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Gingrich to challenge Florida primary results

If you were thinking the Florida primary was a remarkably orderly process, compared to the usual mad chaos associated with the Sunshine State… well, it might not be over yet.

According to a Fox News report, the Gingrich campaign is challenging the results of the Florida primary, based on party rules that state winner-take-all primaries cannot be held before April 1st, 2012. Florida already sacrificed half of its delegates by moving its primary to February.

Now the Gingrich campaign is saying it cannot award all 50 of the remaining delegates to Romney, who had the highest vote total. Instead, delegates would have to be awarded proportionally. That would give Romney 23 delegates, Gingrich 16, Rick Santorum 7, and Ron Paul 4.

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  • patriotrenegade

    An ass is an ass. One can expect a CFR globalist to challenge any rule, stock in trade. No respect. Just like VA.

    • just sayin

      You are an idiot. I am sure you did not read the whole article. He has demanded that they play by their own rules. YOU are the ass here. Why, is what I wonder, are you even bothering to be here? Your comments rarely contribute anything positive or substantial to the discussion. In fact, they rarely do anything but make you look more foolish and ignorant as it is clear you do not read the articles you comment on! I guess BOZO would be what I would call you, but I do not want to insult the intelligence of a clown, so I will stay with ass, since that is what you used.

    • Lonnie W. Lynch

      “There you go again”, rules are rules are rules…..punishment was the loss of half of the deligate for moving the primary.. that in no way changed the rules …. But of course one would expect nothing less from a jackass than to expect that it should !!

      • Maureen Krueger

        They gave up 50 percent of their delegates to hold their caucus early. It does not allow you to change the type of caucus you can have. I’m glad Gingrich is bringing this to the attention of the American people. Rules continually are broken and nobody seems to care. Why have rules if you aren’t going to follow them. The reason the GOP doesn’t like Gingrich is because he can’t be bought and sold. He won’t go along with their demands and they want someone in the white house who will do their bidding and they could care less about the people. I like Gingrich because both the Dem’s and Rep’s hate him. He is a free thinker, has lot’s of ideas and is willing to work with others to make a fair deal for the American people. Wake up people. Romney is just another puppet.

    • Darrel

      The rules are the rules – FL screwed up AGAIN, yet you blame Gingrich with your ridiculous tin ooil hat bull?

    • Idiot you be

      You certainly are an ignorant little twit.

    • Idiot you be

      How can you be that ignorant and stupid, all rolled into one little fool?

    • frank miller

      to hell with ‘how many women Newt has laid.
      he is definatley the MOST QUALIFIED to save America.
      If Newt can go in with a full house ,six guns blazing and do not give a dam whose LIBERAL ASS toes he steps on he can save America!
      ROMNEY as George Soros said , there is NO!! difference in Obama and Romney.
      As the Generals at the pentagon said of Romney, he is like Obama was and is
      “CLUELESS” as to the defense of the USA!!
      vote for a conservative of your choice. anything or anyone is better then this POS
      president we have today.
      you do not want MORE government as in COMMUNISM!!!
      old sarge

      • John

        Frank Miller, you are absolutely right, how could any republican vote for more of Obammys Constitution stomping in this hand picked rich boy libtard by the name of Mitt.

      • the boss

        If Newt is the most “qualified to save America” we are indeed screwd.
        Newt is a so called “progressive” in laymans terms so you can understand it…A DOUCHE BAG LIBREAL…Parading around as something like a conservative…LEARN BOY…If it is not to late…
        U.S.M.C. 1978-1998.

        • the boss

          One morw thing Mitt and Rick are the same as NEWT.

          • Engineers edge

            A progressive is a liberal , is a socialist , eventually a Commie. Newt is and has been a Conservative all his life as exemplified by the Conservative Union. RP barely makes the grade. Mitt has not been graded because he has not served at the federal level. US Navy 1944-1950

  • Greg F

    The elections are all fixed in favor of the establishment CULT leader Mitt Romney.



      • June


        • Joe


    • Jerry

      you are pathetic

    • jacy

      The establishment GOP has been in the tank for Romney from the beginning. Romney is buying the presidency with millions in attack ads against Newt – if Santorum was high in the polls he would be the next target. Romney is a liberal – research his one term governorship…all his liberal choices. How will Romney, is the nominee, debate Obama on Obamacare when his Romneycare (which he has defended in the past) was the pattern? Romney is a flip flopper on several main issues for his own political advantage – would he flip flop as president? I don’t trust this man – and now Trump (who seeks limelight all of the time) – what deal was made? Trump the VP?

      I will vote for Newt – who has a plan – what on earth will Romney do? He won’t repeal Obamacare!

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        I would expect that the deal between Romney and Trump would be something to do with China !! And who know who it is that are supporting all those PACs that are out there supporting Romney and putting together all those adds against Gingrich !!

      • Granny

        Just goes to show how dumb many Americans are in todays world. You badmouth Mitt Romney, even though there is really no reason to do so, but you praise a man who has no morals, and certainly cannot be trusted. Also, it would appear Newt is a sore loser, so if he can’t take the lose with some dignity, the he should get out of the race.

        • John

          Go ahead and vote for the Libtard Romney, he might be a hair better than Obozo! MAYBE?

      • Conlou

        You are 100% right even Fox sneaks its comments in for Romney-they are becoming Rinos.

      • frank miller

        right on Jacy,

    • Granny

      What a stupid remark – cult leader, get your head out of the sand and quit repeating things you hear others say because you know nothing.

    • MM

      I would find it very hard to vote for Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney for president of my United States of America.

      I will never vote for Barrack Obama like some of YOU did in 2008.

  • James

    Yeah Greg..That’s the truth. Romney is another McCain being pushed down our throats! McCain and Bob Dole both endorsed Rom-money…Both Were BIG Losers. The Republican Elite Have been yelling how Electable Romney is…I don’t SEE IT! I’ll Vote for the Person that BALANCED THE BUDGET TWICE!!!! Once under a REPUBLICAN Administration and ONCE under a Democrat Administration!!! He Hates RINOS and Democrats. He shut the government under Pres. Clinton. Stopped the spending and got a Balanced Budget. NEWT GINGRICH/2012 Experienced Mitt Rom-Money Bags=Obama Light

  • http://cowboybyte Tony

    If he had a problem with the winner take all, why didn’t he say something prior to the election?

  • T nana

    Gingrish needs to stop complaining, that is why he lost. Boo HOO, I lost, mommy give me a trophy, my feelings are hurt… He whines when he doesn’t get his way. Sues and insults the people of Florida. As far as the election being fixed. Well I believe that something went crazy in 2008, No bammie wouldn’t have won without Acorn petitions of falifying voters, and the Sorros types. Obama had so many issues going into the election that should have not vetted him,. Oh wait he wasn’t he sealed all his records. One major reason Obama should have lost that election is REV Wright..

    • Brenda

      Had I spent the time and money on campaigning in Florida and learned they had not complied with their own rules, I would have complained. Either you follow the rules or get out of the game. That’s what wrong with our country now–we have too many people seting rules and passing laws they feel they do not have to follow themselves.

      • June

        Congress comes to mind!

        • DebraD


        • jacy

          Jim DeMint recent release (today) – Senate voted on term limits – voted down and check out how many Republicans voted against term limits – this is what is wrong with this country. We have career politicians who don’t give a damn – career politicians who enjoy insider trading and take bribes!…If we don’t vote them out we will not have a country – what about the 80 card Carrying communists in Congress.

          I don’t blame Newt – follow the rules – both parties are crooked to the core. I think after this election we should form another party.

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        The Democrats tried to pull that same kind of stunt on Bush in his last election … They like to make up their own rules as they go along !!


      Look forward not back. Be prepared for Missouri and Virginia for example. Not the foresight I want in a president. I want the Stanford / Harvard smart doer one!

      • Dingbat36

        I don’t think so…………..what you want appears to be the taller, better looking one with the good head of hair. Every time Mr Harvard opens his yap, he gives the left a new sound byte that they can cherry pick out of a whole sentence!

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        Yah, right, you want the one that agreed with all the liberials in Mass and passed the Obama/Romney care laws not the one that went to West Georgia and balanced the budget for four years, reduced the welfare rolls, put more people back to work, no you don’t want him.. (and he did it with a democrat president) You want the fru-fru one.. Can you spell libido ??????

        • patriotrenegade

          BACKWARDS lonnie. knewtiebird CFR pushed NAFTA and GATT (china) for clint-on CFR TC, bilderberg. Knewtbird COST us MILLIONS of JOBS. He believes in amnesty (MORE JOBS), global warming (MORE JOBS) why does your head fail to work correctly? You’ve swallowed the lies of a career liar. Wanting to change the rules in any state he chooses (FL, VA) is LIBERAL and shows that globalists care not for rules.

    • Dingbat36

      OK T nana………..I guess you either didn’t read the whole article or you didn’t understand the suit…………the suit is against the Republican Party. The Florida Republican Party disrespected the people of Florida by moving their Primary to a date before March 1st in direct opposition to the National Party rules. National took away half of Florida’s usual 100 votes as punishment. Either figure out the content or don’t comment, your analysis was ridiculous!

    • Jean

      Hey T Nannie…..who’s whinning now? Boo Hoo…..Newt’s right….rules are rules.

    • just sayin

      It is clear you did not read the whole article. The man asked them to play by their own rules. Why is that so difficult?

    • emjay98

      What are you talking about? Newt is not suing Florida. He is trying to get the Republicans to follow the rules that were caused by the State jumping ahead of the “winner take all” timing decision that was made by the Republican party. Sure, Newt should just sit there doing nothing, and allow Romney to take all the votes when that is definitely against the rules. Romney would not do it if he had come out behind on the count. Give me a break. Another thing, is how anyone could even consider this man who is more Democrat than Republican. He, himself has identified himself as moderate progressive. That is mighty close to what Obama is, and we need someone who is not beholden to the establishment group. Where did Obamacare come from? It seems to me that Romneycare was the precursor of Obamacare. Romney threw the first stones at Newt when earlier in the campaign, Newt was leading the polls. He got “pants afire” awards for the myriad lies he or his PAC put in their attack ads. Look up Blood Money on youtube, and you might be surprised.

  • Leslie85223

    I once thought Newt Gingrich would be a good candidate, but he’s simply terriblel when he doesn’t win or get his way!!! Had he won Florida, the winner take all would have been just fine, but now that he came in second, he feels the need to change the rules – to suit him!!! Sounds a lot like Obama!!!

    • June

      You would be the same if you were being screwed by our RINOs
      These are the same RINOs that saved Harry Reid in 2010

      • DebraD

        Why did Florids change their primary date? Losing half your delegates seems like a pretty big price to pay for the earlier say and/or coverage. Newt is completely in the right to question this. Plus, many of the early Florida votes were cast before Newt had his surge in SC, before Romney decimated him with millions spent on his negative ads(which people believed!)

    • just sayin

      Sorry, that was a foolish comment because that is what he is asking them to do, play by THEIR rules.

    • jacy

      Newt is far better than Romney – a liberal. If you have to run attack ads, as Romney did against Newt – I heard 17 million dollars, at least be honest about what you say – Romney is buying the presidency with the help of the GOP establishment. I lost all respect for him. Newt is simply asking to follow the rules – people need to stand up and fight back -we all have been apathetic far too long.

    • Lonnie W. Lynch

      There is no doubt in my mind that any one of the candidates would have taken what they could get no matter who it might be until and unless someone complains that the other is not following the rules…. Just so happens that one of the candidates knows the rules and is demanding that they be followed… So just what is your problem with that ???? You don’t like following the rules ???????

    • Linda

      I don’t understand how insisting that the rules be followed can be interpreted as “changing the rules – to suit him!!”….I must be using the wrong dictionary……

    • patriotrenegade

      bama’s boss and mentor brezhinski is a trilateral, knewtiebird is a CFR all globalists all anti-US. That is why he sounds like bammie, same team.

  • John Montanez

    To me this just proves Gingrich is a fighter, and that is what I want a fighter! Besides I don’t believe in winner take all primaries. The rules should be consistent for all the states. Why should someone with millions to spend be able to buy the all the delegates in spite of the fact that many citizens were not fooled by his the false and negative adds his money could buy.

  • pete0097

    It appears to me that the Florida GOP is not following the rules set by the party for primaries. Newt and the others just want everything to be fair. Is it fair to states that follow in the primary cycle for FL to have awarded so many electors in one fell swoop? It could set a precident that could let your candidate not get the delegates.

    • CAllenDoudna

      The Rules ARE the rules–and Florida broke them.

    • CAllenDoudna

      It is said Florida has already been punished by having its delagation cut in half–but allocationing their delagates proportionately will not punish Florida, just put them on the same footing as all the other early states.

    • Brenda

      There is no appearance of not following the rules. Florida needs to stop being so full of its self. They wanted to have an early primary so they could be predominate in the process and that cost them electorial votes. Now they don’t want to follow the rules. It seems getting a fair election out of Florida will be unlikely.

      • Keri

        I live in Florida and couldn’t figure out why in the world they would want to move the primary and punish itself by doing so… I asked someone in the FL GOP… The answer??? $$$$$$
        Romney spent $16mm+, Newt $4mm+ in advertising alone.
        No matter where you go or what you do, it all seems to be about $

    • Dingbat36


  • kategray

    We all know from the last election how florida had lost ballots and the pretender won. How dead people voted and illegals voted. You are supposed to show proper Identfication when you are cashing a check or pulled over by the police. What is wrong with this picture when those in power defy the very laws that the rest of us have to live by?

    • DebraD

      Don’t you know? Requiring voter ID’s disenfranchises the minorities?!( if someone could explain that to me!!! Like you said, we require ID’s for many other things, why not for the precious, citizens-only right to vote?

      • trukn

        Exactly. Do you hear that requiring ID disenfranchises minorities from air travel; check ID disenfranchises them from buying alcohol or tobacco? Now in store in a lot of States: Certain cold medicines, fuel additives, paint thiner, sharpie pens….all that disenfranchisement – oh that’s, right – not a word about that. hmmmmmmm.

    • just sayin

      What pretender are you talking about that won in the last election because of lost ballots in Florida. I live here and do not remember such a thing! Are you talking about when ALGORE, king of GlobalWarming legitimately lost in every possible recount even according to the NY Times? Then they still whined and wanted to steal the election? Selective memory, I think.

    • just sayin

      I just voted in Florida and they carefully checked my ID, looked at me, checked the register, made me sign my name. They even had a test at the beginning and made me fill in an oval to see if I understood the complicated voting process. Anyone who cannot pass that test should not be voting! Now Florida is requiring us to present our passports, certified birth certificates, utility bills and the like in order for us to renew our driver’s licenses and state ID’s! So what is your problem with dead people and illegals? It appears as though they have instituted a process to fix it, unlike New Hampshire and others!

  • tod

    If You Want A Lot More Of The Same,DON’T VOTE FOR DR.RON PAUL 2012 !!!

    • just sayin

      If Ron Paul is honest, then he is incompetent as a manager in my opinion. Here is the fact. Please don’t blather on about NWO, Neo Cons and the like. Just make your determination which one he is and then temper your future comments using common sense rather than Mantra! His views that were written about in HIS newsletters for years with HIS name on them are scary. He claims that he did not know what they were writing for years. To me, that sounds like irresponsible management AT MINIMUM. How can someone who cannot even supervise his OWN newsletters manage international affairs and the US government. So IF he is honest, he is irresponsible and incompetent AT THE LEAST. My belief is that he DID know what was in his newsletters for YEARS and did supervise what went in there. THAT would make him patently dishonest by claiming that he did not know. What would the average person think if they were not a PaulBot or a cult member? My guess would be the latter but the former is possible. Which do you believe, since you claim he is the ONLY honest one? Is he irresponsible and incompetent or dishonest?

  • nunnyah

    It doesn’t matter what these traitors do, the revolution will be in full swing before the November elections!!! It’s time to fulfill your obligations as U.S. Citizens and “abolish the destructive, rival government” that is attempting to overthrow our Constitution!!!

    You people talk a big story on these blogs! Do you also have the guts to take back your own Country by exercising your God Given, Unalienable Human Rights (2nd Amendment) and water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of these tyrants that are infesting our Nation???!!!

    There are over 12 million Loyal, Patriotic U.S. Citizens who are well prepared to do just that!!!
    You can talk the talk, but will you walk the walk???!!!

  • Joe

    RINOs need to be voted outgot to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mc Shame comes to mind.

  • John

    Newt’s staff owed him big after messing up Virginia – looks like they are making amends by finding this twist in the GOP Rules. The Florida GOP establishment wanted to hand the whole pie to Romney amid national attention, but now they may have to slice it up because of their own arrogance and vanity. I hope Newt wins this spat and denies Romney half the block of Florida delegates. I can just hear the whining for poor Mitt – but so what? I never asked the guy to run.

    • DebraD

      Well said!

  • Country Boy

    Rules are rules and since the winner take all rule doesn’t apply in Florida until April 2012, why are so many blaming Gingrich? Obviously, the RINO Establishment are trying to apply rules that they make up on the way. People need to start reading for themselves and stop listening to the gossip about candidates. Everyone needs to understand the RINO Establishment. They want to be the ones to pick the candidates and not We The People. They don’t want conservatives or Tea Party candidates to be elected because conservatives interfere with their plans of doing whatever they want in DC. Their goal is to keep the House and take back the Senate so THEY can control the money. They really don’t give a damn if they get the White House or not as long as they have control of the money and they can keep the same RINO assholes in Congress. RINO’s are ruining the republican party just like the Progressives (Socialist/Communist) have ruin the democratic party. The RINO Establishment is afraid that if Gingrich gets elected then We The People will elect conservatives to replace all the RINO’s coming up- for re-election and that will put a monkey wrench into their plans. Plus, Gingrich knows what is going on in DC and could fix most of it if he had the support from the House and Senate and the only way he can do that is get the RINO’s out. Yes, Gingrich was at one time a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and may still be. Perry and Huntsman were also members as well as many in congress to include John McCain. Even Huckabee joined when he was running for office. What the hell do you think Romney is? If Romney wasn’t in with the Bilderbergers and the CFR do you really think H.W. Bush and many others would be in his corner. The bastard George Soros recently told a group in Europe not to worry because if Romney got into the White House there would be very little difference between him and Obama. Basically, meaning Romney would just be a puppet like Obama. Romney has always been for the Health Care bill, abortion, homosexuals in schools, gun control and he is basically like Obama. Gingrich was correct when he called Romney a liar. The only damn reason Romney has changed his tune is in hopes of getting elected, but I’m sure he doesn’t have a change against Obama and I’m also sure if the truth was know the RINO’s feel the same way. However, they really don’t care as long as everything else goes their way. Something else you need to also watch is what the Florida RINO Establishment is trying to do with Allen West’s seat. They don’t want him re-elected to the House because he is not one of them and he tells things like they are. In Ohio the RINO Establishment are trying to change the rules so Tea Party candidates and conservatives can’t get in office. Some people need to get their head out of the sand so they can see what is really going on in the election and throughout the world.

    • http://none sliver1935

      Well stated cowboy. In 96 the establishment forced the inept Bob Dole on us. In 2008 it was the pure RINO McCain and it’s apparent that this year another liberal posing as a quasi conservative will represent us once again in the person of Mitt Romney. I’ll vote for him if I’m forced to, but I will do so holding my nose. Unfortunately with the trillion dollars “Rosemary’s Baby” will have to lambaste him, we’re about to lose our country to the diabolical.

  • Kathryn in VA

    Underestimate Newt only to your peril… He knew the votes would be proportional in Florida BEFORE they started. He is so much smarter and better equipped to be president than anyone else in this race. We don’t need another empty suit in the WH. We need a man with experience and vision. The only one in the race who can hold his own against our Harvard educated leader.

  • Believer

    POOR NEWT: Newt should have OPENED his historical mouth, before the VOTING took place. He is very UNORGANIZED for a candidate. He will be unorganized if he becomes the president.
    Romney 2012!

    • just sayin

      You sound like a gloating whiner. So should we catch all criminal acts or mistakes before we commit them or discover them after. Your comment made no sense. The rules are the rules and should be followed otherwise we are like Obama. Maybe it’s OK when your team wins when the referee blows the call, but I don’t like it.

    • Lonnie W. Lynch

      Newt, unorganized ?? Boy have you been drinking the cool aide !!! Yah, you keep on believing that !!! There will be no doubt that he will win the nomination….. We like people like you !!

      • patriotrenegade

        people like you do a disservice to your country by voting for treason. If the council on foreign relations is the VANGUARD for global govt over us, then how can you as an american support a member of such a treasonous org? I’ve asked you many times and you always RUN AND HIDE from the question. ANSWER IT! Otherwise you are dishonest and a coward.

  • Larry

    People are now getting to see the real Newt and they will see what a poor loser he is and he does stop at nothing to get what he wants the same way as the SOB Barrack Obama. These two people are more alike than anyone could ever imagine and I mean in every way they are criminals but Obama has one up on Newt Obama does have ties to the organized crime from Chicago.

    • John

      All of these candidates are “sore losers” and “poor winners”. If the results had favored Newt then it would be Mitt’s staff trying to split the Florida delegates.



  • Rory Trup

    Why doesn’t the GOP have anybody watching these rules? Why does Newt have to be the adult in the room? I’m for Santorum, but, would gladly take Newt or Romney over the ‘O’verlord. Hey, I just made that up. Tell a friend. Peace.

  • Marylou

    Florida! The rules are clear and down on paper!
    You try to bypass the rules and someone will call you on it!
    Just correct your big fat error and correct the injustice you did to all the candidates!
    It does not matter who reported your error!

  • Homer 69

    Honestly folks, I do not wish to be pessimistic about the upcoming election, but if one cannot see that the NWO folks, who are the Republican party, the Democrat Party, the Judiciary, the Military Brass, the CIA, and all the Banksters, and all the Press want a certain person (like Romney) in as the Republican nominee, who and the hell is there to stop them? The Banksters are backed by the Rothschilds (estimated to be worth 500 TRILLION dollars–at least half the wealth of the UNIVERSE), and the Rockefellers (estimated to be close to at least 20 TRILLION dollars, and then there are all the rest)–what do you think that you and I and Sally and the rest of the Americans can do to change who the nominee may be? Short of military conflict, or grass root uprisings, what is there? Anger with words? Frustration with each other?
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are so many COMMUNISTS in our government, including the “Grand Usurper”….who is the bouncing puppet of the TRILLIONAIRES, that if you think this will be a fair election, and really matter, all of you are dreamers, including all of the candidates and all of the supporters. Believe me, it is time for other remedies.

  • Sashamanda

    Whether you like Newt or not, you really should be concerned about the RNC failing to enforce its own rules, just because they prefer one candidate over another.

    And, whether you like Newt or not you should be concerned about extremely biased reporting.

    Both are forms of voter fraud.

  • ma659

    I’m with Newt too! They need to follow the rule books like anyone else.
    Also, I wish people would learn to look past Newt’s personal life and focus on what he’s saying.
    He hasn’t waivered from his convictions. And he would stand up to ANY country that would threaten our country and our people.
    That’s the kind of president I want.
    Not one that bows down to kings!

  • Rocketman

    Florida is so screwed up that if they do a recount they will probably find out that Paul is the winner.

  • Engineers edge

    I voted for Newt in the Florida election early. Was contacted this morn by the Florida Republican party for a donation. I told him I did not like the way the Rep Party screwed up the rules and hung up. This is the only way they might catch on when they want donations.