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Supreme Court Hears Case of ‘Dream House’ Stopped by EPA

Since 2007, Mike and Chantell Sackett have been fighting to build their dream home on the Idaho lot they bought years ago. The Sacketts say they had gotten local permits and spent thousands prepping the land for construction – then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed up.

The EPA told the Sacketts their property contained wetlands and issued a compliance order mandating that they return it to its original state or risk facing fines starting at $37,500 per day.

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  • Gramma

    Chicago thuggery at work again.

    • Martin Ridens

      “Wetlands” have been being used to deprive us of our liberty for a long time. It was going on in the Clinton years and apparently hasn’t slowed much since then.

      • Dingbat36

        I would surely like to see how they categorize these lands. We have land within our city limits categorized in this way which is dry as a bone year round. It might once have been “damp” but in the 42 years I have lived in this community, I have NEVER seen it “wet”!!

        Once deemed as such by either the State or the Fed, the label will no doubt last forever no matter the actual state of the property. More government insanity!!

        • Bert Chapman

          The EPA’s definition for wetlands and other relevant information can be found here on their website

          Bert Chapman
          Purdue University Libraries

          • ekim

            Do these people at the EPA not have more important things to do than to throw their weight around and try to intimidate the citizenry.
            Kagan needs to focus on the EPA’s value and not what ordinary citizens are doing !

          • Ole Vet

            Looks like they can call any sort of land any name they choose! You can’t win for losing!

        • john whittington

          You have an insane person controling the EPA so what’s the problem?

          • Bob

            Obama has appointed many officials and given the EPA free reign over the counrtry. The earth is constantly changing and some regulations should no longer apply.

          • daves

            Do you all notice how these articles manipulate you?

            The couple has been fighting this since 2007. What does that have to do with President Obama? It should say President Bush’s EPA.

          • Dennis

            This is the real problem.
            Not who was in charge.
            The Sacketts say they were stunned, and asked the EPA for a hearing on the matter.

            (The agency denied their request,)

            so the Sacketts decided to file a lawsuit.
            (The EPA has argued that the agency is equipped to handle complaints like the Sacketts through administrative procedures,) THEY DENIED THEIR REQUEST

            (and that landowners have no constitutional right )
            to proceed from a compliance order directly into federal court.

            What happen when they come along and say your home was built on wetlands 20 or 30 years age and you have to move and restore the land.
            Just keep letting them take your rights away.

          • Die Free

            What is this the peliclican brief. That involved marsh wetlands and court appointments. Sounds about the same thing here what is really there that the odummer gov thugs want to keep quite.

          • DocJohnM

            You have an insane man in the White House who wants no private ownership. Look up UN Agenda 21. In fact are there any sane “Czars” appointed by Obama?

          • Don Ingram

            EPA needs to be put in their place. They have way too much power over home owners, just like the Department Home land security has over the ordinary citizen here in the United States. These agencies need to be dissolved or put in their place by losing some of their powers that they have. Look at Home Land Security showing up at a Social; Security Office with fully automatic Weapons checking identification of citizens going in to a building owned by the folks who pay taxes just to take care of business. This country is going to sewer and it is just not Obama or his party causing this, it’s the republicans as well.

        • Harold Dean

          In a small rural subdivision that was built next to the rural property where I grew up, some friends were trying to obtain a permit to remodel their home. They ran into trouble because according to the permit agency, they lived in a flood plain. I testified in court for them that in all of my years, I had never seen what could be called uncontrolled flooding on the side of the road they were located on since it was about two feet higher than the other side. The other side frequently flooded and was not designated a flood plain. When I produced pictures taken at our residence in 1949 when the last flood occurred, the judge issued the order to correct the obvious error in their land plat. Doesn’t happen often, but justice prevailed

          • DENNIS


        • Lee Baldwin

          we have ‘wetlands’ here in California as well. Mostly near the beaches. The wetland moniker can be run around as I see very large and expensive homes get built right on those wetlands, and the ‘wetlands’ moved back. Hmmmm……I guess with enough money even a wetland could become dryland. NOBODY IS BEING FOOLED HERE. ‘We the People’ KNOW politicians can be bought and owned or these expensive homes would not get to be built-PERIOD.

          • Linda

            I agree. I bought a beach house in 1985. It was across the street from a little beach. Right after I moved in; the city sold the beach property and three huge, “rich guy” houses
            were built right on the beach.They also gave variances to another person to build a house between myself and the gulf, so now all my ocean view is gone. I had to get on city sewer system but the new houses use septic systems.

          • yukonron

            As far a Ca goes, they can desinate anything as a wetland if there is standing water there for 8 days or more. It doesn’t matter that it has been raing for 7 of the last 8 days. Up here in Northern Ca, we have vernal pools, that fill up with water for about a month every year, and they are trying to stop the ranchers from grazing their cattle on these land because of the fairy shrimp. The main thing is that these lands have been being grazed for the last 180 years and there are still plenty of shrimp in these pools. Also, the lands where the pools exist, were lands that were grazed by elk and antelope long before Europeans arrived. They evolved to co-exist with this enviroment.

          • Dana Baxter

            Look up land patents. If everyone would take the time and effort to get a land patent for thier land they could tell the EPA where to go because the law would protect the landowner. Same goes for enminent domain. No entinty of government can even come on your land without your permission.

        • Jstarusa

          It will unless China wants to buy it…. from the government. They might even give it to them.

        • http://Hotail Jackie

          The land in the photo appears to be dry. Even if it is designated “wetlands” the EPA has gone too far. The EPA is killing our edonomy and our freedom.

      • T-Texas

        I know this guy whose Dad was a rice farmer raised the elevation of some wet land for some use and was sued by the EPA and had to return the land back to the original elevation.This put him at extra expense for a lawyer and court cost.

        • New Orleans

          Hey, they might as well take all of New Orleans since it is so called wetlands. Here they hold the water back and then call it dry land. I see that they are taking ours freedom away because what they say goes.

      • Nancy

        All I have to say is “wetlands, yeah right.” If this were Florida, maybe down where wetlands actually exist. If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule in their favor, I have no faith in them (well now I have no faith in 4 out of the 9). And Kagan said to them, “why didn’t you just ask for a waiver for the wetlands.” They had the perfect response – “there are no wetlands on the property”!!

        Can’t beat logic.

        • http://AOL Sammy Jo

          Logic is another strange bedfellow to the powers that be. They do not want to be confused by logic.

        • Dennis

          Gag a magget Kagan will not rule in there favor.

        • http://None BenFox

          Nancy, part of Agenda 21, soon your sink will be a wet land and you’ll have to give it to the UN?

      • Tom

        note to all:
        Research Agenda 21, you will see how nicely the “Wetlands Project” fits right in. Agenda 21 is a huge problem that we are facing, if you can call it facing, as very few people know about it. ( < 0.01%)
        For those that don't:

        ….and just for fun research "Project 60"

        • robert

          we the people its time to kick obama illegal a– and the rest of the treasonous govt. out,remember they are suppose to be working for we the people,not vise versa,people its time to overt—- the go–,its time,enough is enough.when in the coarse of human events well you know the rest of it.its time.god bless all american veterans and legal tax paying american citizens.

        • http://None BenFox

          Tom, thanks friend, many should not only watch that video but those that come with it, says it all, wish people would wake up but, I fear those who want from those who have, like the occupy people are too dumb to know what the agenda is? One more term with this anti-christ idiot and we are done for as a nation of free people. God Bless:

        • John Hapiak

          You are right Tom. Agenda 21 is such a fraud. Look into Aerotropolis. Missouri just threw it out. Michigan is presently establishing 4 of them. Complete Streets is another that is linked to ICLEI and Agenda 21. Don’t forget the Economic Development Corporations that are leading our local government around by the nose too. I’ll check out Project 60. Its time to leave the United nations who is pushing this crap on America! Good eye Tom.

      • John P

        This has been goig on a lot further back than Clinton administration Jimmy the peanut nut implemented the EPA.

      • Mayflower Decendant

        I watched a neighbor of ours a few years ago fill in the wetland that housed blue herons, ducks, and redwing black birds next to his house by putting in a gravel parking lot and a gargae for his dump trucks.. The only thing they did to him was a 10,000 fine… That’s it.. No stopping the construction and no one forced him to turn it back to wetland. How come it’s fine for some and not for others? The EPA did nothing to him, he got away with it scott free!

        • Jstarusa

          Maybe it was called greasing the palms. Money talks you know.

        • http://None BenFox

          Mayflower Decendant, good for your neighbor, screw the commie EPA.

      • America first

        UN’s Agenda 21 in full force. They are using NGO’s to implement Agenda 21 because it did not pass the Senate in the 90’s.

      • Al Duhan

        I believe that this all goes back to obama. We did not have this shit with G Bush and it appears that obama just loves to destroy white people and families. He loves the queers much better. He has to go one way or the other. I would rather se the other now.

      • Dan Bongiorno

        I was Project Manager for the gov’t when we were building a Naval Training Center in South Carolina. The site for the building included “Wetlands.” We only had to work around the Wetlands and not disturb the animals who lived there.
        So they should be able to build their dream home as long as they adhere to these idiotic rules. I’m sure that on my project there was discussion behind the scenes that allowed the whole project to take place.

    • workinggirl

      No, Kenyan thuggary at work.

    • Freedom for All

      More games by the Liberal/Communist/democrats to take our land and wealth. We conservatives need to create great wealth to defeat these Liberal/Communist. Get Dr. Michael Williams book “The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind, 2nd Edition. We all need this book. Get a copy at or at Amazon or Barns and Noble online. The Liberals don’t want us Conservative to read this book, believe me. God Bless all Americans.

    • John Detwiler

      This Agency needs to be eliminated, it could be a great thing but who is to stop the people who make the agency decisions. There are to many cooky enviromentalists out there who have already inserted themselves in positions of power. But that and the arrogrant attitude of the just stated that the people have no recourse but to do exactly as the agency wishes without be permitted to sue displays this arragance. And Kagan’s statement demonstrates just how unfit to serve as a Supreme Court Justice, She is just another biased leftist with any truely legal experiance to draw upon.

      • libertybound

        If want to get rid of EPA then you better vote for Ron Paul because he is the only one who do anything about it. Newt Gingrich has already sided with Pelosi agreeing that we need cap and trade. No other candidate has talked about getting rid of the EPA. Ron Paul would also get rid of the problem by getting rid of the Federal Reserve, and go back to the gold standard and the silver standard across the world. This will help get rid of a bunch of problems including get rid of the IRS and all the abc agencies of the federal govt. None of the Candidate understand economics that well, Ron Paul does, I really fail to understand people reluctance to accept him. He believess in the constitution, he believes in the american people making the decisions rather than the federal govt. But you know what I do not think that the american people truly understand what true liberty really means. We have been so brainwashed; the United States Inc has been telling what to do our life we do not know how to think for ourselves anymore. I hope you ignorant amercians realize what a wonderful candidate and friend we have in Ron Paul, he puts his trust in the american people; we are not use to that, so much so that moist americans think he is nutzo. You ingnorant americans listen up and you listen up good, all the candidates are big govt bureaucrats all of them! If you vote for them your going to keep getting what we have been getting period!

        • DWAIN

          It is no secret why people areafraid of Paul.You can not be an isolationist in todays world.His talk on Iran’s nuclear ambitions,not helping Israel and comments on 911 make Him an idiot or else just a senile old man which I think it is as I do not think He is stupid.
          I will only vote for him if he gets the GOP nomination as even with His dumb foriegn policy plan He is still better than any thinh the Libs have to offer!

          • Herb

            Ron paul is not an isolationist, he is a non-interventionist.

            Huge difference.

            If we don’t get the government and govenrment debt under control, NOTHING else matters. None of the other candidates have any type of plan/idea of doing so.

          • http://cowboyByte nancy pearce

            I have commented on the danger of isilationism frequently only to be brought up to ridicule from those who say I am misusing the term. It is not isolationist they say, simply nonintervention. Potato Patahto. A world without either is a world waiting to combust. You cannot separate yourself from the rest of the world. It is neither wise or productive.

          • Ole Vet

            I shudder to contemplate our fate with the enemies we have currently in the world with Ron Paul as our leader! He feels we can negotiate with such as the N. Korea flake (sorry, the flake’s son, now, probably just like Dad!), the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Iran….in fact, most of the Islamic world! These only negotiate while they resupply, rebuild, and wait for an opportune moment to strike again, without warning!

            It’s the ‘ostrich’s head in the sand’ situation……if you can’t see them, they can’t see you! Only they CAN! And, you CAN’T! This is NO way to conduct foreign relationships. It didn’t work for Woodrow Wilson, and WWI caught us, anyway.

            Too many have been smoking wacky weed in Paul’s camp, and the euphoria makes these sheeple believe he can walk on water. To be sure, many of Ron Paul’s ideas for America are very good for it, and would solve many problems, and save us money at the same time.

            Should he be the Republican candidate, I will vote for him, but I pray that doesn’t happen! Unfortunately, all the choices have caveats; none is ideal. Also, unfortunately, if some voters’ favorite isn’t the candidate, they may refuse to vote at all, ensuring 4 more years for Obama & thugs to have enough time to destroy America!

        • Jack

          Some of Mr. Paul’s views are in line with my beliefs but not all of them. After reading your biased rant rife with poor spelling and grammar, I am even more against him. I am not an “ignorant American” as you state in your diatribe but carefully consider all candidates. I am also not “Nutzo”(whatever that terms implies). To me, your posting leaves me with an extreme distaste for anything to do with Mr. Paul. If you are a typical example of a Ron Paul follower, I want nothing to do with him or his faction. I cannot believe that Mr. Paul would espouse his views in such a way. Perhaps that is the reason he always an “also ran” candidate. What a sad way to draw fellow Americans to a candidate!

        • Bob

          I’m voting for Ron Paul no matter what. Many times I voted for the lesser of two evils, but not this time ! I’ve seen and heard enough B.S. from others that say what they think you want to hear, I’m not buying it anymore. I’ve been voting for almost 50 years and this is the first time I completly agree with a candidate that has proper values. Some people say I’m wasting my vote, he can’t win. I believe he can and should win for the future of our country. Don’t compromise anymore, vote for what you really believe in.

          • Tom K.

            Ron Paul no matter what ????
            I’m not a 50 year voter like you.
            Only 44.
            One vote wasted Bob.

          • Dennis

            I’m with ya Bob.
            Ron Paul 2012,
            He is the truth. He is the one that can put America back to work.
            He is the one that can get Americans back to working with and buying American made again.
            He is the one that can bring manufacturing back to America.
            He is the one that can bring industrie back to America.

            If you injoy what you have then vote for Romney or Santorum or Gingrich and watch America keep sinking.


          • Rocky

            Good for you Bob,you see the light is on and someone lives there,also the powers in D. C. are going to release some terrorists from Gitmo,they also have 36 terrorist training camps around America,from Seattle,Wash., to California,to Texas,to New York and virginia and every where in between,keep your powder dry and be ready always carry.
            Keep Sheriff Joe safe and Mr. Ron Paul safe,also Governor Brewer of Arizona,we should even consider pulling out of the union of states and team up with Arizona,watch your children home school them if you have to.Keep an eye on obummer never trust him behind
            your back,Global World Government is trying to flex it’s muscles and spread it’s fear,don’t trust Carter either he even confirmed their plan to let China come here to stop
            any discontent-5 Million of them,so we have alot of sleepers from all walks of life,so please pray hard for our
            Country and the Americans born and raised here!

      • Lee Baldwin

        Once the obama problem vets itself out, things should return to a norm.
        Harrison J. Bounel/Barry Soetoro/Barrack the Obama are really trying his level best to SOCIALIZE America. He is a socialist/marxist no matter what he says he is. He has proven this out over and over. the BARRY SHOW is trying very hard to impliment this Agenda 21 program here in the USA

      • Curry

        The EPA is unconstitutional; its powers authorize it to cross State boundaries in violation of constitutional law, States’ rights and State laws already in force; it acts without the consent of the Congress; it acts without the consent of State legislatures; it interferes with private property rights in violation of the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights.
        Now, keep this in mind: the federal constitution was not written for individual citizens: it was written to establish a central government with limited powers for the purpose of protecting what preexisted all civic government on this continent: our God-given, alienable rights. The Bill of Rights requires the federal government by constitutional law to be self-limiting – the Bill of Rights does not exist – never has – to “give” anyone their rights. We owned them before the Constitution and the Bill of Rights existed.
        Therefore, if this couple is appealing to the Supreme Court on the basis of “demanding” their rights under the Fourth Amendment, if they win they will not only have lost more than they sought to win, they will also have acted to put another nail in the constitutional coffin, that is, like “Heller” (Second Amendment case) the “victory” will reverse the principle of what the Bill of Rights was designed to accomplish and in legal fact cause ownership of that part of our God-given, alienable rights -in this case, private property – to belong to the federal government, which can reverse the ruling any time!

        • sc

          Hell Barry/obama is un-constitutional but no ONE in congress is doing anything about that so why should they bother the EPA

          • Curry

            You bring up an interesting point. We know that many in Congress are shameless traitors…my question is, “If the so-called conservatives running for the Republican nomination for president are all claiming to want to save the nation from the ravages of Obama et. al., then why are we not hearing from them loud and clear every day in every way that Obama himself has publicly admitted he is not a citizen? And why are these so-called conservatives not doing anything about this?”

      • Nina

        MANY, MANY agencies need to go… I vote using nuclear options.

      • http://None BenFox

        Get rid of the EPA, the Department of Education and leave it in the hands of the locals. One term for the Senate, Two terms for the Congress and then retire, pay into SS and no private retirement for either house or the President. Use the same health care that they pass, live by all the laws they pass, shorter times in either house for law making. No life time judge ships and get rid of any who don’t follow the Constitution to the letter. God help this sick country:



    • Ardith

      There is a program on Dish sat at 10:00 to 12:00 am. on channel 257
      (Frances & Friends) She talks about all kinds of things they have call in from 11:00 to 12:00 you can call & voice your opinion She invites different individuals on many different topic that has studied subject with authority It’s a great program!

      • Ardith

        this program is on every day M-F on Satelite! (Frances & Friends)

    • Msgtgdubbya

      It is worse than Chicago thuggery, It is downright Nazi dictatorship. The EPA has to go, right along with Herr Obama and all of his sycophants. God help us.

    • Duane

      Well, it STILL looks as if the Enemy of the People of America is still at it again and is STILL EXTREMELY STUPID. I hope that they are gotten rid of under a new administration, along with some others.

      • MANGO


    • Raymond

      Lt.General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin on Marxism in America.

      • http://None BenFox

        Good video as usual friend Raymond, the General has it right and anyone who has read about Hitlers take over could find the same traits in obozo and his gang. God Bless Friend:

    • Mike Shields


    • Ron

      No, it’s that jackass and his cronies that lied (Hope and Change)to get into office and the same that are perverting the Constitution. Get the Jackass out of there and we can correct it, keep him in, he will destroy this GREAT COUNTRY!

    • E

      Yup! There WERE no ‘wetlands’ there until a bunch of EPA bureaucrats showed up and peed all over. And you KNOW how full of …stuff…. they are!

    • andy in OR

      no it is AMERICAN thuggery AT WORK

  • JOHN


    • reginald zenkewich

      Any law that is contrary to the Constitution is unlawful and should be removed from the list . There are many laws ans departments in this Obamanayshon cabal that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and should be thrown out the window with the baby.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        Long line of idiots including George Bush!

        More then enough blame to go around.
        BOTH parties (major) swallow!

      • mac

        You people aren’t going back far enough in spreading the blame. Obama and Bush are newcomers in this field – it goes back to at least the Clinton administration, when Agenda 21 was let in the door and the UN now has jurisdiction over our National Parks. I didn’t start paying attention soon enough myself, not until the Clintons started really attacking the 2nd Amendment. I wish I had paid attention sooner.

        • Mike Shields

          What?!? The UN controls our national parks? Are you Serious?

          • Jim

            In 1993, they wanted to change a Zip code in one of the states out West. Do you know, they had to go to the United Nations to get it done. That baffled me to no end. Why, should we, the United States of America, go to anyone outside of this great nation, to get permission to change a Zip code? But that’s the way it was…. End of story….

          • http://None BenFox

            Mike in Colorado the national parks have signs that say “UN biospere”, they don’t hide it but, people don’t pay attention to it? God Bless masked friend

        • http://None BenFox

          Your right Mac, all the way back to Carter and probably back even further. From my cold dead hand comes to mind at this time? God Bless:

      • John P

        99% of the laws legislated from 1918 to the present time ARE un-constitutioal and should be repealed.

    • zac

      Congress can eliminate EPA by refusing to fund it. They should also
      include the labor relations board. Both agencies are anti jobs and anti

      • Zoobbe

        This congress is spineless. All most of them care about is their individual selves. They’ve granted themselves all kinds of perks that they have no trouble depriving the working Americans of. My state, Maine, has two ‘D’ reps, and two RINO senators.. Talk about a stacked deck.

      • andy in OR

        you will never see that happen. Washington created jobs for their friends and so did Obadass
        When are we going to take OUR country back


      YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!

  • Harold Baker

    This is something that should never be allowed.

  • Nancy Foster

    Sounds a little like Agenda 21 to me. Agenda 21 will be securing more and more land under the protection of the wetlands from being abused by the people. Soon there will be no land available for people to own and we will be rounded up and told where we can and cannot live. Visualize high rise apartments for all people to live in designated areas. Down with the EPA. Down with Agenda 21.

    • David O

      Well made point… and so true (unfortunately)

    • John Berg

      Looks like Uncle Sam hasn’t changed since the days of the Indian Wars. Take the land and herd the previous owners into reservations. Probably be killing us next. No wonder, Obama needs a Civilian Corp just as strong and well funded as the military. Glad I left 6 years ago. Philippines is great.

    • http://Conservativebyte Ken

      Theses bas—- are in Ontario also! They operate when commi liberal democrats breed them. They charged us 2.000,000,000 taxes since 1984 and now have taken our residential zoning away making our property worthless but these cunning slime would like to own our property! Beware! East Germany!!

    • 71cijug

      Pay attention to how they affect agriculture, too.

      There are no bounds.

      • Mary

        Now they are after the petroleum companies in West Texas because of the habitat of the sagebrush lizard. Of course they have been around for about 200 million years, and the companies have been drilling for oil and natural gas in west Texas and eastern New Mexico since the early 1900s. And they are still around. I’m sure the EPA has done some good, but when the start telling folks where they can and can’t build their homes, they are going to far, and need to be defunded, or at least have their funding cut sharply.

        • http://None BenFox

          Mary one correction, if we were here just one million years ago, nothing would be alive. Science has proven the Sun depletes itself at 2 1/2 to 3 feet per year at that rate we would have been about 300 miles closer to the Sun, water would boil and be sterile and no animal or plant life. Not my opionion but real science.

    • Allen

      it is Agenda 21 nancy Calf is doing the same thing and it is BS

    • john whittington

      AMEN !!!

    • Dick Fowler

      Good to see some one doing their homework. UN Agenda 21 has spread into almost every community in the USA and is part of the ‘one world order’ gang. Like sheep we have let it happen. Welcome to your local FEMA camp.

      • HANDYMAN


        • sc

          Yes some understand, but they do nothing but cry in their little lace hankies, it would seem that all the so called MEN have turned to little scared boys.

    • John P

      There is wheat rancher in Kanas who was fine for farming a so called wetlands he still farms and in so many words told the epa TO GOTO HELL HE HAS NEVER PAID THE FINE AND the EPA has never tried to collect. Although they still harass him,the land regulations state that water standing for seven dats or moisture 36 inches below the surface of the ground constitutes wetlands, his property has niether critieror.for wetlands. The EPA would lose their case in a court of law and they know it.

  • Roger

    Makes me wonder who they will go after next. The EPA has to be stopped along with Obama and all his so called team.

    • Scott

      This is obumas un uniformed army along with the black panther army. we U.S. Citizens are in deep dog doo doo.

      • http://cowboybyte Dave M.

        and Holder sent a clear message after the last election when he dismissed the voter intimidation case against the Panther thugs bearing bats at a polling station in Philly. Left wing crime is A Ok!
        Obama and his team are a bunch of Chicago gangsters.

        • http://talktalk johnny h

          DaveM: In view of the last Panther threat, better carry to vote. Bats no contest against a .45!!

          • Roger

            I agree. I’ll be packing. Seeing a few blacks turn white should be interesting.

          • William 1

            RIGHT ON! NRA all the way!

      • Dick Fowler

        SEC. 5210. ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS. Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204). Passed, funded and well under way. A standing civilian military reporting only to Obama and in his own words will be stronger than the US military. It does not include any national guard, who previously had this responsibility. All the president needs to do is declare a national emergency and they can be mobilized without congressional approval. Doggy do do is puting it mildly. We are totally screwed.

        • http://talktalk johnny h

          ABO in November!!!!!!

        • pistolero

          I agree with you up to a point Fowler. That point is where the citizens of this country say “screw you obadass. We refuse your BS”. Then comes the shootin’ war. That is when his so-called civilian “army” tries to put down a God given revolution of the people. If the TSA is any indication of what his “army” is, old farts like me will have a field day with them. Bring in the UN?
          Go ahead! Those blue helmets make damn good targets.
          It’s gonna happen folks!! It’s just a matter of when not if. This country has put up with political BS for a long time and tempers are ready to burst forth. All it will take is one idiotic move by the administration and “BOOM” it starts. Small at first and then expanding like it did in the middle east. The majority of those people took it for years and just said “nuff is enuff!!!!

    • Dingbat36

      Did you take a look at the dirt that had been turned for this project? The color alone would tell anyone with a “brain” the status of this property, not that anyone in the
      EPA has ever been known to have any brains.

      • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

        The picture appears to be dry, dusty dirt to me. Shouldn’t it be mucky for “wetland”?

      • sc

        that’s true but most of them have college degrees.

    • andy in OR

      they already started—-US the citizens

  • Edward Shick

    Lets get the goverment out of local affairs, There job is to protect us against enemies foreign and domestic ,Some of our biggest enemies is our anti christian elected officals , Obama , Reid Peloshi , EPA , dept of energy, Any idiot that can put us 6 trillion dollars more in debt , and he blames it all on some one else ,Why has he not been impeached or arrested for treason, let’s get er done

    • Richard

      Who will get it done ?? The republicans ? Dont hold your breath . Unless we do it IT wont happen .

      • Patricia L. Ingersoll

        And who are we Richard? You? And who are you? Can you step in and run this country? I know there isn’t too much to choose from with either the Dems or Republicans, but I do believe the Republicans are the best of two evils. I agree, the EPA is useless, and as far as I am concerned so is the Drug and food administration. They arn’t doing their jobs. Both should be shut down, think of the money we would save.

        • Patricia L. Ingersoll

          Just wanted to add, I truely believe, Rick Perry is the best man for the job. Look at his record with Texas.

    • DefendConstitution

      10th Ammendment must be adhered to. Many of our problems would go away if the Constitution was enforced.

      • dusterdog

        defend Constitution = Ron Paul

        • Eve

          Ditto! This is the sort of thing Dr. Paul has warned us about!!!!

        • DWAIN

          I think Paul is senile when it comes to foriegn relations.If We went by His agenda the Muslims would love it!!We would be in great danger!
          His domestic policy is great but We can not afford an isolationist in the white house!!

          • Roger

            If Ron Paul was President, he would not have the last word. That’s what the congress is for, unfortunately the congress we have now is worthless. If they were doing their job, Obama, Holder and some congress critters would have been impeached or in prison for treason.

      • andy in OR

        they do not adhear to the Constitution didn’t you know that The way they run washington there is no Constitution

    • http://Conservativebyte Ken

      It,s called the Hanging Days!

    • Doyle D. Davidson

      I have to agree with you. Sooner the better.



    • Sleeper

      We can only hope U R correct, Ed!

    • http://cowboybyte GINNY


      • Old Faithful Geyser

        He’d look better at the end of a rope.

    • CAllenDoudna

      If they like wielding this kind of power and making up the law as the whim strikes them they may not leave peacefully.

      • http://talktalk johnny h

        Right on. After all Adolf Hitler only committed suicide when he had NO OTHER CHOICE!!
        Give these brainless commie insects NO WHERE TO GO!!!
        The USA was born with a Declaration of Independence. a Bill of Rights and a Constitution.
        How is the case in SC ref Obama/birth certificate going.
        Anyone seen or heard sight of it since it was announced?
        That`s what you get with a Liberal cum Commie media!!

    • Eve

      I hope so Ed! If not what on earth will we be leaving in the way of a country to our kids????

    • The Bob

      Don’t you fret none Ed. These commie zealots will never see the unemployment line, as they ‘take care’ of each other. If only we could make public their income streams, and all the investments they have made while holding a position with the federal government. I just hate to think about the ugly picture that would be.

    • ABO

      Don’t count on it Ed. Many believe Obama has already set the election results in stone. Everything he’s been doing lately seems to be aimed at Imam Hussein remaining in power and of course most of it involves corrupt and illegal means, the kind he’s so fond of. I honestly don’t expect anyone in government on either side of the aisle will say or do anything to prevent it happening.

      • http://talktalk johnny h

        ABO: It seems things are set up already.
        Unless EVERYONE votes in November and defends his/her right at the polling booths, some Lefty morons will “just follow orders” like the Brownshirts they are!!

    • DWAIN

      Do not be to sure of that!They already have the welfare vote,Union vote and the fraud vote.That is a lot to overcome.
      Also We keep hearing 3rd party and that would hand them the election just as R.Perot did for Clinton!!

    • America first

      The EPA will not be gone because a republican is president. The EPA was created in 1975 and Congress gave them full power- to write the laws, enforce them and judge them. And they did the same with the FDA.

    • andy in OR

      you wont see it happen, our votes don’t count any more didn’t you know that we have no more control over Washington

  • JOHN


    • Dale DuBois

      I wouldn’t have used the blown up in the post but you are right as something has to be done. Why do they(the EPA) pick on just some people, I know of some builders who did build something on wet lands and nothing was said. I think maybe its who you are and or you are just being made an example of for the EPA.

      • http://cowboysbyte James

        It’s called they can be bought off….anybody can be bought if you have the money..

        • Patricia L. Ingersoll

          Not quite any body, James. Can you? I can’t.

    • http://n/a tedsmith

      There are a lot of Patriots out in radioland with an itch. I read alot of comments about the muzzies not understanding & reminds me of Merle’s rendition of Okee from Muskogee( “wonder how long the rest of us can count on being free”
      They ain’t going to leave until they are tossed out even when they are voted out!!!!
      Like guest sez, you ain’t seen nothing yet, because if they retain control after 12 election, they will see it as a mandate & you will see confiscation of property, 401’s, taking over of internet, closing of conservative talkradio, ratification of gun control via UN, more entitlements to deadbeats called redistribution of wealth, if you don’t see the obvious attempt to destroy the middle class, you ain’t seen the ball since the kickoff
      If you are a nonbeliever read, Robert Bork”s NY best seller(1996) Slouching toward Gommorah. He nailed the takeover, step by step. In case you don’t him, he was destroyed by the Dems like they tried to do to Clarence Thomas where running for the Supreme Court
      Wake Up America

      • Old Faithful Geyser

        That UN gun control thing will never fly…..there will be too many blue helmets with ventilation holes in them if they try.

        • sc

          HA HA, Old Faithful Geyser your post makes me laugh, most of the people are just like the Jews were when the SS came for them, a small few resisted but most just went like cattle to gas chambers so it is 1938 all over again only this time it’s happening here in the U.S. and folks there is no place to run. see ya at a FEMA camp soon.

          • Jek Silberstein

            Dear SC: It is too late, if you’re boarding the hopper cars. They have plumbing for gas, and the only arrivals at the FEMA camps may be bodies(–no escapes, no witnesses, no retrobution, no problem)! The refurbished furnaces at those FEMA-camps will burn the bodies, so no one can come forward someday and claim,”We were abused in the Camps (which, because no one came back from them, –they never existed, right?)”…Right now, FEMA is asking employment vendors for crews that can arrive to “manage” disposals as soon as they’re called for.–maybe overnight. 5 camps of from 300-1000 berths for a start. Those guards will then be used as a “core” for expansion for…more camps. Some…may be held for re-education, Red-Cross “inspection” or the murder is going to be SO dramatic, all those berths are for “re-cycle-ers” of debris into the atmosphere? They’d need 1-3 shifts of how many to handle 300-1000 workers, 30-100 guards/per shift x 2 or 3? But they can’t open them for now, because no hires wants to be “on notice”, waiting for the Martial-law-moment. The vendors are NOT asked for “spanish-speakers”, so the old dodge that the camps are for Mexican Nationals that’ve jumped the borders has been dropped. Those camps are for “t ts”, which, instead of being sent overseas indefinitely, like the German Jews “going East(Ost)”, will instead, go up a chimney? I HOPE I’m wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not. PS, in the Phoenix area, guards may come from Russian, Serb & Balt-sources, so learn Russian, to “get along” if you find yourself in the camp & a prisoner, although don’t admit to knowing any languages, those might get “shot, trying to escape”. I think the govt. will claim that the “___-flu” took those in the camps and they had to be burned for health reasons, much as the Nazis used “Typhus”. In this future camps-scheme, those that may be able to testify, will be ex-guards, not prisoners. Have to remove those sections of the military appropriations bill that allow the Military to scoop us for t——-ts, determined by some Washington bureaucrats, & with NO hearing, NO trial, NO informing of family, you’re being held, with NO set date for your release,if ever. with NO trial, there may not be a case-number for you, with which to appeal (–NO appeal), so an honest Supreme like Justice Thomas will be smilingly refused data about you.

  • Amazingoly

    Lisa Jackson and her EPA need to be shown the door and leave with Bill Daley. It is a Department that is out of control, like our government and president.

  • dawn

    And who exactly are they protecting?
    This is upsurd! Another dictator attempt
    to control our every move.Let’s move the
    EPA out of our lives. A small spot of land
    like it will really destroy the universe if
    built upon. Get the thugs out of our govt.
    and country.

  • http://America. guest

    You have not seen anything yet folks… If this so called President gets back in we will see things happen that will blow your mind, And you will NOT be able to do a thing about it.

    • Sleeper

      Guest, U R soooooooo right. Will we awaken in time or is it already “TO LATE”!

    • Wayne937

      Amen to your post, guest!!!!

    • dusterdog

      guest the problem with voting him out is.Will we replace him with something just as bad.All the republicans except Ron Paul are rocking on go to take over where Oblamer will leave off.I want REAL change.Thats why I support Ron Paul.But he most likely won’t get elected as the American people really don’t see the writing on the wall.Instead they see the propaganda put out by the news media & vote accordingly.

      • Eve

        So true guest and dusterdog! That is why you don’t hear much about Ron Paul and when you do they out and out lie! They all know he would make drastic changes and they don’t want the over bloated government that keeps their bread buttered to grow smaller and let states and the people in them have the power. They don’t care about the people!!

        • Paul Brown

          Duster Dog and Guest, have both got it wrong. Anyone is better than obozo. When has anyone spent more money and started more regulations than obozo and current administration. Anyone but obozo, anyone but obozo, period.

      • Mary

        Hi dusterdog,
        That’s why we’re supporting Gov. Rick Perry right now. But the mainstream media doesn’t want him because he will not put up with any of their foolishness. Ron Paul would be good, too. But no one person is going to do everything that everyone wants all the time. Rick Perry is not a good debater but that doesn’t mean he’s not smart or a good man.

    • Dorvan

      Guest: But what about voter fraud, no matter who we all vote for? Where’s the unseen enemy? How do we take out that power, should deception be the case? It would be neccessary for all American’s to see the real truth. Otherwise we would be a country divided against itself. It just seems strange that everyone in power appears to be timid and fearful of saying, or doing the right thing. We see it in Congress and the media. Its like we are, or have been, set up. But surely! Surely! Surly! America won’t allow that. Will we?

  • John Arz

    Time to send Obama a Bill and end his thuggery

  • John P. Centonze,D.D.S.

    I can remember when OSHA went into effect, I was reading the rules pamphlet and came across one rule that really caught my eye. I said to my wife this one rule really indicates to me me that the inspectors are really going to be pains in the asses. The rule said if an inspector showed up on site you were not allowed to KILL him or her.
    I wonder if the EPA has a similar rule,if not maybe we should declare open season on their inspectors.
    Recently a friend of ours was returning to California by air with his two young children. He and his wife had packed these little packages of food for the kids. Upon going through security he was told that he had gone beyond the allowable limit. When he asked what the limit was, the TSA agent said;”It is at our discretion!” Asking the question also earned him a pat down.
    We seem to have a government gone wild with its’ own authority right from the White House (when it declares that Congress is in recess when it is not) all the way to the meter maid who refuses to listen when you show her the parking meter is defective.
    The trouble is that most people are not willing to say;”Enough is enough!”
    John P. Centonze,D.D.S.,Waterbury,VT

    • patriotdynamite

      Amen Doc!!!!!!!!

    • patriotdynamite

      Hey Doc very good post. I have confronted my elected whores and was surrounded by 3 2o something staffers! I pointed to the picture of their boss in the office, Harry Teague (fortunately defeated in 2010) and said “do you see that picture?” They said yes. I said “he is my employee and he works for me and you work for my employee so you wet behind the ears staffers better listen to me.” The dumbasses diddn’t knwo what to say.

      We must defeat barry soetoro/dunham or whatever.

      • Eve

        Good post Doc! and patriot wow just wow! We need more people to stand up and do the same!! It is coming whether he gets re elected or not. I still can’t believe he is going to run again knowing he will have to prove he is a natural born citizen when obviously he can’t!! His father wasn’t an American! Geez…

        • Old Sarge

          He doesn’t have to prove anything now. For fear of being branded a racist, no one demanded to see proof of his Natural Born Citizenship and that set a precedence. That is just one foot in the door. Soon Arnold The Terminator can run for president. I have said it many times. I don’t blame the clowns that voted him into office. At least they voted. The real traitors are the ones who complain about who is in office but refuse to vote. In my opinion, they are just as guilty of High Treason as they claim Obama is. They did just as much to help him get elected as the clowns that voted for him. They may soon pay the price for their apathy when it is too late to do anything about it. Apathy put Obama and his followers in power and apathy will keep them there for another four years. If the day of the rude awakening comes, they will be in for a shock when they are taken from their plush homes in the suburbs and moved to cramped apartments in the major cities with only the bare necessities, or into FEMA camps with even less.

          In the past I have pointed out some of the reasons people don’t vote. One more reason is Jury Duty. There are those of you who think that you will not get selected for Jury Duty if you aren’t registered to vote. You better make sure. A coworker of mine couldn’t understand how he got selected for Jury Duty because he wasn’t registered to vote. I just laughed and told him that, in our state, it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t registered to vote. If you have a Drivers License or a state issued identification card, you can be selected for Jury Duty.

          Don’t take my word for all of this. You can do your own research, or you can just pretend to be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand and wait for that rude awakening. If Joseph McCarthy were still alive, he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!”


          • Mary

            Evil flourishes when good people sit and do nothing. So wake up America and write, call, email, or fax your congressmen/women. They work for us.

        • Cher

          The government doesn’t seem to care and I think this is a shame on them, heck the media didn’t even want to hear it and then of course I believe his first order of business was to seal his own records. His name isn’t even Obama it is Barry something I don’t remember…

      • Dorvan

        Patriot, I love your realist humor!!!! Great job!!!

    • http://cowboysbyte James

      I work at an airport….deal with TSA on almost a daily basis. Let me tell you when they say it is there discretion or they say cause I said so….it means they don’t know the security directive. I have found they make up the rules as they go. Do yourself a favor go to their website read up on the travel rules, and trust me you will find some schmuck that will make up a rule and you have them dead in a lie. Print out the rules so you have proof.

      • Mary

        Hi James,
        Do you know what the website is? That would be interesting to find out.

  • ethridge wells

    the republicans tried to defund the epa. and the democrats started the dirty air, dirty water, rhetoric. the main stream media went wild promoting the rhetoric.

  • George Gallo

    The headline of this article is pure ‘spin,’ so you all can bash Obama and the EPA. Read the NYTimes full article from yesterday and you will find that the Sackett’s are in the ‘driver’s seat,’ not the EPA. This is such a small case. Let’s find out more facts first. Is there another build-able spot for a home on their property? And forget the EPA. The local municipality has the same power to stop them from making any improvements to their land. Well, I got to get back to paving paradise. Oh yeah, they are probably protecting the mosquitos.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Sorry George, but we no longer need a ‘spin line’ to know a pig when we see one…and we have a BIG one in the WH. Anyone who disconnects their decision making policy from the US Constitution as they lead our nation, needs to be ‘bashed’…and more than that, impeached.

      This case is no small case, unless you are one of the elitists like obamminy. $40k a day fines are ‘small’ to you? Seriously? And property rights are not important to you? Seriously?? They didn’t buy property so that the government can tell them what to do with it. A citizenry subject to the whims of government is tyranny. Get a clue George!

      • Eve

        I saw that on Fox dntmkmecmoverther, and these folks are going through hell to hang in there FOR ALL OF US…American citizens because George…it could happen to you too..this is the sort of thing we want to see everywhere. People standing up even when it could destroy everything they have and taking a stand for all of us. Our military boys and girls do it everyday when it could take their lives!!! Can we not do it with voices and votes ? We should be screaming mad!!

    • Bill

      You are right. Municipalities have the power to enforce zoning ordinances; however municipal officials answer to their constituents, and the federal agency goons do not. They do not have to follow specific guidelines–everything is left to their warped, over-bearing discretion. That is the crux of the problem–Big Brother Government attempting to control every aspect of our lives for no other reason that to demonstrate that they can. The Obama regime is pushing it to the limit., and the people need to take care of this problem at the ballot box in November.

    • CAllenDoudna

      In case you didn’t notice, George, they had the okay of local officials. Are we going to have to go all the way to Washington, DC to get a building permit now?

      • George Gallo

        Thank you all for the above comments. Yeah, I agree that our rights have been severely stifled. But that has been going on forever. I guess a lot of peoples’ point is that Obama is better at it. As far as going to Washington for our building permits…… Funny but scary. By the way, the lake the property is on looks awesome.

      • Mary

        What most citizens don’t understand is that the “local” rules and regs are being mandated from the FEDS. While the “local” government may respond to the local citizens, their hands are tied by a trickle down from fed agencies like the EPA. In PA, the EPA mandates to the state DEP what regulations have to be put on the books and enforced down to the local level. Been fighting this for years now, and it only gets worse. This is not how the constitution set up the fed. The local was to dictate to the state, and the states to the fed, not the other way around.

    • Robert

      Anyone who reads AND BELIEVES the NY Times is greatly misinformed. The NY Times, the LA Times and the Boston Globe are some of the most ultraliberal rags in existance. If you read the garbage spewed by these publications, don’t believe anything until it’s been checked out with good reliable sources.

  • Sandra

    Fear not. The tables are about to be turned over again, for the final time. Oh happy day. Amen.

    • HOTROD


    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      I wish you were right. But the media and establishment has chosen Romney for us. This is just like 2008. Romney will not be any different than Obama. The Bilderbergs make sure that they control both sides of ALL elections. That is probably why they forced Palin out of the race.

  • patriotdynamite

    This crap was in place long before the manchurian candidate barry soetoro arrived on the scene. The Federal, no I’m sorry the national govt, is out of control and NO ONE will stop it!!! GWB was a damn sham: presciption drugs, Homeland Security, TSA, No child left behind etc. No we have GWB on hypersteroids but even worse. I believe GWB loved America but he was a republican socialist now we have a damn leninist in the WH and who know maybe the bastard is a closet mohammadan!!! I agree with guest. If barry soetoro the kenyan born, Indonesian citizen who never graduated from columbia, skated through harvard law and whose sexual preferences are ac/dc gets reelected it is all over for my beloved country. The country my dad fought for and was wounded on Saipan, I fought for and was wounded in vietnam and my son fought for and was wounded in A-stan will be no more. Kick the mfer/sob out of office b4 it is too late.

    • Don

      You’ve nailed it, Patriot. Time to kick the Socialists out of the White House, Congress, and all the Federal agencies. I, too, feel America is at the tipping point. The U.S. I grew up in, which was the LEADER of the free world, and a superpower, is slipping away. Remember “made in the U.S.A.” on damn near everything? Every town had one or two big plants making things, NASA was the envy of the world, and you didn’t mess with the U.S. armed forces. People weren’t hounded by the PC police, backed with the full weight and authority of the government. We’ve let socialist bureaucrats steal our country, and liberty, a piece at a time because we were being good citizens and following the rules, even as the rules became increasingly leftist and un-American. This EPA persecution of lawful citizens is not a small thing – it’s emblematic of the problem. Leftist tree huggers have become our masters. The government no longer serves, it dictates.

    • Eve

      patrot thank you and your family for your service to this country. And what you fought for is still here…we see it everyday when people take a stand… it is as you said a long time the anti-Americans have whittled away on our rights and now it is up to all of us to take our country back!! And no I don’t mean back to the stone ages I mean take back our RIGHTS and power!

  • chvietvet

    The Environmental Protection Agency has long had one of the lowest percentages of Vietnam Era veterans of all federal agencies. When I sued that agency during the mid-1980s for employment discrimination against veterans, only 1.3% of its employees were veterans with service during the Vietnam Era. That was the lowest percentage for all independent federal agencies, and only the Departments of State and Education had lower percentages. That was evidence that would have made a strong case for discrimination against such veterans, who constituted about 6.8% of the workforce at that time. The case was dismissed by the court because, prior to 1994, veterans were not able to file discrimination lawsuits in their own behalf. Checks of recent employment figures show that the EPA still discriminates against veterans with preference rights. Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama have been delinquent in allowing this agency to staff itself with extremists supporting far left causes in violation of anti-discrimination laws.

  • mike

    The fraud in chief has turned these agencies into his civilian army that enforces his control of the people and damn the constitution and peoples rights…when the people let the fraud get away with his health care take over without protest in the streets he realized that we are sheep and will do what ever the govt tells us to do.

  • kenny1801


  • joey bag o’doughnuts

    They want that land for oen of their friends. Why do you think they want that kind of power. Other people do all the leg work and they reap the rewards.

  • Joseph S

    This is what happens when a candidate is not properly vetted. Once he gets passed no one will admit they made a mistake. We the people were sold out. I believe This is the death of the American way of life. Welcome to the third world. Where no one can live there dreams.

    • Chuck

      Joseph, he told us all straight-out for months what he was going to do and he has done it. Now, maybe he didn’t filll in the details, but when a radical revolutionary says he is going to destroy our government what did you think he meant?

      • Eve

        Yep Chuck…this is the change he promised because he and his wifey didn’t like the American way. He would ‘fundamentally’ change this country??? Well, we will just see about that…people all over the country wake up to this atrocity every day and they are getting mad.

        • Dorvan

          Yes, Mad! Still, I don’t think it is Obama alone. He’s not That smart. The plan is beyond his vision. But he is having fun acting like the big wheel. Anti-Christ? No. Not even the False-Prophet. However he has the arrogance of diety. And loves to walk the walk. I don’t know what will happen to America, but I know where Obama will be in the end. Unless he sees The LIght, he will share hell with all the evil ones of generations past and future. ” Lord, Its hard to pray for our enemies. We defer to Your will because You are the Creator of us all, and of everything.

  • LTB

    I’ve the same kind of political bullying gone on on my property in GA. I have a house half finished and can’t get a constructin loan because of the stupid wetlands (which really doesn’t) exist) for a wet weather run off “creek”. No rain no water! Place used to be a cattle farm and they never said a thing nor told the sellers that it was “wetlands”. So here I am with the same crap. I hope they win and we can finally get the “wetlands” weapon out of the EPA and Army Corp’s hands.

  • Patriot 101

    Ron Paul will eliminate the EPA. The only candidate that can be trusted to actually CUT spending. His plan cuts $1 Trillion in the first year , balances the budget in 3 years! EPA is a Communist entity operating inside the US government. With Obama (and Holder) it operates unabated!

    • Jean

      If Ron Paul wasn’t so radical about our military I could vote for him, but his idea that we caused 9-11 is rediculous, and cutting the military is absurd. They are our only defense from all the muslim countries. I would vote for him if he would deport all arabs from this country and keep our military.

      • Tucker

        I suggest you do more research. 9/11 WAS orchestrated by our government and blamed on “terrorists”. The “War On Terror” is a hoax designed to abolish our Constitutional rights, controlling the public through fear tactics…..scaring you into being afraid of non-existent monsters. Look under your bed and in the closet, nothing there!!! The last straw was the passing of the NDAA, which effectively nullified the Constitution. We now live under a Military Dictatorship. Our oversized military will now be used against YOU. Now you know why Ron Paul wants to downsize it….you have been deceived by the mainstream media. WAKE UP!!!!

      • Dale DuBois

        If our present Government thought that Ron Paul could win they would have done distroyed him like Herman Cain. But instead they painted him as an ecentric old man. I like the old guy but we have got to have someone in the White House instead of Obama.

        • Eve

          I know and it leaves us caught between a rock and a hard spot Dale. We simply can’t divide our votes, so the best man of course is left out. They know this. The media and Obama will push for the most liberal of the candidates and will use divide and conquer to try to win.

      • Eve

        Jean, he speaks from knowledge of the things that led up to 9/11 and caused it to happen. And yes, we were heavily involved in ways the average citizen didn’t know. was our bloated over powered government with officials instead of military making deals….So many say he wants isolationist government but it is interventionalist which is really more constitutional and the way our founders intended us to be. I know he probably doesn’t stand a chance against the machine but his policies are down the line constitutional.

      • Bob Marshall

        The president, Panetta, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other senior officials have stated that the US must continue to be the world’s policemen, effectively, discouraging other countries from doing more. A smaller U.S. military capable of fighting on many fronts. This was filed under Foreign Policy and National Security.

      • Patriot 101

        You think Ron Paul is “Radical with the Military”? Well, the Military donates more to Ron Paul than all other candidates COMBINED! I don’t think the military is going to support someone that is for “getting rid” of the military! Ron Paul is for a strong National defense. He wants troops on our borders not on the borders of Iraq and Pakistan!
        Your fear is unfounded as far as “strong military” under Ron Paul. He has repeatedly stated that that is the one function of the federal government that he can support as it is one that is constitutional! “To provide for our common defense”!

  • Radison

    Who do you think controls the EPA? The Obama Whitehouse of course. 2012 is pivotal for the American people to put an end to the destruction of the Constitution and our freedom to seek “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The average American is so un-educated about this government being a leftist movement, and not protectors of the American people, that I think if we don’t stop it in the general election, four more years of Obama will complete the destruction of the Republic and make us subject to the Marxist state.

    These are the last day in which we can turn ourselves around as individuals and turn to God for the only help that we have ever been able to rely on. PRAY FOR AMERICA.

  • http://CowboyByte Mike

    I declare the White House to be federal Wet lands. Obama needs to vacate the premises immediately.

  • Rich Bach

    I hear all your complaints about the EPA. I also read your opposition to BHO and his cronies. Let me try to wake you folks up. In order to impeach BHO, you need a House of Representatives with some cajones to draft the Articles of Impeachment. Speaker Boehner will not do that. Then you need the Senate to try him with the Chief Justice of the Supreme court presiding over the trial. Harry Reid will not try him since the Senate is controlled by the Democrats. There in lies the dilemma. If you have a better way, I would like to hear it.

    • Tucker

      When Congress passed the NDAA, they relinquished all their legal authority to oblahblah. We are now under a Military Dictatorship!!! We will NEVER get rid of him now. There will be no election in November, mark my words.

    • http://none Gene

      Everybody says impeach him but that will do no good as he has never been legally declared our president so he can’t be impeached. We need to prove him not the legal president and get him out there. Prove that he is not the legal president then hang him for treason is the only solution. Impeaching him will only put another crony next in line in his place. When tried for treason will expose most of the shit in congress as an accomplice since most of them know he is not an American citizen and have a finger in the coverup. Maybe Joe Arpaio and his posse will clean house. Or there is a new law suit against Obozo later this month that could boot him out if the courts do their job and stay within the constitution. Then try him for treason.

  • Leslie85223

    The Obama version of the EPA is reminiscent of Russia’s KGB!!! For governemnt to make laws retroactive would seem impossible in a free society, yet this Mafia-minded organization sees nothing wrong in making decisions such as they done with the Sackett family and their property. What’s to prevent these people from telling every resident in Tahoe, CA that they must demolish their homes and restore the land to it’s “original” state? If the Supreme Court does not rule in favor of the Sacketts, then government is so far corrupt that there’s no hope left for a free America.

    • Eve

      Leslie, if the Supreme Court follows our constitution they have to side with the Sacketts!

  • Leslie85223

    The Obama version of the EPA is reminiscent of Russia’s KGB!!! For governemnt to make laws retroactive would seem impossible in a free society, yet this Mafia-minded organization sees nothing wrong in making decisions such as they’ve done with the Sackett family and their property. What’s to prevent these people from telling every resident in Tahoe, CA that they must demolish their homes and restore the land to it’s “original” state? If the Supreme Court does not rule in favor of the Sacketts, then government is so far corrupt that there’s no hope left for a free America.

  • T nana

    Another power grab by this socialist administration. I pray that American’s with good sense an ethics vote this bunch of thugs out. The over reaching an insults to American’s, the racial overtones an the arrogant ignorance of this crowd has worn thin. He doesn’t need another 4 years, He has done enough damage, If he is re-elected there will be a change in our country we won’t recognize, it won’t be good. Our children an Grandchildren are facing a country like Europe with envolment and control in every aspect of our lives. Not one we’ll enjoy or want. The older people won’t live long enough to see the true destruction being put in place by this administration, Think of our families left behind. Dictating an over reach, taking from us to give to them. power grab of a property is the least problem. just the beginning. if he is given even another year. We saw the destruction that the full control of Democrats in the first 2 years. They have undermined an insulted us while we are suffering they are partying and going on lavish trips, sticking their finger and I mean the middle one up at us. This type of over reaching powergrab is what our fathers and anceters fought against, the reason immigrants came here and went through Ellis Island, for a better life. Now this administration is slapping them an us in the face.

  • John P. Centonze,D.D.S.

    I find it ironic that a government that seems to be going all out to get rid of bullying in our schools is doing nothing but condoning, pushing and perpetuating bullying in all its other dealings with the public. Governmental agents have become the epitome of petty despots in many instances.
    I just had another thought (oh silly me!) I forgot that bullying only counts when the victims are homosexuals! Hey, there you go Sacketts, declare yourselves homosexuals and all your problems will disappear. John P. Centonze,D.D.S.’Waterbury Vt

  • Tucker

    I’ve got a mud puddle in my driveway….will the EPA come to threaten me if I fill it in with dirt?

  • JC

    Interesting that the EPA wanted the Sackett’s to use the EPA’s own bureaucracy to fight the EPA rather than use due process of the law. As if that was going to get them anywhere.
    The Federal Government is miles off its leash in its pursuit of UN initiatives designed to dissolve American sovereignty.

  • JOHN


    • John D. Hannan

      John ;just to be clear I am an independent and a union member. It never fails that some anti union thug uses an issue to attack unions.Unions have built the middle class, the companies that you so love, would have all of us working for slave labor wages. I agree that the democratic party in it’s present form is too liberal, but that’s because it is the liberal party not the democratic party. It used to be a separate party and should be again. Corruption in unions yes, but nothing compared to the corruption in corporations and government.

    • ABO

      Careful, John, only Imam Hussein’s buddies are allowed to say “take them out”.

  • John from Forgotonia

    I have been following the ‘Sheik’ since he was holding seminares for ACORN and her sister organizations on how to extort money from individuals and businesses without getting charged with racketeering. He has no morals, no principles, no purpose for being except to lie, cheat, steal, and destroy America. He grew up in the third World and hates America for all of the problems that exists there. We are blamed for every Dictator, war, famine, you name it and it is our fault. Please, all of you that said that we need to vote him out, get out into your neighborhoods and work toward that purpose. America, can not stand another term with this undocumented, alien, Chicago gangster.

  • Tucker

    Your County Sheriff has the ultimate legal authority Constitutionally, so, have any governmental thugs arrested for violations of your right to Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness. Also, they can be arrested for trespassing. Now, with the passing of the NDAA, they can be detained indefinitely, without charge or trial. Tada!!!!!!!

  • http://all Justice

    What seems to be the EPA problem. Why wasn’t there a “Posted sign on the property, Saying wet lands . Property not for sale. The EPA is a asshole they should be shut down. there intelligence and there professionalism does not entitle the EPA to function in this matter. The supreme court should favor the Sackett and award them with the money that they have invested into the property without any knowledge of the property as a wet lands. Penalty and interest should be impose on the EPA and DEC for there negelence and ignorance for not posting the land as a WET LANDS. This incident should should not have happen.
    Wish you the best Mr. & Mrs Sackett

  • Ken

    Yep, it’s looks like “WETLANDS” to me. That dust and dry dirt is a dead giveaway!

  • Had enough

    If you think the army of lawyers Obama has hired is just for the IRS to “police” the new healthcare law….think again. If this guy gets another 4 years of not worrying about his image and being re-elected, and just is able to go wild with his agenda….people, this country will not, not recover. And frankly, I don’t think I could take another 4 years of David Axelrod’s putrid face. He is such a disgusting Chicago political hack.

    • Cher

      Had Enough! You hit it right on the head I have a better word for the Chicago 5 but won’t repeat online only to myself. Thanks for your post….

  • joe

    just get ready for the OBAMA DEPRESSION AND THEN COMMUNISM. Just like Russia had in 1917. Then you can be friends with KING OBAMA AS LEADEDR OF AMERICA FOR 30 YEARS. mark my words. THE epa and nlrb are his hit men,

  • John C. Stewart

    The pendulum has swung too far in the EPA’s (evil persons assoc.) direction, this Country was not founded on brutality. This Regime has finished loading the bus with those people.

  • dirty boy

    all you people are alot of talk , we need to take action now. get this lying SOB out of the
    WHITE HOUSE while it’s still standing .even Hitler would have been a better Prez than

    • John P. Centonze,D.D.S.

      Okay dirty boy, what do you suggest? John P. Centonze,D.D.S.,Waterbury,VT

      • ABO

        Yeah, dirty boy, tell us how we go about it. Unless you have something to suggest, you’re not doing anything more than anyone else.

  • ed

    Their local government they got their permits from , is who they need to sue , not the epa.

    • ABO

      Yeah, ed, blame someone else for what EPA does because they are easier to deal with. You sound just like Obama. There you go, acuse the local government of being racist because they couldn’t control EPA. Imam Hussein and Eric Holder would just love you.

  • Ed Mallory

    Obama and the EPA can burn in hell.

  • Robert

    Can anyone see that the Muslim Brotherhood is here in the white house, from top to bottom along with the Marxist Czars and communist.

    This country better wake up very soon

  • ed

    On another issue that relates to the EPA. The federal clean air and water act needs to be in force to prevent the toxic contamination of drinking water sources in Pennsylvania . The slick water horizonal natural gas fracking is causing and will continue to cause the radio active and toxic contamination of the auquafers and private water wells in the state unless the process is brought back under the law. In this casew the state epa is too corrupt with gas company money . In other words, the politicians are bought off and the land owners are either that or deceived and do not realize the problem untill it is too late and they find out that they cannot use their own water. The gas frackers are uncaring that your home becomes worthless if you don’t have access to useable water. I am for drilling for oil off our shores, digging for coal , building more nuke energy plants etc etc. BUT please BAN ALL FRACKING in Pennsylvania !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JOHN

    Ban The Feds
    Ban Democrats
    Ban Unions
    Ban The EPA
    Our Economy will be booming Forever
    No One Will Be Poor No More

  • Cactus Cooler

    How many times will this regime cross the line until SHTF? The reps are not listening and must be bombarded with complaints. Sooner or later another march on DC, or a general strike should be initiated. Shut’em down!

  • Dale DuBois

    Herman Cain was distroyed because of his thoughts about the EPA, maybe he was the only one person that would have done away with the EPA as it is now. So he was distroyed in his bid for the White House. He was the only person that came out for the GOP contest that had any common sense. Maybe he would still be running if he had laid a little low on his thoughts about the EPA , but he was right on his thoughts. The EPA has got to be done away with as it is now.

    • http://none Gene

      I just hope our military command get some sense, when Obozo gets most of the troops home, and before he discharges them, that they turn against him to take over our country. I don’t know if many of you know that we have a shadow government waiting to step in when and if the present one goes bankrupt. It is the Republic for the United States of America. They have already elected temporary officials. Even a president (Timothy Turner). They will take us back to the principals of our founding fathers. But it will have to be gradual in going back to the constitution as there are some things in it that would be too drastic of a change. I read an e-mail the other day that stated some of the things we have been doing against the constitution that we would not like in any sudden change. I think Obozo will discharge a good portion of the military as soon as he can to keep them from a revolt. Just enough to use to keep under control and use to control the public. It seems that it would be very unlikely our military would obey his command to go against their own people since they are so sure he is not their commander. O’ has foreign troops stationed here in the US to help him control any uprising. There is the possibility O’ will cook up something that will give him an excuse to declare Martial Law. Then he could call off the election so as to stay in power. This will all have to happen before the elections unless he gets quite sure he has things under control to the extent of guaranteing his re-election. Too much can happen before election and probably will. So don’t depend on the election to get him out of the WH.

  • molly brown

    With the EPA……..some can….some can’t!!!! Where I live, along the coast of Georgia…there are nothing but wetlands. People fill in the land and build their houses… talks and bullsh** walks….hence the term….some can…..some can’t!!! And with the present administration, it has never been more true!

  • http://cowboybyte Roger Strean

    I,ve gone through a similar situation with FEMA. FEMA regulates “flood zone boundries”. I have property next to a river that on the rainiest year would’nt float an empty milk jug. One building is 75′ from the river, & 12′ above the water line. The other building is 250′ from the river & 20′ above the water line. The first building was not in FEMA’s flood zone, the second one was in the flood zone. To keep from having to buy flood insurance I had to hire an invirnmemtal company to do a study, which proved this property could never flood. $4000 This is a bull…. scam. I have three houses along the same river. They are over 1000′ from the river. One house was built in 1864, it’s on a hill. One by one FEMA changed the flood plain line to include each house. Same study, $1900 per house. I’m told from the consultants, Bush short-founded FEMA, result; no action. Obama has increased their funding & they’re out doing their “good works”. We got to stop this prick!

  • Lowell T.

    So much is riding on the Supreme Court decision in this case. US Fish and Wildlife and EPA are doing this all over the country. Property owners don’t have a chance if this fails and we get stuck with the same president for another term.

    • Chuck

      The Federal government is already the largest property owner in the country. They will not be stisfied until they own it all, like most of the other socialist countries.

  • Mannafeast

    The EPA has become the enforcement arm of the Federal government to show the People that they control everything. And yes, this is part of Agenda 21.
    This case in the Supreme Court will be very telling as to which way the nation is being led and draged by the powers that be. Through UN treaty, the US has compliance conditions already set forth for the “statutes they have to enforce” in the courts. The UN has control over the legal system in this nation, this will just show it.
    Right now there is only one candidate who see’s where an unbridled EPA is taking this nation, and has called for the dismanteling of it; Ron Paul. He fully understands Agenda 21 / Sustainable Growth, and how the UN is forcing it upon the american people through treaty, not law. The ever increasing control over the people and more so, the property of this nation, both public and private; just go back to when after the treaty was signed at the Brazil confrence in the 90’s, how our national parks became Biospheres under UN authority, and the creeping of this into our nation sence.
    None of the other candidates will touch this, in fact they will go out of their way to ignore it; but only one is dedicated enough to preseving this Republic to publically oppose it, again that is Ron Paul. So does it not make sense to elect a man who defends the Republic and the Constitution and is not willing to give our Republic to the UN?
    The only other question after that ,is are you willing also?

    • Eve

      Manna, if you listen to the blatant name calling hitting mostly on Ron Paul’s age and twisting what he says, since there is little they can actually dig up on him , you immediately get the feeling there is a perverse hatred for him from the bought and paid for media. I can understand why. He is a threat to them and all the power and money our government officials now take for granted. Follow the money…

      • Eve

        Oh and yes, it goes all the way to the Supreme Court …we are in deep do do…

      • American Patriot

        Vote for Ron Paul. I am.

  • T

    F* the EPA and this entire administration. One word comes to mind with the administration, “Treason”.

  • Ron H.

    Just another obama lead radical agenda to take over America so the muslim can be our king!!! I’m wondering if our vote to vote out this radical demon will even count in the 2012 elections!!!

  • AliveStillKickin


    From: Arnie Rosner
    Subject: Re: This about sums it up

    Date: Monday, January 9, 2012, 2:37 PM

    Hello Bob,
    This is very good documentation. Thank you for sending this.
    The following was just released!
    American Hero’s Emerge in New Hampshire! Charge Obama with Treason! | Scanned Retina Blog
    In my view, this adds to my contention that Congress is complicit in this conspiracy. It has even permeated the states. I also suspect even local government is involved too.
    As just one more of the millions of like minded patriots, I appreciate your effort to expose the criminal element within our government. It appears as though our Congress is right in the middle of this conspiracy to defraud the American people.
    At this point, It would appear we face a dilemma I think many of us share. Please let me know if you agree…?
    For the last several years, I have been attempting to alert Congress to the problems we as citizens faced at the hands of Government. Here are a few examples.
    The U.S. Congress’s Assault on Citizens | The Post & Email
    Why is the Supreme Court failing to uphold the Constitution? | The Post & Email
    The Domestic Enemy | The Post & Email
    Letter to my congressman | Scanned Retina Blog
    It is the Fault of Congress…Stupid! | Scanned Retina Blog
    Congress: It will be on your heads! | Scanned Retina Blog
    They can’t say they have not been told! | Scanned Retina Blog
    In Betrayal of Liberty – Citizen Internment! | Scanned Retina Blog
    Adding honorable would insult the integrity of the American people | Scanned Retina Blog
    In January of 2009, I visited the offices of my Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher to express my concerns. Kathleen Hollingsworth his aid was also present In that meeting, . The subject matter was regarding Obama’s ineligibility.
    In that meeting Mr. Rohrabacher, gave me his personal assurances he had checked this matter out and was entire satisfied everything was in order. At that time I was quite ignorant to all of the details and I accepted his explanation in good faith. Today, I now know more of the truth and I am convinced he lied to me…deliberately!
    In a phone call of a few days ago, to Mr. Rohrabacher’s office, his chief of staff, Rick, Dykema, in response to raising my concerns about the NDAA bill, expressed the view that I was in the minority in my concerns and as I see it, attempted to marginalize my credibility and intimidate me ala Alinsky rule 5. He made a statement to the effect that I was acting as though I was over stating my case, was in the minority and no one elected me to anything….
    So how would you assess his comments?
    So what do you think Bob, Am I overstating the case? Am I only reflecting the concerns of a minority of Americans?
    If you are concerned and also agree…perhaps you too may wish to also set Mr. Dykema straight. You see, as a senior member of Mr. Rohrabacher’s staff, he too is obligated by his oath of office to protect the Constitution. Please copy me if you so decide so I can keep count. Obviously from the response I received I it is apparent I need to keep count for myself.
    It is my contention both Mr. Rohrabacher as well as Mr. Dykema, have violated their oath of office. This is a federal crime. A crime punishable by removal from office and jail time.
    A Federal Crime! Violating Their Oath; cause for removal from office! | Scanned Retina Blog
    Thank you once more for this startling list of abuses. If I am wrong about my belief of the Congressman’s complicity, here is a great opportunity to him to take action and set the record straight. Armed with the details furnished below, this is a great place from which Congressman Rohrabacher can launch his attack on Obama’s ineligibility.
    In such a case, I would be the first to apologize for having doubted him. So far the record speaks for itself.
    Arnie Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!

  • Chuck

    Conquest by regulation, a tool of choice by radical socialists. Stop Obama,or lose it all. Need more reason to vote againast our dictator?

  • Bill

    Washington D.C. is built on wetland that has been turned into a cesspool and I demand it be returned to its former condition!!!

  • Billy J Shafer

    They tell us. That they can’t find anything to cut from the budget. I can plenty in just five minutes. Starting with EPA,OSHA,TSA,ATF,DEA and many more.

  • Kevin M. Kordelski

    I am known as the “Poetically Correct” guy n I will continue to be! Love my Country in God We Trust. Truth is the new “Hate Speech” of the O Blame Ya administration. They will never amend my amendment right to free speech. Only Nathan said it best “Give me Liberty, or give me death.” Our grandchildren are going to have illegal communist daycare! Immigration is not broken…”LAWS ARE!”

  • Retired Chief

    I am old enough to remember when the only government control over water and waterways was over navigable rivers. I am convinced that needs to return to our thinking again. The EPA is only one of several alphabet departments that needs to be entirely eliminated from the Federal government. The place where unemployment needs to rise is in the public sector. The President wants to shrink the U.S. Military back to pre-World War levels and destroy the entire volunteer military. They have shown too much dedication for him to feel comfortable. The EPA and the Interior Department have both grown beyond their needs or charters and are in dire need of losing 90 percent of their employees. That is the kind of unemployment we can turly afford to have.

  • DianaS

    And just what are we DOING to stop this madness????????????????? They don’t need to be standing up there alone, THIS EFFECTS ALL OF US.

    • AliveStillKickin

      I am writing emails….making phone calls and educating the masses by blogging on a multitude of sites. and by word-of-mouth. I am active in 2 local tea party groups.
      I go to DC when it is feasible and speak my mind. I wear Patriotic attire when shopping (etc) and confront those who sneer at me. I have changed my lifestyle in order to do what I can to save our precious freedom.
      What are you doing….outside of asking everyone else what they are doing?

  • gparra9

    The Ghetto Rat’s EPA is at it Again!!!

  • Ihatelibs

    This couple should be killing every scum that trespasses on their land.

  • Gary J. Mallast

    I praise endlessly the courage of these people for taking on the EPA. They are real patriots.

    Now please, folks, support Ron Paul for president. He is the only candidate who has come out four square against such nonsense and has a consistent record opposing it over many decades.

    Mitt Hussein Romneycare has flip-flopped so much it is hard to tell where he stands, but the fact that both Newt Gingrich and Romney have at one time or another backed the global warming scam offers insight that their administrations would offer no relief from the EPA or other government agencies gone wild.

    While we’re at it, how about a meaningful investigation of mortgagegate?

    • Ihatelibs

      Rupaul is a kook.
      The Chinese and Ruskies will own us if this loon is elected.

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      According to you, you must think the GOP has fielded a circus, we have two acrobats (Mitt & Newt- flip flopping) and at least on Clown, (Ron P.)

    • Eve

      You see Gary, the media has done an excellent job of brainwashing people against Ron Paul. Most of them don’t even realize the difference between our country being interventionalist or isolationist. Nor, do they bother to check out his web site because the lovely left wing media has labeled him a ‘kook’ for wanting to follow the constitution and actually do the shocking overhaul of our bloated government that is required to save it! You see, he is a threat to all those big brother projects that are enslaving us so they have to discredit him in any way they can and the only way they can do it is to call him names etc….he is an honest man and like Mr. Smith goes to Washington honest men who tell the truth have to fight against the huge machine that has become our government.

  • Not Marie Antwannnette Obama For Sure

    Really what can be done at this point? The divide between the socialists who run our largest companies (like GE) & those socialists who have taken over our government through the construction of a permanent bureacracy (headed by “czars”) & the huge numbers of those living on public assistance (but do not need it) as opposed to the few of us who actually work, create, and pay taxes is so vast it might be compared to those day just before the French Revolution. Romney/Obama/Gingrich care is no answer either. Public Education & the major news media has made sure that Americans are even confused as to what it means to be American & what our constitutional rights actually are for years. The problem with saying simply let the system crash on itself is and restart is that the enemies of The Constitution are so many and so well organized we could end up with something worse. We might simply see what happens.

  • Marc Jeric

    The trick is to rename the thing. For example – a terrorist communist dictatorship that has produced permanent poverty and mass murder such as North Korea is called “People’s Democratic Republic”. And so our terrorist EPA has renamed swamps as “wetlands” – even as these produce deadly sicknesses such as malaria, dengue, sleeping sickness, etc. killing millions. Also, their definition of “wetlands” includes all land that gets wet 18 inches below the surface one day a year. Also, the real swamps produce methane by rotting vegetation – a greenhouse gas many times more powerful than carbon dioxide. That EPA augean stable must be completely cleaned up by the new conservative administration the first day it takes power from tha marxist Muslim from Kenya next January.

    • madmaxUSA

      My basement flooded recently due to a failed water supply fitting. Is my basement now a wetland?

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    Is it just me or what?, but every one of these alphabet organizations in our government seems to be corrupt; EPA, OSHA, IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, FED, NLRB, DOT, and the list goes on. I think that most of these could be eliminated without too much adverse effect on our society and probably save us Billions of Dollars in the process. I’m not saying that they all need to go, but I’m sure that they need to be evaluated before we give them a free hand to destroy our country. The decisions they make affect everything we as a Nation stand for and here lately, they have been very Dictatorial. That needs to be STOPPED.

  • Petechris

    Rein in the EPA and OSHA. Both have and are overstepping their boundrys

  • scunny

    Although I am a Canadian – living in what was formerly Canada – I have been receiving this CowboyByte publication regularly for the past few weeks. Lord knows why.

    Gotta tell you neighbours (that’s how we spell it up here, eh?) commenting here, from afar many of you folks sure seem to have a strange way of looking at the function of human life and how it is tied to the planet we live on.

    Up here in the balmy north, the same myopic petro industry-friendly thinking is evident in a full blown, pre-emptive Federal Government-sponsored attack on just about all environmentally concerned voices, both public and private. The common idea seems to center on the belief that we can save our North American economic way of life by extracting, transporting, refining, transporting again, selling and then BURNING MORE OIL.

    Surely even those who personally stand to profit the most from this plan must wonder about the overall wisdom of fulfilling such a dream. Could we not be chaining ourselves even more tightly to mistakes of the 20th Century – the cumulative damage from which why are just starting to grasp given growing health, safety, efficiency and sustainability problems? The local ever-ongoing transportation crisis where I live being a perfect example.

    Reading most of the comments here, one understands that many of you and the majority of people you choose to associate with dismiss our common need to find a less destructive path.

    So while one respects each person’s democratic right to their own studied opinion, one would also hope that each of us would also contemplate the consequences if you/me/we imperfect sinners are wrong.

    Good luck with choosing your leader later this year. Hopefully you won’t do as poor a job as we Canadians did again in 2011.

    scunny ( :-)
    FORD Nation,

  • Eve

    I just realized why the leftwing media gets by with slamming Ron Paul. He speaks as if he is speaking to ‘informed’ people but I would say most of the people are not ‘informed’ about what is truly happening and the consequences. The people posting here are obviously informed because we all have made the effort to inform ourselves. But when a public that has been previously informed by the media that this man is nuts for wanting to follow our constitution then they don’t ‘get him’. He needs to start ‘teaching’ them as if they were first graders that don’t know the first thing about the constitution and our rights.

  • Steven

    The only time liberals think you have a right to build anything you want on your own land, they are defending the construction of a mosque.

  • The Lion Den Roars

    As long as you have KING HOMO an His Chicago MOB, an Past Jackasses , Instead of working to keep this Country afloat . They Have only one thing in mind. Get rid of the American Dream . Replace it with KING HOMO ” S brother Muslims. UH HUH !!! KING HOMO , and his VIAGRA , so he can Keep Screwing the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  • Riverdweller

    Well – Kagan and Sotomayor will both be against this couple and all the rest of us who wind up in the same situation. The EPA definitely needs disbanded and private property “rules and regulations” should go back to the States. I don’t think the EPA is even Constitutional. If someone can find in the Constitution that a govt. agency has control over what people DO on their private property, then PLEASE let the rest of us know WHERE that is in the Constitution .

  • David Hips

    This is Insane. This is a Federal Agency out of control…..

  • Larry G

    The EPA should be drowned in all those “wetlands”. More corrupt ignorant BS from our government.

  • Sheila

    My parents owned a home with 25 acres and the government decided they wanted to turn into a wildlife refuge.
    They came and told my parents that they would give ex amount of dollars (way down what we could have gotten). They said if we did not take the money now they would offer less the next time they came. My parents took the money but still had go the bank and get more money to pay for a home with 8 acres and less bedrooms. The government tore down our house and many others in that neighborhood.

  • CaptTurbo

    Let’s all get behind Ron Paul and watch him abolish the EPA!


      Sorry, CaptTurbo, WRONG PICK…Obama would chew him up & spit him out… Ron Paul can never beat Obama, besides he scares the hell out of us with his foreign affairs beliefs, also his other beliefs ! My pick is Newt Gingwich, he has the knowledge , balanced the budget for 4 years in a row, does not take any crap from the liberals, democrats,I like what he has done in office…forget the personal crap, who doesn’t have skeletons in their closets… of course who ever the Republican person that is nominated I will vote for.

      • Patriot 101

        You are so afraid of Obama you will accept his republican clone, Romney!

  • http://google JoeH

    Too bad that those who cannot afford or choose not to own property fail to realize that this is a Constitutional right provided by the founding fathers. When we will not be allowed to “own” property without the fear of big government taking it from us, then our freedom is lost with it. This is not about what is happening to the other guy, it is what is happening to us all. Stand up and hold them accountable! If Obama is kicked out of office, just behind repealing Obamacare should be complete restructuring or preferablydoing away with the EPA.

  • JOHN

    Are WE Chicken Shit Afraid To Take Out Obama
    Are We Amercans With Balls To Destroy Our Enemies
    Common People Grow Some Balls & Nerves Of Steel To Strike Down Obama & The EPA & The Democrats & Unions Jobs Oppressors Communist America’s Traitors.
    Time To Eliminate Them All To bring back America Prosperity & Wealth Working Again.
    To End Dead Beats Slavery Out Of Our Country


      John, you are so right…it is the losers, takers, lazy good for nothings, ones that think we should support them, { like Obama says ” share the wealth ” } the government owes them, { the democrats, liberals have caused this problem } that voted this dictator in 08 ! They want their freebies ! Yes we have balls because people like you & I are speaking out & trying to do our part to save this great country, right ?? America as I have said many, many times , vote this administration out 2012 ! God Help America !

  • Kent Walpole

    And our forefathers who wrote the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States of America thought King George and his royal highnesses were bad eggs. The European royalty and all their cohorts didn’t even come close to what we have now with all these royal great white throne government agencies such as the EPA to rule and reign and subject us
    to their bureaucratic tyranny. What good is private property when all these government agencies completely control the use of the property.

  • Bokassa Kentucky

    The EPA is just another bureaucratic organization that needs to be abolish. What good has this organization ever accomplished? They have stifled all economic progress since their inception. The have stopped industrial growth and usage of natural resources for years. Next to the Energy Commission (what a joke they are) the EPA is perhaps the most useless and crippling government organization we have.

    • madmaxUSA

      Actually, the Department of Education is the most useless, EPA is a close second.

  • Shootist

    Sounds like David vs. Goliath to me (remember who won that one?).

    • Julia

      And the paw of the bear and the lion didn’t turn out well either!

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    If this couple were: A) Black, B) Muslim, C) Liberal, Progressive or Socialist, D) Donor to Obama Campaign or E) Any Combination of Above; The Communists at the EPA would approve this plan and we wouldn’t hear a thing about it.

    Sounds kinda like a Socialist Crap Hole we live in doesn’t it?

  • Lloyd Revalee

    In studying OUR CONSTITUTION, I see nothing there that gives a Department of the Executive Branch the power and authority to make such decisions. However, Congress has authority over all areas of our government, including Departments. The Constitution states that all legislative matters granted under the Constitution are vested in the Congress of the United States, which consists of a House of Representatives and a Senate. No where in the Constitution, especially in Article I, Section 8, which outlines the power of Congress, does it mention the President or the Departments of the Executive Branch. And even though the media loves to say the President raised, or lowered, taxes, all bill relating to the revenue must originate in the House of Representatives.

  • Dr. Evil

    So when is open season on the EPA?

  • John G.

    This agency needs to be eliminated. It is completely out of control. Maybe the next president can take care of that.

  • Abigail Adams

    Is this finally enough to get everybody up and VOTING all of the liberals (Democrats) out of office, beginning w/ the President? Property ownership is the foundational right on which all other rights are based. Without the right to own, we have no freedom at all. For example, there is no free speech w/o property ownership bec somebody has to own the ground where a person to stands to speak; somebody has to own the paper on which the speech is written, etc. If individuals are deprived of ownership, the result is that the government owns everything– and individuals have absolutely no rights at all.

  • Carol J

    “Wetlands” is used only against private concerns. Now if it’s the draining of the Delta in northern California to send the water to Los Angeles, it’s a different thing entirely. We already knew why salt water was seeping into the Delta, but the George Miller authorized a $2 million study to find out why salt was getting in. More and more spending which was a complete waste of money as well as the ruination of our wetlands.

  • Bill

    Here what need to be done. When some one come on private property and they are from the EPA . Then One should KICK SOME ASS RIGHT THEN.

  • Aunt Jane

    This is one of the agencies that needed to be done away with. If we don’t elect someone that isn’t a part of the problem in ’12 we can forget it and line up and learn to salute. I have what the state refers to as a “blue line” across the back of my property and was told nothing can be built there. This is hilly, moderately steep land. There is a ditch there we used to play in when it rained but there is no water there unless there is water running down the state highway ditch. The whole thing is insane. WE are insane for putting up with this crap! I’m not wild about Ron Paul, he’s too old and a bit extreme about some issues but he seems to be the only American in the pack who says the same thing he said before he was running for the nomination. The only real hope I see is if we pray and put it in the Lord’s hands!

  • tools131

    The EPA is a illegal, unconstitutional police agency. Just as is the ATF, the FBI, The DEA, Homeland Securuity, etc. Its not the federal govt.’s job to police our citizaens. Its up to each state to have police. The federal govt.s job is to guard and protect our constitution and our freedoms. Our military belongs at home guarding our land, not doing mercenary work around the world for special interest groups that have no right to impose their will on others.


    This is more of the Obama’s administration showing the American people how this country has become a Socialist, Marxist country…our rights are fast becoming a thing of the past ….how sad that the American people have allowed this to happen, by voting this man & all his thugs in office in 08 ! The American people better wise up & not vote this dictator in office for the next four years because we have seen nothing yet…he wants to finish his job as he has said while campaigning…you all can guess what that job will be !

    We all feel sorry for that couple that has to deal with the crooked government…we need to demand that the law be changed in this area, also when they come knocking at your door & tell you we want your property because some big, rich corporation wants to build there & you are ousted from your home that you worked so hard for… you must know why Washington like these laws , i will tell you, to line their pockets plus self gain….this is fast becoming a dictator country…we must fight for our rights & change the laws…they forget they work for us !!!!

    Wake up America , vote Republican for the Presidency & Senate ..we have to take our country back that we once knew !!! God Bless America !

  • marco

    I can’t believe some of our AMERICANS want this SOCIALIST for 4 more years. This man has made this country into the laughing stock of the world. I can’t understand how you see how he ignores our laws screws companies that are not union gives BILLIONS of dollars to countries who hate us to drill for oil in the same place we would drill and if we did it it would be alot safer than Brazil and that nut job Chavez. OBAMA MUST be VOTED out OUR we ARE FINISHED as a FREE NATION. WISE UP YOUR CHILDRENS LIFE is at STAKE. One more thing do you remember when we landed on the moon how PROUD we all were now we get rides to space from our enemies and remember the first SHUTTLE launch we were PROUD no we have a man saqying how much we need science but he shuts it down.

  • Sherry Burdette

    Lisa Jackson is head of the EPA. Strong anti-gun ownership.
    Political Radical & former head of EPA under President Bill Clinton & known for anti-business activism is Carol Browner. She is a Socialist. This is a thumb-nail sketch of the type of rift-raft that Obama is using to attempt to squelch the Constitutional rights of Americans.

  • madmaxUSA

    My basement flooded recently due to a failed water supply fitting. Is my basement now a wetland?

  • Sherry Burdette

    Where in our Constitution does it say private citizens can’t own & manage a so called wet-land? And if the title is the problem, that’s an easy fix – change the name to underdeveloped property.

  • lizaz

    These poor people…I feel so sorry for them. Imagine if it happened to you on your own property!! When we root out this administration in NOV, I hope the EPA is one of the first departments to be eradicated!!! Think of the money it will save!!!!

  • Johnny American

    Its has come the time for the Peoples of the USA too come together and become the keeper of the Constitutional of the USA as we do not have anyone in Washington that will take a stand for the Constitutional Bill of Rights are any of the past laws that were pass down from ours forefathers that wrote and pass these Bills for the Peoples and for the Peoples since then they have been rip apart and remove and call Unconstitutional for the Non American that are here . They rewote the law for them and taken ours rights away from the Americans peoples now we the Peoples have no rights and must lives by theirs rights since the Constitutional have been rip apart by obama and the others in Washington DC..We must Vote the Obama and his crooks out in 2012 and we must look hard at the ones running to replace them there are a couple that are the same as the one we have now they are just useing different words to throw you off but they are the same as what we have now.If they do not want to return are close the border to the mexicans and others then they are and will not be any better than the ones we have now,,,

  • Patriot

    Folks, this is Agenda 21 in full, living color. Yup, the move to put all citizens in a box in cities across the world so they can be controlled: in other words, freedoms removed. They do not want people living “outside” the areas they deem appropriate. Enter the liberal/progressive/Dem EPA to assure you follow the rules – so they impose astronomical fines. Remember too, the SCOTUS has been filled more recently with libs/progressives, so seeking relief there will be useless. They are putting us in cages like mice on a treadmill – all we can do is spin the treadmill and get nowhere because THEY are in control – they think. Come Nov. 2012 – vote OWEbama OUT!!!! Someone on another site said they’d vote for an empty trash can over this POTUS – I AGREE!

  • John Bazen

    Please, let’s ALL face reality, shall we?

    ANY Governmental Agency, that is NOT subject to elections, is staffed by CAREER BUREAUCRATS!
    Each one of us, deep down, want to earn our paychecks, right? Well they are no different, but their “WORK,” consists of writing regulations, thus after years of new regs, they just kill-off progress.
    Now add to this this fact, most have not a clue of what’s going on in the day to day real world, most are liberal, and live and speak to only like minded folk, and after a while they lose all sense of reality! Thus they actually believe that ANYTHING THAT HAS WATER IN IT, BECOMES EITHER A WETLAND, OR A NAVIGABLE RIVER!
    Please remember, that if we do not change our ways, via our VOTES, yet expect different results each time, yet expect a different results, is but a sign of insanity, right?

  • matthatter

    I heard all congress and reps in D.C. are exempt from insider trading long as that is in effect there will be no change.they can manipulate laws to make themselves millionaires.The EPA is a valuable tool that makes laws that we don’t vote for .I know this does not probably apply here in the sacketts case somebody is flexing thier muscle.I do believe this is the core to corruption problem in this country. they are all or most of them making themselves millionaires.honest men and women come to D.C. with good intentions but most are overcome by the scum and greed it really is a shame.The tea party is the only hope I see for change and that is only if they are not overcome by the out of control power in D.C. Good luck to the Sacketts I hope they prevail.

  • Shell

    TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT!!!!! People, we have to fight the very government we elected to have our “GOD given rights” recognized by these same idiots!

  • Richard Holmes

    Bury the epa in the wet lands.

  • Donald E. Abel

    Ok!!, enough is enough!!. To all EPA members and Staff, go over and turn your lights off and pick up your junk and go home!!. You are no longer needed, and if you guys are good little boys and girls, maybe, just maybe you might be able to get a job picking fruit or something. YOU HEAR ME!!!!. Now git!!!!

  • Mundus Vult Decepi

    Just one of many alphabet soup federal agencies that needs to be eradicated.


    Attention obama, the obama administration and th epa:

    Go F….. yourself!

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    EPA gotta go along with a whole slew of other DC alphabet soup agencies that are worse than nothing!

  • Bob Marshall

    The city council in Spartanburg where i reside voted down Agenda 21, but many of the apartment complexes have accepted their plan today.


    i live in a very rural area. when u buy property, fence it with a high board fence. put no trespassing signs the required distance around your property. if anybody encroaches your property. detain them call your local sherriff and press charges. they have no imunity from a trespassing charge. then u will have to play dirty, look for their cars damage them dont get caught. i have a friend he has to do this to the wood stove patrol, also the epa, trying to stop poor folks from keeping warm, you must resist these commies at a grass roots level. the deck is stacked against you. dont feel bad about burning their autos or anything else because they are gonna do a lot worse to you. make there enviroment hostile to them. point them out to people in your community, so they can do the same. you must resist.

  • Betty

    Don’t know if anyone here has brought this up, but then, would not New Orleans surely all be considered… ” Wet Lands?”

  • Daniel US Special Forces Vet

    And this is why we need someone in the Congress and the White House who will stop this idiocy. In Ohio if some idiot was to try and do this, we would send them packing. And if they claimed they had the authority, then we would smile and say “10th Amendment chucklehead!” And not one attorney or judge in this state would rule for the EPA on matters like this as according to our state Constitution it clearly states that “land can only be taken from the owner for use to benefit the public as a whole.” And the State Supreme Court actually went through and made the city of Cincy Ohio give back a whole neighborhood and made the city as well as the company pay for damages and return the neighborhood to what it was before they tried to take it.

    Just remember that sometimes your state constitution does indeed overturn federal law.

  • Chris

    This is a good example of a country drowning under laws. They purchased the land did everything correctly and then the Federal government shows up and starts up the fining machine. Was there a way to know about this before they purchased the land? The government is operating under “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and then passes 40,000 laws in one year. I don’t think there is one person in the country that knows all the laws passed this year alone.
    If your looking to buy land it is the same thing you don’t have a clue what your getting your self into. If the country is going to survive we need to have just a few rational laws and erase this insane bureaucracy.

  • David

    Thomas Jefferson’s original draft read “Life, Liberty and Property”, and should have been left that way. The EPA as well as the entire Obama administration is a threat to our nation and must be defeated.

  • Joey S.

    Everyone wants to beat up on Obama for this (and he certainly deserves criticism), but this one started under Bush as have many other EPA atrocities. EPA abuse is not limited to what political party has their guy in the white house.

  • http://WETLANDS TSAZ

    I worked in untility and engineering industry from 1980 on trying to make certain that my employer’s facilities met all the EPA regulations and the most agregious one was always “WETLANDS”. Any time we allowed an area to gather rain water runoff and it appeared to grow tall reeds and have a few birds around it, the EPA declared it a “wetland” and gave us grief. Proving that the property was originally just desert was easy with dated and published aerial photographs but it often took court litigation to get them to drop the case and the cost was always very high with legal fees out the roof. Still it was cheaper than paying the fines. My sympathy goes to this couple and this just points out why it is becoming more and more necessary to STOP BIG GOVERNMENT!

  • Doc Holliday

    The EPA is another group that shows no actual benefit to the public. They should be disbanded.

  • Ron

    Sooner and most unfortunately for the majority of brain washed Americans they will be forced to come to terms with what to do and how to do it via the saying: One shot, one kill.

    We were once a free peoples in the pursuit of excellence. Now brain washed, regulated, taxed, fees to death, penalized and demononized for acheivement by the libs and unions is there any questions as to why these folks are being exercized by government.

    I believe it wise we cleanup under our own door matt before we continue going globe hopping preaching what we no longer practice.

    To the bozo’s in the EPA. Most of the northern half of our country was once a frozen wet land and presumably under a sheet of ice. I guess we best lay waste and restore everything north of the Mexican border, right? Never mind, maybe thats why the O’peckerhead refuses to protect our southern border, letting these cockroaches in to lay waste to towns and cities……..

    Please watch your step, following behind O’peckerhead and stepping off the bridge can be dangerous to your health…. Happy New Year!

  • Ernest T.

    Get the Federal Government off our backs and out of our pockets. Power to the people and their states. If the feds want to do something on my land they need to pay me. They should not be able to tell us to do anything to our privite property without paying the owner for it.

  • http://Yahoo Val

    There is NO justice in the USA anymore. The Supreme court is proof of that, they are nothing more than OBAMAs puppets……….AND he is a snake/CRIMINAL/ IMPOSTOR. SEE ? they have allowed him to play President all this time ……ILLEGALLY !

  • wolf

    What about all the ” wet lands ” the gov destroyed in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. I say , the gov should restore tose ” wet lands ” first before bugging anyone else.


    Another thing people don’t pay enough attention to is the tree hugger groups with the Sierra Club being one of the worst!!

  • Harry Richardson

    This gangster regime with Obama and his Chicago goons are systematically destroying our country. We have a “Department of Justice” with Obama’s hand picked Eric Holder running it in accordance with Obama’s dictates and absolutely contrary to the Constitution that should be re-named to remove the term “justice” as it doesn’t apply to anything these people are doing.
    We have the EPA which is running rough shod over the rights of citizens and invoking the terms of the “Cap and Trade” fiasco. Our government by the people is disappearing and rapidly becoming a dictatorship. It we don’t get rid of Obama and his crowd in 2012 there will be no possibility of saving our country

  • WillyT

    In the late 70’s I watched the State of Wisc. messing with farmers and their ponds. The state took land from them declaring that these wetlands were now going to be state controlled preserves – then guess what happened? The state allowed low income tenements and “exclusive” condos to be built near such preserves and the occupants got the benefit while the farmers got lectured by bureaucrats and pin-heads about biodiversity.

    Farmers had to move any herds away from ponds, tilled fields were moved away from these ponds to keep them from being “spoiled”. It’s the farmers who preserved and managed them in the first place! The farmers made most of the ponds where the ducks and other wild fowl gather. The government seems to be saying: You build a good thing and we will come take it!

    We all know how good a job was done managing the Missouri/Mississippi over the years with the levies and dams.

    My farmer friends around Madison WI had this happen to them as the state tore through the state identifying all such water resources that they could restrict or deny farmers access (or face lawsuit).

    It’s not just the federal government that employs strong arm techniques. Don’t be so fast to think that states rights are a cure all for bureaucratic abuse. Pin-heads are everywhere.

  • Jim

    I grew up in Idaho. There are NO natural wetlands anywhere in that state. There are some marshes in Southe Western Idaho created by farmers for irrigation where I used to go duck hunting but from the looks of the property, they are somewhere in the central Idaho mountains where it isn’t even possible to have wetlands. Simple solution: If EPA says you can’t build, then the EPA pays you fair market value for the property out of THEIR budget. That would shut this nonsense down.

    • Ron

      Sorry Jim, but out of “THEIR” budget is money out of your and my pocket. Maybe if EPA employees on an individual basis had to pay out of their “own personal” pocket for any erroneous land claims on their part this BS would quickly come to a halt….

  • jim shipley

    The development next to my house was on wetlands and they just slipped the EPA a few bucks and built it anyway.

  • nikki

    Unrestricted bureaucrats and the banality of evil.


    The government can basically do whatever it wants under that law apparently, however it is tantamount to a “taking” and should be recompensed the same as any condemnation of property, otherwise the individual is being forced to bear the burden of a government law thought to be for the good of the general public. It is no different than when the governemtn condems a property for a public road. The owner is not expected to bear the loss of the land.

  • Rick

    Liberals are Earth Worshippers:

  • Dave

    The EPA needs to join the unemployed!

    • Bob

      Everyone complains about the EPA and all sorts of other government departments. Well, do something about it, it doesn’t take a violent uprising by the people, all it takes is your vote. Elect Ron Paul and he will do it for you legally according to the Constitution. You say he is old, he is crazy and all sorts of other things, NO ! he is the only sane one in contention for the presidency, the only one that can resolve your gripes. It’s about time we had a straight shooter in the white house that really cares about America, someone that isn’t in the race for monetary gain, he is truely devoted to the people.

  • hrwg

    Let’s turn the taliban on the EPA. EPA is a lie and just a means for robbing hard working people of their money and property. You can’t enslave people who own property that you can’t steal from them or people who own guns. Wise up americans! Get your guns out it is going to be a long fight with people who want more than their share of what you have earned like Al Gore, George Soros, etc, etc. What a bunch of greedy losers.

  • Constitutional Believer

    Help WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!
    Info @ just as thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, if not millions more will help take back Our Republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    If we don’t WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!!
    This Is Our Future!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Constitutional Believers
    Mr. Harris

  • Madeline

    The EPA is rotten just like PETA. B.O. the “far left liberals,” “mother nature” and other’s too many to number. They all belong in the same garbage can. Oh, excuse me I have to go clean up the mess I just made in my basement by stepping on a centipede!

  • William 1

    So all the officials who approved their site were ignorant-ignorance of the law is no excuse so why doesn’t the EPA sue the officials instead?

  • Tom

    It is past time for all true Americans to grow some courage, stop talking the problem to death, arm themselves, band together and march on DC. When the American people are ready to take our country back please call me and I will march at the front of the pack and take the first bullet. The only way we will ever get our country back is to physically remove these criminals from office and our country. So it is time to put up or shut up.

  • Chris P

    Yes – Republicans love anarchy. Before you start any building project you get approval first.

    Got to love the lying Christians who don’t care about the rules.

  • James R. Maxwell

    How bout filing charges on the EPA for some of the Government jobs that had not only changed but totally destroyed the land they have total control over currently. They have
    the management skill of a terrorist with about the same mentality.

  • http://THEHEM@RCN.COM red-white-blue

    My son built a house in the woods, and the lot next to him was deemed wetland property. My son was glad, as he enjoys peace and quiet. The owner asked him to purchase the wetland lot, for 10,000. My son asked me about it, and I said it would be a waste of $10,000. Two years later, a rich man bought the lot, and after several tests, found out it was not a wetland property at all, so he built a house on it, and uses it for a summer home, and is a very annoying neighbor! Who are these experts, and why don*t they update the land, since it was 37 years ago, when last recorded! If someone wants to build on a suspect property, let them sign a waiver, absolving any liability. Nah, that would be too simple!

  • Maggie

    Something’s rotten in Denmark. Is there a local in that town who wants that land for whatever reason? It’s time the EPA was deregulated and banned from our lands.

  • Clay

    All you need to know is AGENDA 21

  • http://CowboyByte Linda

    Seems to me that when they bought the property that would have been addressed at the time. Something doesn’t sound right.

  • Zoe Varaday

    Re: The Sacketts Supreme Court Case Involving the EPA…..

    Over the ALLEGED “wet lands” property they purchased, for the intent of building their home, I’m not an Attorney and I do not profess to know jack about environmental issues, or “wet lands”! But what I DO know is that this case is “open and shut”! The fault lies NOT with the poor Sackets, who purchased this property in good faith but, rather, WITH THE REALTOR WHO SOLD THEM THE LAND, or even, perhaps, the actual “SELLER” of the property because, if this property IS, indeed, on “wet lands” and, thus, not to be developed or used commercially, then it is THE REALTOR and/or THE SELLER.

    Also….Pardon me, but WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE? It’s GOOD…..The first sentence is GREAT! “The Sacketts HAD GOTTEN??” There is NO SUCH WORD as “gotten”! The Sacketts “OBTAINED” (the necessary papers, etc.). Are y’all in need of more Editors or Writers? I don’t have a College degree, but I still manage pretty well and I possess an excellent command of the English language and proper grammar.

  • KAJ

    The communist EPA needs to be gone.
    Everyone should read You Can Still Trust The Communists To Be Communists by David Noebel and Fred Schwarz.
    This will open your eyes.

  • call me Roy

    Look people, the “Anointed One” makes his chess move’s and us babbling humans need to realize that the unbelieving conspiracy “heathen” understate the issues when they say that Obama is a radical. Alas, they know not the secrets we are all going to witness. The “Anointed One” is amazing (and according to Biden: he’s so brillant), and takes the people at the highly efficient Post Office and sends them right over to the Student Loan Program. The “Anointed One” knows all. Twitter messages were machine-gunned to cell phones at mach speed. Facebook and MySpace groups spread across the Internet like digital fire. YouTube videos featuring celebrities ricocheted across the globe and into college students’ in-boxes with devastating regularity. All the while, the Obama mega-money-raising engine whirred on at high speed, until the result became inevitable: an unthinking mass of young voters marched forward to elect the “Anointed One.”
    I am not surprised to hear these stinking lies about our “Anointed One,” it should be apparent to anyone that this was coming down the pike. I do have a couple questions about future process steps concerning these developments? When the “Annointed One” decides to start bar-coding everyone, will we get to decide if the mark is on our hand or forehead? Allot of people will prefer the hand, (especially women of course), unless your a porn actress or something along those lines. Also, my girlfriend was wondering if the Administration will be getting fashion advice from Hollyweird or the New York City crowd? We are both agree that the Administration “Maoies” as the “Anointed One ” so lovingly calls them,will be getting uniforms similar to the SS uniforms in Germany in WW2. With big letters abreviating “Barack’s Socialists.” So shall we start calling them the BS?

  • http://YAHOO Bob

    THIS is the EPA. at their best. This Department needs to be turned over to the State’s. The States can regulate better with less political

  • Bimbam

    Liberals are mean, hate-driven, jealous of success and covetous people. That explains why liberals always bring “human misery and suffering”.

    A house divided will fall. Either demoncraps will rule and bring the above to America and eventually the world, or the Tea Party take over entirely our system of government and set up laws making anyone who is a liberal or a demoncrap ineligible to run for government office.

    It will not be hard to determine a liberal since they all look like Al Franken or a pouty old lady.

  • Larry Owens

    The EPA , Odumbo and the rest of this Bunch of Liars Elitist know it ALLS are just JERKS the way they treat people.

  • Kevin Miller

    First,we must rid ourselves of the EPA and All the EnviroNUTS and Meanie Greenies as well
    as PETA because they are Anti-Freedom and Anti-American Dream! And that includes the oBUMa’s! And Second,we Must turn back to GOD and CHRIST and our Constitution.

  • Baughbe

    More and more, I’m thinking the EPA might best serve the environment as mulch…

  • joe

    get the idiot out of the white house

  • bill qill

    daves: do you remember it was a democrap house & senate??????

  • Mike

    The real estate company that sold them the land is at falt for not letting the people know they could not build there. If the EPA has a problem with it, they should find out who sold the land to these people and sue them. The people that bougth the land should sue the real estate company also.

  • The Scotsman

    Do really expect our Congress to do what is right? I agree, the EPA must be overhauled or done away with the gang of idiots.

  • HTCM USN James Graham


    Think about this e-mail and see if there’s anything here you don’t believe!

    I hadn’t thought about this – but where are Obama’s past girlfriends
    surely he had at least one? No past girl friends popping up anywhere?
    Strange – strange to the point of being downright weird!

    OK, this is just plain old common sense, no political agendas for
    either side. Just common knowledge for citizens of a country,
    especially American citizens, who know every little tidbit about
    every other president (and their wives) that even know that
    Andrew Jackson’s wife smoked a corn cob pipe and was accused
    of adultery, or that Lincoln never went to school or Kennedy
    wore a back brace, or Truman played the piano.

    We are Americans! Our media vets these things out! We
    are known for our humanitarian interests and caring for our
    ‘fellow man.’ We care, but none of us know one single
    humanizing fact about the history of our own president.

    Honestly, and this is a personal thing… but it’s bugged me
    for years that no one who ever dated him ever showed up.
    Taken his charisma, which caused the women to be drawn
    to him so obviously during his campaign, looks like some
    lady would not have missed the opportunity.

    We all know about JFK’s magnetism, McCain was no monk,
    Palin’s courtship and even her athletic prowess were probed.
    Biden’s aneurisms are no secret. Look at Cheney and Clinton-
    we all know about their heart problems. How could I have
    left out Wild Bill before or during the White House?

    Nope… not one lady has stepped up and said, “He was soooo
    shy,” or “What a great dancer!” Now look at the rest of what
    we know… no classmates, not even the recorder for the
    Columbia class notes ever heard of him.

    Who was the best man at his wedding? Start there. Check
    for groomsmen. Then get the footage of the graduation ceremony.

    Has anyone talked to the professors? Isn’t it odd that no one is
    bragging that they knew him or taught him or lived with him.

    When did he meet Michele and how? Are there photos?
    Every president provides the public with all their photos,
    etc. for their library. What has he released? Nada – other
    than what was in this so-called biography! And experts
    who study writing styles etc. claim it was not O’s own
    words or typical of his speech patterns, etc.

    Does this make any of you wonder?

    Ever wonder why no one ever came forward from Obama’s
    past, saying they knew him, attended school with him, was
    his friend, etc? Not one person has ever come forward from his past.

    This should really be a cause for great concern. Did you see
    the movie titled, The Manchurian Candidate?

    Let’s face it. As insignificant as we all are… someone whom
    we went to school with remembers our name or face… someone
    remembers we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the
    quiet one or the bully or something about us.

    George Stephanopoulos, ABC News said the same thing
    during the 2008 campaign. Even George questions why
    no one has acknowledged that the president was in their
    classroom or ate in the same cafeteria or made impromptu
    speeches on campus. Stephanopoulos was a classmate of
    Obama at Columbia-class of 1984. He says he never had
    a single class with him. Since he is such a great orator,
    why doesn’t anyone in Obama’s college class remember
    him? And, why won’t he allow Columbia to release his
    records? Do you like millions of others, simply assume
    all this is explainable – even though no one can?


    Looking for evidence of Obama’s past, Fox News contacted
    400 Columbia University students from the period when
    Obama claims to have been there, but not one remembers
    him. For example,Wayne Allyn Root was (like Obama) a
    political science major at Columbia , who graduated in 1983.
    In 2008, Root says of Obama, “I don’t know a single person
    at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don’t
    have a single classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at
    Columbia … EVER!

    Nobody recalls him.

    Root adds that he was, “Class of ’83 political science,
    pre-law” and says, “You don’t get more exact or closer
    than that.. Never met him in my life, don’t know anyone
    who ever met him.”

    At our 20th class reunion five years ago, who was asked
    to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of
    Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he
    was. The guy who writes the class notes, who’s kind of
    the, as we say in New York , ‘the macha’ who knows
    everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever
    met him.”

    Obama’s photograph does not appear in the school’s
    yearbook, and Obama consistently declines requests
    to talk about his years at Columbia , provide school
    records, or provide the name of any former classmates
    or friends while at Columbia .

    How can this be?

    NOTE: Wayne Allyn Root can easily be verified. He
    graduated valedictorian from his high school, Thornton-
    Donovan School , then graduated from Columbia University
    in 1983 as a Political Science major in the same ’83 class
    in which Barack Hussein Obama states he was.

    Some other interesting questions.

    Why was Obama’s law license inactivated in 2002?

    Why was Michelle’s law license inactivated by court order?

    According to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barack
    Obama – but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases..


    The Social Security number he uses now originated in
    Connecticut where he is never reported to have lived.

    No wonder all his records are sealed!

    Please continue sending this out to everyone. Somewhere,
    someone had to know him in school… before he “reorganized”
    Chicago and burst upon the scene at the 2004 Democratic
    Convention and made us swoon with his charm, poise, and
    speaking pizzazz.

    One of the biggest CONS this country has ever seen, and
    getting away with it. This is scary on many levels!

    • Bimbam

      You can blame a bunch of others – LIKE THE ENTIRE CONGRESS, Demoncraps and Repudicans who ALL KNEW TO SOME DEGREE this man was a fraud!!!

      Nancy Pilausy, Hairy Weed, Dead Kennedy, and a bunch of other demoncraps, the MSM, Hollyweed, and finally our own Repudican party who have turned coat on us.

      The Supreme Court is REFUSING to hear any allegations that THEIR MAN BO is illegal to be president.

      They all have become traitors to bring in the NEW WORLD ODOR, decimation of private rights and private property, and FINAL CONTROL in which we are being herded to the slaughter called WW3 or the DAY OF TRIBULATION!<strong.

    • Ron

      Have you ever watched the movie the “Omen?” He and his bride are spawn born out of the depths from hell. Like his mastor, Lucifer, who has many names, so to does this deceiver. Therefore there is no new reason to question why so many ss numbers, names and aliases.

    • Eli Jones

      Don’t forget about his boyfriends. Larry Sinclair comes to mind.

  • http://none Henrique Sequeira

    Hang in there. As soon as we get rid of Obama, any of the Republican Candidates have said that they would get rid of the E.PA. and dozens of other useless entities like that one.


    They will have to go back to earn their salaries.

  • Dianna

    I hope these people win this and I hope that the Supreme Court chooses the right choice! The EPA NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND GET OUT OF OUR LIVES!

  • Othello

    The EPA is …… nevermind, language like that will get me censored. The EPA is out to destroy America. They are not for America. They want to regulate DIRT! HUH???!!!! Hate to break it to you EPA, but the Earth is mostly dirt.
    EPA is just a WASTE of the taxpayers money.

  • Peter Courtenay Stephens

    It is going to take a whole lot more than posting on the internet to stop this tyrannny and Obama Police State.
    The American people must get up off their knees and fight back in every way they can think of to stop this tyranny.
    There is about 9 months to go and We better defeat this monster or all hell is going to break loose.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  • BTB

    shoot the bastrds dont let them on your property

  • Dave

    The EPA is an anti-capitalist shill operating under the guise of “environmentalism”. BS! They are commies! And this may have been instigated in 07′, but the EPA has gotten WAY WORSE under Obama’s commie Czars!

  • Buffalo John

    ovomit is ignoreing the Constitution more and more,soon he will throw it into the garbage can because that is what he thinks of the Constitution.The next shoe to drop will be Martial Law so he can suspend the Election,that is when the ovomit surprise by WE THE PEOPLE will be out.
    This Nation needs ovomit and his fraudulent administration removed SOON,for the good of the Nation and the Constitution is at steak.WE THE PEOPLE have to become the one big force ovomit didn’t bargian for.GOD BLESS AMERICA….

  • Pat Alexander

    Impeach President Obama and arrest his Chicago goverment cronies. Fine the President $ 75,000 dollars a day and fine (each) his cronies $37,500 a day until they pay the American people back the trillions of dollars that they gave to already bankrupt companies, and moneys that they cannot account for! Don’t forget that program scam,” Money for Clunkers “. And yes there are many ! Happy Trails!

  • A True American

    It’s their land, they can build on it if they want too. Now, if the EPA wants a say, let them buy it from the couple if the couple wants to sell. Just like every other government organization, it starts out with good intentions then turns in to a communist dictator! Get rid of the EPA, we drill our own oil, the federal deficit is balanced and the economy is booming again. I used to say, who cares if we kill a bug? Now, we just want to drill where nothing is harmed. The EPA won’t allow it. Obama just put a stop to 20,000 initial jobs and 100,000 jobs down the line with the pipeline from Canada. Canada told him that if he won’t allow the pipeline they will sell their oil to China. Apparently that was not a problem for Obama.

    A muslim, a communist and an illegal alien walk in to a bar. The bartender asks “what would you like to drink, Mr. President? :-)

  • Bill

    Obama does not believe the Constitution is relevant document, so he pays it no mind. It is an “arcane” piece of paper, he says.

  • DoctorBob

    If ANYBODY needs a reason we need to abolish the EPA, this would be it. They are no longer about the environment. They are ALL about destroying personal freedom, control, and the destruction of the American way of life. End the EPA! We need to put the candidates’ feet to the fire and demand to know what they will do about the EPA. And NOOOO, having a talk with them is NOT the answer. Abolishing them is the ONLY answer.

  • Ready to Fight

    The EPA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and “WE THE PEOPLE” need to fast track the EPA to meeting their maker!! Just saying. TIME FOR THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!
    KEEP YOUR GUNS CLEAN & YOUR AMMO DRY we are going to need them very soon America

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    I may be wrong but too many things point to the same thing and that is they are hingeing their take over on this end of the world every body keeps touting for 2012. If any thing happens to the enviroment that is bad it just might be caused by this thing that is called haarp that the military is building and testing in more or less seceret and now they are talking about puting it on satalites. One scientist says that they could cause earth quqkes with it and could even cause dna changes in animals and people. If you don’t know already the people that control about all of the defence infrastructure(mfg war equipment) are the same ones that want to take over the world(nwo) I think this is what is killing the birds that keep falling out of the sky this haarp thing the military is working on.

  • america needs to make a stand

    who does this bully think he is why is it we have such a bully problem in our schools and we are doing something to fight it ,but this ass can bully anyone he wants, and no one is doing anything about it ,get out of here jack-ass get out

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    These birds that have been falling dead have no apparent injury but their insides are damaged.It is said these people can control the weather with this haarp and these chemicals they are spraying out in the altamospere at high altitudes. There is videos on utube about this you need to see them. There is also videos on utube about ufos and our gov envolvement in what is going on,it is about our planet earth and our universe and connections with other planets. In one of the videos has one of the astros saying that he went to mars.There is also videos showing pictures taken on mars by nasa. There is just too much that our gov is keeping hidden from the people.

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    I belive and there is a lot of other people that belive there has been and maybe aliens here from out side our planet. There is or was drawings of hot air ballons and other things pretaning to advanced tectnolgy on cave and cliff walls.The poeple that did the drawing had to see what they drew to know how to draw it.Who were these aliens,where did they come from and are some of them still here. Plato wrote about the city of atlantis and from his writings they had all of the conveinances of our modern world. most of the smarts were in atlantis. When atlantis was destroyed the people that could fled to other parts of the planet. Me thinks these people may be thebuilders of the pyrmids in egypt,middle america and china. all were built with the sams tectnolgy. Also the aztex indians were at one time capable of doing brain surgery. Peru has paved roads that have been there so long no one knows who paved them. check out the remains of a civilization that was found in the desert of south america abouy 20 years ago. every thing they done was on a hugh scale. Ditches that ran for miles arrow straight. Out lines of animals and birds over a mile wide. They had to have equipment to do this and not sticks and rock hammers. The investigators of this place say they don’t know who they were ,where they came from or where they went to. Unless they are lying they have no clues.

  • http://none Ridge Runner

    Every one that has went through high school at one time had to have some knowledge of the mayan indians in mid america and what is now mexico. The wonders of the collasal structures they built and their advances they made in civilization. The mayan indians are still there but not in the original buildings and citys. I have read several accounts of these people and the best i have heard or read of why the abanded the cities is probably what is our problem here now in the united states. These people were probably taxed.regulated,opressed screwed so bad for so long they just said to hell with it and left and went back to the wilds. Our problem is now we don.t have any where to go.These people that are screwing the people of the world may be decendants of the same people that were doing the world back then.

  • Eli Jones

    The EPA and the White House Nazi will go after 11-6-12.

  • zonny

    AGENDA 21, BullS–t Folks, we got to stop this CRAP

  • j ruussell

    Herman Cain and Ron Paul are not part of the good old boy clan that the politicians want to run our country. The Politicians are almost always able to put two people in front of us to vote for. They call one a Repulican and the other a Democrat so that we feel we have a real choice. Getting rid of Cain worked but Paul won’t go away. Lucky for us that want a real change.

  • Howard Gieger

    KEEP UP THE FIGHT MIKE !!!. This just another government agency out of control. It is time we take our government back Kick the entire administration and all of the crooks that are taking our freedoms and rights away out on their ear.

  • Dan

    Give a lot of power to a few people of little stature, small minds, absolutely 1000% no
    common sense and jealous hearts and this is what you end up with. They should all lose their
    jobs and be stripped of all benifets. Or the alternative from the obumer administration: given a
    pay raise and more power to let their little minds “screw” with more American Citizens. This is what that moron in the white house likes to see happening. If congress or the supreme court,
    the part that is no bought and paid for, had any “real nerve or any care for anyone other than them selves” they would IMPEACH him, deport him to where he belongs and take that task out of the hands of the voters…….AMEN

  • chris

    those “wetlands” were puddles in the back yard.

  • Dennis deMenace

    The EPA is lucky it wasn’t my land that I bought, I would the SHOT THEM ALL DEAD for TRESPASSING!

  • Dennis deMenace

    If I was running for President my first agenda would be get rid of or drastically defund the EPA, so that we could drill for our own oil, and stop buying it back from countries who drill from our oil reserves under our noses!