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Truckers organizing to shut down America, DC for 3 days


A group of freedom-loving truckers appearing almost to have accepted a baton from the 9/11 Two Million Biker D.C. rally. They plan to shut down America on the weekend of Oct. 11-13, by calling a trucking general strike.

Four days after the crowded Sept. 11 biker rally that far surpassed the paltry showing at the so-called “Million Muslim March,” the truckers set up a Facebook page, “Truckers To Shut Down America.”

The page describes its mission this way:

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!

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  • Ed Orr

    Finally it has actually begun. Certainly more demonstrations will follow and the narcissist in chief will blame everything on the TEA Party, those awful members in the House and other of his favorite targets for blame. I for one will not buy anything nor even go out of my house nor sell anything in support of the truckers over the scheduled weekend. Anyone who gets pizzed off at their possibly being slowed down should remember that the truckers want the same things we do. They can make a much larger statement which cannot be ignored. If the truckers are successful in totally shutting down D.C.even B.O. cannot ignore them.

    • glwood

      I’m married to a trucker and was one for awhile. Like we say “If you got it, a truck brought it”.

      • Ed Orr

        One of my fellow Vietnam vets was also a big rig trucker but did not like dealing with another war with the government and all its regulations so she quit.

    • Washington22

      My God America is beautiful! I only wish I didn’t have to wait until Oct to see it happen. Of course, the media will ignore it. But maybe it will cause so much disruption, they can’t. Blessings to you, Ed.

      • The duck

        Truckers did something like this before clogging DC with Big Rigs. Forgot just what it was for then, except Big Brother was getting in the way of free enterprise somehow. Go for it drivers, I’m with you and won’t buy anything that weekend.

  • RalphMalph

    Truckers need only shut down one segment of life …. fuel refineries.

    No fuel, nothing moves …. shut ‘em down.

    I see the Truck Nazi’s day-in,- day-out, harassing truckers, doing anything possible to fabricate paperwork and a Citation.

    The CDL was the worst thing that ever happened to trucking … did nothing but Devalue a drivers record + experience. Now, you got a pulse, we’ll get you a CDL !

    ” We can start you out here at Next-to-Nothing. With diligence and some hard work, in 20 or 30 years you can be making almost double that much “

  • Ellen

    GIT ‘ER DONE TRUCKERS!!!! We support you.

  • sean murry

    More demonstration will fellow it is time to speak out against obummer and his thugs.

    • The duck

      Exactly we need to storm DC by the millions protesting and if accosted by any law officer we need to cuff him to a post with his own hand cuffs. I mean really shut down DC and visit the White House enforce and do our own tour.

  • jdbixii

    It is obvious that Washington is not getting the message and that push has come to shove. Apparently, waste is the only thing that Washington understands.

  • Docs357

    I am with these truckers 1000 % shut this sucker down.

  • Glenn

    Obama and his so called republican counter parts have just about done this already in the name of safety and regulation and taxation !

  • jong

    Reminds me of another moronic demoncrat. Carter. As each part of society is “reporting in” we are getting more than enough people that are pissed to have a revolution that goes much further than just the Tea Party. This is not me speaking this is History telling the liberals that they have really only a very slim percentage and the rest of us are waking up and do not like it that they think that GOD is dead and they have replaced him.

    • Ed Orr

      Spell GOD backwards and that is what we have as a president who by the way chases his tail and shadows just as much. He needs to be leashed from the branch of a tree ten feet off the ground ala Mussolini.

  • Silas Longshot

    A three day weekend off for truckers? Far as I can tell, most independent truckers live paycheck to paycheck, like most of the rest of us, so this will be a sacrifice for a lot of them who participate. What would be most effective for this show is to get your logistics people to halt all freight into DC, or anywhere within 100 miles of that cesspool. That’s ALL freight, gas tankers, supply trucks to Walmart (but they’re not independent, I suspect) to get the attention of the rulers instead of harassing the general population with this action. Disrupting business for mom & pop in Podunk, Iowa won’t win truckers any points.

    • disgusted demacrat

      Right you are): I ‘ve said this for years,cut off the toilet paper to the Congressmans wife and there will be hell to pay.Boycott the DC, area !!

    • Washington22

      As far as the “general population” being disrupted, WE DON’T MIND. We’re all in………In fact, if you know a trucker who is participating, invite them for a free bar b que at your house and celebrate his sacrifice…………….All of us sacrifice on some level and this is small in comparison to what it gains…….I can’t believe that we didn’t think of this sooner. Trucking is the heart beat of America and this will send a message.

  • Rabelrouser

    The message of this event should be sent to everyone you know with a request to participate in support of those who will take part in DeCeit.
    No Shopping, NoBanking, No Gas Purchases, Call in Sick, NOTHING!!!
    This message is already resounding on many sites I visit, but has to be pushed further by everyone who reads about it. And the funny thing is, the normal (not that they are) liberal “mouthpeices” who try to disrupt the conversation on the sites and blogs with their rants are not commenting.
    Maybe those who are holding the Impeach obama rallys will also so so on that weekend.This would be a perfect showing of the American Peoples disgust with the politicians, their policies, and the way they seem to be working in concert to destroy this Republic.
    Stand Up, Speak Up, fight back with the pocketbook!

    • Washington22

      It would also be a good day for the “overpass” folk with the signs to be on those bridges, displaying their wares. Actually it could be a national day of “erruption”. All kinds of other groups should take advantage and organize to protest. There’s time to plan and organize. Let Oct 11 thru 13 be a nation wide protest toward Washington DC and it’s occupants. America is rising………………

  • Navy Vet

    This is a GREAT thing to do for America. I hope they are able to shut down the beltway totally and “corral” the corruption that Washington D.C. is famous for. This is a good example of GOOD MEN fighting evil and I support them all the way.

  • Knife10

    I’m in. No commerce. No travel. Americans say NO! to corrupt government.

  • Rickintheforest

    I’m good. God bless the truckers. Those who have previously posted that there will be more demonstrations are correct. Let’s make it happen! Let’s take our country back and remind the politicians and bureaucrats that they work for US.

    • Washington22

      Everyone of us should contact a trucker and tell them we SUPPORT the totally. If you don’t know a trucker, call some company and meet one……………spread the word…….

  • reggiec

    You do not have to be a trucker to stay at home those days. Buy what you need for some BBQs then stay home do some fall cleanup and follow the truckers example. I am and so are many of my non-trucker friends.

    • Washington22

      add some beers and friends and a TV to watch so you don’t miss the “event”. It could be a very fun American experience. And don’t forget to fly your flags………….

      • nancy gray

        TV??? Yeah I noticed all the tv coverage the biker got, Sarc!

      • anglelou

        Many Americans “forgot” to fly their flags on July 4th and Memorial Day…fear of what?

  • Washington22

    I’m all in on this! Yes, Yes, Yes………….Short of marching on Washington DC, this is STRONG, it makes a huge statement and it should have been thought of long ago. It is great! Oct 11 thru 13 is on my calendar. Tell everyone you know who cares about America to help make this SHOW of AMERICANS uniting together, even your church pastor needs to announce it in Church. We voters need to “tweek” things in the Whitehouse……. similar to “Chick fil a” day. It is Americans coming together, showing our strength and our voice, because they sure aren’t listening. They need to “feel” us.

  • gbandy

    There is a list of Liberal Truck drivers. Only two names.

  • babbott

    It would be good to see one of those empty semi’s loading up all the trash in Washington and hauling it out of there. Of course, it might take two semi’s because there is a LOT of trash in that one spot.

    • anglelou

      There is a hell of a lot of trash in Wash.DC – you can find most of it in the halls of Congress and the WH.

      • babbott

        anglelou, that is exactly the trash I was talking about–in the halls of Congress and the WH.

  • Washington22

    Actually the truckers should shut down the entire USA for three days………..not just WDC. I’m not sure it makes a big enough statement. Washington will survive just fine, and it will barely interupt commerce. I’m not sure this will have much of an impact………….anybody else?

  • daveveselenak

    Aah, my pleas have been answered! I have suggested long ago that we need a national work stoppage and the states, at least the conservative ones should start manning militias; now we have to spread the word that those lucky individuals that are still working should stay home and like it says, everybody should refrain from buying anything during this time! United we stand, divided we fall. We must let “Moscow West” start fearing “US” as we have been brainwashed into fearing them – TYRANNY! It is late in the game and if we don’t pull it off now, you, your children and your grandchildren WILL be wards of the TOTALITARIAN STATE! – we are almost there!

  • al1949

    I am with the truckers on this one, but I seriously doubt anything will come of it. Things like this have surfaced before, like no one will buy gas this weekend and plain and simple there is never any impact as most people will buy it if they need it. I wish them luck and I’m in!

    • anglelou

      I think the Bikers had a great impact on this country – their obvious patriotism and willingness to stand up for America. The truckers will have an effect – the fact that they have the courage to do so is admirable. I am with them 100%.

  • Maidservant Huldah

    Praise the Lord for True Patriots!

    Time is running short for the world as we have known it. It is now time for us to choose which side of the fence we are going to be on. You are either with Christ or with the the world.

    James 4:4 You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the
    world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend
    of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

    See the article The Christian Case for Self Defense

  • Jeff

    The million muslim march was nothing just a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Alex Jones would have fit in nicely there, because it was mostly a bunch of caucasians and a handful of black people. Oh there were a couple muslims in attendance too.

    A general strike…that’s what unions do and conservatives whine about it. Oh the irony.

  • anglelou

    I praise the Truckers! Seems we now have two groups of REAL patriots – not afraid – no fear – will stand up for this country!…which is more than a lot of American’s who don’t even want to put their name on a petition to stop Obamacare/1…even though Obamacare if funded will cause so much heartache, health problems and fees and fines and ultimate tyranny – you will be in government control of your health, your doctor and they will decide if you deserve treatment or not.

  • Graywolf12

    Help people understand this is not to hurt them, it is against an untruthful government that is not looking out for your betterment. Everyone needs to stock up on food as it will be gone fast. The elderly may need help to stock up with a very limited income. If you can help please do so. If we all stick together we win. Go Truckers.