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News copter report helps family save livestock from Colo. floods


Aerial footage of the flooding in Colorado was hard for area farm and ranch owners to see, but at least one family also found hope when they saw their neighbor’s livestock were ok, although stranded, during the news report.

The flooding east of Ft. Collins was filmed by Copter4 on CBS4 News Friday. Of the video shown, some footage included horses and cattle standing in flood waters.

CBS4 News reports the neighborhood rallied around the owners, showing up with trucks and trailers to help move the stranded livestock. The horses were moved first, transported with the help of a boat to guide the animals to higher ground on Saturday. The crew returned Sunday to successfully transport about 70 cattle out of the flooded area.

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  • sean murry

    Good nieghbors help each other.

  • rehabber

    Oh gosh, you mean obama’s government did not do this?? It was like it should be, neighbors helping each other.

  • Ed Orr

    Somehow B.O. will take credit for this and blame the floods on Putin, Bush or veterans.