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Reid defends Obamacare exemption for Congress: ‘That’s what the law says’


Senate majority leader Harry Reid defended the special Obamacare exemptions carved out for lawmakers and their staff on Thursday during a Capitol press conference, insisting that Congress members and staff will participate in Obamacare’s exchanges.

Responding to the hoopla surrounding the health insurance policies on Capitol Hill, the Nevada Democrat flatly stated Thursday, “That’s what the law says, and we’ll be part of that.”

Reid said the Republicans and critics are just using the issue as a “diversion” to “try and embarrass the president.”

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  • jerry1944

    Of course that what it says , they change it to read the way they want. That why the reps need to defund obmbao care with the same thing change the law are rules so they can defund it, Remember the unions want the same thing so before long it will just be the poor average joe and usw old ppl, oo yea we are already on the death list never mind then. Thanks gop for put Romney the father of healthcare up so we lose

    • americanpride

      Agreed jerry 44….

  • Hydro

    His statement will become as moronic as Pelosi’s We have to pass the Bill before we can see whats in it.

  • Ellen

    No, SCUMBAG Harry! You have been in Congress for 100 years and should KNOW that Amendment 28 says: CONGRESS shall MAKE no law that applies to the citizens of the U.S. that DOES NOT apply equally to SENATORS or REPRESENTATIVES and Congress shall make no law that applies to SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. The lowly U.s. citizens are supposed to take ODUMBOCARE while you the elite in Washington keep your gold-plated healthcare coverages. And that includes the scumbags in the white house, too. And ALL other groups that seem to be getting a waiver!

    What’s FAIR about that!!
    Like you said, the real EXTREMISTS are in the WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS!!

    • john

      they passed it
      they own it
      especially they should not be exempt from it

      • Mario Angelino

        They are not, but subsidizing them 70% on top of what they make is ludicrous. Congress makes 170,000+ per year but middle class American cannot get subsidized because we would need a special exemption like congress got.

  • George Wentzel

    So when does the law mean anything?

  • koko

    More lies!

  • sean murry

    harry dont lie to us we know better vyou sound like the moron box tox face.

  • VanceJ

    You can’t embarrass that arse wipe.

  • jime1

    That is exactly the problem you idiot. You worthless bast6rds wrote it to protect yourselves and the &ell with Joe citizen. Why are you despised? Three guesses !!!

  • WhiteFalcon

    The Constitution says that there will be equal protection under the law. That means that all of us will be equally subject to the same laws. When the Congress excludes themselves from laws they violate this very important principal, which makes it unconstitutional. There are many reasons to void this very stupid law and that is just one.

  • jong

    Not this time Hairy. And at each delay we gain power and you lose it. And as for the law between you and Obama and the rest of his thugs you have broken every one of them except for maybe not spitting on the sidewalk.,

  • shannon853

    time to do as colorado did to gun control reps. RECALL REID POLESI, BOXER, FEINSTEIN ETC! REMOVE THE SCUM!

    • anglelou

      That will take in approximately 90% of Congress! We have to do it – If Colorado has the courage to stand up – we all should!

  • Alan

    Republicans don’t have to try to embarrass the president, he manages to do it himself on a daily basis, every time he opens his mouth.

  • LoneStar

    We cannot Defeat the Villians that have taken over our Governmant alone, but we can if all of us stand together as ONE. Flood all the Republicans and democrats with e-mails and phone calls. Let them know we are here and we mean business. The USA is Freedoms last stand. If we lose our freedom here, there is no where left to go.

    • anglelou

      That also goes for signing petitions that require the DEFUNDING OF OBAMACARE!
      Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have a website – sign their petition NOW – 70% OF Americans do not want this horrendous bill that is really little to do with health – it has to do with the government control of you – your body, your money, your doctor.

  • agbjr

    Well, gee, if that’s what the law says then … hey, Harry ol’ boy! The Fugitive Slave Act was the law. The Dred Scott ruling was the law. The Plessy vs Ferguson ruling was the law. Well, liberals, shouldn’t we have obeyed those laws, too?

    Liberalism truly is a mental illness … and totally incompatible with the Constitution of OUR Republic.

  • anglelou

    What about the Constitution Harry? I guess in your doddering mental incapacity you have forgotten all that America was founded upon and stuck your nose so far up Obama’s—-that you make statements such as this!
    For God’s sake Nevada – get this man out of the government – recall him, impeach him, retire him and put him where he belongs – in a home for the mentally deranged.

  • spider77

    Obama is an embarrassment, just like Reid, Pelosi, Biden – they are all bastards and should be shot and quarters, and thrown in a garbage dump for burial. What a bunch of jackasses.

  • ynot202

    That old fa*t is defending the law? Only when it suits him.

  • billwhit1357

    Harry can’t go a day without sucking off Obama, can he? This is the same attitude that got the upper class slaughtered in France during the Revolution, these high and mighty jerkoffs think they are above everyone else, well, we will see how high and mighty you are when our boots are stomping your pathetic faces into the mud, you traitorous Ba$tards!

  • USAmerican

    Regretfully. whore house harry is one of my senators. Of course he doesn’t want obama care foisted upon himself like Social Security or any of the other government programs that Joe Blow must adhere to. He is elite! He was once a common person but now he is a peasant no more.

  • J J

    Harry Reid is a despicable, arrogant, selfish little man who has become extremely wealthy on the backs of Americans. For him to make these statements is obnoxious – he is a lawmaker – which says that he could change the laws instead of taking advantage of them….he could actually care about his constituents (and the rest of America) instead of making money off of them, taking jobs away from them, crushing the American dream. Harry is another (of many) arrogant, selfish, pathetic politician who needs to get out of the way of recovery and progress for America!! If the law says that the lawmakers should be exempted from the horrible law they passed, that shows such disdain on the part of lawmakers for the ignorant people who keep putting him in the position of being able to become the millionaire he is at the expense of the lowly, struggling taxpayer!!!

  • jzandensky

    I wish an avil would fall out of the sky and smash this guy’s head.

  • Gregory Tbd

    Fk you Harry! Elitist POS!

  • Betty Lusinger

    Republicans do not need to “embarrass” the president”. He can do it all by himself.
    I read that that Obamacare was amended to exclude the government officials. Can’t the change it back?

  • jerryhulick

    Hey Fairly the law sucks and needs to be changed. Just to make you, pigloisi and the burr head half breed suck rocks.