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House GOP threatens to hold Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious

House Republicans investigating the Fast and Furious operation threatened Thursday to seek a contempt of Congress citation against Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr., saying his Department of Justice has refused to turn over key documents in the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms gun-tracking investigation and that the Obama administration is trying to hide its involvement in the program that allowed hundreds of U.S. weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Holder in a Capitol Hill hearing that the Justice Department has provided only 6,400 pages of documents out of some 93,000 that they still want — all a sign to him and his GOP colleagues that Holder and top Justice officials in Washington are trying to suppress evidence that they knew about the gun-walking tactics and may have approved Fast and Furious.

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  • Resa

    Big surprise… i knew it all along.

    • Bernadine Johnson

      You are right but they will let him get by like he got away
      with this same thing when he was in the DOJ with Clinton.
      a lot of people died because of HOLDER,CLINTON AND
      THE DOJ. they let them off back then and now they
      will distroy this country they have been working towards
      for the last 40 years. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • RUTH

    Of course this lying ass POS is trying to suppress evidence – his lying ass belongs in jail and his lying ass attorneys along with him!

    • John Detwiler

      Why wait or threaten do it. He must be treated like any other citizen. I myself have nothing but contempt for Congress, but I’m not sworn in before them.

    • http://None BenFox

      Amen Ruth, they are lawless and need to be behind bars rather then being a part of the bar.

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      Lay off ROGER CLEMENS and do the job “WE” elected you to do!
      Hang the SOB, use a GD new rope! Show mercy only if he draws BO in!

    • jack carroll

      Bottom line is, as usual, our Republican representatives won’t do the first things except talk , that is all they are used to doing.

  • Terry Black

    All kinds of manipulations are being used by this criminal Government to take away our Liberty!

    Look up and support:

    Bill Introduced To Challenge Authority Of NDAA

  • dee

    Do it Do it Do it….Put Holder in prison, Impeach Obama put him in Prison and his criminal Administration

  • northbrook

    Don’t just threaten act! File contempt charges against Holder.

    • Sue

      Seems simple enough, thank you.

    • praypsalms1o9v8

      AGREE…send e mails to BOEHNER!!!

    • Dingbat36

      Don’t you just wish YOU could question Holder about this nefarious “Fast and Furious” scheme?

      So, tell me Mr. Holder, is the reason you didn’t know anything about these guns because you don’t know what the people in the Justice Dept are doing? Do you have rogue employees who institute major operations without your knowledge? You want us to believe you knew nothing about this because you are incompetent?

      • June

        Now imagine Holder were a Conservative, do you think action would be necessary after the Socialist Lame-Stream-Media finished destroying him in print. What do you call drive-by slander, ah yes a Liberal news report.

    • Lonnie W. Lynch

      There is just no way that I could not agree more with that statement… I am so sick and tired of hearing them do nothing but talk, talk and more talk… How about a little real action and really put tht sob in jail… and if they were to dig far enough I am sure that they would find that Obama and Hillary Clinton were both involve in that scheme… They want the guns out of OUR hands and they where going to use this to put more regulations though to accomplish just that !!! Act, damn it, Act !!!!

    • mose

      They have been threatening to do that,seems like forever, and the crook knows it.Its time to go into action…SHOW SOME BACKBONE..this has dragged on to long..Are they waiting until OBAMA gets elected and excuse him…We all know they’re two of a kind

  • Mo Better

    Holder is fearless! But not for the reason you might think. He is first and foremost a cowardly anti-American, un-American, non-American street thug masquerading as the Attorney General. He is not fearless because he has any inner strength, character or integrity, no, the reason he is not worried about any contempt of congress proceedings is because he realizes his fellow half-breed Marxist, Black-Liberation-Theology-Let’s-Get-Even-With-Whitey thug buddy in the Awful/Offal/Oaf-full Office, Barry Soetoro, holds the Universal Get-Out-of-Jail card in the form of a pardon. Everything else is irrelevant and Holder shows his condesencion and utter disdain for Congress and for America in everything he says and everything he does. He can afford to – the Marxist-In-The-White-House has his back!

    • http://mozillathunderbird oldgallero

      You are right on target about this presidents puppet!

    • praypsalms1o9v8

      We the people need to keep

      • praypsalms1o9v8

        MY COMPUTOR MESSED UP AND i did not get to finish my sentence……….we need to keep on sending e mails …phone calling .letters and let the speaker BOEHNER know that we are alive and well out here DO YOUR JOB…….GET RID OF HOLDER …he is not doing his job……FIRE HIM!!!!!! or you are on your way out also……

    • Dingbat36

      And……………..even if the House manages to get the goods on Holder which could ultimately put him in the “clink”, Obama would just pardon him before he leaves office.

      • Old Faithful Geyser

        I agree that if Holder was convicted and sent to prison, Obama would Pardon him, however, It takes for ever for the justice system to act and a person goes to court, by that time Obama will be gone. Hopefully we can see that Obama & Hilliary joins him in Prison on the same charges.

  • NancyJ

    Are these the people that we want our children to look up to??
    Just think. In this generation, we have an illegal President that is no better than the hoods that he associates with in Chicago trying to destroy our country and Constitution.
    Now, we have someone who is supposed to head the justice department, being a party to murder and trying to cover up the evidence.
    When is it going to be enough for our so-called representatives in the House and Senate?
    More to the point, how much more will it take before the people say ENOUGH!
    Fire Holder. Members of the House, you have the power to do so in the name of the people.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    wHY JUST CONSIDER IT;; INDICT THE PUKE FOR TREASON AND MISDEMEANORS; take him down NOW.;;; if he falls Obama is close behind.

    • David in MA

      if holder falls he will squeel like a trapped rat
      and implicate obozo, who will go down also.

  • JoyA Chessher

    This is absurd! What are they waiting for? JAY DOBYNS, hero whistle blower reported to Eric Holder, and the White House! They knew about it… Planned it as a reason to ban our rights to bear arms! Why have they not filed charges against them? They have the proof! If it were American citizens we would have been locked up ALREADY! Brian Terry, and Agent ZAPATO died, and Eric Holder, and Obama could care less! 40,000 Mexican citizens have died at the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartel, and the GOVERNMENT SELLS THEM ASSAULT WEAPONS?!! THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MEXICO WAS VERY UPSET AS SHE SAID MEXICAN CITIZENS ARE MURDERED DAILY AND THROWN IN OPEN GRAVES! AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT PROTECTING OUR BORDERS… Allowing the CARTEL, and DRUGS INTO USA!! LAWLESS, AND WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND UP! This is WRONG.. INNOCENT CITIZENS MURDERED!!!

  • J.M.R.

    i will believe that when they do it [BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN]

  • CAllenDoudna

    Holder swearing himself in: “I swear to tell the truth, half the truth, and anything but the truth, so help me dodge!”

  • David in MA

    I believe holder knew and is lying, but I also believe
    that holder thinks obozo will protect him, and, I
    further believe holder knows that the republicans are in on it
    and will do nothing but posture for the American people,
    this whole thing is just a show, a distraction……….
    BUT, I also believe obozo will throw holder and anyone
    under the bus to realize obozo’s dream to establish an
    Islamic Socialist State of America which he will lead as
    the Madhi, before returning to Mecca to claim the Arab world as his.
    IF America does not pick up the Cross and remove obozo and
    ALL muslims from Her shores, America will be removed from
    the history books, forever.

  • Jim

    AG Holder is dragging his feet to protect the White House. After the election Holder will resign or if its going bad for Obama he will throw Holder to the wolves. As a retired member of the FBI no Supervisor of any Federal Agency can authorize an operation into a foreign country. The head of that Federal Agency will meet with officials in the AG office for approval of said mission. Members of the AG staff will then take it up with the AG and from there to the White House. NO Federal Agency will operate into a Foreign country without approval from the White House. Ask yourself this, why aren’t we hearing complaints from the Mexican Government? Because they were informed of the mission by our State Department. At the very least Holder should be held in contempt for disobeying an order from the Congressional Committee for not full disclosure.

    • john whittington

      I understand Jim. I worked in NSA during Watergate! There was a lot of underhanded work being done, and no one knew what it was back then. Sometimes though, things are being done behind the president back!

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      You are exactly right, this is just the tip of this Iceberg, this goes all the way to the TOP, with Barak H. Obama, Hilliary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Vallerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanual, Charles Schumer, and Michael Bloomberg involved in this scheme. It may also include the Dailey boys and Michelle Obama as well.
      If the timing isn’t correct and they do eventually indict Holder and he receives a prison sentence, he will be Pardoned by Obama. This has to be timed just right for this country to get its Justice.
      Holder is correct when he says this is Political, you damn well know it is Polictical when the Democrats are covering for one another. It is very obvious that they are trying to protect their Fearless(?) Leader, the Usurper in Chief, his Majesty King Barak.
      The reason that we haven’t heard a peek out of Mexico’s President, is he doesn’t want to upset the applecart with a chance of decreasing his country’s income of money flowing into his country from all of the Illegals in this country sending money home to Mexico. Hells bell, the amount of money that is flowing into Mexico from this country like that, makes that source of income their 2nd highest form of income.

  • lark125

    threaten, threaten, threaten, thats all these worthless a## can do . threats are as efective as this group will ever get, they are worthless should have been done already and the a####ole
    thrown in jail


    Stop all the wasting time and put the loying POS in jail where he belongs.
    Then sieze all his records, paper and electronic and findout that Obozzo, the Fraud in chief is at the heart of it all and allow the faggot to join his buddy in jail.

  • Ellen

    Holder is one ARROGANT LYING POS BASTARD! He is responsible for Brian Terry’s death and trying to weasel out of it.

  • kategray

    tHIS ADMINISTRATION HAVE BROKEN EVERY LAW THAT IS ON THE BOOKS We the people have to live by the very laws that they are breaking every day.

  • tod

    If You Want A Lot More Of The Same,And Don’t Want Our Country Cleaned Up,THEN DON”T VOTE FOR DR.RON PAUL 2012 !!!

    • Freedom road

      I like Ron Paul, but in case you haven’t been paying attention he would have to win the GOP and they have already picked Romney! No matter who else you vote for we are getting Romney.

  • Eli Jones

    Patriots, please sign this “Prosecute Eric Holder Petition” from The Tea Party. We have over 362, 000 signatures and the list is growing. Please send the petition site on to EVERYONE that you know so they can sign too. Ask them to pass it on too. We must keep the pressure on our Congress to prosecute this criminal subversive.

    • Freedom road

      I already have a month ago, it has gotten no results! You can petition all you want, they are not listening and don’t care!!!!

  • Sirwizard

    It would be ‘fair’ to hold Holder in contempt. Heck, I have nothing BUT contempt for Mr. Holder and I even have some left for his boss.

  • gparra9

    I’ll believe it when i See it!!! LIP SERVICE is all we will ever get, so don’t hold your breath this Ghetto Rat will get away it just like he has with thing else.

  • Ron H.

    I’m sure that holder is just scared stiff of being held in contempt……OOOOOOO . He could care less because he knows that they won’t do shit!!!

  • Donald Bradshaw

    Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over Fast and Furious (shipping weapons out of the United States to Latino cartels, and in return, receiving “illegal” aliens and drugs back into this country. Even though the “so-called” conservatives and Republicans want to attack the Obama administration and Holder, they must remember that ex-President George H.W. Bush was one of the largest drug dealers in American history and that the “inside job” and federal government complicity of 9-11 took place on President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney’s watch. The list of federal government crimes and cover-ups is too long to explain in this short format.

  • Freedom road

    Threaten my butt! Just arrest the bastard! He broke the law multiple times. If he did it one more time would that put him over the limit? What is it going to take for congress to stand up and protect us from our protectors!

  • AlleyOops75

    It’s time for the House committee that is investigating ‘fast and furious’ to take some fast action..Threatening Holder is meaningless; the only thing Holder will understand is if the House proceeds with action.

  • FireMall

    Considering Obama’s plan to release the Gitmo Terrorist in a so called diplomatic Trade off , thus, freeing those who were a part of killing near 3000 innocent civilians on 9/11 and now I hear where the Military prosecutors in the Fort Hood killer muslim’s kangaroo court have been Ordered to delay the proceedings that are without any doubt whatsoever, a cut a dried conviction.
    There were hundreds of witnesses to Nadal’s execution of 13 people but somehow the so called Prosecutors need more time to prepare for a trial that has to end in a firing squad. Just as The Gitmo trials that will never happen should also settle these terrorist in a permanent tomb.
    Timothy McVeigh was captured ,Tried, convicted & executed within 2 years of the OKC bombing. Of course he was an American civilian so due process was swift in his case.
    Due Process is what Obama claims to demand for Terrorist when, in Reality, the Lack of Due Process is exactly what Obama is using to save his disgusting muslim Brethren’s murdering azzes.
    , I ask what the hell else would any halfwit need to see that the Obama machine of the American Infidel’s destruction is on track and near to being fully implemented in an all out war against any & all that oppose being converted & enslaved and or Killed for their fight for simple freedom. I.E. Jews, Christians and even Atheist.

  • James

    Nothing will be done about him. He is one of obama’s boys. He’s free to do anything else and mark my word, he will. Congress don’t care about him. They just want to look good to the citizens.

  • Julian

    To bad the speaker of the house does not have what it takes to do more than threaten, one scowl from Obama and he will cave.

  • Cliff

    I do not get it. Do I need different name and email name? I do not want to have more than one of each. Please e-mail me with answers. I have been rejected 4 or five times of late.

  • pcsrocky

    Holder is in comtempt of court and the people of America! He needs to be impeached and brought up on criminal charges. He also needs to forfeit all future government medical ins, retirement benefits, life ins and so on.

  • David

    ACTION speak louder than WORDS!
    But no member of congress will bring this thug up on real testosterone in congress …”all sound and fury, signifying NOTHING!” W. Shakespear

  • Old Faithful Geyser

    Lock the SOB up at GITMO and waterboard him, I’ll bet he’ll talk then.
    He is nothing but an arrogant mouth piece for his Homo Buddy Barak, but i’ll bet he would tell everything he knows if he were confronted with waterboarding and a little prison time at GITMO.
    He’s no better than the Terrorist that we have locked up at GITMO. He is a terrorist himself for what he has done as Attorney General of the United States and should be treated accordingly.

  • Joe

    Re “House GOP threatens to hold Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious”.

    Talk is cheap. Get’er done!!