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Illinois partnership targets agro-terrorism

The threat of agro-terrorism is real, and a partnership between Illinois agriculture organizations and law enforcement agencies hopes to protect Illinois farms, consumers and food systems from those threats. This partnership, called the Illinois Agro-Security Working Group, aims to raise awareness of this issue among those in the agriculture and food production industries.

According to, a service of the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB), the Illinois Agro-Security Working Group was created to educate farmers on how to recognize, report and prevent crime and terrorist activities in and around Illinois agriculture.

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  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    We must be alert to this.

  • Nancy

    Hopefully this includes protecting farmers from having to use the GMO seeds and plants that will eventually take over all the fields? Or perhaps they have found a way to police the pollen so that it stays in the field where it was planted? Or is this one more step to get farmers to welcome the gov. to come to their farms and inspect them to be sure THEY are not buying their seeds from anyone but Monsanto? I think there is a bigger risk to farming and the long term future of our health and well being than “The threat of agro-terrorism….”. It swings both ways folks!

    • Susie4Liberty

      SO glad you posted this comment, Nancy! Agro-terrorism is HERE…and it’s not from some “foreign”entity!

    • mew

      Probably the GMO seed will be said to be immune to the bad stuff and we will be forced to eat them!!! I do not trust this stuff in this article!!!!

  • deanwolf

    well said Nancy ! I think Monsanto is actually a subsidiary Corp owned by the Rockafellers or was it Jp Morgan ? I forget . Let us not forget United Fruit. It’s time we all ban together and tell this government (bank) to kick rocks … and I think we will take their wealth and use it to put the world back together and educate all as to what real terrorism is ….. The Bank!

    • TeaPartyPatriot

      Sorry, deanwolf the real terrorists are not the banks as much as they are

      the enablers of the banks . . .


      Vote them out of office in 2012


    FIRST GO AFTER MONSANTO corp. that is the top of the food chain in corruption if they finish what they have been allowed to start by the courts are farming will come to total government control. Look up the patterns they have on seeds.

  • Susie4Liberty

    And our a b c l m n o p Agencies with their unbridled power to ‘regulate’ are completely out of control. AND United Nations Agenda 21 and “Sustainable” anything signals that it WILL affect Our Sovereign Country in a negative way…energy, food supply, land use, etc. ONE Presidential Candidate recognizes the danger and has pledged to use his authorized Executive Power to put a stop to it…. Only one…

  • lydia

    The only candidate that will stop the alphabet agency regulation-terrorism is Ron Paul.


    Wake-Up All Farmers Tell King Obamacare We Do Not Need A “Partnership” In The Farming/Ranching Because When The Cost Goes Up With The Dhimmitude Corrupt Bastards Club That Is Run By King Obama, Yikeess, Get The Govt Out Of Farmers Way. Get Rid Of Obamacare, OPEC, ATF, DOJ, DHS, USDA, DOA, SEIU, ICE, NAFTA, EPA Along With All Illegals And Of Course ACLU With George Soros, With Illegals Obama, Uncle Omar And Aunt Zeituni, And Our “Budget” Will Balance Itself, Per The Tea Party Patriots.