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Obama Gives Illegal Aliens Phones for Votes

Illegal aliens now quite possibly can call a toll free government number, 1-800-259-0957, to get a free “Obama Phone.” The program, conventionally known as Safe Link Wireless, is available to those are on food stamps or Medicaid. Applying for work permits that give them drivers’ licenses provides illegals proof of identity. With that, they enter America’s entitlement class and even become enabled to vote in our elections — for Democrats, of course.

The Obama administration has set up a cascading series events, beginning back in August when deportation of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants was suspended, pending reviews. “A review of about 300,000 deportation cases currently before the immigration courts,” will be done by the DOJ and Homeland Security to “halt deportations of longtime residents with clean police records who came here illegally when they were children,” according to a New York Times article.

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    • William

      AMEN to that Gary. the problem is. there are far too many young and dumb people eligible to vote who dont know a thing about what is going on except what they hear from the damned democrats,

      • T-Texas

        Will this give them a way to vote for opileofsheet by phone.

        • daves

          I just pray that Americans can see through this kind of propaganda.

          Welfare recipients, and others, can receive a free cell phone, but the program is not funded by the government or taxpayer money, as the e-mail alleges. And it’s hardly new.

          How It Works

          SafeLink Wireless, the program mentioned in the e-mail, does indeed offer a cell phone, about one hour’s worth of calling time per month, and other wireless services like voice mail to eligible low-income households. Applicants have to apply and prove that they are either receiving certain types of government benefits, such as Medicaid, or have household incomes at or below 135 percent of the poverty line. Using 2009 poverty guidelines, that’s $14,620 for an individual and a little under $30,000 for a family of four, with slightly higher amounts for Alaska and Hawaii.

          SafeLink is run by a subsidiary of América Móvil, the world’s fourth largest wireless company in terms of subscribers, but it is not paid for directly by the company. Nor is it paid for with “tax payer money,” as the e-mail claims. Rather, it is funded through the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, an independent, not-for-profit corporation set up by the Federal Communications Commission. The USF is sustained by contributions from telecommunications companies such as “long distance companies, local telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, paging companies, and payphone providers.” The companies often charge customers to fund their contributions in the form of a universal service fee you might see on your monthly phone bill. The fund is then parceled out to companies, such as América Móvil, that create programs, such as SafeLink, to provide telecommunications service to rural areas and low-income households.

          • north mexico usa vet

            the Universal service fee is A TAX!!!!!!!!! you cannot opt out of it so yes tax paying cell phone users are paying for the Give away

          • daves

            How can it be a tax if the Government is not involved?

      • JayJay

        ……especially the liberal media! That’s all they know!

    • Mike Tanco

      Amen to that. Both of them have been on a 4 year vacation paid for by the Americans that pay taxes. The 47% that don’t pay could care less. Check your phone bill and look for a Federal tax. This is money that provides illegals with a free cell phone.
      Mike Tanco

    • Connor Vlakancic

      “You can fool some of the people some of the time and that’s enough to make a living”. VOTE: W.C. Fields for President (move over Obama, Fields can fool more some people some of the time than you can)!

      Have a nice day :-)

    • Ricardo36

      I can’t afford a cell phone and do not see a special need for it. I wouldn’t want one even if the giveament wanted to give me one. The average person won’t see through obamanics scheme to give all these people phones so they can vote for him and his lackey’s , PRAY FOR AMERICA!

    • Mr Jack

      Why is this man not in Jail yet???

  • neal churchill

    Wake Up America! REQUIRED READING Barack Hussein Obama – Blueprint – Culture of Corruption – Demonic – Obama Nation – Crimes Against Liberty – The Manchurian President – The Roots of Obama’s Rage – Revolt! – Control Freaks – Liberty and Tyranny – The Shadow Party – Obamanomics – CONDUCT UNBECOMING

    • http://None BenFox

      Amen Neal, you have it right but, you left out, the coming anti-christ.

      • Mary Gee

        Time to impeach and deport this piece of ssh……t back to kenya with his ugly wife, illegal aunt and uncle, and needless to say he must take his children….I wonder what they hear about our beautiful country the USA.
        These commies make me vomit…..BTW, take all of the 70+ commie/liars
        sitting in congress….TOO.

  • danimal

    What a dumbass, I can hardly pay my phone bill, Let alone pay for some job stealing wetbacks phone.

    • Mary Gee

      I have to be fair…..all ILLEGALS are not wetbacks…..many are Russians you can find them in Brighten beach in Brooklyn,
      Chinese…..go to Chinatown and have a party…. Israels……tend to be in S.F. bay area
      South Amercan again you can find them anywhere there are hispanics, groceries stores
      and Catholic Churches
      Arabs, easily recognized…The Irish are in the Bronx, NY Irish pubs..let’s all be fair….
      Canadians, own many homes in Florida…..check all these people out….with the tax payers money that we seem to be spending on these people….and send them back home

  • http://Yahoo Georg von starkermann

    Millions of people voted for this false Messiah as millions of people still believe in the false Messiah of two thousand years ago. A myth is a myth as there is only one true God. The Great Architect of the Universe, did not have a son or a President as his heir.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Well done; now you’ve pissed off the 47% that supported Obummer and the rest of us with your ignorant and false view of Christ. Merry Christmas!

      • Doc

        If you do not believe in something how in the hell can you talk about it? Isn’t that a little crazy?

        “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”

    • Lisa

      There is a Messiah and his name is Jesus Christ and he is the son of God. Don’t lump God and Jesus with Obama. Obama needs voted out as he is destroying our Country.

    • Rev. Bob Whitehead

      Georg. Some day you will stand before the Lord Jesus Christ and judgment will
      end your corrupt mouth.

    • Fed Up Believer!

      May God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on your soul. The way you are talking at the moment, there is no hope in your soul spending time outside the lake of fire!

    • Agkcrbs

      Georg, your Islam-like assumption is that the single holiest office any one can hold on earth, parenthood, somehow diminishes the divine being by equating him with mortals.

      Is parenthood really dirty? Is continuing your species a low deed? Why do you presume that the Great Architect built the universe and created man, if that very self-perpetuating behaviour is somehow too “human” for a God, and is an insult to him? The very thing that defines God, creation, is also the thing that would diminish God, judging by your belief.

      Whether you call God “Father” or “Creator”, he still has sullied his own hands by condescending to give us life, rule over us, and repeatedly communicate with us — if man really is such a dirty, cursed thing.

      Our greatest joy is that we are not eternally cursed, but have a glorious destiny ahead of us. Consider re-visiting the New Testament this season.

  • Dan W Rykard

    Is this legal. Like Gary said America needs to wake up and see Obama for what he is a thug, from Chicago or Kenya. The people that call themselves Christians and vote for someone that allows our tax money to kill babies and does everything he can to keep God out of the picture, I would not what to have to stand in front of GOD and answer to this.

    • Doc


      “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”

    • Lisa

      I’m a christian and I DID NOT vote for OBAMA! I saw the writing on the wall 4 years ago when he was running for President of the U.S. America needs to wake up before its too late…..Vote Obama out along with Reid and Pelosi!

      • Jo Oliver

        -several people I am connected with also knew, but earlier than that, Lisa, and no one would believe us then, and some will still not believe any thing we say. We are crazy, according to them, but would rather be prepper than not.
        -we are the preppers who have a good supply of food, as “..this too shall pass…” Do not know how people can doubt us anymore, but they will die quite ignorant of the facts, ’cause, unlike George, his ‘Great’ Architect of the Universe, is not as great as our LORD and SAVIOR.
        -it is only HE, WHO Will Save us and only Our LORD WHO Will Give us enough STRENGTH and COURAGE to deal with all this.
        -the Mother of GOD has been appearing for over 30 years in Medugorje.
        -Mother wants us to: “..pray, pray, pray….” w/our hearts to Her SON;
        read the Holy BIBLE; Fasting-can be from food, TV, going out to dinner and giving money to the poor instead and lastly, monthly Confessions.
        -we need to especially pray for those who donot believe in HIM, as well as our enemies. hugs…

  • Wil

    Just another example of the Obama Administration following the orders of Emperor George Soros. Can’t you see the puppet strings being pulled?

  • Don

    IA phone home! who pays?

  • Bill Samuel

    The write does not know the law. Only citizens are allowed to vote in this country. Having an identity card that allows one to work, even having a “green card”, does not permit someone to vote. And generally undocumented immigrants can not qualify for most benefit programs.

    • Sue

      So glad you said it. Only citizens of the U.S. can vote and you have to be registered beforehand.

      • Windrinker

        I wish that were true. “Only citiaens of the U.S. can vote.”

        • Windrinker

          That should be “citizens.”

        • William

          Then how did Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and a myriad of others get to vote. Who checked their voter registration?

    • Fed Up Believer!

      Tell that to the people running CA.

    • IGotAComment

      With the Obama administration or his brown shirts fighting the requirement that IDs are needed to vote, it’s is going to encourage Obama-ites to get non-citizens to vote. Who knows how many tens or hundreds of thousand will be able to vote this way. Maybe even a few named Mickey Mouse as they did on the recall in Wisconsin.

      • http://None BenFox

        If you move to Mexico and own land? Opps, can’t own land unless born there, opps, can’t vote, only if you were born there. Yet they come here and get more rights then we who were born here?

    • Mary Gee

      Bill, I am turning green getting this message across and therefore labeled a RACIST….
      I am a proud AMERICAN following the constitution….
      Born and raised in this country, now in my senior years and can’t qualify for any amenities.

    • Jo Oliver

      PS the obummer and his communistic and radical muslim cronies don’t know that either, Bill. Prayer is the only helper!

    • Windrinker

      Bill…..You have got to be kidding.!

      I know medical practices where 90% of their patients are illegals on Medicaid receiving every benefit that is available!! Wake up, Man! Where have you been. Are you drinking that obama koolaid again!

      When obama was elected he stopped the government paying 50% of the cost of the Federally mandated programs that the States are required to provide. So, the States must pick up 100% of the bill for these “Federal programs.” That caused the taxes in the States to increase, and in some States it put their budgets into the “red.” In Texas, for example, there is a Federal program that requires the State to provide free care for everything needed by those age 0 to 21.

      The Feds do not have the power to tell the States that they must provide free care for a special group. Why the States comply with this is a good question. There is an example of where the Governors could challenge the Feds…. It is unconstitutional for the Feds to require taxpayers to pay for benefits for one certain group. The Feds shouldn’t/don’t have the ability to “require” one group of people to support another group.

  • Dee

    I’m just afraid a lot of the people are too dumb to know what this s.o.b. has done to this country. If they had really listened to what he wanted to DO TO this country instead of thinking they would get free health care, they wouldn’t have voted for him.
    He should have been vetted and that way he wouldn’t even have been eligible to be
    president. God, help us if he gets back in. Then again, God may not help us with the government putting in that it’s legal for homosexusals to get married and all the accepting of people being able to buy drugs.

  • Dianna

    How is our President – NOT BRIBING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? LETS SEE: Ok, illegals you can stay in the USA and we will give you FREE CELL PHONES and the taxpayers will pay for this. But, YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR ME TO WIN MY RE-ELECTION OR I WILL DEPORT YOU ALL! UNBELIEVABLE! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shearwater

    All we can do is pray and vote. We can show the forces of darkness . . . AKA the Obama Administration . . . that God is still our defender and he knows exactly how to stifle the crooks intent on bringing down freedom, Christianity, capitalism and our traditional American values of honoring God and providing defense for the constitution and people of all ethnicitys who desire to breathe free. Obama has proven his dark intent of destroying this country and supporting other country’s instead of ours. His deep rooted disdain for America, learned from Jeremiah Wright and his communist culture during his formative years shows the kind of contempt he has for the United States and our hallowed traditions. He must be thrown out with the trash come election time, November 2012, if not sooner!! I pause to think of the disservice John McCain did to the country by not allowing these things about Obama to be fully aired when he was running for president. McCain is a huge disappointment also!! Who knows, maybe a conspiracy!!

  • Screeminn Eagle

    Another reason to get rid of this scumbag loser who cannotead this great country!

  • Eli Jones

    Obama is using our money in his criminal effort to buy the election. We have an illegal empowering illegal’s. No surprise here.

    • http://None BenFox

      Amen again Eli, you got it right.

  • rulken

    What the hell is congress waiting for to impeach this Imposter for ??? My God what more proof do those idiots in congress need?

    • ConservativeBuckeye

      What good would it do to impeach him? You saw what happened to Bill Clinton. Impeachment is a two step process. He must be found guilty of an impeachable offense in the House of Representatives, as Clinton was. Then he must be found guilty by the US Senate to complete the process. The Senate found Clinton not guilty. The current US Senate is controlled by the Democrats. In order for them to find Obama guilty, and force his resignation, he would have to be caught in the act of murder with the smoking gun still in his hand. Even then the rabid Democrats would say it was self defense. You must remember that to the majority of them their own re-election is the most important thing on Earth. If they must turn their heads and hold their noses and go against all that they know to be good and true, they will do it to be elected. Impeaching Obama would be an exercise in futility. The most it might accomplish is to slow down his program.

  • rob

    Bill, seems you’ve been asleep awhile. Illegals DO get freebies from the government in the form of housing,food,utilities and a debit card to buy with. You may not believe they get to vote but in some states if they have a drivers licenses they vote, heck the dems can get dead people to vote for them.

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    Silly me!
    I thought that ‘buying votes’ was an unlawful activity – but, since when has Obama ever been ‘bothered’ about LAW.

    • http://None BenFox

      To Smart to be Ugly, your right as usual.

  • Joyce

    I have seen the people going to get help. all of them already have phones and nice cars. Standing outside the welfare office talking on the phone. On any given day, you can buy their food card for .50 on the dollar. Obummer, needs to go back to where he was born and straighten them out. I would be willing to bet, if you part his cheeks you will see 666. Impeachment is too good for him.

  • Remington 870

    No matter what happens, Obama will steal this election. And the GOP, which is too dumb to effectively counter any of Obama’s strategy, will once again be left with their finger up their butts. I have never witnessed such a inept GOP Congress. The GOP can not ever get enough votes into the momentum needed to impeach that commie Holder. The GOP is just scared of Obama and is outmanuevered at every Obama trick. If the GOP were to ever locate a formidable foe to take on Obama, they will still loose, because they do not know how to play dirty. Time to wake up GOP pusseys, and learn how to win or our country will become a 3d world place on the grand map for the Soros Global World Order.


      If you thought the GOP was on our side, you better grab a new life line. the progressive r’s are democraps in masks. havent you figured that out yet? If it comes to a 3rd party you better be ready to jump ship, or we get obumer again. I know what you are gonna say, by voting 3rd party forsure obama. no we all have to jump ship even the capitan, the GOP will make sure the nomanee will not be able to beat obumer. The GOP are the progressives cant you see that?

    • Windrinker

      Remington, the Republicans and the Democrats are both on the same side….and it is not the side of Americans.

  • Elsie YesSir

    When, oh when, are the citizens of the U. S. going to wake up to the obvious FACT that Obama is an enemy of the United States, hell bent on destroying the labors since (and before) 1776? He doesn’t even try to hide this fact, but we as a people are too blind to see it.

  • Allen Allbee

    OBOZO will continue to do what ever he or Soros wants done. This is just one more slap in the face to all GOD loving americans. Vote OBOZO out in 2012.

  • Bob Marshall

    The Constitution is very clear about voters rights. Amendment XV Section 1. The rights of CITIZENS of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. The operative word being CITIZENS.

  • old1

    LOOK AT “YOUR” DRIVERS LICENSE! Does it say legal citizen or wet-back anywhere on it? If you are illegal and ACORN or someone gets you a State Drivers License you get a voters registration card along with it! NO ONE CHECKS YOUR CITIZENSHIP WHEN YOU HAND IN OR MAIL IN THE CARD! A Drivers License is not prof you are a Citizen, it should be, but it is not! We have illegals voting in all our elections, no one would dare ask a Mexican for his or her birth certificate or immigration papers that prove they are citizens! It’s one big scam! They all vote for the Communist democRATs that pass laws that allow them to stay here illegally and get free stuff! People should stand in front of firing squads for this treason! But what do we do? We elect a illegal alien President! Our America is flowing down the tube to ruin! We do nothing! Has the Communist coup won?

    • Windrinker

      You are right about the driver’s license. It is not proof of citizenship. The illegals all have them. It used to cost $250 for an illegal Texas license….all you had to know was the right person to go to in Dallas.

      We must support “Voter ID cards” and, hope that these won’t be for sale to illegals as are every other kinds of identification.

  • VegasLarry

    I have one of those phones. I’m not an illegal alien but I do have food stamps. I got it while standing in line waiting to get inside the building to apply. It’s a no frills phone and it’s free only for a year. I don’t speak spanish, so I could not talk to most of the people who were in line with me. Boy, I now know what it feels like to be a minority…lol

  • Riverdweller

    Looks like another one of my posts got deleted.

  • Howard from the Banger Club

    You have it right. 90+ % vote what the media tells them to. Most have no idea what the candidate stands for, their morals, their voting record and are shocked when they find out it’s a telaprompter talking to them.

  • Ron M

    Another reason we don’t need voter ID cards…

    • Windrinker

      We need some form of identification that can’t be purchased by illegals. How are you going to stop illegals from voting…



  • Art Tandy

    Obama is a crook and a chronic liar.Don’t be fooled by his promises-he doesn’t keep them.

  • Buck

    Lets get serious about voting violations , the demonrats rely on corrupt voting to get any votes at all . I say that any voting irregularities that show up need to be punished by imprisoning for ten years everyone involved in that particular voting precinct . I’m sick of crooked politicks and politicians . This should be taken MORE seriously than anything including murder and rape because it is guilty of murdering and raping our entire country as opposed to one or a few people . If this sounds extreme it is because it is way overdue , and the proof is in the election of Obamass with virtually no vetting .

    • Windrinker

      You are right Buck…

      The Marxist Party has to rely on the illegal votes because they have little support among real Americans. Americans don’t approve of the Marxist agenda except for the kooks, communists, and general degenerates. The Marxists must bring in illegals from out of the country that have no clue about or allegiance to our Republic.

  • John Hardman

    PAYOLA IS ILLEGAL Giving Food Stamps in return for votes sucks…Giving Telephones for votes sucks…Wheeling and dealing with taxpayer money sucks…Having self confessed Communists in the House and Senate also sucks…Czars in the Presidential Cabinet sucks..All of the above are punishable under the RICO Provision. Obama MUST produce proof that He is a Natural Born Citizen in order to be eligable to be vetted to enter the 2012 Presidential Election. Get ready to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election..GET REGISTERED NOW…and

  • DH

    Why is it on the Visions of America enews when I compare Obama with Hitler that the administrator does not approve my posting? The comparison is striking if you read the biography of Hitler.

  • http://http// sa in az

    And the few who try to enforce the law and pick up illegals using false ids to work here in Az now has Obama trying to shut him down and really it is because Sheriff Joe has a volunteer posse checking out Obamas credentials to be able to hold office and if Obama can get a noose around his neck he will cancel out any of the findings Sheriff comes up with. They say he is just picking out latinos. Good God, how many white people are sneaking over the border from Mexico?

    • Windrinker

      “Good God, how many White people are sneaking over the border!”

      You gave me a good chuckle, the truth is so obvious, it sounds like comedy..

      I am an admirer of Sheriff Joe. I do worry about what obama might have in store for him, and hope that Joe prevails. I learned a long time ago that you don’t give your enemies information about your plans….. Joe should have kept his activities quiet instead of announcing his intentions to the world. Keeping a low-profile is very useful.

  • http://cowboybyte shane

    Obama is an illegal himself, why would he give a shit about this country or anything else for it

  • Onegood1

    Another dire situation you need to think about is the “fence post turtle” analogy I’m sure you all have heard about in connection with Obama becoming president in the first place. As you know, the social promotions embedded with affirmative action allowed Obama to get ivy league education and rise far above the level where the peter principle would have dropped him a notch or two. Now as President and as chief “fence post turtle,” there is no graceful way to get back down off the post. The only way for the turtle to get down is to fall, and its a hard fall. The turtle should survive this fall, but its going to get ugly.

  • OAHS

    Why do the American people allow this crap? Get the damn illegals out now! Get Obama’s relatives out now too! Why are these a-holes still in the US? Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

  • OAHS

    I find it hard to believe that Obama is still living … this country has gone to crap!