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EPA nearing tougher restrictions on power plant emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency expects Friday to finalize a rule requiring coal- and oil-fired power plants to cut emissions of 84 toxic chemicals, including mercury and other pollutants.

The rule comes 21 years after Congress amended the Clean Air Act to require the cleanup. The EPA estimates the changes will keep up to 17,000 people from dying prematurely each year and prevent 11,000 non-fatal heart attacks. It also estimates that for every $1 spent to clean up the plants, $3 to $5 will be saved in health costs.

“We think they will be historic clean air and public health achievements,” says John Walke, with the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group.

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  • Jim Laubscher

    This whole thing is so bogus. Their estimates of premature deaths is concocted out of whole cloth. Not a single shred of scientific backing, they’ve been doing this for years to justify their stupid thought processees. It is a never ending array of fabricated statistics with NOTHING to support the numbers. We are already living longer than they want us to anyway. Check out the science advisor and his brother that are working for BHO. Just one hundred years ago the life expectancy was at least 20 years younger than now. Something must be going right. Mostly is has to do with the fantastic medical service we;ve ahd for the last 30 years along with nutrition.

    • RHSchumann

      I take it you want coal fired power plants to put Mercury and other pollutants in the air? There are some who might be opposed to it.

      • Jim Laubscher

        This comment shows how ignorant so many people are on the environment. Mercury is everywhere in the environment naturally, the amounts released from coal fired plants is almost nonmeasurable except for the ability to measure things like lead, arsenic and mercury to ridiculously low levels.

        • AliveStillKickin

          I am betting that the mercury produced by power plants will ba replaced many fold by the mercury in CFLs

          • Trazzer17

            Good point AliveStill. If you are in your kitchen and drop or break one of these CFL’s which government now mandates to replace all incandescent lighting it will be at least ten times more toxic for your lungs if not cleaned up correctly than breathing emissions from a coal plant. And the average idiot probably will not know what to do when they break one.

          • Daniel Armstrong

            Why does everybody act as if CFLs are the first thing to ever use mercury, what about the millions of linear and U shaped tubes used in almost every business? what about the millions of mercury based switches in old thermostats, some of which had 2 vials (heat pump), wall switches, and hood/trunk light switches on cars? And also what about the mercury vapor and metal halide lights used for yard, building, and flag lighting? Even HID headlights on cars are a version of metal halide.

            I am sure even amalgam dental fillings rank in there somewhere.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            The mercury concerns baffle me a bit. While I’m sure its toxic, I also know that when I was a 5 year-old kid, my dentist gave me a vial of pure mercury to take home and play with, which I did, bare hands and all. While I’m not recommending people do that, I just turned 68 and am still a healthy person. How did that happen?

      • Gumbi5

        So how much mercury and pollutants do you think are going to be put into the air when the electricity goes out (as in roving blackouts) and every homeowner who has a fireplace resorts to using wood for heating and cooking? And watch all the sales for wood stoves skyrocket… as those without wood burning stoves buy them, install them and start using them. Government, and particularly in this case, Democrats in government, always seem to make things that they intend to improve worse than they were before they touched them.

      • 1911man

        No I don,t but if the problem is so bad, why am I being forced to replace all of my lightbulbs with new ones that contain mercury?

        • Steve H

          You have to replace your light bulbs because GE makes the CFL’s and were able t bribe and con the congress into passing a bill.

      • Larry Hughes

        Only the Marxist in charge and minions, they won’t be happy until we all live in grass huts or are dead.

      • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

        The American people are standing by as radical progressives gut our energy grid, if eco-rads are not stopped the average American will be working all month just to pay for utilities, there will be nothing left for “self”! Does anyone believe these arbitrary, anti-affluence regulations will ever affect the likes of “big eared obammi” or his kids who will never do without because of money stolen from the working American! Does anyone believe this “american hater” made four million dollars from the anti-capitalist rants that he laughingly called books? Community organizers basically lobby , threaten, and twist arms for left wing projects, money that end up in the pockets of sheisters like obammi. The ignorant, uninformed black population of America has exchanged their chances of participating in the American dream for token welfare supports that keep them poor, and wherever people like obama or jesse jackson can get their hands on the “community organizing” money it is stolen.

      • freeme2742

        Give me a break, the vaccines that the Government is mandating contains far more mercury in one vaccination than you will encounter in a lifetime of breathing. Wake up! And go back to the leftist blogs.

      • XNewyorker

        So this once again brings up the question about why the environmentalists want to shove mercury down our throats via the fluorescent bulbs they are FORCING us to use. Everything the EPA does is suspect. They are a politically corrupt organization.

      • Wayne Peterkin

        No one supports that and you know it. What most of us want is rationality which is completely lacking from our government. Since nuclear power is clean and non-polluting, I suppose you are a big supporter of more nuclear power (I am by the way).

    • shannon853

      abolish the EPA! next force washington to supply power to the whole country free! there is enough hot air in washington to power the world! no brains but a lot of hot air!

    • freeme2742

      You are exactly right! Its all about slowing the US economy so we cannot compete with CHINA and INDIA, which the globalist see as their new US, their new markets that they can make billions off of without regulations they face in America. Second it is about EUGENICS. The ELITE want to reduce the population of the World by 90%, that is over 6 Billion they want to erradicate. Talk about Conspiracy, yes folks it does, google Georgia Gladstones, Bill Gates Foundation, Codex Alimentarius of the WHO (World Health Organization), WTO(World Trade Organization, Food Safety and Modernization Act, ect. . Obamacare is the mechanism that they will control your diet, health, vaccinations, what you eat, ect. . Americans must get involved and do your own research, here are a few excellent sources, Natural News,

    • don

      epa works… for obama an nothing can get in the way of green engery. mercury in the air hell get real they mandated we needed new light blubs wake up they have just put mercury in your dam house. he has people that think there to many of us on earth. an you think this bunch is thinking of us. come on laught with me.

  • Jim Laubscher

    Oh yeah. Remember the famous tale from the fearless leader, ” electricity prices must necessarily skyrocket”.

    • Trazzer17

      Probably insignificant as hard as the Muslim Caliphate is working their asses off to punish us with an E.M.P. Electricty won’t be available to power anything in most of the great United States if the ragheads are successful. Considering how vulnerable we are, considering how our indiscriminate bombing of their countries has agitated them to want to annililate us, I believe an E.M.P. is their next 9-11 waiting in the wing. God help you if you can’t grow your own food, heat your dwelling with wood and pump well water. You’re gonna die. I’m moving in with the Amish.

  • J.M.R.

    what the hell are these idiots trying to prove now just more of their lies bend over america here come the big green government weiner

  • CAllenDoudna

    Folks, Barack Obama said he wanted to be “a successful one-term President”. He just didn’t tell us he would suspend or ignore elections so that one term would last the rest of his life and laws would be replaced by executive orders and bureaucratic decisions.

    • freeme2742

      He will declare Martial Law as the economy implodes in the first quarter of 2012. The politicians just passed the National Defense Authorization Act in place which puts the military in the streets and allows the government to pick up and arrest without due process, will not try you, you will be locked away, and or on the Presidents ASSASINATION List, Domestic Terrorists, you know, the conservatives, libertarians, ex-military , Christians, Constitutionalist, Ron Paul Supporters, advocates of liberty or limited government as the biggest threat to National Security, not Islamic Jihadist or Muslims. What people dont understand is that terrorist include domestic terrorist and that These groups are considered domestic terrorists and Homeland Security sees them as greater threats than Alkida, Islamic Jihadist, Chinese and Russian spys, ect. Our society is being closed off. We have an out of control Government.

  • johnparry

    and how many folks will starve or freeze to death or succumb to heat due to no energy / high costs ????? knock off the goofball estimates and let the free markets work ……..

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    This EPA , has a free pass on any proposal. The “saves lives” thing is rampant in every mouthful of talk. Does anyone remember Al Gore? This man has made a personal fortune on global warming! The earth is warming up, was his cry! Our earth has been warming up, since it’s formation! Our continent was once covered with ice! Man, will never effect the weather, or the climate. Our climate or temperature is governed by our nearest star; the Sun! Do you believe that man, can control the sun? Politicians think they can. Politicians govern by fear, no matter what the subject. And of course, politicians know everything; just ask!
    Press “1′ for English.

    • CAllenDoudna

      The Ice Age was the result of Noah’s Flood which burried the fossils and washed out the Carbon 14 making them appear older. An Asteroid struck between the North Pole and Alaska. The Arctic Ocean is the crater it left. The impact bulged out Antarctica and split South Amedrica from Africa and shattered the Earth’s crust into tectonic plates, releasing underground water, “the fountains of the great deep were broken up”. The dirt kicked up collapsed the water canopy that had been moderating our temperature resulting in 40 days of rain. Mile-high tsunamis washed across the land. Then the basins where underground water had been stored collapsed and the “waters receeded from off the face of the Earth” into the sinkholes that are today’s ocean basins. These sinkholes explain why all over the world at a depth of 600 feet the ocean floor suddenly drops two miles instead of a gradual slope to mid-ocean and then a gradual rise to the next shore as we would expect if Earth formed by the collision of rocks in space. The geologic instability from the impact resulted in volcanoes all over the world the smoke from which blocked the sun. The high humidity from the Flood then fell as snow and resulted in the Ice Age–for which science has never come up with an explanation.

      • RHSchumann

        Did you smoke too much dope?

    • Nevergivein

      Press 2 for English….Spanish has the number 1 spot.

    • Trazzer17

      Can you spell AGENDA 21?

  • T-Texas

    Get rid of the EPA,opilofsheet,sue em holder,and the rest of the green bunch of tree huggers that choke our economy with restrictions that just harm the US.We all want to breath fresh air,have clean water and good health.


    What comes out of the smoke stack is not monitored, the EPA does not know or care what is dispersed in to the air. The monitors are in the combustion chamber and the only way to change the results is to change the fuel mix. Even if the smoke coming out of the stack was purer than the air around it, it would still fail. The EPA is not just about burning fossil fuels they are against the mining and drilling, so their rules are impossible to obtain. I know because I worked for the EPA for a short while and could not believe their policies to achieve a pristine environment, think eugenics.

    • Jim Laubscher

      If you are the Don I know, you should know better than to make a statement like yours. These gases from all coal fired plants are scrubbed and monitored. You also should know that right on the first page of their application is the dumb statement,” Come to work at the EPA,where everyday is Earth Day”

  • Doug

    If America doesn’t follow Canada’s direction in Walking Away from the UN’s trading of Carbons or the so implemented Kyoto Project…then America is in for a large surprise in employment, deforestation and land grab by our own Government at all levels. As most of Americans watch the horror of Forest Fires in many parts of America…it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t the Environmental Agency responsible…all under the watchful eye of the UN and the Kyoto Project that claims our Environment needs deforestation to improve our environment in CO2 being released…forest fires does a better job than just letting the trees rot! We must demand our Government pull out of the UN climate change program, it has been proven to be a Joke..or a money machine for many selling these JUNK BONDS. JUNK BONDS titled ERU, or RMU’s, or CER’s all relating to the climate, trading of Carbon emissions and various countries getting American Tax dollars to help them deal with the projected effects from man and carbon. As Americans face the worse economic situation in our history, those in the UN are implementing their Project 21, Kyoto Project and several others….when an American is trying to figure out how to feed their family they don’t have time to see what the EPA and UN are doing to set the path for our UN nazi party takeover!! I use the term Nazi to show a pattern used by Hitler when directing an outcome for the masses! In God I Trust!

  • Karl McGaugh

    I am all for cleaner emissions but I think the federals need to get out of the way. Mandating new rules is driving up prices and killing competition. New written standards are fine as long as they don’t have the power of law. If the local public wants a cleaner environment they vote to upset the local economy with new costs for utilities. Some of the cost should be shared by the utilities, IE…
    If new scrubbers are the answer then the industry as a whole should have R&D money set aside to develop and install new scrubbers. The allocation of this money should be from an elected national board of directors that get a single term of 6 years. The election is by a ballot included in every utility bill. The amount of money collected should be enough to do 5 – 10 installations per year and there should be open competition between manufacturers for a piece of this business. The local government should lobby the board for this money and leave the federals out of it. If nobody wants the new upgrades then the money should be returned to the utility users the same as it was collected.

  • MickeyMike2

    We can’t lay pipelines, can’t drill for oil, can’t burn coal, can’t eat fat foods, can’t openly worship God, can’t drive cars that burn too much gas. All we can do is use things that use electricity. Gee, I wonder where that’ll come from. Oh, that’s right we can use wind farms. Of course, that’ll mean we won’t have much green space or room for houses. That, in itself, will decrease the demand for electricity. And those houses that we do have, we can heat with fire places until we run out of wood. Then we’ll all freeze to death so we’ll have no more need for cars, or oil, or wood, or electricity. Guess the government has a good plan afterall.

    • Graywolf

      Several years ago several cities outlawed using fire places because SOME people are allergic to wood smoke. If people die from hypothermia in the winter and heat stroke in the summer we reduce the drain on SS and medicare while reducing the CO2 footprint of this horrid wasteful country. Just have to think like a progressive.

  • rowley

    Abolish fed EPA. States and local control is closer to the will of the voter.

  • AliveStillKickin

    These figures smack of Pelosi-math

    FROM THE ARTICLE: “It also estimates that for every $1 spent to clean up the plants, $3 to $5 will be saved in health costs.”

    “Extending Unemployment Benefits Will Create 600,000 Jobs–200,000 More Than Obamacare!”

    “Every dollar spent on unemployment will create two dollars in revenue”

  • Steve H

    We never signed the Kyoto agreement. This is mostly the environuts at the EPA along with this corrupt administration. I also blame Bush for getting sucked into all this PC crap that is now starting to cause real harm to each and every one of us. I live in the mid-west and because of these new rules my electric bill is expected to go from about $1500.00 a year to somewhere in the neighborhood of $3500.00 to $5000.00 per year. Hopefully this election will bring about a change and at least give us a fighting chance.

  • Robert Morrow

    The EPA Shadow Ruling unelected Government is destroying the country with their idiot regulations. If these rulers are so worried about the health of the Nation, just why do they not mentioning the approved drugs by the FDA(murder for profit inc) which murders thousands each year. Just take one Merck VIOXX which murdered over 60,000 and caused 140,000 heart attacks. This is way more than what is hurt by the power plants. Then one more item, the 15,000 toxins allowed to be placed in the food supplies. Toxins which make people sick of body and mind, yet allowed by your Elected Officials and FDA, EPA and other Shadow dictatorial governments. Why because it is all for profits of the Pharmaceuticals and Food Processor, which some of these bloody profits go to bribe your Senators and Representatives. So in ending I hope that you enjoy your daily Staff Of Life Bread loaded with Foam Plastics and wood fibers to mention only two items. I feel that power plants should go on strike, shut down and let the EPA explain just why all the lights have gone out.

    • Jim Laubscher

      Those 15,000 toxins were falsely identified by using microorganisms as the determining factor and 90+% do not cause cancer in people. The Ames test is resoundingly wrong. It picks up levels that are too low to cause cancer.

  • mitch

    Does anyone know when this will be voted on by congress? Or is this one of those regulations that will go into effect because they said so…? and we the people have no say…

  • Larry

    It is far beyond the time for these environmentalists to stop with there demands they are getting even more stupid than they have in the past. When are these environmentalist’s going to start demanding that we even stop moving because of the dirt that gets put into the air from our movements.

  • Larry Hughes

    Sounds like we need a crystal night for the EPA. (I know the word for the Nazi crystal night just can’t spell it.)

  • Steve

    There should be a law that “All rolling blackouts must begin in DC. See how fast these regs change.

  • jettthemesh

    Clean air to the enviro-freaks means shutting down all industry in this country! How dare WE to let a sick-twisted minority to destroy America while we do nothing!!!

  • Larry E

    I worked in analytical chemistry labs for over 35 years, and can tell you that the detection limits of most materials from mercury to organics that might be released from burning coal or anything else have gone down to nearly unbelievable levels, and are still going down. Just because something can be detected by the latest and best chemical analyses, doesn’t mean that those levels should be adopted as emission limits. It’s absolutely asinine! Some elements are toxic above certain amounts, but necessary for the proper functioning of animal systems – including ours – below those levels.

    How pray did anything survive on this planet before the EPA ruled that everything was going to kill us and/or our animals? Just fine! If these morons had seen real pollution in the 1940’s through the mid 1960’s or so here, much later in Eastern Europe, and still in China they’d soil themselves. There’s no point in ever reducing emission limits which cannot be shown to cause damage or injury.

    The idea that some MD who’s being paid by the government to say that without these new and lower limits some number more people will die is the height of hypocrisy and self service IMHO.

    • Richard P


  • Gary

    What crap. Anyone who believes these EPA lies isn’t using their brain as God intended. How can you possibly predict loss of life based on smoke stacks emissions. Cars, animals, and humans all give off emissions. I predict that 50 million people will die in the next 10 years as a result of these emissions. If this sounds like a made up lie—it is. But so are the EPA lies. Any government agency statistics can be considered as 99% lies, based on past history. The EPA is the worst of any. You won’t get hired at The EPA unless you possess a natural ability for lying.

    • http://YAHOO Bob

      To get hired you have to be a LIBERAL, COMMUNIST!

  • Constitutional Believer

    Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s.
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    If Not Now, When?
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    If Not You, Who?
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris

    • Constitutional Believer

      Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  • jerry`944

    let see this is only going to raise the price by double and the poor will be except are extra will be added to some to help pay theres. Yes indeed the idoit is sure for the ppl. Sounds like the wal street blockers thinking. Well i sure it will cost more and the unions will be happy also

  • Graywolf

    Larry, I started in a clinical laboratory in 1958 where we got real low by reporting mg/dl. When I retired in 2003 we could accurately report parts/ billion. I confirm what you say, the tests are so accurate the answers are of no realistic value. Of coure if you are an elitist with NO scientific education you think any number is too much. Gary, you to do not understand. IF THEY SAY IT, IT IS TRUE!!!!!! Your prediction is probably just as accutate as theirs.

  • Bud

    How long will the people of our nation let Obama continue to destroy our nation any way that he can? Throw this BUM out, before there is nothing left of our country.

  • http://cowboybyte George

    What supports their claim that all those lives will be saved with these new regulations? More people will fall below the poverty level, the economy will fail even more as power rates will rise and folks will have less disposable income. If We The People don’t stand for something We will fall for anything!

  • Richard P

    The United States is the most environmentally friendly nation on the planet. Other nations such as China are pumping out enormous amounts of toxins into the air and water, but are exempt from the UN standards that we (America) are expected to abide by. If the UN was interested in “protecting” the environment, then all nations should be required to come into line with the UN mandates.
    Of course any logically thinking person would see through this hypocritical UN environmental program. It is there to destroy the economic powerhouse of America, and bring forward a socialist world order.

  • mike glancy

    Abolish the EPA!!!Demand it from our politicians! Rise up all God fearing, country loving patriots!!Turn off your tv sets and vote these communists out of our government before it’s too late!!!All of them.Democrats and Republicans.If they don’t stand behind the U.S.constitution and it’s guarantee of freedoms, BOOT THEIR ASSES OUT!!!We must get this country back on the right track!!!Patrick Henry ” Give me liberty or give me death” Be politically incorrect and be proud!!That is just a derisive term the commies have given we Patriots to shut us up. TERM LIMITS PEOPLE!!!!TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!

  • shearwater

    Fly ash is the particulate matter coming from burning coal and is an excellent concrete additive to add strength. Some of the pollutants encapsulated in concrete with fly ash added would be permanently entrapped. The government should make fly ash a commodity instead of trying to find a solution to a non-problem. Sulfur dioxide emission are a fertilizerf ingredient and in the air turns ti mild sulfuric acid which drops to the earth within five miles of the plant. This could be trapped at the plant and is a component of gypsum which makes drywall board, etc. So instead of demonizing coal, they should defer to creative uses of the byproducts which are many. The EPA has too much power and these mandates will stifle the economy, n question about that, especially because of the cost of power which will be passed on to the consumer.

  • http://YAHOO Bob

    EPA going after the power plants to cut supply of energy to raise bills. OBAMA kills pipe line. NEWS MEDIA starts reporting gas prices going up before it go up. WE HAVE HAD AIR SCRUBBERS FOR SOME TIME THEY WILL CLEAN THE AIR BEFORE RELEASED. EPA DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. See where the liberals are going all about making money.

  • http://YAHOO Bob

    IN 1998 I was working on the flight line working all kinds of overtime to keep the program on schedule. WE were running a portable generator an it started smoking a little EPA was doing an inspection they gave us a fine of 88,000 dollars. The problem was it had been setting for some time an a small amount of water had got in the fuel. The money from these fine’s goes into a political fund same thing with the DOT. They fine the Truckers an let the rail roads do what ever they want and give them money every year to run on. The STATES would do a much better job running these DEPT’S. It just another way of taking the rights away from the People an STATES.

  • Buck


  • Mike Young

    What is totally amazing to me is that the EPA is so concerned about the Mercury that coal and oil fired power plants put into the atmosphere, yet the EPA says nothing about the Mercury that the Pharmaceutical Industry puts into the Vaccines that get injected directly into our bodies whenever anybody gets a vaccine.
    All vaccines have Mercury in them and this direct injection of Mercury doesn’t bother the EPA at all. That is so Hypicritical to say the least. The EPA needs to get their priorities straight if they are really about protecting the American people, actually the EPA needs to be Abolished.

  • Joe

    There are those of us who have been sounding the alarm for years regarding the cost of energy. If you think it’s high now, wait until the EPA, if allowed, implements the EPA policies that are in the pipe line (pun intended).

    Also, even if our resources were turned on today, how long would it take for our abundant energy to reach our meter box or our fuel tank or the machines of industry that provides the jobs direly need by so many American Citizens.

  • http://ever servant

    E.P.A here’s the Correct Acronym: “Everyone 2 b as Poor As” church mice?
    ‘Cuase that’s what the Obominator’s little helpers are succeeding in!