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Increased deportations reduce Obama’s popularity with Latinos, but he still trounces Romney, Perry in match-up?

President Barack Obama’s deportation policy has alienated many Latino voters, a new Pew Hispanic Research Institute survey finds.

More than 60 percent of Latinos disagree with the Obama administration’s handling of deportations of illegal immigrants, the Pew Institute poll found, compared to 27 percent who are satisfied with the White House’s aggressive enforcement activities.

The change in perception of the president comes as his administration adjusted strategies in dealing with illegal immigration this year by amping the Department of Homeland Security’s priority to arrest immigrants with criminal records

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    what if we deport obama, and his illegal drunken uncle, and his auntieee who lives in our White House??…………..would anybody mind??………….I think not!!

    • Eli Jones

      Lone Ranger, have you heard about this? It has been revealed that Obamacare is funding the creation of “Obama’s Personal Million Man Civilian Army” called the “Ready Reserve Corps” It is in section 5210 on page 1312 of The Affordable Healthcare Act. Remember, during his campaign, Obama called for his civilian army to be loyal only to him. Obama also stated that his personal civilian army should be more powerful than our US Military. Obama the Islamofascist craves unlimited power.

      • Die Free

        Well he is deporting part of his army and voter base. If he takes out too many he won’t win the election. Of course that is why he told ICE to set up a hot line to get the criminals to stay.

      • Elaine

        There are 21,000,000 Veterans here in the states:

    • sargentrage

      there go’s the neighbor hood…lol

    • Lou

      I rather deport The Obama clan than the entire 12 million illiegals

      • Herr Captain Fick

        Many mant more than 12 Million in this country! See, you believe what the government tells you! GUH!!!!!

        • http://googlechrome David

          The government said 12 million 10 years ago.

    • Goodforall

      If the legal hispanics really cvare about this Country they will support anyone but Obammy-unless they want the USA to be like Mexico!

      • Herr Captain Fick

        You’re catching on Goodforall! They’re like the Arabs, they want their culture! Now go back to sleep, your country is gone!

    • patriotrenegade

      pew should be renamed PHEW. What a lying sack of “numbers”. Do these phew aholes have green cards?

  • http://Latinos Lee

    Latinos true to the American way aren’t the one’s bitching! I know, I’m one of them, and my family & latin friends agree. It’s the illegal latinos that are crying the blues. You know where they can go! Right back where they came from. All they do is suck America dry crying for freebees.

    • T-Texas

      Lee,I agree with you.I was raised around several Spanish families,they were not illegal in no way.In fact I was proud to be their friend.Some whose parents were from Mexico made outstanding US citizen and all eventually became Naturalise Citizens.

      • drbob

        spanish families? do you mean people from Spain?
        If you are trying to be ‘polite’ and not call a Mexican a Mexican you need to rethink what you are saying…

        • Jim Laubscher

          drbob: We called them Spanish for years, no scores of years. The names keep achanging, but the people remain the same. We got in a big old hairy discussion with some relatives recently about blacks. For crying out loud, they have gone by at least 5 different names in the last 60 years. Not all “spanish” folks are from Mexico, a good chunk come from other countries south of the U. S. border

          • Dingbat36

            It makes absolutely no difference what anyone called the Spanish speakers who lived in their area. Spanish people come from SPAIN. Hispanic people come from many Spanish “speaking” countries.

            By your definition, all English speakers must be English families (from England). Idiocy, or perhaps more correctly, ignorance and there’s surely no lack of that around!!

        • dick Fowler

          Lee called it right by referring to them as Latinos (Latin based language) which encompass many Spanish speaking cultures. Even those from Spain, Italy and France can technically be called Latinos. Spanish is also correct since it is based on the specific language spoken as well as ethnicity. Remember Central and South American’s original population, excluding the native Indians that were already there, were from Spain. Hispanic is a phrase coined by us Gringos in order to be politically correct. Calling a person Mexican or Nicaraguan merely affixes them to a country of origin. We call ourselves Americans but they are also Americans (north, south and central). Mexicans are North Americans just as we are in the USA. This applies to Canadians as well.

          This is a ridiculous posting drbob smacking of xenophobia. What does it really matter?

    • Anne

      Lee: THANK YOU!!

      I am not Hispanic, but I’ve been saying that for YEARS… regardless of what one’s ethnicity, the people who are here LEGALLY, have little or no tolerance for those who come here ILLEGALLY.

    • Patrick Henry

      Lee………I like your phrase, “true to the American way.” You got that perfect, Latinos or anybody that comes here Legally must show allegience to this country and become an American, not march in the streets and protest in Spanish and flying Mexican flags, or other flags, and crying for freebies…………..LEGAL Immigrants usually make very good Americans, NOT ILLEGAL Trespassers.

      • dick Fowler

        I disagree. The Irish have their parades, fly the Irish flag and no one says anything. The Polish have their carnivals, public cook outs and festivals and no one says anything. The Germans have Oktoberfest, fly the German flags, dress up in their German clothes, talk German, drink great beer and sell sausage at public events throughout October and no one says anything. I for one respect people who have pride in their ethnicity no matter where they are from and feel it has absolutely nothing to do with their loyalty to this nation.

        Has anyone checked to see what it takes to become a legal citizen? I think not. The majority of those posting could not get into this country if they were foreigners. They couldn’t even get a visa to be a tourist. Have a cool million dollars and you get in even if you are a Saudi terrorist, an Iranian sympathizer or a Russian communist. The immigration system is badly broken folks.

        I defy you to find me one credible source that there are masses of Mexican illegal’s crying for more freebees. You are mistaking black American ‘legal’ citizens and this is wrong. Most illegal’s hide from fear they will be deported so make very few public demands.

        You can generalize from the few exceptions (illegal’s are crime ridden) wrong as it may be, but if you are going to do that you must also acknowledge the positives of the majority. Latin Americans still feel strong about the family unit, helping each other and are deeply religious people. These are fast becoming lost virtues in our country of the legal. They work like slaves and rarely complain. Most would gladly work for minimum wages and pay the same taxes you do. They die for this country on our battlefields, often just so they can get citizenship. On top of that they bring us some of the most delicious food known to our pallets.

        80% of all people live in 2% of the land mass in the USA. We are a grossly under populated country. The one world government gang convinced us that we should only have 2 children so we could reach zero population growth. In 2002 we reached this objective. If our goal is to stop illegal immigration so that we can indulge in just ourselves then be honest and say so.

        • dick Fowler

          PS. On demands they must speak English: A few years in this country and most younger ones do. Only the older set generally don’t. But understand that English is the single most dificult language in the world. It has more words in its vocabulary than any other language. There is no logic in its composition using words that sound the same but mean diferent things (‘through’ and ‘threw’ for example). It is not gender based. Yes, to integrate fully they must speak our language but that takes a generation not a snap of the fingers.

          I have a Russian friend (PHD in Computer Science) who has been here 12 years and I still barely understand him. Hell I cannot follow most of what Henry Kissinger says and he has been here almost a lifetime.

          • Stan Lee

            Dick Fowler:
            It’s particularly difficult for immigrants whose mother tongue, like Russian or many Oriental languages, use different alphabets/phonics/characters than we have in the English language. The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, therefore the Russian speaker has to convert in his/her mind how his phonics relate to the English alphabet. Russian also doesn’t have “articles” in its language. Actually, more people of Europe speak Russian than any other language. Consider Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, states of the Caucasus and former Soviet Republics with names ending in “stan.” The USSR compelled Russian to be taught in all schools of the USSR. That’s how it was done. Also, those countries that were occupied in Central Europe, Russian became the second language.
            Those who’ve originally spoken Latin languages should have an easier time of learning English than Russian-speakers or people of the FarEast/South Asia, for instance. In the end, where Latins are concerned in the USA, I think it becomes a matter of the will to learn.

          • dick Fowler

            Stan: Agree. But my Russian friend Val has two teen age daughters who speak English as if they had been here all their lives. You could not distinguish them from any native born and raised citizen. Age has a great deal to do with how receptive one is to language. Also emulsion. I myself speak 4 foreign languages, two of which are Latin based. Already knowing Spanish made it duck soup to learn French. The American language is not Latin based. It is a composite of words drawn from many languages around the world. It remains the most difficult language there is to learn no matter ones native tongue.

          • dick Fowler

            PS. No language can be mastered if you must first convert meaning into another language. This is the flaw with learning languages in school. The mind must be trained to ‘think’ only in the language being spoken ignoring any others. Children have far more capacity to do this than adults. You must first think like a child, clear your mind and learn from scratch.

    • Goodforall

      God bless you! I know several hispanics and they too share your feelings. It is the illegals who are the ones bitchin. Thank you for your loyality to the Country!

    • Herr Captain Fick

      NOOOOOOO, now where did you get that idea?

    • Cherie

      I agree with Lee. If you are legal you don’t have anything to complain about, that makes sense. if you are illegal and all your free benefits breaking the backs of America, that is a different story. They know what illegal means, but it has been so many years that the “spin” put on the word illegal makes them feel they deserve to be here. The ones that earned their way have tried to assimalte to the American Customs & at least speak the language. Why should Americans be forced to pay for interpreters for these people, let them start paying their own way!

  • Dee

    I don’t know for sure if these illegal immigrants are voting. Who knows. I do know that they aren’t supposed to vote. All they want is what they can get for free in this country. We have a lot of bleeding heart liberals and this has to stop. We are in so much debt on account of this president that we’ll probably never get it paid back.
    I hope the people have the good sense not to vote for him this time.

    • Jim Laubscher

      Come on Dee, the Chicago way is to vote early and often.

    • FLChristyB

      In the 2010 elections in CO they found, after the fact, of course, that they had over 10,000 illegals on the voting rolls, and approximately 5000 had voted in their elections! Their new Demorat Senator only won by a couple hundred votes, which tells me he is not their legitimate Representative. Why has nothing been done about it if they KNOW 5000 votes were illegal? Probably because Demorats still run the State. I guess we can draw some comfort from the fact that the vote was close, even though the Dems cheated, tells us their population are becoming more conservative voters!

    • Tony in MO

      Take it from one who knows……illegal aliens ARE voting in our national, state and local elections. I know because I participated in confiscating voter registration cards from illegal aliens in my last job before retiring.

    • Herr Captain Fick

      Looks like you haven’t been keeping up with things! You’re like most stupid Americans, asleep and stupid!

  • melatr

    The Emperor has no clothes! Where’s the evidence? Who are you going to believe?

  • Eli Jones

    The illegal parasite’s are useful idiots for Obama and he will discard them when they are no longer of any use to him. Did anyone know this about the creation of Obama’s Personal Million Man Civilian Army? Well, read up! It is not only “Fast And Furious” that should be of grave concern to us Patriots. It has been revealed that Obamacare is funding “Obama’s Personal Civilian Army” called the “Ready Reserve Corps” It is in section 5210 on page 1312 . Remember, during his campaign, Obama called for his civilian army to be loyal only to him and Obama also stated that his personal civilian army should be more powerful than our US Military. Watch And Be Informed Of What The Nazi In The White House Has Planned For You! Spread The Word!

    Sign The Petition To Force The Repeal Of Obamacare And Pass The Site On To Everyone That You Know.

  • tncdel
  • Anne

    Of the more than 60 percent of the Latinos who disagree with the Obama administration’s handling of deportations of illegals, one has to wonder how many of those polled were actually illegals themselves.

    • Dingbat36

      That would be intentional, anytime the media wants a poll they run to organizations like La Raza which probably has access to more illegals than you or I could count!!

  • Brenda in VA

    What about this I heard on news yesterday re: Immigrant whilst IN JAIL can call a certain ph # to seek if their rights are being violated! or some such nonsense!
    Who is paying for this phone line & folks to answr Q & A’s while the illegal is sitting in jail?
    WHO is my Prez favoring me a born citizen in VA or some illigel person!

    • Anne

      Brenda: YUP, that’s exactly right!

      ICE launches hotline for busted immigrants

      12/29/11 2:05 PM EST
      As states across the nation ramp up their efforts to catch illegal immigrants, the Obama administration on Thursday launched a new free hotline for people busted on violations to get help.

      The hotline, run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, is available 24/7 for detained individuals to phone if they think they “may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime.”

      I especially like that last line… “if the THINK they MAY a US citizen…”


    • Herr Captain Fick

      Brenda, they won’t favor you! I noticed the women on this blog have been making some stupid statements and comments! Probably be making some about this one, figures!!!!

  • Patrick Henry

    Obama acts like he is tough on Illegal Immigration, (trespassing), but this is political in that he appears to be tough on Immigration but gives Amnesty to all the rest, who by the way, some “will” become criminals. The LEGAL Hispanics don’t like all the Millions of Illegals burdening them with taxes and not waiting in line. They see thru Obama and his political trickery.

    • Herr Captain Fick

      The legal ones are just playing you, they know you’re stupid! They want to get their friends and family in this country! You believe them like you believe the government!!! DUH!!!

  • AliveStillKickin

    Obama Unhappy with His Work — Just Like Herbie the Aspiring Dentist Elf

    Oh, hey, the word in Washington is that Obama is distant again. Distant as in the back nine of his 90th round of golf? Well, not just that. Apparently he misses some folks.

    “I just called Reggie,” Mr. Obama said. It was his first domestic trip without Reggie Love, the former Duke University basketball player who had been his constant companion and presidential “body man” until heleft in November to study for his M.B.A. full time. “I miss him,” the president confessed.
    FROM: |

    • Die Free

      Maybe Obama missis him because he said in his book be had homosexual incounter in college. Maybe this is the guy. The MSM never investigated who that person was but in obumdumbo book he talks about it but does not give a name.

      • Amazedamerican

        Well you could check out the gay men that he did have sex with, but they have been conveniently killed, and one died of aids. Our president has the morals of an ally cat

        • Don39

          He is an amoral sociopath and maybe schitzophrenic to boot!

      • Don39

        The boy companion was a muslim male with whom Obama traveled to the east, not on an American passport, and took to Saudi Arabia with him, or vice versa, and convinced a rich Saudi Muslim they had been in Pakistan on Jihad, for which the Saudi bought him a law degree for $10 million. To make a long and convoluted story short, Obama is and has always been a homosexual muslim fraud. Take me to court and prove I am wrong!

        • Don39

          PS; Obama does not push the deviant sex agenda for no reason , he has lots of reasons.

  • Lobo

    I personally think Hussein has grossly underestimated the conservative core of the United States. Would you want to recruit you civilian army from a class of entitlements who won’t work? Granted, they will sell their vote for a check, but seriously doubt they will put forth any real effort. I still fear the conservative base will remain divided and destroy their own efforts.

  • Loveon

    Is he really deporting illegals? If so I have a feeling that it is more profitable, at this time, so he can actually garner up more votes for his re-election. Surely the people learned a valueable lesson after they elected him last time!!! Can we even count how many times he lied to us in the past including all those campaign promises? Do you want him to stay in office to force Obamacare on us and to spend more of our tax dollars on things like paying for abortions in foreign countries? Someone who bows to the leaders of countries that are against everything that America used to stand for? Remember how he disrespected our country and our flag the first year he was in office. Yes, lately I saw him salute our flag, but is that just something he is doing now to make us think he really cares about our rights and our country?
    Make sure that you are not hoodwinked by one who has not only ruined our economy but has destroyed our standing as the most powerful country there is!

  • Hubcap

    We could put the Wolfman up against Obama and Obama will still loose.

    The first 50 lies of Obama:

    (research will show more than one lie for each day in office)

  • ruth

    Pew Institute lies with all their fraudulent poll taking!


    Daaaaaaaaaaaaa. Of course if I were an illegal immigrant I would not find it popular to be deported. Its almost like saying that justice is not popular with crooks (except for those elected to public office). Time for both parties to be unpopular with illegal immigrants. Who are they gonna vote for now?

  • EnoughStupidity


  • Bob Marshall

    ‘We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. ” stated Eliseo Medina, international executive vice-president of Services Employees International Union or SEIU.The SEIU is closely linked to ACORN. Medina was chief lobbyist credited with a change in the longstanding policy of the AFL-CIO, the largest union federation in the US. The union reversed its stance against illegal immigration in Feb. 2000, instead calling for new amnesty for millions of illegals. If 68% of the Latino voters voted for Obama in 2008, has shown on the exit poll on Nov. 05. 2008, how many illegals if allowed to vote would do the same? A few states are allowing felons and ex-felons to vote. imagine if all are allowed to vote because survey show felons overwhelming favor democrats. The South florida Sun Sentinel newspaper found 30,000 felons were registered to vote in Florida where Gore lost to Bush by a narrow margin in 2000. today we have more of a socialist type government and live in a police state. What if Obama wins again in 2012? We should all be concerned when the Supreme Court removed, the Bible, prayer and any mention of God from our class rooms but allow some schools to teach Islam. II Chronicles 7:14 Remember that Ronald Reagan said,” Government can’t fix the problem, they are the problem.”

    • Don39

      And the current unConstitutional government is really a problem, one that in my estimation can only be fixed through a revolution. I fully expect the Obamanation thugocracy to give us the opportunity before the coming elections. That is why he is courting all the illegals and thugs, that and the fact that he himself is one! Forewarned is forearmed, or least it better be!

  • Jan

    This is pure “Dem” spin! Latinos are no longer supporting BO because his policies are killing our country’s economy! Latinos believe in the LEGAL immigration process not BO’s illegal one. Also, how many Latinos do you think are in support of him and his DOJ sending weapons with multiple destruction capability into Mexico?

  • scott

    wetbacks need to go along with illeglas the union would shoot your ass if you took there job and lowered there wages

    • Don39

      A PAUL BOT, I’ll bet on it!

  • Julian

    As a privious post pointed out most Americans of Hispanic descent want them out more than the rest of us. They must be referring to the ones that ACORN illigally registered to vote, no one from ACORN has gone to jail for this so they continue. But they are pretty safe as the Demecratic politicians want them for the votes and some rich Republicans want them for the cheap labor. That is why two amnesties have been passed with the promise to close the border and the amnesties occured but the border did not close. The third time it was said close the border first and they would have nothing to do with it.

    • Don39

      ACORN and SIEU, prime targets for the coming revolution!

  • etexfisherman48

    Be of good cheer folks these polls showing Obama trounces the Republicans are flat out lies perpetrated by the media. They have to be targeting people in the far left to get these results.

  • etexfisherman48

    Three days before the Iowa caucus and guess what the media is pushing Mitt Romney big time with a bunch of lies to sway your vote. This is the communist in charge of America’s choice on the Republican side because they know he will continue forward with their goal of a one world government. You see the elites are those working behind the scene that includes the International Banking Community to include the IMF and World Bank with its subsidiaries the various central banks don’t care which party wins with the only exception being they get their man there to carry out their orders. You may resent me telling you this but the fact is we don’t have control of our own destiny now here in America. We have been bought and paid for a long time that began with the creation of the Federal Reserve a central bank that is a private for profit banding entity that creates inflation, deflation, recession and depression whenever they want and is accountable to no one. That is why Ron Paul has fought these people for years. Too bad he is way off the radar on so many other vital issues or I could support him. Michelle Obama is for abolishing the Fed also is right on on 98% of the issues but the media tells you she can’t win and if you buy into that then she most surely won’t win.
    One thing remains true today and that is when a nation gives control of their economy to central bankers they also relinquish their freedoms also. . In 1790 Mayer Amschel Rothschild states “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who they elect”.

  • Don39

    The latest Rasmussen poll says you are lying and Romney is several points up on Obama! So what obama is not picking the nominee and it will not be the RINO.

  • Tony in MO

    The whole story by Obama that his administration has deported more illegal aliens than any previous administration is a total scam, reinforced with playing the old “three card monte” tricksterism. It’s just another Chicago-politics scheme to pull the wool over people’s eyes and doesn’t fool anyone. For example, the upper management of the Border Patrol has been instructed to count illegal aliens who escape capture at the border and run back into Mexico as a “deportation”. That’s just one of their numbers tricks, amongst the many they pull to make the statistics look good. Another example is the fact that, prior to Obama taking office, deportation statistics were counted in a couple of different ways. If an illegal alien was caught by the Border Patrol at the border and returned to Mexico, it was counted as a “VR” or voluntary return. The term “deportation” was only used for illegal aliens who were apprehended in the interior by ICE agents and formally deported under court order. Thus, previous administrations only counted those as actual “deportations”. Under Obama, both are combined to make it look as though they were deporting more people.

  • Rancid Crabapple

    So what exactly does this poll tell us?
    The truth is, Obama (or most any other democrat communist) could possibly get elected to the office of “president of Mexico” and would trounce any of the republican candidates who might run against him. OH My God, what a surprising poll result. That is like saying Obama will trounce any of the white candidates among the black voters. Obama eliminated Herman Cain who was the only black alternative, and who would have been a much bigger threat to him than any of the white candidates. The majority of any group of what is referred to (incorrectly) as minorities historically votes for one of their own or the next closest thing available. In other words, a minority will most likely vote for another minority and not for the Majority candidate.
    Is that racist, I don’t know, but I think a lot of it is because they can more readily identify with someone else who is also a minority, I also think they believe someone who is also a minority will be more sympathetic to their own cause and condition. Too Bad really but that is the way it always works. One of the most predictable outcomes of elections where the minority voters have been successful at electing their candidate, they actually wind up the biggest losers, as has been shown by their latest success, Barack Obama.

  • TooBig

    Someone is smoking something as obama has the lowest deportation record since Nixon and obama is just getting started with illegals. Now he is giving illegals cell phone and providing a hot line for them to report being caught.
    By bringing in more illegals for the Taxpayers to support will he keep in office and to heck with our country. NO country can survive with wide open border and free welfare for illegals sucking everything from Americans.
    obama and his admistration will take us to a 3rd world and see how you like living under those conditions.
    We are the most generous country in the world for legal immigration and the worlds worst at controlling our borders.