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Judge nixes Keystone’s Nebraska path

Grrrr more delays.
Check it out:

A Nebraska country judge struck down a law that would allow the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to run through the state.

Lancaster County Judge Stephanie Stacy’s ruling Wednesday invalidated Gov. Dave Heineman’s approval of the pipeline’s route.

Stacy ruled that under the Major Oil Pipeline Siting Act, all routes must be evaluated and approved by the state’s Public Service Commission, which regulates pipelines and other utilities.

The ruling may cause further delay in the process leading to a decision on the TransCanada pipeline, which would carry crude from Alberta to Gulf of Mexico refineries.

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  • elmcqueen3

    Okay…So she’s a Democrat…What else is new!

    • CAllenDoudna

      Her specialty is child advocacy cases.

      • elmcqueen3

        She qualifies!

    • Rattlerjake

      She’s doing exactly what Obutthead wants her to do!

  • AG Dot Com!

    Er… does a country judge not have jurisdictional boundaries? For example, our Oakland County judges don’t get to opine on Macomb or Wayne county cases .. and also, the people of Kansas may want to remove an activist judge or two…

    • Goodforall

      That’s what you get when liberals sit on the bench.

    • CAllenDoudna

      You can ask her:

      Stephanie F. Stacy, Judge Courtroom 35
      Kim Folsom, Bailiff
      (402) 441-5512
      Jinnohn Grose, Court Reporter

      • AG Dot Com!

        I’m going to get this out on Twitter.

        Spread the word. Libtards have always been good at the social networking thing – mostly because they don’t have jobs – it is high time we started pounding them at their own game.

    • Incredulous

      As a Kansan, I can tell you, AG, I vote against every judge on every ballot. We don’t vote ‘em in, but we CAN vote “whether to retain them.” I always say NO! No matter what human puts on a black robe, sooner or later they’ll succumb to the “God-wannabe” disease. I’d rather vote ‘em out before they fall victim to their own hubris.

      • AG Dot Com!

        Concur 100%. It is time for America to put the “Servant” back in “Public Servant”. I personally subscribe to a “no incumbents” rule, no matter how much I like a politician. The idea when this Great Nation was founded was that our politicians were elected to serve, not to rule. I’m thinking they need some reminding.

  • Hotnike

    Another damn liberal Obama butt kissing judge. Enough Is Enough!! Does a ‘county’ judge has this type of jurisdiction? I don’t believe so.

    • John

      That’s Country Judge & NO!

      • David in Dallas

        The article identifies her as a Lancaster County Judge. I believe the “country judge” in the lead paragraph is a typo.

        • CAllenDoudna

          You are correct, and Lancaster County is a major Metropolitan Area about as far from the rural life as you can get, a college town top-heavy with elitism.

  • Al Gagne

    Bet she voted for Obama. Democrats love poor people so much they created millions more. Their ultimate goal is to enslave America. Slave without chains. Dependency is Slavery.

    • elmcqueen3

      What really irks me is this…Colorado has a hugh resources of natural gas…And we are producing tons of it…However the cost of propane has doubled this year as the Natural Gas companies claim there is a shortage…Why is there a shortage?…They have stated publicly they didn’t count on the weather being so cold this year so they sold off most all our reserves to foreign countries…This is what is happening to our oil reserves as well…The Oil companies are stealing our reserves and then selling it off to foreign countries for hugh profits while we the people are required to pay more for it at the gas pumps…It is a no brainer that the oil companies get richer by selling off our nations natural resources…There should be a law that no natural resouces in this country can be sold to any foreign nations…As in Las Vegas…’What resources are found in this country stays in this country’…No exceptions!

      • CAllenDoudna

        What’s wrong with making a buck?

        • Adele Virtue

          actually look it up, refineries make about $4.00 per barrel minimum up to a max of $6.00. Propane is a cut they get off of the oil but if you make propane you don’t get gas. Refineries do not make major profits if they are just refineries and not also drill it. Also there is no long term storage for propane in large scale amounts and it can’t be piped like gas or oil. Propane needs to be trucked or trained. Refineries are not causing the shortage, demand is.

          • elmcqueen3

            Most certainly demand can be cause for a shortage…No one said refineries in this country are causing these shortages…Those are your words…What you missed is the fact (their own words) that propane producers sold off their reserves to foreign nations creating a shortage in this country for those who use propane as their main source of heating…Such as residents who live in the mountains or rural America…Selling off our propane reserves thereby created a shortage…And like you said shortages creates a demand and the more the demand the higher the cost we must pay for our propane…
            Therefore…Everyone who uses propane here in Colorado now has to pay double what they were paying a year ago…If you were paying $7 a gallon at the pump for gasoline…Double over what you paid last year…Wouldn’t you want to know why?..Or…Perhaps…None dare call it price gouging…For lack of a better excuse!

          • Adele Virtue

            I totally understand where you are coming from but at the same time it is not the refineries causing the shortage. High bid gets the propane from the refineries but it does not transport well because of high pressure needed. It is not easy to transport it. Also refineries are limited in how much propane they can produce because it depends on how much is in the crude oil that they buy. It depends on how much C3 is in the crude how much propane can be extracted from it. By propane reserves do you mean the propane made in the summer time when demand is not as high? Propane is not like other fuels that you can store in large amount. It takes special high pressure vessels to store it in. That is why I am not understanding the choice of the word ‘reserve’. There may be companies that have large storage facilities in this country, but with the government weather predictions (NOAA) saying we were going to have an abnormally warm winter I can see those storage facilities wanting to keep inventory lower due to the anticipated lack of demand based on NOAA’s findings. Considering the government taxes them on inventory the prudent thing to do is to keep your inventory to match predicted use. I am also trying to find out where propane is shipped overseas and all I am finding is prior to refining Natural Gas is shipped and refined in China into propane. Please provide a link to where it leaves the USA as propane as I am interesting in reading the article. I have an interest in the refining business and try to keep on top of things but recently life has taken top priority and I have not gotten to do all the researching I like to do. Thank you for your help.

        • elmcqueen3

          If you don’t know…An explanation wouldn’t help none!

  • Doc

    Bet she doesn’t get re-elected.

    • CAllenDoudna

      I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Lancaster County has the City of Lincoln with a population of just under 300,000. It has the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, three smaller colleges, the headquarters of State government and also the county seat for Lancaster County and a municipal government for a city of 300,000. It full of college graduates and college dropouts and they refer to the rest of the state (other than themselves and Omaha) as “Outstate Nebraska” as if we’re some remote hicks they have no connection to. She has a fairly sizeable Liberal base to back her up.

    • GVJaneAz

      She will get re-elected, because people don’t pay attention to “Judges” at election time, ad like other writers have said, she has a big voter base, who could care less about these subjects we care about….that is until they get out in the real world and have to budget and pay bills………..

  • John

    Time to get this back wood country F— a rock-in chair & put her on a porch somewhere!

    • Ed Shick

      It was a Lady,, and not to swift ,, Husky is up grading there Refinery in Lima and will be able to refine the heavier oil in Two Years

      • Guest

        Thanks! I went into another dimension there for a minute,almost didn’t make it back! lol

      • Tom Dorman

        I would believe this is OVOMITS hopes to stall long enough to get this one operational first

    • CAllenDoudna

      Lancaster County is a major metropolitan area with a population of just under 300,000. It has the University of Nebraska and three smaller colleges and also the State Government since the City of Lincoln is the State Capital. Add to that it’s the county seat of Lancaster County and then, of course, there is the municipal government for a city of nearly 300,000.

  • Ed Shick

    Well this deserves to be heard by a higher court!!,, This Nation is on a direct path to destruction ,, we have been feeding the middle eastern MUSLIM NATIONS for the last 50+ years and what have we got ,,9 /11 ,, Why should we over pay for Oil that is shipped half way around the World ?? How much money did George Sorros slip under the table ,,, A County Judge ,, If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny!!! Something that would help the United States and Canada ,,, I would like to see cheaper prices at the Pump . Tell OPEC to drink there Oil

    • eyeball

      I share your concern, Ed. But, if I have it correct from a conservative radio show a couple of years ago, ALL the oil that is extracted goes on the world market for sale. The oil that comes out of the ground anywhere is then the property of the big oil companies who paid for the exploration, drilling, extraction and transportation, refinement etc. They will get the best price they can, and they’re entitled to it. Just because the oil came from Canada and will travel to the Gulf of Mexico, doesn’t mean that we should get it for a great price. No, it means that’s where it will be stored until sold to SOMEbody and either shipped away or refined in Baton Rouge or another U.S. City.
      This judge, though a democrat, is following the law in her state. Apparently the “Powers” there had not gotten the “go-ahead” from the appropriate commissioner of the appropriate office. When that happens, we HOPE the pipeline will be completed to generate JOBS in these United States!

      • Ed Shick

        They keep talking about the Oil Going to the Gulf ,There are refineries in other places ,, Husky oil refinery has already started up grading the refinery in Lima Ohio ,, Husky Oil is a very community minded Company and is Canadian owned ,, There is a lot of pipelines all across the United States,, There are many different places it can be shipped ,, But Obama is his usual hate America way of thinking ,, but he spent much oh his life as a Muslim and Communists ,, Rev Wright was a poor Choice to Learn right from Wrong!! I trust Canada ,,I do not trust the Middle East,,There Profits and our Foreign aid is used to Train Terrorism..

    • MrsCleaver

      You can’t trust an Opecker!!

      • Ed Shick

        Once they Cross the border why should it have to go through Nebraska ,, There are a lot of Pipe lines in other states ,, North Dakota is Producing a Lot of OIL on private Land ,,As a Foreign agent I can understand Obama Doing every thing he can to stop the flow of Energy ., He has been wanting to Stop Coal Production ,, I do not think Global Warming is going to Keep America Warm or Provide transportation !

      • MikeInMaine

        You can’t trust ANY pecker, Mrs. Cleaver. BTW, is the Beav home?

        • MrsCleaver

          Lol, well at least you got my drift. No, the Beav is on his own with a wife and 4 Kids. Thanks for asking.

  • Silas Longshot

    The enviro-nutbags just hunted around until they found a leftist ‘judge’ that would throw this delay into the project. They’ll do it again at the next county line, all the way to the coast. Of course it has no real standing, this project has been approved at the fed level which is far more anal in their standards, so it’s just harrassment, plain & simple.

  • howler1968

    Another local politician working her way upward in state politics.
    What was that tv sitcom – “The Jeffersons” – theme song?……..”we’re moving on up,to the East side”……
    well,it’s become this……

    Well, I’m movin on up, To the Left side.
    To a deluxe appointment in the sky. 
    Movin on up 
    To the Left side.
    I’ve finally got a piece of the pie.

    Oil don’t flow in the pipeline; 
    Gas don’t burn from the grill. 
    Took a whole lotta connivin’ 
    Just to get up to that hill. 
    Now i’m up in the big leagues 
    Gettin’ my turn with the gavel.

  • CAllenDoudna

    “A Nebraska country judge ”
    Lancaster County is the City of Lincoln and has a population of something like 300,000.

    • chamuiel

      Compared to NYC, or L.A., that is definitely a country village.

  • Xiccarph

    Get a rope!

  • Yes, Obama’s a Communist

    No, she’s right. The previous law empowering the State Public Service Commission to approve such things supersedes. All that has to happen is for the Nebraska PSC to approve the path.
    If it isn’t done by the book, “according to Hoyle” if you will, it will only give the envirowackos a wedge issue to shut it down later.

    • Ed Shick

      They could go back to Horses in Nebraska ,, Once they cross the border send it east of there state,,

  • combatvet52

    This JUDGE should go to prison LIBERAL CRAP.

  • Boris Badinov

    Is it coincidence that most of the outrageous judicial rulings come from female (and probably Democrat) judges? I think not.

    • TBI

      Another reason to be sure they do not hold high office.

  • James Fontana

    This judge must live in a posh house in an upscale neighborhood and doesn’t give a crap about those around him that are struggling and those that are unemployed. Just build it judge or no judge worry about his opinion later.

  • luci

    same ole junk, liberal judges

  • bowtonoone2

    Bowing to the Nazi-in-charge to destroy our economy and make the working class subservient to the kings and his pos minions for all their needs. What else could it be!

  • Bertha987

    I’ve heard this is a black Muslim gay woman with direct ties to Saul Alinsky. Were still checking of she is actually a sleeper from Russia. And yes those billions of jobs that the pipeline provies are gone, gone, gone. Of wait judicial reli gs get appealed. Next one will probably be a male black Muslim gay. No rest for the weary.

  • Sam

    Vote against all these liberal judges who are ruling in favor of Obama.

    • TBI

      The problem is way too many of them are appointed by the wave of Obama’s hand.

  • Arizona Don

    I does seem this judge (and others as well even in the supreme court) has usurped power just like obama. Monkey see monkey do I guess. This type of power was never meant to be in the hands of the judicial. It is constitutionally reserved for the legislative branch.

  • Remington 870

    As long as obama’s pal Warren Buffet uses his rail road to ship oil and other products, there will be no Keystone pipeline. The pipeline would put Buffet out of the rail business. If there ever is another election where Conservatives take control of the House & Senate…maybe America can be saved. Revolution is the only optimism left for America.

    • GVJaneAz

      Omaha is Buffet’s home town and lots of jobs with ConAgra and the rest of his corporate offices there. Makes sense this Judge is protecting the railroads…maybe one of those cars will explode near one of her high population areas….Shipping by rail is far more dangerous than that pipeline could ever be.

  • mb

    just another liberal shill willing to carry the water for ol’ Barry…I will give these commies credit…they are well organized and there are plenty of them lined up one after the other willing to fall on the sword for the progressives…I believe that what a lot of good Americans don’t realize is that they have been planning this takeover of our country for decades…they have slowly worked their way into all levels of government from school boards, city councils, state and federal gov’t, law enforcement, the military, IRS, etc, etc…

  • Paul Webster

    So why not build the refinery in Canada, or South Dakota

    • CAllenDoudna

      The products still need to be transported to markets.

      • Paul Webster

        So transport it to markets from South Dakota instead of from down south. We use gas up here in the North.

      • TBI

        Why transport it, use it regionally. Trucks and trains would then be enough.

  • TBI

    One judge (leftist, environmentalist) should not have the power to stop a project that affects the nation as a whole, yes states rights do apply and so does “eminent domain”. Ideology is infecting decisions nationwide and the results have been devastating. Costs of food and energy are much higher than need be, but regulations and Administrative mandates continue to fuel the fire. There is no utopia and the left needs to get over it.

  • loulun

    Maybe we need to borrow some Cartels from Mexico to take care of these type of judges

    • GVJaneAz

      They will soon enough, when the Country has been degraded enough…another 5 years.

  • sniper

    About time to run some radical judges out of town on a rail.

  • Jerry

    Wonder how much the judge made on that decision?

  • mrsgunnut10

    Some of these Federal Judges seem to think they are on the Bench to serve the American Judicial System. Others think, wrongly, that they are there to save Bugs, Plants, Fish, and/or Animals, these are the Judges that need to be done away, one way or the other, legally or whatever. The Judicial System is supposed to work for ALL of America’s Citizens, not just the Environmental side of Nature. MAMA NATURE can and always has took care of her side of the World. Judges need to be realistic and get out of her, Mama Nature’s, way. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Yes, Obama’s a Communist

    She’s not a federal judge. She’s a county judge. She ruled that the Nebraska Public Service Commission is responsible for approving the pipeline path, not the Governor.
    All she is saying is that the Nebraska PSC needs to approve it.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Well now, you really didn’t expect anything different, did you? W. Buffett owns NE and HIS trains currently transport the oil across NE. Why would he shoot himself in the foot by letting the pipeline go across NE?


      Nice moniker!!!!!

      • Don’t Even Try It!

        Thanks! Kinda expresses how I feel ;-)

  • DAY8293A

    Now you know why the Bible places the man as the head of the house hold…… Women are easily swayed to do the devil’s work,,, Remember Eve????

  • barto

    Another Liberal judge who is following the Obama line on not allowing the pipeline to come in which would add jobs and eventually lower fuel costs. Obama is determined not to help the jobless or the working public in general.

  • jong

    And this comes five years after the question has been posed. I wonder how much she got paid and who called in the favor so ole jug ears would not have to be seen to give in to Republicans. His time is short and so should be all such judges

  • Mys77

    Leave it to a left leaning, democrat, woman judge to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong!

  • jenersea

    Tree huggers from one end of the pipeline to the other are going to run to the liberal judges and get injunctions against it. Continual delaying the project will be their game. They care less about the rest of us.

  • adamamy

    Our Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx follower, Obama doesn’t want it to happen, so the corruption of bribing and buying off politicians continues, and to hell with what the people and this country want, and whats best for this country.

  • Coffee49

    Obama has all the judges bought and paid for, the people of nebraska should demand she be removed. I hope ALL incumbents are voted out in 2014 so we can start from scratch

  • oldtimer

    This is more corruption. I would suspect that the Judge got paid BIG BUCKS to make this ruling. Could be that the BIG BUCKs came from Obama—ie Taxpayer money.
    Where is the accounting of the billions of Obama stimulus?????? It is in Obama supporters pockets.

  • Flaphil

    The only “pipeline” sh wants to see is the one for her crack cocaine. Can’t you just imagine her sitting in her office so proud now, with pictures of Obummer, Janet Rhino Reno and Fidel Castro on her walls.

  • Carol Dorne

    Who gave anal orifice that kind of power. We better wakeup folks we are being by past on everything. John

  • bdixon

    The way to fix her is the build it around the county and here advertise that any one that lives in that county can not work or have a job on the NEW pipeline, All jobs go to people of the county it is built in. …. which how fast she is gone!!!

  • amiciLatinae

    An appointed judge? Voted in? Who appointed this judge? Were they voted into office? Nebraska can sit back and watch other States rake in the money while the Dem Party rolls in the piggy trough of dough for this decisions. Poor Nebraska. How will you vote in November?

    • CAllenDoudna

      Governor Heineman himself appointed her to fill a vacancy and in making appointments he tries to consider the constituancy served. Her specialty is child advocacy.

  • Paul Broussard

    Ruled by Liberal judges -NOT LAW!

  • omega2

    A local yocal judge is standing in the way of security of this country! Who the hell does she think she is! Kick her ASS off of the bench! A worthless nitwit!

  • George

    Classic liberal crap. As far as Obama is concerned the states have no rights and answer to the federal government. That is, unless the state happens to fall in line with his particular agenda. They promote freedom of choice – again that is only valid when the choice agrees with their particular philosophy of that particular moment.

  • ERB

    I can not support the pipeline as long as it is being done giving this company the right of eminent domain.
    Case in point!
    ” improperly delegated the decision-making power to Heineman to give the company eminent domain powers within the state.”

  • Ballistic45

    ALL JUDGES including the Supreme Court Justices NEED to be Elected Positions with term Limits… We need to tweak the Constitution, not to take rights away from citizens but to further reign in Government powers.. Term limits on all Elected offices including Congress, Only Retirement and Healthcare available to retiring Politicians is the same as any other citizen, private retirement and medical coverage and / or Social Security and medicare…

  • f8crusader

    Just get someome to over ride her. A dinky country judge can shut down tje world as a democrat. Isn’t she supposed tobe non-sectatarian?

  • VivaChas!

    How proud an agenda judge must be to torment fellow citizens – making “decisions” – destroying lives – damaging the general welfare – How exceedingly proud she must be – – – what if we vote on this pipeline – those who want prosperity vs. those seeking to subjugate their fellows – ‘course then there’d be the voter fraud thing to consider – Ha!

  • GVJaneAz

    Insanity!!! So, give the oil to China, what a STUPID, BRAIN DEAD Country we have become.

  • MrsCleaver

    I would bet she was paid off handsomely for this. Look for an early retirement.

  • $5326605

    Recall the judge and add her to the unemployed.

  • SallyE

    Barry Hussein has something on her, or he is paying her off.

  • john

    …this is all a political scheme, that will NOT BE APPROVED, until ovomit and his thugs, can profit from it……..we are wasting time even talking about it!! remember: let NO GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE……this is just A GAME THAT OVOMIT IS PLAYING, ….trust me…..this WILL NEVER HAPPEN TILL OVOMIT NEEDS IT!!!!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Once again, Agenda 21 and Democommie judges are alive an well and doing their part to destroy this nation. Has anyone noticed, which I’m sure you have, that since Obama has been in office not one good thing has happened to this country as far as forwarding Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties?
    It has been a constant 5 years of abusive government, and one attack after another against our Constitution, Bill of rights, and to ” kill ” any substantial economic or employment growth.
    How much more can this nation and WE THE PEOPLE take?
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Doug Roy

    Time to throw out these activist judges and stop listening and heeding their stupid and evil decision. The judges have become the ruling oligarchy of this nation and they must be dealt with if we want to return sovereignty to the people.

  • Doug Roy

    The power of legislation is in the hands of the Representatives of the people, not the judges. This is usurpation of power and should be strongly rejected and condemned. Impeachment of this judge and everyone like him must become the mindset of the future representatives who fear God. The current batch seems to have rejected their own State and federal Constitutions.

  • daveveselenak

    She’s not a demoncrat, she’s a communist, damn I wish people would start labeling these anti-Americans for what they are! [Kruchev] was right when he predicted: “we will bury you from within”. REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION!

  • JMWinPR

    I think most of you know which side I favor, in most situations. If the Judge is correct in siting this law, then she is correct in her ruling. The law good or bad is there, and should either be repealed or followed. On the surface this law seems reasonable, not necessarily a “NIMBY” law.

  • Myles Standish

    I have a strong hunch, based upon a historical pattern, that if and when Keystone is ever completed and is up and running, the ONLY serious problems that it will ever encounter will be the ones inflicted upon it by deranged eco-terrorists (redundant, I know). “SEE — we told you so! We told you the pipeline was a BAD idea and would cause an environmental disaster!”, as they wipe the crude oil from their hands and clean the C4 from underneath their fingernails.

  • tony

    This is the kind of thing we got when we allowed women into politics. Lots of liberals.

  • Jeff

    Love the attack on the property owners for standing up for their rights, and the legal system upholding their rights as property owners over the rights of a foreign corporation.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Where is the State Legislature while all this is going on? My understanding of the way things are supposed to work, is that the Legislature makes the laws, and the Governor enforces them. Judges are there to make sure the laws are legal and constitutional, and that is all. If the State Legislature, acting as representatives of the people, decide to do something, then they should have the last word. Just as ing as what they want to do is for the good of the people in their State, and does not violate the States, or the United States, Constitutions.

  • J J

    What is wrong with these people?? These judges, environmentalists, liberals are going to delay the Keystone Pipeline so long that America will lose the opportunity to benefit from the Canadian oil. In case no one has notices, gas prices have taken a serious hike in the past several weeks. And that will affect my driving patterns AND my discretionary money is going in the gas tank not to other local businesses!! I just don’t understand the thought process of these liberal environmentalists – they are affecting the creation of jobs, businesses as well as the pocketbooks of all Americans and they don’t seem to care about that!!!



  • Becky

    Nebraska looks like you too have some house cleaning of rabidly insane Libs to do.


    Just another typical, lib “hack” judge, that was politically appointed, and has to return the favor.


  • standtallall

    This is just the first of many road blocks which will suddenly arise in concerted effort to delay things further.

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Not sure why so many people think this pipeline is gonna save us all from the destruction already done and what is in progress. It’s not. There are far more important issues at hand that many gloss over or ignore. The pipeline nor the republicans are gonna save anybody from anything when all is said and done. We need term limits and to audit the fed for starters. Then do away with all lobbyist and any congress person that does not read a bill they vote on or adds pork not related to the bill, is automatically fired and perhaps prosecuted for dereliction of oath. No bill should have add-ons ever, Just for starters ? I could go on and on, and we should demand accountability from all our elected officials at every level to include local.

  • JTK199

    Who cares what some low level bubble brained ditz of a liberal judge has to say – run the pipeline – right over her toes if you have to

  • nimbii

    This is cover for Obama to run out the clock for this November..

  • aschark

    Build it in the States that approved it. Hopefully, in November, this Country will get back to the way it was, with rules, or laws, put in place so people like Obama can’t do what he’s doing.

  • ErnieLane

    The Governor should ignore the court, and announce that _one_ unelected, essentially insignificant judge is not going to stand in the way of a law passed by the peoples’ representatives.

  • Enubus

    Democrat yes, irrelevant as well. Her ruling will be overturned by an appellit court.

  • ADRoberts

    Do you wonder if she is up for reelection? Maybe the lose of jobs and business will be her undoing.
    Pray. God has been known to change minds OR remove people.