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Trump Backing Romney as Candidate Defends Remark on ‘Poor’

Mitt Romney, a day after being criticized by Democrats for his comments about America’s poor, will win the backing of real estate developer Donald Trump, according to two people who aren’t authorized to speak about the matter before a joint event today in Las Vegas.

Trump, 65, the host of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC, flirted last year with his own presidential run. He planned what he billed as a “major announcement” today, and didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

Trump and Romney have had bumps in their relationship. In December, Romney declined to attend a Republican presidential candidates’ debate Trump had proposed in Iowa. The event was subsequently canceled. Trump, who owns a casino hotel in Las Vegas, would be throwing his support behind Romney two days before Nevada’s party caucuses. The timing has the potential to be both beneficial and awkward.

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  • patriotrenegade

    I wish aholes like daddy bush, mccain, and trump would just leave Mitt alone. He cannot publicly say he doesn’t want them.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Birds of a feather flock together. Trump is a douchebag just like the Romulan…they belong together and neither belongs in the Whitehouse.

      • Anne

        AGREED! 100%

        And there’s barely a lick of difference between Obozo and Willard.

        • Don39

          You have to be a Paulbot to say that and not very bright!

          • AlleyOops75

            You don’t need to be a paulbot to dislike the one who cares nothing for the poor but believes in stashing his fortune in Swiss bank accounts & offshore investments in the Cayman Islands…Romney can only relate to the super rich so what makes the average voter think that Willard will have their best interests at heart. Trump is just another self proclaimed narcissistic rich man.

          • Lonnie W. Lynch

            Frankly I do not like Romney because of his liberial history… He says just what is necessary to get elected.. His demonstrated actions in Mass. tells me that he is at heart a liberial… We need a conservative with guts and that would be Newt Gingrich…. Check his results from his time in the Congress… Pretty damn impressive I would say !!!

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        My thoughts exactly, the only difference here is that I smell a “quid pro quo” !! And I would bet it would envolve China !!!

    • praypsalms1o9v8

      patriot renegrade…….WELL I AM PUBLICLY SAYING …….I DO NOT WANT ROMNEY…..we will only be changing the color in the white house…….NOT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Such vitriol. I recommend a more civil dialog.

      • Don39

        You are partly right in that Romney is a moderate socialist and egotist, but make no mistake a vast inprovement over the current illegal thug Muslim resident!

        • AlleyOops75

          Are we looking for mere improvements or someone who can shake up the bowels of Washington, D.C.? Maintaining the status quo is not acceptable and that’s exactly what’s likely to happen if we should be so dumb to elect Willard, the one who has no sensitivity toward the poor by his own admission. His staccato voice has no feeling of humility…reminds me of the goose step employed by Hitler’s army.

          • Granny

            Alleyoops, you just read the stupid headline, you evidently did not read the whole story which show much ignorance on your part for commenting on something without all the facts. He said he would take care of the poor, a statement which was shown later in the story, and I think CowboyByte needs to fix this, after all it was their headline, probably was deliberate on their part since they appear to be against Romney.

        • Lonnie W. Lynch

          Why do we have to settle for an improvement over Obama… Why can’t we elect the person that we know will put our country back on a firm footing and become Americans again ?? Do we always have to except the down you throat establishment version ??? Sorry but I do not except the Romney version of freedom !!!

    • Floridian

      Yes he can say he doesn’t want them. He has already said he “likes to fire people”, “doesn’t care about the very poor”, he refused to release his tax returns until public pressure made him, he is very very rich and so is trump. It is beginning to look like an endorsement from Trump is doing more harm than good. The timing of his endorsement is just in time for Nevada primary. How strange.

    • Don39

      All peas of the same pod! RINOs, moderate socialist, etc.

    • Don39

      All peas in the same pod, RINOs , moderate socialist, elitist, etc.

    • Don39

      All peas from the same pod, RINOs , socialist, elitist, etc.

      • mesaman

        I didn’t understand you, Don, can you repeat it again, again, again, again.

    • David

      IF you VOTE for Obamney…you’ll get four more years of obama…..even if Willard (the demoRAT) wins

  • Greg F

    Anyone that votes for the kool-aid drinking LDS CULT leader MITT ROMNEY is a JUDAS! Pro-ROMNEY people are HITLER ERA SOCIALISTS!

    ROMNEY bought the GOP nomination!

    Establishment Republicans and FOX NEWS could tell you who would win the GOP nomination before we even had an election. Can you say VOTER FRAUD! MITT ROMNEY will NEVER be the President.

    • tyndale

      Whenever someone, in this day and age of enlightenment, continues to call Romney’s faith a cult, I just have to roll my eyes and chime in. Don’t be so sadly misinformed. Look instead in the mirror, or at least at the LDS dot come website. Never once have I heard an LDS leader tell his parishioners who to vote for or whom to not vote for. Has your pastor ever done that? Your own faith may be more suspect of a cult than his. Never have I seen an LDS leader accept even one penny for preaching. Has yours? Every one of the teachings of his faith are well substantiated in the Holy Bible, so before you get all postal due to age-old misinterpretations of ancient writ, just cool it on the cult name calling. And as for Romney as our President, if he can turn the financial straits of our country around like he did the Olympics and so many businesses, then he is EXACTLY what our country needs.

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        Hate to tell you this tynbdale but finance is but a small part of what has made this country great, there are many other things envolved in having shaped us and our country… I for one am sick and tired of watching the American people roll over and play dead in these elections the moment that the news channels tell us to and that includes FOX… We are not dead !! I for one refuse to except Mr. Romney as my representative in the White House… I will continue to work for and support the person I like until all the cards are out… I will choose Newt Gingrich !!!

      • http://aol Meg

        Good common sense Tyndale. It is amazing how blinded some people are on who would be the best man for our messed up country. You talk about liberals that are not thinking for themselves, ho, ho. Mitt has the right idea, the poor are being loaded by Obama and the middle class are the ones hurting, so you gotta start somewhere, and work it out. Get the people who want to work back in the job market, then start helping the free loaders get more self supporting.

      • David

        obivously, LDS is actually a religion….it is in the sense that it is manipulated by man…conceived by a man Joseph Smith.
        as a SECT not a cult
        More akin to Islam than Christ.
        Multiple wives
        Endentured servitude (two years conscripted missionary)
        Mandatary redistribution of wealth (tithe and payments to the communal “hive” or cell)
        will I vote for a member of LDS….?
        IF they were anyone else but Willard

  • Greg F

    Words that describe MITT ROMNEY,———————————FASCIST,—————-SOCIALIST,—————–ROMNEYCARE,———————–OBAMACARE,———–POSER,————-FAKE,——————————LIAR,———————-FRAUD,————ANTI-CHRISTIAN,———–GUN CONTROL,—————————DRAFT DODGER,————————-PRO-GAY,——————PRO-ABORTION,——————FLIP FLOPPER,—————PIG,————ESTABLISHMENT,————–EVIL,———————-CULT LEADER,————–RINO,————————–HEATHEN,———————-BLASPHEMOUS,———————GLOBAL WARMING

    • AZ Don

      I’m not exactly thrilled with Romney either but anyone of the candidates are better than obama. So I have to ask, what exactly are you trying to do with you statements? Get obama reelected? If you are an obama supporter just say so. Your derogatory statement is not going to convince anyone to support someone else if they have made up their mind to support Romney. They will rightly recognize your statement as opinion and it will have no effect.

      • Floridian

        There is hope yet because none of the candidates are reallly out of the running. This primary is actually turning out to be a state by state winner. Gingrich is legally contesting that Romney would get all 50 of Floridas votes, since his win margin has to be a certain % and it wasn’t. Many in Florida are Gingrich backers. Romeny flooded the air waves with material that had already been proved untrue and continued to run those ads. That destroyed any shred of respect I had for that man. This primary is not sewed up yet. Stand by. Nevada has very bad economic problems and two of the richest men are there asking for their vote? I don’t think Trump and his casinos will help Mitt out very much. If those voters are as sici of this economy as I think they are, they will vote against the machine!!

      • AlleyOops75

        I would place Romney just a shade above your senator, John McPain. Romney receiving the kiss of death endorsements from McPain & now the Donald hotel magnate is likely to TRUMP the average Joe’s effort to elect a president that will serve all the people rather than just the Wall Street Bankstas & the filthy rich.

    • http://aol Meg

      Greg, have you looked in the mirror lately? I know for a fact, Romney is not one of these things you are accusing him of. He is just opposite of what you are saying. You need to step outside and get a breath of fresh air, and spew out your hatred.

  • CAllenDoudna

    Anybody who has bothered to annalyze the upcoming Primaries can tell you that Romney will have a great time this month and that plus Florida has all the pundits talking about “momentum” putting Romney so far ahead he’s inevitable.

    BUT–anybody who has bothered looking at the Primaries for March can see that the NOT-Romney will do considerably better in March–and there are a LOT more delagates at stake in March. Furthermore, a little annalysis of the vote in Florida shows that Newt stomped Mitt pretty badly in the traditional Republican areas.

    The Donald is going to have egg on his face.

    • Anne

      One can only pray and hope!

    • David

      any body but obama
      any body but romney
      any body out there who can recover the REPUBLIC!
      before it’s
      any body in my rifle sights!

  • True Patriot

    I can’t believe anyone claiming to be Conservative would vote for Romney. It is so obvious gutter rat media and radical left has planted this Marxist, Facist scum on the GOP ticket.

    Romney should be running on the Democrat ticket, however with the left infiltrating GOP
    does it really matter?

    A vote for Romney is another 4 years of Obama and the left knows it. They are waiting like buzzards in the ranks to tear Romney to shreds and they will.

    Newt is not part of the agenda machine therefore he is a target less we forget that pathetic Hag Ex of his on the interview with Brian Ross. It was so obvious what they were doing & I would love to see her check for trotting out that crap. Ex’s are never happy with ex’s. That’s why they are divorced. She is an unhappy Hag who has to make money somehow.

    Vote Newt or Obama goes back in. Romney is a plant to help the left get Ayatollah Moron back in

  • Nik

    Well, I’m right of Attila the Hun but I am supporting Romney. He not only can beat Obama, he is a turn around artist, understands capitalism and will be able to get the Democrats to go along as he did in Massachuttes. We have had a president in Obama that stuck his finger in the eye of half the nation, Mitt won’t do that to those on the other side of the aisle. Is he my ideal social conservative, no, but I don’t believe in cutting off your nose to spite your face and we need to have federal judges and potentially supreme court justices appointed in the next four years. If you just want continually war with the democrats, count me out.

    • Don39

      You are not far right, you are a RINO!

    • Lonnie W. Lynch

      And the News media told you so, huh Nik ?? and you willing drank the cool aide ?? Just what in the hell makes you think that no one else can beat Obama.. Its no so much who our guy is but just how bad a president Obama has been.. Wake up man !! If we vote anyone in the last men standing will be the hell out of Obama.. What we really need to do is to elect the person that is better capable of putting this country right and that is Newt Gingrich… Check his record against that of Romneys while each was in elected office… go on, I dare you !!!

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        Sorry I dropped a few letters but I think all will get my drift …………….

  • tod

    If You Want A Lot More Of The Same, DON”T VOTE FOR DR.RON PAUL 2012 !!!

  • Don39

    Does anyone really care what this egomaniac does?

  • mesaman

    To the dunderheads posing as religious zealots on here, let me explain a simple fact; we need poor people! We need the drug dealers, growers, and users, the home-invaders, the car thieves and car jackers, the panhandlers the graffiti signers, and all the anti-establishment defectors. They don’t pay taxes on their illicit incomes so we get to give them medical support, a warm place to stay, much publicity like the alleged 99 percenters, amnesty, and all sorts of social benefits. They love YO-bama and the demmies because they give them these freebies and the demmies want these people to multiply because they want their votes and their dependence and by keeping them poor, they can dictate their lives. Unemployment is good news for the demmies, and here you are condemning Republicans. Any Republican is safer than the communist you have in the White House now. Yet you think you have the entitlements necessary to determine who is the rightest of the right wingers. Why don’t you join the moochers, vote democrat and whine and belly-ache your way to success?

  • Ron H.

    I was on the borderline with Trump now i’m out on him!!! Mitt boy is not a consertive,he’s more like obama than anyone else as he will do or say ANYTHING to get elected!!! And he is a dam lier!!!

    • mesaman

      And you, sir, are also a damned liar.

      • http://aol Meg

        Amen mesaman.

  • Daisy

    What a shame when people on this site are so blind to the TRUTH!! Mitt is a great guy and you will see that he is the one to beat Obama and and bring this country back to our America we once was!!! JOBS is what we need not mouths that divide this Country!!

  • howard w

    Lots of negative remarks about Romney, but at least we know he is a Mormon and loves America,and loves his family life, works hard, and has succeeded in business and he has alot of experience in Govt and business. Since when is it a crime to be successful in America. Ive always found my jobs through Capitalism and the successful businessman, never got a job from the poor! Why dont you read his book “No Apology” and compare his ideas and goals to Obama, you might enlighten yourself, and realize your name calling is brought about by your ignorance , lack of education,and often shear laziness to learn the true facts.

  • Julian

    I used to think Trup had a head on his shoulders. Like McCain he appears to be just another pawn of the GOP pushing their non-conservative agenda.

  • Kathy

    What is wrong with you people Romney, will be a huge step above that African born Muslim obama, do you want four more years of obama distruction!!!!!!!!!

  • AlleyOops75

    Did anyone happen to catch the Hannity interviews last evening? He devoted 40 minutes to the Romney campaign and gave Gingrich & Santorum 10 minutes each…talk about fair and balanced Not….Then senator Schumer of New York accused Karl Rove of raising 30 plus million through his super PAC, American Crossroads…O’Reilly interviewed Rove on the Factor last night and Rove spun the no spin zone factor like a high speed top…According to The USA Today, Rove raised some 51 million for his super PAC which was 20 million more than Schumer gave him credit for…USA Today further stated that the money Rove raised was partially used to blast Gingrich in IA, NH, SC, FL etc…Fair and balanced Fox has become a crusade for Mitt Romney’s campaign.

    • David

      YEP…hannity, o’reilly, FOX et al have conceded the republic to obamney because the can’t handle the truth!
      they make me SICK!
      WHY? Do WE THE PEOPLE have to settle for the most electable…WHERE? are the true patriots of liberty and defenders of individual rights

      • Detonics

        “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”
        -Benjamin Franklin

  • Leslie85223

    Mitt’s comment about the poor is right on target. There are systems in place to “cover” them just as “cash” is the cover for the wealthy. It’s the middle class, the backbone of America that’s at greatest risk and I’m FURIOUS with Newt Gingrigh for outright lying and twisting what Romney said about the “Poor”. The likness between Obama and Gingrich is becoming more and more visable!!! Gingrich will NOT get my vote!!!!

  • Ollie

    So WHO cares what the Donald thinks or wants???? He is looking out for the rich too! Is he a self appointed person to tell everyone what to do and how to act?? He is NOT for me either. Lets all make up our own mines–do not let some of those rich SOBs tell us what is what and DO NOT let the media make up our mines too. They are all in bed together!!!

  • Fred Ryno

    So you think Romney laid a big one with his “I don’t care about the poor” remarks…check out Obama’s “don’t muck it up” order to Congress…left himself wide open…puns unlimited here we come……smile…flr

  • Elizabeth

    Mitt Romney belongs to the Bilderbergers and will be the servant ot George Soras.