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Romney stance on DREAM Act is magnified in Florida

Mitt Romney’s promise to veto a measure that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants threatens to turn off some Hispanic voters, whose support could be critical in a general election match-up against President Barack Obama.

The issue is gaining prominence as the Republican front-runner heads toward the Jan. 31 primary in Florida, even though most of the state’s Hispanics are Puerto Rican or Cuban-American and, thus, aren’t affected by U.S. immigration law, nor view it as a priority. Still, it’s a state where 13 percent of registered voters are Hispanic, where the nation’s largest Spanish-language TV networks are based and where the nation’s third-largest number of illegal immigrants live — intensifying the focus on Romney’s position.

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  • Terry Black

    Latest Big News out of South Carolina to Search: South Carolina’s Attorney General detects Voter faud during Primaries

    Apparently over 900 Votes were found that were cast by deceased persons!

    • sc

      Ok Terry who were all those dead people voting for, remember a half truth is also a half lie.

      • Die Free

        This is illeagles using dead people I’ds and the Dems and odummer don’t want to have photo I’d to vote. This would stop or lower the people who will try to vote illeaglely. Odummer must go OMG!
        Deport all illeagles weather they have an anchor baby or not. Profile and arrest send them to the boarder they crossed which is mexico for most and make mexico pay for the freeloaders.

        • http://FaceBook ron yurchak

          And what do you expect Mexico will pay us with? Cocain and Pot?

          • wildmann

            They got A LOT of Oil!! Dr. Michael Savage,on his radio show, “The Savage Nation” says that we should get 1 Barrel of oil per Month for Every One of the Illegal Invaders here living FREE, on Us. Yeah, I’d Work like Hell too, if All my Rent, Food, Medical, Kids education were PAID For,– and–I could Keep all the Tax Free -Under the table Cash I could Earn. They send it home, and retire as Mexican Millionaries! {Real Good Exchange Rate, Peso/Dollar.} Remember The Alamo!!!

          • USNpops

            Mexico is number 3 on the list of the top 15 countries we import crude from. In case anybody thought otherwise.


          • Bruno Boccagalupe

            oil Ron they’d pay with oil!

        • psotka

          Everything you said Ron Paul wants to implement as a president

          • Ralph

            Sure,sure your psycho old senile fool Tea Party Messiah
            Already 3 time President serial loser Ron Paul is going to
            save the whole world as well,right Paulbot Freako? NO
            Thanks! So,just go away and crazy Ron Paul and Rand Paul with you and get lost forever silly braindead fool.

          • mchalewj

            Ron Paul has passed one (yes! JUST ONE!) piece of legislation in his long career. Amazing! It’s doubtful if he could get his drug-legalization legislation to pass, either. However, an ineffective, do-nothing President would be a refreshing change from our current occupant!

    • Dave

      No annesty for illegals. Make them do it the right way.

      • Publius

        I also have a dream – I dream that as a 10th generation, white, male, American citizen:
        1. I won’t have to press ‘1’ for english;
        2. I won’t have to put up with foreigneors pushing thier agenda on me;
        3. I can pray where and when I want and not be sued by the ACLU;
        4. I can cdlebrate ‘white history month’ and not be called a racist.

      • Ralph

        Amen! And so don’t forget what happened to old senile fool Amnesty John McCain in 2008 and how that got us the Kenyan Wonder Messiah
        Barack Hussein Obama and we know how that is working out for us by
        now! NO Illegal Alien Amnesty! No Dream Act! Arrest & Deport All Illegal Aliens and Jail Their Greedy Cheap Labor Employers! What ever
        happened to the concept we are all Americans not hypenated ones?

    • Gordon

      And the Democrats are against Voter Photo Identification.

    • Dingbat36

      You need to read the SC officials press release more carefully………….900 POSSIBLE dead voters (fraud) was discovered but only 600 of them actually voted!! Lazarus wasn’t the only one who rose from the dead, evidently. The article “implied” that the votes were thrown out…………do we have a bit of diligence in SC? Wouldn’t THAT be a first, especially after watching the video from NH with it’s stupid open primary!

      • Sylvia M. Auten

        Dems could vote in S.C. also.
        Hopefully Florida will have a real vote where Jerry Falwell is not voting from the grave.
        I helped in the S.C. and all of the precincts that were counted where I was
        Mitt Romney won the early voters and absentee, but after Newt told off the Media then S.Carolina flip-flopped and went for the Mel Gibson fake catholic. Give us some standard bearer. Not a corrupt man whose life and politics were dirty.

        • sc

          it don’t get much dirtier than nit[wit]romney

        • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

          Silvia, You have it turned around.. you mean Romney, right ? Look up your information on him before you bash { as Romney does } Newt… Nothing but lies, isn’t that what liberal Democrats are best at doing ? Lie, blame, bash, as that is what Romney has been doing, instead of talking about issues , talk about Obama , all the damage he has done to the American people, this country, our constitution…no he has not done any of bashing Obama , why ? Because he is a liberal himself..if you all notice he has done very , very little about what he will do for this country, our freedom,etc..Check it out who he has running his campaign !!

      • Bruno Boccagalupe

        Well you know that NH is called the”GRANITE” state. Most of the granite is between their ears!

    • John

      In my estimation it appears the builderbergers have tried to get Romney into the office and if Newt wins it is an accident. MONEY controls everything in this country! I would love to see Santorum or Paul surprise them all!

      • Ralph

        No thanks to whack jobs like old fool senile Ron Paul and No Thanks to
        Greedy Money Hungry Bain Capital Vulture Capitalist American Jobs
        and small businesses Destroyer Magic Underwear RINO Willard Mittens

    • ketrout

      Can anyone imagine how many DEAD people voted in the 2008 and 2010 elections? And if Obama has his way, there will be many more DEAD people voting for him in 2012!



      • Ralph

        Amen! Fully agree with you about NO Illegal Alien Amnesty and NO
        Dream Act as well!

      • ladykroft

        You are all pissing in the wind.

    • Daniel from TN

      Voter fraud detected? That’s not news anymore. It’s standard procedure!!!

    • E

      You best read the article again… they were NOT from the last primary, they were from PRIOR elections. They were found and are intended to be used as support for the SC legislation to prevent voter fraud which is currently in court, and which Democrats consistently try to stop from passing wherever it has been tried. Having to PROVE who you are will prevent voter fraud abuse which has been found to be rampant in the support of Democrat candidates.
      What could any HONEST person have in objection to an honest election?

      • Bruno Boccagalupe

        Thanks E,.. you’ve let the light shine in a dark, gloomy hole!

      • sc

        i guess you will have to ask barry soetoro,

    • gbr

      They said “in past elections”. NOT this one. However, you can bet acorn will pull a lot of dead bodies in to vote this year. Why do you think holder wants NO VOTER I’D. If you have a picture to prove who you are, you would have to WALK-IN! Picture I’D IS the way to go.

  • Terry Black

    It did not say who the votes where for, however it is on a ton of websites just Search
    Southh Carolina’s Attorney General detects Voter fraud

  • T-Texas

    If any of this is true,I would say that oplieofsheet and acorn are testing the waters to see what the results would be.

    • Robert

      I’d say it is more the Paulbots. Ethics isn’t in their vocabulary.

      • FREEME

        ROBERT….do YOU know what ETHICS IS? This is a word carefully avoided by most, either because they know what it really means, or wish to ignore it due to one’s own ‘ethics’ problems. LYING to WE THE PEOPLE is politics COLLECTIVE SIN, and when you find one with a CLEAN VOTING RECORD, WHERE THEY ACTUALLY DO WHAT THEY PREACH, you got a real winner, and that winner is RON PAUL!

        • Bruno Boccagalupe

          FREEME,…..If any person should ever need to be freed, it’s you. Hopefully it will occur soon.

        • psotka

          I vote for him too.

      • Sandy

        Hey Robert, at least we believe in something real, you don’t even know what the word ethics means! Principle over party, keep taking the blue pill
        and keep listening to the main stream media, they know what best for you and who to vote for, more of the same, how’s that working out for ya!

  • Francisco

    Republicans are soo stupid. They contenue to allow the liberal media and the dems to frame the debate and paint us a biggots. First they have to call the dream act what it is, amnisty bill for family,friends and felons of illigals, then they need to offer an optional bill that puts our goals farword. Republicans need to make a serious effort to show hispanics how much hispanic culture has in common with them.

  • Brenda

    Let it turn off the Hispanic voters. The mere fact that politicians play to the audience is why we are in this mess to begin with. It all comes down to one simple fact–they are illegals. If they want to be citizens then go back home and apply like all the other immigrants.


    Illegal aliens are not only stealing jobs, they are creating a huge vacuum of our economy. A local Section-8 housing landlord evicted an illegal alien after finding out he had three fake ID’s in three states collecting entitlements in all three and working under-the-table. The illegal admitted to sending all of his cash to his country of origin to go back and “live like a king”. All this money is being created here but is leaving the economy. Also illegals working off the books are lowering the value of the work-hour for everyone, no one is making as much as they should. We need to stop the bleeding!

  • Lowell T.

    Voter fraud is just as serious as bribing a juror. The promise of free stuff or a threat to voters is the same as tampering with a juror. The people doing this must be found, tried and if found guilty given long prison sentences. We the citizens must remain alert. The local good ole boys club will do a lot of back scratching to protect theirs. Enough is enough. One question I have, why are so many dead people still eligible to vote? We pay election board members to remove their names. A death will be missed occasionally but no way can all be missed. Election board members acting in a partisan manner should be fired. If a ballot box is stuffed before being delivered to the polling place or lost before votes are counted someone needs to be held responsible. Also we need to push for voter ID and paper ballots. Non citizen should never be allowed to vote. A green card does not make them a citizen.

    • Martin Ridens

      You ought to check out the Diebold company and the controversy regarding their voting machines. Using dead people, or people at all, to tamper with elections is so 20th century.

    • weary conservative

      On his Sunday radio show, Jan. 22, Aaron Klein did an expose’ on the future of how votes will be counted overseas. In fact, a trial run was done with the new system in the last election. It’s very complicated, convoluted travesty but for anyone interested, the show is archived so you can go newstalk radio 77, click on podcast at the top of the page, then click on Aaron Klein.

    • sc

      simple soultion, no one the welfare rolls will be allowed to vote, that would be a conflict of interest…

  • mike austin

    Take a stance supporting the law or just to get votes like Snewt? Hmmm…

  • Jeanette Rost

    And what are the illegals (who are mostly Mexican) planning on doing when they have succeeded in turning America into Mexico Norte? Canada will be on alert.

  • Bob L.

    Let’s hope Florida requires voter ID, unlike New Hampshire where anyone can walk into a polling place, verbally identify themself and get a ballot.

    There was a joke that went around in Texas after LBJ won his first term as Senator in the 1940’s about a very sad man who confided to a friend that his old Uncle had come back from the dead to vote for Johnson and didn’t take time to visit with his family.

    • sc

      yes that may be true, you see in one county the vote was almost twice the total population including dogs and cats. and all of them voted for LBJ

  • Jim

    The vote is all the politicians care about, how they get it does not matter. If illegals can find a way to vote then the politicos are all for it. The majority of the country do not want the illegals getting a free ride. That is what it boils down to. His and her spanics should not be bothered about illegals not getting a free ride. NO illegal should get a free ride.

  • Eli Jones

    Romney comes across as a used car salesman. I support Newt!

    • patriotrenegade

      no dopey, you support treason by yet another globalist. Do some damn research and tell me what you see. Start with CFR NAFTA GATT NAU there’s more. start there.

  • Nanette Olson

    Newt is not a conservative and he wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens.



  • Patrick Henry

    This is supposed to be a Conservative discussion site and they worry about the Hispanic vote instead of our LAWS??? By continuing to ignore them and grant another Amnesty like Gingrich wants, soon Hispanics voting Democrat will be in power forever! Wake up, Romney’s positions on Illegal “Immigration” (trespassing), are excellent, and Santorum’s as well. Most LEGAL Hispanice feel the same way!

    • patriotrenegade

      gee, mitt and rick are clean on globalist treason UNLIKE CFR knewtie boy.

    • sc

      sorry, but i don’t think we need either one of those gun grabbers, sanatorum who voted for every gun control bill that came along when he was a congressman, and then there is the big RINO from Mass. he doesn’t like the second amendment either. it’s ok for criminals to have guns but honest citizens must have almost impossible to get permits or go to jail.
      funny as I have read the amendment it didn’t say anything about a politican having the right to tell me what kind of gun I could have or that i had to pay a fee to be able to carry it.

  • Budman

    I live in Florida and I think you will find that even the Cuban American and Puerto Rican citizens are more in favor of legal immigration and see the illegals as a problem except the field workers where they favor a guest program. Illegals in other areas take their jobs as well so if the Republican nominees define this in this way, it will not hurt them. You will though find the Cuban Americans voting more for Republicans but Puerto Ricans favoring Democrats in this state and the illegal immigrant problem will not be a major factor during the election, rather the direction this country is being taken by this President toward Socialism.


    I saw one comment here that one person stated that “who were all these dead voting for.” It does not matter who they voted for. What matters is that they voted and it is voter fraud. It is also noted that in New Hampshire the same problem has occured and it was video taped. I agree strong that someone should have to have a photo ID to prove who they are in order to vote. It would not put a burden on anyone. How about when you fly on a plane – do they ask for id there? How can anyone be against having a legal voter prove who he is. Because if you take this position I guess you support voter fraud. Because it already has happened

  • Daniel from TN

    Take a guess who is fighting The Dream Act the hardest….. Legal immigrants! The mainstream media, aka lame stream media, aka government controlled media, will not report this because it contradicts Liberal policy.
    Side Note. There is a practical reason to oppose any amnesty. According to the CDC and the US Dept of Health one-third of illegals cannot pass a routine health exam. The type of exam an employer requires when you start a new job (DP): the easiest health exam possible (DP). Does anyone actually believe the dramatic increase in the number of confirmed cases of tuberculousis is a coincidence?
    (DP) – deliberate phrase – intentionally not a complete sentence. (For those of you who are sticklers for correct grammar)

  • bigghead

    It’s stupid proposals like his that have cost this country dearly. Medicaid (not medicare)is already paying out billions in hospital care. Illegals are costing billions in education. English should be the national language. This country should not have to bow(obama style) to persons that are not even citizens of our country. Romney says that newt has not ran a business or a state. I am not interested in a president that wants to provide free medical care,education, etc. to illegals. It’s easy to govern when all you have to do is say OK, and not have to worry who is paying the bills.
    Now, how about making religious organizations had out condoms, and provide abortions. Of Course, the government will pay for it.

  • box2222

    I have never understood why legal Hispanic immigrants whould not be the first to object to allowing illgal immigrants. I would sure like to see someone who could explain it to me.

  • David

    …. REMEMBER when the DREAM Act was — Work hard— live a GOOD life—SAVE! your money meant you could own a home AND a vehicle. And you could BUILD a future for yourself and your children…..
    NOT take from the WORKING Americans to GIVE to the illegal immigrant children of non residents.
    Newt–give ammnesty IF you have been here ILLEGALLY for 25 year!local control of deportation????
    Romney- FREE medical care on the backs of working Americans (the ones of us lucky enough to have a job).
    Perry (now gone) reduced cost for college IF your illegal parents brought you/had you here.
    good grief!

    • psotka

      So vote for Ron Paul.He will send all illegals back to their homes.

      • Ralph

        Yep waste your very critical vote on old senile fool serial loser Ron Paul
        and make sure it helps re-elect Kenyan Messiah Barack Obama for four
        more years to finish off America for his master George Soros you stupid
        Paulbot fools!

        • sc

          well you might be right about R.P being a serial looser but you need to also remember that nit [wit] romney is also a serial loser, hell he could not even beat out John McCain in the last election.

  • scott

    the cubans and portiricans need to go to .he would lose more votes if was for amnesty thats for sure i know lots of mexican americans who are losing work to illegals and there not to dam happy about it eather

  • Bett

    Get us off this sinking ship, 2002 warnings to congress came true:
    Israel & CIA agree on foreign policy candidate, guess who?

  • Kathleen

    Romney would make a good VP. I am not to happy with the fact that Romney has Chris Christi
    watching over him, especially when Romney agrees that Obama is doing a good job with the economy. Romney reminds of Joe Biden, a man of very little words, I was going to vote for Romney, but, in the back of my mind, it was always Gingrich. Go home Obama, go back to your country.

  • http://yahoo thomas

    As a American that is tired of paying for these illegals and there freaken kids, and these ilegals taking our jobs. i will never vote for any one that supports the dream act.

    • psotka

      Ron Paul not only will send all illegals home but would stop giving away hundres of bilions to 150 + countries around the world ( and these countries hate us anyway ).He would bring all military from abroad to take care about our own bordes (South ones ).

      • Ralph

        Ron Paul will do nothing as once again crazy serial Presidential Candidate
        goofy Ron Paul will never be elected President again for the 3d time,
        that the goofy old kook tried and lost you foolish Paulbots! As all your
        doing is making sure Kenyan Wonder Barack Hussein Obama gets a free
        ride second term you fools! Just Say NO Thanks to Ron Paul Again!

  • tncdel

    Over 70% of the voters are OPPOSED to the “Dream Act.” Those who support giving college to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense are TRAITORS who should not be accommodated in any way.

    Unless you’re an illegal alien or a big fan of them, then you should be supporting Romney over Gingrich. For Gingrich SUPPORTS the SCHEME Act. And he is rated a D on immigration overall. Whereas, Romney is rated an A on opposing illegal immigration, and a C plus overall [since he does support allowing immigration if done legally].

  • LBR

    Voter fraud and the Photo ID is a VERY simple solution… Republicans should hire private jets to fly thousands upon thousands of foreign voters in to vote for the Republican candidate. Under the demoRATS rules they can’t be “profiled” and MUST be allowed to vote. When demoRATS see the planes loading up they will scream bloody murder and DEMAND Photo IDs. It’s about time we Conservatives watch & learn and give it back twice as hard….

  • howe

    I watched a black caucus meeting on C-Span 23 Jan 2012 chaired by the black congresswoman from the Virgin Islands. It was not the black congressional caucus, but all were democrats and the subject was voter I.D. There was so much angry passion and scathing and untrue comments made about how unfair the voter I.D. legislation by states, you would have thought that our country was under attack by communist Russia and no on gave a hoot. Many of these Congress people quoted a pack of lies about voter fraud and how difficult it is to produce picture I.D. for some people. The fact that some states allow gun carry permits for a means of identification for the polling places was singled out as a joke, even though people who have carry permits have to be fingerprinted, vetted and a background check done before they can get a carry permit. This form of I.D. was an example of what would be needed to stop the blatant voter fraud perpetrated during the 2008 elctions which led to voter fraud investigation in 14 states by the FBI. It was noted that 900 dead people voted in the last election with dozens of Mickey Mouses and the cast of the Dallas Cowboys in several precincts. Over 4000 voter incidents involving fraud and misrepresentation was committed in Texas alone and the total despicable amount of fraud nationwide created by ACORN and the SEIU union alone were enough to possibly change the outcome of the election between Hillary and Obama. Is that the kind of crap we want as a nation. Everyone of these sleezy lawyers in the black caucus pretend they want fairness but they don’t want the perpetrators stopped because it is to their advantage to keep , a flawed system in place. The excuse they all give is that people are shut out of the right to vote if required to show picture I.D. What a load of crap. So All drivers who drive a car should not have a picture I.D., thats two thirds of the nation. Military I.D., Drivers license, gun permit are all valid proof for voting. If people don’t have to use picture I.D. how do you stop fraud anywhere especially at the polls. The vote is as sacred to me as my bank account or driving so the people that don’t have picture I.D. can be given a voucher to go to Walgreens to get a photo I.D. which costs about ten bucks and is the same as what you get for a passport. My god, these damn socalist lawyers are going to drive us to drink.

  • howe

    The real truth about the voter I.D. situation is that the socialist democrats love to control everyone and everything in spite of what WE THE PEOPLE want. The Obamacare is a good example of what sociaslism does, where most of the country did not want 56% did not want Obamacare and 16% were undecided yet the democrats rammed it through over the objections of the majority and now after an election in 2010 that turned the House to Republicans showed the error of their ways so now we are stuck with a healthcare system that will soon rob seniors of needed healthcare because of the 500 billion taken out of medicare to create 156 new govt health care offices, but the worst is yet to come because the democrats puprposely deceived everyone on the cost to pass this bill and it will bankrupt us if not repealed by the Supreme court or a new President. In the meantime the lawsuits flying back and forth by 26 States and the Obama administration are costing the country billions of dollars in taxpayer money that could be used for help for the needy or better homeland security or improving the nations infrastructure. The socialist democrats are killing the free market system and that will lead to communism. You will not like living like the Cubans. Why would you want to listen to the creepy socialist lawyers who are so good at demonizing anything that they can’t control which includes American citizens. Vote them out, the civil rights days are behind us, we need a new method of dealing with racism, its called unity.

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