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Republican lawmakers begin pushback against Obama recess appointments

Congressional Republicans are looking to employ a number of tactics, both conventional and novel, to push back against President Obama for his recent quartet of recess appointments.

GOP lawmakers are still steaming over the White House decision to ignore brief pro forma Senate sessions to single-handedly name three members to the National Labor Relations Board and Richard Cordray as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Republicans have almost unanimously criticized the move as an unprecedented power grab that upturns nearly a century of precedent. But beyond irate statements, lawmakers are taking varied approaches to actually challenging the appointments.

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  • CCB

    If the republicans don’t start standing up for the American People pretty soon they will start losing financial support from them. Do we even have a constitution any longer? Obama and the DOJ don’t seem to think so. They have annointed themselves kings. Don’t you think so?

    • Dave

      What is taking them so long to wake up out of their stuper? OMG (obama must go) 2012

      • T-Texas

        I have been asking the same question soon after olepileofsheet announced he was running.I could see then that he was nothing but a street level Saturday night jerk that thought he was somebody.

      • Matthew Marquard

        That’s easy to say when they will be waking up. They lost Chris Matthews w/ the thrill running up his leg. Many people have been weaking up from their stupor. Do you remember all those people that joined the tea party or the independants? Granted they are not all unhappy or disatissfied democrats, because some of them were republicans. I should know where the independants came from, because I was a republican, before they became moderate. Of course they are headed in the right direction back to the bold colors & dropping thosed pale pastels.

    • jim letourneau

      Bushssssssssssssss 171 recess appointments,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Obama 31,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bush has worst job’s record in history, Bush and Channey hed a news conferrence exsplain why automatic shut offs aren’t needed, it’s the direct cause of the worst oil spill in history, Gulf area is still covered in tar balls beaches, and Gulf waters. Bushssssssssssss. water boarding, Iraq oil will pay, Tax cuts will create jobs, created more wealth, Bushsssssssssssss. Wikipedia fact check. The worst finical crisis since Great Depression 2003-2008 Bush’s revamp MMS agency held Golf events at taxpayer cost for big oil Reppresenitives and employees 4.4 millon with drugs and prostitutes, school age children going to school hungrey and some homeless, third world country. this the Christain nation, your a what half anhour sunday’s.

      • Amazedamerican

        Jim, that oil spill was NOT an accident. Just remember that!

        • Michael

          Everything happens for a reason.

      • Ed

        What does Bush have to do with this, the only thing Obama supporters can do to explain his failures and dishonesty is to go back and blame Bush. The man has been in office for three years now, this is all his. All these appointments are, are paybacks for support. His promise to change the way Washington does business was just another of his many lies he told the American people.

        • fiestygal

          You got it, ED. You are exactly right. Only the suck-ups have jobs in O’s administration. He owes his backers BIG TIME!

        • fiestygal

          You didn’t listen attentively enough. He said that he would bring CHANGE. What did you think that meant? He never said, did he? NOW WE KNOW!

        • ltlolady

          The democrats just can’t get Bush out of their head. Maybe the part that should work does not work at all. At least he didn’t try to push obamacare down our throats. I did not believe that this was going to get here this fast. The Bible tells us what is going to
          take place. Again we just keep praying and hope our God will come back for us soon.

      • rulken

        I see that you like to take the TRUTH, and twist it into something that you can justify in your own mind!
        However,,, those of us that are living in a REAL world, must take a practical look at the true facts, and assemble for ourselves what they mean.
        Fact – Obama has single-handedly run up the national debt by 7 trillion dollars!
        Fact- Obama has placed hi policies that gave this nation a reduction in the credit ratings, for the first time in our history!
        Fact- Obama for the first time in our history sued a state for up-holding the very border laws the federal government was suppose to up-hold.
        Fact- Obama has forced more people to go on food stamps in order to put food on the table for their families, then any president in history!
        Fact- Obama has appointed more Zars to positions that they have no knowledge of, but that are of the muslim faith,,,Why?

        • T-Texas

          You give him too much credit by using capitals on his name.But I do agree.

      • BGMarine

        but Congress was not in recess when King Obama made his appointments. The Dems used the same tactic against Bush but he aknowledged the fact that they weren’t in recess so he couldn’t make recess appointments. King Obama doesn’t care. He will tell everyone else what reality is.

      • Tom

        Wikipedia isn’t a reliable news source. Also past Presidents appointed people to office when there were actual congressional recesses, they didn’t violate the constitution and twist things around to justify their illegal appointments. Most of the things you’re whining about were passed by the Democrat controlled congress which most Liberals conveniently forget. Bush may have been in office but the last two years he was in the Democrats controlled congress and under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid pushed all kinds of crap through. Obama had control for his 1st two years in office until some of the voters woke up and defeated some of the Liberal Democrats. Obama and the Democrats are the only ones to blame (that and the people that keep putting Democrats in office) for the problems America is currently having. You talk of vacations when Obama has done the same thing except he takes 1 sometimes 2 vacations a month and he holds secret parties while taxpayers are pinching pennies trying to make thier money last. He also shut down the pipeline from Canada which would have provided jobs and had the bonus of driving down fuel prices because he didn’t want the oil monopoly of his muslim brothers endangered. Funny you should bring up drugs and prostitution funding because I don’t believe the Democrats would share any of that money with a republican. As for 3rd world countries they can fend for themselves because every patriotic Americans current duty is to get Obama out of the White House and get this country back on the road to freedom and good moral values which the Democrats have been chipping at since before Carter. Some of us not only go to church for more than half and hour we also graduated from school and learned to spell.

      • don

        jim boy drinks a lot of liberial cool aid. nuter words he ate up.

      • http://CowboyByte Walt

        Jim Letourneau, Did you miss your bus back to from where ever it is you came from?

      • Jer

        And your point is? You want to see Bush as worse than Barry, fine. How is that helpful?

      • Mike Leonardi

        Jim…His response is just like Obamas and Holders whole existance….B/S. All morons stick together and this proves everything said about the liberals and the Marxist/Communist Obama. This guys welfare check must have been raised by the Food Stamp King. Obama, 6 trillion in debt in just 3 years, his savior Obama is his god. Jim has only one way to go and that is back to WORK…the worst four letter word in the dictionary. And Jim doesnt want to make a living on his own two feet. Because when he cant he’ll blame it on everybody else. Typical socialist/liberal bitch. Suck some more ass.
        Mike in Afghanistan

      • Moose

        Jim, where did you come up wit that number? Sounds like an “Obummer Blame Number” to me. I have a good one for you, 100 rounds of golf.

      • Pineappple

        In December, 2009, President O’Bama made a speech blaming Wall Street “Fat Cats” for our economic crisis. Wall Street “Occupiers” also blame Wall Street “Fat Cats for income disparity.

        In the speech, O’Bama blamed an “era of easy credit” that allowed millions of Americans to borrow beyond their means, buy homes they could not afford, and compound the housing bubble.

        What O’Bama did not say is that Bill Clinton, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – both quasi government entities – to back sub-prime loans to minorities who could not repay them.

        Banks who balked a making these loans were threatened with discrimination law suits and harassing audits.

        Banks then made these loans and sold them to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who bundled them and sold them to Wall Street investment firms as investment grade securities.

        The bush administration, John McCain, and Alan Greenspan warned that this practice was not sustainable, and that Fannie and Freddie should be closely regulated.

        Republican efforts to tighten regulations on these entities were blocked by Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, and other Democrats.

        Barney Frank said:
        1.) Sept 11, 2003 – “These two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not facing any kind of financial crisis.”

        2.) Sept 25, 2003 – I want to roll the dice a bit more in
        this situation toward subsidized housing.”
        2.) July 2008 – Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally
        sound, they are not in danger of going under….I do
        think their prospects going forward are very solid.”

        Borrowers who obtained adjustable interest rate mortgages were faced with rising interest rates a year after their mortgages were made. This caused many borrowers to be unable to meet their payments.

        As borrowers began to default on these loans, the investment grade securities backed by these mortgages became virtually worthless. Consequently, Fannie and Freddie went bankrupt and had to be bailed out by taxpayers . This caused a panic on Wall Street and a stock market meltdown occurred.

        Alan Greenspan could have reined in the housing bubble by raising interest rates, but he did not.

        While this was going on, a federal investigation found that Fannie Mae had been “engaging in extensive financial fraud” for more than six years by doctoring earnings reports so executives, including O’Bama’s personal friend,
        Franklin Raines, could collect hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses. None of these executives were imprisoned. They simply paid fines and resumed their lives of luxury with their ill-gotten gains.

        The Wall Street “fat cats”, that O’Bama referred to in his speech, were culpable in this financial crisis to the extent that credit default swaps and derivatives compounded the crisis.

        However, the root causes of the crisis were:
        1.) Liberal politicians interfering with the private banking sector.
        2.) The refusal of Congressional Democrats to tighten regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
        3.) Corrupt Fannie Mae executives.
        4.) An inept Federal Reserve chairman.

        President O’Bama, being the staunch anti-capitalist that he is, excoriated only the private sector types for the economic crisis instead of the public sector types who caused the crisis.

        He now seems intent on repeating this crisis by loosening loan refinance requirements to encourage more government backed mortgages for which taxpayers will be ultimately responsible.

        This is another vote buying scheme, just as is his plan to forgive college loans after twenty five years of “qualifying” payments.

        • Jan

          Excellent and very clear discussion of what happened and will happen again if things are not turned around in the next election. A recent poll showed that 86% of the people want to get rid of every congressman and woman. Beyond that they should term limit them to break the cycle of greed and corruption in Congress and the White House.

      • http://YAHOO Bob

        JIM you are young or have short membery , WE were in a rescission 2 years before CLINTON got out of office. Remember that and BUSH pushed it forward. That the reason we went in the red when He went in Office He had to borrow money to get us out of it. also REMEMBER the SEALS BODY’S that they drough down the streets over there and CLINTON pulled their ( back up) ( BLACK HAWK DOWN ) out before them. HE NEVER did one thing about it ether. Remember all the LIES OBAMA has been telling us. One of them the UPS HE promotes L N G. HE pulled all the DRILLING PERMITS. WE need OIL / GAS until we can get Renewed Energy. HE also pulled the permits for solar/ wind power too.

      • dave thomas

        My Dear D.A. Jim
        Bushes last term in office he had to work with a Democratic controlled House and Senate. OBAMA your savior was part of that group, so who’s fault is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        If you are using Wikipedia to fact check, then I want to know who is fact checking Wikipedia. Because any body can input and change Wikipedia

      • wes

        What!!! Bush never played golf again after the WTC attacks, thought it inappropriate and didn’t have time…neither does Obama, but he does it anyway. Wonder why Bush unemployment was 4.2 to 4.6 for first 6 years. The economy tanked under Bush for one reason, the Community Reinvest Act under Clinton (Frank-Dodd bill) all the sub-prime mortgages to people who could not afford homes, much less rent. Most all of them all became due in 2006. Now Obama is doing it more and worse than Clinton. Bush had 42 recess appointments in first three years, everyone was when Congress was not in session, unlike Hussein Obama. He just walks over the Constitution, in many ways. Had 9/11 happened under Obama, he would just want to “talk” to them…that really worked for Iran, huh? Hussein should be tried for treason, early on he even admitted to being a Muslim, he was not only a Muslim, but went to a Muslim school in Indonesia.

      • GramSam

        Bush is no longer in office. And two wrongs do not make it right. Bush was a big spender, but BO has out spent in 3 years what Bush did in 8yrs.

      • burt

        I live on the gulf coast. What tar balls??

    • Shirley

      Ron Paul has been sounding the alarm for 2 decades and the Republican lawmakers have made a point of undermining him & calling him a nut.

      Little by little these same lawmakers are figuring out that Dr Paul’s message of Liberty, Freedom & SOUND MONEY POLICY are taking hold among the electorate. So now, all of a sudden , we have Jim DeMint agreeing with the monetary demands of Dr Paul like End the Fed. Economists are saying that no one has a better handle on the finances in this country than Ron Paul.

      This is a crucial election coming up in November! Do we bite the bullet and take the huge hit now like Dr Paul says or continue to cover up the problems like Obama, Reid, Pelosi are insisting we must. Dr Paul correctly says that the correction WILL come – it is just a matter of when…. If we employ a true Law & Order President who is also a PATRIOT then we win – if we don’t then this mess we find ourselves in will get nothing but worse.

    • Michael

      The r’s need to stop being so complacent and start thinking like other crooks.

    • Francis Edden

      Where are the Supremes? Don’t we have an separate branch of the government to protect us from the Executive branch, gone wild? They are more and more conspicuous by their absence.

    • dago dave

      So when he appoints these idiots to their assigned posts -do’es this mean they get their full retirement status as the rest of congress gets until they die! Or do they lose their retirement status when their services are defunct or no-longer required,or fired!

    • el_loco_jp

      “GOP lawmakers are still steaming”? A fresh pile of doggie doody is “still seaming”. I’d much prefer to see some action. Come on guys, show some gonads.

    • American
      Please take action to voice strong opposition to the Department of Defense’s December 30, 2011, judgment to award a Brazilian-owned and operated company a critical contract to supply Light Air Support (LAS) aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. This flawed decision is not only a blow to Americans struggling to find work, but it poses serious threats to our national security.
      The LAS contract would be worth nearly $1 billion American taxpayer dollars. Within months of the initial request for proposal, only two aircraft manufactures remained in the running; Wichita, Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft with its AT-6, and Brazil’s Embraer offering its EMB-314. Last November, the Department of Defense abruptly, and without public justification, excluded Hawker Beechcraft from consideration for the contract. The contract was subsequently awarded to Embraer – the only remaining bidder. The contract decision was made despite the fact that Embraer is currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for corruption and bribery.
      The American-made Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 solution would create and sustain 1,400 long-term jobs in the U.S. The Brazilian-made Embraer EMB-314 solution presents the opportunity for a mere 50 final assembly jobs in the U.S. and will sustain long-term jobs only in Brazil. In these troubling economic times, politicians and military officials should seize every opportunity to foster job growth here at home instead of providing an economic boost to other countries.

  • kenny1801

    I keep telling myself’Any day now and the Repubs. are gonna go after OBOZO’…HUH!!!…all I hear is a bunch of political BS!!..

    • blackhawk

      The Republicans can scream bloody murder BUT they still have to deal with a Dem. controlled Senate and Obama’s veto power.
      You want things to move forward. GET RID OF DEMOCRATS.

      • gekruckeberg

        Right on, Blackhawk. Our options are 1) vote him out, or 2) impeach him with a Republican Senate.

    • dago dave

      I agree ,and that is the situation that bothes me also!WHEN THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS GOING TO STEP UP TO THE PLATEAND HIT ONE FOR US GIPPERS?

  • Kurt

    We should go one step further and abolish the idiotic and Orwellian-sounding “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” and the “National Labor Relations Board”. What purpose do they serve than to promote the interest of the dems?

  • Allen R Lewis Sr

    CCB : I long ago quit donating to the RINO party and the spineless balless
    leaders. They wring their hands and posture but dont do a damn thing !!!

    • CAllenDoudna

      The GOP better start singing the Right tune or there WILL be a Third Party by 2014.

    • Bobby

      I changed to Independent because I no longer trust our “two-party system” in which the Democrats & Republicans only care about is Power! The Republican & Democrats are from the same Cloth of Deception and Lies!!!! The Elitists in both political parties KNEW Obama was not eligible to run for President and have done nothing about it!
      Both Political Parties are like the two old men in the Movie ‘Trading Places’ with opposite views on how man react to what Life deals them and they bet on Murphy & Akroyd like a game! That is exactly what the Republi-Cants & Demon-Crats are doing with America and are using American Taxpayers like we are pieces in their “Monoply Game” of Power & Corruption Version!!!

    • dago dave


  • Jacqueline L

    One would hope and pray that even rational Democrats (yes, there are some) would wake from the Kool Aid induced comas and see Obama for the power grabbing, self aggrandizing threat that he is to AMERICAN FREEDOM. The things he said as a Senator (however briefly that was) he has turned 180 degrees from now. He lied then or he lies now or both.
    His promises of HOPE AND CHANGE from his last campaign are being kept. He HOPED to run America so he could CHANGE all that America is! His illegal appointments and Executive Orders placing his fellow radicals in key positions is doing just that.
    The key to the 2012 election is just this VOTE NO ON OBAMA. You may not love his opponent but you must exorcize this cancer from our society if we are to survive.

    • BJ in VA.

      You are absolutely right Jacqueline.

  • Barry V

    As much as I loathe Nancy Pelosi, she made things happen as Speaker. John Boehner has been pretty much useless and needs to go. Where are the real republicans? We are being led down the same road by both parties; it’s just that the current republicans aren’t taking us there quite as fast. When the republicans quit acting like democrats, I’ll start contributing to the RNC again.

    • Amazedamerican

      She made things happen because she had Reid to bounce on.

    • http://CowboyByte Walt

      I’m with you, con not have said it any better.

    • Budman

      Barry: Yes, she made things happen as Speaker of the House like vetting a person who she knew was not eligible to be President, pushed the Health Care Bill trough without reading it and several other bills that are Socialist because that is what she is as a registered Socialist Democrat.
      While I will agree that Boehner appears weak, he has issues within his own party to deal with in the Tea Party members and a snake in the Senate in Harry Reid. How well do you think Pelosi would have done under these circumstances? I think the difference is we have a person who cares about the people in Boehner as opposed to Pelosi who could care less what we think. Remember her remark about the Health Care Bill, “You will know what is in the bill when it is passed” That is the arrogant Pelosi I know.

    • cheryl

      She made things happen because the Democrats controlled all 3 houses. Vote Republican in 2012 or we may get her back.

    • dago dave

      Good luck on that one – they have passed up every opprotunity presented them!

  • Eli Jones

    It’s past due time for the Republican’s to push back against the Nazi. I was wondering when they would grow a spine.

    • Chuck

      Unfortunately, the Republican party has no leadership. The supposed leaders spend all their time reacting to Obama’s dismantling of our government. They talk tough for a couple of adys and then capitulate. Congress can get the Keystone pipeline built, but they seem incapable any action other than lip service.

  • http://facebook pat

    the republicans are in bed with the demorats..they have been since after u really think that they want to change the status quo..i think not..if they did..they would lose all there power and wealth..they try and make us believe they are different..but look at the laws that have been passed since then…they have it worked out so that whom ever gets elected,,the same results will occur..if one of there own is voted out of office..he is given a cushie job in the admin..If we dont vote for someone outside of this circle,,we are done as a country

  • Jim

    Whenever I get a letter from the GOP in the mail asking for me to renew my dues I return it and with that on the enclosed material I tell them that “Until you start to do something for me, I will not support the GOP. As of now I would be throwing my donation away as if I was flushing the toilet. Grow some!!!!!”

    • Amazedamerican

      Same here!

  • mike


    • Chuck

      Tell your representative in the House. ALL immpeachments must start there.

      • BJ in VA.

        Just how far do you think the Republicans would get with Impeachment of Obama with the Democrats controlling the Senate? No where!
        It would be the same as with all the jobs bills the House have passed that are collecting dust on Harry Reids desk. Don’t tell me the Republicans have done nothing. They have but you never hear anything about it because that is the way Obama wants it so Harry Reid never brings any of the bills to the floor.
        It is well past time to stop bashing the Republicans and concentrate on getting rid of Obama, Holder, Reid and Pelosi. Then maybe we can get something accomplished in our country that will bring back jobs, keep our military intact and have a Republic again instead of all the Socialist in the Democratic Party and Obama that are destroying our country


    Obozzzo is a fraud and will soon be declared so by a state court, Georgia.
    When that happens the other states will soon follow suit and Obozzo will be declared inelligable to be on the ballot. Once that happens MAYBE the congress will wake up and fire all the morons he has appointed and the states will sue their democratic representatives for fraud for allowing him to appear on the 2008 ballots. That may be the only way we will recover some of the trillions he has fraudulently spent while he was in an office that he was not qualified to hold.

  • Walter

    I with Rep King and want to relay his words through this video. I hope every american can see it and join with all american with the same words for the three traders.”””””””””””””

  • stormieweather

    We need other States to get on Board with Georgia. Take Obama to court, make him prove he’s 100% American. He can not. His Father is from Kenya and never was a American Citizen. That alone makes Obama inelligable.

    • Tom

      Correct, the Supreme court in the 18oo’s ruled that a citizen was natural born IF BOTH parents WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Any other time when something comes up they look at past rulings by the court, yet they have conveniently overlooked this ruling.
      Georgia should do a default ruling against Obama and deny any appeal since he never even showed up for the first hearing.
      I hope all the States hold hearings and knock him off the ballot. Even if he does remain on the ballot we need to remember that no matter who the Republican nominee is they can’t be worse than Obama and if we want him out of the White House we need to vote for them and not a thrid party candidate. All the current nominees need to instruct their followers to vote for whomever is chosen because anyone voting for a third party may as well be voting for Obama and i don’t believe a free Amercia will survive four more years of him and his socialist Democrats.

  • Bob Marshall

    One day America will wake up and realize the U.S.government is controlled by corporate America and has become one big corporation and must of us aren’t not members. By then, many of us may be in one of those non-existant FEMA camps. On Dec.23, 1913, the Constitution lost its place as our guiding document with the creation of the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax Act. In 1933 Creation of the IRS sealed the deal. Once a citizen accepted a Social Security card and number they became property of the U.S. government. We has as much freedom as the government and now the UN allow. That list of freedoms and liberties is growing shorter will each restrictive bill passed by congress and signed by Obama. it was the Supreme Court that removed bibles, prayer and any mention of God from our public schools. It is the Supreme Court that is allowing the teaching of Islam in some of our public schools today. It is the Supreme Court that will decided if homosexuality is to be taught in our public schools. freedom! What freedom. The right for millions to live off of the sweat and toil of others. Is it any wonder that we don’t have God’s blessings. Same sex marriage, homosexuality, Islam, God being removed from our government, the majority of people depending on man for guidance instead of God. million depending on the government for assistance which mean make them slaves to the government.

  • barbara ruud

    well all the new people that ran in 2010,sure HAVE NOT done what they told all of us that they would. I believe they ran for all the perks us taxpayers paid our (suposedly)reprentatives of the people for the people. Thats good for a real hugh laugh. They haven’t done one thing they all ran off at the mouth about,but they sure got all the perks. Now they can retire richer then they went into office with their own millions to have more millions AT OUR EXPENSE. In the mean time they keep giving themselves a raise,they forget everything else like obama care,senior social security just to make sure they get what they deserve..Lynn johnson closed the trust fund for social security in 1968 when kennedy was killed. So even noe if we listen to these blow hearts we probably will be no better off. Look on ebay and see what our leader is asking for his car since it is only worth 16,500 dollars bidding starts a 1,500,000.00, does he think we all are stupid,well not all of us but there are some people who will pay that price just for saying it belonged to the leader. I don’t see congress saying that the first lady get rid of some of her 21 assistants that we the taxpayers pay for.

  • Bobby

    Obama should never have been Allowed to Run in the First Place! Hindsight is 20/20 though right? The Republicans aren’t going to do Crap because of Political Correctness! They don’t want Race Riots across the country which would happen if they tried to Impeach Obama! What Cracks me up is that he is a Mulatto Half-Breed and is NOT BLACK! This shows how Dumb many Americans really are in the 1st place! Blacks (N-Word) MOCK half-breeds and actually dispise them as if they are Scum of the Earth! They hate it when Whites Mate with Blacks whether Male but especially if its Female!
    Got side tracked for a minute, sorry.
    The Fact that GW BUSH did NOT open ANWAR after 911 proves the Republican Establishment is the same as the Democrat Establishment! Then I thought that he would Open ANWAR and OFF-SHORE Drilling for OIL when he got Re-Elected but he didn’t of Course! We are still getting RIPPED-OFF with the Price of Gasoline!
    Our Federal Government today is NO Different then “King George of England” was to the Colonists in the 1700’s! We have NO REPRESENTATION at all in the Current Version of Federal Government that claim we Live in a Democracy! We were ONCE a REPUBLIC and only Marxists, Socialist, Facists and Communists believe in a Democracy! Democracy was NEVER used by our Founding Fathers which is why they setup a REPUBLIC form of Government!!! It wasn’t until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s that people started using the word Democracy as our form of government!!
    The only thing that is going to SAVE the REPUBLIC to which ‘We used to Stand for’ is a NEW REVOLUTION as PRESCRIBED in the Constitution and start FRESH doing away with the Current Federal Government and Laws that they have in Place!!!
    The only VOTE that is going to COUNT is the BULLETS you FIRE from a WEAPON! You can NOT use LOGIC or REASON with anyone who is Part of the Political Process because they ALL THINK we are STUPID and dont know what we want and that we NEED the Government!!!!!!!

  • traitors in gov

    critized,, REALLY??? That is all WE THE PEOPLE get is critizm???? What a load…


  • Ron Alford

    Everything Obama has done for the last three years has been a power grab, overturning many precedents. The House should challenge everything he does with the majority we have now and let the people know which Senators refuse to challenge him.

  • tmt

    When you realized that obama is a communist then what he is doing makes sense. When will the democrats recognize that their president is nothing but a dirtbag commie? Once they do then there will be enough votes to impeach him. Communism is the tool of the devil. It will remove God from everything. Right now the government is trying to make the churches who have health insurance go against their beliefs by forcing them to pay for abortions and birth control. Now, in the past, NO insurance was made to pay for these things. Why go after the church now? If they want to have their own insurance plan then they should be able to do it. Hitler twisted the churches during his terrible reign. You can read about it in “The Twisted Cross”. It tells how he controlled the churches so they could not stand against him. Obama is a communist and he is trying to do the same thing. Once they force the churches to go against their beliefs, then it is no longer a real church. Like forcing the churches to marry gays. Any church that marries gays is not a real church. There are many false churches. Our Constitution was created from the laws in the bible. If obama can get God out of everything then he can dismantle our Constitution. Even the atheist is better off living in a Christian society than anywhere else on earth. Obama is evil. Communism is evil. Fight it with all your heart and strength. Stand up for what is the truth.

  • John

    The office of the presidency should be given a thorough housecleaning. This office has too many powers at his disposal, what do we need a congress for? Everything that is done in our government, should have to go through our congress first, the president should not be able to override our congress, it should be the other way around. The president should not be able to appoint anyone to an office without congress approval. The joke is on us, here we have an ILLEGAL/MUSLIM SOB, who is running our country into the ground, and nobody is doing anything about it, they are just letting him run rampant?? There should be no such think as a lifetime position within our government, ala Supreme Court, two terms of 4 years each, with mandatory retirement at 75. Now that we know that O’Bama is a straw(ILLEGAL) president, why can’t we with a new president this fall change all of his laws that were fraudulently passed, be repealed? Why do we let this impostor(O’Bama) stay in office, and continue to put America into ruins? Is there nobody to stop this MULIM SOB?

  • GramSam

    The RINO’s in DC are no different than the left. This has been pointed out by Pelosi and Schumer. It’s the Tea Party that have held strong and tried to turn things around. Problem is most people look at them as not compromising. If you compromise your core values and principles you haven’t any to being with. In my opinion Boehner should have a (D) behind his name.

  • http://hotmail Beverly Kaleiohi

    ABOUT TIME!…..Not only do the republicans need to stand up against this law breaking, commander in thief, executive order dictator…..the dem’s do too…if obama gets in another 4 yrs…He will probably eliminate congress and the senate all together!….He, Hilary, Holder need to be tried for treason!

  • http://hotmail Beverly Kaleiohi

    PS…GramSam I agree Boehner should have a D behind his name!…..So should Romney…..
    ……Is it too late for ALLEN WEST to jump in to the race?