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Exxon Mobil predicts surge in hybrid vehicles

One out of every two cars will be either hybrids or some other alternative-fuel vehicle by 2040, Exxon Mobil predicted Thursday.

Hybrids, which rely on both gas and electricity for power, currently account for less than 1 percent of all vehicles on the world’s roads. They should move into the mainstream as governments boost fuel-efficiency requirements, Exxon said.

Power for those hybrids, along with other vehicles and a growing number of households around the world, will increasingly come from natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable energy sources like wind, Exxon said in its closely watched annual long-term energy outlook.

But the largest publicly traded oil company also makes clear that oil will remain king of the energy world for many years.

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  • http://Conservativebyte Ken

    Why waste time on our present hybrids when an engine can be run on frequency burning salt water or other water products or compressed air or a car that gives approxiamently 300 mpg on pure turbo charged diesel?I understand this electric is a joke as it gives no more performance since Telsa,s time a 100 years ago

    • AliveStillKickin

      Totally agree…Why not a Hybrid that runs on Gasoline and compressed air…..or for the real green moron…..electricity and compressed air?
      BTW…..If the electric cars are exploding…..just think what a large tank of compressed air is going to do when punctured….I mean….even your little hairspray can says, “WARNING!!!….DO NOT PUNCTURE CAN!!”
      Again….the liberal idiots are fixing what already works.

      Frying Pan/Fire

  • Dingbat36

    LOL and how is the consumer to have any confidence in the electrics when they “blew up” in crash tests?!

  • J.M.R.

    the chimp doesn’t care if you live through a crash just so you do what he wants

  • Halo9x

    The current hybrid model of gas/electric works very well. Toyota still has the best hybrids on the planet! I’m on my 5th year and couldn’t be happier. I average 45mpg which does help at the pump. There have been no problems with the battery or anything else. I’d take it over the Volt any day! At least my battery won’t explode!!!

  • heath

    I think the hybrids are a joke. i drive a 2001 VW Golf and I get way more MPGs then these hybrids. If VW ever puts an electric assist on these cars then no one will be able to come close to their fuel economy. They now have opposed piston engines that are 2 cylinder and 4 piston that will replace a 4 cylinder. 2 of these side by side will replace an 8 cylinder. when they hit mainstream they will transform the automobile industry for good. see for yourself at