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Colorado emerges as next oil frontier

The Davis family has owned ranchland on the high-desert prairie of El Paso County in Colorado for the past century. Family lore recalls a prophecy of wealth from the Depression years. A geologist came through the desolate region, nestled on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and told the family there might be oil (CL-FT102.74-0.48-0.47%) under their land. In the seven decades since the 1930s, there hasn’t been a single successful oil well on the Davis land – or anywhere else in all of El Paso County, a mostly rural region located south of Denver.

Now, however, subsurface fracturing – or fracking – technology so widely used in natural gas drilling is beginning to unlock oil reserves long considered impossible to tap successfully, like the suddenly prolific Bakken play in North Dakota

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  • Dee

    obummer will probably stop this.

  • Al Barrs

    It will take a President and a Congress who is completely loyal to the United States to declare a “man on the moon” challenge to our nation and companies to propel the U.S. into a self-sufficient energy nation and a leading manufacturer of military hardware and domestic goods and services. That won’t be President Obama or his socialist cohorts in the U.S. Congress… Who has the guts to do the right and loyal thing for the people of the U.S.A. and shrink the U.S. Central Government back into the constrains of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights???


    • Joe

      Socialist?! You missed 2 or 3 words Al. It’s socialist/communist/Marxit/islamofascist.

      • Ken

        10-4 !!!!!!!!!!!

    • don

      guts al? this has nothing to bo with GUTS. all you have seen an read an you still don’t get the piture. will we ever wake up? i’m begining to think no. every day this man our president takes us one day closer to being to late for us to wake up to the fact that WE are losing our freedoms slowly but surely.this could end bad.

  • J J

    If there are jobs involved, Obama will nix it. If there is the possibility of the U.S. becoming a little less dependent on foreign oil, Obama will nix it. If there is a possibility of making things better for any U.S. citizens, Obama will nix it. That is his m.o.. He would rather pay Brazil millions of dollars to get our oil from them than to put that money into America. Obama proves over and over that he is against America.

    • Joe

      JJ, The $4 billion was to protect soros’ investment in Brazil. obama Is the puppet who’s strings are being pulled by the socialist/communist/Marxit/islamofascist.

  • ARMYOF69

    I for one is seriously considering deserting this once great country of ours. It is now the land run by and for union thugs, illegal aliens, muslims, far left morons, blacks on the EBT and welfare checks, criminals and corrupt politicians, and the massive war machine.
    Freedom is long gone ,

    • Cramer

      Canada is looking good

      • Joe

        Cramer, Canada is about the same as the UK. The Canadians have no choice now because the Canadian government took their guns.

        We have one last chance.


        • givemeliberty

          If REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER fails, rev o lu tion is our only option left I fear.

  • Nancy

    Did you know we export more oil from the USA than we import? Why do we even need to deal with the Middle East? This oil business is a scam. It doesn’t matter how much oil is found in this country!

    • LarryFrom10EC

      We don’t export more oil than we import- we export more gasoline. That’s because the socialist and Islamic countries can’t refine enough.

  • AliveStillKickin

    His majesty will not allow this sensible approach to energy.
    A reduction in energy prices would foil (or slow) his plan to become supreme emperor

  • Mike H

    As the crude oil prices raise I find it impossible to believe that our vast oil shale resources cannot be tapped economically. Western Colorado is currently waiting to be developed. I find it interesting that BP has been buying up mineral rights where American companies seem to be in a coma. A real snub would be if we end up paying royalties to a foreign company in order to use our own resources.

  • ANNE

    If and when we finally wake up, open our eyes and tell this imposter in the the White House and take all his communist friends with him, to go to hell and we start drilling, and stop buying oil from the Middle East, then and only then will we be free.

    • http://None BenFox

      Lets see? Can’t drill in Alaska, N. Dakoto, Montana? And these same nut cases are going to let us drill in Colorado? What a joke, need a new president, senate and congress and get a brain for a leaders we elect. I forgot pay back to Indonisa by making the best soft coal field in the U.S. a national park so we couldn’t mine it. Start burning the greens for fuel, wouldn’t need gas or coal for years?

  • warren waage


  • warren waage

    Nevada desert is next has lots of oil

  • Leslie85223

    America’s wealth and prosperity will only continue to diminish while Soros and Obama (with the assistance of Pelosi, Reid, Holder and the czars) are running our country. All of us MUST commit to voting for WHOEVER the candidate is in 2012 running against Obama!!!

  • Steve

    Someone needs to get their facts straight.

    El Paso County in Colorado is the HOME of the US Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, NORAD (Cheyenne Mountain), North COM, Falcon Air Force Base, etc.

    It is not a hick town by any standard.

    What it is, is a community highly dependent on Gov’t spending, what it is, is a county where the eastern 2/3 ain’t manure to the western 1/3 that is highly liberal like Manatou Springs and the other elitists that live further up Hwy 24, a flash back to the 60’s.. As well as the “little school” up there that the wealthy house their spoiled brats and bitches at.

    Former Deputy Sheriff El Paso County. No I didn’t sign my full name cause I do not have the time to listen to PC and more.

  • Marviene Brand

    Since it seems that ALL of us have similiar feelings about the “resident” (sorry, folks, but I can’t refer to him as “President”..I just see him living in the White House-AGAINST my better judgement)….I’ll try again…since it seems that ALL of us have similiar feelings…We NEED to get him out!!!!! This nation is on the edge of being lost forever! With so much against him…how DID he ever get elected????