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Eric Holder: ‘Critics Don’t Like Me Because I’m Black’

It wasn’t the disastrous Fast and Furious gunrunning operation that armed the Mexican drug cartel and led to the death of a border patrol agent that has led conservatives to call for Eric Holder​’s resignation. Nope. Nor was it the fact that Holder’s office inexplicably refuses to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and his decision to sue Arizona over its sensible law to check the legality of people living in the state.

In reality, Eric Holder is under undue scrutiny because he’s a black man. And his boss, Barack Obama​, also takes the heat because, he too, is a black man.

So says the Attorney General​ anyway: “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” he told the New York Times, “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

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  • Bobby

    Race is the Trump Card that keeps Liberal Democrats and Fascist Republicans in Power! America’s Top Cop, Eric Holder is a RACIST to his Inner Core!!!!
    IMO, you are either an American or your not!!!!! All this crap of being a “Hyphenated” American, is intentional Racisim by those in Power, “regardless” of Political Party!!!

    • William

      Bobby a few years ago I was sitting in a bar in High Point N.C. and during the conversation a blak man said afroamerican. another black man jumped up and said afroamerican! what the F–K do you mean afroamerican. either your african or your American. I am an American whose parents happened to come from Africa,

      • Joan B

        Indeed ! Our parents, grandparents all came from some other country.
        I don’t hear our people saying “we are Irish Americans” ! Why?
        We are PROUD AMERICANS. Thereine lies the difference folks !
        Joan B

      • http://cowboybyte Tom

        My ancestors are from Great Briton, does that mean I should say I’m a White Great Brit? Why do people thing they have to say they’re black period. Lets all stick with I’m an American. People’s color is a DEAD give away, and I don’t understand the need to announce it. I’m for judging a person for whom they are. Not their color.

      • Reda StCyr

        An your damn point is?


      Mr. Holder, you’re right. It’s your race that’s the reason we don’t like you or Barack Hussein Obama. Both of you are a disappointment and disgrace to the HUMAN RACE.

      • Joan B

        We don’t respect them because of their inner beliefs…..I could care less what color they are. Were they white, I’d have no respect for them as well.
        Joan B

        • Mike

          Actually, we don’t like him because he is on the wrong side of every issue. Instead of upholding the Constitution he swore to uphold, he does just the opposite just like his boss. He needs to go and soon. The remedy is Impeachment.

          • Laurenio

            He is just like his boss, they both are idiots for thinking it his race. Dummy, it what you have done to this once great country. I would vote for a green man if he was conservative, race is not an issue.

        • Chris

          Joan, I believe the phrase is “I could not care less…”

      • ABO

        Right on, Upsetvet, you hit the nail square on the head! Holder is criticized because he’s doing a horrible job as Attorney General not because he’s black, but it’s the politically correct excuse for his inept incompetence to say those who criticize him are racist. If they’re racist then he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his utterly inexcusable incompetence. He needs to hit the road along with the rest of this administration.

        • Laurenio

          Amen, they Adminstration Blacks, Whites, Purples, Green, and any other color.

      • Pat

        No, it’s not his race, it’s his arrogance, stupidity, corruption, bias towards blacks, ineptness, misuse of his political power, lack of professionalism, retaliation against any opposition, etc. etc.

        • Sutekh

          What would have happened if Spiro Agnew had claimed that people didn’t like him because he was white?

          Why is it that Holder thinks that there is something objectionable about being black, but that there is nothing objectionable about being a traitor to the American people?

    • Joy

      Yes, it isn’t because he is black …it is because he is stupid that I dislike him and he is a puppit for Obama. He hasn’t done anything good for our country!!!

      • Angelicsweep

        holder has a HUGE chip on his shoulder as well as obama, which is a heavy burden to carry around all the time. Pulling the race card is the ONLY argument they can put out there to explain their dismal FAILURE as human beings. The race card is their only defense for the treasonous acts they have committed against America and her people! They know the race card BLINDS the black people to the TRUTH where it counts…in the inner cities, where they garner most of their votes! WHEN are black people going to realize that it is their BLACK LEADERS who are keeping them where they are! Can’t they SEE the very people who claim to be on their side and helping them are becoming filthy RICH off THEIR black backs???? They could care LESS about their people until it comes voting time! It is TIME to LEAVE the democrap Plantation!
        Put holder, waters, jackson-lee and all the other commies OUT and get people who TRULY care in office…QUIT making these commies rich and powerful!!!!

        • Sutekh

          Because of genocidal Planned Parenthood, only 13% of the population is black. If the race card blinds black people, that is no excuse for Holder being in office. It was white people who elected the antiChristian, caucasophobic traitor who appointed him, and a Senate full of white Democrats who confirmed the appointment. So who’s the one who’s stupid? Not Holder. Obama and him are planning to destroy the entire country, and the American people are standing around like a caddy, giving them anything they ask for.

    • Eli Jones

      These are the same black racists that attorney general Holder refused to prosecute for threatening white voters! Why???? Answer: Eric Holder is a racist too.

      Black Panthers harass Philly voters.

      I was told to take this video off youtube

      (Eric Holder Drops Charges on Black Panthers for Voter Intimidation)
      (Malik Shabazz incriminates himself in black panther case)

    • Eli Jones

      Bobby, you called the Fascist Democrats “liberals”. The dims are way beyond liberal, they are true fascists with their Nazi mentalities. I will vote for most any Republican over Obama’s Democrat thug allies. Just saying!

      • ABO

        Unfortunately, Eli, you may not have the opportunity to cast your vote next election. Obama is, as we speak busy with the help of his useful idiot Harry Reid, insuring that he will be able to declare Martial Law without the approval of Congress or anyone else for any reason he happens to come up with. This wannabe dictator needs desperately to be stopped NOW!

        • Eli Jones

          ABO, I agree that Obama will use any means necessary to seize total control. However, there are a lot more of us Patriots than the fascists that worship Obama. We Patriots shall take America back at the ballot box or by any means necessary to stop the White House control freak and his vile band of thugs.

          • fred

            Thank God and our founders wisdom, we have a
            Second Amendment.

          • Sutekh

            From 1918 to 1990, only about 12 % of the Russian people were Communists. Claiming superiority in numbers is not a good argument for supposing that Obama can be defeated easily. Experienced and well-trained subversives can overthrow a country and enslave the entire population. An election that puts a communist in the highest office in the land is the last election that one ever has.

            Turkish spear and Latin fraud
            Will break your shield, however broad.

            Byron — “The Isle of Greece”

    • A Palm USA ret

      Living proof, you don’t have to be white to be a racist !!

    • Ilene

      No Eric, your color is not the issue. It is your criminal behavior, lack of ethics, biased attitude towards white people, and your lies. Character, that is good, is color blind.

    • SweetOlBob

      You and Holder are both right. he is the definition of a Racist. And he is correct in that I reject him because he is masquerading as a member of the HUMAN RACE.
      Of course both of those charges of which he is obviously guilty, have nothing to do with the fact that he is incompetent, and a liar, do they ?

    • mose

      What a bunch of CRAP,we knew he was black from the start.Now he’s trying to cover his a** for the major wrong he did…AWWWW are we picking on you?STOP using the black thing…A man is a man who don’t try to blame some else for his wrongs.BE a MAN for GOds sake…or did you forget that too..Seems you can’t remember,stop trying to protect someone else…I hope your kids are proud of you..If you have any

    • Paladin

      Well said.

      It’s not the fact that Holder either didn’t read memos addressed to him, or that he forgot when he first learned of Fast & Furious.

      Both explanations are INEXCUSABLE for the highest prosecutor in the land.

      But as every lazy SOB, regardless of color will do when confronted with their own shortcomings and failures… Holder is reverting to the oldest tactic in the book, denigrating himself.

      Sadly, Holder and Obama both are setting back racial euqlity another 20 years every time they open their mouths and say… you disagree with me because you’re a racist.

      No I disagree because your policies do not coincide with my beliefs for what is right for this country.

      I disagree because allowing guns to be delivered to hardened drug cartels while at the same time professing that we need tougher gun laws is hypocritical, not racist.

      I do agree… that some very bad American’s allowed those guns to be walked though, against requests of BATFE field agents, against requests of the legal gun store owners…

      Yes some VERY BAD Americans allowed those guns to cross our borders that killed hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens and two government law enforcement officers.

      Those very bad men are Barrack Obama and Eric Holder and it has NOTHING to do with their skin color; it has everything to do with their inability to accept personal responsibility for their actions that in this case, has destroyed human lives.


      Time to get these two faced, self serving professional politicians out of Washington.


      eric, it’s not that you are black it’s you are a spooky dude doing what spooky dudes do, just look at soros, act white go get soros for war crimes, prove you are a AMERICAN.

    • http://None BenFox

      holder is full of poop, he is the racist, liar and un-american in the history of crime in the U.S. kicked him and his racist buddies out, opps, obozo is only half black?

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      Holder’s right, sort of…I don’t like him because he is black…hearted. He is evil, preverts justice. He uses his office to promote his own progressive agenda at the expense of our federal and state laws. He fails to protect the voting rights of white legal citizens while encouraging the terrorizing by Black Panther’s who were already convicted, setting them free. He used Fast and Furious to attempt to promote unconstitutional restrictions on citizen ownership of weapons (2nd Amendment) and continues to promote restrictions of the free exercise of the Christian faith… Yes, I don’t like Mr. Holder because he is…black hearted.

    • haditinsd

      Mr. Holder, we don’t like you because you are unamerican and stupid. Color and Hyphans have nothing to do with it.

    • Eli Jones

      (same melody as “You Are My Sunshine”)

      OK libs, sing it for us Patriots!

      “My Race Card”…… Eli Jones

      I play my race card cause I’m a Libtard
      I been accused of race card abuse
      I prey on sheeples, gullible peoples
      So I play my Bush card too!

      I play my race card cause I’m a Libtard
      When I have nothing real to say
      You love Obama or you’re racist drama
      Please don’t take my race card away

    • Archie

      Ya gotta admit that he is right. I don’t like him because he’s a useless black communist racist mulism loving anti-American idiot.
      Just my opinion.

    • E

      You got that right. However, the issue on Holder is NOT that he is black, but that he is, if not criminally incompetent, incompetent.

    • KatieOh

      You are completely and utterly correct, Bobby! It’s time for honesty and getting rid of anything that sticks of a lie or racism or anti-constitution! Our constitution is not an “old document” … just like the Magna Carta is not an old document! We must confront lies every time we see or hear of them and keep moving the truth forward!
      God Bless America!!!

    • Sutekh

      Yeah, but if a white man had made the same remark to a black man, the white man would have been told that he was racist.

      For some reason it is considered politically incorrect for a white person to tell the truth a black person. That’s the whole platform that the Obama administration is bult on. And that’ s why the DNC threw Hillary undre the bus. What could she say? “People don’t like me because I’m a lesbian?”

  • Ellen

    Holder, you are the biggest racist dirtbag of all – you caused the death of Brian Terry and being the AG you need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – nobody cares if you are black or white or red or brown – you need to go you racist POS! Don’t try and play the race card – it won’t work – you are GUILTY and you need to pay for your crimes! Congress needs to do its job and get rid of your weasel ass now!

    • Al from Italy

      Thank you Ellen for tell it straight and true. He is as you said the biggest dirt bag after the A**H**** in the WH

    • William

      AMEN AMEN Ellen. the race card has been played by this regime more than ever befor by anyone. they are the most racist and devisest bunch of IDIOTS this country has ever seen in washington,

  • Terry Black

    No Holder, your color has nothing to do with why the American people dispise you, unless criminal accessory to murder, drug smuggling, gun smuggling with intent to commit fraud on the Second Ammendment has a color?

    You are a traitor to America and a criminal, just like many in our government offices including the fake citizen Barry Soetoro!

    That is why not only your critics don’t like you, everybody with a half wit of knowledge and decency dislikes you!

    Behind bars is where you belong!

    • Joe

      Holder, your attempting to play the race card, you have played it since you have been in office, your refusal to prosecute the black panthers that was stoping people from voteing if proof enough for me to call you the racists.. Hand in your resignation and go get a life you scumb bag..

    • http://http Eileen Pressler

      Amen. So, it couldn’t be that Eric H. is anl incompetent, lieing, dishonest traitor? Well,, If Mr. Holder thinks that will wash with We the People, He is also grossly stupid.

  • Capt. Jerry

    Holder still doesn’t get it. Again he is only half right he is also incompetent, big time.

  • Janet

    AMEN!!!!!! And again I say AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr jon

    no–folks dont like him because he is stupid like obummer ,he is a racist, and his policy backfired and caused a agent to be killed

  • dr jon

    and more to come

  • ken

    Yep that TOO. Must be most all Red Blooded, God Fearing, Gun Toting, LEGAL Americans that do not like you holder? Call me a racist, call what you will, I still do not like what you are doing to our United States of America justice system. God Bless America and Merry Christmas.

  • chvietvet

    My complaint about Eric Holder is a real one. I sent him evidence that federal civil servants committed perjury while violating the law in order to deny employment to veterans because they have preference rights that many federal agencies to not intend to recognize. These illegal acts result in tens of thousands of veterans becoming homeless, destitute, and dead long before reaching the average life expectancy of an American. The bosses of the federal agencies with the anti-veteran policies are all white. The perjurers are white, and many of them dodged the draft during the Vietnam War in various dishonorable ways. Almost all of the other criminals who are violating the law to keep veterans out of their agencies are white. To date, I have received no response from Holder, although the FBI has informed me that it is not interested in investigating or presecuting civil servants for committing perjury. Holder is not unpopular because he is black. He is unpopular because he protects white criminals in government and thereby contributes to the corruption of our country.

  • BruceD

    The forman calls a worker into his office. He tells the guy he is fired.
    The worker screams that he is being fired because he is black.
    The forman says, “We hired you because you are black. We are firing you because you are worthless.”

    So, we fire them because they are worthless. End of story

    • Harriett G

      BruceD This is the best thing I’ve seen today. Yes you boot their asses out the door when they won’t work. Some years ago we had many blacks working for GM. Most were hard working individuals but some were downright lazy expecting paychecks handed to them even when they stood around yammering about how bad their jobs were. Too bad I wasn’t a foreman for I’d have told them to shut up, do their job or we’ll find someone else to take your place! This is grandma who knows what she’s talking about, smile.
      I for one do not judge color of skin. If these racist acting individuals don’t do their job, too, too bad for them.

    • John Looper


    • Sharpshooter003

      Truer words were never spoken …..

  • jim

    I have noticed when they run out of intellectual comments or snappy come backs, the race card gets thrown on the table ! This is usually a sign to me they have admitted defeat in that conversation. The race comments went out around the time the Watts riots were over but they haven’t figured that one out yet either.

    • SweetOlBob

      Obama used the Race card so often to hide behind that the card is now viewed from the side. Not many of the racists can hide behind a sideways card, can they ?
      ———- How about it, Al ? How abut it, Jessie ? How about it, Barry ? How about it, Black Caucus ? How about it, NAACP ? etc. etc. etc. ————

    • Paladin

      Typically when a person loses an argument they’ll throw out a might F YOU! to indicate their defeat.

      In this and all cases (as I’ve yet to find an instance where Obama has been right), Holder and Obama throw out the R word.

      If you disagree, you’re a racist. If your a republican, you want to see black folks hanging from a tree.

      The ONLY person I want to see hung are those traitors to our country; that includes Army Specialist Bradley Manning… a 22 year old white male who stole hundreds of thousands of classified documents and released them to WikiLeaks.

      No higher act of treason has ever been recorded in our country and this POS Manning should die a traitors death.

      Just as Holder through his ignorance, and through his office have allowed thousands of guns to be walked into the hands of dangerous drug cartels who have used them to commit hundreds of murders, the killing of two federal law enforcement officers and the destruction of thousands of lives.

      Mr. Holder I want you to be held accountable for your actions. As a prosecutor can’t you understand at least that much?

  • Marc Jeric

    Not so – komrad Holder; we do not like you because you and your boss are communists , not beacuse you both happen to be black. We like certain blacks – like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain…

  • donl

    Black !! Black !!! hell I thought he was a martian. He acts like he’s from some other planet. The only good black is a conservative black.

    • IGotAComment

      And the only good whites are conservative whites … etc, the list is long.

  • marty

    I believe that is why the Dims wanted this fool (Obama) to be president. They knew he would be immune to all attacks because of “white guilt” every time the race card was played. These people are so predictable. It is ashamed their policies cannot stand even the slightest bit of scrutiny or criticism. These are the the people we chose to allocate this nations resources and intervene in our lives through regulations and protect our citizens. What is wrong with (some of ) us?

  • EnoughStupidity

    Please Eric ….I am tired of that race card crap and I don’t feel guilty besides I don’t owe you a da– thing or your president either. You are just plain wrong in what you did, have been doing and now this remark. You just showed how immature you really are to pull that. We need a real man in the White House and real men running this country. Reid needs to get his lazy azz back to Washington and do what is right by the public he is suppose to serve and quit dictating.

  • Jack Morgan

    Holder, you are so self centered, just like your boss! You were hired because you were black and you should be fired because you are incompetent, anti-constitutional, and think the Federal Government is more powerful and better equiped than the states. Time for you and your boss to go back to Chicago and learn how to be more corrupt!

  • cobra

    Use that race card holder because that definitely shows your mentality as well as the fact that, since you are using it, only proves further that you and your comrade aren’t capable or have the ability to hold the offices the both of you are currently filling. As for being african-American, only the african part applies to obama since he was born there. As for you, like 90% of the blacks in the USA, have never been to africa. And the rhetoric certain blacks keep spewing about their roots/ heritage, well, here’s a suggestion. If they want to get back to their roots/ heritage, then there are planes and ships leaving daily for africa if you don’t want to live in America.

    • Paladin

      Folks need to learn their history.

      Fact #1 WHITES were the first slaves sent to the America’s. “Good” King James was under scrutiny for having so many English subjects in prison under penalty of death that in his “generosity” he reduced the prisoners sentences to life of servitude in the “prison colonies” of the America’s.

      Fact # 2 in 1723 Under the Waltham Act, an estimated 100,000 WHITES were transported to the America’s to begin their indentured servitude… read slavery.

      Further, the continent of Australia was populated almost entirely by WHITE SLAVES sent there to serve a ‘life sentence of indentured labor’ a fancy term for slavery.

      If you want ot look at thr FOUNDING of slavery… here comes fact # 3… you have to look to Europe and Great Britain, Dutch Traders and fact # 4… the blacks themselves.

      The history of Africa proves that warring tribes would regularly take captive slaves. This was done as much for a source of labor, but more so for breeding purposes as a tribe or group of people, limited in size as they were, that kept breeding and in breeding with each other would soon become extinct from the birth defects that would come from the frequent in breeding.

      So here come’s Mr. Dutch trader… he sees the practive that the warring black tribes have to regularly and commonly take black captives as a trophy of war. To the black warring tribes, these other black slaves were basically worthless, they were weak, they lost the war, and were disposable.

      So they traded the first black slaves to the Dutch in exchange for dry goods, food, textiles, and yes… better weapons so they could take more black captives when warring on neighboring tribes.

      So Mr. or Mrs. African American… were your ancestors treated as slaves when they arrived in America. Yes, but you have only other blacks in Africa to blame for selling them out to the Dutch and enslaving them in the first place.

      And as a side note… Whites in Europe were slaves to the kings and queens, monarchs of the time CENTURIES before the first black person was made a slave.

      You see… as a “subject” of the corwn, we were the property of the reigning monarchy. Meaning we were the OWNED property of the king or queen… or more to the point, we were their SLAVES… HUNDREDS of years before the first black person arrived in the Americas in 1680.

      So the next time you want to debate the causes of slavery in the US, look to your own ancestors and your own history, then consider that white europeans were slaves long long long before any of you.

      The first white slaves arrived in America in 1640 in Jamestown VA. It was not until

  • Don

    What’s color got to do with it? We should still fire him for his support of a nasty gun plot.

    • John Looper

      As well as for him refusing to prosecute the black gangsters for intimidating voters during Obama’s Election. This man AND his boss are a national disgrace! Their “blackness” doesn’t make them so, it’s their actions!

  • Jon Goult

    Holder. We don’t like you because your a RACES, AssHole, who has had his Finger’s in the Killing of a lot of AMERICAN’S! You and Janet “R” the killer of Children. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Ok City. How many more? One of these day’s you will meet your Maker. And it’s not going to be the Goat Fvcken Allah!

  • Patricia

    Is he Black? Is he “really” Black. I don’t think so. American Blacks have move into this century and love America as much as the Whites. We are one people. God liked colors, that’s why the rainbow is so beautiful.
    Holder is “stuck” in a racist century and hasn’t been able to realize his true potential because of it. We recognize the card he’s playing. It seems to be the only card the true racists have left to play.

  • Corky66

    Holder running around yelling “what I done did?” Not to worry, I am sure ole jessie will soon arrive to help show the world how you are being sooo mistreated because you are black. Then the guy in the WH (you know the one Eric? You get your knees dirty everytine you go see him!)
    will forgive you because you HELPED destroy lives and that is what old MR ILLEGAL, Barry Soetoro is all about…DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY AND OUR LIVES!!!!! LONG LIVE THE AMERICAN WAY!!!

  • J.M.R.

    holder you forgot to add a liar a criminal murderer two faced S.O.B AND DON’T FORGET MOST OF ALL YOU HATE WHITES.

  • Eli Jones

    Wrong Mr Holder. We people that despise you, have good reason to despise you and it is not because you are black. It is because you are a racist yourself and a despicable criminal felon to boot.

  • Hobe

    Hey Holder newsflash nobody likes you because you are a stumbling bumbling idiot liar who does not respect the American Constitution who should go to jail at Gitzo for being suspect for wrongdoing. Don’t matter what color you are you lack integrity so don’t ask for respect. Liar.

  • Eli Jones


    There are African Americans,
    Mexican Americans,
    Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans,
    Native Americans, etc.
    …And then there are just –

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP.
    And you have BET.

    If we had WET
    (White Entertainment Television)
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day
    … You would call us racists.

    Then there is so-called
    gay pride day

    If we had White History Month
    … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Miss America Contest
    …We’d be racists

    If we had any organization for only whites
    To “advance” OUR lives
    … We’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    A Black Chamber of Commerce,
    And then we just have the plain
    Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?

    If we had a college fund that only gave
    White students scholarships
    … You know we’d be racists.

    There are over 60 openly proclaimed
    Black-only Colleges in the US,
    Yet if there were “White-only Colleges”
    … THAT would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March,
    You believed that you were
    Marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    … You would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black,
    Brown, yellow and orange,
    And you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride
    …You know we would be racists

    If a white police officer
    Shoots a black gang member
    Or beats up a black drug-dealer
    Who is running from the LAW and
    Posing a threat to ALL of society
    … You call him a racist.

    …If you are white and don’t support Obama’s Fascist Regime, then you are a racist.

    …If you are black and don’t support Obama’s Fascist Regime, then you are an Uncle Tom

    …If you are black and you voted for Obama because he is considered to be black, what are you?

    You call me racist.

    I call you Hypocrite!

    • Old Faithfule Geyser

      You over looked the “Congressional Black Caucus” they are sooooo special that they have to have a special group in DC also.

  • robert e celentano

    so we only half dislike obama ….. and being all life began in africa….. we dislike everybody for it …
    he is a disgrace to mankind and civility and a waste of time……………..

  • James R. Maxwell

    The color of a person skin has nothign to do with it, people don’t like Eric Holder because he
    has not morals, no integerity and no senses. He, like obama is corrupt and has no love of
    coutnry nor respect for the American legal system. People respect honesty and integerity and
    expecte it form their leaders. Unfortunateoy that is not a word that “Professional politicans”
    beleiove in or understand.

  • Doug F.

    No Holder, I do not like you because of your race,,,, I do not like you because you took a couple of oaths that you have ignored. As a lawyer you took an oath to apply the law equally and as the US Attorney General you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. IMHO this makes you out to be a complete liar.

  • Jean

    I read where Holder gave explosives to Timothy McVeigh and the other guy the day before they did their dirty work while Assistant Attorney general under Clinton. What is going on with these people? And all you will hear out of the obama regime is “you hate us because we are black”. They don’t realize they are crooks and obama’s whole cabinet too, and that is what we hate. We have to vote obama out or kiss our country goodbye.

  • exbuckeye

    Back in the 60’s I a nice old black lady explained to me why she was going to have
    trouble with her ‘ni gg er’ daughter-in-law, when I asked her why would you refer
    to her that way.

    She explained: “A ni gg er is black; wishes they were white and gonna make everyone
    miserable because they are not (white)”

    It kinda floored me but Ive never forgot that explanation.

    According to that lady’s explanation, guess who are -you know what- and gonna make
    all of us sorry they are what they are??

    Yep the whole administration!!!

  • Jaime Cancio

    Time to tell all these race baiters that when you remove their claims of race they are still criminals. They play the ‘race’ card carte blance as if the race issues gives them free reign to break and violate the law and exhonerates them from the crimes they commit. It does matter if you are black, white, red, yellow, green and it all boils down to if you have broken the law then your are guilty of a crime against society and society is all of us of all colors and creed.

    In these situations, in time of declared wars, Holder’s and Obama’s crimes are as traitors to this nation and they should be held accountable as traitors; it is time to charge them, arrest them, provide them military trial, prosecute them and when found guilty – execute them in front of a wall via firing squad. Holder’s actions have already killed in excess of 300 people, as part of Obama’s plan to destory the Second Amendment – this in direct violation to their oaths in office to support and defend the Constitution of these United States.

  • Truth Seeker

    I dislike you because you appear to be very dishonest, not because you are black, Herman Cain is black, and we Love him! Your ties to Obama is what is doing you in. Hopefully you will both be gone soon.

    • Eli Jones

      Amen to that Truth Seeker!

  • jsnh

    No, not because you’re black. Because you are abusing the power of your position!

    • T-Texas

      Hey Holder it isn’t the fact that you and olepileofsheet are black it is because of your racist policies,not doing your job,suing states that want illegal immigration stopped not protecting our borders.You haven’t upheld your oath of office to defend and protect the constitution of the US.If you had the illegal kenyan,that is your so call boss, would be out of office or never would have been seated.Both of you are in the 98% of blacks that lie cheat and steal from you.You can not tell the truth.Like it or not we are going to take our great country back from you and the liberals that support you.Old man McCain is correct when he said that no incumbent is safe from getting kicked out as soon we can vote the rhinos out.We are going to have hearings to find the corruption and deal with it in the most severe way possible.You and others are the targets.

  • Bill Stanley

    I do not like Holder or Czar Obama because they are idiots.

  • Gary in Texas

    When in doubt play the race card, whitety will back off !!! Works everytime…

    • SweetOlBob

      This one won’t !

  • Daniel L. Skillman

    WOW! You folks didn’t leave me much to say. You covered all the bases quite well. Just the one thing which I have always brought up in discussions of race and color: the only color that matters is red; we all bleed it.

    • krdave

      Holder bleeds Communist red—the others on here bleed USA red.—big difference, but Daniel probably doesn’t understand it.

  • Galen

    No Mr. Holder! It’s not because you are black, its because you are a communist, and like your boss, the President, you are a threat to the security of the Republic of the United States of America.

  • June

    My objections to Obama have nothing to do with his race or his country of origin, everything to do with his character, his policies and his inner circle of friends and associates.

  • CaptTurbo

    No Eric, we don’t like you because you are a Commie Marxist crook!

  • Joann

    Some one should tell him its not because he is black but because he is a COMMUNISTS !!!!!!!!!!

  • David McElroy

    I don’t like Eric Holder because I see him as more crooked than a sidewinder, and twice as deadly! He is truly a criminal defense attorney, and criminals love him! I don’t like Obama because he is a self-proclaimed Marxist endorsed by the Communist Party USA and doing all he can to destroy America as a dictator. They both play the “race card” long and loud, as the liberal tactic is used to distract the debate from the issue raised… corruption in this case.
    With these kind of men in powerful offices, we’ll never win working within the system.

  • Nancy B.

    OH PUKE!!!! Ya think he might want some cheese with that WHINE!!

  • SickoftheBS

    As a Cop I heard that for years….”You only messin wit me cuz I black”
    No dumb ass I am messing with you because you are a criminal. That is why Holders critics don’t like him, He is a lying criminal.

  • Im2old2

    There is NOTHING racist about disliking a a person that is as useless as an alligator in combat boots!!

  • fred

    I don’t like Holder because he is a Chicago communist,Marxist, socialist, liberal,progressive
    thug. He should be in jail.

  • EJF

    This man and his boss are a disgrace to their ancestry and to our country.
    After Obama was elected and I saw the way he represented the United States of America, I told my wife that he would do more damage to the black race than anyone in history.
    Instead of eliminating racism, he and his followers are promoting it. They are on the road to self-destruction. Merry CHRISTmas to all.

  • Moose

    Eric Holder is a product of the “excuse generation”. Nothing is ever their fault, something or someone else made them fail. We need to get rid of the current education system that promotes this attitude.

    • SweetOlBob

      Whoops ! Everything that Holder has done is his fault !

      • jsnh

        Yes. Whatever he does should be his responsibility, not ours because he is black.

  • gene

    We travel to Chicago several times a year…City Buses have carried signs ‘Back Power’,
    One Radio Station is called ‘Black Radio’. Stocking hats with ‘obama’ on them, were
    seen everwhere worn by ‘blacks’ before obamas election, bumper stickers on many
    cars for obama…Today, I challange anyone to find anyone wearing obama stocking
    hats or find a obama bumper sticker…I don’t think Chicago wants to be proud of him.
    Both obama and holder are a Shame to all blacks, like jessie jackson, all crooks…

  • Berenice

    We don’t dislike you because you are black (actually you look a bit coffee and cream colored). We dislike you because you are failing to do your job, you are failing to uphold the Constitution and you are using your office as a source of personal and political gain. The color of your skin has nothing to do with the morals or lack of morals you display on a daily basis.

  • Docmo

    I am really guilty because I thought Mr. Holder was either mixed race or white, until I find this thing about his claim that he and the President are hated because they are black. Now that is truly unbelievable. Since the name Holder origins from Britan (the United Kingdom) for all these years I though, truly, that he was white, especially given his features, light complexion, etc. His ancestors are from Barbados so he can’t say that he got his last name from some old white plantation owner, so what’s his reason for hating white people.
    The voting crimes of the men standing with the wooden baton at the voting booths in Philadelphia in 2008; who were charged and whom he refused to prosecute due to lack of evidence? Video and audios with the man making threats is not evidence? All that you do and say paints you as a racist Mr. Holder. I know you don’t want to be one and don’t want to be viewed as one, but the truth is the truth and due to your past it is obvious that you cannot change. I have no problem with your being a racist, it is your right. But, I would like for you to maintain a middle of the road attitude when making history decisions about the people who are trying to kill our young men and women, who are on other lands trying to protect this country from being invaded by illegals, who are illegals, not people of a different color or race than Americans. I say Americans because that is what we are. We are not Afro-Americans, French-Americans, Eskimo-Americans. We are the color of the rainbows, and we want all people to co-exist, in peace and without fear and crime. That is what your goal should be, Sir. To be biased as a black person is just as bad as being biased as a white person. Racial relations were much more on a good road to all Americans appreciating each other prior to your being one of the people who has a great impact on our country’s gettting better. You have come here and simply stirred the pot and you want to blame anyone other than those who think like you and the President. It is sad too, because so many people, many whites included, thought the election of our President and your appointment would help bring us together, but you have both failed. Sad indeed.
    May God Bless you and yours and may your hatred subside and God gives you the power to overcome your fear and your hatred.

    • krdave

      Docmo, that was a really good letter.

  • Bob B

    Holder is a mulatto as is Obama. They are as much white as Negro in fact Holder has more white facial characteristics and may have more Caucasian background. We don’t know.
    His pulling of the race card is pure bullshit.
    Americans have shown they are color blind if a Negro is as qualified as a white person.

  • Ken Mourey

    Holder is not a “victim of race based prejudice” he is a victim of his own idiocy and criminal actions in office. If I took the same actions he has taken my family would be heading to Leavenworth Federal Prison to see me on visitation days. How long will this criminality continue to be accepted by the U. S. citizens?


  • Roger. TN

    Are you really? Or just partially? Want to see a “real” black, look at most Republicans of color. You do seem to have a lot in common with PBHO, other that the common destruction of our culture and economy.

  • David

    As long as blacks keep separating themselves from the rest of the population by calling themselves African-Americans instead of Americans they will continue to be identified by their self-serving leaders. The fact that a black person was elected President of the United States should tell them something about racism. They keep playing this race card for political advantage as they watch the dirt being pulled over their heads. Stupid, illiterate, misinformed, etc. can be said of any race, but when one group separates themselves from the populace, these attributes are magnified to that group.
    It is time for all American to be called Americans and begin to strive for the American way through education and hard work. To become a member of a nanny state only decreases the chances of personal success with lost incentive and stature. No Government can give success to any individual without that individual paying the price and earning it.

  • Spar07

    Just like holder, when all else fails pertaining to his lack of intelligence, pull the old trump card–Racism. This is his typical way out, poor baby, can’t handle the heat of his own gross stupidity and failed missions. This garbage of yelling racism is getting old and has been ever since him and another got into office.
    It is NOT about racism, it is about the way he conducts business, without any sense or a brain for that matter. This idiot needs thrown out on his and put into the slammers for quite a long time for his acts against America and we, the people.

  • Old Faithfule Geyser

    That’s only partially true, the fact that you are also STUPID, ARROGANT, and a HORSES ASS has a whole lot to do with it also.

    • Don W Boyer

      Good comment but I would have put HORSES ASS at the head of the list and included
      accessory to MURDER due to his knowing about Fast and Furious. I would also include
      Obama as an acessory to MURDER!!!

  • krdave

    Eric,—–No, no,no, We don’t hate you because you are black. There are many black people that we like and admire. We don’t like you because you are an a-hole and a member of Team Obama, which is trying to destroy the USA. Please don’t blame it on being black.

  • Don W Boyer

    I’m 81 years old and I don’t like to waste time. What I’ve done and you should be doing is to call or email your Congressmen and Congresswomen and DEMAND that Holder and Obama
    both be IMPEACHED!!!

    • Buffalo John

      Don W Boyer,That won’t work as it has been TRYED by myself and many others.
      Thouse in the Senate and Congress (both sides of the Isle)just like ovomit and holder haven’t the QUALIFICATIONS to do the job they were voted in to do.They were voted in because of color NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR QUALIFICATIONS.I used to feel that if a person was WHITE they were racist(or made to feel) but it has come to light that if your BLACK or MEXICAN your more likely to be a racist,why else would they call themself african american or latino.I’m Irish and american indian BUT first and formost I’M A VERY PROUD AMERICAN,and a Vet 69-70.

  • Strongman

    Eric! For God’s sake! Nobody hates you because you’re Black — they despise you because you’re YOU!

    • Anthony San Diego

      Excellent post!

  • lady jane

    Yes, Eric Holder is correct, he can be indentified with Obama…they are both Chicago thugs.
    This race argument is getting old. Holder says we don’t talk about race enough when in reality we talk about it too much and not enough about his incompetance.
    Mr. Holder your problems are not derived from the shade of your skin but the shadiness of your character.

  • jaxum

    “I have a dream, that one day my little children will be know not for the color of their skin, but for the content of their character.” Holder and Odumbo turn that statement on it’s head.
    They put me in mind of a couple of slimy slugs hiding under the race rock to avoid the harsh light of reality.

  • Don

    Critics don’t like him because he is helping Broke O’Bummer destroy America (not because he is black). What part of illegal (as in illegal aliens) should the head of the justice department need to have explained to him?

  • Mindy

    Holder is wrong….he isn’t disliked because he is black…he is disliked because he is a thug in a business suit. He deliberately lied about his knowledge of Fast & Furious and he is still trying to cover it up. He is a coward and should not only be removed from office, but also prosecuted for Accessory to Murder as well as for gun-running and anything else one the books they can find to throw at him!

  • Larry E

    You know what you find under a horse’s tail. That’s what Eric Holder is, and that’s why most sane Americans can’t stand the sight of his lying, dissembling, arrogant face. It has nothing to do with his race, aside from the fact that he’s likely as much caucasian as negro.

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    You are about one SELF CENTERED SOB, and a cry baby to boot. OH POOR YOU, grow up and grow a pair.

  • little Eagle

    What is wrong with these people playing the race card all the time. I am native american and we had and are still having bad times, but we are proud people. We don’t go around crying or playing the race card. I have something to say to the people who say everyone hates them because of the color of their skin. Take charge pull your pants up, tighten you belts and move on. Playing the race card is played out. When you hear someone in office crying about the color of their skin it’s tacky. He shouldn’t be in office stirring things up. Mr. Holder what I think you are is incompetent and a lier and that is the problem. Not the color of your skin.

  • Constantine Ivanov

    No, Eric, I don’t like you not because you are a Black (I love Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, for instance).
    I don’t like you because you are a scumbag.
    But even more: since you publicized such an idiotic allegation, you are a moron, too, which doesn’t help me love you more.

  • Charles W. Poe

    Black as coal tar, Dumb as Hell! You are a total discrace to all America. Do us a favor and take your race card and leave before you and your cronies are throw out by Americans, black and white alike!

  • Elaine

    They have “over played the race card”.
    He is NOT liked because he is a corrupt scumbag and responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing as well as Fast and Furious.

    The man has no ethics whatsoever.

  • Gregory C. Schuller, Sr.

    Critics don’t like you because you are one of the most stupid Attorney Generals ever place in that position. We don’t give a hoot if you are black, blue or purple, we do know you are red.

  • Dr. Evil

    Eric, we don’t like you because of who you are, not what you are.

  • A. Reginald

    Holder needs to get a grip on reality. It isn’t the color of his skin that incites antipahy. It’s the color of his heart! It’s the disrespect he shows towards the Constitution and the condescending attitude toward the citizens of this great country!

  • R.Cook

    No Mr. Holder, we don’t like you because you will not come clean and admit you are both a domestic and international terrorist. Fast and Furious is “Watergate with a growing body count”.

    Retired Sgt. From the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept. Here is my take:
    Fact #1. The people that started the program and then allowed it to continue knew a majority of the guns were going to end up in the hands of drug cartels or their members on both sides of the border.
    Fact #2. These same people knew that these guns would be used to kill people. They also knew that some of the people killed would be innocents. This is what happens when you help criminals get guns. Especially vicious criminals in the drug cartels who use terror to promote their activities without any regard as to innocent victims.

    If you believe that fact 1 and Fact 2 above are true, then:
    Those involved should be arrested, indicted and then tried for being knowing and active participants in promoting terrorism against both Mexico and the United States. They are in fact accessories to mass murder.
    Compare the actions of those involved in the F&F debacle with descriptions of who might be a domestic terrorist (DT) by Homeland Security. You might be a DT if: you support the right to life, support the Second Amendment, pay cash, store food, have fingers missing or have a Paul for president sticker.
    None of these kill anyone! Helping the cartels arm themselves is not a maybe.

    The elements of a crime are “unity of act and intent” F&F meets that criteria.

  • Be1234

    Hasn’t that old horse been whipped enough? That old horse is dead.

    No more excuses, no more lies, no more pointing fingers somewhere else. Time to take the blame because it’s due all to you.

  • deeclair

    My only question in response to Holder’s assumption that we don’t like him because he’s black is simply this. Did you screw up because your black or did you screw up and just happen to be black?
    No matter who the black person is, they blame their mistake on being black, never a simple “I made a mistake”.

    • deeclair

      I should have said black politicians and political wannabees.

      • Steven

        You should have said black DEMOCRATS.

  • http://none Marvin Foster

    Eric Holder and Obummer both should be kicked out of office and deported to Kenya. Don’t like him because he’s black ? No I can’t stand the jerk . . . it wouldn’t chan ge the fact that he is a Non-American not matter what color he calls himself. A rotten jerk is a rotten jerk no matter what color he is and there isn’t enough bad things that I could say about Holder the communist. We need him kicked out and replaced by Sarah Palin or someone like her that will uphold our constitution and enforce the laws of the United States. Holder and Obummer certainly aren’t doing that . . . in fact they deliberately defy our laws and so far they are getting away with it.

  • nascarfasttrax

    Be sure to Google Eric Holder Oklahoma City

  • Steven

    Note to Eric Holder: Until reading this headline, I had no idea you were black, and I still don’t care. It is you POSITION on issues I don’t like.

  • Ginger

    I didn’t notice your color, but now that you mentioned it – yes, you are kinda dark – that doesn’t matter even if you have “polkadots” – you are still a professional liar and a very good hypocrite – just like your pal in crime – Obama . Shame on both of you – you both are a disgrace to America !!!!!

  • mountaindale

    Until he brought it up I never thought of Holder as a member of a ‘race’. I thought he was just a run of the mill Chicago thug. So now he wants to be known as an ‘African-American’ Chicago thug. I’m not a German-American, just call me an Appalachian-American.

  • Leslie85223

    I suppose it’s just a coincidence that Obama & Holder both have super inflated ego’s and couldn’t possibly accept the fact they are disliked because of what they are other than being black men!!! There are plenty of black people I like, personally, but these two criminals would never be counted among them!!!

  • wog1

    People like Holder do not get it. He is not liked because he does not treat America fairly and then he pulls the race card. That’s it, commit treasonous acts and the pull the race card thingy. That removes all of your blame. That is why they cannot get their head of straight because they are always throwing the blame where it does not belong. Yet they continue to vote, yet they vote the color of their skin not for the country.

  • Wapitiman

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate if Holder said, “They don’t like me because I am a black, lying, criminal idiot who can’t handle the job!”

  • Ron M

    Right…It could’nt be because you are stupid…

  • dockywocky

    Comrade Holder is a bucket carrier for comrade Obama.

    Between the two them, we are seeing arrogance of Olympic proportion, and the thick skins of dedicated Marxists happily working to destroy our Constitution and, as a direct result, our nation.

    Impeachment is really too good for either one.

  • Eli Jones

    The Democrat’s Racist History

    1. They were against freeing the slaves
    2. They were against blacks voting
    3. They segregated the military
    4. They segregated society
    5. They were against civil rights
    6. Democrat Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK
    Yeah, Democrats are the biggest racists on the planet. Don’t forget Alinsky’s tactics book… blame the other side FIRST of what you are guilty of yourself. Can’t change history, though… there it is.


  • Buffalo John

    Yep,I don’t have to add anything you folks have hit the nail on the head,Eather your an AMERICAN and are PROUD OF IT or your not.ovomit, holder and countless others are NOT PROUD to be AMERICAN and they show it.GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL WHO LOVE OUR COUNTRY.Thanks to OUR VETS we have a GREAT COUNTRY TO LOVE NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU HAPPEN TO BE.

  • Bob Marshall

    Attorney General Eric Holder claimed neither he nor the DOJ knew about the operation Fast and Furious when it was underway. Holder also wanted to release 5,500 prisoners who didn’t use weapons while committing a crime. He also stated that cocaine users, who are mostly black received harsher sentences than whites. About 82% of Federal offenders are black. Holder is also pushing for a New Progressive Constitution.Holder served on a board of George Soros funded group leading the effort to reshape our founding document.The American Constitution Society. Holder asserted in federal ourt that the federal government, could without congressional authorization, choose not to enforce immigration laws in order to help full fill the foreign policy aims of the U.S. State Dept. Holder said the criticism of the Black Panther dismissal case debases my people.In Clinton’s final hours as president,Holder as deputy Attorney General asked for the pardon of Weather Underground terrorist Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evens. Holder helped to secure the release of members of the terrorist group FLAN. In 2007 Holder cut a deal with the government that enabled 10 executives of Chiquita Brands International Inc. to avoid being prosecuted for paying millions in protection money to numerous terrorist groups in Columbia between 1989 and 2004. Holder could have never been given his position due to the number of times he has helped terrorist receive pardons.

  • Larry

    To Eric Holder your color has nothing to do with it so stop trying to play the Race card and you are being chosen because of your incompetence and nothing else jest like your boss the SOB Barrack Obama.

  • mrrzk

    Holder, you opened this can of worms and now you are finding out what people really think of you. (when you live in a glass house, dont throw stones)
    You will go down in history by your words and actions and NOT the color of your skin.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Come to remember, I have been robbed eight times in my life, and only once, May 10th, 1982 was I robbed by a white guy…the other seven where all black. Did all these blacks rob me because I was white?, was employed and therefore had money?, or was it hate crimes?; no I think it nothing more than ill-educated [by their own decisions] scum and vermin of the street preying on those around them as they distain work in any form.

    I will admit to you another thought, as I was a career business person for many many years, the greater percentage of those terminated under my employ who were caught stealing were all mostly black. And yes, I did have a few very hard working and honest blacks too [usually black women and women supporting their children and of families where the father had abandoned the mother and [bastard] children and was not and would not pay child support]; but, unfortunately, these women – they were so few. What they stole I had to persoanlly suffer the financial loss as did my family; it is still a sore point the Federal Government forced upon businesses racial hiring and employment ratios and practices and companies were forced to comply.

    It was also the time I learned the hard way what is meant by a common term exchanged often amongst blacks while employed: BPT defined as: black people time – where the blacks involved would purposefully slow down work performance at a production level of 1/4th that of other workers around them…and you guessed it…they wanted full pay and were always the first to cry racism and black discrimination. This explained to me by a fellow supervisor who was himself black and ashamed by the ilk of other blacks. Facing arrest, prosecution, conviction and jail time, for those who were caught stealing, by signing official employment records that they were thieves, this every time they would do and accepted termination. And by-the-way, very very few, when they discovered they would not get unemployment, few ever tried to contest their termination at the labor board; oh, yes some did try. Can you imagine the amusement when documents stating they were thieves and signed by them were entered into evidence? Funny still at one hearing, as the black person wanted to push the point, so did we, showing up at the labor board meeting with the police and arresting the individual on grand thieve charges. That did not go over well for that person at the labor board meeting. And since on his conviction for multiple counts of receiving stolen property, in possession of stolen property, and transferring of stolen property his sentencing put him away for fifteen years of a possible 5 to 15 year term. I think that black person’s stealing earned him his criminal conviction.

    For those blacks who worked in my employed and did a great job I am thankful to them to this day. And those persons I am thankful as all earned through their labors my respect.

  • Harley

    No, Mister Holder, we dislike you because you are a hypocritical political crony that does NOT deserve to be our Attorney General. Hopefully, after November 2012, we will be rid of you once and for all.

  • David

    Not about color at all you fool! Just that you are a buttboy for BHO!

  • Jaime Cancio

    Who ever told Eric Holder he is black, it is a lie he believes and an indicator of the falacies and falsenesses he is capable of believing; Holder is not black!, has never been black! and will never be black!, he is the color of fecal matter and his unlawful actions earned him distain. Let’s hope the 300 plus people killed by his actions have something to say about him. He is a traitor to this nation, unfaithful to his oath of office and fails to support and defend the Constitution of these United States in a time of declared wars. Arrest him for treason!!!!. Put him in front of a wall a let him know what the 300 people he helped kill felt like.

  • JVB

    It’s SOOOOOOOOO much easier to tell yourself you’re not liked because of your race rather than face the fact you’re incompetent. I had a black woman stand in a meeting and announce WE had a problem with racism because she was ignored by another staff member at the grocery store. I explained to her that hard as it was to wrap her head around it…some people JUST DIDN’T LIKE HER. It happens to all of us…but only minorities with egos the size of the moon will throw down a race card to explain why they aren’t the center of attention every where they go. It’s not race 99% of the time…it social retardation…narcissism…no filters in conversation…no respect for other people’s opinions…inability to treat others like they want to be treated. But the race card works for them so they never bother getting at the real cause of their problem…THEMSELVES.



  • Jiji

    Corner a RAT and they will always play the race card.

    • Reda StCyr

      Corner a Bigot an you will always get the back slide an cheap attempts to distract from what many of you really are!

  • Cathleen McNeill

    I had such a gut wrenching reaction when I saw this article and his picture! I imagined myself breaking his nose . What a disgusting excuse for a human being who is corrupt and therefore has no desire to look at his corrupt actions…..just cover them up and/or point the finger at somebody else. You know the old saying. ” The best defense is a good offense.” I cannot wait until this Obama administration is kicked out on street.

  • Jarod

    Holder, you’re an effing idiot. That goes double for your boss. We don’t give a rat’s @$$ about your race. We don’t like either of you because you’re both crooked, liars, sociopathic, useless pieces of protoplasm (look it up). Probably too much to hope for that after the 2012 election you’ll find a rock to crawl under and relieve us of having to listen to your drivel.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    No he’s a failure as AG that’s why Americans don’t like him. Could be he’s delusional and really doesn’t know any better but he’s failed at his job!

  • Michael D. Houst

    I don’t give a rat’s behind whether Holder is white, black, pink, red, purple, or pokadotted.
    The man violates the Constitution of the United States on what seems like a daily basis and should have been impeached and imprisoned months, if not years ago.

  • Joyceann

    I don’t hate him for any reason, but as to his reason why America wants him out – we don’t hate you because you are black – we don’t like you because you have no soul or you couldn’t have done what you did – don’t even address your own guilt – and with that attitude, you are dangerous for this country. Nothing more than that. Do we need more?

    • Reda StCyr

      Same reason I suppose you didn’t like Bush an the GOP No one could every put you an the entire country through what they did Mr Holder matched up against them is a saint!

  • Richard Carroll

    The reason we don’t want you to be in charge of the DOJ is not that you are black, the reason is because you are not doing your job right. Learn to do an honest days work, and show that you are fair in your thinking.

  • Julie Davis


    Get a clue! People today do not care about the color of your skin, only your performance (or lack there of as the case may be). You messed up big time! Anyone who makes mistakes like yours in a real job gets his or her butt fired! Someone please fire this person and do not pay attention to the race crad he is trying to play!

  • Douglas PANNEBAKER

    Mr Holder, I need to break some bad news for your black ego as I did to Mr Obama, your not black. You spent 9 months in your mother, that makes you & any other mix bread with another race mother besides black. If a persons mother is black with a white father, they are mixed but considered black.
    You are what your mother is, not your millisecond sperm donor father.

    • Reda StCyr

      Excuse me but if Mr Holder identifies himself as a Black man, in which he has every right That is what he is!!

  • Reda StCyr

    Attorney General Holder is also under attack because those attacking him believe if they continue to attack him will make him less likely to do his job of going after all the corruption committed by them
    Of course they don’t want him going after voting rights issues an how better to stop him then to attack him on all other fronts so he may think wow could be if I get off their case an allow them to go after our election process They may leave me alone.
    Not true Mr Holder They going to go after you an President Obama No matter what I think he has finely learned what I’m saying is true I sure hope it does not take you that long.

  • JoJo

    What a whiney little b*tch! The reason people don’t like Holder is because they see him for WHO he is, NOT because he’s black. Maybe if Holder tried upholding the Constitution and quit suing states for trying to protect themselves, or allowing the Black Panthers to intimidate voters, or suing companies that want to move to another state for survival purposes, etc., etc., then people would most likely support him. Right now, he’s a political hack that is just as determined as Obama to destroy this country and doesn’t even try to conceal it….

  • twocolts

    Disgusting. Blacks with their worn-out race-card, no matter the circumstances, no matter the obvious truth, no matter how educated or what position they hold, the constant claims of race discrimination. White votes put Obama and Holder in their lucrative, undeserved, ( illegal), positions. Blacks already enjoy a buffet of special privileges, double-standards, tolerances, and are obviously not held to the same rules of law and conduct as Whites. Our USA has done for blacks things no other country in the world can claim, so their whining and discrimination-claims are getting quite tiresome. Some blacks blame every inconvenience, every little setback, every uphill battle, even being caught in crime, on the fact they are black. Maybe they should exit America, and go back to their native African Continent.

  • BJ

    Holder has no way to defend his positions and actions, so, of course, the easiest and most common way for a black man of his political persuasion today to avoid substantiating a defense is to play the race card. He’s not dumb, but, sadly, most Americans are for not seeing thru this tactic.
    Know this- when someone plays the race card, they have already lost. It is not a defense or a reasoned argument, but a way to deflect attention, hide and not answer. It’s always somebody else’s fault. No responsibilty here. Wait for it… wait for it… It’s Bush’s fault!

  • Lipstick

    Well our family roots were traced back to the Mayflower. Over the years I know there are lots of nationalities married into this family. I am Heinz 57. I am not racist but I do hate liars and criminals. Add to that theivery of America’s wealth. This corrupt administration will hopefully be voted out in 2012. I pray it will be so.

  • Ken Maz

    The only way to get rid of this crud is to be sure to apply for early ballots, Go To The Poll and be sure to VOTE in the coming General Election in your home state to get them out of office.

  • OAHS

    It’s not because he is black … it’s because he is a socialist that doesn’t care for our Constitution … this is the same a-hole that is suing Arizona, South Carolina ,etc. for the benefit of people that are here illegally … it’s his job to abide by the Constitution. He had an excellent case against the Black Panthers for obstruction voting but did nothing because they are black … I guess racism is okay if you are black. This a-hole should be hung!