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Media Forgets To Mention Judge Who Blocked S. C. Immigration Law Is Obama Appointee

One of the Old Media’s favorite ways of attempting to hide the ideological track of a story is to somehow forget to mention which party someone in the news hails or to whom they owe their fealty. In this case, it is what they don’t report that misleads. This week we find a classic what-they-don’t-say story concerning the judge that blocked sections of South Carolina’s new immigration law. For those unaware, U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel temporarily blocked segments of South Carolina’s new immigration laws because he claimed that some of its provisions impinged on federal prerogatives, things over which the state has no jurisdiction. The South Carolina law was opposed in court by Obama’s left-wing, activist Department of Justice headed by Eric “Fast And Furious” Holder and a gaggle of civil rights groups. Judge Gergel agreed with these attackers and issued an injunction to stop implementation of the provisions in question.

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  • D D


    • jim letourneau

      thats horrible, Oh did media say anything about Karl Rowe, Dick Channey, at no cost too tax payers, was it a big lie, I bet if you fact check you’ll still be low,

  • http://i niles

    Obama has spread his germs all over our country. His infection is spreading.

    • Tim k

      I know what too do give Mr.ObamA A SHOT that well help all of us like from a ? well.

      • Darrell Lynch

        I agree, and all his cronies.

      • Ihatelibs

        Take them all out now!

      • poacher

        the best counter i can think of to this is to continue to flood your congress critters with demands that they support the investigation of gunrunner/fast and furious. also demand they get to the bottom of it and find out how mych hillary and obama are involved. we might get rid of three criminals for the price of one. but we have to stay after congress. i contact my 3 at least twice a week over the international crimes. it was probably a scheme to undermine the 2nd and promote the un small arms treaty.

        • poacher

          a lot of veterans have posted since i was here. i have a suggestion for reading. “the battle of athens” is an account of how a group of ww2 veterans dealt with a corrupt local political machine when they returned home. the author intended to discredit the action but as he did his research he found himself on the side of the veterans.
          i knew some of the men involved. their accounts were hilarious. especially what they did with the hired thug deputies.
          the governor couldn’t call in the guard because he knew the gaurd would side with the veterans. besides the morning after the action veterans from the nearby counties showed up if needed.

      • Juan

        You are an idiot.

        • chuckster

          ON the ole contrair Juan, your are the idiot or a fing illegal immigrant yourself, go home to where ever you came from. Anyone who likes obarmapoopoo is an anti-american, a socialist, and a useless piece of……**.

          • THOMAS STEWART

            Right-On Chuck These “Illegal Gimmie Crowd” Just Cut Them Off The Mex Welfare List And They Will Walk Back Home, Adios Juan. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots. ABO.

        • mountaine

          It takes one to know one !!!

          • http://GOOGLE LAMAR BERRY



          • http://google terry


          • Dwain

            @ lamar:What are sound mine people?Your post doesn’t make sense please explain.Mountaine made far more sense then You!

        • John Williams

          In Clinical Psychology we call that PROJECTION , Juan !

          • John Bazen

            NICE! Nice to hear from a follower of that Sick-Minded Fraud fro Austria named Sigmund, who introduced phy- cottage cheese to the world, and that’s when we began going downhill.

        • SLEEPER

          Who’s an idiot? Don’t agree with Tim K, but this is what is being felt as the “ONLY” way to deal with the total infringement of our rights under the Constitution. Of course that “old, venable” document has been “trampled” under this administration more than ALL previous ones combined.

          • http://Hotail Jackie

            This is just some more of the same ole politics. Hope it hangs Obama this time around.

        • frank1737

          Get your stupid Ass back across the border where you belong before yopu get a shot.
          Vietnam Vet 1962-1966

          • American Patriot

            Its going to take 1776 all over agian. Its the ballot box or the bullet box folks.

          • nascar1

            river rat mekong delta 65-67 dong tam 9th inf. welcome home brother

          • Paul Brown

            Now that’s racist. You don’t know anything about Juan, yet you tell him to “get his stupid ass back across the border where he belongs”. You claim to be a Vietnam Vet 62-66, I think frank1737, you are a the one who needs to get a grip. I also am a Vietnam Vet 61-70, we didn’t do time in the service to run over other people.

          • Norbert Tanguay

            Get your stupid Ass back across the border where you belong before you get a shot.
            Korea 1951-55

          • Paul & Betty Rusch

            Ya Frank1737, don’t dishonor all the rest of us Vietnam vets and those who served after us and those who serve now, by defending this scum bag in OUR White House.

          • Terry Marcum

            I’ll fire with you!! Vietnam Vet 1968-69

          • Ed Orr

            Hey Frank. I would love to have Mr. Juan in a free fire zone like in Nam along with his invading friends and relatives.

            Vietnam 66,67,68

          • Al Duhan

            They would lose their welfare.

          • Garry Becker

            I’m not doubting that you served in Vietnam; but, I have never met a Vet. that did 4 tours. As for Paul Browns claim to have served 9 tours; I find that so far fetched I would have to see his DD214 to believe it. I guess was only a short timer; 1st Cav.; 69-70; door gunner UH-1H. I meet with about 15 Vets. at my clinic every other week to discuss how we are; or are not, dealing with the daily things of life that can set us off. All I can say to the two vets that served that many tours; if you men are anywhere close to normal you are truly blessed of God. Thank you for your service to our Country and welcome home brother.

          • kurt


          • Dwain

            You an Obama loving idiot or what?

          • Richard Holmes

            Shoot him and all his wetback amigos

          • Windrinker

            Paul Brown are you “brown.” Only brown people use that tired, old-worn-out, sixties, meant-to-be-intimidating” word!

            News flash, that word just doesn’t bother anyone!

            In fact these days we should take it as a “compliment” If there were a little more “racism” in this country we would not have hordes of illegals pouring over our border!

          • http://yahoo luis

            JUAN it hurts to think that people see what is going on .this country is going the wrong way towards dictator control .the whole administration both sides are the problem.the people need to stop and think. get rid of the rhinos that are at the white house including the commander and his crooks . i do not know if you have family on welfare but that is a start be responsible for their actions. stop living of people who are trying to earn a living LUIS combat infantry 67 to 69

          • http://yahoo luis

            hey juan you spend all those years in Nam doing what .i mean is good that you serve but very rare some one serves 4 years in the combat theater . even if your mos is 11brabo after two tours of combat you get a cook brain you get tired of the all of a sudden ambush . a grunt can only take so much. those people who do not get other peoples money are angry and i agree with them they are the ones that have the burden of paying for the users.ill be polite and not call those users what they are. politic is a poison it puts people on the wrong place. why fall in love with a person whos trying to destroy the nation look how divided the country is

        • nascar1

          jaun do you have a green card or photo id. i doubt it. there is a oboma gum out taste like his ass crack. ill send you a gross take it back to mexico thru the tunel you dug

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          Why you must be one of those Ovommit supporters. You are the useful idiot that this POS depends on. Go stick your head back up in that warm wet smelly place you normally keep it in liberal scum.

          • Paul & Betty Rusch

            OOPS !! Sorry frank 1737. I got caught up in the fray for a minute. Hey juan, get your silly ass back across the border before you get it in the ass. The only reason you defend Ovommit is because he doesn’t seen to be stopping the rest of the border brothers from invading OUR country.

          • madog2

            Go get them Nam Vets. They only way out of this mess with ilegal aleins, muslims, and black panthers is by using our military training. I served from 52 thru 56 and am sick of these as**ole liberal socialist freaks that want people like ocommie and other treators of America to destroy what guys like you have won for us.

        • Dave

          Juan go back to Mexico and STAY there, you Obama lover! We don’t need your kind here!!!!

          If you came here to better yourself and then fell down on your knees in love of this filthy Muslim, you didn’t better yourself, you crapped on all those of your fellow Hispanics who came here LEGALLY!!!!!!

          • juggsy

            Mine the border! Especially the corridors where the mules bring the dope across….The buzzards have to eat.

          • Robert Whitney III

            Bye all means Juan if you love him so take him with you I am sure he can screw up your Country as well as he has ours and perhaps you can all follow him!

          • Steve

            Totally agree with you Dave!

          • Mario

            Well-said “Dave!!!” God Bless you man!!!! We need more conservative “patriotic” Americans like you , my friend!!!!!! Way-to-go Dave — keep up the “GREAT” work that you do!!!! God Bless America!!!!!

          • http://talktalk johnny h

            Agree Dave, but the USA needs to FOCUS!!!
            FOCUS on what Obummer and his cronies are up to.
            FOCUS on the State Governers, the State Representatives and County and City officials with clout.
            Even the Nat Guard.
            All in office MUST BE AWARE of what is going on with all these unconstitutional moves and rulings.
            Post all your Counselmen/women. all your Governers and States Attorneys and ALL who have the REAL power to counter the WH Virus which is slowly submerging Due Process in America.
            Mail to ALL the people who could act.
            For, if a politician doesn`t know which way the wind is blowing in his State/Office/Jurisdiction, then he should.And if he does, he will fear for his position if pressure is applied. It is too dangerous for the country just to do nothing!!
            If people continue to spout like this on websites, it may blow off steam but does not harm the idjits in the WH or on The Hill.
            US Citizens need to FOCUS this year, as never before, on all those who could make the difference.
            For all politicians want to be re-elected.
            Let them get tons of mail and protest meetings and be asked “Who`s side are YOU on” constantly, and by November the tide may be turned!
            Everyone, whatever their origins or background MUST know that all Americans are the target of Washington.
            Forget ethnic backgrounds/religions etc.
            Focus on America and its Constitution, and how Obummer has undermined freedoms during his term.
            And how to prevent him getting another one!!
            For if USA looks back in Nov 2012 at another Obama inauguration. THATS IT!!
            Think about it, don`t just moan. DO Something!!

        • Al Duhan

          But it would save our America.

          • Al Duhan

            Pres. J Kennedy was a much better man. I mean he was a man.

        • The Bob

          Hey Juan, I don’t know many idiots, but I can tell you that I wouldn’t pee in Obama’s ear if his brain(?) was on fire.

          • bob velon

            Nor would I piss on his grave.. I swore in the military I would never stand in a long line again…Now if they give me first try I will reconsider……

          • Marv

            Obama doesn’t have a brain and everything that come out of him through his donkey. A media made fraud!!!!!

        • kenny1801

          GO to HELL, Juan and take that worthless pile of DOG SH*T, NOBAMA with you!!!!


          Juan…..maybe you should read and study OUR “Declaration of Independence”… pretty well sums it up! The White House, Congress, the Supremes and a few others need flushed! It’s time to drain the cesspool!

          • Robert Whitney III

            Boy PTCRUISERMAN You said a truthful mouthful there!

        • G Schmidt

          Why are you dumping on Juan because he said Tim K was an idiot for suggesting Obama be shot???
          Is the suggestion of homicide of a President anything but idiotic?
          Does being a Vietnam Vet (the war we lost)give you the right to be rude to somebody expressing a fact.
          Or are you dumping on Juan because his name suggest he is Hispanic?
          In any case, I am not surprise you are idiots, closed minded and racists…..please prove me otherwise by coming out with an original thought that is not a vitriolic insult to somebody

          • David Stovall

            That’s right. Just because Juan’s name is Juan does not mean he is from Mexico. I knew a guy who was not from Mexico and he was a Juan too.

          • http://facebook ADRoberts

            Think about it. They are just extremely upset at the out of control actions of our government. And they have overstated they anger at this time. When things really get bad, the government will come to our houses one at a time and “CONTROL” us. That is when you can be concerned about what is going on.

            The real question is whether we will continue to go “railroader” and sit around jawing and gripping or if we will go “postal” and actually start doing something. Of course it will be impossible to organize. The government is working harder to control what they call “domestic terrorists” than they are the real terrorists.

            PS. To this present administration, YOU ARE a terrorists. That is because you refuse to bow you head and go quietly into slavery.

          • Dwain

            I agree with You and I have many Friends of all races.I know a number of Hispanics that are much more tolerant,probably more patriotic and have fought for the same reasons some of You holier then thou vets .I have known people of all races that are welfare cheats etc.
            I am a Tea Party type conservative and white but find it hard to stomach a lot of You peoples attitude.
            I know many Hispanics who can trace their ancestry back a lot farther than many whites as to how long their families have been in the USA.I prsonaly know several that can go back to the original Spanish land grants.How many whites can trace back that far?My ancestors on My Father’s side came from Sweden in the late 1800s.

          • trimdive

            We killed over 1.4 million Viet Cong! How many of us did they kill?? So who lost??

          • grizzlie

            I’ll never support this progressive ideologue some would call President, but proposing he be assassinated is not only ludicrous, but it goes against everything this nation stands for, and is about, the rule of law. Yours is a whole new version of the “Golden Rule” I see, do unto others because you don’t like what they have done unto you! How un-American of you. Impeach him, vote him out of office, charge him criminally, but don’t martyr him for crying out loud. Can you see it now, Barrack Hussein Obama day as a national holiday. Get over it, unless it comes to light that he is ineligible to hold the office we need to remember he was elected by the people, as idiotic as that was.

            Oh, and I’m a Viet Nam vet too, and we didn’t lose the war, the politicians lost the war. We never lost a major battle in the entire campaign, but the politicians made sure we left with a black mark on our name. Remember how the vets were treated when they returned. I still have a bad taste in my mouth when I think of the Jane Fonda set, and anyone that supported, or continues to support her or anyone else’s condemnation of our troops. It’s about time some of you started realizing the truth about Viet Nam., and how we would have come away triumphant had they let the military instead of the politicians set the rules of engagement. And you know what, had they listened to the military leaders the “conflict”, as the PC lemmings in Washington likes to call it, would have been over is a fraction of the time, and would have saved tens of thousands of American lives.

          • Dannyo

            We didn’t lose the Ceitnam war it was taken from us. thanks Dummercrates

          • http://cowboybyte Mike

            WE didn’t lose in Vietnam-the gutless politicians sold us out!

          • http://cowboybyte Mike

            WE didn’t lose in Vietnam-our spineless leaders sold us out!

          • Windrinker

            Oh, Schmidt said that “word” again, that they think makes everyone tremble…..Isn’t that the funniest thing!

            You can call me “racist” five times a day and tens time on Sunday…who cares! It is meaningless.

            But, just to get the record straight…the real racists are the head of the DOJ and his buddy, the cretin that is bunking in the oval office.

        • Black Knight

          He should be impeached for high treason against the people of the United States. Obama is the worst disaster to ever happen to this country. and that is saying something considering 9/11.

        • robert

          no your an idiot

        • Dwain

          Smarter than YOU!!!

        • Dwain

          I think Juan mis read the comment and took it to mean literaly shoot Obama and the post TIM K was refering to Obama being an infection and needing a shot{as in flu].

        • Robert Whitney III

          And juan you are a genius I suppose?! What goes with the first name!?

          • grizzlie

            What the hell difference does it matter? What’s your last name? I hope it isn’t Irish, or Italian, or Polish, or German, they too were treated as less than humans at one time in our history. You’d think by now in this country we’d have gotten over simply labeling or ridiculing someone because of a surname. By your logic I guess people like Sen. Marco Rubio should be denigrated and marginalized because he is or Cuban decent, right? And by the way, did you read the idiotic statement that Tim K. posted, and the one that Juan was responding to. I think Tim K. is the one you should be pillorying, instead of Juan.

        • Robert Whitney III

          You so smart Huh!?

        • Die Free

          Juan. What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you like odumbo. Is it he food stamps, health care, unemployment, low wages, the tax break for 2 months! These are just a few of the things that are wrong with him because there has never been anything right. He is so far left. He is not the forth best pres he is the forth most left pres, the most socialistic, Marxist commie in the history of the USA.

        • Rich


          You must be drinking the Obama cool aid. Wake up and admit that the man is not a Natural Born Citizen per Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution. Being born in this country does not make you Natural Born. His father is/was Kenyan and not a U. S. citizen, therefore he is not Natural born. Let me make another fact crystal clear to you also. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal are not natural born citizens either and are therefore not eligible for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency.

          • http://f150 Harry Lantz

            Everyone one seems to forget Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution His father was not a citizen so he does not qualify to be president of the United States of America as you state. Where he was born is not the question.

          • GMiller
          • William

            Right you are, we just need to put in Leavenworth the present userper to the white house, by his own admission he is not a natural born citizen. Read his book if you want to see, but he did not actually write it, his language is not good enough for that, as he is only a Harvard student, does not even have a grade from there, can you find it?

          • madmaxUSA

            You’re mistaken, Rich. The 14th Amendment states “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The amendment provides equal protection. It doesn’t matter where Obama’s father was born.

          • jacy

            You are right. Obama is not eligibile under the Constitution – both parents must be citizens of the USA = he father was Kenyan. Also his grandmother states he Ovomit was born in Kenya as well. She has stated she was an attendant at his birth. His latest form of a birth certificate should be forensically tested against a forgery? Surely Obama wouldn’t forge anything??????

          • Windrinker

            Juan just likes spending his old lady’s government check she gets for all their illegal kids and he wants to be sure nothing happens to his buddy (the illegal muslim) in the White House.

          • Windrinker

            We keep going over and over this thing about “qualifications for the president of the U.S.A.” There are so many stupid people that haven’t a clue what they are talking about….no wonder the country is a mess. It is very simple, I don’t understand why some people cannot grasp the concept… Just because someone is a “citizen” does NOT mean they can be president!

        • George

          You’re an ignorant fool .

      • Jerry

        Certainly not. That would make him a national martyr. He has to be tried by the court and locked up. Better tried by state which keeps the death sentence. There is enough evidence to convict him as the traitor of US and in his POTUS function as the top planted spy.

        • chuckster

          Now that is what to do. Unfortuately no one has the balls to do it. Iric Holder didn’t do fast and furius on his own accord.

        • shannon853

          your right he does need to be tried and convivted however, he has congress backing his ass as they have not taken him to task over violations of oour constitution. they are working to destroy that paper as well. so it appears he will not be removed from office as a person not qualified as a citizen to be president. as teh saying goes “they protect their own!”

          • Lonnie W. Lynch

            Those are the people that we need to attack, the Congress… We must remove all of the yellow Ba–ard from office and get some folks in there with backbone enough to do what it is going to take… If we can’t do that then we will have to do it ourselves…..

          • Al Duhan

            He turned against his own grandmother after she verified that he was born in Kenya. Monkey is too good for him

          • http://Hotail Jackie

            The way to stop this is to vote for republicans or independents for the senate in 2012. The House can’t accomplish getting Obummer out when the senate backs him.

          • Ole Vet

            I believe you are correct. The present Congress is a bunch of gutless wonders who are so desperately afraid Oblunder is NOT a legal President. And the utter legal mess which would result when he is declared in violation of the law by pretending to be a natural born U.S. citizen.

            When he is removed, and soon, I hope, we will need to clarify the Constitution so that a ‘natural born citizen’ will be one who is born to two bonafide U.S. citizen parents, regardless of where the actual birthplace might be.

            The ‘natural born citizen’ Constitution article was written at a time when we were needing more citizens for this undeveloped country, but didn’t want non-citizens to be eligible for the Presidency. Since today we have TOO many citizens, especially many of the illegal alien variety, we need this clarified!

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          Agree, but if all else fails…………….. You see, it seems that everytime something or somebody gets close to the truth about the mongrel, he has one of his activist judges block and cover for him. So every thing is on the table to rid ourselves of this scurge.

          • jacy

            We have to demand two things: Obama must release ALL of his records – especially Occidental college where it believed he entered as a foreign student; that his birth certificate (his latest submission) is forensically tested for forgery; and that he his vetted by Congress.

            Congress is guilty in allowing him the presidency because they did not vet him. I imagine that Soros (who has bribed the networks and pundits) has also bribed congress to not vet the man or demand his records or scrutinize his eligibility. They had plenty of warning – Phillip Berg, Democrat former prosecutor filed a lawsuit saying he was not eligibile – Alan Keyes said it as well – The MSM covered everything up or didn’t report it. Now it is time for all those members of Congress to pay the Piper!!! And the establishment GOP shut Sarah Palin up when she tried to bring it up – the Dems shut up Hiliary on the same issue – and I don’t hear any presidential candidate bringing it up – they should!

          • Windrinker

            Jacy I thought his records from Occidental were released and it showed that obama received a Fulbright scholarship (these scholarships are only for foreigners) by enrolling as a “foreign student” from Indonesia!” I believe that is public information.

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          Got to get past his activist judges who block and protect the scum bag before you will get any legal refief on him. So that may leave just a few options only.

          • juggsy

            If I had to guess, I would think that Gov Nicky Haley will counter this measure somehow. Thes judges are beginning to become a big problem when it comes to ‘we the people’ being able to fight back in the courts. They have to be dealt with in a manner that the others get the message and they have to stick within the guidelines of our Constitution… Too many of them, (especially liberal ones) are interpreting the laws with loopholes to suit their own agenda.

            The 012 election may be too late to save our America. Obast*rd has to go. He is as corrupt as they come. He said befor the 08 election when asked if he personally knew former Illinois gov Blagoiovich personally & he says he once saw him at a Bears football game from afar. Well there’s photos of him on several occaisions laughing it up with Blago, Daly & Rham E. Barry zero is turning the US into a big Chicago. I hope someone with power will stand up and indict this azzhole on something soon. Lord knows they sure as heck aren’t listening to ‘we the people’….

        • Vern

          I agree Jerry, but no one seems have the Balls to do anything.
          Obama makes these judges promise to obey him so he can do
          anything he wants and he can’t be stopped.

        • Robert Whitney III

          You mean Hang em High!?

      • Tancred

        To get rid of a tyrant didn’t Russia arrest and execute their Head of State, Tsar Nicholas? And did not France topple the “Ancient Regime” by executing King Louis XVI on the guillotine? A bullet or a blade either way it does not matter, if the people demand justice for crimes against the state and it’s people then so be it.

        • Evermyrtle

          tancred, We cannot depend on America to do that. The entire DC crowd along with “O”, are in the fight to destroy America. I once said that the “O” was “nothing” I was wrong, he if far more that nothing. He is the “bane” the “curse’ of America and is sweeping all of DC along behind him in his aim. There is so much of the population being swept right along with them. It is truly tragic!! There is one thing we can depend on. GOD IS THERE EVERY MINUTE AND HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO DO AND WHEN TO DO IT, AND HE WILL DO IT WHEN THE TIME IS EXACTLY RIGHT. THAT IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WE CAN DEPEND ON!!!

          • Bob

            AMEN brother!!

          • Al Duhan

            U R right, the top liberals that have their heads up Obama’s butt already have homes in other countries. They will be fine after America is destroyed and in the hands of Allah, the god of murder and torture.

          • Pat B

            You have got the right answer to ALL this that is destroying ourAmerica and God IS the only One who CAN do it right and He has it all in the Palm of His Hand…it may not seem like He has it undercontrol but He is the Only One I trust and lean upon…if I didn’t do that, I would be scared out of my wits….after all, the Word of God has said, “all these things must come to pass before the end time”…Jesus is about ready to come get all His children and I am one of them and look forward to that coming day, EVERY DAY!!! If you are ready and prepared to go with Him, you can rest in peace with the rest of His own, while we wait for Him to take us out of the world!!! Just call upon His Name, repent and hang on, we’re going on a trip into Eternity to be with Him forever!!!

          • Pat B

            I was replying to this comment you made, Evermyrtle and not the one right above my comment…especially the last part typed in upper case! So true!! Just wanted to make that clear…OK?

        • shannon853

          the problem with taking him out leaves all he has signed into law stand. what is needed is he be proven not to be eledgable for that office and after he and his idiot vp is gone and people with love and resprect for the constitution are in office void all he has signed with one sweep and then it wwould not take years to undo all the damage he has done. all the money collected for obamacare could then be placed on the debit of congress and then limit congress to two terms for life and place them on s.s. make them state employees with each state setting theiir salaries and benifits. the entire washington gang must be broken apart for their part in shreading our constitution, teh oath they took to defend it. traitors then could be shot!

      • Brian

        I hope they haul you away for threatening the president. I am NOT an OBAMA fan and will do what we are supposed to do with those we do not like. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!!! To threaten his life is beyond stupid

        • Brian


          • Robert Whitney III

            Disagree with you, he did not directly threaten him he merely gave and opinion of what he would not oppose happening! He feels that at this point in time something drastic needs to happen! Brian you would agree also if the vote is not allowed due to actions that are in play now and might in fact stop the vote and the ultimate implementation of Martial Law, Then see how you would look upon this monkey!

        • http://Conservativebyte Ken

          I don,t understand as the last N American legal President was Mr. Bush a very good President.The people that lied and brought in this Kenyan and all who have tried to DUPE US including the media should be HUNG!

          • G Schmidt

            If you think Bush was a good President, I have a bridge in New York I would like to sell to you.
            If it was not for Bush wonderful terms and great presidential skill (sarcasm)…we would NOT have Obama today

          • Dwain

            Ken You are right about Bush.Most that do not like Him only listen to the lib media.Not enough sense to do a little research to see who has caused all our problems.

        • Ed Orr

          If someone were to do a JFK on B.O., in B.O.s honor we could call that politically correct act something which b.o. would name it…..”collateral damage,” “acceptable loss” or “man caused disaster”

        • Al Duhan

          You must be a leagal citizen, Obama is not our president but a f—king kiar. He should be treated as in the 18 hundreds.

          • G Schmidt

            1800’s , what slavery?

            some of you guys are really twisted and corrupted with hate and stupidity

          • Robert Whitney III

            Mr. Al Duhan Like what you say just do not honor the scumbag obama by the Capital O in his name. I think we both would agree he deserves no honoring just Hanging and let the buzzards eat his flesh from dem bones! Long term message sent! Get it!?

        • juggsy

          It’s his first ammendment right to say anything he wishes. BTW, they way i interpreted it, it wasn’t a direct threat to anyone, obozo included. I am all for obama being arrested, tried for treason against the US & then publicly hung along with Pelosi Reid, Durbin, Barney, Dodd, his bosses, the international banking cartel members, Soros & all other treasonous basta*ds of congress that are members of the communist party USA.

          • Robert Whitney III

            Lets also include those of Congress who have sat bye and refused to challenge him! They too are accomplises for their failure to act in their positions of trust that we as voters gave them. But for my part they have lost my vote if I get to vote again in 2012!

        • Frank

          I don’t believe threatening his life is a good idea, they put you in jail for that! What should happen, and I pray it does, is that the USURPING MORON is PROVEN to be not only “ILLEGALLY in office”; but also that the low-life SOB isn’t even a U.S. Citizen. His Illegal ass should be IMPEACHED and then DEPORTED back to where both he and his wife call “HIS HOME COUNTRY of KENYA”! That would be PURE JUSTICE! Instead, as of right this minute, all we have is “PURE CORRUPTION” in the White House and Congress!

        • robert

          to brian he,s threatening the american people,s lives everyday with his policy and his treasonous acts.and we the people don,t like to be threatened.god bless america and all american citizens.jesse venture or frank serpcio for president.ovomit,holdup,kagan,reis,pelosi,doj,doh,un people and un building out.

        • Garry Becker

          I totally agree that threatening the life of President is indeed a Federal Offense; I am a firm believer in the Constitution and the rule of law. There have been in the past, exceptions to the rule of law when we were faced with a tyrannical regime which required extreme measures to bring about a change. In this situation I don’t believe that simply eliminating the leaders of a Marxist government would solve the problem. It would take a VERY well, nationwide, co-ordinated effort to effect the change we need to bring about the correct end result. Primarily it would require the complete cooperation of the military agreeing to violate their oath to protect and defend the Constitution to accomplish this within a very short time frame. I just don’t ever see this happening.

        • baron987

          I agree with Brian – you don’t say things like that – you don’t know who is monitoring the blogs.

          • jon

            These folks you refer to are Provocatures; they stir shit up and nudge you to say and do things; be careful; they ARE here on this blog as with EVERY blog. Thanks to GWB and the UnPatriot Act; they can come after you in many ways and thanks to the new Defense Act, they can put you in the Hotel for decades without any Due Process. Engage your brain before you type.

        • John H

          Yes, Brian, threatening a president’s life is stupid, though it is easy to understand those who want to. But let me ask you this. Do you realize how many American lives will be lost because of actions Obama has or has not taken so far in his first three years? We have lost Egypt because Obama did not aid Nubarek. Obama is now saying Egypt has Democracy. Yeah, right, the Brotherhood has already taken over and has plans. And in Libya, where Obama aided the rebels, who it turns out, are Muslim radicals. And as soon as, the very next day after the last US soldier left Iraq, the Shiite dictator, supposedly elected but now a dictator, immediately arrested the minority Sunni leader and put him in jail. Bye bye Iraq, now under control of Shiites (Iran). Soon will come Syria. We, the US military, will very likely at some time in the future end up fighting men from those countries. Yes, including Iraqi soldiers that our military, including my son, just trained. Jimmy Carter did that you know. Failed to aid the Shah of Iran when the Shah asked for help, and the radicals took over, including holding our embassy personnel hostage for over a year. Now we have lost hundreds, perhaps thousands of US military in bombings illustrated by Iran all over the world, and at the moment our soldiers in Afghanistan are being killed by weapons imported from Iran. The Russians went into Afghanistan after Carter did nothing about the Russian brigade in Cuba, since they saw Carter as weak, and then, after Reagan secretly supplied the Afhans with weapons, the Russians left, and thus the Taliban took over. I blame Carter for us losing the Panama Canal, where the Chinese are now building like crazy, I blame Carter for Iran, Afghanistan, and soon, we all can be blaming Obama for the above named.

        • Robert Whitney III

          If you read his Wording it is in reference to a virus spreading! What do Doctors give for Virus infections at times A SHOT! Take that to the sperm bank Brian! Conjecture, conjecture, and all that!

      • catchesthewind

        For whatever prying eyes are reading this here is my take on things.
        For myself I want nothing to happen to obama that isnt within the parameters of legally allowed activity. Having posted my legal disclaimer I do not advocate violence but sadly enough more and more postings are starting to appear that advocate the 7.62 solution. While I do not want it I fear it may come to pass.

      • StashuNation

        I wouldn’t waste a bullet on that crumb. He’s probably looking to be buried in Arlington Nat’l Cem.

        • Robert Whitney III

          Stashu, He should not be buried in our Country but in his Native Kenya,Africa!!!

          • Robert Whitney III

            Furthermore bullets are too costly to expend that amount of money on the likes of him!

      • Robert Whitney III

        Would this be like the shot heard around the world!Well!? Some things need to be!

      • Bobby

        Post your full name and address so that the Secret Service will have an easier time finding you. There is only one correct way to remove a person from office and that is at the ballot box. You sir are a disgrace to all decent Americans.

      • Daniel from TN

        Could you restate that comment in English please?


        The koolaid dirinking, weed smoking BRAIN DEAD MORONS like you elected this most dangerous and evil man to be the President of this country.This man has destroyed this country so much that it will take 20 years for this country to return to its prosperity. You do not even know it. You will never know. This man, ZerObama has lied about everything and is still lying. He talks about Jobs. but, he has killed 80% of the jobs and so the unemployment is 20% nationally. He has done lot more damage. The sooner he leaves the office, better it will be for the country. PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE ON THIS EVIL MAN.

      • poacher

        this is strange. yesterday i put a post here that suggested a better course might be to stay on your congress critters to support the investigation of gunwalker/fast and furious. as it might lead to landing holder, hillary and obama in prison. my suspicion is that it was a scheme the three of them were using to try to coerce us into the un small arms treaty and undermine the 2nd. there was no profanity or anything that might be objectionable. it said it was waiting on a moderator. moderator please give me some idea why it was removed.

      • Obama

        I’ll kill America and every American with Obamacare and my own laws before anyone can stop me,

    • rulken

      I for one, haven’t watched any news from the “main media” since 2007 ! I have not seen one news cast from, NBC. ABC, CBS, or CNN,(North American CNN) !!
      I get all my news from Fox News, and local news stations that don’t spin anything, but I get most of my news context from the internet and people such as we have here.
      Believe me, I have a much better informed, and clear picture of the current events as they happen, through these sources.
      Yes, Richard Gergel, US. district Judge, was appointed by yours truly, Obama.
      Richard Gergel long known for his radical socialist stand, was just the ticket for Obama.
      Together, along with wack-o Holder they have managed to stifle our constitutional rights, trying to re-wright the constitution to suit their socialist/communist goals!

      • David in MA

        You should.
        Know thy enemy.

        • Jeff Martin

          Very well put!

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          WE do. He is sitting in OUR White House . Illegally WE might add.

      • Fenderman52

        That’s admirable. Not to brag but I stopped trusting the MSM news when 60 Minutes did an obvious white wash job on the Vince Foster murder. I stopped trusting the government when Attorney General of Texas, Garrison was refused entry into the courthouse holding proof of a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.

        • Eddie G.

          Good points Fenderman 52, there was definitely a conspiracy in the JFK saga. He wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve re-introducing “real” money back into the economy instead of Fed funny money. He wanted to junk the oil depletion allowance. Next thing you know,he’s dead and LBJ is POTUS by default. The oil depletion allowance stayed put and we’re still stuck with the Fed. Money talks and B.S. walks. I still think Hillarybilly had something to do with Vince Foster. She’s one evil marxist beyatch. AG Garrison was a paid off shill,no doubt. Again money talks in this country and B.S. walks. That’s how Oboy ended up in the W.H. all nicely bought and paid for by George Soros,the media,Hollywood,the California legislature,all taking advantage of politically brain dead voters who marched to the polls voting for the same inglorious basterds year in and year out. Joe Biden,Dummycrat of over 30 years or John McCain,RINO,of probably as many years. The California legislature all Dummycrats and pissy little no cojones RINOS wiped out the second amendment and every single one got voted back in. The whole state is brain dead,then they come whining to me here in in Nevada if they can buy a gun. We have a rack of toy guns in the store and the answer is yes, but only those on that rack as they’re California approved. (Did you know recently signed into law by rerun Brown,it is illegal in California to open carry an unloaded gun? Whoo,whoo,safest state in the union)!

          • John H

            All fine and dandy, but I wish you had not degraded John McCain. John paid his dues big time in Vietnam (do you know how?) and he also exemplified himself during his command of hundreds of military before that. John was willing to meet Democrats ALMOST halfway in order to get some laws passed, and believe you me, we would be much better off today had McCain won. How in the devil do you guys get off calling McCain a RINO when he would have been the far better choice?

        • Dick Fowler

          I go back even further than that but did not have the foggiest notion about how corrupt and down right evil government is today. I started getting suspicious after Obama started making all his strange maneuvers and you could tell he was talking with a forked tongue. I started going back to my college days where liberalism was so rampant. It was then I recalled the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ whenever everything became obvious.

          I am not a conspiracy theory type guy but the pieces started falling in place so matched to events occurring today that I knew it had to be true. Once you get into the UN Action 21 and the deception and sheer horror of what is planned when they say ‘sustainable growth’ it will turn your hair white. They actually plan to kill most of us.

          Did you know that the FCC can now override and disrupt every radio and television station instantly and simultaneous and big eared Obama can suddenly appear with his message “You are now dead meat”? They are trying to get the same controls for the internet. Did you know that effective January 1 Obama can send the military to your home, knock down the door, seize you and your family put you in an internment camp for life without any reason, due process or any judicial review…just on his orders alone. If you were not afraid before you had better be now. We are living in a total police state without even knowing it.

          I understand that Glen Beck has gone over much of this…unfortunately I did not get to watch him, but whatever he said I can confirm it for you. Be afraid. Very afraid!

          it can bring to the human raceof substainable growth (now implanted in every community), then read

          • DowgyColo

            That is “AGENDA 21″

          • juggsy

            Also look into the site @, they are exposing alot of this too. people (myself included) used to think Alex Jones was a nutjob conspiricy theorist, but my cousin turned me on to the site and alot of his investigations are right on the $$. The bankers (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citgruop, Wells fargo, Bank of America and thieves at WallSt) & the Brit government from way back are trying to manipulate us (the biggest ripoff of american taxpayer in history), as they have been for many years. Congress is now in on it (insider trading & special intrest lobbyists) & I think this is why they don’t want to destroy the goose that’s laying the golden egg, America is the ‘big prize’ to be conquered and they have put obozo in place to really push the envelope on us.

            We have become a police state for a reason, so they can try to control us when they finally get our economy to collapse so thet they can bring in the new world order along with a one world currency. There will be two classes of people, the “ulta rich” & “the poor”, we that dissent will be rounded up and sent to the camps. We can beat them, but it’s going to take everyone of us to stand up to them and cull out DC. Hopefully we can vote to get them out otherwise, blood will run in the streets.

            We have to let our reps & senators know that we are up to speed on what they are planning and for them to stand up for us. Its become apparent that alot of them are corrupt as well. The passage of this bill that give them the right to arrest US citizens and detain them is an indication that they know we are on to them and this was put in place to try & protect them from we the people getting to them.

            Please do not discount what Alex Jones has been saying and predicting for many years. Open your minds to what is really going on behind the NFL, NBA MLB, American Idol, X factor, Dance with the Stars, I pods X pads, etc, etc…booze, drugs & spectacle they are trying to keep us preoccupied with.

            Also check out Natural, alot of natural healthe tips that give good tips on healing, diet, and suvival if & when the chaos begins. It may be coming soon…Also take up some self defense classes & weapons training if you are not up to speed on defending your family and property. Pretty soon they will also try to take our private property from us. they (the climate freaks & UN) are steady trying to impose more carbon taxes on the world so that they can well, tax us more all in the name of what they insist is man made global warming.

            Keep your eys & ears open to anyhting within your community happening out of the norm. Any govt troop movements, excessive Homeland Security checkpoints, any strange govt or UN operations, miltary drills/execises and report them to friends, family. we have to stay vigilant. Obama may try some sort of staged terror event this coming year to try and scare us into beliving that their govt is the only ones that can keep us safe….sorry for the rant……..I am a recovering NEOCON, a conservative Republican voter for the last 20 years, but I will cast my vote for Ron Paul. His foriegn policy at this point can be tweaked, but he is a straight shooter and can begin to get this govt back to what out founders intended. I don’t trust any others except maybe Santorum, but ………Obast*rd has to go

        • Robert Whitney III

          Bet the other Democrat LBJ had a little something to do with this blockade of Garrison’s entry!

          • Robert Whitney III

            The wrong dude was killed in the case of JFK but LBJ that is the one that should have been! I would bet his Grave is rumbling with the Chant HEY, HEY LBJ How many Boys have you killed today!!!!!

      • Martin Ridens

        “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” – Thomas Jefferson

        There is information avaliable on NBC and CNN just like there is on FOX and the internet. Don’t discard any source of information and take all of them with a grain of salt. Look beyond the headlines, get different views, verify sources, then let it all sink in and see what makes sense. It ain’t easy.

        • Paul Barsalou

          the networks dont lie,they just wont report any negatives on Obozo or his czars

          • Dwain

            They also lie sometimes!

        • http://cowboybyte Capt Rich G

          After watching a few of these left wing tv shows & NBC CBS etc if you don’t watch Fox News or O’Reilly /Hannity or listen to Rush – Levin etc you won’t get the true story – bottom line – the entire Administration belongs in jail & I mean that seriously – if the people were running the country like this during our formative years – the people would have hung them- no questions or excuses. We The People better wake up – So Mote It Be

          • carol

            100% agree. They should be tried for treason and hung upside down by their toes.

          • just tired

            I agree with you. We are in for one VERY, VERY scary time in American history and it seems the people who have the power refuse to do anything about it. I am saddened that there is so much evil and corruption in our government.

            God help us, please. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

          • http://Conservativebyte Ken

            GOD BLESS & MERRY CHRISTmas! So mote it be!!

        • June

          If you live on the Liberal Plantation this sounds like a grand Idea but facts are facts all you have to do is check out a News Medias track record to know if they have a Socialist agenda, how do you think Obummer was elected.

          • mountaine

            Plouffe, a numbers guru with a formidable knowledge of Congressional districts and demographics, devised an ambitious “50 State” strategy that focused on contesting every state, even those of the deepest red. That strategy helped Obama pull off an upset victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in the primaries and expand the electoral map for Democrats in stunning ways with wins in the Rust Belt, Mountain West and Virginia in the general election. That is who helped him David Plouffe ! Look him up….PLEASE !

        • Bob

          The best source of information that is not tainted comes from Judge Napolitano on the FOX Business channel. It’s very hard to disagree with any of his ideas or beliefs.

      • Real American

        @Rulken, besides this publication theres Newsmax & WND on line ,similar to this one, no spin. odumbo ,holder and their libtard activist judges are slime at best,typical of puppets, do whatever they are told full well know they are wrong. Lets hope they are told to dive head firse off the tallest building in the state,being they aim to please their boss’s they would probably do it!!

        • Fenderman52

          A couple of other good sources of news is the late night radio show: Coast To Coast AM and their website. Also Prison which is run by Alex Jones is good. Jones has been exposing the lies of the left for decades now. I fear all these sources will soon be eliminated and then it will be up to us to write pamphlets like they did in the Revolutionary days and pass them out by hand. The truth always finds a way.

      • Kenai

        Rulken, I don’t watch these stations either, they make me mad and disgusted but…I have a conservative friend who is also a pastor and he comes into the store that I work in almost every day and buys 2 papers. One is the local newspaper here in Richmond and the other is the Washington Post. One day I ask him…why do you buy the Washington Post? It is full of nothing but lies. He replied, he likes to know what “the enemy” is doing and he is right. We have to stay on top of these despicable people and all their evil doings. So, as much as it disgusts me to buy these packs of lies, it is also beneficial to know what their doing.
        You are right…know thy enemy!

        • Bob

          The same can be said about ABC and FOX. You can watch ABC, TV and then Fox and many times you get completely different views on the same story. Spin, deletion and outright lies are the hallmarks of the the print and broadcast media.

        • Dwain

          I like You say don’t trust our media,even Fox is suspect sometimes.I go on line and go to several foriegn news sources even Al Jareez and it is amazing how much they have on the Us that no one prints over here.

      • Bob H

        If you drive a car or write a check a photo I.D. is needed to let people like police know you are who you say you are, illegals in to many states have voted and change the out come of elections, in the state I live we have to show the judge at the polling station a photo I.D. and are address must match that in the voter book from the court house, now if this information does not match, a phone call is made to the court house, were said person is ask to go to the court house to make sure they are who they are.

        • William

          Bob the SLIMEBALLS in Washington can’t stand the thought of an illegal not being allowed to vot for the DAMNED LIEING CROOKED DEMOCRATS,

        • DowgyColo

          Sometimes when you make a purchase with a credit card you may have to show an ID!!

        • Randolph Goeman

          They do a Provisional Vote & have 3 to 5 days to prove their ID. I know as I work elections.

        • Vern

          Bob we have to do the same in SC. The Gov. tried to pass a law
          that said everyone must have a photo ID to vote, but Obama
          had one of his Lib. judges tell the Gov. that was a NO NO. I have to show an ID every time I use a credit card, and that ain’t near as important as voting. The Dems are so crooked they go along with Obama, they love those illegal voters, and the Acorn gang.

        • Carol Thomas

          Attorney general Eric Holder believes we are discriminating against poor people by showing photo I D. to vote yet they have no problem showing it to get a welfare check or to sign up for their entitlements. I wonder how many pairs of Jordan tennis shoes I paid for this weekend? Or how many tatoos and piercings did I pay for because I work. We ought to bring back the surplus food and do away with food stamps.I am not talking about the elderly I am talking about the able bodied getting a free ride.

      • Mike Tanco

        The media for some reason fell in love with Obama years ago. It can’t be because he is so honest or intelligent. He has no idea how to lead and he is killing this economy. As long as main stream media supports him, those dumb asses that rely on them for their news will keep this jerk in the White House. It’s the uneducated welfare recipients that want him there. It’s the 47% that don’t pay taxes that want him for another 4 years. The Democrats keep talking about the wealthy need to pay more taxes while they rip this country off of more money than has ever been ripped off before.
        Obama was put into office by the Muslims and George Soros for one reason; to bring this country to it’s knees, and so far there are enough stupid people in this country that are letting it happen. Mike Tanco

        • http://cowboybyte Capt Rich G

          Soros should be sent to Utah – I believe they still have the Firing Squad there. The 2 ways to reward a liberal are #1 A long prison sentence #2 Lethal Injection — there are no other ways – Obama & gang – step up for your reward.

          • William

            CAPT. RICH I dont like lethal injection, HANG THE SLIMEBALLS,

          • rodney burke

            Duh, Of course they media who is mentally ill won’t report something they don’t understand, the truth. Ovomit doesn’t want anything that will prevent him from getting illegal votes from those who can’t vote. It’s called voter fraud, but then he has done EVERYTHING based on fraud. We need him OUT. Time to pray to God for that very thing and soon. I know we’ve been asking “When God?” I pray the answer is coming and very soon. We need to cleanse the temple just like Christ did in Jerusalem. We need to drive the dems out and all the appointees and send them to federal prison. Barry? Let Kenya who CLAIMS him and reveres his birth place to take the fraud back!

          • mountaine

            David Plouffe is worst then Soros…….lets get him !!!
            Lets get him known !

          • http://n/a AH.H

            We Need To Get Both Communist Pigs SOROS & Plouffe Hang Them On Street’s Light Pols

        • jaydee

          “…. to bring this country to it’s knees …”

          Mike, you NAILED it — on the head, pure and simple. And the longer it takes us to come face to face w that fact, the more severe our ultimate destruction will be. We need to look that fact straight in the face, and deal with the reality of it. This thing of waiting until “they” come to their senses and accidentally do something GOOD for the country, is a mere fantasy. Their prescribed GOAL is total destruction of this nation, economically, militarily, culturally, spiritually, morally — and they most certainly intend to use health care (lack of) and FOOD (lack of) with which to strike their final blows, once we are so weakened we cannot resist. The time to STAND is now … while we still have some strength left.

          • DowgyColo

            Soros owns a good part of the media, nbc, and Comcast just purchased part of nbc.

        • Grecko

          Mike; You hit the teat right on the nipple!! Lets get the Revolution march moving to washington and throw the crooks to the pitbulls! I am sure the crowd will be the biggest ever seen
          in the world. There are some good tax paying people left!
          I want Sarah Palin to run as an Independant. If she is not shot the dirty closit will be CLEAN!!

        • Vern

          Mike I can not understand how the main street media has become so stupid. They are afraid to print the truth, and won’t
          even print anything that says anything against the Dems or Obama. They don’t seem to realize that they and their families
          are going to have to live in the mess that the Dems are trying to
          do to America.

      • ron

        I am glad you are not running for an office or even for dog catcher.

      • William

        Rulken I too quit getting my propaganda from the lame streem far left propaganda outlets and only watch FOX news for many years now. I am not surprised to learn gerbel is an obama appointee. as a matter of fact I would have been surprised to find it was anyone other than obama or slick willie. after all you expect a SLIMEBALL TO APPOINT A SLIMEBALL,

      • m

        They are not “main media”
        They are fringe media

        • hwl

          They are PP Pandering Press

      • tanto

        This son of a Bi##ch of a president should be tared and feathered. Impeached, or just Give a one way ticket to Hell.
        He is doing his best to destroy our way of life.
        Destroy him in a peaceful way. Ask your congress men to start impeachment proceeding Now. The got Nixon for a lot less,.

        • Jerry

          Hm, but Nixon was not a democrat…

          • Paul & Betty Rusch

            Don’t matter, bad is bad.

          • Robert Whitney III

            And Nixon did not try to destroy this Country and he was not impeached he resigned and did not Run again with good advice given him. I do not see how you can compare Nixon’s Watergate incident with turning this Country to Dictatorship ,Marxism,Communism,Totalitarianism, and all the Economic destruction to get us to this point for their Agenda to be served and This Country Destroyed!!!!

          • MAD SCIENTIST

            What ZerObama has done to this country is lot worse than what Nixon did. This country is being destroyed from its core for the past 3 years. This man hates America and he has been elected to protect our constitution!!!!!!!!!!! We are insane and we are run by an evil and dangerous lunatic.

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          Congress now is nothing but a bunch of useful idiots for this scum bag in OUR White House. There are not enough good representatives and Senators in yet to be able to successfully impeach and bring this scum bag to justice.

      • wally stewart

        im the same way i meet people that says i didnt know that after we im convinced most folks are ignorant when it comes to seeing a liberial bill passed

      • Sutekh

        You can’t trust FOX news, either.

        FOX is the network that carries the TV show “Glee,” which is mostly written and produced to show that homosexuals making out on public school campuses is normal, when heterosexual behavior is prohibited.

        Spreading homosexual chaos is just another Obama agenda. Feeling safe while watching FOX News instead of NBC is like feeling safe with your kids watching Nickelodeon instead of MTV. MTV owns Nickelodeon and writes “safe, sane, educational children’s programming:” to steer the kids into watching MTV.

        One should find out who really owns one’s favorite TV station, just as one needs to know who owns one’s federal judges and president.

        The Republican Party really isn’t safe, either. One should consider them merely as an available tool for getting Stalin, Jr. out of office.

      • chuckster

        There are to many people living off of us productive people, they depend on their living by voting for useless pieces of sh** like abomarpoopoop. There are to many of them. then there are the ones that say, my papa, and my grand papa was a democrat and i’m a democrat, I say to you it ain’t the same thing, get your head out of your ass, this filth in the WH is a puppet of the communist crap. We don’t even know who he is, and if this shit ever gets investigated a whole bunch of democratshits are going to jail. Yes, the death penalty. I’ll bet obarmapop was monitored during the raid on ole binladen, yeah, obaristma, would have warned him.

      • Michael


        Do you honestly believe that Fox doesn’t spin the news? Get real bro. They ALL spin the news, some leftward, some rightward, some in both directions depending on the subject matter, but spin they all do. Fox simply spins in the general direction of the REPUGNANTcan party’s preferred direction. Note I wrote REPUGNANTcan not REPUBLICan, as the Republican Party “platform” still is a worthwhile platform. The problem is most of the party members are not Republicans but Repugnantcan career politicians more interested in their own careers, the status quo, and their special privileges, than they are interested in the welfare of the country they have falsely sworn to serve.

        • Paul & Betty Rusch

          Those are known as RINO’s

        • Don

          Michael you are so addicted to ONE sided news that when you get BOTH sides you think that it is slanted. That is truely pitiful.

        • jon

          You are correct; they are constantly referring to polls etc.. diminishing the other candidates, lying about polls to get us to all think Romney is the man. Well, he is NOT the man; he is Obama light. I think Ron Paul is the only one who gives a shit about the Constitution, that’s why they shiptalk him all the time.

      • Tancred

        When Fox News was born, I quickly changed my viewing habits from the state controlled media outlets to something more level field.

      • hwl

        The problem is the channel we all have to watch is not true conservative just more subtle in it’s bias, remember the tirades against birthers by O’reilly and Beck, remember O’reilly’s continual insistence that there was only 70000 participants at the DC rally claiming a fire department estimate ( the fire department said they do not make crowd estimates}. O’reilly never back tracked. Remeber Ailes instructed the News Channel to down play the tea party and ask GOP candidates tough questions? Remember how O’reilly grovelled for his “tough” interview of Obama? Nope Ailes will pander to anyone for ratings,also remember his boss was high on Ms Clinton.

      • catchesthewind

        AMEN brother AMEN

    • Dingbat36

      This POS Judge should have recused himself from this case!! What’s new, unethical judge appointed by an unethical and ineligible President!!

    • Marty

      Obama is a cancel that is eating away the Constitution. Each day that goes by another piece dies. Obama must be defeated in 2012, or we will be bowing 5 times a day.

    • Ron

      Well DUH!!!! Did we expect any different, to have Obama’s fingerprints all over this?? How can this nation not vote this pig out of office????

      • rodney burke

        Only those who drank the kool aid and mentally ill democrats and all liberals are mentally ill. It’s out there!

      • Jerry

        They would, but the outcome of election was already decided. The election next year will be just the show for “we the People”. And with Obama’s Martial Law (supported and voted on by republicans as well), he can postpone election indefinitely.

      • Joanne Walczak

        Simply,because most people(?) believe this country will go on despite
        what is happening under their noses. Stupidity and I don’t care
        attitude!!! We shall see the end of our great country if he gets another
        4 years.Which I’m sick at heart for my children and grand children.
        History is doomed to repeat itself.

    • ddt


    • Sutekh

      Obama will be remembered for all time as a monster from hell — that is, if there is anyone left with enough brain cells to remember.

      How many Jews got justice in German courts by appealing to a Nazi judge?

    • wally stewart

      amen to that unless we do something about these appointed federal judges and this fraud n chief america is doomed

    • mountaine

      He did so the HELP of this man ! David Plouffe….look him up ….PLEASE !
      Plouffe, a numbers guru with a formidable knowledge of Congressional districts and demographics, devised an ambitious “50 State” strategy that focused on contesting every state, even those of the deepest red. That strategy helped Obama pull off an upset victory over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in the primaries and expand the electoral map for Democrats in stunning ways with wins in the Rust Belt, Mountain West and Virginia in the general election

    • David Stovall

      Niles, no matter where Obama was born, he is Indonesian in his formative years, and hates this country, and working hard to destroy it and open borders is one of his tools.

    • Evermyrtle

      one of my naughiest, ungodly comments:”he is not the rat, he is the rat’s t-rd

    • Kalish

      I know what our forefathers would do to this guy, and NOT because he is black.

    • Randy G

      When will people remember that Illegals are INVADERS & theives & should be shipped out as such?

      • Paul & Betty Rusch


    • Alden j Durant

      Exactly right and somehow someone has got to find a way to make out representatives fight back seriously and stand solid, not cave in on anything

    • jim

      It’s gonna get worse. Prepare for the coronation of King Obama in January 2013. The GOP will not win the upcoming election because they can’t see the forest from the trees, the inability of the Tea Party to compromise, and poor candidate choices.

    • ketrout

      You are so right, and I did not realize that there were so many idiots out there. Where is the common sense????


    • catman

      C’mon now folks……..Just what in hell did you expect from an appointee of this POS.

    • Michael

      Contamination is wherever he goes!

    • http://None BenFox

      Thinks he is god, thinks he can change laws and times but, obozo might just be the anti-christ? Chairman of the UN security counsel? One step away from Secretary General, first time in history a world leader was in this position. Hates the God of the Bible and has proved it in speeches, thinds his little god is God, Sorry, losing in the long run.

    • stas

      Obama is IMPOSTOR. All African-American are idiots.
      What schools did you say he attended and graduated? I know he did not go to SING-SING, yet!

    • Richard Carroll

      Don’t worry, God will take care of all the wrong doings that this man bestowed on our country. Have Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayers work better then bullets.

    • Jeff

      You mean his cancer!

    • Mary Gee

      DITTO, get rid of this commie, accompanied by holder, pelosi, reid….and all the judges appointed by this fraud….

    • art

      Doesn’t anyone in South Carolina own a gun…????

    • art

      Hopefully there is a least one gun owner in South Carolina……!!!!!

    • jacy

      Reminds me – Obama has hidden ALL of his records. Maybe we should demand he release them before this next election? We also might want to review his newest birth certificate – like have it forensically tested for forgery? So why is the MSM reporting on Romney’s tax? A Biased media perhaps?

  • Pamela Barnett

    Please contact me.. I need to get the story out about the Obama ballot challenges going on.

    Thanks, Pamela Barnett, Director, Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012

  • Thomas Wilson

    Obama is a Muslim and want’s to destroy this country and it makes me think what the 61Million
    Brain-Dead Sheople that voted for him were thinking?!?! I once saw a sticker that said “I’ll keep my guns, money and freedom. YOU KEEP THE CHANGE!!!” another noteworthy one was on an older gentleman’s a TEAPARTY Rally which read “Jesus Christ is my Savior, so sorry Obama’s your!!!”

  • T-Texas

    Exactly why we need to elect all judges,This appointment for life sucks.These activist judges are the reason.They don’t make a rulings based on the constitution but their own agenda.

    • don

      what the hell would that help? look who WE elected. are you kiding me WE have to wake UP. me an you are awake. pray tell how we wake the rest up? an are their enought to do any good?

      • Randy131

        You are right, look at who we did elect, but look what happened in the 2010 elections, and watch what is going to happen in the 2012 elections, a great example why judges should have to be elected by the citizens, as in Iowa where they did not re-elect the judges who ruled against the people’s voted for law that marriage is between one man and one woman only. When these liberal judges make terrible rulings, the people do wake-up to them and take notice, just as in this case.

      • Dan W Rykard

        You are so right, it is time for the people to wake up. Boycott the media that only reports what they think will help Obama, I have never seen the liberal media so inactive on Matters that if it was a Republican in office they would be all over him.

        • CAllenDoudna

          Suppose the next President revokes the FCC license of those Media outlets that have a record of biased reporting.

          • dntmkmecomoverther

            Careful what you wish for; Obummer would use a law like that against US…squelching folks like Limbaugh, etc. Laws don’t change minds; they simply attempt to control those minds; so the best thing we can do is get rid of the mind in DC….preferably ALL of them in November.

          • SweetOlBob

            This is America. They may slant the news all they wish. Thay do this while bald faced lying to the public about their leanings and loudly spouting slogans like “All The News That’s Fit To Print” and other buckets of bullsh*t.
            They can slant —— But we can straighten it out among ourselves until the SLL* in the white house gets full control of the Internet.
            *Slimey Little Liar

        • Dennis

          Don, you’re right – it’s WE that need to wake up. As for how to do that, the only thing I can think of is to start a campaign where all of us “awake” concerned citizens take the time to sit down and write Obummer a letter – bury him in mail from all of us who want him to know how we truly feel about his (lack of) leadership & tossing aside the best interest of the people of this country to forward his own agenda(s). Also, contact all the major newspapers we can & challenge them to print as much from our letters as they can.

          • http://i niles

            He would laugh and throw them in the trash. He has shown that he don’t give a rats rectum about what we think. We are beneath his highness.

          • Dan Stewart

            Writing to obummer will do no good what-so-ever. he has his assigned agenda, which is to bring the US to her knees, this he will do regardless. he has no concern about what we think or want. he was told by soros & his ilk to destroy the US, & he is doing a bang up job of it. The only way to stop it is arrest him, he is not legal. The wimpy republicans aren’t willing to do this. GOD help us.

          • jacy

            If people, especially the fools that voted for this Muslim Marxist Soros puppet don’t get it by now that this man is an ultimate crook – and always has been. He’s a liar and most all of his administration are either crimminals, communnists or Marxists. A president, who under the current economy where citizens have lost jobs, can’t find them, lost homes – the country is so horrendously in debt that even our children and grandchildren will be unable to pay it – and these two classless idiots, Moochelle and Obama take vacation after vacation at taxpayers expense to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. They are ripping us off! Can’t you liberal loons understand that? They are stealing the peoples money!

      • Roger

        You’re right Don, WE are getting what WE asked for. That’s been going on for decades in America, until now the country is unrecognizable. I don’t know if 2012 or subsequent elections will help either. There are just too many neo-Americans who can no longer think for themselves or anyone else.

      • mac

        Don, WE didn’t elect him, the immigrants and unwed-mothers getting freebie handouts elected him; the failed males who can’t hold a job elected him.

        • LesPaul

          Acorn elected him! They rigged the election. There were 100’s
          of thousand fraudulent votes registered. Biggest cover up in our history. Nobody went to jail .

          • art

            and stupid white liberals and union members

          • Mary Gee

            ACORN is still around…How do we get this commie agency out.?

      • Joe in AZ

        There are plenty of people. 10,000 people per day will hit age 65 every day for the next 20 years (the baby boom generation). This is the best base of conservative values in this country. Note, AARP is NOT the group to mobilize this base.

        • Joe in AZ

          Question. Where does this website “live”.? My previous post shows 1:36 PM 12/25. It was actually 6:36 AM when I wrote it.

          • Henry

            That is a good point about the time difference. It was actually 7:46 AM when I wrote that piece about being awake and my post says it was 1:46 PM. That sort of puts this out over the Atlantic by using that 6 hour difference. I don’t know the answer to this.

          • Martin Ridens

            It’s Greenwich Mean Time.

          • martin

            I have noticed the same thing I have email them about the same thing over a week ago have had no response.

          • Robert Whitney III

            Thats allright I have one that was posted12/26/2011! Are we there already???

        • Old Sarge

          You got that right about the AARP. They sold us out by endorsing Obamacare so they could promote their supplemental health insurance. Their hypocrisy is showing.

          • martin

            I tore my AARP card up years ago. I knew they were up to no good when they opposed G.W Bush on reforming Social Security. They had adds that were telling the younger people that he was trying to it away from. Also they backed Obamacare. I joined AMAC.

          • rodney burke

            There is an alternative, I suggest everyone take it. I plan to after the first of the year and close out AARP. I am glad I have no financial commitments except dues.

          • Tony in MO

            Yep, AARP did a little “quid pro quo” with Obama. They offered their support in exchange for Obama’s promise to end Medicare Advantage, the prescription insurance offered by Medicare that was in direct competition with AARP’s insurance plan.

        • Brian

          I don’t think that any one approching retirment age or on SSI fully trust AARP as their spokes group any more. Obama’s health care plan stopped that sort of think when AARP supported the bill and actively tried to push it’s members to support the bill. AARP lost alot of members and support then. It’s a trust that they may neer get fully back. Obama is a carpet bagger, he talks out of both sides of his mouth and neither side tells the truth. It it wasn’t so pittyful it would be funny. It will take several years to replace all the appointments Obama has made through the court system. But the important thing is his total control of Congress has come to a end, thank God for that.

          • ron

            Wait another year and the Democrats will be back in total control so we can get things done again instead of doing nothing but fight.

          • Ralph

            This,disabled senior citizen never joined and never will join AARP and never did trust AARP the insurance company to do anything except find ways to rip off all of
            our own senior citizens. So,anytime they send me something I simply tear it up and stick it back in their
            return envelope and mail it back to them at their expense
            and if I get an email from ARRP I report it as spam and
            delete it. I urge you to do so too.

          • Robert Whitney III

            I am one of them and I agree Brian, Brian that should be obama not Obama, don’t honor his name dishonor it anyway you can!

      • Henry

        I’m awake! I urge everyone reading this that they too take the time to let everyone know that they are also awake. Let’s see the results of this request. Wake up America! It is getting late into the game.

        • catman

          Ron: If the demorats get back in control, you will have that big boobed, plastic faced pelosi back as Speaker. Then you can sit down, bend over and kiss your ass and this country goodbye. The elites will “own” it and you and I will be nothing but the slave help. Well, maybe you will be. As for me, I’ll fight just as I did during the Korean “conflict”. I and many others I might add.

      • Larrya PA.

        Don we would have to do background checks on all of them they all lie so much look how Obama is, he does it so much you can,t tell when he tells the truth.

      • Real American

        @ Don, don’t utter the term “WE” when you say look who we elected, I didn’t vote for the frigging moron halfbreed muslim!!!!!

      • http://Conservativebyte Ken

        Well Don unfortunatly it will be an atomic bomb and make toast of all! This a muslum promise led by the deamon! The way I see It!

    • Bruce


    • http://googlechrome David

      The judges follow their party and not the law.

      • SweetOlBob

        David: You are correct. And those that don’t follow 100% of their party line often follow some mysterious creed of their own rather than the lines laid dowwn by our constitution.

        What to do ? For a start, publish the rules governing the removal of these “lifetime” appointees so that the public, who often calls for their demise as judges, knows what is entailed and can work toward that goal.

    • Anne

      T-Texas: Excellent point!!!

      Judges, more than anyone, have “absolute” power, and we know that “absolute power” corrupts absolutely.

    • Michael

      Been there .. done that .. you’re absolutely correct in every sense of the word!

  • T-Texas


    • Tim k

      there is two things that go together and that is (Constitution and Mr.Ron Paul ) together we well WIN…back our U.S.of.A. VOTE FOR FREEDOM.

      • cowgirl

        Sorry Tim but I disagree with you. The part about Ron Paul. He is a liberal in disquise. Please do more checking on him, I mean deep down checking before voting for him. The only way I will vote for him is if he wins the primary. He will be better than odumbo, but I’m afraid he wont be much better.

        • rulken

          Hey Cowgirl, you couldn’t be more right about Ron Paul!
          He just doesn’t get it when it comes to foreign policy. We no longer live in the 20th century, he just doesn’t get it, we have to interact with the countries of this world, or we will all perish.
          For Ron Paul to stand up on news cast, and say that it’s okay for Iran to get the atomic bomb, to wipe Israel off the map, is just so very irresponsible, for any country’s leader to state. This sure as hell shouldn’t be the USA position in the matter.

          • SweetOlBob

            Right, Rulken. We do have to interreact, but we shouldn’t burden our own people by paying for a bunch of America haters or give them a place to practice their in-your-face hateful attitudes.
            Lets start by cutting off our money to support the U.N. and pitching them out of the posh offices we provide.
            There is no way we should pay for our own criticism from the likes of the rabble and crooks in the U.N..

          • martin

            When I hear Ron Paul’s foreign. I think of Neville Chamberlain and well his peace treaty work out with Germany. These younger kids that are support him probably have not been taught about that part of history.

          • DONALD VLEMING


        • Fenderman52

          I agree with Ron Paul. We’ve been messing with every Arab country since the ’50s and what has it gotten us? Nothing. Nothing but trillions of dollars wasted, thousands of brave Americans dead and a world full of pissed off Muslims. Let Israel handle Iran, they kick ass with the best of them. Ron Paul receives 70% of all the contributions from our military. That’s more money to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined. If he’s good enough for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines…..he’s good enough for me.

          • Anne

            Fenderman52: The Paul-Myth is that the muslims are angry with us because we’ve been occupying and bombing the middle-east.

            The FACT is, they’re doing EXACTLY what the Koran tells them to do… “convert the world” to islam, and kill the infidels.

            And they’ve been doing JUST THAT

          • Anne

            Fenderman52: Cont from above…

            And they’ve been doing JUST THAT since 732AD at the Battle of Tours.

            The other Paul-Myth is “That’s more money to Ron Paul than all the other candidates combined.”

            That is simply a claim that Paul has made on his site, and other sites have just gone along with those skewed numbers. The FACT IS, very few of the US military agree with or have donated to Paul.

          • Ralph

            So,stop lying about the military giving your phony Messiah Ron Paul any donations,as clearly you never
            hear of the Hatch act that prohibits them from doing so
            you phony lying Ron Paul Freako! Just say NO to goofy
            78 year old nutcase Ron Paul in 2012 for the third time.

          • American Patriot

            You are the lier. RP was born August 20, 1935.

        • Martin Ridens


          • Anne

            (No reply button under Martin’s comment…)
            martin says: @ 2:15 pm

            “When I hear Ron Paul’s foreign. I think of Neville Chamberlain and well his peace treaty work out with Germany. These younger kids that are support him probably have not been taught about that part of history.”

            You are absolutely correct, on BOTH counts.

        • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

          Cowgirl, you are beyond ignorant.

        • Michael

          Try reading our Constitution.

  • Rob

    Just another liberal that don’t care about US laws and will help BHO bring America down.
    We need new laws to let the American people to elect these judges.

    • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

      Rulken, it is obvious that you listen to only what the socialist left, media and neocon right say. Is it beyond your ability to comprehend facts instead of fantasy?

  • Berndine Johnson

    IS any one really surprized?? this is the END of AMERICA AS OUR FORE FATHERS

  • Dee

    I know what Newt is talking about and why he said the Judges need to be brought before congress to explain there rulings, look at this, the Judge is ruling out of his jurisdiction because he is an Obama man . The Judges are using power they do not have. This needs to stop NOW before Obama completely destory this country with his criminal apointees and administration. Wake up America!!

    • Anne

      Dee: Newt was right about the judges, EXCEPT that we have THREE SEPARATE BUT EQUAL branches of government.

      Nowhere in the Constitution does it give Congress any authority over the Judicial branch, and if Congress had the authority to bring judges before them to answer for their decisions, then the judicial branch would no longer be EQUAL to the Legislative branch.

      Perhaps we need a Constitutional amendment to the “lifetime” appointment part, but then many of our Congressmen and Senators seem to think that they’re on The Hill for life.

      I’m not sure what the answer is to these activist judges, but I agree something needs to be done.

      And don’t forget, it was Ginsberg on the US Supreme Court who, some years ago, argued that we need to consider foreign law when making decisions.

      THAT, in my opinion, should have been more than enough to impeach her!

      • mountaine

        You are so right !!!!!

      • Ed Orr

        Any proposed changes to the Constitution regarding term limits to “Supreme Court” justices would cause Saint Ron Paul to convulse but then he does quite frequently now…..a lot of short circuiting going on in his tin foil capped dome.

      • 32eagle

        All we need to begin cleaning the rats out capitol hill is to start with Obama-and for the equal 3 branches to be restored is to throw all the bums connected to the obama conspiracy-judges,generals,cabinet members ,college buddies,thugs,dirtbags,drug dealers supplying him and his delinquents,hollywood star friends,homosexual and lesbian and transgender freaks-throw the whole mess in Gitmo-it will all come out in the wash

  • The Truth

    Merry Christmas, my fellow Cowboys & Cowgirls !

    As far as the above story is concerned, America has been asleep for decades. We have allowed the Left-Wing, Progressive, Socialistic, Communist arm of the DNC and the Main Stream Media, steal our Republic away from us.

    Political Correctness, Liberal thought and deed have been allowed to be accepted as normal, America policy. 60+ years of Marxist indoctrination in our schools, colleges and universities, by ultra-left-wing socialists have had an overwhelming affect on the last 4 generations……

    ……and we did little to stop it!

    We allowed our boarders and our immigration systems to look the over way and allow hordes of undesirables to enter our beloved Nation and not comform to OUR American way of life.

    Obama and his cronies are very close to their ultimate goal of full destruction of our Bill of Rights, Constitution and our economy…..What will it take to wake up the majorty of good, honest Americans and get them to the polls and – VOTE these CRIMINALS OUT ?

    I pray everyday….

    • The Truth

      If you feel the same way I do ?……
      Please join me on the REAL Conservative web-site called:


      • Martin Ridens

        I tried to register at your site. So, to register for I have to state that President Obama is a socialist? He’s about as socialist as anyone else up in DC. I believe fascist is probably more appropriate.

        So I guess I won’t be able to be a part of this REAL conservative web-site. Thanks though.

        • SweetOlBob

          Socialist ? Marksist ? Communist ? muslim ? (small leters intentional) Progressive ?
          The tag attached to him (with a long nail) should read TRAITOR !

          • http://Conservativebyte Ken

            To SweetOLBob. Most are too STUPID to realize this!

    • Martin Ridens

      I went through this same enlightening process during the Clinton years. It is painful and takes a lot of work gathering information and an open enough mind to have long cherished beliefs destroyed. I admire you for your courage.

      With that said, the hardest thing for me was beginning to understand how deep the problem goes. Just getting President Obama out of office will not suffice. We got Clinton impeached for heaven’s sake. It did nothing.

      What I found disgusting was how many people, who I thought understood the problem, simply plugged their ears and stuck their heads in the sand once Bush got elected. Any old republican will not do if we want to begin to change America around. We need to look deep.

    • Rebecca

      “SINCERE ‘THANKS” for telling it like it is… A christian nation we are NOT anymore.. Example: Lets put Christ back into CHRISTmas…that’s just 1 thought now for this season.. but there are thousands more… You do not have to be liberal, conservative, democrat or republican, just be an american . Our forefathers found this nation on Christian principles, and we are letting obama & czars tear it down; but obama is only a puppet…I amhoping someone will step up and name the group , person or whatever is really behind obama pushing this now for a 100 plus years…
      I am not politcally correct…laugh…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL TODAY.

      • Yellow Man

        Thanks Rebecca we cannot forget the day christ was born. We were born hearing Merry Christmas why is the left want to change everything in America.

    • ron

      and volt a new worse group of CRIMINAL IN.

      • http://Conservativebyte Ken

        That car is a flop also! Merry CHRISTmas!

  • Jaime Cancio

    How about passing a law, if these judges do not follow the letter, intent and ruling of the standing law and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments, they should and would be kicked out of their appointed position. Eliminate the politics out of the law.

    I would support any Amendment that would eliminate the political appointment of these judges and make them all responsible to and support of standing law. This is an issue long over due to reform and bring to bear the power of the law. There should never be political agenda decisions made by our judges.

    • bp

      Laws of impeachment are already on the books; balance of power.

    • Martin Ridens

      Legislative – create the laws
      Judicial – interpret the laws
      Executive – administer the laws

      Federal judges hold their office during good behavior. Congress has authority to pass new laws to correct any problems with interpretation or to clarify what they really meant. The Senate has authority to approve or disapprove any federal judge’s nomination.

      Maybe it would be a good idea to have congress read the Constitution before they swear their oath to uphold it. Even better, maybe we should start holding those in congress responsible to their oath. But then, we’d have to read it too. Not a bad thing.

      What we don’t want is congress deciding what good behavior means on a political basis.

      • catman

        Congress also has the power (authority) to impeach errant judges. It’s very simple (in theory that is). All you have to do is get the House of Representitives to get enough CAJONES to do it. The of course there is the Senate. Under “Dingy Harry” nothing will get done if it came from the Republican side of the aisle.
        I still feel the only way(s) we are going to get this mess straightened out in DC is twofold: First, the states need to invoke the Declaration of Independance, second paragraph. Fat chance of that ever happening.
        Secondly (and I don’t advocate this, but it is a choice), TO ARMS MY FELLOW PATRIOTS. We can either live under a King (read dictator) or we can die as patriots in a struggle to keep our nation a free republic. Who knows we might even prevail. Hell, they did in 1776 against the most powerful army in the world, Britain. At 80 years of age, there isn’t much more for me anyhow and I would just as soon go as a patriot as a slave.

  • The Truth

    Should read –
    “We allowed our boarders and our immigration systems to look the OTHER way…”

    • Ralph

      So,haven’t you ever heard of a spell checker? You Spell “Borders” this way not “boarders” now then.

      • Anne

        Ralph: The problem is, “boarders” and “borders” are both correct spellings. Spell check doesn’t know which one the writer intends.

        But then, sometimes the writer doesn’t know either ;-)

    • 32eagle

      These guys and their spelling correctness-I can can look at any misspelled word and see the intention-it is the meaning that counts-so I say well done

  • Edward Herndon

    Obama has attacked the very roots of this nation.Only God can correct the damage.Wake up people and get on your knees and seek escape from Satan and the hell Obama is forcing on this nation because of our apathy.

  • Joe

    All judges take an oath to defend the Constitution before the flag, the American people and before God. A violation to any of the tree should put them in harms way of removal. The law is black and white as written and not subject to gray tinted glasses of the left to make social nor moralistic determinations based on which way the wind is blowing. America, grow a pair and take on all those that oppose the Constitution as written based on Biblical standards of morality and Grace. God Bless all who defend our rights and pray that we are not too late to turn this country back around.

  • Joe

    That should be …any violation of the three on line two….LOL

  • wog1

    Newt has a very valid point and this judge issue. I am not a Newt person though. But it would be interesting to see if he would follow through. Some of the other candidates need to pick up on this one.

    • bp

      Newton Leroy Gingrich is another progressive egomaniac.

  • Daniel L. Skillman

    What we’re dealing with is a basic flaw in the system. How can we expect judges that run for office on a party ticket or who are appointed by powerful political figures to be truly unbiased? It should be dictum that to be a judge, you have no political affiliation, nor any connection to any special interest group, nor be beholden to any power figure for their office. Judges should be required to run for office on an unaffiliated ticket and be elected by the people whom they will be judging.

    • Martin Ridens

      I would kinda like judges who are older than 3 though.

    • Fenderman52

      Daniel S., you sure split the arrow with that one! Good post!

    • SweetOlBob

      O.K. — an unafilliated ticket. But who decides who gets on the “unafilliated” ticket ?
      The trial lawyers ? The Bar Association ? The political parties ? George Soros ?
      I don’t think we can trust any of the above to choose candidates for judgeships by hard constitutional lines. I don’t have an answer. Anybody ?

      • Martin Ridens

        This was all debated long ago by men who had a much greater understanding of human nature and failed governments than we do. They did not want federal judges subject to the changing winds of popular opinion or forceful coercion by other branches of government. Therefore, the serving under good behavior and no change in compensation portions of the Constitution. They did realize political opinions of the executive would greatly influence his choices so included Senate confirmation as part of the deal. If you don’t like a judge then call your Senator and ask them to have a spine the next time someone like that comes up for confirmation.

  • HMA

    The next election is crucial. We must vote in ALL elections. Don’t be complacent. We must be vigilant to protect what is left of our liberty. Our right to be armed is our freedom. We need people to run our country, not politicians. Government, as it stands, only wants to look good, so its self serving corruption can be perpetuated. Government doesn’t care abut doing good. People in America are suffering. Enough is enough! We MUST vote for good people, and keep the scum OUT! Keep on Truckin’! And, Obama is the worst, Cuomo is the worst also, and Bloomberg is the ultimate of the worst–The Big Apple is rotten to the core!

  • Andrew DeGaust

    This is just another sneaky ploy by Obama and holder to get minority votes.What a dirtbag we have for a president.We still have not proven the eligbility of his presidency.How come after interviews of students at Columbia college not one could remember ever seeing him there.This guy is such a fraud.What a disaster it would be if he gets a second term.Andt

  • Jean

    We need to set a prayer date all across this nation to stop obama and the rest ot the crooks and communists in D.C. It will take alll of us on our knees to let God know we haven’t forsaken Him and want our country back. A good day would be February 3. Let Him know we love Him and are thankful for our blessings, and thank Him for stopping obama. And ask Him for the knowledge to pick the right man to take the presidency away from obama, someone who can lead this country back to Him.

    • Yellow Man

      True Jean!!!!!

    • ron

      Got get really some made up GOD is not going to fix thie problem only use stupid human animals can do anthing and we all know we don’t want to work together so life goes on.

      • Bob

        Ron, you are so brain dead you need treatment!! I’m sure you voted for the traitor we have in the White House. You must be collecting welfare or on some kind of assistance. Go and seek advice from folks that understand and have lived in a marxist and socialist country and try to get the idea. Perhaps you might like kneeling down on a prayer rug facing east and praising Allah, hell you might like sharia law!! Wake up knucklehead.

      • http://Conservativebyte Ken

        Remember in GOD,S final word the book of Revelation God WARNS us that if we do believe in HIM he will close your ears & eyes so you can,t understand and those will be DAMMED!

        • Fed Up

          ron is one sick puppy!

  • Sgt. Ken

    Just do away with the courts. Congress has the power to do this.

  • AliveStillKickin


    • Fed Up


  • Bippy Bellito

    Obama’s Racist Regime continues on. Putin’s Arrogant Regime in Moscow has nothing on us. We have a President who thinks he’s God; a Wife who makes Marie Antoinette look like Mary Poppins; an Attorney General who gives the New Black Panthers more rights than the KKK ever dreamed of.

    • Martin Ridens

      It sure will be nice when the republican version gets back in.

      • martin

        Yes that would nice. We thought thats what we had when G.W. Bush won but we got a bunch of rhinos in there like Spector and McCain that sold us down the river. We need conservative republicans in there that know how to govern like winners not losers.

        • Martin Ridens

          Mmmm, I’m thinking Romney, or maybe Gingrich… my continued sarcasm is intentional.

      • ron

        NO NO NO NO we will be totally domed it that happens.

  • duke mc donald

    crap is being forcefed to dumb amaricans everyday. the part of the electorate that doesnt know who is vice pres but knows that kim kardasian got a divorce. look newt is right on the judges. newt in 12. we need a simple test for voting rights and if some americans cant pass it they cant vote. people voting to keep goverment handouts should be tested or no vote period. american voters are ignorant. proof is if they were smart barack obama would be residing in chicago still not the white house. all u african-americans ,you should just be americans, the dems have kept u slves to the democratic party by not making you support yourselves in this country without having laws to help and assist u against white america. you have to work hard to be eqal in life cause only strong survive. so stand on your on 2 feet and the gov should quit proping you up. compete for what u want. after 40 plus years you should know that. newt in 12!

  • jim 28th reg.

    Don’t think we’ll get to vote this time.. I’d place the law into effect anyway and do whatever is necessary to run that judge out of the state up to and including **********
    Now wish all A MERRY CHRISTMAS .

  • Joe

    We can all get Obama and his socialistic crew out of there if we all work together and stay alert,from now on!!!!

    • ruth

      I wonder if anyone is noticing all the ACORN OPERATIVES visiting the WHITE HOUSE on a WEEKLY BASIS. Trying to figure out ways to get more FRAUDULENT VOTES!
      The WHITE HOUSE doesn’t want you to know who is visiting on a DAILY basis – I believe they have stopped reporter’s access to the info. All these dirtbag attorneys trying to find ways to commit voter fraud again.

  • Ava Girl

    Just spoke to our one liberal friend who really believes that Obama is more to the center, guess I will have to point out that he appoints judges and that right before he took office, he said, I am going to rebuild this country and this is how he does it behind his big smile.

  • Sal

    All you got to do is follow the stench. It all leads to Obama. One day it will all catch up.

  • oldgringo

    Corruption knows no boundaries…..Not even amongst Federal Judges!

  • texasjayhawker

    If you really want to open your eyes, read “The Secret Empire” by Cushman Cunninham.
    Merry Christ mas, may GOD, JESUS, bless one and all. The Texasjayhawker

  • ReaperHD

    Time to stop this judgeship for life BS and eliminate any judge that doesn’t uphold the laws of the land.

  • DrewbeScrewed

    All we’ve done is follow Europe’s indoctrination of Marxism. Follow the trail and you’ll see that’s where the Marxist in this country came from after leaving the Frankfurt School. We were warned that we’d end up like Europe by those who saw their country collapse into a heap of refuse by political correctness gone amuck. Spineless politicians who would sell their country out at all cost in order to continue to suckle on the breast of its people to preserve their luxurious lifestyle. It is us who have allowed these communist, Marxist, racist pigs to fester and now we are beginning to see the results. “Rome is burning”.

  • Elaine

    These are the liberal judges your dumbocrat infected senate has been voting on for the past 3 years. If you read up everytime they are voting in the senate on one – turns out they were REFERRED to Odumbo by SCHUMER, KERRY, GILLEBRAND, BOXER and on and on!
    So, this is what we are getting in these appeals courts across our land.

  • CAllenDoudna

    Oh, you better not work!
    You better not save!
    Better not own a business today!
    Obama Claus is taking, us down!

    He sees when you are sleeping
    He tracks when you’re awake
    He knows every bad thing you say about him
    So be politically correct for goodness sake!

    • Yellow Man

      You R correct CallenDoudna he is like fallen angel

      • http://Conservativebyte Ken

        To Yellow Man. He is a DEAMON & if he mandates a chip in your body “as I have heard by 2014 ” He is called the Beast!

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    What a BS ruling. Consider this: If murder was a federal crime, and murders occurred in your state, just how long would you wait for the prosecution and halting of those murders? So far, the federal government has chosen to not enforce many of our immigration laws; at the cost of state’s welfare budgets being drained and medical costs going through the roof. Frankly, if the federal government fails to do their duty, it becomes the duty of the state to pick up the baton and run. Screw this idiot judge…how about a bunch of us go sit on his doorstep like the left wing always does?

  • Old Sarge

    When you come across a rattle snake there is only one thing to do, you cut his dam head OFF.

    • dntmkmecomoverther

      Frankly, I don’t need to get that close to a snake; I prefer the long hand of a 1200 defender.

    • Old Sarge

      The impostor is back.

  • Bob Marshall

    The media didn’t forget!

  • etexfisherman48

    I’m pretty sure we have reached the point in this county considering the many times this administration has meddled in the affairs of the states that at the state level the governors tell the federal courts to go bite a hog. They must do this by totally ignoring their rulings and implementing their new laws over and above these left-wing judges. After all, if people don’t know by now they never will this communist in the White House is all about destroying this country and setting up what he promised which is a “Sharia justice” system.

    • Sam

      Some have and they get sued by Eric ( hired gun ) Holder wasting state funds and time. The cancer in the White House is slowly spreading throughout the country and you are paying for it. Time to stop and VOTE against socialism at all levels of govrnment. Thousands are rewriting the regulatory rules everyday and creating a binding socialist government ruled by a Muslim dictator.

    • catman

      Great post fisherman………..Now if we can only convince the states to tell the feds to shove it where the sun doesn”t shine. The states could keep the tax monies collected and run their own programs consistant with what their constituents want, not what some moron in DC wants or thinks is best for us peons.
      I wonder just how far that would really go. What could the feds do? The monies they dole out to the states is monies that have been collected in the state anyway. Oh I know, they would send in the Army……………and be met by armed citizens and the state national guard. No, that won’t work. Let’s see, the feds could make more mandates to the states but then the states would just tell them to “shove it”. Now we’re back where we started from aren’t we? Send in the Marshal’s Service to arrest the Governor maybe?? No, that wouldn’t work either. Too many law enforcement officers who work for the state would be in their way. Oh what to do, what to do!!! Say, how ’bout this: Just get the feds out of the business of governing and let the states do their thing? If the people in those respective states don’t like what their government is doing they can either move out of state or recall the offending politcians. Since the state is a much smaller entity than the entire U.S. it would probably be a lot easier to manage (read govern). Of course there is always going to be states like Illinois where corruption is a way of life. Sounds like a plan to me……

  • gparra9

    Why would this surprise anyone??? Another Ghetto Rat ( Obama) suck-up!!!!

  • Amazingoly

    Must be a law that the media reports ALL news, not just selected news. That is their job.

    • rulken

      It would seem to me, that the best way for the news media to become “independent thinkers” again they first must be made “independent” companies again. None of these news groups, owned and solely operated, under the control of one or two men!
      Remember Ted Turner? He was responsible for buying up a lot of small news companies, and forming the CNN network! Seems to me he had a cute little socialist wife, what was her name,,,? Oh yeah, Jane Fonda, the little hoer pig who turned traitor, and went to North Viet-Nam to protest against the USA. She should be hung too!

  • Michael Barcelona

    Nothing will change so just suck it up. As indicated here, this has been going on now undaunted for the past three decades and more. We are more than asleep were are drugged to unconsciousness by our media, our government and even our churches that preach “render to Caesar,” and pick on a few “out of context” passages here and there that speak of supporting our government, supposedly under any circumstances. All we hear is, “Vote ‘em out.” Vote ‘em out! Decent Americans have been doing that now for many years and look what that has gotten us. You keep “voting” they they just keep coming, legally and illegally in all sorts of forms and fashions. With our own tax dollars behind them and the manner in which they use the system there is no way to do that. With “appointments” and the cheap, unethical manner they operated and use the system they easily insure perpetuity. It is going to take sacrifice, suffering, and much agonizing to redeem this nation. It is going to take a few who are willing to organize and unite the separated, the isolated, in legal but EFFECTIVE ways to gather the force and power necessary to salvage America in a cultural war that is almost over and won by the enemy of decency, the enemy of real American democracy, and the enemy of Constitutional frameworks that solidify and support our homeland. If politics could have done it, it would have been done long, long ago. God bless you all.

  • Jack

    What else can you expect out of one of Obama’s “useful idiots.” Something must be done about these scumbag, liberal judges like Judge Gargle who crap on the law and legislature from the bench. So long as judges like Idiot Gargle sit on the bench, conservatives will never get a fair shake. The Justice System is no more.

  • trp878

    Again politics is messing up the great country. Judge appointments are political and now the favor is there to be called in. That tells me that political appointment of judges is wrong and stinks up the American way of life. One of the candidates running for pres. wants to do away with life time appointments of judges and another wants to look at how they are appointed. This is an issue that should probably be addressed with all the candidates and we should change the law and elect all Judges so they will be accountable to the people.. I like that idea. Get rid of the arrogant, partial, wise guys that go against the will of the people and many times changed what we voted for, as they have made themselves out to be gods..

  • everett

    more parks sausages, mom….the diabolical maneuvers of the soros obama whitehouse continue…one more insurance policy for votes…like fast and furious…votes…doesn’t matter if they are citizens or not…or can even read…votes…c’mon Republicans, come together and lets pick us a Republican winner.

    • Martin Ridens

      As a guy in a suit with a dark coat and hat told me once when I was was protesting out in front of the White House during the Clinton years, “The republicans are not your friends”. He whispered it in my ear and changed my life.

      • everett

        this isn’t a warm and fuzzy time for America, Americans have no friend in the whitehouse…and whether or not Gingrich, Romney or Perry will be my friend matters little, what matters is their commitment to driving the communists out of the whitehouse.

        • Martin Ridens

          You may have missed my point. It matters tremendously whether Gingrich, Romney, or Perry are friendly to freedom loving, constitutionally minded citizens. This is the way we get played. If you think just getting President Obama out of the White House is enough then you are sadly mistaken.

          • martin

            Yes we will have to live with him because of the two Supreme Court Justices he appointed and if Obamacare is not repealed we will have him for years to come.

  • Warren from Texas

    The constitution is being bypassed by Communist in chief OBAMA. Hitler did the same thing prior to WW II . History repeats itself.

  • Larry Owens

    Just more Corrupt judges beholden to their Chief of do Nothing Odumbo and Eric “The Terrible” holder, they dispense justice according to what Odumbo wants, not what is Legal.
    Lets Hope it is over turned!

  • jon

    Obama and Holder, to be perfectly honest, are at war against white people. They think it is so evil– and the cause of so much of the country’s ills– that whites are in the majority. So, they seek to brown out America as much as possible. Of course, they are completely intellectually dishonest with themselves and are hypocrites. At their core, their resentment comes from a place of hate and envy. They are racists. They are quickly, intentionally, turning this into another third-world country.

    • jason

      You’re right. There is no other way to explain the constantly decisions coming down from this DOJ and the actions of Obama all throughout his administration.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    It is time to divide America into two nations ; one that honors our constitution and the free market capitalism we know works and one for idiots like the lib/Marxists who support Obimbo. In [10] years we can reunite after the community organizer and his lemmings have publicly been exposed as failures in communism;; ie CUUUBA, VENEZUELA, RUSSIA, NORTH KOREA,, communism always fails but the idiots who want power know it is the only system that gives the total control they need to suppress us .

  • rulken

    Hey Larry ; Better yet, lets hope that Obama, and his entire administration end up supporting their body weight at the end of a rope! For their acts of treason against the constitution, that they took an oath to up-hold, and defend!

    • SweetOlBob

      Oaths mean less than nothing if the people to which they are given continue to not enforce them. Without legal enforcement, they are just like campaign promises after the fact. The SLL* in the white house has broken all those promises to everyone to whom they were given. Check out Congress too. Solemn oaths often mean as much to the one swearing them as B.J. Clintons (that’s Bill Jefferson, boys and girls) “so help me God” as he lied about relationships, cigars, and little blue dresses.
      * Slimey Little Liar

    • http://Conservativebyte Ken


  • Donna

    Go to your representitives “town hall meetings, demand answers! Get involved! America is the only “free country in the world” Do what you can to keep it that way! Wake your liberal friends up, shout it from the rooftops–obama is INELIGIBLE to be in our whitehouse!!! Go to,sign up for the march!

  • Charles R. Helms

    The left side wants Paul or Romney to run!! Paul is a blooming idiot and Romney is a RINO!!Federal judges should not be appointed by the potus. They should be appointed by a judicary committee and voted on by the people of that state of federal district!! OBAMA will have his way anywhere there is a judge he appointed!!

    • Martin Ridens

      Senate confirmation is supposed to play the role you suggest. That idiot Ron Paul is aware of this sinple fact.

      • martin

        You right we had a bunch of republicans that rolled over and confirmed Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor when they could have block them.

        • mountaine

          Because they are all the same….on the take !!
          “Throw them all out ” ! read it if you have a very strong stomach !

  • G Carson

    Obummer is simply the poster boy for the Bilderberg Group, also known as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations and on and on. These multi-billionaires want to control us. Why? Because they have sooo much money invested in the economies of the world, they would never let us, we the people, control the economy. Sort of like how the workers at a company will form a union to protect their interests, only these dirtbags are protecting their own profits. Problem is, behind the scenes they order governments of the world to do as they say. They have that power because the banks are in with them, including the Federal Reserve, which is a PRIVATELY OWNED bank. You read that correctly, privately owned. People, it’s a mug’s game now. The last freely elected president was JFK.

    • Martin Ridens

      And look what happened to him.

  • http://America. guest

    We really NEED to get these Judges OUT of office.. We HAVE a CONGRES and A SENATE ( Although they are not worth much) But they are the ones that are suppose to handle this stuff.
    We also REALLY NEED to GET OBUMER & His GANG out too. Our Freedoms and our Country depend on it.
    Now I understand that they are putting many more TSA Agents on the payrolls & for what purpose. They are setting up CHECK POINTS… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    Where have you heard anything about this in the media…

    • JRRS

      Good thoughts, what are you doing to help rid the country of these maggots? Anything? Thought not. Some how people on this blog don’t understand that they have to do something to affect change. Attacking each other and railing against the republican candidates just drives independents away. No election can be won without their votes.

  • Nightlyonewolf

    Once again….I am not surprised to see/hear who this bloke was appointed by. All you do is follow their decisions and guess what??….all roads lead back to the white house. Who can we honestly vote into office this next election? Many of you think that Mr. Paul is a liberal, Mr. Gingrich, Romney are RINO’s as much as anyone. They are in campaign mode and they are going to say whatever it takes to swing votes this way or that. There is, basically, no “frontrunner” as far as I can see. Mr. Cain was going to be my vote, but the destructive plan by the media and current administration ended that by all the slandering to his name.
    This high office, president, is not about the people any longer. Corruption has filled our government for so long….it will be impossible to even vote it out. What do you call a government that “sues” one of its own states to prevent it from protecting its legal citizens from illegal invasion?? What do you call a government that negates laws enacted to prevent such illegal invasions?? Once the newly elected get in there appointed stations?….they are introduced to/tempted by the corruption and are too weak to oppose it.
    The election into the white house should not depend upon who has the most money or has more “air time”. It should be like any other job. If you do not perform the will of the people?….you will be “fired”. I know I would be fired if I did not do my job. There should be term limits as well, but then again….who are we going to elect into office that will be willing to shoot himself/herself in their own foot??? Corruption. Alive and well in DC. The only way to clean it up I am afraid is to do what our ancestor’s did……revolt!
    I know God wants us to pray for our leaders, but I do not believe he wants us to be sheep either.
    Merry Christmas to all!! May God bless you and your families!

    • Martin Ridens

      Did you understand the 9-9-9 plan and all of its ramifications? If you think Ron Paul is saying anything it takes to swing a vote then I would ask which votes do you think he’s swinging? I also really, really don’t like the odds in a revolt these days. Maybe we could try listening to someone who pays attention to the Constitution if we want to start the long road back to where that old document is relevant again.

  • Larry Owens

    Looks like mexico has Tough Laws.

    “Mexico’s Immigration Laws”

    1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
    * * * * * * * *
    2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.
    * * * * * * * *
    3. All government business will be conducted in our language.
    * * * * * * * *
    4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
    * * * * * * * *
    5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office
    * * * * * * * *
    6 Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs. Any burden will be deported.
    * * * * * * * *
    7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum w age.
    * * * * * * * *
    8. If foreigners come here and buy land… options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
    * * * * * * * *
    9.. Foreigners may have no protests; no demonstrations, no waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.
    * * * * * * * *
    10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted &, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Too strict?……
    The above laws are current immigration laws of MEXICO


    • setpoint

      Turn about is fair play!! Our immigration laws should directly affect how we treat illegals. . . our policy should be exactly that of Mexico, no exceptions.

      • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

        Except America has a megla-maniac, narcissus for President ,who definitely wants to be a DICK_TATER. and needs to victimize people just like he did the ghetto rats.

  • http://America. guest

    Just for the record:

    All you Liberals out there, If you think you will be safe from any of the stuff Obama has planned. THINK AGAIN. You all will be under THEIR CONTROL just like the rest of us will be.. CHECK POINTS with ARMED GUARDS sounds like Hitler to me.. Wake up folks, We will either win together or we will go do down together. Your Choice.

    • Larrya PA.

      I will go down with my cold dead hands on my rifle and my Bible in my vest.

    • Guest

      What is your solution? Are you just a complainer? When is the last time you voted? Are you even registered?

    • Martin Ridens

      Ummm, I think it was Bush that gave us the Patriot Act and it was both republican and democratic presidents who signed the executive orders making all these things possible. It’s either the Constitution or bust.

      • Dick Fowler

        The common thread is the ‘Counsil For Foreign Relation’ a composite of the rich and powerful who stated agenda is a single world order. Both Bushs and Clintons are members, as are executives/owners of all major mainstream media sources. Worth checking it out. What is happening is neither a Republican or Democrat issue since both are involved.

        I believe we the people may be toast.

  • Ron

    Let’s just make sure we get rid of this bum of a president. I favor Gingrich because he’d in favor of cleaning up our corrupt judicial sytem. But he needs financial help – he doesn’t have the financial backing of Obama or Romney. I contribute what I can and I distribute as many anti-Obama, pro-Gingrich emails as possible. Be as active as you can – 4 more years of Obama and we’re dead. We’ll be a bankrupt European-style Socialist State mostly owned by China. So let’s get going! PS. Gingrich is criticised for being unpopular with his own party – nobody was less popular with his party than Winston Churchill. Great leaders have few friends.

  • http://googlechrome David

    To all who read this, Merry Christmas! But not obama.

    • Larrya PA.

      dave i,m with you but you left out Reid-Pelosi- Holder and about 69 other marxist in goverment that should get the same thing as Binladen.

  • Budman

    Don’t panic. The judge’s ruling will get overturned simply because he is incorrect in his ruling.

    There is precedent in other states for the exact thing South Carolina is doing. Florida, for example requires a valid identification, voter registration card and signature verification when voting. This is simply a ploy by this administration to use illegal voters in the game as evidenced by their giving illegals phones whereby they can obtain a drivers license. Without a voter registration card though, in Florida, you will not be allowed to vote. The administration is also fighting valid identification in other states as well because they know this cuts into their illegal votes and know if those numbers are reduced, they have no hope of winning another election through fraud as is their custom.

  • setpoint

    Obama believes in moral relativism, otherwise known as the end justifies the means. This is the kind of thing that will be amplified in his second term as president, if he is re-elected. He has trampled the constitution, making it irrelevant to Eric Holder and the rest of his justice department. God help us if we are so satisfied with him that we re-elect him president.

  • Barbara Simpson listener

    AS we have said before Dumbo obummer hasd sat in the oval office masterbated and ejacualted & this is one good example of that

  • Barbara Simpson listener

    I wonder how campaign money did this corrupt idiot black robed tyrant give dumbo obummer

  • John

    Fire this O’Bama appointed Judge in S. Carolina. The majority of the people that vote there are legal citizens, and deserve better from their government employees. This is another case where the President should not be able to appoint anybody to anything. In these so called United States, why do I have to show a picture ID in Florida when I vote, and the people of S. Carolina don’t have to do the same, what in hell is United about these States???? Don’t you think that you should have to show a picture ID in all these United States, so that someone like O’Bama cannot get in again with illegals helping him to do so.

  • borderraven

    We need to push the two constitutional anti-invasion mandates.
    The word “shall” is a mandate.

    The US ORGANIC LAW in the US Constitution provides two mandates for States and the Union of States to protect the Union from invasion. By extension it is the concurrent responsibility of every political subdivison of the State, i.e. every person sworn under oath to protect the State and US Constitution, is constitutionally responsible to detect, halt, hinder, report illegal aliens and invaders, regardless of them being military or civilian.Any aiding, abetting or comfort for illegal aliens is a violation of their oath and punishable as a misdemeanor or felony, which ever may apply. These sworn employees who violate their oath, and un-sworn civilians,can and should be held accountable for conspiracy of the crimes committed by the aliens.

    Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3
    “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

    PARAPHRASED: “EVERY State shall, without the Consent of Congress engage in War, IF actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

    Article 4 Section 4
    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

    “The STATES OF THE UNION shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

  • Eli Jones

    No surprise here. Nazi’s stick together!

  • clyde

    all this proves is the obama owns the courts….the judges…..and most of the media.what a shame!

  • Red

    Socialists are quietly infecting every phase of our lives. Complaining on ths blog does no good. The only way to begin reapairing their damage is to VOTE against all socialists in the government. Rally voters against Obama and Socialist Party members like Dennis Kucinich. Maxcine Waters, Charles Rangle, John Hall, Bernie Sanders, and Shelia Jackson Lee.

  • Tom SC

    I have been hearing a lot of people stating just wait for the 2012 election. Have you ever considdered the fact that there may not be an election in 2012. Look for this administration to become very aggressive in 2012. Our Congress just passed the NDAA bill giving the authority to the Pres. to arrest anyone for any reason and detain them for as long as he sees fit without any chance of due process.If anyone opposes him they will be declared a terrorist and taken away. Have you ever wondered why they are building all those FEMA (concentration) camps accross the country. It may take some kind of civil intervention to send the great usurper and his ilk to gitmo where they belong.

  • Old Sarge

    In past elections, less than 50% of those eligible even bothered to vote. Unless some miracle happens, 2012 will be no different. The 50% plus of the American People, who do not vote, are in a place called “Denial”. They make up the people who choose to stay away from the poles on election days. They are blind to what is happening right in front of their noses. They refuse to talk about it because it is too depressing or they are convinced that it is all a fantastic fantasy dreamed up by a bunch of alarmists. All they care about is being able to watch their sports or soaps. They have an ostrich mentality. They stick their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. This is the product of apathy, Their apathy did just as much to put Obama and his followers in office as the people who voted for them and will do just as much to keep them there. The day of the rude awakening is coming and they will soon be paying the price for it when it is too late to do anything about it. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS!

    • Martin Ridens

      About the only thing worse is voting for someone who does not understand or care much about our Constitution.

    • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

      Sarge;; we were warned in the 60’s and we let the Bill Ayers, Abby Hoffmans and Jesse Jacksons steal our nation;; BYE BYE MISS AMERICA PIE.

    • Wayne Peterkin

      Good post. That apathy includes not bothering to do any research about the views and history of the candidates. Anyone who actually bothered to read about Obama’s past, his upbringing, his early campaigns for the Illinois State legislature, his stance on past issues and his votes, would have known he was a corrupt left-wing radical with nothing but a silver tongue. But people don’t bother. Many people get their only news from late-night talk shows, Oprah, or some one sentence or less headline they see somewhere. That mentality is what got Obama elected along with a fear of being labelled a racist if you didn’t support him.

      • Old Sarge

        I have no doubt that Obama is as anti American as they come. I came to that conclusion after reading his phony book about the dreams of his father in early 2008. That book was proudly given to me as a gift by a liberal friend who was convinced that it would enlighten me about what a wonderful, caring and America loving person Obama is. NOT. It enlightened me alright but not the way my liberal friend hoped. The one good thing that liberal friend did was to give me the book so I didn’t have to buy it. If Joseph McCarthy were still alive, he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”

  • Insurgent

    How can anyone with any common sense respect this Kenyan LFN?

    • Gary in Texas

      Who does ??? If they do they are insane !!

    • dagodave

      Hmmmmm-isn’t that like -ahhh-TREASON?

  • Martin Ridens

    From the Communist goals for taking over America.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    It took a bit longer to compromise the republicans but compromised they are. They only way to beging repairing the damage is to vote for those who cherish our Constitution.

    • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee


  • rowley

    DOJ +JUDGES set up 2012 US elections RUSSIAN STYLE.
    Perfect win for Big and Easy voter fraud.
    WATCH OUT FOR MARTIAL LAW if you protest.

  • Belinda

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am 60 years old. I have voted in every election since I was l8. I always showed my drivers license.I always thought it was a requirement. Even if a person is only eighteen and doesn’t have a form of identity they should not have the right to vote. How can you do that? Get along in life without and id. You can’t even get a job if you wanted without an id.The only person who might possibly not have an id is a disabled child and everyone has a social security number.

    The identity to vote will keep multiple people, and people from another state and people who are deceased, and people who do not exist from voting. If these people don’t vote Obama does
    not have a chance and he knows it.

  • 57 girl

    The Media is too busy trying to bring up old fictitious dirt on Ron Paul to try to keep him out of the race. Lest Obama and his puppet appointments be displaced by real Patriots that will actually uphold the laws. Gotta love Rupert Murdock and crew.

    • martin

      Sorry it is not the media it is what Ron Paul says. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obummer.

      • Martin Ridens

        How does that work again?

      • Mark

        martin, no one here believes that for a minute.

  • Gary in Texas

    The communist are on the march, wake up America before it is to late , if it’s not already !!!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    hEY aMERICA; YOU DID HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD;; BUT POWER CORRUPTS AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS PROBABLY BEYOND REPAIR;; there will be a generation or two of communism ie [CUUBA], and then some patriotic person will lead the over throw of Obamanites and we will flourish again for 200 years. The world keeps repeating it’s mistakes because the average person is self indulgent and dis-engaged in their own need to know how the elitests always want to smash us and sit on the throne of dominance,, power grabbing is a mental disorder that certain socio-paths must exercise. Civil war is just around the corner BOYS AND GIRLS;;; BETTER CHOOSE SIDES now.

    • Charles Mana

      Dear Robert E.Lee, I think General Lee is not too happy with what is transpiring here on earth. I think he would be very disappointed in the sheep that a lot of the citizens of The United States have turned into. But, it’s not totally all their fault. we don’t exactly get any truth from our Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist media or fron our Zionist-Bolshevik-Communist representatives in OUR GOVERNMENT. We sent them to do a job in the government and that is to restore the Constitution and so restore The United States to the Denocratic-Republic it is supposed to be.

  • carol

    This is the intelligence of the obama voters. This is how he got elected and unless we do something about this, we are in deep do do

  • Texas001

    I would give all some words about the anointed one but it is Christmas and so I just will say Merry Christmas to all and may you wishes come true in November of 2012.

  • Michael T.

    Just another STUMP in the Obama forest. Well, hopefully soon, there will be a forest fire that will rid the US of all this bad wood and a reforestation project will begin in 2012. This guy and his flaky administration and Czar type followers has to GOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Billy J Shafer

    To all you Obama supporters. If your Master is so great. Why is it that his own wife can’t stand to be around him. How many times has she gone on vacation without him. She even left the country on his birthday. Just ask yourself. How much does the plane and all the people she can cram on it. Plus the security support cost us the tax payer. Because we are the ones paying for it.

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    “Media Forgets To Mention Judge Who Blocked S. C. Immigration Law Is Obama Appointee”
    This is why it is sooooo damn important to flush the chimp in chief down the toilet of history where he belongs in 2012.

  • jerry48

    why aren’t the folks of S.C. parked in the judges driveway just like OWS would do put a lot of pressue on this clown

    • Ihatelibs

      with a Glock

  • Ihatelibs

    save the country, eliminate a libtard

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    You know you live in Upside-down Land if:
    Paratus Familia
    Verbatim Post

    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • A Muslim officer crying “Allah Akbar” while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed “Workplace Violence” while an American citizen boasting a Ron Paul bumper sticker is classified as a “Domestic Terrorist”.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend more money.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration class on a college campus is perfectly acceptable.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • The rights of the State come before the rights of the individual.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • You pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big screen TV while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage (while buying iphones, TV’s and new cars) and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage (with your tax dollars).
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Your government can add anything they want to your kid’s water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) but you are not allowed to give them raw milk.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • You have to have your parents signature to go on a field trip but not to get an abortion.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • You can get arrested for expired tabs on your car but not for being in the country illegally.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burqa is only subject to having her neck and head searched.
    You know you live in Upside-down Land if…
    • Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and signing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered “art”.
    Unfortunately, this list could go on and on. Our world has been turned upside-down. We are in distress. Where do we go from here?
    Posted by Brock Townsend at 9:52 PM

    • Wayne Peterkin


    • Martin Ridens

      Back to The Constitution! Preferably in a DeLorean DMC-12.

    • Sutekh

      We are so used to living in a country with a benign constitutional government that we are sitting around completely unresponsive to these attacks on our liberties.

      Read Sinclair Lewis’ book “It Can’t Happen Here.”

    • Dick Fowler

      Good one.

    • nascar1

      remove muslium socialist ob and his posse holder reid pelosie sharpton msmbc cnn the only truth staion is fox. and dumbass biden. ill take carter and billy beer. allob’s bullshit help the poor blacks food stamps so far 3yrs of unemployment money. tax reilief save 20.00$ a wek. they dont work stop with 8.6 % unemployment tell the truth ob thru carey. its almost 29%.stop the cover up and white wash no punn intened. we are not stupid. you have nothing holder starts the race card. it dont work anymore. watch out for holder theres no acorn but holder will let iegaells like 2008 and a phony birthcertift

    • http://THEHEM@RCN.COM red-white-blue

      Superb article, Brock. Absolutely outstanding!

    • http://aol MC Hammer

      keep posting, keep informing, keep the faith…people are mad and the decency of folks will rise and lead back to the direction we need to go to. If we can’t get the right people in place to direct this country in one segment of the government, it is designed to eventually get straightened out. That’s why the dems lost the House in 2010. If the American people will go by what they know and not what the TV networks want them to know, we will turn this country around. That is what the TEA party did, and the network folks realized they can’t get to them….and they scare them and it is funny to know that the rhetoric from the TV pundits will only reinforce the movement.

      • Mario

        “AMEN” to you, MC Hammer!!! Tell it like-it-is!!! You hit the nail right on the head!!! God Bless you for your convictions and your “true,” but very blunt remarks!!! We need more conservative American Patriots like you, my friend…….

  • Mike Horner

    I keep hearing that millions of Americans “like” Obama because he is so personable. Just who are these people? I see absolutely NOTHING to like about Obama. The eyes are truly the “mirror of the soul.” Forget Obama’s smile, it is indeed a great smile. Look at those eyes. If those eyes don’t scare you nothing will!!

    • magnificentmouse

      Indeed, the eyes are the windows of the soul and his eyes that are chilling. As to being “personable”, I don’t buy it. Evil, if powerful and influential, always acts nice and personable.

    • Dick Fowler

      If you add his big ears you have the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Notice his friends are also spookie. These are not good people.

  • http://Conservativebyte Ken

    A cure is called a Hangmans noose and the sooner the better bfore it,s TOO LATE! Merry CHRISTmas! Enjoy before it,s our last!

  • Wayne Peterkin

    The media does not forget, they ignore. However, the fact that Obama may have appointed this judge is secondary to the fact that activist judges have been appointed by too many presidents over the years, one reason that the Constitution is twisted and abused the way it has been. Democrats only appoint activist judges, block any effort by a Republican president to appoint a strict “Constitutionalist”, while Republicans appoint some activists and some moderates. The judiciary is largely a disgrace, and the politicians have made it that way.

  • farmrdave

    “Fox News is what I watch” say most persons who claim of misleading information from the other news agencies. Trouble is that “Fox” seldom reports news that is not on the other mainstream media. The news I wish to know about is not reported by anyone. I want to know how millions of dollars were spent on discrediting former Gov. Palin yet our president has blocked any attempts to vet his history? I want to know why military has been removed from Iraq and we have still in Iraq the largest embassy in history and it is filled with “private contractors” who are mostly former military personnel supplied better than our combat troops? ACORN is alive and well, operating under new names, where is this report? Why is the plight of the English citizen a subject that is not news worthy? It is the country who most recently lost basic freedoms. In WW2 England was the last bastion of resistance due to it’s geography and that fact coupled with aid from free America we together beat back the terrible invaders who wished to conquer the world. Now the newest invader is depending on the rule of law and the pen to defeat freedom in the world. Misinformation and not reporting of important facts is now the norm and a basic tool. It is the same conflict between good and evil that has accompanied mankind since recorded history began. Evil does not sleep, nor take vacations, nor become tired and take time off to rest. It is my belief that the only real resistance to evil is a clear conscious and a pure heart. On a personal level we must refuse to aid evil and provide aid as we can to issues of good. There is not a “single” thing we can do to resist evil. We all know the difference between good and evil and if we choose to do only good and no evil then evil is defeated. Each person is responsible for their own actions and stating “it’s my job” does not omit personal responsibility for acts that are evil in nature. Evil acts cannot be rewarded.

  • Martin Ridens

    Merry Christmas Morning to all. Remember, we have already received the best gift ever through God coming to earth and giving us himself.

    The second best gift ever was our Constitution! Read it and help others understand!!!

    • Independent Voter

      Amen, brother, amen.

  • Sutekh

    Ron, are you really looking forward to the Democrats being in control again?

    The executive branch is already using FEMA to build the concentration camps. Are you anxious for the Democrats to control the House again so that they can start filling them with all the people Obama resents — those with real birth certificates?

  • howe

    Cronyism, Chicago politics, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine along with the blatant corruption of this administration and particularly DOJ Eric Holder has set a new record for criminality that has been treated like business as usual by the media and the Congress and socialist democrats in particular. It is unbelievable to me that we have allowed our integrity and morals tank to such a degree. It won’t be long before some people will react in strong protest to this tsunami of radical socialism that is coming. The greatest nation on Earth could succumb to the deviants that have systematically worked very hard to dismantle the U.S. Constitution. Some of these minnions don’t even realize they are shooting themselves in the foot, but I hope and pray WE THE PEOPLE vote them out on 2 Nov 2012.

  • Luis

    A people with out information will perish. When the media does not provide the truth is the
    begining of the end, as and emigrant who expirience this process what is happening scares me
    and for those of you who have chidren, be very carefull what are they learning in the public
    schoo system.

  • Alf

    It turns out that obama’s gergel is performing in a similar fashion to obama’s gerbel.
    Let’s free them from their assigned duty so that they can see the light of day.

  • Nedlip

    What are ALL of you going to do about it? I am involved as a Precinct Delegate. Am fighting the Republican Party to get rid of the “Good Ol’ Boy” system. Active in the Tea Party and will not be afraid to enforce the 2nd Amendment if need be to overthrow this Dictator. GET INVOLVED NOW!!!!!!!!

  • america needs to make a stand


  • Vern

    Duh, the media hasn’t fullfilled its obligation to tell the truth for over a hundred years, anyone that still believes in the party line of either party is a moron. their all liars and thieves bent on the destruction of our freedoms and constitution as they live their elitist lifestyles at our expense. HANG THEM ALL, their TRAITORS

    • mountaine

      THEY ALL belong in prison with “Blogo” !

  • Independent Voter

    The stage is being set for a third party conservative candidacy, assuring Obama’s re-election.

    Wake up people, this cannot be allowed. We must all stand behind the Republican candidate, whoever it turns out to be. These are very perilous times for our beloved nation. Obama will complete his destruction of America if he is given another term.

    Hillary favors the UN Agenda 21, which would forcefully disarm American citizens.

    Biden States that the Taliban is not our enemy.

    This Islamo-Communist President must be stopped in 2012.

    • Wayne937

      Independent Voter, oh boy, do I agree with you on this one. I would vote for anyone rather than the Jerk that is in there now. Let’s get this Muslim Communist out of the White House as quickly as possible. Obama will do all kinds of dirty unlawful things to stay in power. Why do you think that his Mororn Zombie, Eric Holder, does not want the states to force his kind of voter to produce a valid ID when voting. I hope all the states ignore this idiot and continue to bring about these laws of forcing people to show and ID’s. The only reason Holder does not want his people to show ID’s is so hey can vote as often as they want to put Obama back in office to destroy this great nation.

  • Mark

    There is a very simple solution for this.

    If there is no voter ID at the polls in your state, then just fight fire with fire. Go to every precinct you can find and vote. If they ask if you are from that precinct just say yes. If they ask for ID just say Obama says we don’t need one.

    We MUST do as they are going to do or they WILL win!

    Pass this around to all you know!

  • Wayne937

    I think all the judges, and Congress, are afraid of Communist Obama for some unknown reason. Do you think some one may have threatened them in some way???? Could it be they are afraid of the Muslims. Something does not seem right to me that Obama is still a president. Is Congress also involved, along with Obama, in taking over this country? It certainly seems that way to me. You think at least Congress should be able to make Obama produce a valid BC.

    • mountaine

      ONE would think, right ?!?! Something isn’t right ! I beliebe we are being set up for something terrible ! Once the head one gets incharge “He’s” going to get rid of all the others….unless he can really controll them ! What do the “helpers” think they are going to get for their work ?

      • Dale DuBois

        What gets me is why the mother-fucking cocksucker still around after almost 3 years. Something is not right.

        • Ihatelibs

          Right On

  • Dave

    The right to vote is the single most important right in a free Republic. That right comes from being a citizen of the country. When it is required, in the name of protection, to produce identification to enter any government office building including the White house, Congress, the Dept of Justice, a courthouse, it should be a no-brainer that identification is required to enter a voting booth, which is also a government building, though temporary, there is no difference. I, nor any person who lives under freedom can allow the removal of this right to a fair, honest election. Any politician, or member of the judicial who trys to change that needs removal from office. When the peoples right to vote is infringed upon by one side or the other based on their party affliation, it is treason, there is no other name for it.

    • Wayne937

      Dave, we the people have a lot of work to do to get rid of Communist Obama, and to oust all the evil doers that prevails in the halls if the Congress.

  • R L Hunt

    Welcome to Russia folks!!! The government ,judicial system, and media are now dominated by Obama stooges and communists…… The EPA, FCC, NLRB, DOJ…. the list goes on and on! All doing his bidding! And if the glorious leader doesn’t get his way he rules by fiat….”executive order” What’s it going to take to wake up to this?????

  • Dale DuBois

    If people think what Obama has done so far is illegal, just wait till the election of 2012. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Ihatelibs

      Locked and loaded!

    • Mario

      Dear Dale DuBois!!!!! God Bless you for what you said about our asinine “Marxist” Tyrant, President Barack “Hussein” Obama!!! Let’s all of us conservative “Patriotic” Americans pray that this “Marxist” monster of Obama is either “IMPEACHED” immediately from Office, or that he becomes a “one-term-President!!!!” May “God” help us all…. God Bless America!!!!

  • John

    I don’t believe the ” media ” forgot for one moment ! This is selective reporting. It’s somewhat like the ” sins of omission ” that Catholics and other Christians learned about in catechism and Sunday school. In short, they are liars of the first order. The ” media ” is responsible for the abomination who now occupies the WH. They refused to properly vet him, and now we all suffer from Obama’s marxist, leftists policies. Our very freedoms are at stake. How disgusting ! I cannot understand how Spielberg, Hanks, et al continue to support Oblabla.

    • Mario

      Dear John!!! I liked it “very-much” what you said about our asinine treasonous “Marxist” of our President, Barack “Hussein” Obama!!! By the way, the reason why such Hollywood celebrities as Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg, Matt Damon, Barbara Streisand, Barbara Walters, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore, et al…. still love and support the treasonous “Marxist” dictator, Barack Obama, is that “they” too are all a bunch of left-wing “Marxist” revolutionaries who want to destroy America and our American way-of life!!! If they don’t like our conservative “patriotic” American way-of-life (as instituted by our founding/forefathers), then they can all get the “HELL” out of our beloved country (U.S.A.) and go to such “COMMUNIST” nations like — Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Russia, etc… where I am sure they will “NOT” be very happy!! They are all a bunch of evil asinine “HYPOCRITES!!!” God Bless you John…..

  • Barbara

    Staying on topic, the Supreme Court ruled on the issue of states being allowed to require photo ID in order to vote years ago. States prevailed. Obama & Holder know it but you know that ACORN et al will do all they can to insure voter fraud continues. The case should be dismissed as frivilous and SC should get their costs paid for by DOJ.

  • Dick Fowler

    Reprint to get rid of some typos.
    I go back even further than that but did not have the foggiest notion about how corrupt and down right evil government is today. I started getting suspicious after Obama started making all his strange maneuvers and you could tell he was talking with a forked tongue. I started going back to my college days where liberalism was so rampant. It was then I recalled the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ when everything became obvious.

    I am not a conspiracy theory type guy but the pieces started falling in place so matched to events occurring today that I knew it had to be true. Once you get into the UN Action 21 and the deception and sheer horror of what is planned when they say ‘sustainable growth’ it will turn your hair white. They actually plan to kill most of us.

    Did you know that the FCC can now override and disrupt every radio and television station instantly and simultaneous and big eared Obama can suddenly appear with his message “You are now dead meat”? They are trying to get the same controls for the internet. Did you know that effective January 1 Obama can send the military to your home, knock down the door, seize you and your family put you in an internment camp for life without any reason, due process or any judicial review…just on his orders alone. We are living in a total police state without even knowing it.

    I understand that Glen Beck has gone over much of this…unfortunately I did not get to watch him, but whatever he said I can confirm it for you. Be afraid. Very afraid! The boogie man is real, and he lives in the White House.

  • Tancred

    Judicial activism is the bane of our Constitution! As their numbers increase and their intrepretations become law – the Constitution becomes a little more less relevant. We cannot help what the president selects as his nominee, but it is the Senate that “vets” these candidates and gives their stamp of approval. As long as the senate is in the hands of the majority, as in this case the democrats, Obama’s selections will be given a “green” light. It is incumbent on all voters to know their representatives that reflects their idealogy. If you care about the Con-
    stitution and it’s true intent, then you should vote for the representative that will seriously uphold his oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States! That way, with this principle in mind, he will know the candidate by his fruits, and act accordingly whether he or she is a true Constitutionalist or a Judicial Activist Liberal. An informed electorate is the key to see that our Constitutional Republic remains as intended by our founders.

  • The Lion Den Roars



  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    This is what you get from Welfare State Aid Social Security for Illegal’s and a free lunch on the backs of the American Tax Payer. Why in the Hell do we still have Ignorant Democommies (Who Work and pay taxes) willing to vote for this Obamanation who is destroying this Country and the Black voters still ignorant of the fact that Obamanation is NOT BLACK!!! Obamanation is an ignorant Half Breed Radical Muslim America hater who is destroying the entire Middle Class in this Country, so far middle claqss Americans have lost $12 Trillion in net worth since he has taken office, this has nothing to do with DemoRAT orRepubliRAT it has to do with our Country and Constitution of which Congress has now forgotten the People of this Country our laws and their Oath to uphold the Constitution and Ron Paul was the only one to vote against the last bill taking our right to a fair trial away from us and incarceration without evidence and now we can be sent to a forign prison to be held indefinately. I predict with the passage of 7 Executive orders and this last bill we are going to be taken over by this ship of fools and Traitors and we won’t see an election in 2012, you better be prepaired Oil up Your GUNS.

  • Buffalo John


    • http://explorer john

      The biggest fraud is him even being president, and the republicans that are a bunch of cowards are letting him get away with it, and they think we should elect them is a joke, time for an independent to jump in , but would that even stop the corruption, when your whole country is corrupt , nobody wins.

    • joe G. (joespenthouse)

      Buffalo-John, You say where and when and I,m wit you-I,ve been ready and i have no problem being on the front line…..Vietnam 69-70.

  • http://THEHEM@RCN.COM red-white-blue

    When I was a kid, I always heard that 9/10ths of possesion is the law, as it*s the majority. So if our country still wants things like freedom, the Constitution to be our law, a Federal audit, Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, the death penalty for all proven muderers, a man marrying a woman, and many other issues that us Americans have grown up with, then vote these clowns out! Then next election, if it doesn*t get better, vote them out also! We will change every 4 years! Then politicians cannot count on bribes, and lobbyists to make them filthy rich! Kinda simple, when you think about it. We are the majority, so let*s show it! Vote *em all out!

    • Wayne937

      Red-White-Blue, people today were not raised like the older folks were. Most of the older folks were, first of all, taught to respect themselves, their teachers and other people in authority. We did not use drugs, and we were taught to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Now it seems that the attitude of people is to do it to some one else before they have a chance to do it to you. I personally like the old life better. Our government will never get any better than what it is now, it will only get worse, because the folks in office today were born in the drug culture age of the 60’s. It seems that the 60’s is when our government started to fail, and has failed us ever since. We should at least get rid of most of the older folks in Congress. We definately need to get rid of our Communist Dictator, Obama.

    • Dick Fowler

      Nothing is simple any more Red-White-Blue. Your and my vote count for nothing if 2 illegals or 2 dead people vote the opposite…and they will in 2012.

  • http://aol MC Hammer

    If you don’t think you have people in control right now who haven’t got a little gotcha chip on the shoulders, think again. Fot lack of a better words, it’s get even time as far as they are thinking and concerned. One of Obama’s first statements to the Republican minority house members was “well, we won” we’re doing it our way. Ladies and gentleman if you think Obama was radical the first 3 years and an election still on the menu for him, just give him 4 years of lame duck revenge. America will not look the same for a long, long time….with Obama comes a liberal, radical door he opens fully exposed to the American people. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • lizaz

    These people can only win by cheating……

  • The Lion Den Roars




  • acacia

    just goes to show you how corrupt our judges are!!! it isn’t the law; but how it can be distorted to do so in a politicial way. its time for congress to start impeaching judges as stated in the constitution. put the in an orange jumpsuit leg irons, handcuffs, and perfwalk them to the hearings for all to see.

  • Brian



  • Aberdeem

    Merry Christmas Everyone. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will
    have PEACE on earth. Words…………yes…………..but wouldn’t it be wonderful???

  • USBP1977-2009

    I agree with Newt that judges decisions should be scrutinized more. As for illegal aliens, it is every sworn law enforcement officers duty to uphold all the laws and to detain and arrest those found committing laws in their presence. This administration as well as others has developed a tolerance for enforcing certain laws and lacks the political courage to put the U.S. interests first!

  • dockywocky

    SC federal judges don’t have 24/7 Secret Service bodyguards, do they?

  • USBP1977-2009

    Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a 21-year-old man from Idaho, was arrested with attempted assasination of the president allegedly firing rounds and hitting the WH. Lot of nuts in this country but I question this one’s ability to hit maintain such a good group from 750 yards away! No witnesses to the event is quite strange. Very convenient in an election year with the president’s polls down to call on both the race cards and sympathy factors.

  • tncdel

    Why are the people of South Carolina silent about this? They should be calling for the impeachment of that judge.

    • joe G. (joespenthouse)

      The judge is appointed by te president and it would take an act of congress to remove him,but i believe the pres has the final word,either way as i said earlier we have an impostor acting as pres,so anything he does or says is null and void.

  • Dave

    Remember all the Russian Communists who kept saying that they didn’t need to go to war with us because they would conquer us from within?????? ………….. Well they were right!

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    all you liberal bastards can go to hell….

    • 57 girl

      I love your Christmas Spirit! LOL

  • Ed

    Obama will self-distruct~~count on it!!

  • iam dtaunt

    ..out, out damned spot…

  • Babs

    The Governors’ need to TAKE BACK THEIR STATES!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Anyone and everyone connected with the Obama administration are practicing treason. Like a stinking rotting fish head, Obama and his chosen minions smell like rotting flesh. Do they care what we think? Of course not. They’ll continue to practice their treason until such time that Obama can finally function as a Socialist type Dictator. He’s halfway there now with his Executive Orders! Does the Constitution even mention Executive Orders? NO! Have other Presidents illegally used Executive Orders? Yes, but Obama doesn’t have the welfare of this Country in mind when he uses an illegal Executive Order: He’s out to “Change” our society into his Socialist Utopia of perfection where everybody is equally miserable except for the “Elite Leadership.” Obama’s Janet Napolitano is now taking contractor bids for constructing temporary detention camps in all 50 States! Who are those camps designed for? Us? We can talk and talk about this situation, but the time is nearing where we’ll have to get hands-on via a bloody revolution to stop this Communist inspired madness! The Republican “Leadership” will simply allow Obama to complete what he started. That’s plain enough to see as demonstrated by the lack of action by Congress to stop Obama’s overstepping of the Constitution.

    Obama’s actions are forcing us to make a decision to either meekly comply, or to revolt against an administration that violates their Oath of Office. Obama and his minions in no way are preserving, protecting, or defending the Constitution of the United States. Neigher are the worthless politicians in the Senate and Congress! They are all much too comfortable in their political offices run as though they were members of a private club with their own rules of conduct such as allowing insider trading on the stock market. When a corrupt group of “Representatives” (I use that term loosely) are able to vote themselve pay raises, special medical coverage, special retirement benefits, blocking term limits, and having other perks that the average Citizen doesn’t have, then it’s time to get rid of all of them including your own special “Representative.” I believe that all American citizens should become armed to the teeth prior to the next election cycle because Barack Obama is capable of ANYTHING to maintain power for the Democrat Party. Obama studied Saul Alinski tactics as a community organizer. Saul Alinski taught that ANYTHING a Communist / Socialist does to accomplish the goal is acceptable. I believe that the odds are about 50/50 that Obama believes that he can do just that…ANYTHING to accomplish his goal of maintaining power. It is our duty to prepare ourselves to resist a corrupt and oppressive illegal Government Administration. It’s either that or allow yourselves to eventually lose all of your freedoms. The destroyers of freedoms never rest. The Communists have been at this since before WW-II. Our Government is now permeated with Communist sympathizers in the form of Obama, his Czars, and his appointed consuls. For the Republican “Leadership” to allow this to happen can only mean one thing…they are part of the problem! Buy your guns and ammo while you still can.

    • Dick Fowler

      Guns will no longer work. The only defense we have is knowledge and the ability to spread the word. Start with the ‘Cloward-Pevin Strategy’ and spread the truth. Keep your fingers crossed that it will work. My guess is that we have till this summer.

  • RLM357

    All I want for Christmas is for that MF Impostor and his crew to be thrown out of Office Now! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • mark


  • Buck

    The lamestream Media are blessed with a really bad memory , otherwise everyone would know Obamass for the incompetent a– he really is .

  • Julian

    It all started right after he took office when he fired an IG who would expose him and Congress and ‘we the people’ did nothing. Now he and his people are more entrenched that ever another year and well… Right now if you challenge him the IRS looks into your taxes, one day if we don’t elect people with spines we will see the IRS as the least of our worries. Brown shirt or Black shirt it still represents tyranny.

  • 57 girl

    We need to impeach Obama and negate every appointment and nomination that our Traitor President has made since he took his Oath to uphold our Constitution. It is obvious that he lied. Given the fact, Obama has yet to prove his Citizenship, it should be easy to send his ass packing. If that’s not enough, then bombing Libya without the go ahead from Congress should provide ample reason to oust him from office, or maybe the fact that he ordered the assassination of an American Citizen ‘accused’ of being a terrorist. There is no good reason that Obama should be allowed another year to finish destroying our Nation.

    • Dick Fowler

      Find me one man or woman in Congress that would agree Obama should be impeached, or move to do so, no matter what this president does and you will find their body floating down a river, or discredited by the media to the point they have no choice but to resign in disgrace. Look at what they did to Herman Cain yet still have not proven a single thing. The neo-left Chicago mobsters take no hostages, going after families and friends without mercy.

  • Larry

    If the Media did forget about this Judge it jest proves that the Media is nothing but a rag news agency a gossip tabloid and the people in this country will get around to them soon so they had better be warned they had better start doing what they are intended to do and forget the tabloid style reporting.

  • Patriot7

    Looks like the rotten apple in the WH is infecting the whole barrel. We need to cull out all of these rotten apples in 2012 and replace them with conservative patriots who love their country.

  • joe G. (joespenthouse)

    When the news first came out about the judges ruling on the immigration issue i commented that it was obvious that money had probably exchanged hands between ovomit and the office of the circuit judge.Now that this ruling came out like it did,i believe the judge may have bought his post and obama had him by the golf balls and cashed in his chips for the ruling.One can only come to this conclusion based on the amount of BS the judge used to twist the law that would favor obama.This corrupt method is all to common in the current administration and must be expossed and stopped at any given opportunity.We all know that obama thinks he,s above the laws of the United States of America,perhaps because in his country thats the way they do things,it,s a shame that the people who can do something to put this criminal behind bars,are looking the other way.??????

  • Dre

    2012 is a year to Offer historical Facts. To Share Facts With Folks… History is Repeating For Good Reason. Jr. Obama knows and is acting out History. One should study The End Game in The Karan-The Book of Revelation and The truth regarding Rev. Wright. One should study and understand complex childhood abandoment issues. One should research THE third reich demands i.e., Note-late 1930’s German JOBS Bills. (U.S. Progressives BILLS in Power) One should research Woodrow Wilson i.e., Note Cass Suntien actions, as Czar. One should research FDR e.g., King of half truths. i.e., student = Jr. Obama And research visitor to Whitehouse George Soros. Share one at a time to prevent overloading minds.

  • Janet

    We all know that we have Major problems with our sitting judges. Just take a look at Kagan (and the whole 9th circuit). What I can’t seem to get an answer to – anywhere – is when the devil did we start, as a Nation, deciding cases on “Case Law”, rather than on Constitutional Law? This goes Way Back and there is a Huge difference. We have not been living in accordance with the Constitution for many, many years. That being said, how do we go about changing the term limit on these lifetime Judges? Seriously, some of them are senile and still on the bench – simply doing whatever someone tells them! It’s worse than Obamination and the Teleprompter. On another – and I venture to say much more serious note – what are we going to do about the very, very real threat of voter fraud (multiple illegal aliens voting), the quite easily hacked electronic voting machines, the “new” acorn and the “new” black panthers? Any ideas? Because I and Many, Many others think it will be extremely easy for the powers that be to get right back in and finish destroying this country. Look at his 86th Executive Order – he has taken 16% of the rural population with his Agenda 21-like Order. With s.1867 he can now arrest, detain – hell he can execute any one of us without charge, trial, send us to Gitmo if he wants. You don’t hear a peep about ANY OF THIS. Not from the news, not from the American People. And NOW – he wants the internet – of course he does… keep everyone from knowing what the heck is going on and you’ve really aced the game. I’ve never been so damn scared in my life. What about our kids? Grandkids? Can anyone spell HITLER??? There is no answer. Surely to defy, to fight, any violent act is EXACTLY what they want. Martial law. They win. Immediately. And he and Hillary are already applauding the efforts of the damn U.N. to force the small arms ban WHICH WOULD TAKE EVERY GUN FROM EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN. Cute, huh? Look it up. Call the NRA – heck Call Rand Paul – NO not Ron Paul. And by the way folks Gingrich wants your thumb print, Romney has flipped 3x on gun control – LOOK AT SANTORUM – he’s the only one that is a true conservative and has fought against the U.N., against Sharia law (33 states in the U.S. have decided cases based on Sharia law, look it up). He stands for Traditional Family. Alright, I’ve gone on enough, sorry!

    • Anne

      Janet: I agree with about 99% of what you write.

      Not to be picky, but it’s now known as the 9th CIRCUS Court… and they’ve gone out of their way to earn that dubious distinction.

      I’m amazed at how many people don’t even know what Agenda 21 is, or about the many Un-Constitutional Exec. Orders Obozo has signed.

      And here’s a few more learning links:

      Agenda 21 For Dummies

      The Agenda – “The Naked Communist – Goals from 1958″

      Summer 1992: Communist Party USA meeting at UC Berkeley

      Grinding America Down

      However, the one thing I do disagree with you is “SANTORUM – he’s the only one that is a true conservative …”

      There is no question that Santorum is a true, life long Conservative, but Perry is every much a Conservative as Santorum, but has the management experience Santorum does not.

      Fortunately, people are beginning to look at Perry again, and paying attention to the SUBSTANCE opposed to his gaffs early on.

    • General Mayhem

      Much of what you say goes back to the 1930s Study the bankruptcy of the USA and of many countries in Europe in 1933. Most of our civil law today is based on the Uniform Comercial Code as it effects debtors and creditors. It would be dificult to cite a case older than 1935. Check out how the Federal Reserve was created and why it is owned by the big banks both of the USA and Europe. The US government and we the people have no ovnership. Most of this subject is not up for discussion by lawyers, the courts and Congress.

    • Xavier Pattonson

      Why do you only mention judges you disagree with? The world is dishonest except for you?

  • Raymond

    Many people believe that they can work their way to Heaven
    or that there are many ways to Heaven. God’s Word makes it
    very clear that there is only one way to Heaven…

    The Only Way To Heaven.

    Realize that you are a sinner…
    “For all have sinned and come short the glory of God.”
    (Romans 3:23)

    Understand that sin has a price that must be paid…
    “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is
    eternal life through Jesus the Christ our Lord.”
    (Romans 6:23)

    Believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins…
    “But God commendeth His love towards us, in that,
    while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
    (Romans 5:8)

    Trust Jesus alone for eternal life in Heaven…
    “But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus
    Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) “For whosoever
    shall call upon the name if the Lord shall be saved.
    (Romans 10:13)

    You need to do this right now, for you don’t know
    when death shall call upon you…
    We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain. (For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.) (2 Corinthians 6:1,2)

    For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away. (1 Peter 1:24)

    If you’re willing to trust Jesus as Saviour, pray this simple prayer…

    Dear Heavenly Father, I know I am a sinner. I am sorry for my sins.
    Please forgive me for sinning against you. I believe the Lord Jesus
    died on the cross for me. Right now I trust Jesus 100% to be my
    Saviour and take me to Heaven when I die. I now accept your
    gift of eternal life. Thank you for loving and forgiving me. In Jesus
    name I pray, Amen.

    • Ellie

      Praise God for people like you, He died, rose again and will come again some day in the future.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    The Communists and Islamic Fundamentalists are among us. Their Unholy Alliance is undoing the blessing of America. They must identified and driven from power and the national power structure. Liberals = Progressives = Socialists = Marxists = Communists = EVIL

  • Frank

    Obama cannot legally be called a TRAITOR! Hell, the MORON isn’t even a U.S. Citizen! This MORON MUST be IMPEACHED and then Deported back to where both he and his wife call “HIS HOME COUNTRY of KENYA”! If he is PROVEN to be ILLEGALLy in office, all the BS he has signed into law, all of his MORON appointees are out! That is the best thing that could happen to our country!!!

  • enubus

    Looking at the political landscape both Republicans and Democrats, I am now going to re-register as an Independent. Government is totally warped and not worth spit. The 10th amendment needs to be followed and the States need to take power away from the federal government or like Jefferson espoused another revolution is needed to rid us all of this tyranny.

  • catfish

    I don’t care if his name is Juan, John or Barrack, sent all illegals back where they belong and that is removed from US soil.

  • James C Hancock

    The American’s in this counity, that was set to be a free Counity under a Contitutional that is to give it people right of thing that is and has been taking away foum us, and not with the powers to be in our goverment, the plan seem to be to take all of them away unless we the people that the Contitutional was wrote for stand up and do what every it take to sotp what is going on and get our freedom back. V,N 67-68-69

  • chuck slusser


    • John H

      What they are throwing at each other is not ‘crap,’ but I agree with you, they are way off the subject matter.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Obama wants to emulate President Lincoln. Let’s all oblige him and buy him tickets to the Ford Theater.

  • Ellie

    I worked as an election judge and most of the people especially the elderly, those who work and many others used a driver’s license or state ID to vote. We have voter ID cards and very few use them. So what they want to do is allow the illegals to vote or those who can’t because of a criminal background. Acorn will make sure that he gets back in if they can and do it any way they can.

  • Marc Jeric

    In just 20 years, after Reagan did away with the USSR we have now Mulah Obama, with his White House komissars/czars, his union goons, his eco-nazis, and his local community organization brown shirts organizing our country into a new USSS of America. The “SSS” stands for “Soviet Socialist States”. By the way, “community organization” in Russian spells “soviet”.

  • Marc Jeric

    There is an accumulating body of evidence that our President Barack Hussein Obama suffers from an acute case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, an affliction defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

    I will offer here four examples of his behavior in favor of this diagnosis:

    1)He thinks of himself as the the second coming of Christ, or at least as the 12th Imam, when he said: “Tomorrow the oceans will stop rising and the planet will start healing”, while referring to the anthropogenic global warming hoax.
    2)He also proudly received the Nobel Peace Prize at the start of his administration on the basis of absolutely no accomplishment at that time (nada, nyichevo, rien du tout, zero, nyet, nicht, nishta, none, nein, niente), which contributed massively to his extreme NPD state.
    3)In a recent TV interview he declared himself as one among the four best presidents this country has had so far, comparing himself with Lyndon Johnson, FD Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln, when considering his accomplishments during his first 2+ years in office.
    4)When describing the many millions of ordinary Americans he said that “they are burdened by prejudices based on their religion and their guns” – to paraphrase his exact words.

    Perhaps others might wish to find other example of Obama’s psychiatric behavior, but it is clear to me from the above examples that the poor man suffers from an aggravated and dangerous case of NPD.

  • DH

    Obama and the most corrupt justice department are one and the same. Acorn that is visiting the Whie House frequently now are going to have all kinds of fraudulent votes and registrations, just like the last time. And the black enforcers will appear at the polls to make sure blacks vote for Obama.

    I am so sick of this fraudulent president and all of the corruption. Obama has made it into an art form.

  • General Mayhem

    You say Impeach? How is that done? How many of you have really read the Constitution? It seems to me the House brings charges (acting as a prosecutor) then the Senate (acting as a Judge) must pass sentence. How is this going to happen with a Democrat controlled Senate and Obama’s buddy Harry Reid as the head honcho? Think about it. This whole thing is a result of over 60 years of Government Schools and the dumbing down of too many Americans. What will it be for you? Liberty or Tyranny?

  • Gary Jones

    G Schmidt, you suggest that shooting Obama would somehow be insulting the country and our citizens. We have traitors attacking within our government and halls of justice, due to this frig gin president of the progressive liberal morons. Endorsing this arrogant elitist is a insult to the men that fought in all our wars. We lost Viet Nam, not due to our warriors but because we had light weight politicians who wanted to be kinder, gentler and politically correct.
    You forget that any language is fair in re-election wars, where they can stomp, call names in anger but have never been in a fist fight and never wore a uniform.
    If you differ with the politics of this treasonous SOB, you automatically become a racist. Well call me a racist. He should have been charged, arrested and stood trial but we have a weak Congress and Senate with a liberal agenda. Even the republicans are not honoring their oath.
    I for one, believed in the law but just like a rabbi dog, a murderer or a crazy druggie with a gun, there comes a time for violence for the good of the people. Obama issued an assassination on a US born citizen, its against the law, even for Obama. Obama is working tooth and nail with the UN on treaties, to take you firearms, making it illegal to purchase more than 5 days of groceries called hording. He circumvented Congress, he refuses to stop invaders of illegals crossing the borders and apologizes for our country and calls our citizens lazy when the government sold our jobs to China.
    I’m all for eliminating a traitor, charge Obama based on his criminal acts, if he refuses and resist lock and load to rid our country of this traitor.
    If any other president had did the things Obama has committed, would have been arrested for treason. Think about this; Nixon done far less. The Most Wanted and Dangerous criminal of our times is Obama and his administration of Czars.

    • cathy and lynn.

      yes your right on shoot the treasonnes basterds.

      • John H

        Allow me to correct that to proper English. “Yes, you’re right on, shoot the treasonous bastards.”

  • Rev. Andrew E. Ranhosky

    I can remember when Obama was running for the office of the presidency. People were asking, “Who is this guy and where did he come from.” As far as I’m concerned, Obama was and still is “Mr. Joe Hollywood.” He presented himself to the American People with one word and that word was “CHANGE” and America fell for his deception and only because of our country being in such a financial predicament at that time and is undoubtedly worse now. In my opinion, the country wanted ”ICE CREAM, instead they received a “POTATO CHIPS. Nevertheless, I am thrilled with our silent majority finally coming out and protesting against this new administration through Town Hall Meetings and calling their local and state reprensitives to facilitate their grievances.

  • Dad

    For those of you on here posting comments followed by where you served and when. DON’T. Though I thank each and everyone of you for your service, it’s kind of like, “look at me and what I did”. My son serves in the US Army now and has had one tour in Irag and had the Bradley he was driving blow up by a 300 lb car bomb. However he does not see the need to spread around everytime he posts that he served here and there and when he did so. It sort of makes me think of blacks when they pull the race card all the time. Annoying, be proud of who you are and what you did for your country but don’t gloat.

    • John H

      I suggest, ‘Dad,’ that maybe the reason some of the writers tell where or when they served is because they want to show people that ‘been there, done that’ represents more EXPERIENCE than so many who spout off but their only ‘knowledge’ is what they have been spoon fed by the media. Some of these young student type Ron Paul supporters who have been disrupting the debates is one example, the Occupy Wall Street protesters is another.

  • spotted owl

    Interesting to see the comments blatting about individual party preference. George H W Bush started blatting about “The New World Prder” in 1990, even brfore the Rio accords and the official appearance of Agenda 21, then again in 92 and 93. Then he approves and signs on to the principals of Agenda 21, recommends it to Bill Clinton, who signs on, then Obama signs on. Party loyalty? No thanks!

  • kryptozomb

    the Kenyan commie bastard that Krushchev’s KGB henchmen hand-picked back in the ’60s is now soiling the stool in the White House that we paid for and still pay for the maids to clean up his sh*t. Don’t forget that SC was the place the 2nd American Revolution began – the 3rd revolution against the commies in DC will also start in SC and the South will kick the faggie New Englander’s arses up to Canada because it’s not just the South anymo’ – it’s all us Bible belters including AZ – ID – WY – OK – TX – CO – FL – AL – TN- KS

  • Swami

    I hope osama-boma and his corrupt judges catches the drizzling sh**s and live a thousand years without toilet paper.

  • Buckeye

    Would that be similar to the judge who stopped the recount in Florida when they saw Bush was going to lose????????? Oh! I know you repubs forgot.

  • grizzlie

    How many of you read the post that Juan made in response to the assinine post made by Tim K. ? Are you actually supporting the assasination of a President (if you can call him that) as an acceptable form opposition? Most of you seem to be responding to what others have said about Juan without acknowledging what Juan himself actually said. The post you are all railing against was a total of four words. Read what Tim K. actually said before you vilify Juan! He said nothing whatsoever about supporting Obama. Tim K. obviously isn’t an idiot, he’s a flaiming MORON, read his post!

  • Candyman238

    I usually don’t comment on other comments posted here but since today is Christmas, I have a few presents for a few of you.
    1)Chuck Slusser: Talking about I.Q.’s showing buddy, Your CAP LOCK is stuck on and learn how to use your spell check!!!!
    2)Cathy and Lynn: Girls, if a word is underlined in red, just right click on the word and you will get the right spelling. Then explain it to CHUCK!
    3)NoMoreMarxistInDC: Man I like your style!!
    Guys, it’s all in good humor so don’t take it personal. You are all American patriots or you wouldn’t be reading these articles, and taking the time to exercise your right of free speech. For that, you are all to be commended. God Bless America!!

  • Xavier Pattonson

    Sure, but aren’t we hearing this from the media? I thought Cowboy Bite was part of the media or am I getting this through telepathy? The bias is so evident in bothering to write about this, though it would be useful for the original article to mention the appointment–but people are usually supposed to be innocent before treated as guilty, CB is implying that judges when appointed become dishonest in favor of whoever appointed them, and one of the main factors CB has been using about Obamacare (and evidently hating Obama for some reason) is policy and not e.g. skin color or religion–then in a reversal when it suits it, CB takes an approach to mislead us viewers to think that when a judge is appointed, not only that he or she follows the policies of the current administration, but that since CB is against, apparently, the ruling, therefore it is dishonest since not a Bush or earlier appointee–BUT reserving itself the right to not hold the same standard if it is a Bush appointee making the same ruling, but in that case then stating “in an error…”–as if the Byte insists on being part of the divide, and not rely on the American system until proven to not work–in which case, are they taking steps to impeach his honor, or in the absence of that contemplation, why then bring it up?

    Yes, it is nice, but like putting someone’s name in the newspaper headline as Huffington Post does when simply arrested, the public now treats that person as if guilty, and HP has no accountability and the Founders did not plan for electronics or would have written in you have to go to the courthouse and look at the record personally and not transmit it.

    The Byte, in that kind of good taste and decorum, should not imply dishonesty in a judge unless they are prepared to argue in the next article for reparations–and that should be on either side of any issue, or what is the worth of these sites? I am betting though that Byte will be silent.

  • SweetOlBob

    OH ! NO ! You don’t mean that our usually truthful, sometimes protector of American values, The Occasionally Slanted, Manure Stream Media would actually hide the fact that this Obama appointed Judge was just a wee bit partisan in his decisions, do you ? ?

    OH Please ! Say it ain’t so ! Say it ain’t so, Joe !

  • The Gizmo51

    The state should have the power to do anything it wants. It can detain, jail, search, seize, beat, kick, shoot, torture, anyone or anything it wants with NO government intereference what so ever. The fed must stay out of states, that means nothing, noda, zero. The constitution is very clear on states’ rights and the limited rights of the federal government.

  • JIM

    the communist democrat party has now confirmed what we knew all along , democrat voters are stupid and lazy ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    if you cant find a way to get a legal ID to vote …you must be a dumb ass democrat …………..
    if you complain that republicans are causing voter fraud but find using a valid ID to vote is discriminatory ,you must be a dumb ass democrat…………………………………………………………………
    if your not smart enough to get a Voter ID …….you must be a dumb ass democrat………………….
    if your to lazy to obtain a voter ID …you must be a dumb ass democrat…………………………………
    if your address is the same as your parents and your between the ages of 19 and 26 ……………..
    you must be a dumb ass democrat…………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Tony N

    the Executive Order Obama needs to keep the US Constitution suspended so he can stay a Dictator-in-Chief and Not worry about the Eligibility Clause , and and how the NDAA bill was able to End Posse Comitias law and overrule the right to the 4th and 5th amendments of the US Constitution . This Might be why they are Not Enforcing the Immigration Law ?? Hey is this how they are implementing sustainable development taking away rights of private property owners ??? This might be why he did not close Guantanamo and why he will continue the path of endless wars , because as long as there is a War on Terror this executive order from 2001 that suspends the US Constitution stays in Place , but if the threat of terror is reduced from a Military threat then this suspense would end and Obama would then have to follow the US Constitution and that would require the Eligibility Clause be followed . , This paragraph is about half way down in the article .

    ” The US Constitution is clear on the matter of Presidential requirements, but what if the US Constitution has quietly been under suspension since September 2001, through the use of “The National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C.1601-1651)” which, incidentally, prohibits any President from declaring and prolonging a State of National Emergency for more than a two year period. Yet this “Emergency” nonetheless has lasted continuously since September 11, 2001. Are COG rules in force? and if so why have House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Christopher Carney’s request to scrutinize those rules been refused ? “

  • John G.

    Doesn’t that figure. Anything (and anyone) to further destroy our once mighty country.

  • June

    This judge and Holder needs to be investigated for favoritisim. This in no way a fair judgement and only made for Obama to get illegal votes. This is nothing but more from this administration to use the laws for their selves. It makes no difference to them if the laws are unfair. They think they are the only ones who count and only want to stay in office to finish destroying America. Enough is enough. Bring back the laws that are fair for everyone. Why aren’t there more people protesting this crooked government? Where are the people who can do something? Why are we putting up with this undemocratic administration?

  • robert williams

    to allon this website in case you dident know it the constatution gives indavigual states the right to wage war on anyone that invades them whin the federal gov refuses to protect that state and Mexico the last time i checked is invading California Arizona New Mexico and Texas and has continued to do so for the last 200 plus years and the Feds has never Protected the Border states as they promised the American people so therefor the only protection choice thease above named states has left is to declare War on Mexico and The whole Obama Croud because they are all Cowards and traders to the American people they Swore to Protect like Fast and Feares they wold rather Supply the Enamey with weapons to Merder the vary people they Took an oath to Protect.WHAT COWARDS WE the people have placed in the whitehouse.

  • Darlene Betterton

    All we can do about any of this is to be on our toes. Be knowledgeable about our constitution and realize the only remedies is Prayer for wisdom….Go and vote for those who will protect America and hope others will open up their minds and hearts to seek the truth.

    We are in a war and it is not just overseas. It is right in front of our very eyes, ears and noses

  • John Bazen

    We ALL know that lying is a sin, right, BUT SO IS THE SIN OF OMISSION!

  • Paul Frohich

    As someone born under a communist dictatorship in Central Europe I must agree with all those that see Obama for what he is but I also see America with different perspective . This is no more America of 1776 where the rights of the individual was above all. And God? Something tells me God is somewhat a bumper sticker in USA……….or rather to many, not all. Common sense is dead among so many also. One of the most obvious examples in the lack of common sense is that when a boy is born in USA there is a good chance something will be cut of from his reproductive area like if God the Creator or Nature screwed up.Is this common sense? Is this ” In God We Trust? That boy can’t consent, resist or let him decide on his own and so have a free choice. With this kind of a mentality and lack of common sense its no wonder that a Marxist creep like Obama was was elected. In God We trust? Really? Or shall the dollar say “In The Doctor We Trust?” Its the majority of doctors that keep silent and do not explain the purpose of the God given mechanic on that boy they cut of from him, again WITHOUT HIS CONSENT. This is some of the few things that really bother me very much about this nation which is loosing its freedoms lately with giant steps. Perhaps Obama is good for this country because it will wake up many and bring us closer to our founding fathers? The scary thing is not Obama but the fools that voted for him.

  • Merlin

    They did not forget. They ignored it because it did not suite their agenda.

  • Paul Frohich

    This quote came from someone in Czech Republic, the place I was born in to and experienced communism. ” The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry intrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is far deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama ,who is a mere symptom of what ails America, blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama who is after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  • Doug Rodrigues

    The only way to get the treasonous politicians (mostly Democrats) out of office is to play dirty exactly like they do. The Democrats have cheated, fabricated false stories, registered dead people and illegals to vote, paid people to vote, and basically do ANYTHING to win. Attempting to be civil and be “nice” won’t do it, and the Democrats know that. Stop being nice! For some politicians to say, “we won’t descend to their level,” is to really say, “I’m too stupid to be elected.”

  • call me Roy

    Subject: Jose and Carlos

    José and Carlos are beggars. They beg in different areas of town.

    Carlos begs for the same amount of time as José, but collects only about $8.00 or $9.00 a day.

    José brings home a suitcase full of ten-dollar bills every day. He drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house, and has a lot of money to spend.

    “Hey, amigo,” Carlos says to José, “I work just as long and hard as you do, so how come you bring home a suitcasefull of ten dollar bills every day?

    José says, “Look at your sign, what does it say?”

    Carlos reads his sign: “I have no work, a wife and six kids to support.”

    “What’s wrong with that?” Carlos asks him.

    “No wonder you only get $8.00 or $9.00 a day!” says José.

    Carlos says, “All right, what is on your sign?”

    José shows him: Need Only $10.00 More Dollars To Get Back To Mexico

  • John Hardman

    Eric Holder was partially right when He stated “The USA is a Nation of Cowards”. Holder should have used better judgement, especially in that He is the Attorney General of the USA. He should have said there are many in the land that lack honor and intestinal fortitude, many of these unfortunates seem to find there way into Public Service jobs. Cowards always take the easy way out of any problem or a situation that they would like to control; so a cowardly Judge would simply hide behind His/Her judicial robe and make some whacko judgement that is completely at variance with reality or sanity. Judges need to be aware that it is not their God appointed mission to legislate from the bench. Perhaps we should draw-and-quarter several
    of the prime offenders from the 9th District on the front steps to their Court Houses to make this message clear. Constitutional Law and Order is what is needed not a constant errosion of a here-to-fore fantastically successful exhibition of success when a workable plan is followed by all.

  • ross

    Does this really surprise anyone?
    Our courts are as corrupt as our administration. That judge knew how he would rule before he ever heard the case

  • MO Red Neck

    When your mother is a white whore it is impossible to perform DNA tests on dozens of black men who are or could be your father. bumcrap is not an American but a muslim swine piece of crap who is out to ruin our country. Now is the time for all good men to take up arms and remove this swine and all the registered communist a_ _ holes in our Senate and Congress. Take back America now or forever be sorry.

  • Ron H.

    One of America’s biggest problems is the “LAMESTREAM MEDIA”!!! For without them obama wouldn’t even be running for re-election!!! Saddly to say most American’s don’t listen to anything but the lamestream media that promotes obamas radical agenda, so a lot of American’s only hear one side of the argument!!!Then they vote on what the lier says!!!

  • URKiddinMee

    What’s new when it comes to the media being WAY up Obozo’zs butt? This isn’t the FIRST fact they have conveniently “forgotten.”


    This is all nothing new but history repeating itself. Russia’s Joseph Stalin took office by force, and then appointed his thugs in key positions to murder his opponents. Germany’s Adolph Hitler was ‘given’ the Office where he appointed his murdering thugs to kill anyone who stood in his way.

    In the good old U.S.A.; the foreign-born Muslim Communist illegal U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II was ‘handed’ the Office by our own corrupted U.S. Representatives, and the acceptance of illegal monetary contributions from foreign countries. ACORN provided fraudulent voter registrations; and the added blow came from ignorant American voters without any knowledge of American history, the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, and The Declaration of Independence.

    The foreign-born tyrant didn’t waste any time making sure his appointees were all in place to insure his acts of treason and dictatorship were never challenged. Voting for a new U.S. President is not going to solve our nation’s problems. The only way to purge all evils from both U.S. Houses and the White House is the immediate removal and exile of the foreign-born tyrant Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II and declare all his nightmares as NULL and VOID!

    The U.S. Constitution will allow us an immediate election for a new U.S. President and Vice President prior to the scheduled election. Afterwards, we can try all those “socialist’ U.S. Representatives who conspired in overthrow of the United States government. Who says it can’t be done?

    USAF (RET)

  • LTB

    There is not a perogative (personal preference) justification for the Feds to intervene. STATES RIGHTS! The judge is outside of the Constitution and the past precidence. So go ahed and implement it as you have it SC and let them threaten you. Then threaten back with Sussession. See what they think their “perogative” is then!


    The Only Thing We Must Do Is Show The World “King Obama” Is A Imposter, Yikeess, All Judges He Has Appointed Must Be Disqualified From Day One Plus “Fast And Furious” Memory Loss Eric Holder Fired, Than Audit The Federal Reserve. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  • Jeet Kune Do

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