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Romney, Paul Hold the Cards in Nevada

After the large and diverse battleground of Florida, the Republican presidential contest moves on Saturday to Nevada, a far smaller playing field where two candidates have been organizing for months.

Mitt Romney and Texas Rep. Ron Paul were the top two finishers in Nevada in the party’s 2008 presidential primary, and both have maintained their ties to the state and their campaign organizations. That makes Nevada ill-suited to providing rival candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum with the shot of political adrenaline they will need after Florida’s vote.

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  • patriotrenegade

    paul holds zero cards. who writes this garbage?

    • MM

      I will find it very hard to vote for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich for president of my United States of America. I will not vote for a RINO. I will never vote for Barrack Obama like some of YOU did in 2008.

      • Patrick Henry

        Well M&M, if Romney is the nominee and you don’t vote, then you may as well vote for Obama, that;s how that socialist got in last time, lot’s of Conservatives didn’t vote………….Anybody voting for Oblamer a “second” time must be a complete idiot.

        • grossyi

          I just may be that idiot. While I agree that not voting or voting for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama, I don’t agree that voting your conscience is a bad thing. In fact I would argue the opposite. The last election that featured the progressive McCain, gave rise to the Tea Party movement, which I view as a good thing. I fear that electing a Republican progressive will subdue America’s involvement in the political process. Short term Obama is horrible for America, but long term a Republican progressive is just as bad if not worse. I’ll vote my conscience, I will not vote for a progressive from either party. Call me an idiot but I will not be duped by “vote for the Republican progressive or you get the Democrat progressive”. Perhaps the idiot is the American not supporting the Constitution.

          • Ron

            Thank you for stating what I’ve been thinking all along. I won’t vote for Obama and I won’t vote for a GOP candidate that is no better than Obama. If the GOP picks Romney or Newt, then I’m voting for neither.

          • bobby bryant

            I agree with grossy. The only difference in a progressive republican and a progressive democrat is the republicans move a little slower. I’m a Ron Paul and a constitution supporter,but if the country is going to hell anyway, we might as well go fast with Obama

        • Thomas

          If Romney is the nominee, those of us who understand economics are writing in Ron Paul. Any socialist, regardless of whether he has an R or a D after his name, will drive this country further into debt. Since when did the Bible say that using government to steal from others is okay? Perhaps followers of Newt and Romney need to read the Bible.

      • shirley

        If you don’t vote , you automatically vote for Brackass, reconsider you’r statement , I’m for Ron, but even Newt would be better than B
        And, by the way all of them are Americans

    • wireline

      Paul holds more cards than you are willing to accept.

      I voted for him last go around and will again.

      Time for government to be out of the hands of the military-industrial complex, NWO/CFR
      and a return to a limited government that knows and understands its Constitutional limits.
      We don’t have that now and won’t, as long as the same 2 party establishment keeps deciding who will be the candidates for election. WAKE UP!!!

      • Oregon Bill

        Please remember that every single vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama, if we don’t get behind the Republican nominee, all is lost in 2012. Nobama 2012 at all costs.

        • Cameron

          You have no principles. Thats why you dont like Paul.

        • John

          Oregan bill you must be a retard.You want Obama have him.

        • liberty4all

          Wrong. Mit didn’t have a chance last time and doesn’t this time against obutthead. Get a clue. And don’t tell anyone to vote for anything other than what they believe just in the hopes that that guy can beat obama. Ron paul is the only 1 that could beat obama. Freedom constitution liberty difference is what we need now. Ron is the only 1 that hassles the right message and will stick to it

    • RUBIN

      patriotrenegade you are a idiot! Please stay away from the voting booth….

      RON PAUL 2012

      • patriotrenegade

        and what info do you offer except high school cheerleader BS? Your boy is toast, cooked, time to stick the fork in. Neither the pure conservative or liberal bases can carry a general election. It takes indies, centrists, party line crossers, and just plain swishy undecideds. Your post is that of a rookie, with little experience. You’re out of your league.

    • Martin Ridens

      Gingrich isn’t even on the ballot in 7 states. Maybe it’s time to hold your nose and vote for Ron Paul.

      • patriotrenegade

        just ain’t happenin.

        • John

          Patriot regenegade you must be a commie retard.Newt is not on 7 states.

    • Cameron

      If you would educate yourself and study history you would know Paul is right on the issues. But I understand you are not intelligent enough to make your own decisions. Uncle Sam needs to make them for you. How sad.

      • Anthony San Diego

        Like so many in our country.
        One day they may wake up and realize, ignorance is not bliss.

    • John

      WHAT???? Bizarre!!!! Why Did The Nephew of Rick Santorum Endorse Another GOP Candidate & Call Santorum His “Big Government Uncle Rick”?

      Who Is Rick Santorum?

      National Right To Work Asks: Is Rick Santorum Really A Union Stooge?

      Club For Growth FACT CHECK Confirms Santorum A “Big-Government Conservative”!

      Fraud & Betrayal From Another Shocking Big Government Pretend Conservative Hypocrite Exposed:

      Liberal Rick Santorum & How He Supported Controversial, Big Government, Anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion Candidates & Helped Pass ObamaCare:

      Santorum Supported Individual Healthcare Mandate (From Pennsylvania’s The Morning Callnewspaper, May 2, 1994): “Santorum and Watkins would require individuals to buy health insurance rather than forcing employers to pay for employee benefits.”

      Now Santorum Even Flip-Flops On “Audit The Fed”!

    • PaulH

      Ron Paul is a huge player here. At the end of the day, even if he doesn’t get the nomination, he holds key cards. Whoever wins the nomination will have to get Ron Paul and his supporters (the latter is probably harder to do) on board to win the election in November. I think Romney is best poised to do that, but would be a longshot.

    • 57 girl

      Ron Paul has my vote and if you read the comments below, many other supporters back him as well. You need to turn off the major media news channels. The message of Freedom is being heard Nationwide and there are plenty of us that will be showing Dr. Paul our full support. If you love America, you need to wake up. Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate on either side of the Isle that is running for the love of this Nation and is attempting to restore our Sovereignty. Please do some research before it is too late. Our future generations will thank you for your support.

  • CaptTurbo

    True. Most are too stupid to vote for him. Others are afraid to lose their free ride on the backs of the rest of us.

    • Martin Ridens

      Others are too afraid to discard their long cherished belief that simply voting for any republican will make things better.

      • patriotrenegade

        voting MAY keep you OUT of the military, but will send all of us to bomb shelters to escape the cartels or chinese missles. goodbye.

  • http://facebook pat

    very true capt…the sheeple entitlement people would rather live off the hardworking people,,
    they do not want freedom,,they want there reality tv..and this is exactly where the dems and repubs want them,,both parties are a joke,,and we the people are screwed

  • Mike88

    I would vote for Ron Paul to regain the freedom and Liberty the people of our nation has lost through the workings and policies of the several past and current administrations. Ron Paul would bring our nation back to respecting and restoring our Constitution, something our nation has needed for a very long time and I welcome a Ron Paul admninistration.

    • wireline

      That is what should happen, but then brain washed masses are too scared to try going back to a limited government. Especially those who benefit the most from the established system we currently have to live under.

    • American Patriot

      Well spoken. I am voting for RON PAUL.

  • melissab

    I’ll write in Ron Pauls name if I have too! I do not like any of them except Ron Paul.. Just once I wish these so called republicans would back up a worthy candidate. One who truly fallows the constitution. I feel if Romney wins we are in the same place as obummer… Just spinning our wheels…

    • American Patriot

      That’s what I did in 08 and will do it again in 12 if I have too. He’s the ONLY one that cares about Americas future for the sake of our grand children.

    • Cameron

      I will write him in too!!

  • Ronny in new hamp

    This house is only for paul. There is no other candidate. I have his name on my truck. Next is a hard sign. We need name recognition as the press sure isn’t doing it
    Mitt and BO will have expensive health care forced upon people. It’s over 1 k per month for family plans. Ask someone in Mass what it costs them.

    • patriotrenegade

      you call yourself a conservative yet wish to be a freeloader on hospitals any time you want? now that’a socialism.

      • Anthony San Diego

        Could be I missed something, but where did he say that he wants to be a freeloader?

  • sm

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to take excess power from Washington and put it in the hands of the people. He is also the only candidate who has a workable economic plan that would put America on her feet again.

    Paul’s plan:
    The first thing that needs to be done is for the president to issue a Presidential Order and start bringing all our troops home to their families. That would bring a lot of money back here to boost the economy!

    2nd) phase out the FED. This would release trillions of dollars effectively ending our debt issues!

    3rd) End the Fed. By releasing the trillions of dollars into our economy. it would give an incredible boost to the dollar’s value, which would create a more stable stock market, which would give employers confidence to hire, which would create jobs!

    Americans could actually invest and save without as much uncertainty and fear. These 3 things could accomplish a lot in 10 short months. Our economy would do a complete turn around by the end of next spring!!
    I’m sure most people remember the math and economics that was taught to everyone that ever graduated high school.

    How many of the other candidates have bothered to lay out a platform that includes specific, workable, measures they would take to turn America around?

  • tod

    If You Want A Lot More Of The Same, DON”T VOTE FOR DR.RON PAUL 2012 !!!!

    • Oregon Bill

      Does anyone think Ron Paul could possibly defeat Obama? He would lose all 50 states, the biggest landslide in U.S. history, only 7% in Florida? Case closed. His fiscal policy is sound, his foreign policy is left of Obama, bad placement.

      • lydia

        In no way is Dr. Paul’s foreign policy to the left. It is precisely where our policy was before the federalization of the Civil War. Our founders warned us of foreign entanglements – be friendly and trade with all, don’t try to intervene in other country’s business. Just like your neighbors wouldn’t like you meddling in their affairs, our world neighbors don’t like it either and should manage their own business even if they want us to bail them out.

        • Anthony San Diego

          Oregon Bill watches television and absorbs all the news that’s fit to print so he must be correct in his view Lydia. Now that you’ve read a logical I bet you’ll agree. No, you don’t? Guess I’m not very persuasive. Sorry Bill, I did try.

      • John

        That is so stupid , from Oregan bill. Obama lover.

      • American Patriot

        Oregon Bill,
        It’s apparent that you’ve never had a job and have been living on the welfare tit all your life like the rest of the obumer supporters here.

  • Sue

    Only one candidate. His political stops are always crowded with enthusiastic supporters. If the media gave him any chance at all he’d be the one and only candidate. People are too stupid to read otherwise money wouldn’t count for much, voting records would.
    One for all
    All for Paul!


    Finally some intellegent people . A vote for anyone but RON PAUL is insane. The rest of the candadates are just more of the same thing that Obama is doing. How much BS can people consume??? There is no guarntee that any of them can beat anybody, so why not vote for an honest MAN OF FAITH, with a proven record, and is all for the people and the Constitution. I can’t even see anyone else. Maybe Allan,” get the hell out of our country” West for VP.

    • Amy Davis

      Did you note that Soros says Obummer and Romey are pretty much alike? Out of the commie’s mouth it came! So now you must realize that Dr. Paul is the ONLY choice for any conservative’s vote. It’s time to start marshalling an all-out effort for a write-in campaign for Dr. Paul by ALL Republicans and conservative-leaning independents!

    • patriotrenegade

      hey jr as in junior……..

    • jewell

      Paul and Allen GREAT!

  • Terry Black

    Some insightful News Articles today:

    Ron Paul ” People Are Frightened! They’ve Lost Faith In Government! They’re Sick & Tired of Wars!”

    Republican Establishment Excludes Ron Paul From 2012 CPAC Event

    An Open Letter to Anti-Ron Paul Evangelicals

    Read Between the Lines: Hollywood Mogul Buys 2600 Acres of Farmland, Moving to New Zealand

    Gingrich Ballot Fraud: Virginia Election Officials Confirm Criminal Investigation

  • Frank Bates

    Mitt Romney gets my vote no matter what the Ron Paul voters say, he is a Mormon like myself and has morals, not like someof these people who dont care one rat about engaging in morals and doing the right thing. Frank

    • djk

      What do you get when you mix Mormon with morals = Morons

    • David k

      And you sir, are proof that Oxy-morons do exists.

    • liberty4all

      You apparently watch to much tv. Do your research on the internet if you eant to find the truth. Do u even know what mitt stands for? Mitt doesnt even know because it changes daily based on who hes talking to. Sounds like a winner huh?

  • Marv

    If you vote for Obama, Romney, or Newt and you’re drinking the liberal kooool-aid and Rino’s cool-aid that you like the way the country is heading straight down the tubes. There is NO different in democrat or Republican since the Rino’s run the liberal agenda. The tea party is backing Paul and the liberal media is backing the other three ultra liberals. Monry is the root of all EVIL.

  • joe

    desperate times call for desperate measures Dr. Ron Paul is that measure

  • John

    They only choice now is Ron Paul. Ron paul is toughest man on one to fight with obama. The rest will argee with obama and help him in hidden way and openly.Romney is funded by same bankers a obama. Newt is funded by crooked casino boss billionaire giving newt chinese crime money for his campaign, Santorum is funded by a money backer to continue more crooked members come to Congress.The rest can sell out America. Trump can never win ,just too stupid to make up his mind.Obama will laugh at him again and either way his endorsement means nothing! Look at all the videos of trump making his mind. That says” a lot of very ify man. Trump ,Romney,santorum,Obama, want :power,riches,and very bad for middle and poor class.They think about themselves. Ron Paul cares and Love America. He wants to serve. Newt is always a angry lost man ,with a weight problem,with a quick parrot instant answer with a lecture to you are below newt.Newt is constant liar all the time .Newt is very thin skin hot head air head. Wrong for America.

  • John

    Even Romney said on you tube he will support &(Vote) Ron Paul. But, given Romney long history of flip flop that is a question.

  • Clarence Jaeger

    Newt & Mitt can now spend their time attacking each other while Ron Paul keeps preaching the message and winning converts.

  • Rocketman

    I don’t care what some people whos education and common sense don’t progress beyond the 3rd grade level say, the only republican candidate that has a chance to beat Obama is Ron Paul. Paul has the support of independents, moderate democrats, libertarians and republicans. He has gotten more money from active duty military personnel than ALL of the other candidates combined and only he has a definitely plan to cut ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from the federal budget the first year that he is in office. He is not just the best conservative, he is the ONLY conservative running. Gingrich and Romney have both shown that they flip flop on the issues but Paul has been like a rock, always supporting a pro-liberty, limited government and individual rights positions. Ron Paul 2012. America has one last chance to do the right thing or its over.

  • LibRep

    I’m tired of being told whom to vote for, who is electable and who can beat Obama. I’m even more tired of Democrats running as Republicans, liberals painting themselves as conservatives. The only real change is for the nation to go back to the Constitution. I’m voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in.

  • Susie4Liberty

    Well, Ron Paul presents a problem for Corporate Anything…because he’s Not for Sale…and seems to me that’s the way business has been conducted in D.C. for generations. He IS committed to restoring our Govt to its Constitutional form and our Freedoms and Liberty guaranteed under Our Document. We as a Sovereign Nation are in extreme danger, and I truly believe that this election will determine whether all of us have SAVED our Republic – or if we’ve lived to witness the Fall of the Republic. I feel compelled to vote my Conscience… Reclaim America! Ron Paul 2012

  • Bob Marshall

    Ron Paul can’t win because the majority of Americans don’t care about the Constitution as long as they keep getting assistance from the government. I almost forgot about America’s love for war. We seemed to learn very little from the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire.