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U.S. Defense Cuts Could Cost 1.5M Jobs

U.S. defense cuts that begin in the 2012 budget will ultimately cost up to 800,000 jobs, and additional spending reductions could push that figure to 1.5 million over the next decade, a top Republican lawmaker testified Tuesday.
Representative Buck McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said his panel estimated the initial $489 billion in defense cuts approved by Congress would cost 100,000 military jobs, mostly Army and Marines, as well as 200,000 civilian defense jobs and 500,000 defense industry positions.

“We’re looking at … between 700,000 and 800,000 jobs,” McKeon told the House of Representatives Rules Committee during testimony about the compromise National Defense Authorization Act approved on Monday by House and Senate negotiators.

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  • David Stovall

    It is ok to cut unnecessary military jobs , but just the fat , not the muscle. I do not trust either the Republicans or the Democrats with their opposite agendas. But this is certainly a subject to er toward safety. I distrust the Republicans a little less. I greatly distrust Obama.

    • Pat

      you are so right cut the fat what do these clowns know about the military dems or repubs less then probably 95% have even been in the military. This is another ploy for Obamas re election he knows it is a sensitive issue with voters especially the young who do not have enough knowledge. & or common sense.

      • Peggy

        Not only do they NOT knowledge or common sense, they just don’t CARE!!

        • daz

          These people are liars, there are no cuts in defense planned only a reduction in the planned increase. Baseline budgeting adds 7% to the budgets of Federal departments each year, thats why we are bankrupt along with massive increases in spending above the baseline! They are only talking about reducing the baseline for the defense a little, it would still grow enormously. Its all just alot of scare tactics for you sheeple to get you to cry out over the reductions like good little useful idiots!!!

          • SweetOlBob

            Daz: What you say may be, but I haven’t seen the proposed bill, true. But here we are in a time when we have seen our supposed Commander in Chief bash and apologize for America to every dictator and theocracy on earth and take obvious steps to weaken America by deliberately insulting and ignoring our best allies. He won’t even prove his legality to be the chief executive.
            He has knowingly and openly lied to the American people on many occasions. He has laid the groundwork to use his presidential powers to govern without the interference of Congress.

            Now you want us to believe that a reduction of ANY kind in national defense is not another one of his growndwork manuevers to get the public accustomed to further defense cuts ?? Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Xavier Pattonson

      We spend more on military than all the countries in the world COMBINED–we need a defensive military with a draft and not mercenary army of high pay–the draftees get paid one amount virtually as volunteers, the ones not drafted get paid more and we pair down and eliminate Nixon’s scam…tie it in with a national service, we all owe this debt in some way to the Country, not just the ones who want to go or need the job, serving the country is a duty in return for what it gives and should be a requirement. If we have a reluctant army, we will be a more peaceful and happier people and the politicians must pay better attention to how they abuse our lives and dollars.

      • ldmstr

        Reluctant army??? where did you get the idea that the Army is anything but reluctant. No soldier is looking to go to war. People die on both sides in war and no soldier looks forward to losing friends of family in a war. It is the government that dictates when an Army goes to war and they hold the responsibility for the outcome. As to reducing the miitary budget, remember we do not want to be the policemen of the world, but our economy is world based. If we pull back we that the risk of letting the bad guys of the world gain control of vital resources the world needs. If we let China gain control of Africa and its resources we will loose in the end. We can cut some fat out of the budget. Did you know there are large research projects in the budget that have nothing to do with defence but keep many colleges and universities in business. Cut those programs and we might save 15 % ofthe budget. As to an all volunteer military, we choose to join the military which gives us people who want to be there and want to service. Forced enlistment will only give us a military that does not wish to serve and will not be a benefit to the country. Plus Congress will always leave a loophole for those who do not wish to serve and take an exemption for collegeor some other excuse. Finally do not insult those who serve and get paid what Congress decides is fair. Those who volunteer to serve should be paid well because they are doing what a majority of AMericans refuse to do; lay their lives on the line everyday. So respect their service, do not denie them their due!!!

      • 888

        The draft is the last thing we need right now. The draftee IS the reluctant soldier, marine, airman or sailor simply because he or she is forced into the military. Our volunteer forces, with all its warts and flaws as natural in any assemblage or organization, is still the greatest in humankind in terms of technical skills, morals and values. Let’s not mess that up by instituting the draft again.

      • wdb

        If you want a drafted military, I suppose you want a fire fighters and pilots drafted also. Personally I want highly trained volunteers how are there because they want to do the job, not because they have too.

      • Amy D. Bernard

        Xavier do you even know what the current pay rate is for a private?
        Right now the monthly pay is $1357.00 before taxes. Yes the military personnel pay taxes. That is under $340 a week. How is a person supposed to even begin a family at the rate pray tell?
        By the way Xavier the poverty rate as of 2010 is just over $22,000 per year, a private makes just under $16,300 a year. I can’t see where that would qualify as being a “mercenary army of high pay”.
        Before you spout such drivel again you might want to check your facts.

        • Linda

          Isn’t is funny how some people will spout their drivel just because they want to push their point and have no idea what they’re talking about. Defense of the country is the number one job of the federal government. This sounds like a very big cut that will affect a lot of people.

        • Larrya pa

          Amy for a kid out of high school thats not bad they can learn a trade they get free room and board health care and every thing they need at discount price at the PX.

          • gundoctor

            Have you ever tried it? I doubt it. You probably grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth and a golden fork up your butt. Me thinks I smell a liberal air abuser!!

          • SweetOlBob

            Larry pa: When was the last time you checked prices at the PX ?

        • Bundoker

          Great response Amy … the whole issue reminds me of the Vietnam era hippy badmouths who didn’t understand the so called defense establishment was mostly real people, heros not a corporate money funnel …


          Well stated Amy D. Bernard.

          USAF (RET)

        • Bob

          I enlisted in the USAF in 1959 and got paid $89 per month + room & board. My initial clothing was free, but all future expenses you paid out of your own pocket. After serving 4 years and two promotions later my pay was $212 per month. As a civilian in 1959 I made $80 a week before entering the military. I did basicly the same job as airman do now. You will never get rich unless you get to the top ranks in the military.

      • Serenity

        We give up the idea of Freedom when we draft. That is NOT worth the cost. Drafted people do not have their heart in the job, and look for ways to avoid doing it – just look at the destruction of the men who came back from Vietnam. They did not see the goal as worth the effort, and it changed their personalities in harmful ways. When there is a volunteer army – people chose to be there. The hallmark of freedom is choice! I would not want to be defended by someone trying to avoid their job. I want only committed people defending America. The ONE correct function of government is to protect their citizens. Why do they not get out of education, welfare, commerce [except interstate Constitutional arbitration], health, etc and let the individual STATES deal with those – AS THE 10th AMENDMENT says. Then we would have many paths, and be able to objectively chose what works.

        • catman

          Draftee’s don’t have their hearts in it????? Maybe you should check the few WW2 and Korean Vets who were drafted. We didn’t like the idea of the draft, but once in we had our hearts in it……BIG TIME !!! If not altogether for God and Country it was for each other, brother to brother.

      • Patriotic nut

        I don’t know where you get your info from but our military is not “high paid mercenary” and I resent your calling them that. Then you go on to describe the draftees as virtually volunteers. Now I understand, someone left their keyboard unattended and you managed to get out of your rubber room for a few minutes. SHUT THE HE** UP! IDIOT!

        • Bundoker

          Patriotic … Roger that … also if GI jobs were so cushy, we should ask the ‘antis’ why it is so hard to recruit people to save our sorry a**es even when unemplyment is so high.

      • retired air force cop

        Hey Xavier, are you living in la-la0land or what? It’s obvious that you’ve never served in the military, to make such a stupid statement like that!
        Hasn’t it been made perfectly clear to you that it is not us, who mongers war, but those of foreign countries (as well as those within) wish us harm. As a prime example, the muslim clerics and their followers who want to kill all, and I mean all, Jews and Christians as well as any other non-islamic faiths.
        We as Americans need a strong military to keep all fellow Americans safe from harm.
        Also, in order to accomplish this, we need a strong functioning defense industry as well. What do you think all the support and defense material come from, a BIG BAG OF MARIJUANA????

      • David Stovall

        We spend more on everything.

    • Ray Sarchet

      Yes its fine to cut the waste out of the military and we should. But, first we need to
      cut the Federal Gov’t, big time! Just don’t forget that Barack Hussein Obama was and
      is an anti-American Communist who hopes for “GD America”. Right now he is trying
      to sound like an American in order to get re-elected but, if he does it the end of freedom. If that pipeline does not proceed its a serious indicator of what will come.
      That would be the $9 gasoline that he promised and stated that we deserve. That
      would be the third world status that he feels America deserves. We have to get the
      Globalist, Socialist, Communist out of Washington. Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Obama, etc.

      • Ray Sarchet

        Without self reliance in energy, industrial manufacturing and freedom
        from excessive gov’t interferance in business we will see the redistribution of wealth that Obama wants, this includes America’s
        wealth to Africa and any other country except America.

        • Southerner

          Ray the whole of the DEFICIT is created by exactly what you mention! The Runaway State Department headed by Jihadist Hilary has a bigger budget that the Federal Government!

      • DEL


      • David Stovall

        Ray, amen. Federal government has grown and is still growing to unsustainable level, unconstitutional. A government whose only limit is whatever it allows, has no limit. This is where I agree with Ron Paul ( & Michele Bachman). Cut the whole thing.

        • Ralph

          So,granted we need to make cuts in the federal government,but
          anyone dumb enough to listen to what 80 year old out of touch with reality fool whacko Ron Paul and tea party princess goofy
          Michele Bachmann are pushing frankly belongs inn the same nuthouse that Ron Paul & Michele Bachmann need to locked up in.

          • mrrzk

            Dont knock AGE, as with it comes WISDOM AND EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE AND Dr. Paul loves our Country and our CONSTITUTION.

            I believe he could turn our Country around from the mess Obama inherited, but just made worse.

            Give the man a chance. Our Country is more important and in need of TRANSFORMATION FROM SOCIALISM BACK TO UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION AS INTENDED BY OUR FOREFATHERS

        • Southerner

          David you are so correct…..However you cannot stand in front of a freight train and not sustain damage by trying to stop it dead in its tracks…….Ron Paul clearly does not have grasp on those matters and I am very disappointed in Michelle on the thinking in regards to the military. This has to be done by someone who has the sufficient comprehension of the system at hand and the balls to make it happen regardless of the political waves.


        Waste problem is big goverment, every time they need money or a new project they push it into the military budget, so we the people won’t see it and gripe. That is the way they work on everything. Plug it in somewhere where the people can’t bitch. Guess what you the goverment educated us. Now they want to dumb us down because we learned there methods. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, ASAP.

      • Grandmawisdom


    • CAllenDoudna

      They’ve been “cutting the fat” for as long as I can remember. Let me know when they finally get around to cutting it.

      • Ray Sarchet

        Washington Bureaucracy – that’s the fat that they find to hard to cut.

        • jb80538

          That’s easy to find but cutting it is a bit like trying to nail jello to a tree.

      • Southerner

        They are actually cutting us out and building a state for puppets and Islamist! We are the despised fat that hangs off of this socialistic-communist regime in office! If Obamination and his thugs could pull a string and vaporize us they would do it in a New York second!

      • SweetOlBob

        CallenDoudna: Cwngress’ idea of “cutting the fat” is to take pork away from another district and transfer it as pork to their district while standing proudly in the spotlight and proclaiming in a loud voice how much they have helped all of America.

    • AliveStillKickin

      The “FAT” is Obama and all of this administration.
      The “FAT” is in Congress.
      If this fat is cut…the rest may go away

    • Southerner

      They do not have different agendas! the Democrats and Republicans just have different ways of approaching matters! I wrote in College this and was greatly ridiculed…but in my eyes it has been proven over and over:
      The differences in Governments:
      Communism: They show up at your door two soldiers and kick you door down and take what they want!
      Socialism: They come as an Official and a policeman to tell you to give them what they want.
      Democracy: They sit in Washington and delegate a new law for it and mail you the request for what they want:
      But in the end they all take it!


      The framers of the U.S. Constitution often disagreed on details; but they were remarkably united in insisting that the new government should be strong enough to meet its obligations, and safe enough to respect the liberties of the American people.

      It has been obvious from the very beginning that the foreign-born Muslim Communist illegal U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II disagrees with our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution of the American people, including the sovereignty of our Republic. Barack Hussein Obama II’s intent was to destroy America’s ‘economic system’ and the strength of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. And to promote the eventual enslavement of the American people, by surrendering our Republic over to the United Nations (UN) under a New World Order. I stand ready to fight to the death in defense of my country before allowing this to happen.

      Take notice of which U.S. Representatives who have turned traitors by voting with Obama in the destruction of our U.S. military forces. The big important question of our lives; what are “We the People” going to do about it? In the event that most American citizens have forgotten; here’s what our founding Fathers have provided for us in the U.S. Constitution….

      Under the Preamble; “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      How many of you clearly understand the meaning of the above passage? And what do “We the People” must do when our freedom and liberties are threatened by our own domestic U.S. Representatives and its foreign-born leader? In case you are not yet aware of it; we are experiencing acts of “High Treason” on the daily basis by members of both Houses all the way to the White House. Do “We the People” save our Republic or not?

      What will you do to defend and save your country?

      USAF (RET)

      • Southerner

        Good and Accurate Commentation Sir! Thank you MSGT John Correa!

      • ldmstr


        As a veteran of 23 years of service I believe the government should worry about the millions of veterans who argee with you on what we as citizens must be willing to do to protect our way of life. I took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemys both foreign and domestic”. Our government under it’s present leadership are deathly afraid of the military. Hense the wish to disarm veterans attempting to name them terrorists within our own country. Obama is presently disarming the military by bringing back units from Iraq and disbanding units completely. He will down size our military till it is no longer a threat to our enemies abroad and will have a harder time of stopping our enemies within.

        The public has forgotten that “we the people” are the country, and that they are sworen to defend us. They look to the outside world for approval of what they plan for the US. They work hand in hand with the UN in creating the “New World Order”, and will push us into a one world government within the next 10 years. There are both democrats and republicans make these decisions for us and they beleive they are helping us by making these decisions for us. One day we may need to rise up to defend our Constitution and our people. I for one am prepared to defend what I took and oath to defend, and I will fight both our enemies for outside as well as within.

      • Grandmawisdom

        Well spoken, my friend! I’m a great great grandmother, so have experienced every war and “conflict” since WWII! My father was in WWI, and today, I have a nephew in the Navy! Our family has served continuously, since WWI. God Bless America.

    • Southerner

      Why in the hell can’t we just deploy that 1.5 on the border with Mexico and retrieve all the food Stamps to pay for their service! Give them the order to shoot all hostiles and turn all the others back!!! Then let the Border Patrols assist and as well help ICE to deport all the Illegals…what is better than a ready trained work force?????

      • Larry G


      • Randy G

        As George Burns used to say “DO IT.”


        Better yet deploy them around Washington, clean them all out, and chace them across the border, go make it worse someplace else.

    • ABO

      You’re so right, David. The government could easily cut millions just in what the military overpays. Every corrupt company that grossly overcharges should be dumped permanently but that would take campaign contributions out of a lot of politicians pockets and of course we can’t have that going on now can we. You’re absolutely right that it’s both sides that are pulling this crap on us and those responsible need to be removed from office permanently! I distrust the republicans a little less also but those who participate in this practice need to be held responsible, Republican or Democrat. This has been going on for far too long and the fact that it’s costing military jobs is reprehensible.


        All of those private contractors are personal friends of congress and senate. they wont cut money from there pockett.

    • Kirk Wiebe

      With the gross waste and corruption out there, I’m fine with the 200,000 civilian defense jobs and 500,000 defense industry positions going away, but I’m not fine with the 100,000 military jobs, mostly Army and Marines, going away. Cut 100,000 more civilian and defenses industry positions. You’ll not notice a huge change in capability. In fact, it will force efficiency into the broader defense equation.

    • Charlotte Juett

      What really should be debated is the cutting of the Military/Industrial complex. We have become a country so in love with war, becasue this entity makes a killing (in more ways than one) on every bullet fired or bomb dropped. This procedure makes millionaires of the munitions suppliers, but makes us less safe and more distrusted than any other nation on the face of the planet. Force of arms is not the way to promote peace and the Military/Industrial complex never has wanted peace, but more and more continual wars.
      Why are we sacrificing the lives of our youth to police the whole world, when we won’t even defend our own borders?
      Ron Paul and Dwight Eisenhower have and had right, when they warned about the influence of the Military/Industrial complex. We need a strong DEFENSE, not a strong OFFENSE and right now our government is more concerned with placating the Military/Industrial Complex than in achieving peace anywhere.

      • littledee

        Charlotte, Wonderful explanation! I totally agree

    • Ed Orr

      Have no fear as Saint Ron Paul will solve all our military issues.

    • Windrinker

      You are right David, trusting the Congress is not in the best interest of America.

      ….obama fears the U.S. Military, he knows they will not turn on their own families.
      He has plans for his own civilian army that is bigger, better funded, and loyal only to him.

      It is no surprise that obama wants to “gut” our military that defends us from enemies foreign and domestic. I am surprised it has taken this long in coming. He is very predictable once his agenda is understood.

      The Republicans should never have agreed to the “Super Committee.” It was doomed to failure and that failure triggered deep cuts to our Military. Of course, this is all a ruse, Congress is complicit with everything obama has done and passes every law obama puts on the table.

      America is circling the drain and people must stop hoping for someone to come and save them…. No one is coming. Sorry. This is one fight where we are on our own.. We have a “shadow government” running this country and they ‘anointed and appointed” obama and put him to squat in our White House. We suffer the consequences or we drag him out by the heels..

      • theelderlyone

        “His own civilian army loyal only to him”! Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, now my elderly mind remembers. I do believe it was in the year 1932-33 or maybe 34 in a place called Germany. I remember they had a smooth talking fellow by the name of Adolph Hitler that promised all things to all people, (so long as you were not a jew). There was dancing in the streets, bands playing (military music only please) and children being brought under the control of the government. Then there was a guy named Himmler who was a detestable sort (read Holder here) who said he could solve the “problem”.
        All this sounds earily familar to what is being played out in this country at the present time. Actually I think we are well into the Mien Kampf thing as we speak. Ol’ Hitler had the prople of Germany so mesmerized it was far too late when they finally woke up. The result was millions of innocent people killed, many, many in a most hideous manner.
        For you who possibly do not believe all this happened, take my word for it IT HAPPENED. I know because I was there.


        Windrinker, I seem to remember that soon after Obama II took office; he did attempt to create a personal army of 8,000, and I wondered if the corrupted U.S. Congress granted his wish?

        USAF (RET)

      • another Gary

        We need a million man march on the white house to capture obama and waterboard him to tell us where soros is…then go to his house and destroy him…

    • kathy

      This is not the place to cut jobs!!! our defense is and should be a priority!!

    • don

      Obviously david, you have no idea what is going down. The problem is with the all the democrats and the rino republicans. The democrat’s first attack on the country was to increase the government workers and welfare load on the country to damage the economy and to buy votes. The second was to weaken our economic, business, food production, energy, and education systems. Obama and his czar’s have accomplish this, The third attack is on the military to be weakened to a point where the islamic enemy sees the opportunity to attack. Chamberlain, did this to Britain before WW II and we had to bail them out. Listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Larry Elder to learn the truth if your not a democrat drone.

  • JOHN

    Eliminate welfare, medicaid, medicare to the lazy poor that never contribute to society. Time to force to force the lazy poor people to get off their lazy ass & work. No need to cut defense. Solution end welfare to end all entitlements benefits forever. No more free lunch at taxpayers expense.

    • Polyl

      I take offense to your calling me lazy…I worked from the time I was 16 years old and paid into the Social Security fund of which I will never draw a penny. I fail to see how Medicare makes me lazy. I pay 96.00 a month for the Part B. .which I have never used. Now beginning the first of the year I will pay is this free. What happened to all of my money I paid into the fund all those years…used by the government..who now wants to say they give it to me. I agree we need to cut back on welfare..believe those able should have to do something for their pay check and that they should be drug tested. Don’t put me in that same category. What about the elected officials that get huge retirements after serving one term???


        Polyl, I don’t believe John was directing his statement at you personally. The knowledge I have about Welfare abuse was obtained from a State’s Welfare employee many years ago who then informed me that he is not to denied Welfare benefits to ‘anyone’ even the cheats (lazy individuals).

        I will tell this much; I too, worked very hard all my life and never took a cent from anyone that I didn’t earned honestly. One day I went for a bottle of soda at a grocery store when the proprietor said that he was ashame of his nationality as he cashed Welfare checks for young strong- back men while he slaved from four AM to ten PM at night.

        Knowing that I worked long hours because of the heavy work-load, my employer attempted to hired someone from the Government Employment Agency; he was unable to get help. And so he tried the private employment agency with no result. He asked his son to call and find out the reason why we can’t get anyone hired. The answer he received; “We’re sorry sir, but we just can’t compete with Welfare.”

        You see Polyl, Welfare was shelling out more money than the worker would have earned in the private sector. While I was breaking my back on the job, the ‘lazy’ bastards were playing hand-ball at the school yard. I really don’t blame the so-called ‘lazy’ individuals; I blame the liberal socialist communist Democrats for forcing and taking away men and women’s initiative and independence to fend for themselves. You may have noticed that it takes years to seduced a nation and its people to depend upon their government. This is where you loose your liberties and freedom.

        USAF (RET)

    • Allen Hoffmann

      Another hard hearted individual, must be a Christian, keep telling yourself your not your brothers keeper. Since wealth has concentrated in fewer hands than ever before in history. Since the rich don’t want to pay taxes. How about the rest of us revolt, like they did in China. Re-education camps and total confiscation of wealth is the answer to greed

    • Jeannette

      Wow. Seriously? My husband and I both work and take care of kids other dead beats wouldn’t… and STILL need medicaid for a couple of them so that we CAN contribute to others. And we are lazy and sorry and don’t contribute? Not all people who need some help DON’T CONTRIBUTE…

      With what measure you judge, you shall be judged.

      • Southerner

        Honestly do you think John was referring to people such as yourselves???? look at his opening clause “Eliminate welfare, medicaid, medicare to the lazy poor that never contribute to society.”
        I think too many people where take offense and make really irrelevant remarks because you come here hurt or with your feelings on your shoulders!
        Ask him! But in reality if we as Americans began investing the money we spend in welfare to rebuild America and put Americans back to work we would see a different nation in a very short time!

        • Windrinker

          Cut Medicaid to foreign nationals and all their relatives they bring with them. Cut Medicaid to everyone that has collected benefits for more than nine-months. Penalize Medicaid mothers for having children instead of rewarding them. Medicaid is for help in a”life crisis” where individuals may need short-term support. It is not a lifestyle to be given to generations of bloodsuckers that refuse to work.

          Medicare is not unlike other health plans where payments are made into the plan by the beneficiaries. Cut out the abuse but not the benefits, give a fair price for the care-givers to keep the system healthy. No one should receive benefits if they never paid into the program… illegal aliens (and they are all collecting money.) Why would they be getting benefits meant for working Americans. If they can’t support themselves, deport them. We can save a bundle right there.

          It is amazing that when budget cuts are discussed the very first things brought up is Medicare and the Military. These are the things 90% of Americans are against cutting. It is manipulative.

          Lets cuts the useless, tyrannical Washington agencies, cut the fat out of Washington, cut lavish retirements for politicians and unions, cut international welfare to the 150 countries we support, cut the wasteful government contracts. The benefits to our seniors and the men/women that keep this country safe should be the last (not the first) things to be considered for budget cuts. Both of these groups need an increase in benefits and pay… absolutely no cuts for either.

          • Southerner

            Thank you Windrinker! Very intelligently spoken! What in the Hell is the problem with all Americans getting Citizenship verification cards from their State Government and using this to regulate all benefits and privileges???? We would solve so many problems with one stroke! Voting, schools hospitals, welfare,…everything! I don’t like the idea of another piece of Identification…but we have reached the point it is necessary for the survival of our way of life!

          • Windrinker


            The majority of people have driver’s licenses, but they can be purchased and are purchased by most illegals
            (in States that won’t just give them licenses.) Since a license really means nothing, as far as citizenship goes, we do need another piece of ID when voting or collecting benefits. But the new ID will only be as good as the people are honest, that are doing the “back ground checks.”

            We have to know who is voting in our elections! We must require and support, “Voter ID.” Citizens have no problem presenting ID when voting. I have had to present ID every time. But, the libs wail against having voters identified and we all know why..

      • SweetOlBob

        Jeanette: There are a lot of people like yourself. But you can understand how easy it is for others, working every day and paying taxes, to lump together a class of people just because a seemingly majority abuse welfare to death. You know it happens. And those that do it are protected from prosecution by all the others.

        We recently had homes in our neighborhood, that were formerly owned by the occupants purchased by “investors” and turned into section 8 rentals. We know, from talking to and introducing ourselves to the occupants that none of them are paying ANYTHING to live there. It kinda impresses one to drive by in the evening and see a 50+ inch TV in action when none of the rest of us can hope to afford one.
        Things like this are what unfairly causes criticism of people that need, and are excepting help or are, as I am, claiming the income we paid for with years of hard work. I have to listen to wealthy jerks scream about “entitlements” too. My reply is: “You’re damn right I’m entitled” !

    • G Schmidt

      Medicaid is for the poor people (not all of them are lazy) Eligibility for Medicaid is set by each State, not the Federal Government, so if you have a problem with Medicaid, talk to your local Governor. It is Welfare.
      Medicare is a plan for which US employees and their spouses (both citizens and residents) contribute (pay for it) while they are working for a minimun of 40 quarters (10 years) to be eligible. It is an Entitlement, because we are entitled to it, because people pay for it, same as Social Security

      I am going to assume you were blogging without engaging your brain , maybe just ignorance or maybe you are just an idiot…besides What do that have to do with Defense Expenditures???.
      Are you suggesting we cut the benefits workers paid for, for years before we cut the unnecessary billions of dollars spend in new toys for our generals???

      • randy


      • Southerner

        Where do you think most of the appliances you enjoy everyday come from? Where do you think the interstates you drive on come from? Where do you think most of the medicine in your cabinet got its research and development from? Your computer,the internet and so much more! DEFENSE SPENDING AND RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!! But to you people the Sports arena and the welfare programs are more important! Real Patriotic!!! What will do when the terrorist shows up on your door step you will flag him off with Food Stamps???? Since when did welfare become more important than the defense and prosperity of this nation??? Evil does not cease to exist because we have a descent way of life! Society of Ostriches!

        • catman

          No, they get flagged off with a 357 and possibly a 12 ga.

    • Anthony Bennett

      AMEN, JOHN

    • Larry G

      Entitlement? BS. I paid into that program for 50 years and now you want to deny me any return?

    • randy

      you’re ignorant

    • kathy



      You have the right idea but where will all the jobs come from. Welfare should be earned, clean the streets, chop weeds, pick trash, paint what needs painted, stay at home moms baby set for other welfare people so they can go to work, defund epa get the jobs going again. If people had to work to collect welfare, they probabbly would rather have a real job. But first we need to get jobs going again. that should be #1

      • Southerner

        Amen GREENTEETH!!! free money and programs create a worthless society! Look at what it put in the White House a worthless welfare president! The maintenance of defense is a Constitution responsibility of Government! not welfare! The general welfare as referred to has nothing to do with the social welfare system but has everything to do with the Maintenance of the general society, water roadways, hospitals, military, industry, and such……..welfare came in with the socialist invasion after the 1930’s and is not part of the fore sight of the father so this great nation!

      • SweetOlBob

        Greenteeth: Thanks for an intelligent reply. But don’t forget all the disability seekers who could have some kind of job but would rather not work. I had the husband (#4) of a section 8 tennant send his children to fetch his cane whenever he would see me, or a stranger approaching. Then he moved a large recliner to the front porch by himself. The rest of the neighborhood complained. I became tired of the whole obvious mess of freeloaders and removed all three of my rental properties from section 8 roles. I lost money but I was no longer part of the problem.

  • Cameron

    These jobs were created by stealing money from the taxpayer. We are bankrupt so we cant afford to pay them.

    • Terry Marcum

      Just a thought. When all these jobs are gone and the economy falls apart are you ready to defend yourself and your home? You better be!

    • Devasahayam

      And yet we can afford to pay Ponzi-scheme Social Security, and Medicare–not to mention such projects as Jack Murtha Airport?

      Coming from a country where defence spending actually did get cut (are you sure you won’t get a 1962 foisted on you? Hint, I’m not referring to Cuban Missile Crisis here), your idea is atrocious!

    • CAllenDoudna

      About ten years from now the Chinese will have built their military up to the point they can challenge us. That means your children and grandchildren are going to be killed in the war that follows. How much money will you be prepared to have the Government steal from you to equip your children and grandchildren so THEY can stay alive and somebody in China suffers the loss of their children or grandchildren instead? I assure you, SOMEBODY is going to loose their children and grandchildren; would you prefer that be you, or them?

      • G Schmidt

        If you are so CONCERNED about the Chinese, stop buying the crap they are selling to us. Your money are buying them new weapons
        The money we waste on Defense is borrowed from the Chinese who are making interest on it. The Chineses do not need to go to war with us, they already own us.

        The US spend more than twice on defense than the next ten biggest countries COMBINED. If our country founders knew about this, they would be rolling in their coffins

        • RHSchumann

          You are one of only few rational people posting here. We spend as much on Defense as the rest of the world together. Most of that money is not available for education, research other than Military, and to repair our crumbling infrastructure. The wars of the 21st Century are not being fought on the battle fields but are economic wars. We are losing that war primarily because we inists on putting all our resources into preparing for the next battle field.
          The Chinese are not now a military threat for us nor will they ever be. But they certainly threaten our economic power.

          • Jim W

            Wake up, we already spend more on education than any other country with very poor results. Throwing more money at education is not the answer. As for the military, what part of we have been at war for most of the decade and the equipment is worn out do you not understand. Obama canceled the replacement aircraft we need (the F-22) and is actively working to cancel the F-35 also. The proposed military cuts will cost us the ability to defend this country, just as Mr. Obama desires.

          • Windrinker

            The Chinese have 3,000 miles of underground tunnels, a military complex filled with nuclear weapons. That doesn’t sound like an economic war to me…but, I understand what you are saying.

            We have many enemies around the world and keeping the balance is a delicate one. Our government pays them off, 9bribes them) in an effort to keep them from combining forces and coming after us on our own soil…much like we pay-off the “useless” in this country so that they do not riot and murder people in the streets.

            As food, water, and goods become scarce with the rapidly growing world population, we will have hordes of foreigners pouring over our borders to take what we have, not to mention foreign enemies.

            At some point, we will have to face our enemies, foreign and from within. We need to provide for a strong military, as our lives may depend on it..

          • CAllenDoudna

            The Japanese and Germans were not threats to us, either. Currently, the Chinese want to dominate Eastern Asia and Australia–the same area the Japanese wanted in World War II. The area is rich in oil, rice, wheat and other food, as well as iron and other minerals. Either India or Russia will dominate the Indian Ocean with its wealth of oil, so the Chinese are already looking to Latin America and are making huge diplomatic and economic gains there. Remember how the Chinese supplied the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong? Well, suppose they did the same for the Mexicans. Are you beginning to see China as a threat NOW?

          • catman

            The Chinese are not now a threat???? Perhaps you didn’t see the picture of their new aircraft carrier. It is bigger and faste than ours and carries more aircraft.They have a blue water navy that is second only to ours and it is growing steadily while our bird brained government is talking about shrinking ours. By the way, they also have nuclear submarines that carry ballistic missiles. Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?

        • GREENTEETH

          We should be taxing china for all imports they ship here, it would pay our debt to them. Forget free traid it was a scam to shut down our companys. Wake up. Defund nafta, un, epa, etc, etc.

      • Southerner

        CAllenDounda… How does G Schmidt know what you buy??? It will not take 1o years my friend it will happen in about 6 years to be accurate! And by the way I am sure our forefathers began rolling in their graves in 1860! Everything this country ever stood for fell through the floor…what we see today is just the continued process G Schmidt! And I guess RHSchumann thinks the new Chinese fighter planes and that new Aircraft Carrier as well as the other three they are building are made from card board…yes and the tanks that are giving the Russians a go for the money are not really real…….hmmmmm How many defense Satellites does China have??? Find out you may be surprised!!!
        Get educated then blast off comments!!! You have proved you do not know anything about Chinese!!! They produce a lot more than restaurants and cheap toys! Worst off they got a tremendous amount of technology from guess who???? Bill Clinton!

        • Windrinker

          Clinton sold his “soul” to the Chinese. The only thing they didn’t get was his soiled underpants!

          China, Russia and India are rapidly entering alliances and negotiations to become the dominate world economies. They have huge populations and are increasing their military power.
          At the same time, this regime is weakening our country economically and militarily. The illegal has had numerous meetings with these countries and I can’t believe that it is for the good of this country that he is cultivating a personal relationship with them.


    IN W-H.

    • George Gallo

      Please look into the facts about how many jobs will really be created by that pipeline. If you listen to those running for office, its millions of jobs (just exaggerating). The Canadian oil company that wants to build the pipeline, said there will be very few.

      • Blackfoot AZ

        I lived in Alaska during the construction of the Alaska pipeline and there were close to 30,000 people working on it in 1975. If this is very few jobs to you, you are naive. Do you have any idea how many jobs in other areas these 30,000 people created?

  • leslie85223

    When “civilians” in political office are allowed to make final decisions as to how necessary or unimportant our military forces are to the security of this nation, we’re in deep serious trouble!!! It makes about as much sense as did Obama sitting in his armchair watching the killing of Bin Ladden in Pakistan on his Tv and the news media calling the action an Obama “victory”!!! Because the majority of the American population have never been involved in a war they have no concept of what is involved in running and maintaining an organization of this magnitude. Gearing it all back up, if needed, would take far longer than it would take current day weapons to destroy our country . . . With the “Rules Of Englagement” that exist, I’m against sending any more of our military into foreign countries to resuce their sorry butts at our expense – financially or in blood. I’d like to see the draft reinstated so that all those jobless people who have nothing better to do than to complain could be put to work – defending what they so easily criticize.

    If the radicals currently running this government are re-elected in 2012 people won’t have to worry about anything – they’ll just have to learn to do what they’re told – or else . . . .

    • Pat

      Leslie well written. This is the absolute truth I believe the draft should be reinstated also. These kids get into college & it is party time. Two years in the military after high school, it will show respect & honor. My husband spent 21 & 1/2 years with the Navy as a corpsman 2 tours in Viet Nam. He is so angry & disheartened as to what is happening to the COUNTRY he honorably fought for. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

      • 888

        The problem with the draft argument is that we already have a long list of individuals right now trying to get into all branches of the military, or get back into the system after realizing what a mistake it was to get out. DoD knows this, so there is no way they will re-institute the draft, especially during recessionary times with high and growing unemployment when even degreed professionals are enlisting in any position that they could get, notwithstanding joining the officer corps. Consequently, we presently have the most educated members in all ranks of the military.

      • Windrinker

        Right these college kids need military experience to counter their years of indoctrination by Marxist professors. Lets go back to the draft.

    • Xavier Pattonson

      REINSTATING THE DRAFT, one of the smartest things I have heard of in a long time–If we had a wartime draft, there would have been no Iraq, and it is time to rectify the disservice Nixon gave us by eliminating much of his opposition to his Viet Nam war policies–we need a citizen army in which mothers do not send their sons to die in unneeded wars. BRING BACK THE WAR TIME DRAFT, NOT HAVING IT WAS A PLOY, AND HAS HURT THE COUNTRY

    • Devasahayam

      Excellent point–cutting defence now is worse than Nehru’s doing so 1949-1961 (result of that was 1962 attack by China).

    • Jeannette

      Amen. Amen. And AMEN.

    • Brad Harris

      You are 100% correct in bringing back the draft. Ever since the draft was eliminated there has been more drug use, crime, etc. It was one of the biggest mistakes made by the Federal Government.

    • G Schmidt

      Are you suggesting the military should run our country….like in Pakistan?

      That is so UNAMERICAN!!!!

      Our framers decided long ago that military forces will ALWAYS be subservient to their civilian elected officers…that is in the Constitution.

      BUT, I would also like to see the draft reinstated so everybody gets to serve. By having a “professional army” we have created a caste system by which our civilians and military are isolated from each others….that usually takes any country to a military dictatorship

      • Windrinker


        I don’t think that is what Leslie is saying.

        Greedy, self-absorbed politicians that know nothing about war, with no military experience, have no business being in charge of the military.
        In fact, I believe that military experience should be a qualification for any presidential candidate….especially these days. These wars are being fought by “politically correct” rules. The politicians care nothing about “winning.” That is not the point for them! Our soldiers are setup to lose and be targets. The thought has crossed my mind that the more of our soldiers killed and maimed, the better for Washington.

    • Southerner

      We need to change the direction of our military but we need our military now more than we ever have in the history of the United States! Downsize greatly the Federal government, freeze and reduce the State Department and return the rightful powers to the States!

      • Windrinker

        Agree completely!


        If we would just quit sending our boys, no boots on the ground, just send bombs, a million ea and 5 mil for big ones, and no fix up afterwards, I’ll bet most of these conflicts would stop. No insentive to get a new city. Those people know how to get a new infastructure, start a conflict, America rebuilds, duh.

    • RHSchumann

      Wait a minute. Isn’t it written in the Constitution that Civilians control the Military?

      • Windrinker

        There were different men running the country and the military back then. They didn’t have the radical progressive communists, that hate the military, in charge of the government..

        Which is worse a military coup or a coup by Marxists. How to prevent either?

    • Ed Orr

      OH MY GOD! now the Saint Ron Paul people will attack you! You have done the unthinkable and mentioned the draft, something that paul has been pissed off about since he was drafted during the Vietnam war. He is for the constitution but until his ass was placed on the line. Be careful the crap will hit the fan.

  • Fenderman52

    Obummer cut the budget for the much needed F-22. He cut the budget for the Missle Defense Shield saying it didn’t work on the very day that the test firing proved it was an overwhelming success. I’m for ending all military involvement everywhere in the world and bringing our troops home now. But, we should continue to build the most efficient and powerful military we can for the land, the sea and the air. Getting involved in other countries is a formula for disaster. We waste precious blood and resources and get nothing out of it but more pissed off natives and a bad reputation for being imperialistic and a bully. At the very most our involvement should be the selling of military hardware to our allies…if we still have any left that is.

  • Dr Don

    Let me get this straight…. They can find the money to add thousands of government affiliated jobs that bloat the budget, add millions of new illegal immigrants to the welfare and SS, medicare, medicaid roles… BUT, we CAN’T afford a Military to protect our country or to give them the means to protect our country…. in effect we are leaving the country open to any kind of foreign attack possible with the loss somewhere of around 1 million military positions. Yeah… makes perfect sense … in a pig’s eye!

    • Terry Marcum

      Well said Dr. Don. They waste our money and play their games.

    • Pat

      Dr. Don I think that is what he wants to cripple the US financially and military gone no defense. GOD BLESS THE USA.



      • Al

        Shirley, I could’nt have put it better. You sure nailed it real good and I fully agree with you. I spent 20 yrs in the military and I was proud to do it, but if they keep cutting there won’t be any body wanting to go in to serve their country. They cut the cola for the fighting men but give them selves a big raise, like they need the money. Keep up the good work Shirley and I’m behind you all the way. Al.

    • Windrinker

      You got the idea…that seems to be the obama agenda..

      Besides, he needs that money for his own “civilian army” that he has to fund, so he will have one of his own, loyal only to him and not America.

  • Dr Rose

    common sense has fled Washington DC….decades ago. Too many elected representatives are sucked into the Capitol Hill cult of eating stupid soup everyday….especially the current occupier of the Oval Office….he needs to join his homies in tent cities on Wall Street.

  • J.M.R.

    what do those bast— care they still get paid.

  • Gary Gahan

    When will defense contractors ever learn that they need strong diversification in their product
    line up to be able to weather the ups and downs of our defense needs. And there seems to be no
    one addressing the fact that all of the military hardware that we have been using for ten plus years has had harsh climate and uses placed on it…….do we see any discussions of what will be needed to replace and/or rehabilitate the equipment that we are returning back to the USA in
    preparation for the next conflict which is surely to arise sooner than later?

    • G Schmidt

      I used to work for Eastman Kodak in the 80 and 90’s(which had most of the digital technology patents in the industry)
      Why do Eastman Kodak do not dominate the digital imaging market today if they had such a great headstart??
      Because they sat on those patents while they were making 70% profit margins selling rolls of film….then the Japanese ate their lunch and I was out looking for a new job for exposing the future to my managers. American firms are usually short sighted, what profits can I make next quarter???

      Defense Contractors make huge profit margins, because their contracts usually calls for Cost Plus…that is why they always have cost overruns…and very creative accountants.

      It is NOT a free capitalist market process where companies must take a risk that their product is not accepted by the customer.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    The Federal Government has but a few absolute mandates; one of which is maintaining our sovereign nations defenses. How is it that we can decimate that mandate by remaining in all the unmandated, wasteful and useless money wasting schemes of the last 60 yrs? Welfare is not a federal mandate. NEA, EPA and DOE are not mandates. The UN is NOT a mandate. These are the line items that must be eliminated; there may be some cuts due within the military, but the vast amounts of waste are NOT found in our military; they are found in unmandated spending sprees by liberals.

    All of the waste which can and must be not cut but ELIMINATED is so frigging obvious that blind people can see it. So what’s wrong with those in DC who ARE mandated to do this job? We are putting up with 3rd rate leadership at best. Come November 2012, vote these louses out.

    • Polyl

      We are to busy sending money to other countries to help them build up their military..we don’t have any left for our own??? Makes sense to me

  • theodorej

    As government retreats from the private market place and deregulation unfolds….. there will be plenty of jobs so many we may have to ask the illegal aliens to return….. This will come with a cost attached ….. There will be no lardasses on 40 dollar an hour pensions for building cars that never worked….. Career military pensions will be commeserate with duty performed,the draft should return…. The military cannot be a huge hiring hall for those that want to get on the government tit… The unions will be run out of civil and federal service….Manufacturing will be the focus of investment and the return on ones investment will be based on genuine profit from the sale of goods…Banks will be forced to compete in a free market where they succeed or fail on the merit of their business acuman there will be no government bailouts…. Law enforcement will be accountable on a local level and those who are empowered with the ability to take away my freedom will have to be of strong rightous character and be able to manage their own lives… If this sounds good ….. it would only be the beginning if the American people would go before God and ask him to heal our nation…… In 2012 we can either stop the freefall or be prepared for the crash…. examine the candidates carefully and wisely….

  • Ron

    How about bring home the thousands to troops we still have stationed in Europe, Japan now he wants to station more in Australia lots of waste can be cut but lets keep the muscle!

  • singer23

    Obama talks about, “Creating Jobs,” that, we know is B.S.! The jobs he wants to create are, “Welfare Jobs,” he wants America to be dependent upon the government, this way, he can move his, “Socialistic Ideology Programs,” forward. Everything he does, is to make Americans more dependent upon, him and his administration! He withdrew our troops out of Iraq, this was to use as a re-election ploy, he will be doing the same thing in Afghanistan, again, to use in his re-election strategy. His record is dismal, he has failed at his leadership role, he has bankrupted America and continues to spend taxpayers and borrowed money, as though there was no tomorrow! America cannot afford 4 more years of Obama and the Democrats!

  • rowley

    We would make more jobs than cut if we completely cut out:
    Returned Control and fins to States would return jobs to America and restore Constitutional

    • Southerner

      Rowley….What do you have a video in my office…this looks like my wish list for elimination!

    • G Schmidt

      and What, should we wear wigs and long stockings to match the 1780’s
      Without EPA you should have to buy bottle water to brush you teeth

      We need to reduce and streamline regulations and eliminate duplication BUT capitalism without regulation would be the raping of the country by a few for a profit
      look what happen to the financial markets when we discontinued the Glass Steagal Act and also allow the selling of derivatives

      • David Stovall

        The trick is to control the controls. The control is the 10th Amendment, powers of the Fed to be few and defined, powers of the states to be many and varied, to paraphrase Madison. The fed is misusing the Commerce Clause to squash the states and the citizens. it is all wrong. EPA should be
        Cut like all the Fed except the defined , limited powers.

        • Windrinker

          Good one, David.

      • don

        To make matters worse we have a president that wants democrat votes from his illegal aliens. He attacks the border states who are defending themselves from the voter fraud, welfare, drugs, crime and the dumbing down invasion of America. The other end of obama’s third world Amierican project is to disarm the military.

  • Patriot 101

    Today officially ends the Iraq war (or so I heard on the news). Over $1 Trillion spent, 4,500+ killed, more than 10x that wounded, many seriously for life. Was it worth it?
    The war propagators say in unison, we saved a nation! We freed a civilization from a tyrant.
    We built new schools for the kids there, and now we have created jobs for many in America because we need to re-arm Iraq to defend itself against the horrible aggressor Iran.
    Wasn’t it less than 10 years ago that our military blew Iraq’s ability to defend itself to *hell in a few days during the operation called Desert Storm?
    It is time for our service men to quit being used as targets in a shooting galley to promote the military industrial complex. If we don’t curb our leaders’ insatiable desire to rule other countries (and us) we will soon lose all our freedom. It is time to make some real cuts in our military budget. This is not the same as cutting defense! We need to only cut the OFFENSE in our military and we will be forced to borrow and steal less from our kids and grandkids.
    There is plenty of “fat” in the military budget! Support the troops not the wars!
    There is only one candidate that will do this and thus reduce the trend to totally enslave our kids and grandkids.
    Ron Paul ’12.

    • Ed Orr

      Your god, Saint Ron Paul totally despises the military and again he is still pissed off because he was drafted during the Vietnam war. His bible is the Constitution yet if he gets his way there will be no military and we will become isolationists. So tell me just how much military experience do you have? Like we used to say in Vietnam (I served three tours ) “if you haven’t been there shut your mouth.” I hope Ron Paul dies of whatever disease he is obviously infected with and we will all be rid of him once and for all. All those who support or vote for this maniac is a traitor to this nation and spit on the graves of every serviceman who gave their life to serve and protect this country. Paul in that regard and those who vote for him are exactly the same as those who support the other maniac barrackhusseinobama.

    • don

      RON PAUL = CHAMBERLAIN OF BRITAIN WHO REDUCED BRITAIN TO A WHIMPERING DOG WITH HIS APPEASMENT TO GERMANY BEFORE WWII. RON PAUL LOVES TO KISS MUSLIM BUTT! I have seen video that proves that obama is a muslim, from his own mouth, and from his own speeches. The reason he took out the dictators in Egypt and Lybia was to open the door up, not to start an “arab spring or democracy”, but to allow the opportunity for the radical violent muslim brotherhood to obtaing total control and to smother all the muslim countrys with shariah law.

    • don

      Patriot 101, name one country that our so called military complex was left behind to rule. The only fat laying around the military budget is between your ears democrat.

  • Bob N

    Cuts need to be made, but with Obama doing everything he can to start a war between Iran and Israel, I don’t think this is the time to cut our armed forces.
    How about cutting job killing agencies instead.
    The Fed.
    The UN.
    The Dept of Ed.
    The IRS
    The Dept. of Agriculture
    The EPA
    The list is practically endless, but Obama wants to cut the military, Social Security, Veteran Affairs, anything that will make the United States weaker as a nation.

  • Patrick

    The Federal Governement has one major function and that is to provide national defense. It is not suppose to provide education; not to provide welfare; not to provide health care; not to provide aid to forien aide. So what do they always cut? Defense

  • James R. Maxwell

    Employment has several problems that are just now being talked about. First at the end of the
    year we will many who will lose unemployment benefits, I’ve heard the number put at approx
    1 million. Second, with the troops coming home from Iraq the Democrats want to cut the
    military forces manpower by several thousand. This will throw more men and women into
    the unemployment rolls. Third obama and his minions are blocking drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pipeline that would employee thousands and provide long term jobs for Americans. Fourth, they are attempting to grant Amnesty to the Criminal Illegal Aliens and refusing to close our borders from invasion by thousands more. All total this regimen of corrupt politicians are working hard to destroy our economy and not working to put Americans
    back to work. The 2012 election cycle will be one of the most important in American History
    and it could very well determine if our nation fall into the socialist/communist/liberal trap.
    With the world economy in dire status we can ill afford to continue down the garden path of
    socialist scams.

    • Windrinker

      Haven’t you heard the idea is to decimate the economy, decimate our ability to support ourselves, get every American beholding to the government for their survival. At that point, we have lost everything….that is the way they do it! No shots fired! The sheeple will walk willingly to the bread lines just like the Jews walked into the ovens.

  • JillUSA

    I agree that way too much has been spent on this war. I feel as if America is taken for granted much the same as giving grandparents. I look back to the draft and think it was better. I was not aware that we were paying these guys $10,000 just to sign up. That adds up !

  • dockywoky

    Anyone need any more proof that Messiah Obama just ain’t good for what ails us?

    U.S at mercy of world bad guys. What will last troops to leave Iraq face – from islamic radicals on the way, and what Obama hath wrought when they get home

    Marxist klutz in chief happy to see damage he has accomplished in just over 3 short years. Wants more time to complete job, but needs more vacation time to relieve job stresses.

  • john

    something is wrong with this picture? why cut our armed forces or social security.this is a lifetime investment.i have never seen so much waste in this government in my we need czars?welfare that is bloated with fraud?homeland that issssss a joke?healthcare that was pass by a person says pass this bill then find out what is consist of? friends we have become a greedy country.this meism have created a demon.who do we trust.? if you disagree with something you a label as a for me i place my trust in GOD and let the chips fall.

  • CAllenDoudna

    You can only cut so far without having to cut back on what you expect to accomplish. With cuts this deep the ONLY mission we will be able to accomplish will be to guard our southern Border–but there is absolutely ZERO indication Obama EVER plans on doing that.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Want to save taxpayer money?…..cut benefits to illegal aliens! That’s start.

  • Jim

    To whom it may concern:

    II Thessalonians 3: 10.
    For even when we were with you, this we commanded you,
    that if any would not work, neither should he eat…..

  • Old Sarge

    What I would like to see cut is our Liar in Chief’s throat.

    • RHSchumann

      People have gone to jail for threatening the President’s life!

  • Jim

    ” It is the Government who dictates when an Army goes to war.”

    GOD HELP US. This Government, for the most part, is the WORST Government I have
    ever seen in my 67 years that I have been on this earth…..

  • Kenneth

    We need to take a real good look at cutting the pay of all of the elected officials. Pay their living expenses, set term limits and make sure they are not able to do any inside trading. Right now they have the best of all worlds, like they don’t have to do anything except work at playing kid’s game’s and getting re-elected. We need to cut all the programs that are not necessary and get the hell out of the UN which is nothing more than a “One World Government”!

    • Windrinker

      They all have stolen enough money that they can work for $1/year, no benefits, no retirements.

  • Bud

    I was in the Marines for 8 years during Viet Nam. The Marines have always done so much with so little. We always got the leftover, outdated equipment from the Army and Navy. Why are the Dems ALWAYS pushing to make cuts in defense spending and cuts of military personnel making our country weaker and weaker as countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and others are spending everything that they can to build their countries up.

    Obama has done more to weaken our country than any other president in our nation’s history. He has done everything he can to destroy our country and it’s economy. If Congress and the Senate were really serious about making worthwhile cuts, they would start with Obamacare, ALL of Obama’s other SOCIALIST POLICIES, and then THROW THE BUM OBAMA OUT. Making drastic cuts to the defense dept. is exactly what Obama wants. To weaken our country so much that Obama’s Muslum Brothers can destroy OUR COUNTRY, and other countries over seas, and we won’t be able to respond. WAKE UP AMERICA, WHILE WE STILL HAVE A COUNTRY LEFT.

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    The DOD is the only agency that creates millions
    of jobs for producers while employing the uniformed.
    History is clear, a weakened military encourages our
    enemies to attack us. We think of the DOD budget as
    being large; never considering the pay-checks it provides.
    In many respects DOD is the ONE agency that pays for

    • Ed Orr

      Funny how I never thought of myself as being EMPLOYED by the government while serving in Vietnam. I took and oath and took it very seriously and viewed my service as a duty and a privilege. Sorry but considering myself as an employee back then simply does not compute.

      • Windrinker

        We all live at the pleasure of the government.

        We actually own nothing, but are only allowed to maintain it, til it is taken away or we lose it. Even money save, does not belong to the people. Inflation and recession is the way the money is stolen back by the Feds. They have the power to make anything you think you own…worthless!

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    “U.S. Defense Cuts Could Cost 1.5M Jobs”
    Leaves you wondering how obozo is going to cook the unemployment books to hide this.

  • Justwonderingwhy!

    I hear that b.o. and hilary are both running for POTUS! That is a good sign that the dem’s will splite their votes! If, the Tea Party, GOP, and independents all rally behind the Republican ticket. Then, we may see a landslide like never seen before in this country. It would even be a greater victory, if the house and the senate also became fully conservitive……….. Then, not only could this country be fixed, but all these anti- American, past 4 year policy makers, (marxist, commies, ow leaders, union leaders, and illegals) could be investigated and some end up in prison and some just deported……..! Then, American can make a strong come back within and in the World!

    • Patriot 101

      Don’t be ridiculous! Hillary will never “challenge” Obama. She well may be the nominee however. Obama will stay in taking the heat for the rotten economy right up until the last minute, just before he is going down, then he will hand-off to Hillary.
      This will keep the spotlight off Hillary until the unsuspecting Americans, all swept up by the new “savior”, will fall for the next dictator.
      The media sensation created by “Hillary at the last minute, just in time to save the country” will be very hard to defeat!

  • Tim BAH

    Defend our borders/nation, coin the currency and regulate the value there of, treaty with other nations, deliver the mail. Those are the limited functions of the Feds. Why not cut any and all parts of the so called budget everywhere else; which leaves a lot of everywhere else. Then again if that were the case the republic would not be on her death bed.

    We had best pray for God’s forgiveness and His hand of protection. Because He is our only hope.

  • Bruce Feher (@BCFeher)

    According to the President of the United State of America paying unemployment benefits CREATES jobs. So according to his way of thinking this is a good thing.

  • Mike

    The entire Federal Government needs to be cut across the board. The Dept of Defense does have some room to cut on some procurement of weapons systems in the pipeline. I think our military will be able to fight anyone with what has been developed. We could actually cut several of the Departments in half and never miss them. Let’s start with EPA and work our way through. Any Federal job loss would be a good thing. They should get out in the real world and do productive work instead of leaching off taxpayers.

  • Bill Stanley

    I am not a fan of jobs that have been making weapons that got destroyed.

  • Hobe

    There is so much fat within the government system that are no brainers to cut only we cut our defense lowering our protection against the enemies of America. Part of Obama;s transformation of America was to lower America to the scum enemies of America. Now our enemies have our drone technology, Obama shut down NASA our deficit has exceeded $15,000,000,000,000.
    America still has idiots or maybe Communists who will still vote for the DESTROYER of America. If Obama has another 4 years its over we will be more vulenerable due to the lack of military to defend us broke with higher unemployment and homeless Americans. We will resemble a 3rd world country. Don’t believe it think back 10 years ago did you think we would have all of the problems we do today without any any hope to change unless we make a change on November 6th.

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    Lets cut the one department the creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, keeps our country safe, and makes this country the envy of the world. Does that make sense to anyone BUT Obama and the Democrats?
    These MORONS that are leading this country into absolute destruction need to be FIRED.
    At this place in our history, at this time, when we so desperately need to create as many jobs as we can in order to survive as a world power, we have IDIOTS trying their best to speed up our destruction. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Bob Marshall

    The Pentagon Inspector General announced back in 2001 that the military could not account for 25% of its spending. On Sept. 10 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced to congress that the Pentagon could not account for 42.3 trillion dollars.

    • Windrinker

      The government should never have been given the power to “tax and spend.” Return all the powers to the States, and decimate Washington. The corruption is at such a level that it cannot be cleansed, with anything less. Star over with a small Constitutional government that has no power to “tax or spend.” The power should be reserved for the States where the people will have the ability to better control what is done.

      There have been Trillions of dollars disappear, with no accounting from anyone. The Bilderberg-owned, Federal Reserve Bank, has transferred Trillions of American dollars to foreign banks. They have never been held accountable, or audited. This country must get control of its money and go back to a secured monetary system. Do away with the Feds and the Fed so that our country can survive.

  • Bob Marshall

    $ 4.3 sorry.

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    God and the soldier, all men adore
    in times of trouble and no more
    for when war is over and all things righted
    God is neglected the ole soldier slighted

    Two dem’s, Clinton and Obama insisted
    that homosexuals must be allowed to serve
    openly in a military both abhor; and neither
    served in. Clearly, dem presidents are gay
    destroyers of U.S. Military morale, cohesion
    and good military order.

  • Southerner

    The one thing that really kind of sticks in my throat is the reality of the moment and how even though I see so many good people with good ideas and comments here…how be it they are not the reality of the moment.
    Please be patient with me because I read everybody’s response and I believe there is much more going on here than the average American actually understands. I am not a conspiracy idiot that believes their is someone from the party of masterminds lurking around every corner, however over the last three decades the we have systematically and purposely “set-up” for a down fall and take over!
    I want to point out some facts that may seem to be dislocated one from the other but when you put them together we begin to see a puzzle fall in place and a picture begin to form.

    When looking at all of this and where America is today….here are some things to consider:
    1. Both Russia and China are in the process of re-structuring and rebuilding their Military into super powers! In fact China just recently finished a Aircraft carrier that will match anything we have, and they are building three more.
    2. Our State Department has not only fabricated the “Arab Spring” but as well has recruited the Shiite world as a partner to bring in a “New World Order”. Under Jihadist Hilary our State Department has surpassed and exceeded the budget of the Federal Government….Do any of us really know where all of this is going.
    3. Our Government has trained over 70,000 foreign (mostly Ukrainians who bow down to pray 5 times a day) on US soil and some 17,000 are stationed permanently in the United States. They have been trained in “Population control” and that includes the administration of Internment camps.
    4. The State Department has been involved in the process of their own little immigration program bringing in approximately 2.8 to 3 million Islamist (mostly Shiites) to the United States annually. While on the records the Islamic countries through the Department of Immigrations another several million are give preference over other countries for immigrations.
    5. This Administration has systematically dislocated all of the countries who have been the long time allies of the United States, The Clinton Administration began to put everything in a strain, but this administration has really alienated our allies. While doing so they act as if the United Nations is the appointed Administrative body for the United States.
    6. The degradation of our Military really began to spiral during the years of Billy Carter, and even under the Reagan Administration we could not put our military back on track. Our Military has been suffering for several decades and not just the past three years.
    7. The draft as it is suggested by some here will never work again….the Military just spent billions on rewriting the training manuals to a 5th grade level of education, and as much as 65% of our young people can not even qualify for the Military service….Thanks to the degradation of our culture (generation of meth-heads) by way of the instant gratitude socialistic department of education!
    8. The structure of our military command is much more resembling a university sorority organization. We really do not have many “REAL” military officer in the command structure. But we are over run with political oriented and programed idiots.
    9. We have reached a point in time that the “Defense Contractors” actually control more than the average citizen could even begin to comprehend! This my friend is a very dangerous situation. In some cases they actually control more than our military.
    10. This Administration has set the final policies and instruments in place to use NATO as an enforcement arm rather than the United States Military. This has been done to enable the Shiite Oriented world to assist the One Worlders to begin their systematic take over block by block.

    Now for the abstracts that will enlighten all of the 10 points I stated.
    1. More money has been printed by the Federal Reserve since 1900 during the years of the Clinton Administration and the last three years, than has been printed during the total of the other 100 years of the whole period.
    2. More money has been given to lobbyist by foreign companies and nations that has been given to lobbyist by US firms. In short foreign money is controlling our legislature!!!
    3. About 65% of Washington, within our Government Offices are either pawns of those who work for a secret society or are members of a secret society…mainly the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral commission. (You have to swear allegiance to these groups to be a member…in my eyes this is treason)
    4. The world as a whole spends more money on counter terrorist measure and security due to the threat of Islamic terror than the equivalent of all the money spent by the Allies during the 5 years of WWII.
    5. We have lost our manufacturing capabilities, and out of the “modern” countries of the world we have the most unskilled workforce and one of the worst educated workforces in the world. All of the trade agreements of the Administrations over the last 40 plus years have dealt a death blow to American industry. But a special thanks goes to the Educational system that has all but completely removed work trades shops and work skill shops from our educational system and Mr. Bill Clinton and his trade policies!
    6. We have in this country approximately 35,000,000 wrongfully registered voters, a great number of those illegal aliens registered by ACORN, and a voting system that has totally given the voice of our vote to the the welfare centers of America! (Big Cities)

    If Americans do not wake up and realize that we are having a war waged against us by the One Worlders and Islam we will be hung out to dry within the next 5 years! Has anyone ever realized that the Islamist brought here during the Clinton Administration has already grown up and are in our military, and government??? We are approaching 56 million Islamist in this country and with the policies of this administration they will number over 60 million before the end of Obama’s term.
    STOP using the Liberal media! Cut your Cable service that offers the Liberal media to enter your home! If you are subscribed to any magazine or publication that is in any way liberal cancel it! If your local newspaper write any supporting article for a liberal…cancel the subscription! never but never go to the movies…we would be better off buying old movies on CD rather than to support the cesspool of Hollywood! We have to get the Idiot in charge out of Office and then push with everything to get our government back! Return power to the States as soon as possible, and to never vote in another Career Politician again (including Ron Paul) No Democrats and No Rinos!!! There are good people available like Governor Haley of South Carolina and Rep. Allen West but they will not make it to Washington…because they are not sleeping with the club members!
    Stop our micro focus on issues…understand their is a much bigger plot being carried out!!!! Now with the military being reduced in all the wrong ways we will have 25% unemployment, increase in crime, and more welfare flowing!
    America is in eminent danger!!! We are being replaced!!! The disabling of our military is the beginning of the take over of the thugs!!! Americans need to return to families being families and our main focus in the household not being the entertainment center but on raising responsible honest hard working citizens! Teach your child how to work to be responsible…And don’t send your children to your parents to be educated and taken care of!! Do it yourself!! Take responsibility! These are the points of change, sure we need to get the idiot out of office….but the real hope and change is really dependent on you, and your everyday activities!
    We will never change Washington without first changing ourselves! Do not support the Liberal Media! You cannot comprehend how much your politicians rely on their ratings…..shut them down! This is the place to start, and let put America back to work and not on welfare, while we get all of those (illegals and enemies) who do not belong here out! To take America back it needs to start now and not in 2012!

    • Windrinker

      Southener, you have about covered it all. Americans should be very afraid!

      There is little left to be said to such a “sobering analysis.”

  • Lou

    They need to cut those lazy fat Blacks who pretend to work when I go the the VA hospital. The goverment claims to be fair and every clerk and janitor at the VA Hospital is black whats up with that.

    • Ed Orr

      Hey Lou I was thrown out of the main VA hospital where I live and forced to go to one of the CBOCs because I actually called the space occupiers on their crap and told them to get their heads out of their asses if they want MY ATTITUDE to change. Without us veterans these morons wouldn’t even have a job and therefore should break out the lipstick and kiss our asses. Too bad WE cannot fire the do nothings but OH NO is what I am saying RACIAL? Shit I do not even know what that means anymore.

    • Windrinker

      The government had told the USPO, that blacks were to be hired before anyone else.
      It is a fact the government practices discrimination when filling those good government jobs with benefits and great retirement plans.

  • Tom

    I work on the 29 Palms, CA Marine Base. If anyone else out here is concerned, we need to contact our Rep, Jerry Lewis and let him know his re-election may be in jeopardy over this.

  • Midnight Mudslide

    Bring it. I am one of them. I am INTO a couple years of unemployment. Could get all my stuff done, do it.

  • RHSchumann

    Cutting Defense costs will not mean massive unemployment if the resources freed from producing military hardware are used to finance upgrading of the infrastructure, development of alternate energy sources, and production of consumer goods. Of course these will have to compete with imports in price and quality. The reason we spend as much for defense as the rest of the world together is because we produce our military hardware at home, regardless 0f cost. Builders of commercial ships must compete with the Chinese and others. Those who build Navy ships have no competition and can ask any price.
    Of course there will be a few hundred thousand soldiers out of a job if we cut the size of the military.

  • stevor

    Let’s start another war to solve that “problem”. I know just the man to do it, O’Bummer.
    So, it might be a Nuclear War. Don’t worry. You’ll be dead before you know it and you’ll make the world more “green” by helping reduce the population.

  • bpf53

    The Chinese communist and the Russian socialist are licking their chops as America grow weaker each and every day. Need money for the military cut the pays of the Senators and Congressmen by about 20% (delete the fat pensions for all government workers) and give to protect this nation. If all Americans have to pay and extra 100.00 or more per year to protect this country then so be it, as long as the money goes to the right spot and is not wasted.

  • SFC ACO2/58

    I suggest we all consider the following. No one is going to protect us or family better than ourselves. Do not bow down to GOVERMENT or Politicians.

    I like the stats here………I never thought about our hunters like this …….read on

    True story and most people will never know it.

    Here’s an interesting side bar. After the Japanese decimated our fleet in Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941, they could have sent their troop ships and carriers directly to California to finish what they started. The prediction from our Chief of Staff was we would not be able to stop a massive invasion until they reached the Mississippi River . Remember, we had a 2 million man army and war ships in other localities, so why did they not invade?

    After the war, the remaining Japanese generals and admirals were asked that question. Their answer….they know that almost every home had guns and the Americans knew how to use them.

    The world’s largest army… America ‘s hunters! I had never thought about this….
    A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

    There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .

    Allow me to restate that number.
    Over the last several months, Wisconsin ’s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

    More men under arms than in Iran .

    More than in France and Germany combined.

    These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

    That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan ‘s 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now returned home.

    Toss in a quarter million (250,000) hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

    The number of Hunters in the state of Texas alone, would be the largest standing army in the world all by it’s self.

    The point?

    America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower.

    Hunting — it’s not just a way to fill the freezer. It’s a matter of national security.

    That’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.

    Food for thought when next we consider gun control.

    “Silence Is Consent”

  • Raymond
  • Wayne

    Have you ever thought for a moment that maybe Communist Obama may be wanting to weaken our defense so that the Communist, or the Muslims, would have an easier time in conquering this nation? This is my thinking anyway. What about Obama saying he wants to create more jobs in this country while at the same time is refusing to allow the Keystone Pipeline from Canada from laying an oil pipe line that would create thousands of new jobs? What about Obama hiring Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE, for his Jobs Czar while Immelt is sending most of GE’s jobs to China. If anyone can’t see what is happening here, I feel sorry for them. Do we want Obama for another 4 years? I say, hell no we don’t. This country could not stand another 4 years of this Communist want to be dictator.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    $489 Billion lets keep our Military and get rid of the Illegals that are costing us $500 Billion and climbing and save American lives (10,000 Americans murdered by Illegals since 2001) and put 12-15 million Americans back to work. Did you watch the debate this past week? The moron asking question’s Diane Sawyer, she stated that their was only 11 million ILLEGAL’S in this Country, are you kidding our 2000 census said there was 22-24 Million in this Country and Dept. of Immigration said in 2008 that 1 Million a year crossing our Border every year since 2001 and several million each year after that, dosen’t sound like 11 million does it. Anyone out there see 28 Million Illegal’s leave our Country????

    • Windrinker

      And those are just the numbers that the government will “admit to.” You can imagine that there are probably four times that many illegals.

  • Larry

    We would not want to have any cuts in defense jobs that would mean that the filthy rich would not make any money so we need to send out the CIA to find or start some wars somewhere so that the dirty SOB filthy rich defense industry can increase there wealth by supplying the wars. if the number of wars goes down then the Defense industry is not making all of the money they want from the tax payers.

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a child?
      What is wrong with having the best Military and Equipment in the world to protect our conutry and its people, including you.

  • Berenice

    Everything is running right on schedule. First weaken the military with homosexual rules to follow, then take as much funding away as possible and in doing the former put thousands of people out of work and on the dole. Perfect socialist values at work. We have elected the destroyers of America.

  • Howard from the Banger Club

    We can not cut U.S. Defense spending. Our representatives have not read or learned from history. Read the history of Rome. E-mail you Senatorss/Congress and tell them we can not afford to cut U.S. Defense spending. We must stay strong in defense of our nation. President Ronald Regan made us strong and kept us strong and then little by little the new administrations kept reducing spending which is wrong. Let’s get back to making our Nation strong. Our current adminisration bails out car companies, loaning institutes,wall street mega corporations, yet they want to cut defense spending which not only keeps us strang, but creates thousands of jobs. Please take the time and e-mail your representatives.

  • Jennifer Bussey

    My husband may very well be one of these that lose his job. He has worked for a large military vehicle supplier overhauling old vehicles and getting them ready to reuse, but now they are having a very difficult time getting contracts so after being open for 30 years and him working there over 10 years, it may close up shop. Our town was already the casualty of the base closure list, now we are looking at losing the rest of the jobs left in this town.

  • fungusamongus

    Now that I have read all the blogs, I feel much better. So, getting back to all thoes that will be unemployed due to the military cuts, let’s consider the ones that are taking early out for a nice bonus and retirement pay with some decent health benifits. No doubt many will be absorbed into the general work force and yes a lot will be unemployed. The
    Arab world has their oil and the underdeveloped counries have their cheap labor. That leaves the United States and Europe and look at the financial situation we are in. “Bite the bullet” folks. I know, that is easy to say when you have been unemployed and the prospects are few but there are jobs to be had. The Occupy groups are misdirected, they should be at the White House and State Capitals. Put the heat on those that are responsible for the mess we are in.
    At least there is one thing most of us agree on, Obama must go.

  • fungusamongus

    To Howard from the Banger Club
    I agree we must be strong militarly to protect our interest but as far as the Rome Empire went, the army that was scattered around the civilized world broke the bank.

  • Daryl

    Of course the defense cuts will cost jobs. Did that ignorant ass think that we were only going to cut down on the MRE’s?

  • Sirwizard

    You can take it from me. I was there when Jimmy Carter killed military weapons systems and reduced the size of the forces. We were so weak we couldn’t rescue 440 hostages Iran was holding. Ronald Reagan restored the lost weapons systems and rebuit the forces. The Societ Union colapsed. Then came little Billy (draft dodger) Clinton who GUTTED the forces. Then came the 9-11 attack on the twin towers. We didn’t have enough troops to rotate in and out of combat so they could rest and recover. G.W. Bush rebuilt the forces to a quarter of what they were before Billy Clinton. Now we have the ‘Messiah’ in the White Mosque, busy destroying EVERYTHING. If anyone isn’t TERRIFIED, they’re not paying attention. China and Russia (not to mention the Middle East) are building their forces. Does anyone out there understand what happened at Pearl Harbor? Do you understand WHY? I was a professional Army officer for over 30 years. I feel betrayed.

    • Southerner

      Sirwizard Thank you!!! Could not have capped the issue better! It is okay to spend trillions more in Jihadist Hilary’s, and to supply the United Nations budget of whom only increases the reason why we should maintain a strong military! (If you think the United Nations is for our way of life you must be mixing crack into your food!) We have been betrayed!!! and are being betrayed as we speak!! Thank you for your service!!!

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      Yes I understand exactly what is happening, This MORON of a President, that has never worked, never served our country in uniform, yet thinks he is the brightest bulb in the strand, is deliberately trying to ruin this country for his Muslim beliefs.
      I can remember when Ronald Reagan was elected President, the Iranians immediately released the hostages because they didn’t respect Mr. Peanuts but did respect President Reagan. And it was a wise choice on their part.
      “Might makes Right”…… and never forget it.
      Remember also, that Reagan caused Russia to spend itself into bankruptcy trying to compete with our military build-up and the Star-Wars technology. Now we have a president that is killing or space programs, cancelling defense projects and ruining our ability to manufacture anything in this country, because of his “Green” BS, and our lack of being able to be self sufficient in oil, coal, Natural gas or a pipeline because of politics.
      This BASTARD only cares about himself, and the rest of the people in this country can go to hell. You can tell that by how many vacations he has taken, how much golf he has played and his total lack of work ethic. This has been one long holiday for him before he retires with a full pension, compliments of we the people.


    Time to Re-Pare this oversized government then repair, maintain and restore the Constitutional Republic we are supposed to have for a government.


    WTF COULD lose 1.5 million jobs you mean more like 10 million if you take EVERYTHING into account which these stories NEVER DO!!!

  • Shell

    The federal government workers including the elected officials should put on the uniform of an American soldier and fight the battles they have given these young guys and gals. With the excessive pay the Congress gets they should be defending this country and allow the youngsters to run the country. I personally want to THANK THE AMERICAN SOLDIER FOR AFFORDING ME THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS MY OPINIONS HERE AND IN THIS GOD FEARING NATION! THANK YOU AROUND THE WORLD! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • ketrout

    Another SCARE tactic by the Obama administration!! The federal government is way too big and by downsizing, will be good for America!

    Besides that, the federal government CANNOT even account for all of the money they are given and spend!!!! We have lost billions if not trillions in the mid east!


  • David Stovall

    As I understand it ( maybe it is wrong) but the drastic military cuts that everyone is crying about are Washington DC cuts, not real cuts. Base line budgeting – Works like this, – schedule a 10% increase every year and if the 10% increase is changed to 9%, cry and moan like a starving baby that your budget is being cut when you are actually getting a 9% increase over last year.

  • Mike Castellano

    So what?Whats this person who wrote this article bitching about?Seriously before they even do cut non-military/defense spending,they should cut this military spending!Im tired of this shit head Military Industrial Complex!!!!!Why doesnt this person who wrote this article,the rest of these republicans on this site,and other neo-cons get to reality for once!Your just like the liberals who love to spend so much in non-defense/military!But on defense and military!Its time we cut the military spending,end these fucking wars,take ALL our troops home,get rid of all military bases around the world,then put all of our troops on our northern and southern borders!This war on terror is bullshit its a scam!If it were really true then why would the Gov’t bring in the Patriot Act,FEMA Camps,leave the borders wide open?!Its time we make all of our troops home on our borders and trial these policitans like Dickhead Cheny,Bush,Clinton,Bush One,and Obama for war crimes!

  • Southerner

    People I have enjoyed the comments of men and women who are patriotic! If you want to stick to the issue…….What is happening is a is very wrong! For two basic reasons!
    1. Anytime an Administration like this administration talks about cuts….they are sharpening their axe for another measure. I have witnessed this over and over again. If this administration ( I suppose) is going to cut defense spending in this manner to actually give more control to the major contractors and to remove the smaller contractors from the role call! Thus Companies like Brown&Root, Halliburton, and Northrop Grumman will virtually control the whole of the Defense Contractor network. This was so craftily done under the Clinton Administration and is apparently being done again under the Idiot in charge.
    2. Why was the “e” status program of President Reagan dismissed? This a program that was in sighted by Reagan himself to preserve the integrity of our manufacturing capability and not allow industries who were essential to the military complex be replaced by imported products or imported components. The second part of his program was to insure that “NO” contractor would hold any monopoly over the military industries or reception of the defense contracting.

    People we can barely produce a hotdog today with the condition of our industrial complex! When the Islamist in the Capital decides to start his Islamic Jihad on America don’t think the Contractors like mentioned above will not follow his command to save the status quo! They are not Patriots or Constitutionalist which presents a situation that is very worrisome! they are also greasing the palms of the “so called” Conservatives in congress as well to ensure their future claim on America!!!!! That is why everybody is so silent!!

  • mark

    this is just what ovomit and the libnut dumborats want to happen so that more people become dependent on government then comes the screw job meaning leaving you the american people out in the cold.when you the american people have nothing left but your nude body then theses idiot’s will do nothing for you once they have taken all that you have from you. then their glad that you have nothing, that’s the way they want it. their rich the american people poor.

  • http://facebook Liz Danuser

    Will be interesting to see these will be cut>Liz

    • David Stovall

      Good point, Liz. Fed government so powerful now, they ignore cuts and just keep spending. Who can stop them?

  • Brent B. Goshneck

    I just can’t believe some of the stuff I have just read. Makes me wonder are you all Americans or someone acting as one. I would bet that most of you consider yourselves christians too? After every war the US draws down, the question is how much of an Army can we afford to support our national objectives? Soldiers more than anyone hates war, because it is there blood and lives that pays for it.

  • SSG


  • Bob Marshall

    Why does the US need such a large military industrial complex when they have people who can sit at a desk and kill anywhere in the world with the touch of a button and then go home? US drone attacks are common now and so a few thousand innocents die from time to time. soon, these drones will have nuclear capability and the US can really cause some devastation. Robert Gates summed it for for the attitude for most Americans today. Wimps want peace, real men drop bombs. The real winner in these wars is corporate America. Most American citizens either refuse or are incapable of engaging in simple analysis and instead give their tacit or enthusiastic support to whatever destructive foreign policy decisions their leaders decide. In short, they have been dumbed down by the corporate controlled news media. Smedley Butler said it best. War is big business. The US government has the best PR in the business. America is easily moved. moved in the right direction. Benjamin Netanayhu.

  • Bruce Miller

    It’s a crying shame that our whole economy is based on the mass murdering of people in foreign nations. Just don’t start a war with China, they will cut off our supply of missile parts and we will lose the war. Personally I think that we should do wars the way Kings of old did. With the leader of the country leading the war from the front lines.

  • David Veselenak

    Does it really surprise anyone? Hell, the Muslim-Maxist assures two debilitating coups: it weakens America further, so that we can be attacked and it kills the economy, advancing the desstruction of the middleclass – the good ommunist that he is!

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