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Republicans keep up Keystone XL efforts

Congressional Republicans are refusing to back down in their attempts to win speedy approval of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, vowing to link approval of the controversial project to a new jobs bill being introduced next week.

“All options are on the table,” John Boehner, speaker of the House of Representatives, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Now that the president has decided for political reasons that we’re not going to move ahead just yet, not until after the election … we’re going to have to find another way to lean on the Senate, to take this issue up, because the Keystone pipeline will create over 100,000 indirect jobs.”

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  • Kelsonus

    Jobs bill?!?
    Because the first 9 have gone so well

    • American
      Please take action to voice strong opposition to the Department of Defense’s December 30, 2011, judgment to award a Brazilian-owned and operated company a critical contract to supply Light Air Support (LAS) aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. This flawed decision is not only a blow to Americans struggling to find work, but it poses serious threats to our national security.
      The LAS contract would be worth nearly $1 billion American taxpayer dollars. Within months of the initial request for proposal, only two aircraft manufactures remained in the running; Wichita, Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft with its AT-6, and Brazil’s Embraer offering its EMB-314. Last November, the Department of Defense abruptly, and without public justification, excluded Hawker Beechcraft from consideration for the contract. The contract was subsequently awarded to Embraer – the only remaining bidder. The contract decision was made despite the fact that Embraer is currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for corruption and bribery.
      The American-made Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 solution would create and sustain 1,400 long-term jobs in the U.S. The Brazilian-made Embraer EMB-314 solution presents the opportunity for a mere 50 final assembly jobs in the U.S. and will sustain long-term jobs only in Brazil. In these troubling economic times, politicians and military officials should seize every opportunity to foster job growth here at home instead of providing an economic boost to other countries.

  • blackhawk

    TALK TALK TALK How are you going to get Obama to approve. The pipeline and drilling in the Gulf hurts his love for Islamic countries in their pockets.

    • CAllenDoudna

      Resident Obama is in the Wait House and votes “Present”.

    • T-Texas

      Get some Federal Marshalls with cajoles enough to arrest this fraud and put him in front of a firing squad.The rinos are beginning to see their positions threaten in the coming elections and are putting up a smoke screen to try and fool the voters.I think it is too late for some of them.

  • CAllenDoudna

    The Canadians are already talking to China. A pipeline to Vancouver will be considerably shorter–and it will be entirely within Canada. Americans could still buy the oil–we’d just have to load it onto tankers and these would sail down the Environmentally Whacko Left Coast threatening an oil spill every time a storm came up–but we COULD have had a Pipeline.

    • ABO

      CAllen, Obama will never, EVER approve the keystone pipeline. Why? Because it is what we need. It would help our situation immensely and That is just what Imam Hussein does not want.

  • Walter

    I am happy that congress is try to push Obama into doing the right thing far american. Obama has been killing jobs and doing everything he can to stop job grouth. True american should be able to see all the wrong action this failed leader has taken in the pass. We need to follow Rep; king advise and tell Obama , Harry, and Pince Nancy to get the hell out of the usa……check this video out when you fine time. Walter…………

  • Dee

    If we don’t get this Keystone Pipeline going, we will lose it. Canada won’t wait forever
    on obummer to make up his mind. He just doesn’t want the U.S.A. to succeed. He
    wants to bring it down.

    • Chuck

      You are exactly correct. That has been his mission since the first day. How anyone, liberal or conservative, could vote to destroy our country is beyond my comprehension. Except for the very few at the top, no one wins in a socialist state

      • Billy Kidd

        I don’t understand how the Ayatollah obama and the feds can stop a pipeline like this or actually anypipeline ? Why don’t “states rights” and property owners have a say on this.????? Go around gov. land !!! This line is going to be underground anyway. Just go around the aquifer and besides, the aquifer is deep. Put a containment sheath around the line where it passes over any aquifer. It is just those slug EPA freeloaders who complain about everything. If they had their way everybody should die except them. THey were started by excutive order from crook Nixon so excutive order the slugs out.

        • Billy Kidd

          Where is “Spell check” on these comments anyway ? Ugh !

          • Emilio

            the words were mostly spelled correctly….just not the correct word choice sometimes homophones sometimes similar sounding…he may be using a voice to text app and not proofing …..

    • Michael

      He’s trying!

    • Ron

      If my memory serves me correctly, we buy Pemex Oil, from Mexico, our immediate neighbor to the south, which leaks millions of illegal alins each year! Obama ignores their intervention into our nation, and their violating our immigration laws. Is that to secure the Latino vote each election? You know it is! However, we (Obama) refuses to purchase oil from our immediate neighbor to the north? Canada has been our good neighbor for many years. Obama just sent 85,000 jobs to the Chinese, yet does not want to send 100,000 jobs to our unemployed and those of our Canadian neighbors? Do we not need the goodwill of our Canadian nieghbor? I suggest all of you who still continue to endorse Obama, get ready for a big surprise, both inflation and a deep depression. Wake up, America! Vote the usurper-in-chief out of his cushy office, this coming November, or enslave your children and grandchildren with devastating tax burdens for the rest of their lives. My teachers taught me History and Economics and I publicly thank them for their excellent efforts! God Bless America, my Home, thank God!

  • James Maxwell

    Bohner and the Republican blew it when they cave in to obama the first time. The only time
    the democrats talk bipartisan dealing is when they are on the losing side of the argument.
    You cannot deal with a corrupt individual who has delusions of grandeur and dictatorship.
    We have seen how the loony left with the backing of George Soros and his liberal, socialist
    and Anarchist followers have acted or refused to face reality. The continue to try to destroy
    our nation by any means possible. obama has made appointments without any congressional
    oversight or veting of the individuals and given them power in an extremely questionable manner. Congress has not made any attempt to stop, question or even verify the qualifications
    of the individuals appointed as czars. This is more like Stalin in Russia than an American

    • Billy Kidd

      Those jerks in both parties are just performing , “for theatrics”. I bet if you was to take them all out wade fishing you couldn’t drive a wedge between their butts. They just keep on spewing scripted sewage to make us think they really care. To make us think they are really doing their jobs. A bunch of Gorilla dust .( As Ross Perot use to say ). They go for drinks and their elbows are locked. The joke and the insults are on us. Wer should actually have “civilian oversight commitees” to just go sit in their sessions and take notes. Have some constitution professors in the group, some big company executives some military some farmers/ranchers hunters, sportsmen. Just to sit and watch, keep the jerks nervous . Maybe some judges.

      • ABO

        Don’t you have spell check there Billy???

        • Billy Kidd

          Is it there on these comments ? Where ? Help, I don’t want to sound like a liberil.

  • Jim213

    The arguement was that the route was not complete because one of the states Neb. or Kan. had problems with it going thru the sand hills. All they needed to do was OK it up to whatever state it was ! If they need to have the pipe secondary contained then so be it !

  • tweety

    I hope the GOP DOES keep this project alive. I was laughing out loud during the State of the Union address when Obama was crowing and taking credit for the boom in natural gas and energy. He’s done everything in his power to STIFLE our energy reserves.!@!

    • pat

      As the cowardly lion pronounce in the Wizard of OZ “Ain’t the Truth”!!!

  • cheryl

    There are two things you have to take in consideration. Obama says he will ok it after the election. Sounds like blackmail to me. Who can guarantee he will? He will not face another election and can pretty much to as he pleases. After this putting America back to work doesn’t seem to be very high on his to do list.
    If the Republicans get in you know that will be the first thing they ok. Let’s hope the pipeline deal is still available. Sorry, But American cannot afford to trust Obama on anything.

    • ABO

      What don’t trust him just because he’s a pathological liar? Shame on you cheryl, you must be racist.

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    Maybe we can get some of our Canadian friends to slip over the border and vote Republican, just like the Mexicans slip over here and vote for the Democrats. That way we could get the Pipeline built to the benefit of both countries.
    Maybe the Canadian people could get the word out about how screwed up the Obama Administration has performed for this country. We surely have to be the JOKE of the Century around the world.
    This may be Racist, but look at all of the countries in Africa that have been run by Black Leaders, and how they treated their own people. Who Benefitted the most, when these dictators plundered and killed their own people? Is this the way that Blacks Govern? Is this a pattern? It seems that way now, doesn’t it.
    Rwanda, Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Mozambique, Ivory Coast,Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and the list goes on, these are prime examples of unrest and corruption at the hands of Black Leaders taking advantage of their own.
    Now we have one in the USA that is trying his best to ruin our country. This looks like a pattern.

  • tweety

    On the site there is a place for petitions. I notice one in support of Obama’s view. Why isn’t there one opposing him? Could it be that the petitions he notices are only ones with which he agrees? Hmmmm???

  • AlleyOops75

    Obama is not going to approve of anything that would help this country in the long run…He’s already lost millions of tax payer dollars on green energy companies that had to declare bankruptcy and there are more in the halls just waiting to go under…The Obama scheme is to hire as many government employees as possible at very attractive salaries and benefit packages as he can…the idea is to control them along with the other 47% that don’t pay any federal income taxes…this will assure that those who are beholden to the government for their support will vote the way the anointed one wants them to vote.

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      I think you miss-stated the fact that “He’s already lost Millions of tax payers Dollars”, he didn’t lose them, he just recycled them into campaign contributions for his re-election and pay off to his partners in crime. I think the correct term would be “The taxpayers of this country were RAPED again by President Obama and the Green Energy Czars to the tune of Billions of dollars”.
      Maybe Obama considers this his “Greens Fees”.

  • Bob A.

    It’s clear to me the advantage of having the pipeline and the new jobs it will produce. However, how much of the finished products will be available to the American public, or will these products be sold off to other countries. America already ships gasoline and other petrolium products every day to overseas ports. We seem to have glut of gasoline, but the price at the pump does not go down. The oil companies enjoy record profits, and our government rakes in the tax money from our purchases. There needs to be a tariff on every gallon of gas shipped out of this country to any port in the world equal to any excess profit the oil companies reap, with a strict accounting, with oversight of every ship, pipeline crossing any border, or any other means of transport. I believe that the American people are entitled first to bounty of this country, as are people in other countries. We should not be held hostage to high fuel prices by big oil. Let them make a reasonable profit, but ease off on the price increases.

    • http://cowboybyte Rhoda64

      Obama and his cohorts are mainly reaping the rewards off of this oil deal with Saudi Arabia. Selling all the oil to the foreign countries are coming back to the WH idiots.

  • http://cowboybyte Rhoda64

    Congress needs to go over the Democrats heads and pass the Keystone Pipeline bill and get the oil rolling. Obama and his cohorts went over Congress head and hired all those idiots for the WH and we also have a Muslim Brotherhood in the WH, Soros, Alinsky, and all these other idiots in the WH and we need to Impeach or fired every last one of these evil people. They are holding the American people hostage and before it is over with the government and the EPA will be telling us what we can do and what we can do and what we can get and what we can’t. American get up off of your lazy hind end and call the WH immediately and let them have it. We are their employer, but they are telling us what to do, so what does that tell all of you.