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America’s Future Is Oil

Not many people noticed during the run up to the Iowa caucuses and last year’s payroll tax fight that a far more important, and potentially game-changing, resolution passed the Senate at the end of 2011. It was the authorization for the $3 billion Keystone XL pipeline connecting us to Canada’s booming oil shale production, which the Senate has given President Obama sixty days to either sign or not sign as “not in the national interest.”

What’s at stake here isn’t just new access to oil, or even jobs–some 20,000 in the construction phase alone and perhaps as many 600,000 jobs by 2035, once those 70,000 barrels of oil a day start flowing. It’s America’s future as the new energy giant of the 21st century.

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  • just sayin

    I’m amazed that Ron Paul has not trained all his PaulBots yet to realize that an Oil Now in The USA platform makes more sense than his defense strategy. If he canceled all his plans on defense and espoused this one, I might like him more! Why do you think our gas prices went up this week when Iran threatened to close the straits of Hormuz? Once we are oil independent with our Mexican and Canadian Friends, much of what we concern ourselves with as “interests” in the middle east would not matter to us, and others would have to pay to defend!

  • ARMYOF69

    I am waiting for Texas to secede from the union, so I can go there and lead a life with freedom.
    Screw the feds.

    • aeroguy48

      Lots of oil related jobs here in Texas. Welcome to Texas if you are a bible toting bitter clinger who likes guns

  • J J

    How can Obama say that the Keystone Pipeline is not in national interest??? What country does he live in??? Does he not see how much money we send out of this country every day for oil??? Does he not see how many people are still unemployed??? What is wrong with this man???

    • Larry Cherry

      He’s not a man. He is a SNAKE.

      • http://Facebook Que Dub

        Thing is a moose-slum!!!! he said that he is!!!! he wants us to buy oil from our enemies!!!!!!!

    • Anne

      Obama and his wife hate America. He is trying to destroy it on purpose. That is what is wrong with him. He must lose in 2012 or it will be too late for freedom in the world. It will become history which will be revised by the progressives into something which was a “bad” thing. Future generations will never know what true freedom is.We all need to unite and stop this perversion of the truth.

  • Jose

    You asked what’s wrong with this man, Obama. Well, in just a couple of words:
    He is an idiot.

    • The Big Geezer

      Sorry Jose… you are wrong. Obama is not an idiot… he is anti-American!!


    obumba does not want his muslim brothers to lose thier lucrative account with the us. we are literally buyin the stick to beat ourselves with. he will hang with the commies, excuse me environazis. on the pipeline until he is forced to act on the situation, like reelection, or jobs. then he will jump up and say look what i did for you. he may even do this while he is in a debate with a gop candidate. he has no shame, he thinks like a child. and the worst president we have ever had.

    • Shavis

      “He is an idiot.” I wish it was that simple… he is no idiot. He and his handlers are cold and calculating. They are systematically dismantling our country, as we know it. The really scary part is that ‘we’ elected him and may very well re-elect him. We’re on the fast-track to the NWO!

      • aeroguy48

        I voted McCain TYVM.

  • Leslie85223

    Oil will not be a thriving industry in this nation unless it’s been nationalized by the Obama Administration unless he’s voted out of office in 2012. Soros (the puppet master) is too heavily invested in the Brazilian oil industry for him to allow any further expansion of our own oil industry. Bet on it!!!!

  • tweety

    What? No windmills?

  • Bob Marshall

    Obama administration offered $2 billion to Brazilian state owned offshore oil drilling company Petrobras in which George Soros and his management company own an $811 million stake. yet obama stopped the drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. George Soros shelled out $250,000 for Obama’s inauguration and $60,000 in direct contributions.

  • Dean Jackson

    We have more OIL Capped in the US than there is in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and Afganistanput together . But the Saudies fund millions of USD into the invironmentlist coffers to stop the US From leaving our dependence of foreign OIL. Where is Congress IN all This? Follow the money! Untill WE CLEAN HOUSE IN WASHINGTON. GET RID OF ALL THE LAWYERS IN OFFICE. PUT IN QUILIFIED REPERSENTION IN OFFICE, TERM LIMITS AND GET BACK TO A COUNTRY OF LAW UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AS THIS COUNTRY WAS SET UP TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. (this is not a popularity contest but we need to make good choices.Not just be a bunch of sheep and do what ever the Union, news media or race etc promote. Listen to what they say and their record. Wolves are still Wolves no matter if they are in Sheep attire.) THERE IS NO HOPE unless we reponsibility vote and not by race, or party but by who is the best quilified to responsibility lead this country. Socialism, communism which is nothing more than a police state, has never worked in any country its every been implimented in ever. We have had the best system in the world. WHY ARE WE SO WILLING TO SET BACK AND LET IT TURN INTO A POLICE STATE?

  • dhorne

    I’m going to change the topic a bit here. Yes we need oil, but we do have an alternative, and it might even appease the “greens”. Why not take the technology from the space program and use oxygen and hydrogen? They are both unlimited sources of energy! The shuttle had one fuel tank hydrogen, and one fuel tank oxygen for fuel. By product? Water vapor. Water vapor dissapates. Why not develope an engine for commercial and private use; automobiles….etc.

  • http://None BenFox

    We have more oil in America then the entire middle east put together, what we need is someone with the brains to let us drill, baby drill and export oil and get out of debt, opps makes to much sense?

  • Don Poleto

    IF the U.S.A. IS a Republic..why then do We have a DICTATOR in Office??

  • Wayne Peterkin

    I would argue that the forseeable future is oil and natural gas (CNG) as primary transportation fuels with coal and nuclear power as our primary electrical sources. For all of the propaganda out there, electric cars and ethanol are cruel jokes as transportation alternatives. An electric vehicle has no practical use except as a short-haul commuter vehicle and ethanol is far too expensive to make, requiring huge taxpayer subsidies, while raising food costs and decreasing fuel economy. Wind and solar power for electricity costs far too much and aren’t anywhere near competitive with nuclear power (least expensive) or coal (more expensive than nuclear, but tolerable).