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Mitt Romney: ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor’

Mitt Romney won big in Florida on Tuesday night, but by Wednesday he was back to putting his foot in his mouth.

“I’m not concerned about the very poor,” he told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien in an interview the morning after beating rival Newt Gingrich.

“I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney said. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

The GOP frontrunner did make a point to note that he also does not care about the wealthy — and that his target audience are the people in the middle of those two extremes.

“I’m not concerned about the very rich — they’re doing just fine,” he said. “I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95% of Americans who right now are struggling. I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

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  • CAllenDoudna

    Of course the Dems want Romney to be the Nominee!

    • Anne

      OF COURSE they do, ’cause they’ve got truck loads of dirt on Willard that they’re just waiting to dump and sink Willard like a rubber raft.

      But here’s the other thing.

      The MSM jumped on Perry’s early gaffs, and NEVER LET UP!

      According to the MSM, one would think that Perry never said another thing but those early gaffs. The MSM ignored the solid SUBSTANCE of what Perry said time and time again… and rarely, if ever did they mention that Perry oversaw and managed the 13th LARGEST ECONOMY in the WORLD.

      Yet, the MSM will ignore this little gem of Willard’s, as though he never said it, and the MSM will have a huge say as to who the Republican nominee is.

      The American people had better wise up and start listening to these candidates THEMSELVES rather than rely on the MSM.

      • Pat

        You’re kidding right? The MSM media never lets up on anyone other then the Liberal left progressives!! You need to wise up!!

        • candi

          you are so right, they never cared about or mentioned very rarely, obamas unknown past.

          • Joan

            Candi – they also never mention his fraud actions, his big spending on HIS big donators or his lavish expensive White House parties or his lavish vacations he and moochshell take every month on separate air planes and all their family, friends, donars, CEO;s that favor Obumnuts and al of HER personal aids that otta be fired because they sure aren’t making her beautiful.

          • jim letourneau

            fact check how many gammer school American children were homeless and goingto school hungrey and press harasses Bush he should of been public flog, with the Beckster and Tim Russet 2003 Mar 6th talking about Iraq oil with Channey and long conversation about how protected his retirement was, American chidren hungrey living on the street Jobs lost by Bush worst in History, and Bush was misstreated, you people are sick, Christain try reading that Book you talk about so much, fact check MMS. Bushsssssssssss

        • Elwood

          Pat, you are so right! The MSM will use Mitt Romney’s remark about the very poor to bludgeon him from now to November 6. They will also try to use it to beat all Conservatives over the head until we cry “Uncle”.

          But wait! They better think again about that policy! One of these days the rednecks and cowboys of this great country are going to get fed up and the elite liberals are going to realize( too late) that they should’t ought to have done that!

          • Michael

            I disagree with you. If the “good old boys” were gonna come out of the woodwork, why haven’t they? Waiting for the right moment, are you? That day has come and gone and you and the elected Republicans cringe in a corner while Obama finishes ruining this nation.

          • Keith

            I sure hope so! We need to figure out why the conservetive talk people say IF we put our values of conservetism out there we can win….then we put up another lib like Mccain up for Pres. Look at Romney’s RECORD he is WORSE than Mc cain and KNOW how well that went!

          • burt

            Cowboys, (drunk) rednecks. Talk big. What do you get when you kicka hat off a red neck? A large pile of cow s. Whe he declares him self Pres. for life the red necks will just say I’ll fix him when I come back from my bass boat

          • Sherry

            Mitt Romney’s entire remarks needs to be read. The reason he is NOT concerned about the poor is they get Social Securty,food stamps, medical needs ect and he would fix SS if it needs fixed, which it does, if he becomes President. ““I’m not concerned about the very poor,” he told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. Why was only part of Mitt’s quote in the beginning? Read the rest.

            “I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney said. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

            The GOP frontrunner did make a point to note that he also does not care about the wealthy — and that his target audience are the people in the middle of those two extremes.

            “I’m not concerned about the very rich — they’re doing just fine,” he said. “I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95% of Americans who right now are struggling. I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

        • Mike

          Compared to gaffe a minute Biden and his boss, Republicans only make the occasional gaffe, but it is blown out of proportion by the complicit media. Politics is a very nasty game and gaffes on both sides will be played 24/7 in the coming election.

          • Nancy

            If the media would print the entire statement and try not to make headlines we wouldn’t have incorrect statements being spread around.

          • John Williams

            You are so right . Mike , America’s Funniest Videos could produce a one-hour DVD on Obama’s gaffes alone , never mind hair-brain Biden ; they could lead O’s speech where he repeatedly used the term ” corpseman ” . Someone ought to point out to him that means a dead person ! Then there are the 57 States that he said he had visited ! You can take the community organizer out of Chicago , but not Chicago out of the CO !

          • Christina Paul

            Mike – I agree with you. I am surprised at CowboyByte for this somewhat misleading and out of context headline screaming. Hey, look at us, we’re the same as the liberal media! Doggone it, let’s all try to deal with these great GOP candidates. All of them or anyone of them should beat the pants off Obama as a leader of this great country. What a sorry display this is today!

        • Genevon Hinseth

          Take a look at RICK SANTORUM! My friends who have been following what’s going on say that HE IS the ONLY one with a plan to help this country. And he’s talking about the issues and not wasting his time back-biting and scrapping with the other candidates. They say that Mitt Romney doesn’t have any experience, just like Obummer didn’t! HOW in the BLAZES did HE get elected??????!!!!!! Is everyone in this country blind, deaf and STUPID???!!! When Obummer spouted, “We need change!” Did ANYONE bother to find out WHAT changes Obummer was going to MAKE? He’s been making a lot of them alright – but NONE of them have actually HELPED Americans. They’ve been HURTING Americans. Obummer doesn’t even like having his picture taken with the American flag! He’s been trying to punish the people who patrol our borders for doing their jobs correctly, he’s destroyed our healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid, he’s destroyed our economy completely so that thousands of people have been out of work and losing their homes since he’s walked into the White House! He’s been more about making a stink about “being offended” by everyone than he has been about DOING HIS JOB!!!!! I’m sick of hearing him whining about this and that while I’ve been trying to GET A JOB for the past four years!!! Mitt Romney is just another Obummer, except he’s white. Yes, Obummer may have taken our troops out of Iraq. But where are they NOW??? They’re still in Afghanistan and getting ready to fight with Iran! Is it only a few of us who knows that we are heading into WW3? In fact, we are already into it, I think! We aren’t out of the Middle East mess yet! Not by a LONG SHOT! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!!!

          • sonny

            Genevon: You are right on about the thief-in-chief.
            As far as the people “waking up,” I don’t think that is going to happen with many of them. I did not know there WAS so much STUPID in this country until
            obummer was elected….AND, you can’t fix stupid.

          • ML

            Genevon, you are so right. Rick Santorum served us (I’m from PA) well as senator. While all this Newt-Mitt backbiting has been going ion, Santorum has removed himself from the fray and spoken about the issues. He has clearly defined plans. But the drive-by media is so New-Mitt centered because they want one of these clowns elected so they can tear them apart, clearing the way for another Osama Obama win. They can’t find anything on Santorum to criticize, so they don’t want him to get the nomination. Isn’t it sad when the best, most moral, most dedicated and the most righteous man in the race is being tagged by the media as not having a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination? Why not try to prove them wrong? I pick Rick!!!!

          • InUrFace1

            I could not have said it better myself. Hats off to you.

          • http://cowboybit meme68

            Don’t even use Romney’s name is the same sentence with the O. Romney is a christain, Latter Day Saint , you are not one, and do not KNOW what we believe in, or you would not be publishing garbage about him.

          • mike

            I know I cannot move you to a different ideal, but most everything in your post is over exaggerated or an outright lie…..ignorance will get you nothing but sorrow!

        • mark

          Progressives???? If the last 3 years was progress, we as a nation are SCREWED!!

          • John Williams

            Mark , you are correct ! We as a Nation ARE screwed ; but for a different reason than you assert . One of the great philosopher’s , not sure which one , spoke this truth over 200 years ago ” A democracy can only last until its citizens realize they can vote themselves largesse from the public coffers ” . This is where we are in our history as a nation ! The fundamental truth is , that once we have removed the Christian base on which our Country was founded , we become subjects of the twin monarchs of GREED and ENVY ! That is why Obama is using class warfare to devide us , because it works , and why the ” free-lunch ” principle has become so seductive a message today . The Judeo-Christian ethic of personal responsibility is now a part of the dust-bin of history ; it can never be restored because , as a Nation , we have turned our backsides to the One from who we received all our rights ! He has been replaced by the god of the State ; and those rights that are granted to us by the state , can also be taken away by the state ! Some people call Obama ” stupid ” , but that is a mistake ! He knows precisely what he is doing , and that is why he is a threat to our very survival as a republican form of government ! He is a disciple of Marx and Engle . He was tutored by Marxists as a young man ( read his own book ) ! He believes in Utopianism ; a philosophy that has been around since the Tower of Babel , and which is based on trying to CREATE a Utopia that is ‘ constructed ‘ by the ruling elite for the untrained masses to enjoy as serfs of the
            feudal lords who are responsible for their ” happiness ” ! Plato was a champion of this governing philosophy , and more recently Thomas More and Thomas Hobbs ! Obama is in that stream of though regarding governance , and he is not ever going to change ! The Bible asks the rhetorical question , ” can a Leopard change his spots , or the Ethiopian man his skin ” . The answer is obvious , and it applies to Obama ( I’ll be branded a racist for this ! because we can not change who we are without the grace of God ! That is why accepting Christ as our Master and King is called in scripture a ” new birth ” ! As to the question of whether or not Obama is a Christian , ” by their fruits you shall know them ” ! It is not what he says , but what he does that tells us the truth ! He likes to quote the scriptures when it suits his agenda , but don’t be misled ; Christians are admonished to care for each other , He never advocated that taking care of the poor should be the obligation of ” Caesar ” ! That is the key point to remember that we as His followers have and obligation to one another , ‘ I men were angels we would need no government ‘ !

          • Joan

            Mark you are sooooo right. Did you know that since just from June 2010 that food has gone up 57% from 24%; gas is up 34% from 26% and clotes are up 210% from a minus 31%. Its the highest in the last 150 yrs. And there are still people (liberals) that still idolize this fraud/money&power hungry poor excuse of human flesh that this country has ever seen. AND it’s not bad enough to have him but we also have moochelle spending more taxpayers money than most taxpayers make in 2-3 yrs on every one of her vacations to Africa, Paris, The Hamptons, Hawaii, etc.

          • mike

            @ Joan…wtf? moronic numbers that have no meaning….please explain your garbage!

        • wog1

          Except those they think are like Obama. Why do you think they never said anything about Reid. Not a mention of his religion which is the same as Romney. Reid does consider himself a Mormon but he does not think like a Mormon.

          • Joe

            Having studied the guy for years, I don’t think he has any thoughts beyond what he has to say to keep his job!

        • Edward Levy

          It is both a shame & a sham, that the media is not held accountable for what amounts to a huge lie. Romney was quoted out of context. The liberal media did not use the full quote. Including” the built in safety net that the poor have and if they do not he will fix it.
          As an INDEPENDENT, I must be extra careful when I make a choice when voting in any election, that media repeats an entire quote, rather than making a partial quote in favor of the medias politics be it Democrat or Republican

          • Mickey

            We need to put Truth and Reason back into this Government. The press needs to be condemned if they purposely lie and take information out of context to meet their own needs.

          • LINDALU

            Edward, you are right on! The media will only say and print “partial” things that are said by those they don’t like, in this case the whole Republican party! Obama says hhe wants “change” and if you look in your pocket, all we have is change!!! NO DOLLARS< just change!

          • Joan

            Too bad we can’t vote the media out and get some that are not liberals that lie and ignore things that should be reported truthfully. But how do we do this, our country is stuck with the liberal media, both TV stations, i.e. ABC,CBS, NBC, etc and most newspapers across the country.

          • Ray

            You all act like it shouldn’t happen to Mitt. He can’t take some of what he dishes out, not good because if does win and runs against obama what just happened to him will seem like childs play. We have already had one loser run against obama so I guess sending another one against him won’t be anything new. At least we won’t have to worry about national healthcare being an issue.

          • skyster

            Isn’t it amazing that many of Obama’s gaffes ( “they were acting stupidly”) is *worse* when put IN context.

          • Sherry

            I was surprized by the Headline on cowboys page .“I’m not concerned about the very poor,” he told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien in an interview the morning after beating rival Newt Gingrich. What upsets me that if anyone does read the rest of it they think Mitt doesnt care about the poor when he does. WE HAVE A SAFETY NET FOR THE POOR He knows they get SOCIAL SECUTITY and some get food stamps many times the poor get heating assistance ect I believe these programs will continue for the poor and I belive Mitt will need to FIX them so they continue for the poor and elderly maninly in our country.

            Mitts full statement is::> “I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney said. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

            The GOP frontrunner did make a point to note that he also does not care about the wealthy — and that his target audience are the people in the middle of those two extremes.

            “I’m not concerned about the very rich — they’re doing just fine,” he said. “I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95% of Americans who right now are struggling. I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”

          • mike

            Again@Joan….where do you get your “facts” turn on your radio and tune in to talk radio….what do you hear? 90% of the time you will get Right Wing talking heads going on and on just like you are talking here. In reality the media is either Corporate or Conservative. The liberals have very little air time and almost no power over what the populace hears.

        • texaxrox

          agreed – the press is going crazy over the latest Romney gaff!

        • Greg F

          The LDS CULT leader MITT ROMNEY has a free pass with FOX NEWS and the liberal media. If ROMNEY gets the GOP nomination Obama will DESTROY MITT! I’m looking forward to watching it. ROMNEY loves to fire people. And HATES the very poor! ROMNEY is also a DRAFT DODGER and a COWARD!

          I’m done with the Republican party anyway. MITT won’t get any votes from my family! Ha, ha, ha!

          • Marianne

            Greg F.

            What a misinformed person you are. Romney is the only Republican candidate who can beat Obama, and he is a man of integrity. Has everyone forgotten Newt’s antics–criminal and immoral–and the fact that he is a career politician and has flip flopped on more issues than anyone. Rick Santorum likes to play the “poor, blue collar family man” when he is a lawyer and made a lot of money as a lobbyist when he lost his last election.

          • http://cowboybit meme68

            You, mike, are as ignorant as this crap you are writing GET LOST

          • mesaman

            While you are out, give your therapist a call. I think you are no longer in remission.

          • ross

            Greg F., please keep your hate -mongering, bigoted, comments to yourself. You’re just a hateful anti-Mormon spewing out wrong “information”.

          • gsto

            Greg F. Your a sick man! Sounds like you have joined the rest of the commi terrorists who are destroying this once great country! They have professional help for folks who think like you, I am pretty sure obozo is getting this same counseling. You can reach our king obummer but you might need to wait until he returns from another tax paid vacation…Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

          • tyndale

            Greg F, you are a sad dude. You might look for an island somewhere to hang out for the next eight years. Romney is going to become one of the most influential and helpful turn-around presidents in our history. He is just what we need in our growing hours of need. So take your closed minded bigotry elsewhere. Please.

        • Greg F

          Your LDS kool-aid drinking CULT leader MITT ROMNEY doesn’t have a chance of ever being President!

          We have a Socialist in the White House no need to vote for another. Ha, ha, ha!

          • Abe Cook

            You sound like a BIGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you talk like that if he was a Jew???? What about Obummers religion??? Huh??  Answer that A hole!!! Bigot

          • http://cowboybit meme68

            HA HA HA to fools like you, if you can’t see Romney is the christian, and the O is the devils advacate.

          • mesaman

            You wouldn’t know a socialist from a cow flop with that comment, bub. Don’t try thinking, it might give you a headache.

          • Tomato Cain

            My advice Greg is to go on outside and get your brain some oxygen.

            Mitt’s essentially correct in focusing on the backbone of the economy—the working middle class. The rich can take care of themselves. A lot of the poor could take care of themselves, but the government trying to motivate that sector of the poor and providing them everything they need may be two things that are mutually incompatible.

        • Raymond

          I was eating lunch on the other day with my 10
          year old Granddaughter and I asked her, “What
          day is tomorrow?”

          She said, & I quote, “It’s President’s Day!”

          She is a smart kid.

          I asked “What does President’s Day mean?”

          I was waiting for something about Washington
          or Lincoln …. etc.

          She replied, “President’s Day is when President
          Obama steps out of the White House, and if he
          sees his shadow we have one more
          year of unemployment.”

          You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose.

      • Windrinker

        Anne, Romney’s quote is being discussed all over the media! They are not “ignoring it!”

        • Riverdweller

          The reason the media is “discussing” it is because they are not using the full extent of what he said.
          They are using the first part to make it look like he doesn’t care about the poor – period – and then the “poor” will vote for obama again. They ignore the part where he said that if it (the safety network) needs fixed “I will fix it”.
          Of course he did not say how he would fix it – which should have been the next question by the interviewer.

          • Dingbat36

            The MSM parses and cherry picks comments out of context to make anyone on the right look mean, stingy or just plain uncaring. That particular trait isn’t reserved just for Romney.

          • NancyJ

            This column is guilty of that exact slant, too.

          • Linda


          • http://googlechrome David

            Most of the “poor” will go for osloba anyhow for continuation of their benefits.

          • AlleyOops75

            If you read this article it tells exactly what it was that Romney said…nothing taken out of context…Just another rich boy’s gaffe.

        • wog1

          Romney’s response is easy to take out of context which they love to do with a Repub.
          “We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.” read the whole story so that you are not deceived.

        • ardis

          It time Romney ran a political ad quoting Obama–i.e.,–

          “Typical White person.”

          “Those who cling to their guns, religion, and bigotry.”

          “Tea Baggers.”

          “Punish our enemies”

          “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

          “Republicans gotta go sit in the back (of the bus)”

      • sam

        I couldn’t agree more. I’ve told a LOT of people to quit listening to the media and to pay attention to what the candidates are saying, what they have done, and their positions on the issues. I’d say we have a lot of stupid people in this country who won’t do that, and that keeps us in the mess we’re in.

        • sonny

          Sam: You are right on. I’ve never seen so much stupid in one place as what we have in this country today. That is what got obummer elected.

        • Lela Madera

          The public is “stupid” for one reason: Public schools. They have been brainwashed since kindergarten and haven’t been taught to think for themselves and will, indeed, agree that 2 plus 2 equals 5 if their “party” says it. Another reason is the Lamebrain Media who report only on things they think we should know. The real news, such as what’s really going on in the Middle East, (clue: It’s not the springtime Obama and the media have been so bubbly about), and honor killings here in the U.S., and sharia law being forced into our court system, and violent and deadly drug wars here in the U.S., all go unreported. Meanwhile, our liberties are being eroded daily, first in increments, and now in clusters, while the so-called “media” lull us to sleep with who is the most popular “star” of the day. Homeschool your children!

        • wog1

          To not listen to the media would take much effort on their part. So they would rather be fed a bunch of lies and believe them.

      • bobby nealey

        Why should he care about the very poor (welfare) class, they live better than most of the working class and don’t have to lift a finger. How many of you have your house, food, electricity, everything you need handed to you and all you have to do is watch TV and get fat.How many of you can go in a grocery store and fill 2 to 3 shopping carts . Do you really think he should go around crying for them. 90% of them are more able to work than 50% of the working class.

        • bevad

          great response Bobby

          • ardis

            Romney focusing on the middle class–NOT Obama’s government subsidized poor.

            GREAT NEWS.

            Here is the part of Romney’s statemene deleted by this site and other MSM, quote:

            “The challenge right now–we will hear from the Democrat Party..(is) the plight of the poor….The area that I think is the greater challenge that the country faces right now, is NOT to focus our efforts on how to help the poor, as much as to focus our efforts on how to help the middle class in America, and get more people IN the middle class and get people OUT OF BEING POOR and becoming middle income.”

            i.e., The focus must on the middle class, because without a robust middle class, the poor will remain poor.

            Capitalism 101.

            Romney made clear in his unedited statement that being poor was not a positive.

            By the way, are Gingrich and Santorum endorsing that there be no federal “safety net”? If they are, their Big Gov’t progressive records don’t refect that. Unlike Romney, Gingrich and Santorum have both edorsed and promoted Medicare-D, No Child Left Behind, and federal government subsidies for illegals (Newt proposes “Council Boards” in liberal cities and states to decide legalizing illegals). Ditto BOTH Santorum and especially Newt, actively promoted the Freddie Mac GSE business model to enable low credit borrowers to buy houses they couldn’t afford that tanked the U.S. economy & begot Obama.

            Romney proposes turning Medicaid into block grants to the states & wants to undertake a “fundamental restructuring of government programs & services” capping spending at 20% which would result in making cuts in the federal “safety net”. Romney had better make clear in election year 2012 that if there are “holes” in that safety net that he will make an effort with the states to remedy them.

        • Dingbat36

          Get fat? I heard a stupid commercial this morning made by (supposedly) a “nurse”. Urging people to accept obesity as a DISEASE. Excuse me, but since when do you call a self imposed weight gain a disease. The obese are people without the brains to know proper nutrition who have brought upon themselves a CONDITION caused by gluttony and sloth (that’s the really antiquated word for willful laziness and activity)…..the medical community just wants another insurance funded bogus disease to treat……and people wonder why insurance is so expensive. What incredible baloney.

          • Dingbat36

            My bad………that should have been laziness and INactivity.

          • Riverdweller

            Very few people are fat because of a disease. I have a cousin whose wife’s gland went bonkers when they were only married a few years. She is now over 300 pounds and has diabetes also. She can and has lost weight by strict diet but it usually comes back as a result of some of the medications she needs.BUT

          • Riverdweller

            DANG. my ‘puter just went weird.
            What i started to type is that – BUT in spite of her ailments she helped her mother-in-law ( my 1st cousin) to found and manage a food pantry in their area for over 15 years.

            Most people who are fat though is because they can’t seem to push away from the table. And, I have seen them in buffet type all you can eat restaurants – Oh My, do they scarf it down.

          • Mike

            Take a look at nurses sometime. Many of them are grossly obese and they are in the health business. They don’t practise what they preach.

          • andrew musaelian

            I agree. Has anyone seen the “disease” that Michelle Obama is burdened with and her “Kobe Beef” and Lobster? She is no poster child for nutrition. She says “let’s move” as some slogan. Well, she has been standing in place since her birth. Her disease is in her brain. Stupidity.

          • Dorrie Lipkin

            Dingbat36, many of these obese people know all about good nutrition. They know what is good for them to eat and what is bad for them to eat. They also know what is making them fat but guess what? THEY DON’T CARE.

          • Windrinker

            This morning there is an “all out attack” on sugar. The government wants to limit our intake because they found out today ….”it is toxic!”

            What garbage…most everything we buy at the store has some kind of “sugar” in it….

            If they want people to lose weight, and help curb heart disease, the government should shut-down McDonalds!

          • patriotrenegade

            obesity, and heroin, coke, crack, and alcohol are CHOICES!

          • ML

            Well they called AIDS a disease and that is most certainly a “behavior-imposed” condition. No different! Some obese people DO have conditions, take medications or have issues that limit exercise that cause obesity. Except for a tainted transfusion, AIDS is contracted by, well….you know! And that is most definitely a choice made by the partners involved. I’d rather give my money to helping the obese then helping those with AIDS. Not all the obese folks asked for what they deal with. Just a thought!

        • Patricia

          you took the words from my mouth!

        • Patrick Henry

          Exactly Bobby & riverdweller, see my comment below……..

        • grandmommak

          You are so wrong. What about the single moms and dads out there busting their butt to take care of their children but are considering below poverty level by the federal governments guidelines. Those who have lost their jobs through no fault of there own and cannot find work? They don’t deserve help? How about the continuous rise in prices of food, gas, heating oil ? How are our elderly who are living on a fixed income going to keep affording their food and medical, they don’t deserve help? There are very few of the welfare recipients that you describe left. Have you not heard of welfare reform? They don’t just sit on their butts, they work. You’d better take another look and see exactly who these people are before you start talking trash.

          • Riverdweller

            Excuse me. Welfare recipients work ? LOL.
            Just in my area there is a HUD apartment comples with FOUR (4) generations living there in their own apartments. THREE of those generations are perfectly able to work.
            Some of the men ask the grounds keeper if they can “help” him mow the lawns, etc. when they get bored (he can’t let them because of insurance, union,etc.). They work on their cars there in the parking lot. But will they look for paying work – hell no. They would be bumped off the welfare if they actually got a job.

          • W WA

            It’s a mixed bag, I agree, but I see examples all around of able bodied people living long term off SSD and other programs and refusing low pay jobs at which they can earn equal or better pay than what they get for doing nothing.
            Too many years of living off the dole and they become unemployable simply because of a record of long term idleness.
            It’s a simple and easily proven fact. Welfare breeds welfare.

        • ALPHAMEL

          Best blog on this site – well said. No need now for me to post my own comment – took the words out of my mouth.

        • Barbara Shaw

          I agree with Bobby Nealy. I shop where some poor people shop for groceries, I see what they buy… they eat a lot better than I eat..

          • Barbara Shaw

            They also have free health care, while most of us struggle to pay high insurance rates.

        • wog1

          Obama wants to make everyone the same, except himself, of course. We should all be entitled. But Obama is above everything, he is an elitist.

        • LORENZO OYLE

          You are a wee bit mistaken about folks living on Social Security Disability, Medicaid and food stamps! Due to a debilitating disease i am forced into all three of the above! I have owned business all my life and worked hard 7 days a week back when I was young and healthy. Actually, the only rats getting fat off Welfare are the illegal Mexicans (oops! Hispanics) who came here illegally and pop out kids! My caseworker told me they dont give food stamps to illegals, they give food stamps to their KIDS! Oh, well…doesnt that make sense and make us feel better! The only reason you have your opinion is that either you were born a rich trust-fund baby, you weren’t and built a successful business, or you’re a working class dude who still has a job left. Meanwhile, im trying to start another biz so I can get off Welfare! Forget about a “job”…the world is run by young women these days, mostly minority ones at that….and ain’t none of them hiring old white cowboy, redneck guys these days unless you wanna be a Walmart greeter. Maybe I should learn how to make Moonshine!

        • Fothergillgirl

          How right you are. Romney didn’t say it well, but he said it right. One of my earliest memories is driving through town to a section where folks sat on their porch all day and looked at their Cadillacs on the curb. Then they went to the store and “paid” the bill with their food stamps while my hard working blue-collar dad paid with the dollars he had earned.

          I know people here in Virginia who, because they are “poor” (and often illegal) get food stamps, free breakfast and lunches for their kids, WIC, free healthcare, free gym memberships, free Christmas gifts for their kids, etc… And this is one of the many reasons that the middle class is shrinking. The entitled are entitled to what they earn, but government seeks their vote, thus eggs on the problem.

          You are right, Mitt. We don’t have to worry about the poor. I’m all for charity, but the voluntary, non-government type.

      • SLICKZIP

        The MSM are all coummist scumbags and liberal dumbocrats ,,,,

        • GIJane

          SLICKZIP why don’t you use the proper terminology. The problem is that most people don’t know about the Socialist/Facist agenda in this country because it is seldom mentioned. Terms like scumbag and dumbocrat may be fun to use and even fully descriptive, but they lend an uneducated feel to a conversation. I talked to a young black friend of mine who voted for Obama, and had no clue about socialism/facism and their outcomes. I carefully explained them to him and his eyes were opened. He walked away thanking me for telling him that. I will soon follow up with him to be sure he is still thinking about it. Had I used derogatory terms, he would have just walked away considering me to be uninformed about his candidate.

          • Steel Conservative

            Well stated
            We all can learn from GIjane. We have a responsibility to inform others of the truth. We must orchestrate our message, carefully select our words. Win people over with friendly, helpful logic. If we fail or turn people away, we hurt our cause and we hurt our country.

          • W WA

            Agreed! Too many comments on these threads include inane and imbecilicly insulting terms. While nullifying the poster’s comment, they serve to enhance the liberal argument that conservatives are uneducated and ignorant.

          • Dorrie Lipkin

            I agree GI Jane….well said

          • Ann in Nebraska

            GIjane, you need to tell your friend about C. L. Bryant and the movie he has made. He can see lots of highlights at If he thinks his eyes are open now, wait until he sees this!!! I urge everyone to take a look and your eyes will be opened up, too. It tells how the Democratic party has kept black people enslaved to the system for decades and how black people can get out from under the system and be truly free. EXCELLENT movie!!!! I cannot recommend it more highly.

      • Steel Conservative

        Well stated

      • American Patriot

        The “truck loads of dirt” are his own doing. Why should it not be exposed?

      • Remington 870

        Please refer to the MSM as the Lame Brain Urine-Stream National Media(LBUSNM), the only correct reference these media whores deserve.

      • Charles

        Perry even fooled YOU because the millionairs flock to Texas where the liberals do not have a foot hold like in most states run by liberals. That makes it easy for anyone to govern as long as big money resides there. It looke YOU are having trouble looking through the propaganda both parties and the media are putting out to destroy the only true American running for president from becoming president? The only one that speaks the truth, with no agenda for special interest groups and will not have to answer to any political party or the rich that have put the American people over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT. There will NOT have to be ANY PAY BACK that keeps Him from doing what is best for the American people. He will put our military where it does best for the American people and not the other countries first. He will get the American people out from under the DEBT the two parties imposed on them over the years because of the special intetest groups which scream and cause the true hard working American people to keep giving them more and more, year after year, all the while adding more and more shackles on the working class. Go with the status que or vote for your freedom and the future of your children without the SHACKLES. Look through ALL the propaganda and YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY to spread the word and gladly vote RON PAUL to RESTORE AMERICA in 2012. Charles of Waveland, MS.

        • Carol Goodwin

          Hey, Charles! I had to wade through a lot of complaints and one correcting the other before spotting your no-nonsensical response about Ron Paul. No one speakd common sense like he does. Dr Paul has been trying to make clear what was going to happen if the persons trying to destroy our country weren’t stopped but not anywhere near enough people were willing to acknowledge a doctor who speaks in plain English with no double talk to make a difference. Now that all he warned us about has happened and still going on, they are getting it! He is wiser than all the others put together. Not that this is a big leap! My late husband and I both supported Paul back before things got bad i n
          1988, and in 2008 but it still did no good. Ron Paul can and will turn things around and make it better for everyone.

      • ardis

        If there was dirt on Romney the Democrats would have it out there now to prevent him from becoming the nominee so they could run against “Baggage Empire” Gingrich. It’s Gingrich Team Obama has got a truck load of dirt on.

        On one hand, hypocrite Newt demands that Romney release his private tax returns because the American people “have a right to know”–and insists that he’s got nothing to hide. On the other, Newt is threatening to target Democrats with House rules violations if they disclose the full ethics violations report that got Newt sanctioned an unprecedented $300,000 for lying to obstruct–ditto Newt’s first Freddie Mac contract is no where to be found. Bottom line: If Pelosi knows it, Obama knows it. Ditto Gingrich is a serial adulterer and there will be women coming forward to tell their stories. Newt translates LOTS of October surprises for the GOP.

        By the way, it’s Romney who consistently is in a statistical tie or beating Obama in the polls. Obama consistently beats Gingrich by double digits. Romney is winning against Obama in Florida and the key swing states, Gingrich is 9 points behind Obama in Florida & 15 points behind Obama in the rest of the swing states. Every GOP candidate is beating Obama by at least 6 points in must win Texas except one: NEWT GINGRICH. Key swing voters women & independents don’t like Gingrich, never have, and will like him a whole lot less once Team Obama & their MSM get their hands on him. If Gingrich can’t beat Romney and his machine, how can he possibly beat Team Obama and their MSM?

        • patriotrenegade

          nice work again today ardis.

          • AlleyOops75

            It might be nice work that ardis has given us but, unfortunately, much of it not factual but Romney propaganda as are many of Romney’s ads lambasting Newt.

        • LINDALU

          Ardis, you are so RIGHT ! I am a woman who has voted for nearly 50 years though I am not a Mormon, but Mitt or Santorium is my choice for President. I really liked Perry, but he didn’t have the financial backing that it takes nowadays. I am not from Texas either, but I agreed with Perry and it seems you have to be a good debater to win! I will NEVER vote for Gingrich!

        • James

          Newt was found NOT GUILTY of 84 Counts brought against HIM by PELOSI AND THE DEMOCRATS!!! This is all Public Record. How about a little Goolgling..HUMMMM!!!

      • Brian

        What we need to do is overlook all the media hip over Romney and get down to a conservative platform to the Presidental race. Gingrich has some baggage but don’t we all. The thing is it’s out in the open, we now who he is and what he stands for and that’s something we don’t know about anyother person running for this office. He was there when President Reagan was in office, and is the only one that was. He was there to balance the budget and the only one running that was. He’s 100% American first and politican second, just like Reagan. See what I mean, that’s what we need to pull the country out of the problems liberals have put us in financially.

        • patriotrenegade

          liberals helped put us there, yet knewtie bird CFR got NAFTA and GATT (china) passed for lilbilly and cost us MILLIONS of jobs. Anyone sayin it ain’t so needs a beatin bigtime. He’s a revisionist LIAR at best and shows how many retards have zero knowledge of history. phew.

        • James

          Brian…Well Said…Newt Has BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT..TWICE!!! A Balanced Budget/2012/Newt Gingrich!!

      • Marianne

        As a Texan, I was relieved when Perry dropped out. The folks here in Texas (yes, Republicans) were not too keen on Perry being President.

        • AlleyOops75

          As a Texan, I recognize Perry for the fine job he has done as governor of TX…Too bad that he wasn’t prepared to go on the national scene and do himself proud…He’s still a young man and I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him.

      • BUCK OFAMA

        Do some idiots still watch those Obamao’ Marxist-Indoctro stations?

      • ANNE

        I don’t think Romney can out debate Obama, and I know his skin isn’t think enough to stand up to all the main stream media, they will tear him apart, he just doesn’t seem to have the stomach for getting down in the trenches of dirty politics. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

        • AlleyOops75

          Amen in spades!!!!!!!

      • Greg F

        No matter how many times you vote it won’t change a thing. Obama gets 4 more years. Where will you be in 4 more years in this Obama-Nation?

    • http://na Donald

      About time for you to “Dummy up” and watch what the Dummocrats are doing instead of spouting garbage. If they wanted to run against Mitt in the general, they would not be so intense in their attempts to disparage him already. They know that there’s nothing to attack him on except their fabrications and “LIES” which you people gobble up like sunbaked sponges and help them by posting in blogs like this one, using partial statements out of context.

      • W WA

        Mudslinging and disdane for the truth seem to be working for Romney against Gingrich. Why be shocked or surprised when the Democrat owned leftstream media uses the same tactics against Romney or any conservative Republican.

      • http://cowboybit meme68

        AMEN, DON

    • Bert

      According to
      Soros: Romney Is Like Obama, Don’t Worry
      Billionaire financier George Soros likes Mitt Romney, and is telling European liberals not to worry. He says of Obama and Romney “there isn’t all that much difference” between them.

      • patti raddi

        if you know anything at all about soros you will know that he has an agenda. clearly he Doesn’t want romney or ge wouldn’t play his hand

      • wog1

        If you believe the lies of Soros, I feel sorry for you. Soros has not scruples and no morals and will manipulate to get what he wants done. He killed his own kind. He was a henchman of Hitler. I believe he still believes Hitler should still be in power and running the one world government. He loves Hitler. Soros was taught by Hitler. Soros was empowered by Hitler. But now Soros is taking Hitlers place but he is more shrewd.

        • patriotrenegade

          soros-CFR, knewtiecrap-CFR, what is it people don’t get about this? Just plain retarded.

    • Ray T

      I don’t think the Dems care which one of the 4 remaining options is picked. They all carry too much baggage that portions of the Repub party can not support.
      Romney is a Mormon, has a history of destroying companies for profit, can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth.
      Newt has a way of being an ass, has a long history of being less than devoted to anything other than himself, a failed husband, a failed politician, and a failed candidate
      Rick is just too far into the ozone to ever appeal to any but a small group of extreme thinkers
      Ron isn’t even a Republican. He’s a Libertarian. Problem with those guys is they have a few ideas that everyone loves, but they have just as many that everyone hates…just too much “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” approach.
      Sorry folks, but the Repubs have put a lot of people up there that don’t stand a chance in November. Kinda sad that this is the best we have to offer the world as our leader wanna-be.

      • Ralph

        Amen,very great and totally correct comment there Ray and every loyal
        concerned American voter needs to read your very accurate assessment
        of these pathetic wimpy sad sack GOP/Tea Party 2012 Presidential Candidates as they are all just as worthless as Barack Hussein Obama
        and start to demand the Republicans find a real Presidential Candidate
        for 2012 to run against and defeat Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 as none of these losers like RINO Willard Mittens Romney,Newt Gingrich.
        Rick Santorum and goofy old nutcase Ron Paul are capable of doing it!

        • Barbara Shaw

          They may not be what we need but they are a heck of a lot better than what we have. We have someone who lied, cheated and cohearsed his way in while we were twiddling our thumbs, Obama I am speaking of.

      • AZ Borderdude

        Your post sounds like you are a Progressive. If not then why are you buying their garbage and recycling it into what we are supposed to believe to be truth. And, what does religion have to do with this? The Constitution demands there is no test of religion for the Presidency. In context the remark about the poor makes sense. For the most part they don’t pay taxes and the hardest hit are the ones in the middle. So the focus should be to fix the situation to reduce the hardship on that group first. Fix the other tw0 if needed. He actually said something that made sense, if you understand english.

        • G Schmidt

          Az Dude
          It is a sad day when people use the word Progressive to insult a person……I guess that makes you a “Regressive”?

          Leaders in a Democracy do not get elected by blurting out inconvenient truths. Romney’s honesty just got him in trouble.

          There are also a lot of facts that should not be mention if he have any chance of winning.
          -Republican really do not care about the very poor (we all blame them for their poverty) They do not make campaign contributions and seldom vote.
          -Global Warming is REAL and we are helping accelerate the process by burning lots of fossil fuels making stuff nobody really needs.
          -The primary reason most Arabs and Muslims hate us is that most US politicians dance at whatever music Israel plays. I am always amazed at how much kow tow we do to please the Israel’s lobby in the US.
          -the wild machinations of the financial industry (mostly Goldman Sachs) almost destroyed our financial foundations, but no politician are making much fuzz about now…..shhhh, they need the money they get from them.
          -Most illegals are hard working people doing some jobs that most Americans are now TOO LAZY to do (maybe because the safety net give them enough to NOT have to work!!!!). Those that use a fake Social Security number are contributing to a system from which they will never draw any benefits. When I came to this country as a LEGAL inmigrant 40 years ago I picked vegetables, I cleaned hotels, I washed dishes and so on…even back then, there very few blacks OR whites willing to do hard work for minimum wages.
          -We spend way too much in weapons and in overseas adventures and very little controlling our borders in our own country
          -The very rich benefit from our stability and laws more than anybody else….they should pay more taxes. It is in their benefit that they do so…do not take civil peace and stability for granted. History is full of cases (Cuba the most recent) where populace and rogue government have taken EVERYTHING from the rich (believe me I KNOW)

          • Chet

            G Schmidt -The primary reason most Arabs and Muslims hate us … is because we are still breathing!

          • patriotrenegade

            global warming was started at Iron MT NY in 1966 at a secret conference over frustration with wars stopping global govt from happening. It was a concept to “unite” humanity. It is false and is a brutal method to regulate and tax. You are an asshole for saying it’s real.

      • G Schmidt

        Ray, I do not agree with many posting here very often, but I do agree with your comments
        I do not believe ANY of the 4 candidates left-over will be able to defeat Obama..unless Obama does something really bad or stupid ( a la Carter’s disaster trying to rescue the hostages in Iran)

        At least, let us give Romney a credit for honesty.
        I have always believe very few of the current leaders of the Republican party care for the very poor specially when the party platform includes reductions in entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and such (programs which MUST be reformed without a doubt, but those reforms will affect badly a lot of people)

        Newt is far worse and a demagogue. Tell me who is paying for his election and I will tell you who is he working for.

        Oh where are those Republican leaders of old that did what was right, did not care about Nordquist or Limbaugh or Coulterand were able to appeal to the common working American???
        Maybe they are waiting for the next time when there is no incumbent in the White House

        • Steel Conservative

          Be open minded G. We all have to be carefull here or we end up with the radical social change to our country with 4 more years of Obama. We all need to be open minded.

          • American Patriot

            Steel Conservative,
            We’ll wind up with whoever the jew controlled voting machines are set for.

          • G Schmidt

            Steel Conservative

            The time to be open minded was when we still had some decent choices like Huntsman.

            I will still vote for Romney if nominated. If Newt is the choice of the party, I will vote for Obama as the lesser of two evils. I do not want my country sold to Adelson and Israel.

        • roleen

          I dream of Allen West or Judge Napolitano!

          • Ann in Nebraska

            Put the Judge and the Marine together and we would have a DREAM ticket!!!! Excellent!!!!! Love it!!!!!

          • AlleyOops75

            Schmidt, I suppose you had rather have your country sold to Karl Rove and his etals…Rove raised 51 million last year for his super PAC called American Crossroads…Rove raised another 5 million last week from Harold Simmons, founder of Contran Corp which has made a fortune using leveraged buyouts to purchase companies with lots of assets but poor management same as Romney’s Banes Corp.

      • wog1

        I think the media does care who they have run against Obama and they love the fact that the Republican are destroying themselves. They are eating it up. Any one of these candidates would be better than Obama. Think about it and quit helping the liberals out. With all of the negatives that Obama has done, name one that the media has even bothered to mention.

    • Insurgent

      When you earn 42K in a two year stretch, how could you even related to a medium income American wage earner, let alone people at the poverty level?

      • Insurgent

        Correction: $42 million

    • Ralph

      But of course they do so Odumbo can get another 4 yrs. Newt is the one forget about his past, Odumbo doesn’t want to deabate Newt or in Gen. Elec.

    • Kenai

      Romney is setting himself up not to be elected. It’s as though someone else is telling him what to say. I fear this election will be just like the 2008 elections. God help us!

      • wog1

        Vote for the conservative whomever he may be.

        • patriotrenegade

          any CFR is NOT conservative. more like brezhinski/global/marxist.

      • AlleyOops75

        You’re absolutely right about the GOP establishment setting us up for another disaster come this November should Willard Romney get the GOP nomination for president…His stashing money in Swiss banks and hiding his financial fortune in the Cayman Islands as well will come back to haunt him…Not to mention his Joe Biden like gaffes…”I really enjoy firing people” “I’ll bet you $10,000 that you’re wrong” “I could care less about poor people as they have a safety net” Joe Biden is smiling and the DNC playbook is over flowing with great campaign material come this September.

    • http://FaceBook ron yurchak

      We must deny him that privilege.

    • Marianne

      You are very mistaken. The Dems and liberal media have been demonizing Romney almost exclusively because they know he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Obama.

      • AlleyOops75

        They’ve been demonizing Romney because they know very well that he will be the easiest candidate to beat come this November…They will trot out all of his gaffes, which, by the way, replaces Joe Biden for hid inane remarks..Stashing money in Swiss banks & doing business in the tax haven pig sty that is known as the Cayman Islands…His not caring for the poor because they have a safety net will come back to haunt him big time. The pols know that about 40% of the people will go to the polls which makes it real easy for the dems to control the election results…Seniors vote and they will more than likely go for Obama because they don’t want their SS & Medicare touched..We all know who the blacks will vote for and then the Latinos are apt to vote for Obama as well…Then you have the union led teachers and the union employees elsewhere that are sure to go for Obama…What’s left? Not much.

    • Phil

      I’m a conservative whose primary mantra this election is “Anybody But Oduma!!”
      But I am appalled at how the CONSERVATIVE media (in this case, Cowboy Byte) is reporting this story. Romney’s comment is clearly taken out of context.

      Cowboy Byte: You’re lowering yourself to Democrat standards. … and likely helping Oduma in the process.

      • AlleyOops75

        The conservative Byte is in no way taking Romney’s comments out of context..Read his entire statement and the gaffe even gets worse…Romney says he enjoys firing people, likes to make $10,000 bets with his peers and doesn’t care for poor people as they have their safety nets to protect them. When you throw in his Swiss Bank Accounts and his shenanigans in the Cayman Islands, well, the democrats will have a field day.

    • James

      OF Course..and the Rinos that really want to keep spending want him to win also. That’s why I’m voting Experience this time around. I’m tired of having Losers like McCain and Bob Dole , Rom-money Shoved down my throat. The Dems and the Rinos have BOTH been pushing Romney. He won’t upset their little Applecart. He will Keep the status Quo! I want some one that Balanced the Budget TWICE!!! Once under a Republican Administration,…and Once under a Democrat Administration!!! He wasn’t AFRAID to shut the Government Down stop the Bleeding! Infact.. He got a Balanced Budget from A DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT. That Person was and IS…………WILDMAN…NEWT GINGRICH/He has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT..TWICE!!!

    • Democrat

      I don’t. I would like to see his sons serve in the military and go to war. We’ll get to see the real patriot Mitt.

  • http://yahooverizon james

    Republican and the Mormon plan for America . This should tell you some thing……………The red neck from western PA.Search the plan.

    • candi

      tell me, whats its supposed to tell me… you seem to know everything.

    • bevad

      Oh for crying out loud James. There is no Mormon PLAN for America. Where do some of you people come up with this stuff?

      • AZ Borderdude

        From where their heads are.

      • G Schmidt

        The Mormom Plan for America
        Bring back Poligamy?
        Forced everybody to search their geneology?
        Make everybody do some charity work and work for free for their fellow man for 2 years? (not a bad idea)
        Bring back white shirts into fashion?
        Make everybody white…that will require some kind of secret Michael Jackson’s technology

        I am just kidding

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    If anyone needs a definition of narcissist, and hasn’t come up with one from our current bozo president, our next wannabe has given you one: ““I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney said. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

    Holy Schmidt: “I’ll fix it’…sure you will. Only a egotist and/or narcissist talks like that.

    In reality, no president can ‘change’ people. They can only prepare and help sustain an environment where those who want to succeed, have that opportunity. The rest is up to the PEOPLE who live in that environment. If they want to remain sloths, they will. ‘Fix it’ indeed. What a bonehead.

    Vote Newt and let’s get serious about getting back to our Constitutional foundations which made this country great and can once again.

    • http://cowboybyte jlbs

      I agree with you. My first choice was Cain, then Perry. Now that my choices are narrowed, I am leaning toward Newt.

      Romney is a RINO and Santorum scares me because he “looks” like he could do it, but then I think of his “big government” past, and I just shake my head. Paul is OK domestically, but his foreign talk just doesn’t make sense.

      Quite frankly, I hate to make a decision because all my “fors” have dropped out and I guess I’m paranoid that my next “for” will do the same.

      • Joe

        My sentiments exactly, jlbs. Republicans are handing the election to Obama.

      • Anne

        jlbs: While Perry was always my first choice, but I hear ya.

        However, word out this morning is that (according to a source close to the Gingrich team, Trump will be endorsing Gingrich in the next few days.

        I hope the source is correct, and I really want to hear it from Trump, but if true, that will give Newt a boost, I’m sure.

        Anyone BUT Obozo and Willard!

        • Windrinker

          If Trump endorses Newtie, it is time to be scared!

          Trump, by his own admission, does business with all kinds of companies owned by Soros.. Trump is a very rich “international businessman” and knows anyone that “is anyone” in the world….that includes the global elite those that are financing and working toward the NWO. Trusting him would take some “guts.”

          As for Newtie, he will sell-out this country for his own gain…he is all about Newtie and what is good for him. IMO, Newtie has no morals, at home or at the office..

          There are some men that you “just know” are honorable, (not perfect but honorable) and some men that are highly questionable.. I trust Santorum.

          • David Stovall

            Obama is selling us out now, at least Newt not that bad.

          • Amae

            How many times does Newt have to atone? He has said repeatedly that he went back to the church and has repented for things in his past. What more can any human do. God forgives us when we asks, why can’t the rest of you?

          • http://google N COOPER

            me too. He at least makes sense when he talks. I like him. I have watched him in debates. He looks right at his apponents and states how he would handle the situation and does not stammer or say uh or like or any of those words. I think he is good man, but that is not what the country is looking for in a president. There is no quick fix for this nation. It will take a long time to get it fixed. I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Sad to say, but it is the truth. I have been around for a while. Seen a lot of changes. None as bad as the ones we are facing now. We must Pray without ceasing……..

        • David Stovall

          Possible endorsements for Newt = Trump then add Fred Thompson, J. C. Watts, etc. Newt looking better. But I forgot something until today: appointing judges. Now that changes things , Romney is a gun hating, abortion loving liberal when I think about the Supreme Court appointments, but still better than Obama. With judges in mind 1.Santorum 2. Newt 3. Paul, 4. Romney. 5. Obama. I wish J. C. Watts was running.

          • MC

            YES, J.C. Watts would be great! I would love to see him up against Obama.

        • bevad

          Trump is a showboating bozo. His endorsement of Newt will hurt Newt more than help him. No one takes The Donald seriously.

      • patti raddi

        jlbs, for what it’s worth, i was bachman, cain, perry…now i will go with mitt. nasty newt is just plain certifiable. Not conservative at all. an adulterer (you can’t trust them at all-they lie to survive). please give mitt a look. good man. good values. knows how to get the economy going.

        • Ann in Nebraska

          I just don’t care for him. He’s just “too nice” to suit me. I don’t think he has the tenacity of a bulldog and that’s what I want in the White House.

        • James

          MITT ROM-MONEY CAN’T CUT IT!! I want a BULL DOG…That’s why I’m Voting NEWT GINGRICH!!! Twice Balanced the Budget!! And not Afraid to Stop the Bleeding BY Shutting the Government DOWN,.. if need be!!!

      • patriotrenegade

        your for’s were all globalist traitors, shills put in to confuse and maybe win. cain, perry, huntie, all bilderbergs, knewtiecrap-CFR. Maybe just maybe we’ll get a clean WH for the first time in 40 years. Maybe.

    • BCohio

      WOW!, You have hit the nail on the HEAD!… Romney is just a paper cut out of Obama!..Newt is my man Too!.. Vote for America Vote for Newt!…

      • flanative

        I voted for Newt …Lost my vote due to `pretty boys` >> one negative ad after another against Newt {Millions of $$ spent on Ads}…I wish someone would come up with some `dirt` on `Ol Mitt >> He`s such a `squeeky clean Momanite` ,,he reminds me of an `Snake Oil Salesman` ….

        • patti raddi

          so now it’s a negative to be squeaky clean? wow

        • Ann in Nebraska

          No, he’s not a snake oil salesman. That’s what we have in the White House now. Mitt is most certainly not a snake oil salesman!!! He may be a lot of things, but that one, he ain’t. I would use words more like faithful and consistent.

        • patriotrenegade

          you write like a fl native-wow.

      • Kansas Kahuna

        I’ll second that motion! Newt is the only reliable choice we have left! However, can we overcome fraud and the stupidity of the average voter, who knows little about politics, and could care even less, but is the first to moan and groan when some jerkoff that they elected to the presidency!

        • Windrinker

          Wichita, the stupid voters are the ones that believes a candidates rhetoric because he is black, because he is glib, or because he is saying what they want to hear.

          Newt talks a good game. But when it comes to a choice between doing something that is good for the country or good for Newtie.. which do you think he will do… I have an opinion that Newtie wants back in Washington …..for some reason….and it doesn’t particularly have anything to do with “saving the country.”

          • D Fowler

            As you say…it is your opinion. Motive can be to vendicate a past wrong or even earn a legacy in history. Newt is a pit bull without a leash and I think this is exactly what the country needs right now.

          • Ann in Nebraska

            The time has come for a choice between what’s good for the country and what’s good for (as you so cleverly ??? call him) “Newtie”. I’m throwing my support behind Newt. When the chips are down, as they are now, I want someone with the intestinal fortitude to stand up for America and fight for the Constitution, and I think Newt is that guy.

          • Windrinker

            Nebraska Ann, Newtie will fight….what is concerning about him is…”will he fight for the things we want him to fight about.”

            One example, Newtie is for the “Dream Act” and for giving all the Millions of illegals the vote! He is worried about “Ten Million IllegalGrandmothers (that don’t belong here) getting deported. Newtie is not a Conservative.

            Right now, he is saying what it is going to take to get elected….. The only way we really know about a candidate, is not what he says, but what he has done and said before he was a candidate.

          • James

            Newt will do What it takes to fix the USA!!! He’s is scared for his grand kids living in a messed country Just like most AMERICANS. And…Gingrich has the Experience to fix it!!! The Rinos gave him a hard time when He Got a balanced Both times. Yes!!! A balanced budget..TWICE!!!

        • patriotrenegade

          fraud and stupidity rests with those that vote for CFR knewtie and all CFR’s for the past 40 years. How THAT been workin for us??? Globalism is TREASON. You are ill with life threatening ignorance and the only cure is research. No one has yet to answer the question of HOW IS A CFR CONSERVATIVE? NO ONE! NONE OF YOU FOOLS DARE!

    • Bill Lee

      Ditto! Romney is in it for himself as was Obama. Newt is the ONLY one left who has any kind of national record that shows his efforts has helped millions of Americans by cutting taxes, welfare and creating a surplus back in the 90’s. Clinton would like to say that’s his accomplishment, but actually it was Newt who put it together. Romney and Paul would love to say they are the fiscal conservatives….PROVE IT! Where’s the beef? Newt has it you don’t.

      • patriotrenegade

        you’ve been delusional here for weeks now, is it catchy?

    • Ron

      Of course Romney doesn’t care about the very poor, Romney is worth over $200 million, so he has never known what being poor is all about…. It is because of his $millions, that he has been able to buy this election, and carpet bomb Newt with thousands of negative ads. I think it is despicable.

      • Charles

        Ron , You hit the nail on the head . The American people can not and should not let money decide an election . And that is what happen in Florida . But I think Mitt Romney just shot himself in the foot with a very dumb statement . It’s no wonder Romney doesn’t want to debate Newt Gingrich . Romney will say and do anything to get a vote , and they are the very people we should be running from . The majority of people in the US Congress are lawyer and that is why they are against Newt Gingrich . Newt statements about the judiciary has a lot of them shaking in their shoes . The problem is Newt is correct , when a judge says one nation under God is not constitutional that judge should not be getting tax payer money. The judiciary should not be making laws . Their job is to enforce the law . The US congress or We The People make the laws.

        • Windrinker

          Charles, tell us what was the last “law” the people made!

          The people have no power, not even the power of the “vote.”
          The people don’t choose who will be president….Don’t kid yourself. They gave that up a long time ago being too busy with their ballgames and six-packs or facebook! No wonder the global elites think they need to be in charge of this country.

          • D Fowler

            The only ones I see that are actively trying to take back this country are the Tea Party…and they have been demonized and ridiculed to the point they are getting afraid to speak out. The neo-left operate in the dark Chicago underground and like serpents strike out with venom and forked tongues when threatened. Who else is really trying to fight the evil that lurks in the bowels of Washington…and which conservative candidate is truly capable of stopping them?

          • Ann in Nebraska

            I have never given up on this country, and I sure don’t plan to start giving up now. I have power at the ballot box and I intend to keep using it!!!

          • Windrinker

            D…you are right! The Tea Party must not get intimidated and fade away… They can’t be demonised if they “take it to the demonrats.”

            Who else stands for real conservative values but that generation. They know what “real freedom” is all about. I am really surprised they have not endorsed the only candidate that is conservative…. Santorum.

        • Man from the mountain

          And Newt hasn’t made dumb statements……….

          • Windrinker

            Evidently, you haven’t been listening to Newtie.

      • patriotrenegade

        NO NAFTA KNEWTIE IS MASSIVELY DESPICABLE. global warming knewtie, AMNESTY knewtie. on and on.

    • George

      Seriously? Vote for Newt?? Are you kidding? He’s probably one of the biggest insiders in Washington DC! What makes you think he’s got your best interests at heart? Have you looked at his track record? Do you remember when he got ousted as speaker of the house? Doesn’t that concern anyone? How about his moral integrity? Doesn’t that matter? If a man lies and cheats on his wife, he most likely will lie and cheat on you. A man’s character says a lot about who they are. The only in the whole group that has the integrity and proven record to be president of the united states is the one everyone thinks is a cuckoo and the fringe. News flash, the cuckoo’s and the fringe are running the show and we’ve all been brainwashed to think that’s normal.

      • Brenda

        Newt is such a Washington D.C. insider that no one wants him to be the President. As for alot of your points, he was not ousted as Speaker, he resigned and all charges were proven to be unture later. As for his morals, is there anyone that can claim to be morally correct at all times? You need to stop listening to the media and check your facts.

        • David Stovall

          We will not get a chance to vote for the best. That would be Fred Thompson, J. C. Watts, etc. We can only vote for the least worst.
          Least worst, is Santorum, next least worst Newt, . (A B O)

        • bobby nealey

          How old are you , when you are given a choice to resign or else and they resign what dose that tell you. YOU CAN”T BE THAT DIM.

        • AZ Borderdude

          Wrong. All but one were dropped and some of those were only because he no longer was Speaker. The one not dropped (which the fine applied) would have been enough for the House to remove him. Choice, resign or be fired? Which would you pick.

        • patti raddi

          brenda, you better check Your facts. he had to resign, in disgrace. and he didnt cheat just once. has your husband cheated on you? if he had you would know that it requires constant lying. a double life. self destruction. and a family left in ruins. it’s despicable on so many levels. however nice it may be that he says he has made it right try, if you will, the hell he put everybody through so that he could have what he wanted. nooooooo to nasty newt

      • Pat

        George, you are the only sensible person on this blog! I agree with you 100%. Newt is a mess! He is immoral! His ideas are all over the place! There is no way he will accomplish all the things that spew out of his mouth!! He is just a big bag of wind!! And look out wife #3 he will cheat on you too!!! But, she won’t care because she was willing to share Newt with his wife!! And these people profess to be good Catholics!! They are not anything remotely like a good Catholic!!! I don’t want a hypocrite in the White House, we already have one of those!!!

        • Cathy

          Pat, i suppose you call yourself a good catholic! at last that i looked God is about repentance and change. i have watched Newt for years long before he was running for office. And I know he and his wife are very much people of faith. Faith that believes in we can be free from our not so perfect pasts and begin a new! if you were involved in any part of helping others with their faith you would have known this!

          • patti raddi

            so they are faithful-now? what about the all the people they hurt while they were satisfying their lusts? newt and his slut just go happily on with their lives? not sure wife #2 can complain though-wasn’t she messin around wiht newt while he was with wife #1? these people are soap opera fodder. how are they better than clinton?

        • bobby nealey

          That is all we have ever had , you find someone that is not and he will be in heaven and would not touch the job.

        • D Fowler

          We had a squeeky clean president in Jimmy Carter…see where that got us.

          • AZ Borderdude

            Nobody in the Bilderberg Society, Council of Foreign Relations or Tri-lateral Commission is squeaky clean. Look it up, Carter is on their list of members as is Clinton and Obama. Reagan and George W Bush are the only recent Presidents not there. Romney is not a member. But, Gingrich is or was. These are the three groups that work in concert to instill a World Order.
            [Source: “Who’s Who of the Elite”; Robert Galyon Ross, Sr.; RIE (Publishing); Feb. 2002]

          • D Fowler

            Carter was the President of the Tri-Lateral Commission. Obama is not a member of the CFR but we know he is connected by Soros. Obumo’s agenda follows the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ and he has a radical racial motive.

            Here check out the list yourself:
            The squeeky clean reference to Carter was not one of a membership but as to his touting how good a Christian he was and zippo discovery that his personal life was tainted with womanizing or graft. There are very few wealthy powerful men who are not a member of one of the OWO organizations you mention including corporate members such as Micrsoft, Coca Cola, GE, etc.

        • KittyKat

          So Pat, are you squeaky clean? Have you never done anything wrong and truly “repented” afterward? Are you actually old enough to have lived through more than two presidents? The extramarital activities in the White House have been legion and seem to accompany power. Let’s make a decision to FIRST get Obama out of the WH and the RINOs out of Congress. We need a president who will protecting our Constitutional liberties, THEN get big government out of our business. The petty bickering needs to stop.

        • patriotrenegade

          gee pat, I’ve presented tons of info, many others have put in more, are we not sensible? just kidding.

      • Mac17

        You are spot on, George. Thank heaven for a practical voice.

      • Glenn

        News flash to George ! The carpet baggers have been doing that all along they have not worked for the American citizens for years.

        • bobby nealey

          IF ever.

      • Windrinker

        George….Good point.

        “….the cuckoo and the fringe are running the show and we’ve all been brainwashed to think that is normal….”

        • D Fowler

          I guess you want us to get back to normal…eh? By the way what is normal to you? Same oh, same oh? The cuckoo and fringe or approximately 53% of Americans put Obumo in the White House. That sir is brainwashing personified. So you desire someone ‘normal’ to take back our government…normal would not stand a chance and would do nothing to reverse our demise.

          • Windrinker

            D, there is no hope for you…. if you can’t define a real American.

            I know what makes a “Normal Conservative American Patriot that believes in God, country and family (the “normal family that God put together!)

            And, I think you are wrong, if real Americans were in charge instead of the “cuckoos and the fringe,” it would make a GREAT difference… First off, that illegal foreigner wouldn’t be squatting in the oval office crapping on all of us,

            If we would stop giving foreigners the right to vote in our elections and stop giving the useless (that refuse to work) the right to vote…we would still have an America with our own American Culture and values!

            This country’s population is one-third foreign and that is the fastest growing segment as the hordes invade us across our borders. They are the fastest growing breeders and they are “paid by us” to out produce us. And with Newtie’s help he will make Americans a minority in their own country.

          • D Fowler

            This smacks of extreme xenaphobia sport…and are you saying I am not an American because I am divorced and remarried…God forbid to a gal from Costa Rica who is devoutly religious and still believes in the family unit! I guess next you would say only a white man is normal. The Aryan Brotherhood defines normal exactly the same way you do. Who is the real cuckoo and fringe in this dialog?

    • Riverdweller

      He wasn’t talking about fixing or changing the people.
      He was talking about fixing the safety net if it needs it. That would require a lot of investigation into how those safety nets are being operated. There are overlapping ones that purport to do the same thing, there is fraud, there is misappropriation of funds and probably this is only the beginning of a list that would have to be gone over item by item.

      • bobby nealey

        AND SHOULD BE.


      The ODUMBA thugs are wating to bury Newt in all of his marriage trash ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • D Fowler

        Which goes to show you the atheist now rule this country. Only Christians can forgive transgressions when asked to do so…otherwise they are not Christians but hypocrites. So he was a womanizer in earlier years. So was Clinton, Kennedy and FDR. I can tell you at Newt’s age of 67 that is no longer a prime motivating factor.

        The Obumo Chicago thugs are waiting for anybody that lands on the dung pile we call Washington, be it Newt or Mitt.

    • candi

      i love newt… go newt…

      • patriotrenegade

        golly gee whiz….and what info do you offer or know….?

    • wog1

      I believe the implication here is that he would fix the system. Which if elected he should have the power to do. He mentioned nothing about fixing the people. That is what Obama is trying to do. Change the people.

    • Kathleen

      Newt is the only one who can debate Obama, when he said he would pledge his life for us americans, he knows who he is up against. The others are just business people. They would do good in other departments or cabinet positions. I would like to see the media ask, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, what are her bosses plans, Obama, if he is defeated? Soros and Buffet will never let that happen. We must all pull together and vote for Newt. Go home Obama, go back to your country.

  • MM

    I would find it very hard to vote for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich for president of my United States of America. I will not vote for a RINO. I will never vote for Barrack Obama like some of YOU did in 2008.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      I don’t know where you live, but if it’s Florida you heard a ratio of TV ads that was 65,000 Romney vs 210 for Newt. The romulan’s ads are very misleading. To get the clear picture of Newt, all you have to do is go listen to him address a Kiwanis group, or a Conservative club meeting which he does in any town in which he campaigns. He is no longer a RINO. In his speaking you can hear and see the difference and Newt has no need of the RINO establishment either. He’s changed from the policies of the Newt of the 1990s; but he is still as tenacious as ever…but his motives have become quite clear and concise: get back to the Constitutional foundations and let people succeed.

      I pray you take the time to investigate Newt.

      • candi

        all romney did was put out one negative ad after another about newt. he spend a fortune to do that… look it worked for him, the american people are so stupid they believe anything they hear. anyone that can think for themselves would pay no attention to those negative ads.

      • AZ Borderdude

        Does the media lool-aid taste good? Most of the support ads for Romney were from Super PAC organizations that have no connection with the Candidate or the campaign staff. Romney made that very clear during a debate where he reminded Newt of that fact. The Super PAC decides which candidate they want to support and they can spend all they want to do that. The candidate has no responsibility for their content nor can they contact the Super PAC to object or change anything. the media has not differentiated the Super PAC ads from the Candidate’s ads in any side of this issue, so they are as much to blame as the opposing candidates in the remarks. But, the candidates should tell the truth about who is responsible for the ads. Each ad must display or speak who is publishing the message. So, it can be determined.

      • patti raddi

        we don’t need to see any of romney’s ads to know newt gingrich. he will talk about himself ALL DAY LONG!!!!! he is all about Newt newt newt. a narcissist of the tallest order. and he has a long track record. we know newt and what we know should disqualify him to be lead our country. mitt is a good, clean honest man. you wann accept mea culpas then accept that mitt has seen the conservative light. pro life, pro traditional marriage, pro 2nd amendment and pro free markets!!!

        • Ann in Nebraska

          patti, you go right ahead and vote Mitt. I’m going to vote for Newt. Nothing you can tell me about him would surprise or astound me. His life is an open book. I know all about Newt. And, I’ll tell you a secret, patti: I DON”T CARE about his “womanizing” past. I – don’t – care. I want someone in the White House who will fight for my America, and Newt is the guy.

      • patriotrenegade

        every time I investigate, I see even more treason. A CFR IS A TRAITOR! DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY WORDS FROM A TRAITOR’S MOUTH> THAT’S NOT INVESTIGATING.

    • Bill Lee

      Um, and so you’ll vote for Ron Paul who wants states to legalize prostitution among other things? Yeah all we need is another grand social experiment and we’ve got civil war II.

      • Glenn

        Bill thats called life it is only a social experiment when the government is in on it.

      • MM

        We have a natural, God-given right to our lives, our liberties, and the fruits of our labor. Protecting those rights is the only role that government ought to have in a free society. Representative Ron Paul – END THE FED, Page 210

    • bobby nealey

      IF you don’t one or the other then you are voting for the winner , the same can be said about a third party runner. You know a third party is not going to win, it’s only going to weaken one of the main parties and so you are voting for the party that wins.

    • bobby nealey

      IF you don’t one or the other then you are voting for the winner , the same can be said about a third party runner. You know a third party is not going to win, it’s only going to weaken one of the main parties and so you are voting for the party that wins. SO WHY THE HECK DON”T YOU POST IT.

    • D Fowler

      How many times are you going to post this same ambiguous and meaningless message? Yes, you have the right of free speech but this parrot talk is getting boring. So get creative and tell the world who you would consider voting for or what the hell you are really saying…but refusing to tell us. After reading your message on at least 3 different forums I am starting to smell an Obumo troll.

  • http://i niles

    I saw this article on another site and all the people posting have selective reading as the cnn reporter had selective hearing. They only see and hear what they want to believe. Romney doesn;t care about the very poor. Without the rest of his statement makes him sound pretty cold as the left choose to paint all republicans. I am real sick and tired of them being allowed to promote lies and the distortion of the truth. You could make the Pope look bad.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Oh puleeeze! Whoever listens to either the full bite or the tidbit, it’s just as stupid and inane. If this bozo gets the nomination, we are hosed as a republic. Don’t fall for the koolaid from this political gangster. His record in Mass ought to be enough to make us all run away and vote for Newt. Wake up y’all!

      • http://i niles

        I would much rather Gingrich get it. I am just afraid that the media will crucify him. I would vote for Mickey Mouse over Obama. Four more years of him and we will be the socialist republic of Obama..

        • Barbara Shaw


        • patriotrenegade

          4 years of knewtie CFR will give us 44 straight years of globalist traitors in the White House.

        • James

          Niles…Hold to your gut feelings!! Newt Has the Experience. He Don’t like Democrats or Rinos. Just do what you can for him. Trump is for trumps fortune!! Newt is a Grandpa worried about his grand kids growing up in a messed up country. What will Obama use against Newt…All Newts baggage is out. All in the public. The Bulldog can Win NEWT/2012

    • CAllenDoudna

      What makes you think Obama will use the whole quote? Romney would be a godsend to Obama’s armory! The most beau8tiful ammunition the Dems could ever ask for: “I like firing people!” “I don’t care about the Poor”. You think any of that is going to be quoted in context?

      • Stephen

        The entire quote, “I’m not worried about the poor. We have a safety net for them”, is what was actually said. Leaving part of the quote out makes better news and is typical of the media; better news value to mislead the public. I cannot stand news broadcasts which embellish the story to make it more “newsworthy” Give me a break.

    • Leslie85223

      My sentiments exactly. The fact that almost anyone can vote in our presidential elections also means that the voters educational level in politics is what is seen in TV ads for the most part. Or because he’s not a Christian, he’s deemed not to be a conservative. Or perhaps because he’s had multiple marriages – he’d lie taking the oath of office – there’s ALWAYS something to twist around andn to complain about. Too much money made doing what America needs most now – creating jobs is looked upon as an ugly characteristic . . . We respect and honor Hollywood actors better than this and they’re nothing but scum bags!!!!!!

      Be careful what you wish for . . .

  • markusdecarcus

    Here’s a true conservative perspective on this clown….

  • http://facebook pat

    yea,,mitt the flip will help the middle class just as obullcrap has and said he would do..
    anyone who would vote for one of the main street media croonies are just as bad as those who believed the crap obullcrap and media shoved down our throats in 08

  • John Looper

    The first thing I’ve heard Romney say that I agree with. The very poor are always going to be very poor because the have neither the inclination nor the desire to improve themselves. They will settle for their handouts and sit around complaining because they are not given more.
    The rich don’t need his concern either. They are intelligent and driven to succeed, so they will. The middle class will produce wealth and jobs because they want to work and will do what it takes to succeed. They will do all that when government gets the hell out of the way and lets that happen.

    • Amazedamerican

      I am in total agreement. Romney was not my choice, but he is waaaay better than Obama. It seems to me that one must read between the lines to get the message. He minces words, but if one listens to what he doesn’t say, the words are there. Personally, I don’t know why he would want the job, but his love for American perhaps spurred him on. Just think, would you want to live in the white house after the Obamas? I would rather live in a yurt.

    • Pat

      John, very well said! I agree 100%!

    • Glenn

      Could not have said it better John. ;)

    • candi

      great post!!!!

    • Windrinker

      John, you are so right! The middle class is the engine that runs this country and has made it prosperous!! It is our “most valuable asset” and the middle class is under attack by this regime….they know that to have communism they must get rid of those productive people that “pay for everything” we have in this country!!

      The government wants all the wealth, none of it is to go to those that work for it!

      Romney has it right…..the middle class is the most valuable asset in the country.

    • AlleyOops75

      John, don’t ever run for office….that statement made by Romney is just another bad example of how he runs off at the mouth and reveals his true self when he’s not programed by his handlers.

  • JOHN


    • danimal

      somewhere down the line, the goverment made all the poor people, it’s up to us to fix the problem. vote all the dicks out!

    • nursepat

      While I agree with the part about letting the churches take charge of charity again, I wish you would learn to spell–we don’t need to give the liberals more ammunition. I don’t want to hear how ignorant the conservatives are–because I’m not and I doubt you are either. Your estimation of the general liberal mindset is pretty much on target, but remember that individual party members buck national trends; I know several conservative democrats, I just haven’t been able to convince them how much their favorite party has changed. The basic message is that we need to return to acting like we belong to the only God there is; you know, the one who created everything.

      • nursepat

        why don’t they post your reply below the person you are replying to? My reply was specifically directed to John.

        • RW

          You are posted directly below. Look at the indent


      AMEN ,, I agree with you 100%

    • candi

      JOHN great post!

  • oldgringo

    Elect Obama…..Vote Newt!….Ann Coulter

    • Pat

      I agree with Ann!

    • candi

      ann coulter makes me sick… who does she think she is… romney must have offered her a job.

  • http://yahooverizon james

    Search. Which candidates not to trust……….the red neck

  • John C. Stewart

    In itself it is not a bad statement. The problem is that it tells his views on conservative values.
    He does not get the fact that conservatives do not have a class value, we are one “United States of America”, not a gradient of peoples.
    If he were to embrace that value he would cover up the showing of his liberal slip.

    • Windrinker

      What Romney said is true…..we all support the poor in the “lifestyle” that they have become accustomed, we don’t have to worry about them.

      The governemnt will make sure that the medicaid checks are sent! The last thing the government will consider cutting is the redistribution to the worthless! They will decimate our military, social securitiy and medicare long before they will make cuts to the useless…not to worry about them.

  • Patrick Rafferty

    Why should we care about the poor when they don’t care enough about themselves to do anything about it? Everyone in this country has the option of obtaining an education and making something of their lives. I’m sick of hearing about teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony while dragging down the Haves to the level of the HaveNots. To Hell with ‘em.

  • Bippy Bellito

    It all comes down to this. Obama is the most narcissistic and incompetent president this country has ever seen. Our choice is simple. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA. Even if it is Romney, we are better off.

    • Pat

      You’ve got it Bippy Bellito he is a narcistic %$#*@ everything is I, I, I, Me, Me, ME. If for nothing else we certainly need “CHANGE” this election.

    • Charles

      Dntmkmecmoverther , I agree where do these people think obamacare came from . Socialized med has never worked all one has to do is ask anyone from Canada and they will tell you they come to the lower 48 for medical care . Romney is not just a Rino he is a liberal and a socialist rolled into one . Like I have said before why would we want to replace one lier with another ?

      • nursepat

        Charles, Canada isn’t the only place social medicine has failed. Look at Europe, especially Germany. My sister lives in Germany and has to carry an expensive supplement because her social medicine covers hardly anything, and she needs hip replacement. I Don’t want anyone trying to tell me that social medicine works, IT SUCKS!

        • candi

          the govt. has so many people convinced social medicine will be free, and everything will be wonderful… you will get anything you want anytime you want it, and its all free… these people are nuts. nothing is free!!!

  • mark

    People have to look into the context of what he said and what the words meant. He is not concerned about the poor because they have Govn’t programs to take care of them and most likely they will stay on these programs until the Govn’t fixes them to encourage them to better themselves and their future. The rich are fine because they are secure with their wealth. People are letting the liberal media tell you what he meant, don’t be fooled by their deception!!!
    They just want more of the same and that would be “OBAMA”!!!

  • Jim

    The only viable candidate would have been Col. Allen West. He would have gotten my vote.

    • littlefox

      His district has been butchered, he’s a perfect pick for VP.

  • J.M.R.


  • Amerigo M.Cimino

    Mitt Romney is nothing more than a politician!
    He talks a talk! Mitt Romney will assure the re-election of Mr. Obama.
    Give the media an inch and they will take the whole yard.
    I matters what is “said”, only if the media can explode on it!
    A word to the Republican “King Makers”, Get behind Newt Gingrich!
    The faults in his private life, have no place in the race!
    We can list the names of the occupants of the White House, up to the present day, and there are no knights in shining armor! All of the “stories” about any candidate is nothing new, a little detective work by any reporter will surface something; and if not, they will generate something.
    AND, the biggie, just make the allegations, no need for justification!
    In conclusion; Mitt Romney is a better choice than Barak H. Obama, but the man is a wimp! Newt Gingrich, with a controlled temper, would save the republic! (In my opinion).
    And maybe we can get the Fair Tax bill passed!
    There is a lot of good in Gingrich; Mitt Romney is a facade.
    Meanwhile; press “1” for English.

    • James

      Amen, Amerigo..Newt/2012

  • Bob H

    Just one time I like to see Mr Romney give up all his wealth for one week and live like the 90 % he talks about, Hey Mitt can we call it like it is the working poor of America. Many people who have lost their jobs and run out of unemployment now working two jobs just to put food on the table and a ruff over their head and put gas in the car to get to their two jobs. People this man as no clue, for he has made his millions by putting people out on the street when they close their plants down. This man has flip flop so many times can we really believe him. Just take about eight mins. to watch this video on Romeny then ask yourself if this is the guy we want running are country.

    • Darryl Hanson

      Bob H

      You must be young. You sound like a mushy brained boob!

    • Windrinker

      Hey Bob, I bet you would be happy to take Romney’s place wouldn’t you….without working or earning it! Libturd..

  • mike

    Every time the main stream media takes things out context it is our responsibility to see that they retract it…if we defy and retaliate against the media they will have no choice but to report accurately.

  • Robalou

    One day after his big win and “brittle” Romney leaves himself wide open for a knockout punch…Of course the media is going to take it out of context and make him look like a heartless, greedy capitalist Republican….Just look at the headlines “Romney doesn’t care about poor people!”, nothing else….The Democrats must think the’ve died and gone to heaven with this dim bulb… He can’t think on his feet, he can’t articulate conservative principles because he isn’t a conservative, and he is going to be destroyed if he actually makes it to the nomination… The good news is that maybe enough of us and the Republican Party will wake up and decide Mitt just can’t carry the standard…Without a true conservative offering a sensible , down to earth conservative message all the country has is DUMBO and a Gomer Pyle without the gonads to stand up to DUMBO…..

  • Bill Lee

    If a Ken doll like Romney or a commie like Obama win because they have enough money to media blitz the American people with their lies after what we’ve gone through the last four years, then the country needs more than just a wake-up call. They will deserve what they vote for and it will be all over come November if either one of them win. If this is the case I hope those that are left will come to their senses and rebuild somewhere else cause it won’t happen again in the USA for the forseeable future. Maybe Canada. VOTE NEWT. BTW, if RPaul comes to the GOP convention as the spoiler and doesn’t get behind Newt it will be his fault. RProbots need to wake-up and realize this is our last chance. It’s not about making an impression so as to force things in 2016. This country will be dead as a republic by then.

    • candi

      so true!

  • http://NA jim seay

    There’s not a damned thing wrong about what Mitt said…he simply spoke the facts. I’m self-employed and have been for more than 20 years…I’m struggling as companies who have been supportive are slicing back their advertising budgets…while I see many “poor” driving cars far newer and nicer than mine, making ends meet with food stamps and welfare checks…the “safety nets” I don’t have.
    There are no government assistance programs for self-employed entrepreneurs.
    Now we have to listen to TV pudits smear guys like Romney with soundbites that are taken from context.
    No wonder FDR and most other presidents used carefully composed addresses rather than speaking from the hip. Nothing gets misconstrued that way. But, Obama still screws up even with teleprompers.

    • linda

      The comment needs to be received IN ITS CONTEXT…. Watching the video of him saying it … he was merely attempting to address the need for help for the middle class and worded it badly….. I don’t believe the man is as bad as some have commented. If you made a statement wouldn’t you like to have it received in its context and not used against you with the worst intent ..someone grasping the opportunity to use it against you ? I am a Ron Paul supporter, but I refuse to jump on every opportunity carelessly just to jab a candidate.

  • Darryl Hanson

    Let’s face the facts, Mitt Romney is not a politician. That means he doesn’t know how to spin his statements. He didn’t mean he didn’t care about the poor, because they get free rent, food stamps, and health care going to the emergency rooms. That’s the safety net.

    Poor are poor because the Democrats keep them that way: subserviant to the government for their needs. In this country, one does not have to be poor any longer. When I was a boy, we were poor and I didn’t even know it, but my parents worked hard and made it into the middle of the middle class. Beieng a realist. conservatives do believe there are classes of people based on economic scales.

    So, son’t be too rough on Mitt. He sticks his foot in his mouth because he isn’t a politican. And, isn’t that refreshing? Politicians know how to dance around and not say anything. Romney needs to learn that, maybe then he will be accpeted by those of you who think he’s a RINO!

    • Padremike

      I hear you Darryl, but let us not forget Mitt’s been running for President for many years.

  • US Citizen born and raised

    The last several elections, I have struggled and voted for the lesser of two evils. We can no longer afford to vote this way. We must have a candidate who will follow our Constitution and follow in the footsteps of our forefathers in their faith in the Lord. Stop looking at international law but at our founding documents. Men who are not afraid to go on bended knee to pray to our Lord. Men who fear our Lord. Men who will listen and follow our Lord. We have lived in darkness for too long. We have been silent for too long and allowed our country to back slide to where it is today. Good men can no longer remain silent. Good men need to rise up and place our country back on it’s rightful course. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) WE have done nothing for too long. It is time to restore our families to a mother and a father, married in the eyes of the Lord. For men to be leaders in their home and community. To set strong examples of character and integrity to their children and to raise their children up to be leaders as well. Are Godly men ready to step up and step out.

    • Dude

      Well said. Ditto.

    • Windrinker

      Citizen, you got it!

      Rome fell because of its great devotion to “political correctness, diversity and multiculturalism.” In other words they accepted all kinds of immorality and no one was condemned.

      Americans, as well, have been made to accept immorality in the name of “political correctness.” People have lost all reason, common sense and the lines between right-from-wrong have been badly blurred… in the name of “political correctness.” Yet, we all accept these things and are too busy to seek out God even as our Christianity is under attack from our marxist leadership…

      Like Rome, this country will be held accountable and pay a price…… A country with a population that idolizes immoral and criminal behavior cannot be a country of free men.


    Taken out of context. We have programs to take care of the very poor. Food stamps, aid to dependent children, Medicaid, pay no taxes, free healthcare at the emergency room, shelters, soup kitchens. We don’t do a good job with this but for the middle class there is nothing that is where he wants to give tax relief etc. and focus his attention. He also said the rich can take care of themselves we don’t talk about that though.

  • Jay Eppinga

    I understand what he means. Engineers like myself don’t design their products to work perfectly 100 percent of the time; they design it to work 99 percent of the time. Chasing the other one-percent drives up costs and drives away other factors that make the product desireable in the first place. Chase after that one-percent, then nothing gets done in the long run. Obama is an idiot because he chases after that one-percent. Still, Romney could have com up with a better way to make his thesis.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    I know what Romney meant;; Obimbo’s NEW MIDDLE CLASS was once the very poor until they were given a free ride CRADLE TO GRAVE. The great society took care of them DID IT NOT?

  • Health Insurance agent

    Newt seemed so sharp in the debates until he started talking about “moon colonies” and continuing to support employer sponsored health insurance. Sounded like a real “space shot” on those 1960 ideas. DUMB! Obama will eat him alive on those topics. I NEED a candidate that understands individual responsibility without sounding like a scatter shot idiot…Newt really disappointed me in the FL debate. Can’t support him now.

  • dr john

    mitt is right–the poor get everything they want and pay no taxes, and the rich have all they want and pay more than their fair share of taxes–therefore the middle class is the part that needs looking after

  • Mike Richins

    One again SPIN JOB! hack Romney. The headline is a total out of context lie. Don’t be stupid and listen to the things on this site again. If they will print this kind or irresponsible journalism this obvious bias, they are in the pocket of those who are the problem not the solution. This is pure propaganda, an attempt to twist and missinform.. DISGUSTING!!! Especially the title.

    • AZ Borderdude

      How come I don’t see any headlines that hack Newt on this site? Is that becsue he is the one annointed by the media to get the GOP nomination? Because the mainstream media thinks he is the best, or because they know he is the one that OBama can beat? In most responsible polls that opinion is not shared by the American public. But when was the media or Obama ever aware of the actual desires of the people?

      • Ed Orr

        You do not see it because they have begun to fear old Newt just as congress did years ago when it came up with their lame and false charges against him.

    • Dennis

      Exactly right! But that doesn’t stop the EXTREMEISTS from spewing that garbarge. Makes me embarassed to be a conservative. Foam-at-the-mouthers on EITHER side of the spectrum do little good to their cause and end up scaring away moderate votes that ANY candidate needs to win an election. *SIGH*

      • Ed Orr

        Me too and it is no wonder we are all sort of scared of the future when we have the specter of b.o. and a possible four more years to destroy us. I do not think America has ever been this paranoid. Even the candidates just seem unable to focus on the real issue which is the defeat of b.o.

  • Health Insurance agent

    Furthermore…Newt is no better than the liberal media he scorns when he jumps on CNN’s bandwagon to spin Romney’s words to sound more sensational than what was really said. Angered me that Newt took such a cheap shot…I think Romney was on target with what was said. Please keep in mind that I would vote for Santorum if I thought he had enough “Hollywood” to win in a general election. Let’s face it, average Americans are going to see a fat old white guy against a smooth talking, cool black guy and it will be Idiocracy instead of the America our prior generations built. Romney is at least Presidential in appearance and although he is not inspiring, he can win.

    • Eds Orr

      Think of it this way, all politicians are liars period. He who has the most money and lies the best usually wins. Remember this and you might feel a little better.

  • LarryG

    Wow. Are you all missing the story? He he wasn’t overly CONCERNRD for those with a safety net, nor the rich who are , well, RICH. He was concerned for the middle class who are struggling, and WITHOUT that welfare state pandering political hack bunch babying us for votes.

    I’m not a Romney supporter, just a middle class American with enough of a BRAIN to understand what he said and meant, haters. JEESH. You all sound like a bunch of liberals making up crap like they do.

    • Riverdweller

      I’m not a Romney supporter either, but I also “get it” as to what he meant within the full context of what he said.
      My candidate of choice has dropped out so i will vote for whoever does get the nomination in order to help defeat obama.
      From some of the comments it appears as though several persons here did not really read the article and are just using the headline to spew some of their vitriol.


    “I’m not concerned about the poor” says Mitt Romney. He might as well have said “If they have no bread, let them eat cake.” However, the last person that said that lost her head on the French guilotine. Just saying

    • Windrinker

      Vet…… Catch a grip or go back to bed!

  • Health Insurance agent

    By fat, old white guy…I meant Newt. Santorum is too dull. Nice guy and probably the best choice on paper for me…

  • Jon Darmes

    Romney may be a rino, I don’t care. If he gets the nomination I’ll vote for him. Absolutely anybody but obama. I don’t give a crap about the poor either. I work for a living, I don’t mooch for a living. I’ve never got on my knees for any living soul, I’ve ate gainesburgers and been glad to get it. Don’t whine to me about the prennially poor.

  • Charles

    If Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination and if obama is still around , obama wins four more years . It is just as simple a s that , Just think Romneycare and that just about says it all .

  • Dale DuBois

    I think when Mitt Romney said ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor’ he ment that the very poor already on Government help. Some of these people in the very poor class have problems with their health and etc. and these are on government money which is the only way they can survive. Then there are the ones who have good health that will never take a job as they have been on the Governments money for years and if they got a job they would loose this Government help. If you are an owner of a business and try to hire one of these people, they won’t show up to work and if they did they are worthless. Then if you look at their parents and grandparents work record its the same with them, they were born into free government money and think that this is the way they need to live and they are raising more just like them. In the meanwhile we people who work and also have a small or large business are supporting these slackers. There is no one answer of what to do with these people other than letting them starve.
    Most of these people have goverment housing, food stamps and other government help. So when Mitt Romney said ‘I’m not concerned about the very poor, he knows that nothing more can be done for these people.

  • Herr Capitan Fick

    Rick Santarum would be my choice! I like his A- grade on illegal immigration! So far I haven’t heard anything bad about him. Glen Beck endorses him! In his speeches, I like what he says!

    • Riverdweller

      You like what he says. Look at his voting record from when he was in the Senate.
      He tended to vote on the liberal side a bit too often.

      • Ed Orr

        You are right there! Santorum has yet to experience the sharp knives of the media but the closer he might come to a frontrunner the more real his record will be exposed. It will be interesting to see how he handles it. Wouldn’t it be great if all the candidates were to announce at some point who their choice for VP and all other important positions would be. I’m sorry I guessed I answered my own question as that idea would say way too much about them.

  • felton williamson

    The Washington DC Cronies’ strategy to win the 2012 election by selecting both the Republican and Democratic candidates is nothing new. Ronald Reagan was the last presidential candidate to advocate Capitalism. Mr. Dole and Mr. McCain have endorsed Mr. Romney for the Republican nomination. Both of these former nominees advocated the Cronyism Economic System and ran two of the most inept presidential campaigns in the history of the Republic. Mr. Romney is certain to repeat Mr. Dole’s and Mr. McCain’s performance. Mr. Soros is assuring his European Cronies that there is no difference between President Obama and Mr. Romney. What more do you need to know?

    • Glenn


    • AZ Borderdude

      You are aware that Soros is one of the backers of the SuperPAC that support OBama. And, that he will say anything that will cause voters to vote for anyone buit the one guy that can defeat his annointed one.

  • Jim

    I will vote for the GOP candidate who ever that may be. I lean toward the former Speaker. There’s a reason the people in Washington don’t want him. When he was Speaker he took no prisoners. He took a hard line with everybody, Republicans and Democrats alike. The Washington elite are afraid if Newt gets in they’ll actually have to do their job. Work with a balanced budget and stop all the needless spending. Work on reducing the deficit which means all their pet projects may not get funded. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA…

    • candi

      jim, i agree with you… newt!! go newt!!!

  • Padremike

    Yep, Mitt missed another one of those golden opportunities to keep his mouth shut. He’s like Obama, all talk and no thinking. How many of us when we hear Obama talking on the TV mute it or change to another station? I’ve already begun to do the same thing to Mitt. There is another issue I keep hearing: “The Mormons will vote in block for Mitt. It says the same thing to me as the Blacks will all vote for Obama simply because he’s black. Not good! Not good at all. Furthermore, I cannot get past the observation that Mitt is the choice of the GOP Political Machine. Folks, I don’t know about you, but “I don’t want no stinking political machine” running my Country.

    • AZ Borderdude

      The authors of the ‘vote in bloc’ comment must have a crystal ball somewhere in their closet. From several sites where there are tons of Mormons they are all over the map on who they support. Much of it is for Ron Paul. But, if that’s what you want to believe I will respect your “Private” opinion. Please don’t foster it as gospel. It holds as muchwater as the same statement about Harry Reid during his re-election in Nevada. My Mormon friends in Nevada told me that most of them didn’t vote for him. But, the majority of non-Mormons did, so he got elected back as king of the Senate.

      • Padremike

        Of course they didn’t vote for Harry Reid – he’s a Socialists and Mormons do have a tendency to be Conservative and very Patriotic. By any stretch of the imagination Harry Reid would not be considered a “good Mormon.” Nevertheless, when given a choice between a perceived Mormon conservative and any other conservative, I suggest they will vote for Mitt.

  • http://comcast Lee Bird -Veteran USMC

    There are many so-called poor people who milk our systems getting assistance anyway they can from Government and State programs. I have seen people using food stamps wearing up to date stylist clothes,expensive jewelry, cell phones,etc; There are others who buy items with food stamps for other people who in turn give them cash. Many a welfare check is cashed at the liquor store with a taxi waiting for transportation. The system is abused and must be completely reviewed correcting the system on issues of who qualifies and a system where there are services required by the individual for payment. EXAMPLE: WORK FORCES SET UP IN LIEU OF PAYMENT FOR FEDERAL AND STATE NEEDS ( NOTHING IS FOR NOTHING !!!!! ) A truly proud AMERICAN should be willing to do some type of labor.

    • Navy Veteran

      Lee. You forgot to mention LOTTERY TICKETS. Yes- lottery tickets. They convert the welfare “entitlement” to cash, as you mentioned. Romney and the others should not be concerned about the “very poor”, because their aren’t any.

  • Arthur

    The two main Narcissists in this race, Obama and Romney are almost clones of each otther and with the age of Mr. Paul he would be 78 when he takes office and this is the most stressful job in the world, would maybe last a year at most. Look how much Obama has aged in three years, and it will affect him on the campaign trail plus I don’t think Michelle wants another term of being so much in the spotlight especially with not one, but now two teen aged girls, and wanting a life for herself and them might just leave the obozzo.
    Our best bet for a person who believes in the Constitution and would follow it and the Rule of Law, we stand a chance of again being the country we once were ! His accomplishments as Speaker and in the House prior and the decisions he made to help balance our budget are huge factors in his resume’ of accomplishments. he was much younger when he made some mistakes and thought he was bullet proof and learning this way is really a lesson well leraned if you look at his life then and now ! I made mistakes in my younger days and then had an awakening let’s call it, and changed the way I did things, some helping me to become successful in business and helping those less fortunate; and by that I mean the homeless and the ones Mitt Romney says he won’t help, that is not what a Christian does. Could quote the Bible here but won’t as I want to keep religion separate, and concentrate on helping all of the people in the income brackets under half a million annually who are the backbone of this country ! The small businessman which I was one of, the entrepreneur who puts it all on the line and those who are hired and work the devil out of themselves to rise above where they were ! The old way of doing things and helping this country through pride, and a love for our way of life, no matter their ethnic back round as long as they are legally in this country and contribute to its general greatness as a group, the middle class which has raised the U.S. A. up to what it was before and not as it is now ! Get rid of Obama and Please, Please do not elect Romney as they are our worst two choices and would love to see Herman Cain as V.P.; wow what a statesman that man is and could be in this world !

    • Windrinker

      Good grief…get off that Cain Train! It should be embarrassing.

      Statesman he is not! This man sounds like he is nearly illiterate…a product of government programs.

      • Riverdweller


    • Ed Orr

      You will see that all those who detest the truth as it mirrors their own inadequacies and mistakes are those who will disagree you the most. I could find nothing wrong in your statement and support it. B.o did allude to the fact that his family would not care if he didn’t run again. However, his ego and narcissism puts him in a battle with himself. He said what he said early last year but was most probably pandering to his wife who for some strange reason takes a separate pane on their “vacations”.

  • Larry

    People…..step back and listen to what you are saying,,,,,,,,you are repeating the sentimentalization of biased media. Listen to what he said…….logic and prioritize……..wealthy right now they are ok so lower then on the list. The extremely poor right now have some programs (food stamps, section ” 8″ housing, WIC, job training, medical, charities helping) right now they at least have so help, so can be moved lower on the immediate needs list……….who needs the help……me, middle class who can’t pay anymore in taxes to help everyone else (including foreign countries that dislike us until our money leaves and they are screaming for help. Step back we have to get the destructive organization that is wanting to take it from you too.
    We need the help. We are losing by a little here (constant small sneaky increase in food, secret add on tax by public utilities, airlines etc) and there costs.
    Please step back and read carefully. The media is going to twist the works to suck you in. For now worry about us…….he said it that way, but WE jumped over it into the laps of those who want the destructive machine that is pulling the rug out from under us

    • Bruce D.

      I agree with you Larry. Some on the right seem to be just as eager to be lap dogs for the media as those on the left.

      • Glenn

        No its not that we are the lap dogs were just fed up with the hand picked elites being shoved down our political system by the very pople that are looking to destroy our country. After all look how well we have done these past 30 + years !

        • Bruce D.

          When you use deceit you become what you hate Glen.

    • Windrinker

      Larry, everyone here sounds like friggin liberals supporting MSM. If someone were just logging on, they would think this was another “Huffpost.”

  • Bruce D.

    Only a very deceitful man or a very stupid man would find something wrong with what Romney said. He was very clear and you have to want to slander Romney to find something wrong in that statement.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    Romney is a white obummer.

  • John

    Jim has it exactly right! Newt has been a troublemaker in the past – that is exactly why I like him! We don’t need someone like Romney, who will do the normal blue-blood Republican form of political “patty-cake” country club style of governing once he gets to Washington DC. Listen to me, folks, Romney is a skilled businessman who knows the art of compromise. Compromise has been his mantra all through his political and business careers. If he is the president, he will not change Washington DC, he will do what he has always done. He will compromise. Washington will change him, not the other way around. I do believe, as the field now stands, the best agent for radical change in Washington is Newt. The fact that most of the current ensconced politicos are concerned about a Gingrich presidency tells me he is exactly the kind of person we need. I don’t care about Newt’s past. He says he has received forgiveness for his past failures, so I am going to leave it alone. That is between him, his family, and his God. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” I am going to vote for a president, not a Sunday School teacher. Dennis Miller nailed it over two years ago when he said the best Republican ticket this time around would be “Newt and the Beaut” — Gingrich and Palin!!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    white unemployed Americans are the new VERY POOR ;; FOOLS. We have no safety net; he is referring to the USE TO BE VERY POOR;; not the real NEW very poor.

  • Stephen

    The Obama machine took one look at Romney and asked, how do we run against this guy? Gee, let’s see, he’s very rich. We need a movement which damages the very rich. Maybe we should march against Wall Street and banker greed. Maybe we should occupy Wall Street and call ourselves the 99 percenters against the 1 percent of rich greedy Americans. Let’s see, we have union people and college students and other people who just don’t want to work. Maybe we can mobilize them utilizing our union contacts. Gee, you know, this class-warfare thing might actually work to our advantage. You union guys run with it in case theirs a need to blame someone later. This is great! (and about all we have to work with since my economic record sucks, my foreign affairs record sucks, my domestic energy sucks, etc., etc, etc.)

  • skreemin eegle

    Newt looks like an angry troll and he rubs too many the wrong way like Sarah Palin does… Mitt Romney isn’t perfect, but I think he has a much better plan than Odumbo does, which is spending and defrauding us into a hole…no vote is a vote for Obummer…we need to all unite and focus to get the poison out of power that’s destroying this country of ours!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    Rush Limbaugh is the wizard of smart when it comes to out thinking a LIBERAL, he did say [4] weeks ago the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT was created to bastardize Romney’s wealth and connections to Bain Capital. + Rush is always way out in front of the LIBTARDS.

  • everett

    Glad i’m not running and i’m glad you posters are not running….every burp that comes out of our mouths is scrutinized for something we shouldn’t have phrased the way we did…heaven help we humans

  • TrueAmerican

    Think we all know that the MEDIA wants their “Golden Boy” (oops! Obama is not “Golden”) to win!!!!! Therefore, no matter who the GOP candidate is, they will destroy them. WE true Americans need to wake up and read between the lines. What this article is saying is that there are plans in place to take care of both the really poor and the really rich. Mitt Romney is very concerned that “Middle America” is disappearing and that he wants to stand up for the majority of us. Until WE learn to read between Media’s lines, we will just have Obama as our “Idiot President” who will totally destroy the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whoopingcough

    When it’s all over, it will be Bushes fault. The media took his statement concerning the very poor totally out of context. He said they have a “safety net” and if it needs fixing he will do that. End of statements. he media want to give him a shot and say, “He doesn’t care about the poor”. Total bull—-.

  • Doug Schexnayder

    This is another media blooper…bogus…its out of context…despite me being for Newt.
    The flipper made sense…”we have s safety net for the very poor”…which is why he is not concerned about them…after trillions spent on them its see to say the net is working…if not, let’s cut all those freebies in half so they are not so comfortable they stay on the dole for generations.
    I cannot understand those not understanding english…of course, I only have 3 college degrees…maybe its being retired…lol.

  • jimeee

    Looks like a lot of folks see, or are beginning to see the true face of Romney the Rummy. Let us pray that conservatives are in end more numerous than the middle of the road, milk-toast moderates that call themselves Republicans. Rational thought leaves only one of the current candidates capable of winning in November, Neither Santorum or Paul will ever get enough support, that leaves Gingrich.
    The Democrats want Romney !!!! Why on earth would the American People, Conservative voters, Folks of conscience, decent folks give them what they want? Please ask WHY? Haven’t we give these fools enough? Yesterday is gone, put the past behind and look for a brighter tomorrow that does hot include the current President or some moderate hand picked puppet of the establishment and the GOP! The Republic and Liberty need your VOTE!

  • Mike Horner

    Romney is right. the very poor are well taken care of in this Country. Food stamps, Headstart, free meals at school, free housing, free utilities, free medical care, and on and on. The forgotten people are the working poor who get almost no help and would mostly like for the government to get out of their way.

    • Brain Dr.

      There certainly is another element to this statement which should be considered. Barrack Hussein Obama says we need to have a conversation about race in America..Fair enough, But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation…Whit America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to..This time the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And amount them are these;
      FIRST, America has been the best country on earth for black people . It was here that 600,000 black folks, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.
      SECOND. no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold TRILLIONS have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section eight housing,Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, earned income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. GOVERNMENTS, BUSINESSES AND COLLEGES HAVE ENGAGED IN DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE—
      with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas… to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks. WE HEAR THE GRIEVANCES. WHERE IS THE GRATITUDE? Obama talks about “ladders of opportunity” for blacks. Let him go to Altoona and Jamestown, ask the white kids in catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for “deserving” white kids…? Is white America really responsible for the fact that crime and incarnation rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 % and black dropout rate from high school in some cities has reached 50%? Is it the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself? As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence.
      Is Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3% of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45% of the time? Is he aware that black on white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black on white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse? We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing. So, sorry Mr. President but we have heard it all before, about 4o years and 40trillion tax dollars ago.

      • Windrinker

        Brain, my hat is off to you!

        Good post!

  • Ralph

    So,of course Mr $250 Million Dollar Bain Capital Vulture Arrogant Greedy Magic Underwear Cult Bishop RINO Willard Mittens Romney,can say, I’m not concerned about the very poor,”
    since it was Bain Vulture Capitalist RINO Romney the “Business Man” that helped make them
    very poor,by sending their jobs overseas and destroying the small companies they used to work for as well. So what Vulture Capitalist Romney was really telling CNN Anchor Soledad Obrien was ” Let them eat cake” so anyone still foolish enough to trust Romney and dumb enough to vote for him after that one still here? This Retired Senior Citizen Independent Voter
    “Safety Net” sure isn’t letting me go eat $100.00 a pound Imported Kobe Beef an Lobsters like
    both Barack Hussein Obama and RINO Mitt Romney the Obama Clone do,and I sure do not
    live in a 12,000 sq ft mansion and own several other mansions like RINO Romney does and I
    do not have $250 million dollars to hide in offshore secret bank accounts like Mitt Romney.

    • Patrick Henry

      Hey Ralph, take a breath, sounds like you bought into the class-warfare BS. So what what Romney or anyone else earns, in America you can make as much as you want. Lots of wealthy people started off poor but in this country you don’t have to stay that way. Romney had payed 35% income taxes on the money “before” he invested it, then payed 15% more on the capital gains. He also created over 100,000 jobs and gave many Millions to charity. By the way, George Washington and many founders of this country were wealthy, as is most of Congress…………..Romney made his money in the private sector, not Washington DC insider Federal Government deals……….

    • Dark_Archer

      no……… but I wish I did , and so dont you , if the govt creates loopholes for the rich whose fault it it the rich use them ? dont think for one minute w buffet does not ,they all do, you and I would too, if we had the money too …….is mitt a rino ? I suppose he is in some instances he a communist,marxist,socialist,muslim, un AMERICAN usurper like obama is …HELL NO………..ANY ONE BUT OBAMA if we win the senate with tea party members and keep the house a rino republican in the oval office might be able to be kept in check , if we allow the communist democrat party to hold our govt hostage we will all be longing for a RINO to come along and save us

    • AZ Borderdude

      Swiss bank accounts are secret (mandated by Swiss law) even for the non millionaires. Money in a Swiss Bank is safe at any amount, unlike anything over the $100,000 or so amount in a US bank, when there is a financial meltdown looming ahead. Sounds like personal fiscal responsibility to me. During WW2 many foreign governments put their reserves in Swiss accounts because they were safe. The Mafia (an Italian criminal organization) brought much of the idea of hiding criminal proceeds there when they migrated to the USA in the early 1900’s and set up shop here.

    • Windrinker

      Ralphie, in America a college student that ws living in a dorm room, having a hard time finding “dates,” now owns a company that is worth $100 Billion! He is 28 and his income this year will be $28 Billion!!! Where else could this happen…no where but in a country where men are free to compete in capitalism!

      If you were smart enough, you too could have made a few “bucks!”

      Quit complaining..

    • Windrinker

      Ralphie, when you use the phrase “vulture capitalism” that makes you a libturd!

      When a college kid, living in a dorm room, goes from unpopular nerd to owning a company worth $100 Billion, in a handful of years….means that “capitalism” is alive and well in this country and it is “good!” This guy is 28 years old and will make an estimated $28 Billion this year..

      If you were smart you too could have made a few “bucks” and you wouldn’t be wasting your time blogging about how much you hate people that did something with their lives.

      Get real, the world is not fair and people were not born equal. Some are smart, some are clever, and some are just jerks. Quit complaining!

      • Windrinker

        Sorry, I didn’t realize that both of these were posted!

  • http://Firefox phil

    The government already feeds and houses the very poor. They get free medical care too. There isn’t much else you can do for them, except pray. The American people are beginning to tire of the liberal press and Obama’s dividing us into groups. Right now, Dopey from Snow White would be a better choice than Obama, “the idiot”.

  • TXinSC

    What everyone needs to realize it that NEITHER party cares about this country. Oh there are a few individuals in Congress that are trying to change things, but all comes down to is money and power. Until we can get term limits imposed on our members of Congress and get the special interest money out of the picture, that is what it will always be about. Newt is an idiot, and Mitt is a moderate. I told someone recently that I will go to the polls kicking and screaming if I have to vote for Mitt, and gagging if I have to vote for Romney. I voted for Ron Paul in the primary because it is going to take someone like him to start real change. People talk about his stance on foreign policy or his stance on the drug war (for lack of a better term). If you go in and look at his positions, he is all for states’ rights. He says leave it up to the states it legalize what they will. Let the people in the states decide if they want abortion to be legal, or drugs or prostitution or gay marriage, or prayer in school. The Federal Government has butted into areas they have no business being involved with. As for his foreign policy, he voted for the war in Afghanistan. He does believe that, per the Constitution, Congress declares war. Look at what current and past foreign policy has gotten us anyway. If we declare war on a country we should be in it to when in the quickest amount of time with minimal loss to our troops. That hasn’t happened and won’t happen because of “political correctness”. Ron Paul wound do the job and when the war. After all sanctions have worked SOOOO well.

    • TXinSC

      That is gagging if I have to vote for Newt.

      • TXinSC

        Win not when. Typing too fast.

    • Susie4Liberty

      My conscience demands that I cast my vote for the only Candidate who has pledged to Reclaim America. Corporate Anything is scared of him because he’s Not for Sale! BUT he does ‘belong to a Lobby’…that of We the People…which is what Our Constitution dictated. (Ron Paul 2012)

      I believe that without reversing course – forthwith – we will all have been witness to the Fall of the Republic.

    • Susie4Liberty

      Good post, TXinSC… There are legions of Americans who agree with you, regardless of what Corporate Media/GOP maintain.

  • Dark_Archer

    Who Else Will Challenge Obama’s Eligibility, If Not Us?
    A grassroots effort is happening this week to blast fax each state’s Secretary of State with thousands of requests to take Barack Obama’s name off of their state’s presidential election ballot because he is not Constitutionally eligible to serve as our president.

    Coming on the heels of the explosive eligibility hearing in the courtroom of Judge Michael Malihi

    we have to take up our own cause to see that only eligible candidates get on our 2012 election ballots because clearly, A code of silence and cowardliness has been preventing our Congress our senators our .state legislators or our Supreme Court from looking into this matter.

    Long ago we realized we could no longer depend on our country’s media to provide us with the information we need in this matter.

    With a decision expected this week from Judge Maliki, inside information is hinting on a default judgment due to the fact that both Barack Obama and his attorney Michael Jablonski simply ignored a direct court order to appear and testify in front of citizen plaintiffs.never befor have we witnessed a sitting president ignore a court order but this president thinks he is above our laws

    The primary obstacle to Obama’s eligibility is the “natural born citizen” requirement in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 which states both parents must be born in our country. This removes all of the drama surrounding the authenticity questions of Obama’s birth certificate, because he has stated in his own words that his father was born in Kenya, a protectorate of Great Britain at the time of his birth.

    Another troubling sidebar is surfacing as evidence which was reportedly admitted in the Georgia hearing concerned the TWO DIFFERING Democrat National Committee Certificates of Candidate Eligibility (CCE) statements which were signed and sent up to the Congress by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

    If Pelosi’s CCE saying, “certified to be eligible per the constitutional requirements” was only sent up to the state of Hawaii and not to all of our other 49 states, then this is just another legal nail in the coffin of Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy eligibility!

    There is so much misinformation circulating about what a Natural Born Citizen is and what our Constitution says. Many wonder why this is even important at this point. It is important because everything is connected. If we fail to follow the Constitution in one circumstance, how can we defend upholding the Constitution in another? This is not a partisan issue, this is not a gender issue, this is not a race issue. This is a rule of law issue. Either we have rule of law in the United States or we don’t.

    in closing we hold all the cowards …like yourself who stood and took an oath to uphold and defend our constitution as nothing more than hot air your words were not worth the air your breathed to swear your oath.

    The end draws near for obamas fraudulent presidency …no thanks to you and the other cowards who refused to do your duty

  • Lou

    What’s the big deal the welfare leeches were never going to vote for him anyways

  • bevad

    Newt wants to get back around all his old cronies and political hacks. They are the ones that would fill the positions in his administration. I have faith that Romney, having not been part of the Washington merry-go-round, will surround himself with new, intelligent, honest people that will bring fresh NEW ideas to help this country. As a very successful business man he is the most qualified to help our number one problem “It’s the economy stupid”! To say that Romney is a copy of Obama is just ignorance. Obama is a far left liberal socialist. Romney is a moderate and loves this country and strongly believes in capitalism. He is not as conservative on some subjects as I would like but he is a damn site better that the current occupant. If you like Newt, then build up Newt for whatever reason, but do not tear Romney down by comparing him to Obama, that is just foolish. And while I am at it, a lot of you need to stop calling him a flip flopper. Which one of you has not changed your mind on something as you became more informed about a topic? All of the flips I have read about Romney have been more toward a conservative line of thinking, not liberal. Now you will bring up the health care issue of Obama care/Romney care. Mitt has said a thousand times he will lead the fight to repeal Obama care. He will be the nominee and he will beat Obama because the vast majority of middleclass Americans are tired of and no longer trust Obama. He will win because there are enough people that truly believe as all of us on this site do … ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!

    • Windrinker

      Newtie wants to “get in on” the multi-million dollars worth of theft that is going on in Washington!

      Washington elites are stealing (their full-time job these days) all the wealth in this country! Not one of them will snitch on anyone else, because they all are guilty!!

  • Patrick Henry

    Romney was just stating the facts, with all the programs for the poor that ALL of us pay with our taxes, they are taken care of, and the weathlty can take care of themselves, it is the 90% middle class that works hard and can barely make it, but earning too much for any government programs. Romney clearly understands that, whereas Oblamer wants more of our money, more spending, more programs…………..trouble is, we are all tapped out and our country in deep debt, so now he wants to tax the wealthy even more………..Wonder why the economy sucks and America is going bankrupt? The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money!

    • bevad

      Very welll stated Patrick Henry

    • Windrinker

      And, Patrick, taxes are going up 30% to pay for taking care of the poor, so well!

  • Brain Dr.

    Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has frequently brought up President Obama’s fondness for the politics and methods of activist Saul Alinsky.
    However, there is evidence presumptive Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney may have been influenced by the late 20th century , Chicago-based radical.
    Political commentator Dan Riehl wrote on that the “toxic-to-conservatives Alinsky effect has its roots in the former massachusetts governor’s father, George Romney.
    “The progressive Alinsky is infamous and actually toxic on the right,” Riehl wrote.”George Romney’s endorsement of him, coupled with his acknowledged strong influence on son Mitt, will do little to assure suspicious conservatives about Mott Romney’s record as a progressive ,
    including his introduction of Romneycare in Massachusetts.”

    • bevad

      OK Brain Dr. you have proved you are clever at cutting and pasting verbatim an article from another web site.

      • Ed Orr

        So tell me and in your most articulate methodology just what is wrong with this? Why are you not railing against so many others who do much more of it? It is , let me make this simple so that even you can understand… a way to let more people know what is being said elsewhere(in other places)….education. Now then please impress yourself with something of a little more substance than your obvious jealousy.

  • EmElWilsMum

    Romney is exactly right not to be concerned about the very poor and the very rich. Why is this earth-shaking news? Government programs abound for those that are below poverty level. People do not HAVE to live on the streets anymore. Homeless are generally (something like 85%) mentally ill and cannot manage normal living situations. Other than that anomally of the very poor, our government helps house, feed and even clothe the very poor. I’m not for Romney necessarily, but I’m pleased to hear a candidate finally speak the truth. 95% of our nation is paying for the rest of the nation to be “ok”. It’s time someone stood up and shed light on the terrible fact that the middle class in our country is being squeezed beyond the limit financially. It’s time to actually hear this truth stated clearly, emphatically.

  • Janice H

    People who listen to the mainstream media are lazy. They want someone else to do their research and tell them who someone is and who to vote for. Get off your lazy butts and do your own research. I believe that there is nothing in Romney’s past that would make anyone not consider him the best candidate. Yes, he is a millionaire…and since when is it a sin to work hard and make it on your own. Wake up people, mainstream media is trying to stuff Gingrich down our throats while we have two candidates who are good moral men. Romney and Santorum.

    • bevad

      Amen Janice. That is telling it like it is. You go girl!

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    He just can’t help stepping in it. Neither can the Newtster.

    • Dark_Archer

      that’s understandable …Washington is a shit hole, if you have feet your going to step in it

  • Dark_Archer

    I say ,if you love America we give who ever the republican nominee for president is a chance to do what they say they will do , we can always vote him out and make him a one term president like we are going to do to the communist,marxist,socialist radical muslim terrorist usurper obama

    • Ed Orr

      I doubt that not many of b.o’s voting block even know what a communist,marxist, socialist or even radical muslim actually is nor even care as long as b.o. keeps their bellies full and thence they remain fat and happy. Remember that those with full bellies are happy whereas those who are hungry tend to be angry.

  • luangtom

    Maybe if this nation was not one of “sheeple” we would have no need to discuss what Romney said or did not say. If one reads the full text of what he said, it is the truth. We do have safety-nets for the very poor. We have food-stamps, we have subsidized housing, we have medical-assistance at state-levels, etc. Have you ever stood in a line behind someone with all of the government vouchers?

    The middle-class is under attack. Fewer and fewer qualify for any sort of break by the government in health-care, education or day-to-day living. Ask a college-student if they get the government grants that the poor do. No, Romney was correct in the full-text of his speech.
    It is just that the MSM does NOT report news, they create it by paraphrasing and misquoting.

  • J Cole

    Of course the dems want Romney, he is the white version of Obama.
    Rich people rarely do care about the very poor. That is disgusting to say the
    very least. They should be ashamed of themselves and they still get richer.

    • bevad

      OMG, my friend, it is time to change your meds! Romney is NOT a white version of Obama. What a ridiculous thing to say. Are you reading these other posts or are you just shooting from the hip or are you merely parroting what you have heard some of your buddies say. Think my friend! Use common sense and reason!

    • Ed Orr


    • Windrinker

      Cole, you are full of “sour grapes!” It is your own fault that you are not rich…
      You should have gotten off the sofa and done something with your own life.

      If you don’t like the so-called rich, quit taking their money. They pay 80% of the taxes.

  • righthook

    I get what Mitt was saying here. He was trying to make the point that middle class are the ones being hit the hardest here. He knows that Obama is helping the poor on the backs of the middle class, and I would agree.

    However, his comment about the poor’s safety net, and about how he would repair it, is disturbing. We need to get the poor OFF of this safety net, and get them to work. That was not a conservative principles type of comment. Of course, the Dems will twist it a totally different way, and just say this rich, disconnected white guy doesn’t care about poor people. Typical liberal spin. No surprises here.

  • Texas001

    I am not surprised that he said this. He is not worried about the poor (don’t want to get his hands dirty I guess) and he is not worried about the rich. But the way this country is going we will soon all be poor if we are not filthy rich now. There will not be a middle class with either nobama or romney since they are just alike!

  • michael

    now BO cares only for the poor. He what’s equal in this country. get rid of the rich and all is equal (poor). keep taxing the rich until they give up.

  • Mad

    vote Newt

  • Jorge

    I am “Not” a Romney supporter, but this is totally out of context. He was making the point on the middle class workers who I am. The headlines which you choose to run isn’t fair to Willard, (not the Rat). We as voters need fair unbiased pro/con information, not headlines that drive you one way or another.

    So, when I see that, I can only turn off that station, remove my e-mail from the site. So that what I choose to do here. A teacher or news person is to report teach both side and let the viewer/read come to a “FAIR and Balanced” decision.

  • bevad

    I have observed that many bloggers often quote scripture on this site. Have you not read where Jesus is reported to have declared “you will always have the poor”? All the comments about the poor getting too many subsidies are spot on. Welfare is out of control in this country. Let’s stop giving people fish and start teaching them how to fish.

  • Steven Wilson

    I was taken back at Romney comment but the I read a response that is correct, they eat, have shelter, heat for nothing. Granted I believe if you are unfortunate to have lost your job as an American we should help you get on your feet. KEY WORD HELP, not support you for years and years. Educate, learn trade skills, try something, it might not be the life of the rich and famous but at least it will something to be proud of. I hope Romney doesnt cave in to the political wheel in DC. Man I sure miss President Reagan.

  • Petechris

    It’s amazing how everyone can take what is said out of context. Did he not say something that there is a SAFETY NET for the poor so he doesn’t have to be concerned for them. The immediate concern should be for the people in the middle. Why is it that anyone even pays attention to ABC, NBC and CBS. Forgot CNN, must be because I never pay attention to them. This country is being brought down to 3rd world status and people in their state of apathy are allowing it to happen. Does your Senators or congressman know you by your first name? If not get off your lazyboy and get busy. This country needs you.

    • AZ Borderdude

      Why should the Senator from California know the first name of every person living in the state? That is who they represent. That thought is absured. In my new congressional district there are 710,500+ of us, to expect that of our Congressional Representative is unconcionable, if not impossible. Now if I saw them every week in church that would be different. But, just becasue I live in the district (which covers an area about the size of Massachusetts) is insane. But, for me to communicate my views to them, that is my responsibility. And, to rail about a vote I don’t like is my peragotive. If I don’t communicate to them is my shame. Limber up your fingers and let them know every time you can what you think. If enough of us do that the will find out which polls to believe. The one that should count is their mailbox.

  • HTCM USN James Graham


    Here are six reasons why you should think
    before you speak -the last one is great!
    Have you ever spoken and wished that
    you could immediately take the words back…
    Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did….

    I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three
    kids in tow and asked loudly,
    ‘How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?’
    I turned around and walked back out and never went back
    My husband didn’t say a word…he knew better.

    I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls.
    I was unhappy with the women’s type I had been using.
    After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by
    one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store.
    He asked if he could help me.
    Without thinking, I looked at him and said,
    ‘I think I like playing with men’s balls’

    My sister and I were at the mall and
    passed by a store that sold a variety of candy and nuts.
    As we were looking at the display case, the boy behind
    the counter asked if we needed any help. I replied, ‘
    No, I’m just looking at your nuts.’
    My sister started to laugh hysterically.
    The boy grinned, and I turned beet-red and walked away.
    To this day, my sister has never let me forget.

    While in line at the bank one afternoon,
    my toddler decided to release
    some pent-up energy and ran amok.
    I was finally able to grab hold of
    her after receiving looks of disgust
    and annoyance from other patrons.
    I told her that if she did not start behaving
    ‘right now’ she would be punished.
    To my horror, she looked me in the eye and said
    in a voice just as t hreatening,
    ‘If you don’t let me go right now,
    I will tell Grandma that I saw you
    kissing Daddy’s pee-pee last night!’
    The silence was deafening after this enlightening
    exchange. Even the tellers stopped what they were doing.
    I mustered up the last of my dignity and walked
    out of the bank with my daughter in tow.
    The last thing I heard when the door closed behind me, were screams of laughter.

    Have you ever asked your child a question too many times?
    My three-year-old son had a lot of problems with potty training
    and I was on him constantly. One day we stopped at Taco Bell
    for a quick lunch, in between errands It was very busy,
    with a full dining room. While enjoying my taco,
    I smelled something funny, so of course I checked
    my seven-month-old daughter, she was clean.
    The realized that Danny had not asked to go potty
    in a while. I asked him if he needed to go,
    and he said ‘No’ .. I kept thinking
    ‘Oh Lord, that child has had an accident, and
    I don’t have any clothes with me.’ Then I said,
    ‘Danny, are you SURE you didn’t have an accident?’
    ‘No,’ he replied.
    I just KNEW that he must have had an accident,
    because the smell was getting worse.
    Soooooo, I asked one more time, ‘Danny did you have an accident ?
    This time he jumped up, yanked down his pants,
    bent over, spread his cheeks
    and yelled
    While 30 people nearly choked to death on their tacos laughing,
    he calmly pulled up his pants and sat down.

    An old couple made me feel better, thanking me for the
    best laugh they’d ever had!

    This had most of the state of Michigan laughing for 2 days
    and a very embarrassed female news anchor who will,
    in the future, likely think before she speaks. What happens
    when you predict snow but do n’t get any! We had a
    female news anchor that, the day after it was supposed
    to have snowed and didn’t, turned to the weatherman
    and asked:
    ‘So Bob, where’s that 8 inches you
    promised me last night?’

    Not only did HE have to leave the set, but half the crew
    did too they were laughing so hard!

    Now, didn’t that feel good?
    Pass it on to someone you know who needs a laugh
    and remember
    we all say things we don’t really mean,
    so think before you speak!!!

    “Good friends are like stars..You don’t always see them,
    but you know they are always there.”

    • Riverdweller

      Thank you. I really needed a good laugh. ;)

  • bevad

    It is bad enough that the MSM are distorting this out of context. I can only imagine how distorted it will be when the Gingrich campaign gets done with it and twists it and spins it in another desperate attempt to get Newt votes.

  • america needs to make a stand

    the poor fight to survive too its time to quit pushing the poor to the bottom and present jobs to them to,put america back to work

  • tweety

    I can just see this quote plastered over Obama campaign posters. What was Romney thinking??

  • Dunny

    When I was raising my children I had Mormon neighbors, and they were the kindest people. Now between Glenn Beck’s name calling and Romney, I am losing respect for the Mormon Church………is this the type of “Christianity” they teach ???? I thought part of their tenant was “self control” and “humility”…………I sure don’t see that in Romney. What I do see is that he treats his wife like a 2nd class citizen!

    • ONTIME

      What did you see Romney do to make you think he treated his wife badly?

    • mesaman

      You would be most fortunate to be treated as well as Mitt’s wife is treated. Shame on you for being so judgmental.

    • Windrinker

      Dummy, Go back to sleep!


    Charity was much more personal when the government was not involved, now it’s entitlement and you have to follow the rules set by the government, the theft rate for aid is not oversighted and more money is wasted that could actually be making some lives a bit more liveable…

  • Alexandra Mark

    Are you ready for a bit of New Age take on the election? As a researcher and author of a bonafide statistical study on one aspect of astrology – concerning relationships – I can state confidently that the next election will produce a candidate who will be responsible and responsive to the people. In essence, and due to a 184 year Neptune cycle ending with a new one beginning, it will not be business as usual. Obama’s philosophy does not fit with the new cycle. It’s a bit confusing, I know, but time will tell, and I myself am willing to learn rather than impose a theory on anyone.

  • mimireco

    From the beginning Mitt Rom,ey struck me as just another Barrack Obama with his arrogant attitude. We don’t need a rich guy like him who does not even identify with the average American. He doesn’t really care. He’s all about his money. I would not be surprised if he won that he suddenly became chummy with Barrack Obama. Please don’t vote for Romney. Santoum is a good candidate by the Media is adamant about destroying his chances. Gingrich is the one left to vote for. But the Media will probably destroy his chances also. I think the Media should be banned from reporting unless they can report the truth. The truth is Gimgrich actually beat Romney in Florida in many Florida counties by nearly 20 points.

  • mimireco

    From the beginning Mitt Rom,ey struck me as just another Barrack Obama with his arrogant attitude. We don’t need a rich guy like him who does not even identify with the average American. He doesn’t really care. He’s all about his money. I would not be surprised if he won that he suddenly became chummy with Barrack Obama. Please don’t vote for Romney. Santoum is a good candidate by the Media is adamant about destroying his chances. Gingrich is the one left to vote for. But the Media will probably destroy his chances also. I think the Media should be banned from reporting unless they can report the truth. The truth is Gimgrich actually beat Romney in Florida in many Florida counties by nearly 20 points.

  • The Gizmo51

    Well, now we know for sure that the rich have it made and the poor have it made. Now if we could just fix that stupid lazy and complaining middle class then Americans would have it made. No reason to change anything about the rich and poor but that middle class sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe if we could just cut more middle class jobs by either outsourcing or just plain firing them we could get more into the poor class where they will be taken care of. Sounds like we have enough rich people, no need to add anymore as that group is doing just fine, thank you. Of course we could “tweak” things a bit to help the rich like lowering their taxes so they could then be free to hire more of the middle class if they really want to. Next question? By the way, aren’t the republinos just great as they have all the answers to solve all our problems? Thank the gods for free speech and free trade and all the rest.
    I always suspected as much but now I know for sure that the poor have it made. Think about it, the poor don’t have to pay income taxes and don’t have to worry about capital gains taxes or whether their dividends quality for any tax exclusions because they don’t get any. They get free food, free clothes, free shelter, free education (huh? like they want or need that) along with free medical care. And to top it all off they get free money, ever see an empty tin cup?, not for long. I’ve been known to toss in a nickel or two from time to time. Now go away!

  • mimireco

    Romney’s money bought the Media for Florida





  • Dick C

    My answer to the MSM . . .
    I have Dish TV with two Favorites Lists that allow me to pick which channels to include on my TV Guide. Guess what my Number 1 list DOES NOT include any of the MSM channels. I strongly believe that when we tune into their channels we feed them and allow them to continue.
    SO BOYCOTT THEM . . . and in tome they will change but not until we make them !

  • GB

    What i am worried about is the females of this country. You could run a child molester for president if he was nice looking. That is how Obama got a lot of votes. They need to realize that looks are only skin deep and start researching the candidates.

    • Riverdweller

      Chauvinist. What makes you think women vote for looks? As many men were taken in by obama’s promises as women. And, I have personally heard several black people (both sexes) say they voted for him because he “is black”. They don’t even realize that his black genealogy does not include any American black ancestors.

  • Jerry99

    Romney is electable, Gingrich is not. Santorum is a minor politician that lost his last race by double digits. The Republicans better wise up and get behind Romney or we will have 4 more years of Obama.

  • Ron H.

    Mitt BOY romney is a skunk!!!!! He onle cares about HIM being the president since him or his father never made it!!!

  • ink well

    There is no perfect candidate (since Col. Allen West isn’t running) … however, WHOever wins the Republican primary we must all rally behind! Stop the pettiness within the party or we will end up with 4 more years of Obama!
    And for those who say they are not going to vote if it’s Romney… please think about it. Without EVERY Republican vote we jeopardize our country. EVERY and ANY Republican candidate is better than Obama!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    “To Be Too Big To Fail” means “Too Big To Exist!” The breaks (regulations) on your car allow one to proceed at highway conducive speeds. (think and exercise due diligence and caution)

    BO has installed the same IDIOTS (Criminals) who ran Wall St. onto the rocks to SAVE Wall Street! Trust me, THEY were saved in SPADES! One must learn that “To Be Too Big To Fail” means “Too Big To Exist!” The anti-trust laws must be re-installed and enforced! How would YOU like to manage a company that could take unlimited risk BECAUSE Mr. & Mrs. Six-Pack would pay for any mistakes?! That’s the PONZI of PONZIES!
    NAFTA was “Fast-tracked” by GOP and DNC folk without any safety for American workers. Just how can the American Farmer or Factory Worker compete with a totally unregulated Mexico and Latin America? Just can’t be done. What standards are used to wash produce or to manufacture food sold in America? How can China sell Apple Juice in America and make a profit? Slave labor? Mixed with water that can also be used to develop film? “THEY” murdered our dogs and cats and now “WE” let them feed us? The front lines in America is manned by NEW PATRIOTS camped out on Wall Street! While the NewsCreators tout a off the wall “we want free education” to marginalize and derail the true mission statement which should have been installed after the financial criminality was shown the light of day!
    The NewsCreators present the OWS as a mix of communists and hippies, naive and idealistic students, among others, excluding that there is reason to protest! The OWS moment has not been well represented and organized. Just as Obama’s 3 Blind mice are unable to express what is to be done, short of Glass-Stegall. Seldom mentioned and has not been restored. Why?

    It has been three years since Lehman Bros and the market meltdown. That was a wake-up call. In the 3 years since that market crash, we have had no real reform.

    There continues to be:
    1) No market transparency for derivative securities. No exchange has yet been created where derivative securities are traded much like stocks, bonds, currencies and futures. Rather, derivatives continue to be treated like a ‘back room’ bet. 

    2) No capital requirements for such risk exposure to derivatives.
    All this off balance sheet BS must end!

    3) No ‘market to market’ pricing.
    Claiming value in assets that does not in fact exist is fraud!

    4) Naked shorting continues. It is wrong to be able to short a company into oblivion.

    5) Glass-Stegall has not been restored. Why?

    6) Our biggest banks are even BIGGER now! 

    Despite Frank Dodd or Sarbanes Oxley, we have $1.2 Billion missing from MF Global’s client accounts!!!  That is outrageous. How could this happen? And NO ONE has been arrested!!!! 

    We didn’t fix what was broken after Enron. Off-balance sheet anything should have never been allowed to continue anywhere in public company reporting post-Enron. Glass-Stegall has not been restored. Why?

    • Susie4Liberty

      Please do take a look at the person who helped push NAFTA and GATT through for Clinton. And be aware that our Texas border is wide-open to Mexican truckers streaming in to drive on our high dollar building/fast/as/possible Superhighway Toll Roads. (“Don’t believe your lying eyes” doesn’t work for Texans anymore…and never did!)

      Keep in mind that numerous adms and congressional delegations have paved the way for this prez to move at warp speed.

      And “s’more” of the same isn’t the answer! “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss” won’t work for me.

      • Windrinker

        And, Susie, those Toll Roads don’t belong to the people of Texas. They are owned and controlled by the foreign country they were sold to by Rick “I love illegals” Perry!

        Americans thrown under the bus, once again!

    • nikki

      Its mark to market, not a good accounting system that was the reason the mortgage backed securities brought down the system. There was intinsic value in those securities, the cash flow and the bricks and mortar, instead they were valued only upon the market. Now the government owns a lot of the cash flow and they are putting that in their stash and we don’t even see it on their “balance sheet. Stop worrying about what individuals do, get the government out of the market, it deliberately breaks companies so that it can confiscate their assets.

      • nikki


  • Flor

    The liberals including the liberal media would shoot their own mothers in the head rather than miss a chance to demonize a conservative. If they had listened, they would know darned welll that he was saying that the rich have all the means they need to take care of themselves, the poor have all sorts of safety nets such as food stamps, welfare, medicaid, etc. whereas the middle class are left to fend for themselves.
    To all those too dense or too liberal to understand this, I suggest that they WISE UP AND BUG OFF!!

  • maryanne

    Come on. Really, don’t you know that the really poor in this country ARE taken care of…. food stamps, welfare, hud housing. In los angeles, the poor have their children fed breakfast and lunch, the parents provide dinner with the food stamps we provide to them. I am so sick an tired of this BS regarding the poor. Romney said nothing out of line an d yet a few want to jump on this hate bandwagon and go after him. How is obama working out for all of you. We h ave lost our right to due process, soon our right for freedom of speech on the internet, he will control that if we don’t wake up. We have OWS which was backed by the WH and the dems, becoming violent and you are worried about what romney said about the POOR????? WAKE UP

    • nikki

      good maryanne

  • sb36695

    What worries me about this statement is that high gas & food prices do hurt the poor. He probably pays no attention & it does not affect him. Hopefully, his policies will help anyway. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!

  • WillyT

    300,000,000+ millions of people and IF the gov’mint and uncle sugar ALLOW things to get better then the general good economy will “lift all boats”. Mitt was exactly right although he won’t get far enough out of anyone’s hair. Then, what part of gov’mint isn’t intrusive? Think of it like this: Obama is like the tar baby gumming everything up as he tries to topple the 1% while Mitt is like hairspray, a little stiff but holding everything together.

  • Spoony

    Question: Why do “imperfect, flawed,” people demand “absolute perfection” from other “imperfect, flawed people?” Another question: Since when did it become the “abosolute criteria” that a person running for office in the government to be as “pure” as the driven snow with no history or record of “wrong doing” trailing behind?

    If you’re looking for that individual you will not find him. Some of the best leaders in the world trailed a ton of baggage behind; but it didn’t interfere with their ability to lead their country into peace and prosperity. Look for experience, determination, and ability as key elements from which to make judgement; baggage isn’t the key that unlocks leadership ability and performance.

    • Susie4Liberty

      The Absolute Criteria for me is that the person NOT have been complicit in pushing the NWO Agenda.

  • Susie4Liberty

    I am most certainly NOT a Romney supporter – but I DID read ALL of his statement! And being witness to the manipulation of the Corporate Media through this ‘selection process’? Well, it will be a cold day down south before Corporate Anything directs my vote! And “Anybody But” won’t work for this Country, in my opinion – if all we do is exchange puppets for the same Globalist Agenda Elites…

    • mesaman

      Bye now. Y’all come back some day.

  • HonestAbe

    You guys just major on the minors and I’m unsubscribing. He said nothing wrong, but you’re worse than the libs! Ever ready to attack for nothing. He said, according to your article, “if there’s something wrong, I’ll fix it. ” You suck.

  • Lloyd Revalee

    Romney said the he wasn’t “concerned” about the very poor, for they had a safety net. He didn’t say he didn’t “care” about the poor. He could point out the the reason he isn’t concerned about them, is the fact that they get free housing, free food and clothing, free dental care, and free health care. And he mentioned that he wasn’t concerned about the rich, for they are well able to take care of themselves. He stated that he was more interested in the working class, who have been treated poorly over the past few years. A lot of the ones who have worked hard to take care of themselves and their families, are now losing everything they have been able to get. The only thing they know is work, and without jobs they are nearly helpless. Our present government officials, both Congress and Executive, don’t seem able or willing to do anything to help the working class. Most of what they do only makes the situation worse. But when it comes to helping other countries, they quickly respond with all the aid and money they need. We have our young people in the military, and some civilian employees, buildint roads, bridges, schools, in other countries, and we can’t even repair the ones we have. Our government sjpends trillions of dollars, and the American people has no knowledge of where all that money goes. Billions of dollars just vaporize, or so it seems, and none of our officials can tell us where it went. In their p;ockets, probably.

    • nikki

      I am afraid you are absolutely correct, the extra trillion dollars that has been spent each year beyond what was being spent prior to 2008 has completely evaporated, no one knows where that money went other than potentially to pay the public employees of the profligate states. They aren’t building any more road and bridges than they were prior to the collapse. The government is no longer transparent. Geitner knows where the checks went and I wouldn’t trust him as far as you can throw him. We have to get a person of integrity into the presidency or we have no chance. In my opinion the only capable candidate is Romney.


    Romney has never taken his foot out of his mouth! He is in favor of Obama’s National Defense Act also which strips what little Constitutional rights we have left! George Soros probably loves Romney! I predict the race will be between Obama and Romney with most of the real conservatives or tea-partiers, or whatever, wanting to vote for Ron Paul or even Newt. Romney V. Obama, hummm….tweedlie dee verses dweedlie dumb! Soros has his bets covered; whoever wins and we still get the One World Order. I’m voting for Ron Paul! Romney or Obama? There ain’t enuf smokeable loco weed to get me to vote for the perceived “lesser of two evils” again!
    I know there are “conservatives” who will whine, “oh but ya gotta vote for Romney or we will have 4 more of Obama!” So what! The New World Order boys have us believing we actually have a “choice”. With the US votes being “counted” by a software program that is owned by a European company, what makes you think anyone’s vote really counts? All we have here is a political metaphor for a pro-wrestling match where the winners and losers are fixed in the locker room before the match. The show is all that people look at and all that matters. It keeps “sheeples” attention away from the real issues and truths while the Wall Street Boys steal everything from us making us the modern day equivalents of medieval peasants! Yes, people accuse me of having a negative attitude. Okay, let me stuff some high-fructose candy in your pie-holes and leave you with this “positive” statement: Which ever candidate wins…there will be a chicken in every pot, big manufacturing industry will pop up around the country like dandilions in the front yard! The Middle Class of America will be back! China will revert back to a backwards country with no technology, Elvis and Buddy Holly will rise like Lazarus from the dead, and the construction worker on the street will once again ask Mrs. Cleaver, “Hey, Mrs. Cleaver, how’s your Beaver?”

    • nikki

      What a cynic! I’m not ready to give up on our country and any good soldier know that if the commander you like gets knocked off, you soldier on behind your new commander and likely you will see him rise to the occasion bouyed by the loyalty of his followers. If the country is as bad as you say, then start getting together your doomsday hoard and hope you have enough money to buy a little rambling patch!

  • mesaman

    Wait a d*** minute! Did I just pull up “Huff’nPuff-AHoleL”? Have you now become Republican rustlers? You sound just like those limpy-wristed, panty-wearing democrats. Now then, he donated thousands of hours of volunteer work, millions of dollars to charity, and you want to hang him out on a quote that really has no bearing, other than to placate a few hypocritical bleeding hearts. Shame on you. John Birch would even be furious with you.

    • nikki

      If people look at Romney rationally and not from their rage against the left, they will see that his resume is spectacular. He is from the business world which has to operate on the win/win philosophy. In business, if you give your negotiating partner nothing, he will not cooperate with you even if you have forced him into a bad deal. That is what has happened with Obama, he is getting no cooperation from one half of the country, primarily the productive half, he forced his leftist propositions onto one half of the country. Newt and others are from the political world where it is winner take all. That’s not working folks. I’m going to volunteer and do all I can to help Romney. I have already signed up for Romney Central. Think clearly people, stop acting in rationally. Revenge is dish best eaten cold.

  • nikki

    That’s it? There was something monumental in what he said? He said if there was a problem in the safety net he would fix it. This will bring down his run for president. I think not. The American people are used to the gotcha’s and used to the out of context garbage. Mitt will be the nominee if people can cool down and think straight. Newt has done a lot to let off the passion and wish for an avenger, in that he served well, now let’s think straight about who can beat Obama by appealing to the independents who always decide the race and who will govern without dividing the country with bomb throwing and partisan politics, whether we as conservatives like it or not there is a dependent class out there who will of necessity vote for their stomachs. Hopefully Mitt can trim down that group with a growing economy and jobs.

  • Don White

    I rely on Cowboy Byte to be fair, but you’re not. I’m voting for Ron Paul, but in the interest of fair play I must point out how stupid Cowboy Byte has been in trying to get publicity on this non-issue. Of course Romney is concerned about the poor. Your statement is taken completely out of context. He didn’t say he wasn’t concerned about them, if you would just read the entire sentence. He said he’s not concerned about the poor because they are already covered (with government assistance). If you resort to this kind of viscous, petty, cheap, and uncalled for rhetoric just to gain readers I’ll expose you in several of my 40 blogs and will never read another of your statements. You’re like the press, man. You must be above the petty infighting of the candidates and report accurately. Don White

  • William 1

    Medias never says anything in context just to get all rilled up-they should be sued for libel in this matter or any one else they say out of context!

  • Larry E

    There’s a reason this guy who’s supposedly “the most electable” has only won about 1/3 of the elections he’s run in. I can afford to say whatever I please and think, I’m not running for ANY political office, but none of the Republican candidates can seem to keep their foot out of their big mouth. Unfortunately the lamestream media loves Obummer and won’t report any of his screwups, totally stupid statements, or outright lies.

    We’re likely take it in the shorts in November, and the worst President the country has ever had will be reelected to bring the country to complete ruin. Anyone want to bet that he’ll have the national debt to $20 trillion by 2016?

    • nikki

      If that is the case, the country won’t make it to 2016 because the dollar will collapse on its fiat a$$. If you look at Obama’s radical past and his associates there is a good case to be made that the collapse and destruction of this country is what he is after. I think even some of the lefties are getting scared of him, remember the useful idiots are always the first one up against the wall.

      • mesaman

        Nikki; I like what you are saying, mostly because we agree on Romney, but also because these John Birchers and free-men seem to think they hold the reins on the Republican party. If that’s the case, I guess I am a “lino”, liberal in name only.

  • mesaman

    Bloggers, I have a question. If I posted this at 1709 and it’s 0909 where I live, is the “Cowboy” byte issued from the British Isles? And they claim to be cowboys? They wouldn’t know a cow flop from a pizza; until they took a bite out of it.

    • Ed Orr

      Grenage mean time could be the answer.

  • deprofundisclamavi

    So Mitt claims that his hoof-in-mouth line about the very poor was “misinterpreted”? A basic rule is that you say nothing that is capable of being misinterpreted or misunderstood. Since Mitt was born with a silver foot in his mouth, naturally he would say something that retarded. Obama Sin Laden will eat him alive over this if given a chance.

    • mesaman

      Then you would have to clam up, right?

  • AlleyOops75

    Romney has no concern for the poor because he’s never been poor. He’s never had to do without. From 7th grade on Romney attended private prep schools that catered to children of the super rich. Then on to the Mormon sponsored Brigham Young & the ivy league school of Harvard where he received his MBA…Two years in France as a Mormon missionary…Just think how the headlines will read in the NYT, WSJ, Atlanta Constitution, LA Times, USA Today: GOP ELECTS SUPER RICH ROMNEY TO GO UP AGAINST THE PEOPLE’S MAN, BARACK OBAMA…The candidate that says he’s not concerned about the poor will attempt to upset Obama this coming November…It seems that Romney favors Swiss Banks & The Cayman Islands to serve his banking and investment needs.

  • ladykroft

    If he thinks that the “very poor” aren’t struggling, he should not be president.

  • Joe

    If Romney had been nominated last time, we wouldn’t be in this Obama Ghetto Scheme.

  • ladykroft

    I’d love to have the “middle class” income and you wouldn’t even hear me complain. As it is now, $37,000.00 a year is considered “poverty” by government standards. If that’s poverty, then what is my $14,000.00 a year considered?

  • Cas

    Smug & Snug as a Kitten in a Mitten Romulan Romney has an “I” Problem.

    He can’t see the concerns of the Te Party, he is mentally unable to take into consideration the issues of True Conservatism.

    He’s been running for the Office as an INSIDER [whose Father was also an Insider] all his life.

    He’s nothing more nor less than a WHITE Obama Lite.

    I will NOT EVER Vote for this Double-Crossing (As in British Flag Elite) Red-Coated Turn-Coat to TRUE American Ideals & Principles.

    A Vote for Romulan-Romney is a Vote for a Liberal Democrat.
    I’d much rather throw my vote away on Obama since he Drinks, Golfs, & Vacations FAR more than Romulan-Romney would (& therefore get even less done).

    Paul Before Santorum before oh, wait, there’s no one ELSE to vote for that are even marginally repugnican’ts.

    Unfricking-fracking-real the dross & droll of candidates that have been fielded by the RNC.

    I think of:- The Doors & their Song “This is the End, My Friend” as a Banner Song for these times. How apropos.

    Say Good-Bye America & welcome to the Oligarchy of Mordor the hidden: Somalemerika

    • mesaman

      Go feed on your hate and try to remain as gullible and foolish as you seem to be with your post. You are NOT what made America great but you stand in the way of people trying to restore it to it’s greatness.

  • SteveB

    Lots of comments. I wonder how much of it is followed by actions like letters to congressmen and/or senators to ensure they know we will save America one way or the other. Hopefully we’ll know before November that America cares more about its country than it does about its football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc..

  • Not a farmer

    I do not see why Romney is a head in the polls. He Is a Democrat who changed to Republican because his party would not back him. He is a White Obama without Zars. The middle class takes care of the Rich and poor. Yet the Middle class is diving into the poor category. I just finished the book “Atlas Shrugg” by Ayn Rand. Our government is using this book as thier guide to destroy America.

  • JMJ

    Romney’s not concerned about the poor, just the middle class? It is amazing just how many of the middle-class are now poor & with his hideous Romneycare that he shoved down our throats in Mass. we now not only are poorer, but, we don’t have GOOD medical help or care that we need. It is nice to know that the poor ARE NOT STRUGGLING & I just bet that this is the best news that they have heard for such a long time. Now, for all of you cowboys, get back into the saddle & try to stick with what this story is all about & for for Cowboybyte: GIVE WARREN BACK HER MONEY & GET HER ADS OFF OF YOUR SITE. By endorsing her, it shows that you are also endorsing Obama & we know that OBAMANISN MUST BE STOPPED!!! +JMJ+

  • http://BOYCOTTETHEMEDIA Steven H


  • Steven H


    • mesaman

      Well stated.

  • http:/ Anne Nowlin

    Unfortunate statement by Mitt, but it was taken out of context by the liberal media. I’ll grant you, that it still doesn’t sound too good but when I think of and compare it to the gaffes made by Joe Biden and Obama who traveled to 57 states, I’ll take Mitt any day.

    Mitt has to get out in front of this one fast and explain very satisfactorily what he meant and hammer home to the Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell crowd, that if they play around with him, it’s at their own peril.

  • Jamie

    He must be a pretty good guy if the only dirt on him I ever hear is always comments taken out of context. That tells me there’s a hidden aggenda with his accusers.

  • Jamie

    Cowboy byte should be ASHAMED of this blatently out of context accusation. This is LOW.
    I had respect for this site. Now I don’t. This STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. As much as I hate the enemy in the oval office, it still embarrasses me when conservatives talk in unsubstantiated claims about him because it makes us look as bad as liberals. It trashes the source, for anyone intelligent enough to see an obvious aggenda, and we don’t need that. No more cowboy byte for me. You’ve lost your credibility.

    • AlleyOops75

      Jamie, you’re searching for the stars…this web site quoted Romney just as he said it on CNN. A completely uncalled for gaffe that every newspaper in the country has on their front page this morning. ROMNEY STATES HE HAS NO CONCERN FOR THE POOR!!!STATES THAT THE POOR HAVE SAFETY NETS TO TAKE CARE OF THEM INCLUDING FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE, MEDICADE & UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION. Just what the democrats are looking for…They will beat this arrogant rich guy like a drum in the marching band at the Super Bowl.

  • deprogramming services

    As they have done for decades, the liberal press will sell us the most liberal candidate we can be duped into buying. For now that big lie machine doesn’t have a lot of bad to say about Romney because he’s the most liberal candidate running in the Republican primary. But after he (God forbid) gets the nomination, you can be sure the big lie machine will find plenty of bad things to say about him.

    In this way the liberal cult makes sure that we have a choice between a moderate liberal and an extreme liberal, just as we have in every election (except the two Reagan ran in).

    For those who like Romney’s style and what he says, I would remind you that the words of a politician are a very poor way of assessing what he will be like once he gets elected. What he has done in the past is a far better way. As the Bible tells us, by their fruits ye shall know them.

    As Speaker of the House, Gingrich balanced the budget, even with the liberal Bill Clinton as President. As governor, Romney committed treason by supporting the illegal law against so-called assault weapons (if anyone is uninformed enough to think this was not treason I’d be happy to debate them on the issue).

    These two things stand well above all the propaganda being fed us by the liberal press.

  • Jim

    That statement was taken out of context and blown up by the Obama camp because they know Mitt is electable against Barry.

    Face it, as much as all Republicans like Newt, he is not electable because whoever gets our nomination on the Republican ticket must be able to attract independents and even some conservative democrats. We are in the minority, and must sway some of these other folks…which Newt cannot do.

    The democrats and their TV stooges have demonized Newt over cheating on two wives and as a Washington insider, which candidly he is. If we want to get rid of Barry the socialist, we need to rally around an electable candidate, and right now that is Romney. His dad was a great governor and good conservative, and his brother is a good conservative on the Michigan State board of regents. Like them Mitt is a conservative, but he had to work with independants to succeed in one of the very most Liberal states in America, Massachusets, where he did a credible job. He certainly did a better job than any of liberal democrats in that state. Mitt is a GHW Bush type Rebublican….not a Regan Republican, but one hell of a lot more conservative than McCain and light years better than Barry the socialist from Chicago! It is time to take our country back and we need an ELECTABLE republican to do that.

    Just like Arnold in California, Mitt attracted independents in Massachusets and got things done. Unlike Arnold or Newt, Romney has a squeaky clean personal life and unlike Newt, the democrats FEAR Romnet because he is electable.

  • Jim Buter

    That statement by Romney was taken out of context and blown up by the Obama camp and the liberal media, because they know Mitt Romney is electable against Barry the socialist.

    Face it, as much as all Republicans like Newt, he is not electable because whoever gets our nomination on the Republican ticket must be able to attract independents and even some conservative democrats. We are in the minority, and must sway some of these other folks…which Newt cannot do.

    The democrats and their TV stooges have demonized Newt over cheating on two wives and as a Washington insider, which candidly he is. If we want to get rid of Barry the socialist, we need to rally around an electable candidate, and right now that is Romney. His dad was a great governor and good conservative, and his brother is a good conservative on the Michigan State board of regents. Like them Mitt is a conservative, but he had to work with independants to succeed in one of the very most Liberal states in America, Massachusets, where he did a credible job. He certainly did a better job than any of liberal democrats in that state.

    Mitt is a GHW Bush type Rebublican….not a Regan Republican, but one hell of a lot more conservative than McCain and light years better than Barry the socialist from Chicago! It is time to take our country back and we need an ELECTABLE republican to do that.

    Just like Arnold in California, Mitt attracted independents in Massachusets and got things done. Unlike Arnold or Newt, Romney has a squeaky clean personal life and unlike Newt, the democrats FEAR Romney because he is not a Washington insider, but is electable .

  • Dennis

    Arggg. Not sure how I got on the CowboyByte mailing list, but will probably drop it. As a pretty staunch conservative I would LOVE to see another Reagan-like nominee for November. It’s just not going to happen. Well, put it another way, the candidate most like Reagan (and my own values) has very little chance of getting the nomination. And, even if he does, I don’t think he has the stage presence to overcome the polls and Obama.

    The probably I have with so many that I see posting on here is that it is ALL OR NOTHING! For the Newt fans, he is PRO-amnesty for illegals and he did that infamous commercial with Nancy Pelosi about global warming. He DID take a million or so from freddie mac before they tanked. He’s FAR from the perfect conservative.

    Romney a die-hard conservative? Nope. But NOT a flaming liberal as many on here seem to think. Reagan was a liberal CONVERT, remember that. He was a democrat and president of a union at one time. Has Romney “seen the light” of conservatism? Certainly not enough to please some here. And I doubt those same folks wouldn’t give a chance to change no matter what he did/said. I shake my head when I read people say Romney is an “Obama” clone. Far from it. What true conservatives should do is make sure that he gets our vote with reservations and that if he wants it again in four years, he’ll need to prove our doubts about him to be wrong.

    Bottom line is this: IF Romney is indeed the candidate in November would you vote for him? Or let Obama run us into the ground for another four years. And perhaps for good this time. And remember, a third party vote might make you “feel good”, but just like Ross Perot voters, THEY gave the election to Clinton. Will YOU give it to Obama?

    • AlleyOops75

      Reagan was never a ‘liberal’ democrat. He was a democrat that often stated “I didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left me. The democrat party is not the same party it was 50 years ago..It has become the party of social engineering, socialist ideas, a belief in redistribution of the wealth…The problem I have with Romney is his character and inability to take a punch. Newt laid off of him in FL and that was a huge mistake.. Romney’s father, George, served three two year terms as governor of MI. George loved big government and that’s how he governed MI. Romney grew up in the shadows of his father which influenced his beliefs about the importance of unions and big government..The rich kid will most likely be pummeled by the democrats should he get the GOP nomination…It’s scary.

    • deprogramming services

      I doubt many here will not vote for Romney if he gets the nomination. What we are hoping for is to get someone better than him on the ballot. The time for statements like the one you make here is during the general election.

      In every presidential election I have voted in (except 2) since I first voted for a liberal Republican in 1972, the choice was between a moderate liberal and an extreme liberal. They do it to us every time, and now they’re doing it to us again. So I voted for the RINO. And look what that got us: a steady expansion of government, and debt that could make us and our descendents long into the future live in poverty.

      The American Republic is being destroyed piecemeal by the liberal cult, and the liberal wing of the Republican Party has been an essential part of it. So what are those of us who would like to preserve the Republic for our grandchildren supposed to do? Follow along like good little sheep and allow the liberal cult to give us another choice between two liberals?

      The one good thing about Obama is that he showed many among us who had been blind to it the true face of liberalism. Voters responded by giving control of the House to Republicans, many of whom are at least somewhat conservative. So maybe there is a chance that we can get a relatively conservative candidate on the ballot. Why is that too much to ask for?

      • Dennis

        If that happens, great. I just think at this point and time there isn’t one who is going to get nominated. Here’s the thing, IF Newt gets the nomination, I would certainly vote for him even though I have my own reservations about Newt. I’m afraid that he DOES have a checkered past and though his supporters are willing to over look this, the media will not and certainly Obama will not. Romney is not my first choice. However, I think he has the greatest chance to beat Obama. You can hope for a more conservative, ELECTABLE nominee and I would join you in that hope. I’m just afraid the anti-Romney’s are so fervent in their hatred of him, they might just put Obama back in office. Really though, I disdain the mud slinging from both the Romney and the Gingrich camps. BOTH of them would be far, far better than Obama.

        I’m in Ohio (a “swing” state). If the primary was held here tomorrow I would vote for Romney. NOT because he is the most conservative, but because he is the most electable. But it is some time before our primary (Super Tuesday) and much can happen before then. I don’t want to destroy either of the two candidates leaving the winner more vulernable to an Obama victory. I would like to think that is what we are all after – the end of the Obama reign.

  • PWR11

    You know the one thing that makes this election special is the fact that as many as 3 Supreme Court Justices could be seated in the next 4 or 5 years. I don’t care who runs against Obozo, He will have my vote!! I support Newt, but I’d vote for Mitt in a minute, If for no other reason than the S.C.J.’s . Whomever can beat Obama would be looking at a re-election bid in 4 years, this alone would provide enough pressure to get conservative Justices seated on the Court!! This really isn’t about 4 years, It could be about 30 + years of a liberal Supreme Court!! Can you even imagine??

    • deprogramming services

      Thanks a lot; now I’ll be having nightmares about a Supreme Court with a total of 8 Kagan and Sotomayor clones. What little is left of the Republic will die, and America will become a dictatorship.

      It’s amazing how many people think the Constitution is of so little consequence that they are willing to throw it away for a promise that their government will take money from someone else and give it to them.

      • deprogramming services

        woops, I meant 5, not 8; I couldn’t add right because I was using my fingers to type.


      As I have stated so many times; we can actually unseat the last two of Obama II’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court by arresting the foreign-born Muslim communist illegal U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama II for ‘espionage.’ Yes! Espionage! Never in the history of our Republic has a U.S. President declared himself as a dictator who obviously has been destroying our nation from within. A foreign-born President who defiled the Oath of Office and the U.S. Constitution of the United States of America.

      With his arrest as a foreign-born agent we can declare all the ills he imposed upon the nation and its people as NULL and VOID, and still no one has taken this rightful action in the name of our sovereign nation and those of our future children.

      USAF (RET)

    • Dennis

      Very well said.

  • Wayne

    Hey! Mr. Romney….in case you haven’t noticed a large group of “Americans” are very poor and getting poorer all the time. Because of your sorry ass views I refuse to vote for you!
    Just one of the
    Very Poor

    • deprogramming services

      I assume you’re kidding; usually those who support socialism go to sites like Huffington Post.

    • mesaman

      Try your wares on Huff’nPuff and A-HOLE-L. If you want a handout given to you each month, vote for YO-bama and we’ll keep paying for you and your ungrateful lot.

    • Are You Serious

      You’re obviously stupid too. Perhaps that’s why you’re poor.

    • Ltpar

      Wayne, by all means then, feel free to vote for the Pied Piper of Chicago. By the way, how is that Obama change working out for you? Still got your job (if you ever had one), still in your home and how about your savings. If the answer is “Yes,” you are light years ahead of millions of your fellow Americans who have lost everything. The million dollar question thus becomes, “Will those people be voting for more of the same,” or will they opt for real change, whether it be from Romney, Gingrich or any other Republican?

  • mac

    That is why this nation is doomed – there are getting to be so many of “the very poor” that they will suck the rest of humanity under if we try to sustain them. It sounds cruel, but it is Nature’s way to eliminate the unfit, not destroy the whole species out of compassion.

    • Ltpar

      mac, we are headed in the direction you suggested but it has not yet gotten to the point where life is “the survival of the fittest.” If you examine the masses of the “very poor” you will find generations of welfare recipients who have never held a job in their lifetime because they haven’t had to. The government takes care of them from cradel to grave and their kids grow up with the same mentality. When I was a kid, in order to eat, people had to work and there was no mass welfare. We need a complete overhaul of government with a return to those days of work or don’t eat. Granted it will cost us a lot to educate and teach job skills to these people, but making them productive will cost less in the long haul. If Obama is re-elected, there is a good chance the country will end up in chaos, which I believe is his goal. Then it will qucikly become a survival of the fittest.

  • Aaron

    Hey folks- don’t be upset – This is a win-win for us conservatives. I say, let the MSM try to defraud Romney all they want, and here is why:

    1. Either they will make him look so bad that Newt or (better IMHO) Santorum or Paul will get to lead, and they are all three more conservative. I think I’ve gotten over my fears about Dr Paul’s foreign policy – he actually makes sense IF you listen to the whole presentation he makes on this issue, and Santorum is just a plain good candidate. So that way, we’d win.

    2. Even if Romney remains front-runner, the thing here is to note that his statement about the poor was, even here, taken out of context. He is actually right. The very poor DO have a safety net and if it needed fixing, it would be fixed. It is not that he doesn’t care about poor people – it is that he is trying to address the area with the biggest problem. You see, President Food-stamp is, through his policies, fomenting a situation in which more people are getting pushed into poverty or need for welfare, which of course, the nanny-state is more than happy to provide. I would say that if Gov. Romney puts his money where his mouth is, the country would benefit. And, we would win.

    The hardest issue with path number 2 is that the MSM will do the usual “republicans don’t care about poor people” rhetoric and the usual large amount of gullible Americans will buy this. That will have to be fought, and fought hard by us to get that stupidity off the table in terms of how people decide who their elected leaders should be. That takes lots of education in terms of talking about the FULL measure of issues rather than campaigning by soundbite.

    And, in my opinion, based on research thus far, any of our candidates would probably be more right for the country than wrong, and I think the governor does have executive experience, which is helpful in being an executive. Newt is also good, but as a politician. Dr Paul has the best ideas, but he is a politician, and so, like President Obama, you’re bringing in someone who hasn’t run a state, which is a significant handicap. It’s not about “electability” – that is another media buzzword that means nothing. We have to look at what these candidates do, have done, and will do. Mistakes included, along with what they did to change from them. People DO change sometimes!


    In the former Soviet Union and NAZI Germany, Joe and Adolph murdered anyone who got in their way. Here in America the liberal socialist communists won’t dare murder their opponents; instead they engage in ‘character assassination.’

    Patriotic U.S. Presidential Candidates should learn from America’s domestic enemies by being on the Offensive rather than on the Defensive and stop bickering with each other. By the way …. I DON’T TRUST MITT ROMNEY!!!

    USAF (RET)

    • Ltpar

      Although you are retired and thank you for your service, I have a question for you. Does Barry Soetoro, aka the Pied Piper of Chicago fall into your catagory of “trust.” I can only imagine the intense feeling of revolt for our men and women in uniform having to salute that clown as the Commander in Chief. Mitt Romeny, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and all the rest of the Republican candidates are politicians. Sadly, there are only a few politicians who actually do what they pledged, when they get to Washington and instead sell their souls to the deveil (lobby groups). The Tea Party is trying to change that, but there are still not enough of them yet. Meanshile back at the Republic, we have to select someone who can do two things. First, is beat Obama and send his ass back to Chicago. Second, is to have a plan to provide CPR to the economy, create an environment favorable to business, reduce the size and cost of government and get the country back on track. Anything less, the country gets flushed down the crapper. Are you ready for that?

  • Rita

    When our polititians are sworn into office, don’t they promise to uphold and defend the Constitution? So much of what many of you are promoting is not authorized in Article I, section 8 of the Constitution. Polititians who are either members of the CFR or Trilateral Comission, or are surrounded by them, don’t have the best interest of the United States of America at heart. The function of our government is to protect our God-given rights. Why any of you are saying either Romney or Gingrich is the answer, need to do your homework.

    When you apply for a job, you provide a resume, which outlines your education, duties and accomplishments. I’ve been following Ron Paul’s role in government for over 20yrs. His resume shows a 100% “Constitutional” voting record all this time. Not one of these other characters can compare to this! He can’t be bought!

    The MSM purposely mislead regarding some of his comments, like drug use, wars, abortion etc. What he is saying is those are not “federal” issues. Where in Article I, section 8 are any of those authorized? Remember, the soverign states got together and created the “United States”. It wasn’t the other way around. They had the wisdom to create a “limited government”. Any items not delegated to this new form of government were the preogative of the states. Please read this wonderful document. Oh yes, it also doesn’t authorize the Federal Reserve, which isn’t federal and there sure as heck is no reserve!


      Well stated Rita!

      USAF (RET)

  • Clay

    Outside of Ron Paul, there isn’t a hill of beans in difference between the scoundrels with a D or R behind their name.

  • Charles Bill L.

    The MSM sureley wants Romney as the canidate.They cant find the end of the good that this man has done for America but when the Votes are cast for Romney and he is chosen as the Republican nominee they,ll turn on him like hungry sharks on a lone fish.I am still for Newt and i believe he will win over Romney and be elected as our president.We need a tough in the rough canidate that can win and beat obumma and i believe that man is Newt Ginrich.

    • Are You Serious

      I wish that were true. I guess you can dare to dream.

    • mesaman

      Actually, we need a president who can right all the wrongs the democrat demi-god, YO-bama has forced on us. A politician is the last thing we need to do the job.

    • Ltpar

      Charles, the main stream media will lump, disect, condemn and complain about whomever the Republican Candidate is. Get used to it and they need to have a plan to deflect the media bias. Bottom line is that most people understand this and take what the MSM says with a grain of salt. It is ok to like and support Newt and I do that myself, but there will come a time when the game moves to the big league and it is critical that the entire team be in the same ballpark? Romney is in my estimation is not the best candidate, but he has some very good points, experience and by the time he gets to the Convention, hopefully a very specific and detailed plan on how to get the country back on track. In the end, we are all either going to have to unite behind whomever the Republican Candidate is, or run the risk of splitting the vote and Obama staying in office. Is there anyone in their right mind who wants that to happen? If so please speak up.

    • Dennis

      Think about what you say: the MSM wants Romney to be the nominee? Why? He has a much greater chance of defeating Obama. In 2008 they fawned all over McCain during the primaries. Why? Because he couldn’t defeat Obama. Why didn’t they “select” Romney in 2008? Because he was a more viable candidate. You can think they like Romney because you believe him to be liberal, but their golden child is on the throne why would they chance him being de-throned? See my point?

  • Are You Serious

    Republicans are so divided now it’s going to be one giant Cluster F##K in November. They have handed the re-election to the two toned turd in the White House. Personally, I give up. I saw this coming months ago. We’re screwed !!!!

    • Phoebe

      I feel this way too, and there seems to be no end in sight!

  • DRE

    Bush II is respossible for 2.8 Trillion of the Obama Jr. $15,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT.

    • WillyT

      What about the 1.6 Trillion Debt Limit increase he is adding to the 15 trillion? We are looking at 16.4 but you KNOW that this is understated just like the “unemployment” number is half of the real number. Some folk would say that the part timers who used to be full time push the number of “UNDEREMPLOYED” (which is all of the numbers) amounts to triple or 25% of the workforce.




  • Ltpar

    I understand exactly what Romney was trying to say and frankly who gives a rats keister what reaction the Democrats have? If the truth be known, most of the “very poor” people choose not to work, hold their hands out for the taxpayer dole and fail to vote at election time. While Romney may not be the choice of the right wing conservatives, he is a hell of a lot better than the Socialist currently running the country. The sooner that factoid soaks through the thick skulls of the ultra-conservatives, the quicker we can get behind one candidate which appears to be Romney. The object here folks is to beat Obama and save the country. Anything else is non-negotiable.

    • Phoebe

      I, too, think I understand what Romney was trying to explain. However, he did not explain himself clearly, and instead, created a real problem for his candidacy with those few words. At the very least, he was ambiguous in his choice of words, and it was pretty foolish to say what he said. I’m not sure what this incident reveals about him as a candidate. But for someone who has been rehearsing for 5 years to be the presidential nominee, I would have thought he had practiced long enough not to allow something this devastating to come out of his mouth. He appears to be so engineered and orchestrated, but then this!!??

  • Edward Peterson

    Romney’s comment is being taken out of context. He did in effect say, “I’m not concerned about the very poor because they are already well taken care of (by the taxpayers). We need Allen West as President, he stands head and shoulders above any candidate of any party. He is fighting Obama, not the Republican candidates who are fighting each other instead of the real problem, Obama.

  • Darlene Betterton

    I wonder if what Romney was meaning was this…..If you concentrate on the middle class that are the back bone of our economy …the engine that provides the jobs and prospers America….we will have the money coming into the government to support it which includes the poor. Without the middle class being economically strong…the poor suffer a lot more and the rich don’t need the help. I think he just did not articulate his words like he would have like to.

    NO ONE wants to squash the poor and let them starve…but realistically speaking, the poor sometimes keep themselves in that rut while there are some that given the chance will pull themselves up with the assistance of others so they can themselves join in the middle class. Remember, you cannot help everyone because there are those who won’t be helped even if you do… is impractical to believe you can make everyone equal..can everyone be a doctor?…NO….can everyone be an Attorney?…can everyone own and run a business? NO..can everyone build a building?…NO….can everyone be a plumber?…NO…Do you get my point?…..Isn’t there a commandment of the 10 that says thou shalt not covet?…….there seems to be a lot of that these days. We are not suppose to envy what another person has…learn from others? YES…take from someone else or be jealous of them? NO

    • Daylo

      If he (Romney) didn’t articulate as he wished to, why the heck do we want someone like that running for President of the United States?

      He is a stutterer and this is not his first rodeo by any stretch of the imagination. If you have nothing to hide, why are you telling so many different stories? Come on! Go to Wikipedia alone and type in Romney Political Views.

      READ… It’s that simple.

      He has changed his mind on abortion and gun control — two ot the most conservative of ideas. He only changes his mind to get the vote.

      Is this really the best we have to offer?

      If so, that’s just plain sick.

  • mark

    i hate to think i will have to vote for MITT ROMNEY if it comes down to it, why he is just another ovomit remember ROMNEY CARE OVOMIT CARE they are one in the same and ROMNEY will appeal OVOMIT CARE that remains to be seen, ROMNEY LIKE McCAIN IS BEING Forced down our throats. republican must find a way to defeat rinos period before they help ovomit and the libnut dumborats take down this country.

  • Daylo

    I got a call today to request a donation to the GOP. I’ve been a good little girl and given them money in the past, but today, I said no. No, because they’ve done nothing for the little person. I have become the halfway between poor and middle class – a downgrade all due to the Republican GOP picking and choosing who THEY want to run for president and the ObamaNation. Not me. Not you, but them. They chose McCain last time. He lost. They have chosen Romney this time, he is going to lose. He is going to lose because he is a stutterer who changes horses in every race. He has one small victory in Florida and the GOP is all over themselves with backslapping and sending out Rubio to gather the Hispanic vote. (By the way, I wonder what Romney has prematurely promised Rubio?) Can you guess? Now, Rubio had to be in on the ruse as he was grinning from ear to ear and happy as a lark that the multimillionaire won. Rubio had already rebuked Gingrich as per the instructions of the Republican Machine and Mitt Romney, for an ad Gingrich had on the air. BUT and this is a big but Rubio never condemned Romney for the lying garbage he had on the air.

    It’s a done deal, folks. The GOP has already picked the presidential nominee — they think. I wouldn’t give them a red cent and I would encourage you to call them and tell them how you feel about the decisions they are making with your money! Below is the phone number they used to call me with and I am sure they would love to hear from you. I told them that I have officially disengaged myself from the Republican Party because they do not listen to the voice of the people, but only heed the republican Hierarchy and the good old boys rich club to continue one and the same year after year, after year. They lead us down a path that has no good coutcome. I also told them that they are not conservative and never have been. Each election year, they get closer and closer to the left in their thinking. Is that really what you want in a conservative candidate? I know I don’t!

    Romney is a liar in so many ways, and yet here they are backing him 100% How is that different than what we already have? Romney is making promises he will never keep. He knows campaign promises are made to be broken as well. How is that different than what we already have? I suggest to you that we actually have our own revolution here and we DON’T OBEY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Don’t listen to the negative ads by Romney. Turn off the television. Investigate each candidate on the internet. That’s the best way you can possibly make your own decision. Mostly listen to the candidates in their own words with complete and total clips, full sentences only! Not just a little half sentence, but the full deal. Then vote your heart!

    To give them a piece of your mind, here is the Republican Party Phone Number: 202-870-5170 Don’t be shy! They are never shy. They are aggressive in shoving their candidate down our throat. You should tell them what you think of THEIR candidate.

  • shar

    he sure is better than ginrich he has had to many wifes he left one who was drying. and marry a another women. he is out for the rich people like himself so he can have more.

  • vito1937

    It’s the “safety net” part of Romney’s comment that troubles me. The “safety net” is part of what is wrong with the U.S. It is much too large, which is what the Dems want. The Dems want people to be dependent on the government (for their votes). The enormous “safety net” encourages people to not want to work, and it is why the U.S. has become an entitlement society.

  • Lucille Atwater

    Who was voting in the primaries? Just the Republican party leadership? Who is voting in the caucuses? everyone was informed and invited. everyone can be informed who is interested enough to pay attention. If the “party” is choosing the candidate does not that say something about the average person’s committment to the political process?

  • Ralph

    So,quite naturally Bain Capital Vulture Capitalist Greedy Business Man American Jobs Destoryer, Magic Underwear Cult Bishop RINO Willard Mittens Romney does not care about the very poor,that he helped create by shipping American Workers Jobs Overseas and Destorying the Small Companies they once worked for as well…Since this greedy Vulture Romney,the $250 Million Money Mad white collar criminal doesnot want you to even examine
    where and how Vulture Capitalist Willard Mittens Romney made his $250 Million Dollar Fortune. Look Up the Video “When Mitt Romney Came To Town” and see for yourself

  • Ron H.

    Thats a true statement(for a change from mitt boy!!) He doesn’t give a shit about anything but being the next president!!!That clan has been trying to get in the whitehouse since 1968!!! He has been lieing,about all of the other canidadates and will continue for the lame stupid people that actually believe in this lieing S.O.B.!!

  • Bob Marshall

    One of the posters, Sonny said, you can’t fix stupid. Maybe not, but you can fix ignorance. Reading is still fundamental! books like THE MANCHURIAN OPRESIDENT, CULTURE of CORRUPTION, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, THE ROOTS of OBAMA’S RAGE and Audacity of Deceit. Visit to understand why America has come to loves wars and who the real winners are because of our past wars. Too many are wrapped up in their own lives to take time to do any real research as well as read a book. It seems that for many they feel the less they know the better. Benjamin Franklin summed it up nicely reguarding the best way to help the poor and it wasn’t with government programs and handouts. Since most wouldn’t read it, i won’t bother posting his statement.

  • Daisy

    Daylo STOP this Dividing the country under your false statments…If you think it is so bad here then MOVE from the USA to Europe and don’t let the door hit you in the #$$#!! Stop the bashing on Mitt Romney!! It is people like you that should be in the White House with Obama and your best friend because you HAVE NO CLUE on TRUTH FACTS!!! I know Mitt and he is a great guy!!


    It’s obvious that with the wins in Florida and Nevada, Mitt Romney is very happy. Especially happy are his millionaire backers, who spend millions of dollars in secret contributions to his Superpac to create more than 13,000 negative ads in Florida against Newt Gingrich to his pultry 200 to 300 ads, a ratio of approx. 45 to 1. I’m cetain that Romney’s backers are especially happy when they see that their secret investment of millions of dollars to CREATE an Establishment (BOUGHT) approved candidate have not gone to waste. So in order to convince voters to vote for Romney, and that he is the best choice to go against our MUSLIM/COMMIE president, his Suerpac had to inject into their ads negativity and false statements about the other candidates, especially Newt Gingrich. VOTE OUT MUSLIM/COMMIE .. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!! VOTE IN NEWT GINGRICH IN 2012!!!!

  • Julian

    I don’t like Romney and feel hs is a stooge for the Bilderburgs, but his statement is valid. The poor have agencies and programs to help them, all in need of an overhaul. The vast majority of Americans the ones not in special self serving little social groups no longer have anyone looking out for their interests. Perhaps this accounts in large part for the rapid groth of such groups as LBGT, anti Christian, and others that although they represent only a fraction of the population get the lions share of attention and benifits.