no one could tamper with them. I got the FBI’s number for reporting the activity he knew about, but he was afraid to use it and I couldn’t blame him. He definitely had a target on his back. If we had to deal with criminal activity on a small scale think how bad it could be if you have the government behind you. There are other ways to express your opposition without threatening the man in charge. A good friend of mine has been so up front with the birther and teaparty movements that I have worried about her endlessly…she has spoken on the national stage and even wrote a book and as out front as that is, it has not helped. UNLESS you are strong enough to get people to support you in a coup d’etat, you will have to pray that the left can see what we see. I think we are dealing with MEAN and NASTY people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. JFK found out the hard way that you have to dance with the one who *brung* you or your dance is over.

          • Delores109

            Marilyn Z,
            I am sorry for what you have been through, but the only way you weaken EVIL is to expose it without fear. Their tactics are deliberately to instill fear in Americans to weaken us. They have met their match. I do not sit by while they destroy our nation. Obama is already defeating himself. Obama and his radicals must be charged and convicted of TREASON…and they will be. Thanks for your comment, Marilyn.
            Delores Smith

          • Marilyn Z

            It is one thing to fight, but it is another to THREATEN the life of anyone..let along the POTUS. That is a sure ticket to jail. Much better people that you and me are fighting this thing, but it is making very little inroads. Alabama’s Supreme Court will be hearing the birther issue shortly and I firmly believe in standing your ground, but you do not threaten. Waving a gun at someone is a terroristic threat and punishable as is threatening anyone’s life. Courts do not take kindly to such things. I am prepared and I would highly recommend that everyone else have food stores and dry ammo if Martial Law is declared. O is feeling the heat and such things are well within his power. I am sure that I am much older than you, Delores, and I have experienced things here and abroad that have taught me a few things. The European resistance in WWII could not have functioned if they had been out in the open. No one can help from a jail cell.

          • Delores109

            Each of us has to do it our way. I am certain that there are much better people than myself fighting this, but you know nothing about the inroads each person is making. Have a nice evening, Marilyn. As for guns, I don’t believe the gentlemen speaking was waving a gun. He was using his freedom of speech to vent his thoughts.
            Delores Smith

          • richardwfaith

            The Apostle Paul did some of his MOST IMPORTANT WORK in a jail cell. Everyone FEARS jail, but that does not make EVERYONE a COWARD. Courage is not a total absence of fear; courage is the MANAGEMENT of one’s fear. Thus, one who has absolutely NO FEAR isn’t even in LINE to achieve COURAGE! One who fails to fear that which truly IS to be feared is an IDIOT, but one who DOES THE RIGHT THING EVEN THOUGH he’s afraid is courageous indeed.

          • richardwfaith

            Freedom of speech EXISTS only to the extent that we EXERCISE it.

          • Daniel Spickard

            I don’t make threats! I make promises! Threats are for cowards!

          • Alan

            Think NSA.

        • Delores109

          In deference to our Rule of Law, I would prefer that a Judge sentence Obama to all of his ACTS OF TREASON. We can wait.
          Delores Smith

        • richardwfaith

          Dead men don’t SUE, either!

  • krayzrick

    Shut it down O’butthead, let the people take over…

    • IHateLibs

      We Should do it Now. Form up, Arm up, the March on DC. And Clean out the White House , and All the DC Gutter Snipes

      • richardwfaith


    • americanpatriot

      I am with you krayzrick……….. lets dance O’butthead

      • Daniel Spickard

        I’d rather see Obama swing from a hangman’s noose right out in front of the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Then we Patriots can throw one large beer party!

        • richardwfaith

          Optimum choice of VENUE!

  • charles17121

    Anything this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama signs is illegal and the US Congress knows it . He is NOT a LEGAL sitting US President .

    • charliehanna

      I strongly agree. The guy is a real fraud. How on earth do we get the jerks in Congress and the Supreme Court to act on his ouster?

      • del

        We have to oust all of them because they are just as deceitful!

      • Brenda L. Herbert

        When you clean house all the trash must be thrown out ,otherwise you could get a roach infestation. Kinda like it is in the government.

    • Ed Shick

      He came in on a Student Visa from Indonesia !! Do you think he has learned enough to go back and destroy Indonesia ? Bring Ed Snowdon back he is much smarter than , Obama,Holder & Reid.

      • richardwfaith

        Are you speaking of “the same” obamA, holdeR and reiD who are calling Snowden a criminal? And isn’t it like Al Capone eviscerating a young girl for “stealing” a KISS? SSShhhhhhheeeeesh!

    • americanpatriot

      I have been saying that for years I wish more AMERICANS would wake up….lets clean OUR WHITE HOUSE …take it back people!!!

      • Daniel Spickard

        I’ve been saying as well, and I agree! Let’s take out all the trash!


    Is this the chance he is waiting for? Will he shut down the government and come up with some grandeous scheme to save the nation or will he just take a long golf vacation? Let us try it and find out who the real Obama is.

  • Captain Sarcastic

    Have at ‘er, sequestration hasn’t stopped stupid wasteful spending – why postpone the inevitable?

  • SallyE

    Let’s shut the White House down. The Obamas could return to Chicago and organize their community. Maybe they could help Rhambo with his crime problem.

    • Hans

      Yea, one criminal helps another criminal. Sounds great !!!!

    • redpens

      Chicago is full of criminals, elected and unelected

      • richardwfaith

        Chicago is full of criminals, elected and unelected, and most of the time they help each other to successfully perpetrate crimes, but sometimes by the grace of God they shoot each other. There’s no honor among thieves.

    • richardwfaith

      Let’s FUMIGATE it FIRST, and THEN shut it down for as long as it takes to be SURE IT WORKED.

  • doug63

    shut down government? ROAD TRIP. vacation, what would change?

  • Tom Andy

    Typical Jughead photo, pretending he’s deep thinking by staring off into the sunset. More than likely he’s thinking “Damn, I’m good”!

    • Jonathan

      More likely than not,drug induced.

  • thegreatamerican

    After watching Detroit declare bankruptcy last week every American should realize bigger government will dig the hole deeper. Rolling back the sequester is just spending money we don’t have.

  • danimal

    Shut it down!! It’s not like they do anything to improve what they have phucked up anyway

  • bowtonoone2

    Hey Obama, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. America would better off if the entire government (less the military) just disappeared.

    • Sunshine49

      We wouldn’t be that lucky. Google “executive orders from hell” if you want to know what the government has in store for the people.

    • Garx69

      Obey the 10th Amendment. The states need to start running themselves, with the exception of a few like California, and Michigan.

  • Michael

    And they want to legalize pot. obama did pot in his early years look at the end results.

    • skyhawk

      Probably still under the influence of this induced stupidity.

  • Employed101

    I say shut it down. Also ban public serviceunions from allgovernment agencies such as irs, tsa, and all the others. Even FDR was against public service unions in the federal government and he is a sleft as they come.

  • char51

    hes trying everything in his power to get marshel law. hes going to keep deviding the people till he gets what he wonts. after all there is enought ammo, russia manpower from the u,n. pluss the u.n. troups, and his brown shirts,and lets not for get the miltery. he has had someone in the army going around and asking who will fire on his people. this is no lie,ive heard it from a few people. and some said yes, and was recuited by who every for obama. its a very dangerst time people.

    • Garx69

      Fear not. GOD is with us.

  • Anita

    Good. Shut it down. If it’s shut down they can’t waste any of our money.

  • kkfdavus

    Shutting down the government would probably be good. They do more damage operating!!

    • CCblogging

      now that’s the truth

  • IHateLibs

    Shut it Down. Then, let US drag out this FRAUD, KENYA, ILLEGAL POTUS out, along with his Regime, then WE as a Nation would be on a path to Right this Country

    • cl

      the besr way to solve the proublum is to try the african born musulum obastard along with holder and reed and a few more of his henchmed crooks and have a firing squad at the white house steps wiyh allrifles loaded and call for volinteers to man the rifles i am sure we can get plenty i for one will glady attend

  • trader-bob

    Might be the best thing that could happen for “We the People”? I always thought DC would be a good place to start a GOVERNMENT!! There are more than enough necessary buildings. Just put some people down there that have some good traits, like leadership ability and common sense! 99 and 44/100ths of the current DC “occupiers” are sorely lacking in both traits.

  • Delores109

    Continue deliberately committing your ACTS OF TREASON….and many threats, and we’ll see if “He who laughs last…laughs best.” Oh, Obama, I read about a little girl, age13, who could have been your daughter…like Trayvon could have been your son. She was recently raped by 13 men who are illegals in Central Texas. Were her civil rights violated, as you and Eric Holder are violating the civil rights and liberties of George Zimmerman? The size of your health bill pales in comparison to the number of ACTS OF TREASON that you have committed. The opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings. I’m only 101 pounds, but I can really sing.
    Delores Smith

  • Docs357

    Sending fear into the hearts of the weak the elderly sick. What a guy he is running out if options to bamboozle the public. SCABDEL KING AND QUEEN. TWO DEMONIC LOSERS IN THE SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. SAD SAD SAD

  • kenvandoren

    It was as much Clinton’s decision to shut the government down as it was the Republicans, in fact, probably more so. The reason it worked for Slick Willy is that he sold his narrative, and Newt laid down, took a pass on even making much of an argument. He should have pointed out that all Slick had to do was SIGN the budget bill he was submitted. Given the gutless nature of the GOP leadership today, doubtless this will work. UNLESS, perhaps, a Justin Amash, a Ted Cruz, a Rand Paul steps up and provides the leadership that Boehner and McConnell are either unwilling or incapable of providing.

    • richardwfaith

      Just noticing that someone gave you a “dislike” (it wasn’t I). Have you noticed that when you hover your mouse-cursor over the “like” symbol, names come up? Have you also noticed that the “dislikes” counter does NOT do this? I’d like to hear your opinion as to why it is so, and as to whether or not it’s a good idea. Personally I think it’s a bad idea because it restricts open dialogue, and worse yet, encourages trolls. Your take?

  • Fredrick3

    CONGRESS PLease shut down Obama and his staff of thugs and czars by impeaching and impaling Obama and staff in the rose garden. Until they are removed the USA will keep losing our freedom and income the radical nergo whom said AMEN to Rev Wrights G** dam America need to be impeached before he does more damage. and SInce he made us all a slave to Obama Care and a slave to the IRS . GOP send in the Marines to remove the SOB. ASAP.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    Go ahead; make our day…shut it all down. Then the people will be able to see how useless the largess of government is; and that everyday life is not so dependent on a nanny state. Bring it on!

  • jong

    If he had done this in his first term he might have gotten away with blaming the Repubicans. To many scandals and the non working of any of his plans would make this a boon to the Republicans no matter what Rove or O’Reilly says.

    • Dingbat36

      Does anyone listen to Rove or O’Reilly any more? I quit watching the “gigantic baby” and his stupid whiteboard long ago and O’Reilly (?), He’s a real joke……….can’t even run his own show people stepping all over each other in their mad rush to hear themselves talk while the “host” whines and whines!

      • jong

        O’Reilly some time back was not to bad but, with his stupid books he thinks he has ascended to “godhood”

  • Delores109

    Inasmuch as you like to quote and compare others with President Thomas Jefferson, let me remind you of one his greatest statements that I live by: “When the people fear the government, it is tyranny, but when the government fears the people…it is LIBERTY.” Obama. you are already in Phase 2 of President Thomas Jefferson’s famous prediction.
    Delores Smith

  • BriceD

    If this comes to pass, let’s hope the conservatives in the house are not the first to blink. The bluff needs to be called.

  • Fred_K

    Let him shut down the government, but make sure he owns it. The country will survive, and the individual states can manage on their own for a while. There will be a lot of government workers who face the same issues that the private sector is now dealing with.

  • CCblogging

    Shut it down now Obama. Your regime is fascist & needs to go. I would love to see your anti America agenda defunded and idle.

  • Doris C

    Let him try. He is not near the organizer he would like to be and the sequester is not near as bad as he said.

  • bgsmithh

    The only people the threat of a federal government shutdown scares are the moochers that rely on it for handouts from our tax revenue, so I say shut it down! I rely on the feds for nothing! I grow most of my own food…including beef, pork, and chicken, so have at it Obama!

    • Sunshine49

      You are forgetting the thousands who are on social security. They PAID their “fair share” for years and now they are getting the shaft for it. We are paying out $800 BILLION a year to support NON-Americans. That’s where things have really gone wrong!

      • bgsmithh

        He’s only making a threat…he won’t actually do it because of the effect it would have at the polls on hos democrat friends.

  • cstrasburger

    And this is different from…? All politics, all the time with these mindless, astoundingly stupid liberals/communists! Damn the consequences!
    What’s next will be talking points about how Republicans hate old people, how children are going to die, how they want to throw granny over the cliff. The worst part of it is, there are actually Americans STUPID enough to believe it. Nothing but destruction all around us since this assclown’s been in power…since liberalism has become vogue. That, in and of itself, is astounding.
    But, this is what happens when liberals have control of anything. They’ve destroyed our education system, and our children are idiots. They’ve destroyed the media, and so we become idiots. They are destroying capitalism in ways that will be difficult to recover from. Capitalism, being the one economic system that has ever worked anywhere in the world…while the converse is true of keynesian economic models. History is very clear….oh yeah, they have rewritten the history books, so few today know that reality.
    One more round of these mindlessly stupid liberals, its over. As they say, socialism is fine,,,until you run out of other peoples money…and they are working on destroying that too…

    • cstrasburger

      BTW, isn’t it a weekend? Isn’t the fed basically shutdown right now? Looking outside….don’t see the sky falling…

      • Garx69

        NO, the shut down started Thursday night. Nancy had to fly home.

  • hangman57

    At least if Obama shut down the government ,he won’t be able to spend another Trillion dollars this year. It will help our debt , Obama will hurt his own voters instead of the worker in America .That don’t get government food stamps and a check every month.

    • Garx69

      A shut down sounds like a great idea but the House Republicans need to get out and front and tell the workers WHY this is necessary. NO EXCEPTIONS, everyone from the wannabe dictator to the food stamp sellers. There is too much free stuff, our nation can’t afford to continue like this. If/when there is a shut down Please don’t turn around and pay them for the time they were not working.

      • ladybug

        AND be very sure that the Seniors get their SS checks! ITS their MONEY. ALSO the checks to our disabled military and those still being held in other countries. BRING them ALLLLLLLLL home! The other countries can sink or swim!

  • DOOM

    so he’s insisting that they roll back legislation that he insisted they pass. How they don’t fall for it, but I’m sure they will.

  • del

    The less this corrupt government hacks out the better. Time to roll back all these aholes salaries including the one in the white house. Their incompetent job plus the few days they do any real work merit only part time pay if that! We the People need the right to fire any of them for failing to do their job and for horrid results just like the ones we have for the last 5 years!

    • hughcapet

      Do you really think that this cowardly congress will roll back their salaries? These are career politicians, this is what they crave for! They will spend millions to hold on to power, and all the perks that go along with it. Today, working for the gubment is the most lucrative job in America. The private sector doesn’t hold a candle to it. Voting them out? When was the last time we had an honest election? Since electronic voting was introduced over a decade ago, election results have always been manipulated by pushing a button to shift thousands of ballots cast in any one district. An international firm in Spain in control of our electioneering system is an outrage. Do you really believe Obungo Soetoro Bounel was truly re-elected? Think again, it’s time to come to grips that we are now dis-enfranchised voters in our own country.

  • American Eagle

    Who gives damn…shut the Government down.

  • Abiathar

    With the present condition of the federal government under the control of enemies of Constitutional government, we would be better off if the federal government were shut down, permanently, or at least until sanity was restored and the US Constitution was honored once again.

  • ruth

    Best thing that could happen to our country!

    • hughcapet

      If/when the gubment does shut down, and all of those welfare, unemployment checks stop coming to the inner city then what you will have is civil war in a neighborhood near you. We need to stock-pile, arm yourself, and basically prepare before we demand gubment shutdown. If you live in flyover country interact with your community. If you are in the large metropolitan areas I suggest you get out and seek refuge in those communities in rural areas, that way you have a least an even chance of surviving the holocaust that will ensue.

    • richardwfaith

      Even TOTAL ANARCHY is VASTLY better than being “governed” by one’s SWORN ENEMIES.

  • Jerry_Morgan

    One way for Obama to reach his goal, Close down the Government, stop sending out Government checks, cause panic, riots in the street, blame it all on Republicans so he can declare Marshall Law. There will be no elections in 2016 and Obama will stay in office for life. I hope I wake from this nightmare soon ….is it morning yet?

  • repubboy

    I say Screw this guy.. FIRE HIM and HIS CRONIES ! Then shutdown the useless portions of the Government, EPA,NSA,DHS,IRS,DOJ,DOE,CIA, State Dept, just to name a few! Get rid of these money wasters, party animals,lying scumbags, spying on American, useless POS agencies..

    Then Reform the rest of them !

    • hughcapet

      Who is doing the firing? Can’t get congress to do it nor the Federal court system. On the surface, it seems that both arms of the government have been undermined by this imposture. The only way now is armed rebellion by Constitutional loving Americans, and that precisely is what he is waiting for.

      • repubboy

        Yes.. Rebellious Americans.Sorry to say it but a Revolution maybe just what this country needs to get back on track.
        We have strayed too far from the ideas that this country was founded on, Time to return to our roots.

  • E Pluribus Unim

    Shutting down the government sounds like a great idea. No government= no more un-Constitutional laws, no more government interference in our daily lives.

  • Annie1945

    OMG……..that may be the best thought he ever had. In one week we could save so much money. Does that also mean the idiots on the hill don’t get paid. Starting with him? New way to balance the budget. Perhaps it would limit his family vacations. We could save so much right there. Seriously when will the lame stream media and the fools that voted him in wake up. They are so brainwashed it’s unreal.

  • Ralph

    It would be smart to pass a budget only cut all funding to certain items

    • richardwfaith

      For example, eliminate all funding to ALL regulatory agencies. ALL of them. ALL of them.

  • gbandy

    Obama will do anything and everything to “punish” the People and there will soon come a time when the People will wake up and realize Obama is really bad for this Nation. He and his Administration are out to destroy this Nation.

    • brucefandrews

      The people are too deeply entrenched in entitlements to ever do anything to stop their beloved King.

    • hughcapet

      Five years later and America is still clueless…

    • richardwfaith

      Don’t even call it an “administration”. We have another word for it: REGIME.

  • Willie Dowg

    Do you mean that Moochelle my not get to go on another vacation? I thought sequester was supposed to have cut that spending. The nation cut, but Moochelle did not. Will this really cut Moochelle off? Well….?

  • Flaphil

    The government has been shut down since Obama came in.

  • Larry

    Remember when what people said they really meant it. I say shut the government down, who needs this radical lawless, and amateur leadership. We couldn’t do worse with state control.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    If he supported a shutdown of pay for him and Congress I would support this action. But since he won’t I say throw him and them out of Office and America. The blame for the mess we are in belongs to all in DC but mostly to those IDIOTS who approved the Bailout and have opposed cutting the waste in Government during his first term and continuing till today. Obama and his Fellow IDIOTS in Congress we are so far in debt we will never be able to climb out. So if they shut down Government with out Shutting down Obama and Congresses pay nothing will be accomplished. America needs a Constitutional Amendment that makes Congress pass budgets or NO pay if they do not. It should also make it so only the things that are part of the particular bill are on said bill. That means no more welfare attached to A bill on Veterns or Defense. Next it must allow for line item veto so that one small part won’t hold up a needed bill. But first and Foremost it must stop all pay and benefits to both Congress and The White House till they do their jobs and pass a budget on the day it is due not months or years later as has been done every year since Obama has been in Office mostly due to Reid and his thugs in the Senate. If they do not do their job why pay them???? This would ensure they work for Us not themselves as they do now.

  • bless2live

    Glad to be a America that loves my country and not a “fraud” that hates America! Here’s to America’s greatness and nothing for “fraud”! Simple statement, yep, but it tells it the way that it is!

  • redpens

    I don’t care if the federal government shuts down. It shuts down every weekend and holiday too. Essential services will still be running. The non-essential agencies will be the ones most affected.

  • sbruce1154

    He wants to roll back the sequester that he created? What a fool this man is. He believes that we are stupid and I am sure that there is a certain percentage that may be but in large the people know his game and are sick of it.

    • afanaglenn

      The sequester was not a cut in expenses of government but a decrease in the annual anticipated increase in expenses, whether realistic of not. Their annual increase design was simply a way of increasing expenses without their having to vote for increases and be noted as being individually voting for the increase in spending.

  • regulus30

    SHUT DOWN IS not good enough;; he must be taken from office and liberalism abolished from power; 20% of the radicals are in charge;; dismantle “do not shut down”.

  • Edith

    It is time our Politicians to acknowledge what and who Obama and Holder are. We go into other countries and throw there Presidents and there cabinets out for them to have democracy and freedom, and on the other hand they remove ours . Well it is time for our Politicians to Arrest this illegal president and his cabinet and charge them one and all of TREASON. Our present government is in-sighting riots all over the country. American lives and property are in danger. Our politicians can’t ignore this any longer, contact them and tell them to do something besides bluster. Stop this madness or get the hell out of office. We will bring back our laws and our Constitution and that will be the end of this corrupt government.

    • hughcapet

      Remember Rhodesia my friend and the name Robert Mugabi. His regime destroyed what was once a prosperous country into the communist abyss.

  • rodstew

    Doesn’t obummer realize that HE is part of the government. If he shuts down the government, that would mean that HE and his freeloading family wouldn’t get another penny. And holder and his criminal DOJ would have to stop all their illegal activities. Yes, yes, please shut down the government.

    • hughcapet

      I am sure he has some kind of “slush fund” already at his beckon call if the gubment does shut down.

  • jvb1980808

    Anything to keep from having to take full responsibility for being PRESIDENT. I am so sick of this administration I could hurl at the mere mention of his name.

  • danclamage

    Except that Narrative is a Democrat lie. GOP didn’t get beat up next election cuz of the shutdown.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Shut it down! Then throw them all out on their butts & let’s start over by putting people in charge who actually care more about the country than their own party or career. Then maybe we could get some sanity back. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • pysco

    Obama all ready has, except for the funding of his vacations.

  • Willy Rho

    His signature is “PHONY” anyway. He is Unlawfully the President of the USA and Every year files a Fraudulent Income tax form with Harrison J Bounel’s Social Security number on it. You know the one that everyone on the internet with any curiosity knows: 042-68-4425, yes H J Bounel born in 1890 and was included in a Connecticut Census in 1940. You know the one that the “Skip Tracer” Albert Hendershot found and documented and put all over the Internet. Obama is an Identity Thief. And his IRS “MUST KNOW IT”. And his FBI MUST KNOW IT. AND HIS CIA MUST KNOW IT. And all of the people at the FBI and CIA are sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and they have ALL committed Treason. Can you imagine the number of Timbrel Trips that will have to made when the Usurpers and all of their “Enabling Traitors” are all Executed. Gosh it will take weeks to finish them off.

    • nomore516

      That is why few people are actually taking this pseudo government seriously. ITS A SCAM. The president is a fake and those so called reps all know this. THAT WHOLE SYSTEM IS AN ILLUSION. They don’t exist.

    • afanaglenn

      Why is the FBI not saving our country from this illegal alien president, illegitimate imposter?
      Obama has even compromised the FBI, the nation’s police force.
      Obama has also compromised the military and has turned the military against their countrymen.
      All of these people took oaths to protect and serve the country, but where are they, including a congress that has lost it’s way.
      God save the USA.

    • richardwfaith

      But then says obamA, “I IS the Constitution!”, and then, in the same breath, “I IS God!”.

  • DockyWocky

    Don’t worry. Obama has the exact same goal in mind if the GOP gets maneuvered into getting behind shutting down the government. Its a win-win card for the great phony and he is going to whine and whine, but do exactly what Bubba did and allow them to shut it down.

    It would be better to just have the House close shop for 4-6 months for a long needed shoveling of all the BS off the House chamber floor and walls

    • nomore516

      At this point, it’s the only BEST solution. SHUT IT DOWN.

  • Marilyn Z

    The man is proving what an idiot he is.

    • ladybug

      Haven’t WE known it for a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time. Its the 47% on freebies who keep hanging on…………..

  • davienne

    let him do it… it will just prove what an impudent child he is… it is his sequester… let him deal with it.. im so sick of his temper tantrums …. {{{{SPIT}}}}

    • TLady62

      Just yesterday when driving through the gate at San Diego North Island, I saw a few disgruntled DoD workers with anti-furlough and sequestration signs. I’m not going to lie and say I felt sorry for them. I do not. They voted for this in 2008 and 2012.

      • davienne

        i live in a right to work state.. and when i see the states and cities going down under the influence of the unions and the thugs in the government … im so thankfull.. and you are so right… voting has conciquences…

        • TLady62

          Indeed, the epitome of such being Detroit.

  • turn3

    my son asked me the difference between hitler and obama,,,,,told em’obama was 1/2 black

  • rosemarienoa

    Then he can blame it on the GOP again, like everything else when he’s a failure as president!!!

  • afanaglenn

    Shut it down. That might save some money. Obama’s budget is a travesty, a continuation of a spending spree that we can’t afford. He has doubled expenses since taking office, and I emphasize taking. This so-called president is a Marxist/socialist, muslim, gay, traitorous, illegal alien, idiot plant of a communist faction which he duped by not telling them that he was a muslim.

  • Daniel Spickard

    Watch and see how many democrats, this coming mid-term election, try to distance themselves from Obama, and his signature health-care train wreck! I’m just hoping that all of those brain dead people that voted for democrats, now turn their backs and vote Republican. If they do that, then we can get rid of the commie, and all his minions once and for all!

    • joepotato

      The problem with your thinking is that Dems = bad / Repubs = good, is partly what brought us to this point… Many Repubs are just socialist-lite… ( I see your point)… The real solution is not that simple, however…. The traitors are on both sides of the (illusory) divide.

  • dontjst

    We are retired and, although like most conservatives we saved and did without to provide for our retirement, SS is still a significant part. However, to call Obama’s hand, I’m willing to do without our SS until he’s gone.

    • richardwfaith

      “To be willing to march into Hell so that honor and justice may live…”

      • dontjst

        What’s that mean?

        • richardwfaith

          It’s a quotation from “The Impossible Dream”. In this context, what I mean by it is that we must be willing to make deep sacrifices in order to achieve our loftiest goals; for example, foregoing our Social Security if doing so will help to SMOKE OUT obamA. Oh, and by the way, I LOATHE the spell checker on this site!!!! While it gives me a PASS on typing “an” where what I INTENDED was “and”, on the other hand it tries to FORCE me to spell “obamA” as “Obama”. %$^&* I KNOW what I’m doing; I’m expressing CONTEMPT for obamA.

          • dontjst

            For me it’s easier to type my text into my WP then copy into here.

          • richardwfaith

            Yes, you’re correct. I do that sometimes. My point in the final diatribe is that the spell-checker that’s embedded in this website combines the worst of two worlds: it is USELESS because it misses real ERRORS, and it’s a NUISANCE because it aggressively “corrects” entries that are INTENTIONAL. But, you’re correct; the cut-and-paste method does get around all of that. It also provides a way to enter a long comment without being RUDELY INTERRUPTED by a “long-running script”, or even a SERIES of them!

  • Jed54

    This is one crazy out of control half breed excuse of a man. NOTE: after all the white Presidents we have had it only took ONE black man to take office and begin to destroy everything you have come to know? So strange for me to understand how so many have fallen for this fool. Have a lot of weak minded, naïve, lazy, people in this country… I’m a firm believer God has control of all things. I just do not understand his order.

    • Ed Shick

      There are good black men ,, Like Allen West and Ben Carson ,, they have a Christian back ground !!!,,,,,,, Obama had a Communist father , Frank Marshal Davis, who was a Card carring Communist 47544 ,, and taught him a lot as a teen ! then this country and the Ayers Family , He never was around good people ,, REV> WRIGHT FOR Religion!!

      • richardwfaith

        On the other hand, maybe wrighT is, in some satanic way, a “prophet”. After all, just consider what a SHORT TIME ELAPSED from wrighT’s infamous utterance “God **** America!” and the INAUGURATION of obamA. It’s HARD to write this off as “coincidence”, and few thinking people would reject the idea that obamA’s SO-CALLED (although entirely ILLEGITIMATE) “presidency” IS A CURSE. I REPEAT: a CURSE.

    • hughcapet

      You have to remember Obungo’s election was the fulfillment of every angry black man who wanted to stomp on whitey! He was the equivalent of the black crusader storming the walls of the white establishment. That was his purpose – not helping the economy or helping people prosper under capitalism, but overthrowing a successful system to implement pure Stalinism. Yes, how foolish, lazy, and naïve people in America have become. Reminds me of 1917 Russian revolution. Hapless and profoundly ignorant people falling for the “Workers Paradise” crap.

  • CaptTurbo

    I fail to see how a government shut down would be a bad thing?

    • notislam

      I would like to see the COMMON CORE fail early –because that mega buck thing will
      being fashioned on nazi-Germany’s old mandate — and then all funding STOPPED
      FOR obama-UNcare.

  • porterv

    Hopefully, they will shut the government down. Send those hordes of blood-sucking bureaucrats home. And don’t let them come back. Ever! The country will be a better place w/o all of the coercive government programs and their jackbooted government goons. We should have pay as you go government. We don’t need any government larger than that under Andrew Jackson. Jackson, by the way, stopped government borrowing, got rid of the national bank (federal reserve) and effectively eliminated the national debt.

    • notislam

      The Congress is not doing anything to stop” obama-UN care ” and I dred having the
      “regulators of injustice” start imposing the will of islam and all the crooked Brotherhood-mafia laws to skimm off all that money for themselves and not go to an medical care

  • jb80538

    In the event the government “shut down” you can bet congress, the senate and POTUS would still get paid while everyone else didn’t!

  • Herman L. McCloud

    Every since day-1 So called, president obama’s inauguration, we’ve had nothing but financial trouble in overspending, budgeting and debt in the national, international and
    civic region, not to mention his inabilities to respond to governmental rules and regulations
    which only substantiates that obama is unqualified to run this country and was as much
    unqualified as a candidate for the supreme and most high office in government as the
    chief and commander, only through bribes, counterfeit documents and certificates, and
    an endless supply of financial backing, with an enormous amount of patients of time is
    how obama got into the political limelight and has so been carried from the past until now
    with only one objective, to annihilate our democratic way of government and create a
    more suitable socialistic type of government where everything is rum by government,
    implemented by the military and controlled by a dictator and the people absolutely have
    no say about anything and everything belongs to government including the people, oboma
    proves this to be a true fact by his previous and present political actions which he has
    demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate until he succeeds or is removed from
    office, We as a free society of people and a government of charities, integrities, dignities
    and freedom must get this façade and imitation of a leader obama out of our government
    before we end up losing our country and freedom.

    • notislam

      A Muslim pres. counciled by the Brotherhood knows just how to do everything
      possible to undermine this country. Go figure!

  • joepotato

    It’s too bad that Soetorobama wont just go back to Indonesia or someplace…. I wonder if he still has his old passports… British or Indonesian…

  • OMG

    Daniel, are you an Obama plant paid to incite others to join you and add to your punishable comments or are you really that stupid? If you are the latter, “Watch your back”.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    I will not apologize, but only explain why I refuse to capitalize anything dealing with any person
    thing or innate with a great disrespect which I have for whom I consider to be an enemy of our
    societies and what I feel is a threat to our way of government, life style, and freedoms, And obama
    and his administration and what they stand for is exactly what I’m referring too. Thanks
    everyone. !

  • tnt_kaboom

    Obama is the “Devil Himself” and he is smarter and more accomplished than all the other Presidents put together, including all the GOP idiots in Washington DC and through out America,…people who say he is incompetent and stupid are so totally ignorant,…this man’s agenda is to destroy this country by destroying Christianity through his supposed stupid policies. He is accomplishing his goals, while all the brain-dead cowardly conservatives see him as incompetent, when it is they who are the ignorant, cowardly, and incompetent people,…he’s kicking their asses up and down the avenue because all the conservatives, including the conservatives pundits, are too cowardly to really go after this guy and do some real harm to him and his treasonous bunch of thugs,…

    • johnob1

      Spineless U.S. Representatives is America’s biggest problem. They don’t take the advice of their constituents only because, like you said, they think they’re smarter than anybody else. I already showed them a way out of tyranny in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, and they won’t take the advice. Every word you stated is absolutely true.

      From the very beginning the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Barack Hussein Obama II’s goal was to bring the United States of America down to its knees; and he has succeeded. Only our U.S. Representatives are blind to this reality. They haven’t got the guts to arrest this foul foreign-born agent.

      USAF (RET)

      • tnt_kaboom

        Well, it is like I suggested to Col. Allen West,….your a military man, you should understand victory and how to achieve it,….find yourself 10,000 good men, divide them by (5) and get yourself 2000 commando groups,…pick 2000 targets and hit those targets all simultaneously at the same day and hour, and the war will be over and you will get our country back,….I know for a fact that their are 2000 good men out there willing to die for this country,..

        • johnob1

          You’re right! When Allen B. West was attacked for doing his job during his interrogation of a prisoner in Iraq, I defended him to former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, only to be ignored for his own fear of defending an American patriot. Anytime Allen B. West wishes to organize a militia, I stand ready to fight under his leadership.

          There is no other way to express my love for my country and its Founding Fathers who sacrificed so much for our individual liberties and freedom that we shouldn’t do any less for our future generation of American patriots.

          Let all U.S government traitors working for the foreign-born Muslim communist Barack Hussein Obama II and the NSA snoop all they can get from me. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Honor, God, Country, and our American Heritage is what we should be fighting for.

          USAF (RET)

    • richardwfaith

      obamA is “smart”??? True enough, he has the ostensible trappings of an evil intellect; however, how correct can it be to say that said intelligence truly exists ON HIS PART? Remember, the real “brain” behind all of his shenanigans is the one(s?) at the other end of the cyber-umbilicus that carries the data to his teleprompters. The SO-CALLED “brain” in his OWN HEAD is far less capable. If soro$$$$$$ were to suddenly croak right in the middle of any major action on obamA’s part, we would VERY ABRUPTLY start seeing a DIFFERENT obamA; one MISSING a BIG PIECE of his SO-CALLED “soul”; a PUPPET with a DEAD MASTER.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Big Deal… he has pretty much had the government shut down since he came into power. he does nothing but make speeches, spend our money on stupid things, golfs a lot.. and whines.. or Lord than man can whine. he has never, ever tried to work with Congress, not seriously… he wants everyone to just agree with him or else he uses executive privilege.. or votes in the dead of night. He is a shyster and a criminal. Be so glad when he is gone.

    • johnob1

      Whatever “executive privileges” the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Barack Hussein Obama II uses; it is in the form of dictatorship in direct conflict with the United States Constitution, especially by an illegal alien.

      USAF (RET)

  • MeMe

    clip is only about one minute long, and is right from the House Floor.

    better keep our eye on this congressman;

    Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) took to the House Floor Monday and delivered a brief –
    yet awesome, fact filled – skewering of the Obama administration.

    may disappear one day soon.

  • Melia Sese

    One problem here – in 1995 (actually January 1996) it was not the GOP decision to “shut down the government” it was Bill Clinton’s because he vetoed their bill to keep it open. The media has so thoroughly brainwashed this country that even an ostensibly conservative writer has swallowed the narrative. But not me …

  • johnob1

    How soon can we expect to have Barack Hussein Obama II arrested in accordance with Article I; Section 8. Paragraph (18)?

    USAF (RET)

    • Melia Sese

      “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”
      That is the text you are citing – the notorious “elastic clause?” You do realize this applies to Congress. Perhaps you had better elaborate …

      • johnob1

        I don’t recall citing anything about a notorious “elastic clause?” The first paragraph I cited is self explanatory. The “necessary and proper” clause gives the U.S. Congress, by consent of the govern, many powers not granted to it in so many words. The powers of Congress change with changing times when the nation and its culture is at risk of being destroyed from within. And this is the reason for the “necessary and proper” clause that enables Congress to establish protective laws under the Constitution of the United States. Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they injected the “necessary and proper” clause.

        This is why under Article I; Section 8. is titled “Powers Vested in Congress,” for which, can either make or break the United States of America’s sovereignty. Look at it this way; it is America’s method of the nation’s self defense from tyranny.

        USAF (RET)

        • Melia Sese

          OK … let’s review. The “necessary and proper” clause is also referred to as “elastic” because under those words, almost any power Congress wants to assign itself can be allowable – because it’s either “necessary” or “proper”, you follow me? It usually comes down to the courts to interpret this.

          But I didn’t ask you about that. I want to know how you think Obama can be “arrested” by the Legislative branch. You think it’s “necessary and proper” but I seriously doubt anything like a majority in either House would concur. Do you care to differ? Further – what about “separation of powers?” It seems the Constitutional remedy for the Executive is Impeachment. Is that what you are calling for? Again – you likely know how that works, so what are the chances?
          Don’t presume you will be educating me on anything.

          • richardwfaith

            Okay, you’re UP. Now let’s hear what YOU would do about obamA.

          • Melia Sese

            I’m not sure there’s all that much that can be done, frankly. We might as well wait him out. I am certain of one thing, however, and that is, no matter how he may try, he will be unsuccessful in bringing down this great country (I have expounded in detail at other times why I firmly believe this is so). I came here 42 years ago from a very rough place (if you ever do have the opportunity to visit the capital of my island homeland, take care to stay out of large sections of it …), so I shall always be grateful for the chance I had once I arrived.

            Today, I am successful, in good health, with a wonderful family – very little of which I might have accomplished back in the land of my birth, which was ruled by a true dictator in Ferdinand Marcos. Obama can’t hold a candle to that evil man (nor can Michelle ever expect to match his harpy widow Imelda, who still darkens my home island of Luzon to this day). I realize that things could be much better today in the USA, but I assure you they could also be much worse. Chin up, my fellow Americans. Better days are coming.

          • richardwfaith

            I hope and pray that what you say about our country being able to survive obamA is correct, but nevertheless if someone finds a way to displace him (especially if they succeed in “displacing” EVERYONE who’s in the “line of succession), I shall DANCE IN THE STREET. Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire I’m NOT, but so what?

          • Melia Sese

            Can’t see it happening … but dance on, brother. It’s one of the best things you do health-wise!

          • johnob1

            Dear Melia Sese,

            You are obviously a very intelligent young woman, and I would never presume anything less than that from anyone who post their messages of constructive criticism, and you are to be respected for that. I certainly do.

            You are absolutely right about the courts “interpretation” because, the Supreme Court of the United States has the final authority in interpreting the Constitution. It has the authority to set aside any law –federal, state, or local–that “conflicts” with any provision of the Constitution.

            The “elastic” clause you refer to is not plausible because the framers of the Constitution purposely made it hard to put through any amendment, and therefore, Congress cannot “assign themselves any powers” they wish. I seem to remember that thousands of amendments that had been proposed, only 20+ actually were ratified. So you see; what I proposed to the U.S. Congress would be extremely difficult to be ratified even though it may or can be proposed. The question is; how bad does the Congress and the people they represent want to save their country from a tyrant?

            If the foreign-born Barack Hussein Obama II were an American-born citizen–“Impeachment” would be applicable and justifiable in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. As a foreign-born illegal alien he can be arrested and charged as a “Saboteur.” “Waiting him out” would cause a continued disaster for the United States of America and its citizens.

            If the late Director of the FBI J.Edgar Hoover were alive today; Barack Hussein Obama II would have never made it as a U.S. Senator.

            Have you ever read Bishop Ron McRae’s sworn affidavit that activist and corrupted judges kept out of court in order to protect Barack Hussein Obama II from being arrested?

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          • Melia Sese

            This McRae character is highly dubious – I visited a number of places – see:


            as an example. Can you name the “activist and corrupted judges” you are referring to? I would be happy to look them up too.

            Now regarding some of the other points:

            1-J.Edgar Hoover was always severely compromised during his career as many knew of his closet homosexuality and could use it as a weapon against him ;; of course, today it might be an asset, given the current political situation. I know this much, however: Hoover was using the FBI as a means to blackmail other pols during his day, and neither party wanted to cross him, but needless to say he is one of the more intriguing figures in American history. It’s mostly an academic exercise to speculate on what any figure from the past would do if that person were alive today. I compare this to staging boxing matches between past champions of different eras (Louis vs. Ali, or Marciano) – sometimes fun but mostly a way of passing the time.

            2-Obama as “tyrant” – this of course is a matter of opinion and that runs pretty much 50-50 right now in the US. See my response to Richard below for my idea of what a real tyrant is and how he conducts himself. This is not to say that I find our president’s conduct in office to be exemplary. However, I also do not believe he is any kind of mastermind, rather more of a reader of copy that has been prewritten for him. Given this, it is almost immaterial where he came from because he is not the one with the actual power. Who is? We can speculate (many names come to mind – Jarrett, Axelrod, etc. – but it’s more of a committee than a single voice), however I just have a hard time getting all worked up over things this man says. Mostly a bunch of “hot air” in my humble opinion.

            Sure, the Constitution uses the term “natural born” so there may be some question here. I join the many who have analyzed the document of 2011-0427 and find it highly questionable. It may well be there is NO original document so they had to cobble something together – mostly to shut up Donald Trump. Seems to me there were other ways of doing that, and releasing this document image was a error in tactics – but little more than that, as the vast majority of Americans are not willing to open this up. Sorry, just stating the facts.

            3-Powers of Congress: Section 8 of Article 1 (the elastic clause in particular) has always been a subject of much discussion, going back to the founding and the ratification debate in 1787. It seems that any law could be passed so long as it was “necessary and proper” – Patrick Henry believed this could only lead to unbridled federal power that would be a “menace to individual liberty” (does this argument sound familiar? it should – many of the folks I have met during my time in the Collier Co. TEA organization would recite it to me). Of course, Hamilton believed that it justified the creation of a national bank, and much of the same reasoning was used at the institution of the Federal Reserve many years later.

            Ah, but I believe your formulation refers more to the power of Congress to “save the country from a tyrant” – albeit one that was duly elected twice (I know, there are some questions regarding various precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2012 – but was that enough to cause either state to flip over to Romney? I believe the reason Romney lost is that far too many conservatives could not bring themselves to vote for him). As I also responded to Richard, I’m not sure there is all that much we can do about this president, tyrant or no, natural-born (or just pretending to be) or no. Our only recourse now is to act as the check on Executive power by electing new Houses of Congress in 2014 and succeeding years. I also understand that very few Americans are ever truly satisfied with the performance of Congress at any time, but I also believe the Framers understood that would also be the case. The whole system was meant to slow things down, which is usually the best way to go.

            As for Melia being a “young” woman – I am greatly flattered … as of this past June, I became 62 years young and if it seems like it should be much fewer, I can only say that I have tried my best to preserve what God gave me in a physical sense. BTW, I am a widow for these past few years and my late husband also served in the USAF as a pilot. I met him in the Philippines as a (very) young lady when I worked at Clark. As for “intelligent” – I prefer to let others be the judge of that, but again, thank you.

          • johnob1

            Dear Melia Sese,

            You are one remarkable woman at age 62. I’m 81; so bear with me.

            As for J. Edgar Hoover; let’s just say that as America’s Director of the FBI, he was a patriot. We all know of his secret adventures.

            It would be silly of me to render a list of name of judges when I can name the courts involved as follow…. The U.S. Supreme Court “refused” to hear the case involving Barack Hussein Obama II’s citizenship? And the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled plaintiffs had “no legal standing” to bring the lawsuit to the high court. In other words; the people be damned.

            If it were you or me who refused to show the Department of Motor Vehicles our birth certificate, whom do you think the courts would rule in favor of?

            The plaintiffs, who also represent most American citizens, all they wanted is to see the original birth certificate instead of the computerized forgeries posted on the web-site.

            Bishop Ron McRae had no ulterior motive for seeking the truth, plain and simple. It is all the American people ever wanted. Hawaiian officials could never produce [even by court order] Barack Hussein Obama II’s original birth certificate because it never existed in the State of Hawaii.

            And so; the “first” computerized birth certificate they displayed on the web-site was a “Certification of Live Birth” that is issued to foreign-born aliens upon request and for a fee. Even this first displayed birth certificate was filled with errors and omissions.

            The “second” birth certificate [also known as the long form] displayed on the web-site was a “Certificate of Live Birth” issued to Hawaiian-born citizens. Again, this birth certificate was laced with forgeries, for which, has already been proven. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I bought the program that allowed me to alter Obama’s forged birth certificate and had fun typing other people’s name to it… it’s called forgery.

            There is no such thing as a violation of privacy whenever required to show one’s birth certificate. And to prove it, I sent the U.S. Chief Justice and Associate Justices a courtesy copy of my fragile original birth certificate.

            By the way, I do have a courtesy copy of Barack Hussein Obama II’s original birth certificate from Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, East Africa with his paw print on it. You can get a copy if you like from

            I appreciate the trouble and effort you went through research; but honestly, I’m only concern with removing a foreign-born agent “tyrant” from the White House. Currently, the Washington, DC area is a cesspool that must be cleaned up.

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

          • Melia Sese

            John – I believe you are a sincere individual, and if you did serve in the USAF, I want to thank you for that too. I have no doubt that much of what you believe may be true to some extent, but … there are many problems here …

            Let’s take Hoover – this guy was little more than a bully, and just calling oneself a “patriot” hardly matters. Marcos clearly thought he was a patriot too, and for a time, the Philippine people went along with him. The FBI – largely due to Hoover’s efforts – became an organization that can and does do great harm to many innocent people. Because what is government in the end, besides a way to oppress those whom you disagree with? This understanding was very much on display in 1776 and it pervades the Constitution and the Federalist Papers – it is why they constructed a framework that would make it very difficult for tyranny to exist – at least for any lasting period. And for the most part they succeeded fairly well as much of that original system remains intact. But I would like to explain in detail how it started to unravel, and this was not due to any serious flaws among the founders, but mostly a matter of their not being able to predict the future. (I will pick up this argument a few paragraphs down).

            US history is replete with those who thought they could do whatever they thought was right, and to hell with those who disagreed. A good example was Andrew Jackson, who took so many liberties that he was reviled as “King Andrew” and led to the founding of the Whig Party. Another one might be Theodore Roosevelt, or perhaps Richard Nixon. Both of these guys thought what they were doing was right too, and along the way, the rights of many were trampled. So now we have Barack Obama, who is a continual “bête noire” on this site (and its sister sites), to the point that nearly every story and post is a further exposition of the hysteria surrounding the guy – some here believe he is another Stalin or Hitler, but then, of course, none of them ever had to live under such circumstances.

            On the other side of the political aisle, we saw similar vitriol leveled at George W. Bush who was also compared to Hitler. I thought that was nearly as ridiculous as the current rants are. Further, I also find it remarkable that many who espouse these extreme views are often retired folk (like me) who ought to have the benefit of having lived long enough to be able to gain some perspective. I can only conclude that a lot of us have far too much time on our hands and we are easily persuaded by clever packaging (which is what mostly takes place on the Internet) and the tendency of so many to only listen to those with whom you (think you) agree with. It’s quite unfortunate. However, there are some who still understand that no one has a monopoly on the truth and will admit how many things there are that we don’t know. I like to determine the motivation of someone who makes a claim first, before I even consider whether what this person is saying might be true or not – because someone can say just about anything, and do so from a largely anonymous position. I also like to think that having lived over six decades, I might have some experience in this area. After all, I’ve raised five children, and a good parent becomes adept at knowing when she is being lied to …

            So it seems you too are one who is greatly troubled by the whole birth certificate/eligibility question. Does it also make you wonder why no previous occupant of the White House has ever been asked to provide documents? As you no doubt understand, his supporters claim this is because “right-wingers” will never accept a Black president and certainly not one who opposes their views. Do I believe that? Not so much, but I also understand something else, which I see some here seem to get (at least from time to time). That is the situation where anyone who holds a political office is essentially the servant of those who put him there, but in a deeper sense, he is the servant of the financial elite (on a global scale). Elsewhere, I have attempted to go into greater detail how such a system has evolved in the US and elsewhere. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson and others at the founding warned us what would happen if the banking class became too powerful and they were great champions of the simple ways of the independent farmer – it was one of the reasons why holding property was once a condition for being allowed to vote.

            Unfortunately, for those who agreed with Jefferson, life grew far more complex than it was in 1776, with the invention of the steam engine and other devices and processes that brought on the Industrial Age, and along with them, the requirement for financing on a scale no one had seen before. By 1850 or so, in the UK and US, for the first time, power and position were less dependent on land holdings (which had been true from the dawn of civilization) but instead on financial assets, as these were necessary to enable factories and railroads to be constructed. For the first time, it was possible (in the UK) for Jewish bankers to become the master of a system which had up to that time prevented them from even holding land estates (or serving in Parliament). And thus the Rothschild Family became the financial masters of Europe. By the end of the 19th Century, their counterparts in the US (Morgan and Rockefeller were the most prominent) had become the masters. In such a system, the notion of popularly elected leaders being responsive to the people as a whole became a fantasy that only children could believe (indeed, this was portrayed in the book by L. Frank Baum called “Wizard of Oz” which came out around 1896).

            As the 20th Century wore on, the invention of radio and then television made it even easier for the elite to govern the land as they could determine which opinions would be given airtime and thus be allowed to influence the people and determine their votes. So in the process we have a system where power appears to change hands at four-year intervals, but in reality no one who reaches that level has not been vetted by the financial elite and their media servants. This of course includes our current leader, Barack Obama. It is of little consequence to his masters whether he has what some consider proper documentation, but had this been a problem, such documents could have been easily produced and these would not be questioned. But as you see, they truly don’t care what you and I may think, because what can we do about it anyway?

            Let’s try to imagine a scenario where the “eligibility” question was given a greater showcase and, in accordance with the arguments, the President was found to be in violation of the oath of office and thus subject to impeachment. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that such an outcome would be widely unpopular among the “great unwashed” (as prior elites once referred to the masses) and could lead to a period of unrest – which of course, would be bad for business. (Let’s leave the racial angle out of it although that would further complicate things.) From the standpoint of those who make these decisions, there is little to be gained here, so we cannot expect anything to happen. It does not give me great pleasure to point these things out, but things are what they are. Part of being a responsible adult is to come to grips with basic reality. I realize, however, that most of us are governed by images we see on television (and now the Internet) and understand little of how things actually work behind the cameras, but the powerful have long understood this. Consider the Roman maxim of “bread and circuses” being all that was necessary to placate the public, or perhaps Benjamin Disraeli’s admission that “For you see, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

            As for this McRae fellow, I am not moved by those who cite him as any kind of authority. He belongs to a group that is blatantly bigoted and has thus made it impossible to consider anything he has to say with any degree of credulity. This whole “Kenyan birth” caper is nothing more than a fraud being carried out by those who know that some will lap it up like so many thirsty dogs – you produce the product that is tailored to your audience in this day and age, where nothing ever needs to be proven true. It goes back to my earlier point that far too few people today even bother to consider any viewpoint that they do not agree with a priori – and thus foolishly consider themselves to be “informed.” Of course, this circumstance does very little to alter the power arrangements – only education and greater understanding will give anyone even the slightest chance to participate in those undertakings.

            So what happens next? LOL … this is sometimes what makes it fun to get up in the morning and watch events unfold, for we don’t really know from day to day. I realize, of course, that having elevated myself to a reasonably comfortable existence, I am not as troubled as some might be over various developments (e.g. “Obama care”). But it has also been my experience that the US system is geared to repair itself as necessary from time to time. The entire nature of the procurement of health care services in the US is woefully inefficient and the leadership knew it would be necessary to confront this. Of course, they would not “get it right the first time” and the more able among them knew this. (Obviously, I leave out the political class here as they are mostly just playing to the cameras.) But I am also one who is mostly optimistic about the future of the US and the world. Even though there are great problems, all of them can be overcome – all in all I would rather be alive today than at any point in the past.

          • johnob1

            Dear Melia Sese,

            As I mentioned earlier, you are indeed a remarkable woman. I love and appreciate the manner in which you articulate American history. I have no counter argument as you have enlighten us with the truth.

            In spite of J.Edgar Hoover’s short comings, I can only judge him on his achievements as the United States Director of the FBI prior to and during his vigilance during the Second World War. I’m also aware that he had black mailed every U.S. President in order to secure his position as Director of the FBI. This act covers pretty much of what you stated; I’ve always believed every politician has a certain degree of political larceny in them. It reminds me of a comedian who said to Ronald W. Reagan before he became U.S. President; “You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t curse, you don’t take bribes; you’ll never be president.” I thought you might appreciate this little humor which turned out to be true Melia.

            Melia, this nation would be an even greater country if only the government would keep their hands off private businesses and the individual citizen. Anytime a government seeks lust for power and control over the people, the country eventually falls apart.

            I always keep asking myself, why are people so blind that they fail to learn from past history when great nations have destroyed themselves as a result of greed, corruption, and the total moral decadence that we are experiencing today in America? I know we live in a changing world but; the change is not for the better–it is getting worse everyday compare to the America I knew.

            As for the foreign-born Barack Hussein Obama II, I’ve been conducting my own research since 2008 because this person was completely unknown. And I never vote for any mysterious individual I know nothing about. Most of his early background had been deliberately blocked under the so-called “Privacy Act,” for which, made it impossible to check his passports and his schooling years in Indonesia. Whenever you attempt to conceal your background, there is sound legitimate reason for “suspicion.”

            Melia, most of us who read your post are appreciative of your wisdom and knowledge as it gives many of us a great deal to think about as to where this nation is heading. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.


            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

  • The_American_Way

    Please, I beg you, shut it down.

    Obama is whining about the sequester that he help develop and bring to Congress and get passed into a law. For you low information voters, the sequester is an $85 billion cut in spending.

    It could have been avoided if Obama had created a budget that would have reduced spending levels but the profligate president never met a spending cut that he liked.

    For many of us, we find anything that starts to reduce the OUT OF CONTROL spending by Obama a good thing. Barack Obama and the government are currently spending 40% more money than it is taking in. This is unconscionable!

    I want to point out that very little (next to nothing) is being done abut government corruption, government waste and government efficiency and duplicity. This is a crime.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not a coincidence that the words Obama Nation and abomination are so similar.

    • richardwfaith

      Have you ever wondered why I spell his name “obamA” even though the website’s built-in spell-checker FIGHTS ME TOOTH AND NAIL OVER THIS EVERY STINKING TIME? It’s really simple: I include a capital letter as a tongue-in-cheek “acknowledgement” of the rule that requires a capital letter to be in a name, but I go LIGHT YEARS OUT OF MY WAY to make SURE that it’s the LAST letter rather than the first. My intent is to display the fact that I am SATURATED with DISRESPECT and CONTEMPT for that SO-CALLED “person”.

  • Take 2

    We have witnessed the immaturity of the abandoned Islamist boy from east, African roots via Indonesia…No more baby sitting for College level single Parents with babies… or no more little kids touring the White House… but purchasing BILLIONS of g2 Female Condoms that females will never wear is smart business practice.

    Let’s just remain in a confused state of mind conditioning i.e. in an Indonesian jungle playing with boi Barack’s pet Monkey-Ta Ta!

  • LK

    Obama Considering Government Shut-Down?

    obama the decision to lie and use cocaine is the decision to become a thief and addict.Trust you NO!

    It was once fashionable to claim that scientific progress was the result of applying a series of steps called the (scientific method). In this view, science is a sequence of logical either/or steps, each step rejecting one of two incompatible alternatives. Trial-and-error testing could inevitably lead one through a maze of uncertainty. If this view were indeed true, a computer could be programmed to be a good scientist–but science is not done this way. If you ask successful scientists how they do their work, you will find that without exception they design experiments with a good idea of how their experiments are going to come out. Not just any hypothesis is tested, but rather a hunch or educated guess based on all the scientist knows and that allows their imagination full play. Because insight and imagination are important in scientific progress, some scientists are better than others.

  • Navy Vet

    Shutting down the federal government would be best for the country. At least when the government is idle, they won’t be doing any further damage to America.

  • James Maxwell

    Yea, right he going to lay off all of his minions and not pay then for a day or two. Like that will
    happen. It would effect his Czars and not let them push forward with their destruction of our
    nation for a few days. Considering the damage done to our nation by omarxist and his minions
    shutting down the government would mean that we would probably not incur any additional
    debt while they were shut down.

  • jime1

    SHUT IT DOWN !! Might be the best thing to happen in a very long time. Maybe folks would finally wake up and realize just how down the WRONG road (the ROAD to HE$$) we have actually traveled!

  • TomN

    A government shutdown? Would we notice?

    • richardwfaith

      Things could only get better.

  • Sam

    SURE, go ahead obamy! Halt all travel for ANYONE in the White House (including yourself and family). Maybe military rations for you, the family and all the white house staff as well. Let most of the Washington staff go (Michael can cook for you and the kids). Sounds like a plan as long as YOU tighten your belt as WELL!

    • okihadit

      HE’LL BE FINE NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, we will be the ones to suffer you nut cases.

  • jim_shipley

    HE better be careful. If the people figure out how much better off they are without the federal government they could all lose their jobs.

  • Jeff

    If only…perhaps Obama will take a stand against the Republicans, force their hand.

    Reality is, shutting down the government will not hurt politicians. It will hurt the average Joe, it will hurt the economy. There will be few winners and many losers.

  • skeeter

    personally they all need to go take a very, very, long breck without pay!!!!!!!

    • richardwfaith

      What “they all need” is to take a very long walk off a very short pier.

  • ron44

    only thing needs shutting down is obama and his pack of lies.


    Excellent, a government shut down would encourage a tax revolt and probably the replacement of many holding congressional seats as well as a really hard look at the credentials of the Faker in the WH…..bring it on dipwad….

  • Que Dub

    SHUT er DOWN !!!!! We do not need you, nobamma goobermint!!! You done 4 1/2 years of damage to the USA , spent our money , scandals, scandals, scandals, PETA, EPA, 100’s exec orders, breaking laws, not enforcing laws, dividing our country, AND a lot of is this NOT reversible !!!

    • Que Dub

      Forgot !!! MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD, many states !!!

  • Rick

    Shut it down and forget about paying Obama and NO more Vacations, See how long that shutdown will last

  • Chris

    All he does is run his yap with empty worn out speeches, bully people, and play golf. Shut it down.

  • Daniel Gray

    Let him try. All the republicans have to do is show that this sequester was his idea and keep hammering him with it and this will blow up in his face! Even liberals cannot blame republicans for doing what the president wanted as if they try this, then the republicans can clearly show the democrats dont know what they hell they want, they demand something and if you refuse they get upset, you give it to them and they get upset. So the republicans need to keep hammering the point to the public that “see, Obama wanted this and we gave it to him, and now that it has happened; he is now complaining about it. How can you trust people like this?”

  • daanerud

    When the government shuts down, will this also include the US Treasury?
    I surely hope so.
    No checks for the corrupt administration, and no back pay.
    This would be a great step forward to a constitutionally required balanced budget.

    • okihadit


  • Breeze13

    Please, shut it down! obama and holder can stand outside the WH with a spray bottle and dirty rags and clean windshields of cars going by for tips.

  • sgtshel

    Shutting down the government just makes it offical! This government has been a train wreck since Obambe was elected! This will divide the country even more than it is today! And that’s what this presidentless leader wants! Take away the free stuff–and martrial law can be declared! And then you have Obambe for ever!!

  • PattyCakes

    Good … shut it down BOY …. don’t just flap your mouth, shut it down.

    Here’s how it WILL go …. ‘ ‘Publicans want to cut off your Social Security check, but I’m trying to stop them ‘

  • cbond01

    Shut it down and save Americans hundreds of $ BILLIONS $ each and every day they keep them from squandering your tax dollars. They would have a stroke if they could not SPEND ( WASTE ) $ BILLIONS $ every day. They are like termites, if untreated ( if unchecked ), can eat your whole house ( economy ) unless they are cut off from getting their daily moisture ( MONEY ) . That would be one way to get them from power to destroy YOUR Whole Country.

    • Sunshine49

      The threat is meant to scare the hundreds of thousands who depend on the government for assistance or a paycheck from the “central” government. It may put a damper on state and local jobs, but there is no reason for any of them to shut down completely. Even welfare help like food stamps shouldn’t stop unless the government shut down for over a month.

      Most states run their own welfare programs and get matching funds from the government. The ones that will be hit the hardest is social security recipients because it comes directly through the “central” government. Again, that would only be if the “central” government shut down for over a month.

      This is only scare tactics by the government on the people!

  • dontjst

    Obama put forth the Sequester with dire threats and the conservatives called his bluff. Not much happened considering the magnitude of his threats. If we call his bluff again, I might not get my SS until we get a decent president but I can live on beans and rice!

  • daanerud

    The statement was a question.
    Should it be implemented? This would be a step in the right direction to hold the administration accountable.

  • Robert James

    PLEASE shut down the obamabrothaHOOD. I can guarantee we will not miss you. Not in the least. In fact shut it down until the end of your term obammi the commi.

  • violater1

    He does not have the balls to shut it down! This is his bullshiit rhetoric! For My part I say Bring it and see if does not fall just as Morsi the obama monkey fell! BRING IT obama YOU ARE ALL MOUTH JUST LIKE YOUR MUSLIM BLACK PANTHERS! BRING IT IF YOU GOT THE BALLS!

  • Frank W Brown

    What a GREAT idea, shut down the government long enough to ARREST or IMPEACH the usurper, then get to work saving the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Congress, where’s your BALLS???

  • Antogeny

    A government shutdown? Think of the harm that wouldn’t be done! Sounds like a great plan to me!

  • jr1776

    We just say you cant have our guns, so stop trying.

  • jaxtom

    Will this shut down his bodyguards, golf caddies, wife’s trips, etc.? Didn’t think so…

  • sovereigntyofone

    ” Obama Considering Government Shut-Down”
    Okay, let’s go for it. Lets start with Obama… you’re fired
    Joe Biden… your fired and placed in a mental institution.
    Harry Reid… you’re fired
    Nancy Pelosi…. you’re fired and placed in a mental institution.
    John Boehner …. you’re fired
    All redundant departments of government…. you’re fired.
    Supreme Court Justice Roberts… you’re fired
    While we’re at it the rest of the Supreme Court Justices are put on 90 day notice if they don’t clean up their acts… they’re fired as well.
    In any company when they are considering a ” shut – down ” get rid of all the excess dead wood that costs the company the most. The above are just a few that we could start with.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Oldtymepatriot

    What I want to know is when are the eunuchs in Congress going to impeach and remove the traitor from the office he is illegally occupying.

  • H. Gillingham

    Sounds to me like Obama just wants another vacation. If the government can be “shut-down”, then apparently NONE of it’s functions are really necessary. Sounds like a union tactic to me… “If they won’t give us what we want, we’ll just stop working and go on STRIKE!”

    Personally, I like the idea… under THESE conditions:
    1. All pay and allowances for civilian employees of the federal government – including ALL members of Congress – are eliminated for the span of their absence. (We can put those billions of dollars to good use reducing the national debt!)

    2. No foreign aid payments will be made during the duration of the “strike”.

    3. If the shut-down lasts for more than 30 days, staffing of all Departments will be reduced by 50%, and replaced by members of the military and civilian volunteers.

    4. The Governors of the border states of Kalifornia, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will position their respective National Guard along their southern border, with orders to ENFORCE our immigration laws. The Governors of our northern border states will do the same. Seaboard states will use National Guard troops at all ports, and the Coast Guard will inspect all arriving ships prior to docking.

    The appetite of our Behemoth Federal Government is insatiable. It only exists because We the People continue to feed it. Perhaps we should reduce the fiscal diet in order that it may become leaner and healthier?

  • J J

    Well, we see the result of his idea of the sequester and how it affected some people and industries (specifically, the ones Obama wanted to get rid of the most – the military)!!! So why not play games using American’s lives and livelihoods as the pawns?? How many more crisis / scandals will Obama create to help him get his way?? Obama is proving to be a spoiled child who knows nothing about his job or economics but has a horrible vision that he wants to create and he has 3 more years to create it.

    Does shutting down the government mean that Air Force One would be grounded???

  • barleywheets

    So let’s shut down the government & make very SURE that Obama cannot spend even 1 single penny on anything.. vacations, clothes .. etc… !!

  • AppraisHer

    Time to call the half-breeds bluff. Let it burn!