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After big Florida victory, Romney heads to Minnesota, Nevada

Buoyed by his decisive primary victory in Florida, presidential candidate Mitt Romney headed to Minnesota and Nevada to campaign Wednesday, declaring that the Sunshine State results should put to rest charges that he is not conservative enough to lead the Republican party.

“I really think the fact that conservatives in Florida said they supported me makes sense, and I think the other candidates are trying to say they’re the conservative and you stop and say now wait a second: What are the major issues of our times that conservatives have a viewpoint on?” Romney said to reporters aboard a chartered jet headed from Tampa to Minneapolis, en route to an afternoon rally in Eagen, Minn.

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  • MM

    I would find it very hard to vote for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich for president of the United States of America. I will not vote for a RINO. I will never vote for Barrack Obama like some of YOU did in 2008.

    • Joanie B

      The damage that Obama has done in the past three yrs., what do you think he would do should he not be able to be re elected? He’s after
      a Marixst/Socialist Society (then perhaps he can take control).
      Joanie B

      • patriotrenegade

        you are describing the globalist blueprint as supported by all CFR’s including knewtiebird CFR. Oh soros CFR as well.

  • elisa

    Vote please. Anybody but Obama. Or else you will find Obama for another 4 years sitting in the white house doing nothing, maybe looking at a world map figuring where to vacation next at taxpayer’s expense, Or looing for golf balls he would need for the next round of golf. Not voting is a guaranteed win for Obama and a guaranteed financial collapse for the US economy. It will be disaster for everybody, including you. So please VOTE.

    • Martin Ridens

      Voting without due diligence is a disgrace to the responsibility our founders entrusted to us. They knew government would tend to grow and grow if not held in check by an informed electorate. We have a huge role to play in ensuring our government stays within the confines of the Constitution and it takes more than a vote.

  • Joanie B

    The damage that Obama has done in the past 3 yrs, what do you think he would do should he be re elected…that would be frightening.
    Joanie B