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Jeb Bush Refrains From Endorsing Anyone

Jeb Bush, the popular former Florida governor, said he will “stay neutral” in the state’s Republican presidential primary while warning his party’s candidates to leave the “circular firing squad” of their debates behind and start appealing to a broader audience.

Bush’s remarks, in an exclusive interview, establish a challenge for his party’s candidates as the contest advances to Florida, where the Jan. 31 primary will take the race into its biggest and most diverse arena yet. The winner will be awarded all of the state’s 50 presidential convention delegates.

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  • T-Texas

    Vote your conscience. I like Newt better.

    • Doc

      Let’s see he loves Nancy Pig-loski and the GW crowd, check!
      Worse yet he has never met a gun law that he would not sign, check!
      Nope can not do it.

      “For those who have fought for it freedom has a sweet taste the protected will never know”

  • Guy P Fraser

    Jeb’s not endorsing anyone anyone,because after the people are sick and tired of hearing the same old things over,and over,in several months,look for the GOP to slip this clown in,in a bid for the White House.

    • BobbieSue

      Why not….. I can see no one else escept maybe Ron Paul who can do the job. Certainly not the current occupant!

  • Mike the conservative

    What is a Jeb Bush endorsement? No more Bush’s. Senior got us NAFTA, and Jr. got us the Asian Free Trade Agreement. Neither did anything to help America. Bush Jr. should have used His veto power, but instead He went along with Pelosi and Reid and started the recession. I know Barack Obama has made things much worse, but the truth is the truth. No more Bush’s.

  • Nanette Olson

    Newt is not a conservative and he wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

  • Dcarlino

    I feel that Newt Gingrich is the only one who actually has America’s best interests at heart and in his plans. I feel that if Jeb Bush will not endorse him he obviously is protecting something. I do not think he could possibly expect to be nominated to run for president at this late date, what I think is he believes that Romney will get it and he wants the vp spot. Anyone qualified to be VP will be chosen no matter whom he endorses at this time. Personally I think Mitt Romney is just another Obama who will further hurt the American people and the country.

  • David

    The SMART one in the Bush family!
    Don’t talk
    Don’t Run (for office)
    Don’t give the dems ammunition to defeat (the WEAKEST reflublican national candidates EVER).
    and keep your option as VP open

  • Chivis

    God Bless our Country, and God bless Bush’s family.

  • Washington22

    I hate to hear talk of “our Party” being in disarray. It’s simply not true. We are in a “process”. It is a good, normal event, challenging, weeding, vettting our candidates……….something that was NEVER done for Ozero. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, quit allowing the MEDIA to influence your thoughts. The media is NOT making the choice, the American voter is. We have good candidates, strong, intelligent men who are “making their bones”. Barak Ozero was a nobody from nowhere………………………..with no record………….Now he has a record. It is abysmal, crushing, criminal………………….and he’s going to answer for it.

  • Kathleen

    I would like to see Eric Cantor, take Obama down, legally, we would have a paper trail then, when he goes down he can sing his Al Green song, I’m so in love you! Go home Obama, go back to your country.

  • Bruce Lynn

    Just who cares what Jeb Bush thinks?

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