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TSA agent arrested for allegedly stealing $5,000 from passenger’s jacket

A Transportation Security Administration agent stole $5,000 in cash from a passenger’s jacket as he was going through security at John F. Kennedy International Airport, authorities said Thursday, the latest in a string of thefts that has embarrassed the agency.

Alexandra Schmid took the cash from a Bangladeshi passenger’s jacket as it went along an X-ray conveyor belt Wednesday night in Terminal 4, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s police force.

Surveillance video showed Schmid taking the money from a jacket pocket, wrapping the cash in a plastic glove and taking it to a bathroom, Della Fave said.

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  • BigJohn

    What the hell do you expect?
    This must be Bush’s fault.

    • Martin Ridens

      Bush was the one who signed the bill into law creating the TSA. So, in a sense it was his fault. Just saying.

      • Anne


        • Mary Hutto

          Do you know that Wekipedia is not very reliable since anyone can edit its contents?

          • BUD


      • Old Faithful Geyser

        Your a sick Bastard, Martin.

      • cmbhi

        Martin is correct. Who was in charge of DHS under Bush? Michael Chertoff. Who lobbied to get the naked scanners in every airport? Michael Chertoff. Who stands to make loads of money off of those scanners? Michael Chertoff. He started the Chertoff Group after he left the DHS and Rapiscan, the makers of the naked body scanners, is his client. Oh, and Chertoff had also co-wrote the unPatriot Act – well, put all the disparate pieces of legislation together and called it the Patriot Act. The man is pure evil and Bush appointed him? What does that tell you about Bush? Betcha neither of them ever have to go through those machines. Oh, the evil that men do.

        • BUD


      • Jerry

        Why thank you, you uninformed educated illiterate!!!!

      • BUD


    • Brenda

      Bush signed the bill, but Obama expanded Homeland Security. Look to the head of the agency for this. The original intent of Homeland Security was to consolidate intellegency from various agencies. Since its inception, it has slowly and irrovocately infringed on our rights, without being effective in preventing terrorist from boarding planes on at least two occassions.

      • Paul

        More proof that BOTH “Republicans” AND “Democrats” are fake “opposing” factions of the same traitorous NWO-domestic enemies country club who hand-off ever-oppressing, anti-Constitution One World government agendas against the American people! Ron Paul 2012!

        • linda miskolci

          I will also vote for Ron Paul. I hope he makes it to the elections.

          • wireline

            thank you Linda, I want a chance to vote for him too, I will definitely want to be voting for him in the caucus when it come around to us. Ron Paul 2012 for a Constitutional change we can live with
            Here is to liberty and freedom!!!

        • Jerry

          Go home!

      • Rocky

        Your papers please !

      • Ken

        Get your head out of the dark place and into the light, PLEASE! Bush created the Department of Homeland Security. At the time it sounded a lot like the American GESTOPO to me. Obama has not made it any worse than it was under Bush bag. There is a lot of things to blame on Obummer, but bush bag did this one. What will be say to our grand children when they ask us, “Why did you allow the creation of a GESTOPO under bush bag like they had in Nazi Germany?”

        • Old Faithful Geyser

          if your going to use the acronym for: Geheime Staatspolizei
          it is spelled GESTAPO

        • John Hand

          If you want to use the word GESTAPO to describe anything. Spell it correctly.

          • SweetOlBob

            How fortunate we are to have such erudite persons handy who can criticize a perfectly understandable comment for misspelling. Even if the person who commented is obviously a democRAT activist and a left over “Bush hater” who cant, or wont see that “Butchie” Napolitano, under the guidance and direction of our SLL* in the white house, has totally gone over the edge in stupid, insulting, physically violating procedures.

            Leave the idiot sincophant’s spelling alone, gentlemen. It serves to show his Obama protecting agenda.
            *Slimey Little Liar

            Note: Before you shoot, I know very well that the word “Slimey” is correctly spelled “Slimy”. But when referring to Obama, it just ain’t SLIMEY enough.

        • Jerry

          Bush did not create the agency for its employess to steal from passengers!! What king of bs are any of you Bush-creators are slinging!!!

      • Ken

        Get your head out of the dark place and into the light, PLEASE! Illegal created the Department of Homeland Security. At the time it sounded a lot like the American GESTOPO to me. Obama has not made it any worse than it was under Bush bag. There is a lot of things to blame on Obummer, but bush bag did this one. What will be say to our grand children when they ask us, “Why did you allow the creation of a GESTOPO under bush bag like they had in Nazi Germany?”

        • http://None BenFox

          Ken, your not very bright, obozo has followed Hitlers plans from the beginning, I guess you can’t see the trees through the forest? Bush has been out of office for almost 4 years get over it, obozo is the blame for what is going on today. Obozo could have done away with all these things but, they work in his favor because people are to blind to see him for what he is, a child of satan, a lying islamic nut job who wants allah to be the god to everyone and allah is satan himself and many or most follow him.

        • JACKEL


    • gearhead

      Yes it is Bush’s fault. Bush’s globalist, big goverment ways paved the road for the insanity the is going on right now and will ultimately destroy this nation.

      • http://googlechrome David

        I think it was the thief’s fault and he’s a democrat by later news.

        • gundoctor

          HE?? Can’t say I have ever met a guy named Alexandra. But. then, maybe you have!

          • seabee combat vet

            Hey, with oblowhole and the libs wanting equal this and that, maybe a tranny? Just saying!! hehehe

        • Jerry

          What I have trouble with figuring this out is that things of this nature just don’t happen until the nation is under a dim-witted dim admin!!!!!


      Well this is no surprise. To go from cupcakes to large sums of money is a small jump. I’m sure the thief thought since the owner of the $5000 was from Bagladesh he could get away with it, after all it was his word against a Bangladeshi, right. Wrong !

      The stupid TSA Agent forgot about the surveillance cameras. Just shows the bad quality and lack of intelligence of the TSA personel that have been given full authority over the passengers.

      • gundoctor


        • Badco6354

          The agents did not forget. They are being iradiated by the damm scanners through out the day and they are brain dead. Bush/ Obama or Joe mama the Governemnt is corrupt and trying to kill this Country. Elect RON PAUL!

      • Old Faithful Geyser

        Dosen’t it make you feel alot safer knowing that we have MORONS at the TSA that are too stupid to chew chewing gum and walk at the same time. This is a typical Government Rent-A-Cop, give them a badge, a clean uniform and a little authority and turn them loose on the general public so they can Dictate, Grope, Intimidate, and steal and get paid for it at the same time.
        I say, remove them from our Airports and pace them on the borders, North and South, and let them earn their money watching the borders for Homeland Secruity.

    • http://FaceBook ron yurchak

      And we need more airport security. What a joke. That makes only one that was caught. How many more go unnoticed?

    • http://bridgehouse badge007


    • nifongnation

      Bush did it.

    • Jerry

      Great going!!!!

    • dago dave

      ALLEGEDLY?——————————————————— B.S.

      • eddy james

        I haven’t seen the video, but I’m sure a charge of racism will come up at trial.Just guessing here.

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    I love how the media always uses the term ‘allegedly’…especially when an existing video exists showing the whole crime taking place. Allegedly my rear end. Allegedly, the TSA is a non constitutional entity.

    • Anne

      Dntmkmecmoverther: Even THAT’S not allegedly … since it’s in DIRECT VIOLATION of the 4th Amend.

      Amendment IV

      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      Everyone traveling on any public transportation should carry a copy of the 4th Amend with them, and when directed to go through the scanners or submit to a pat-down, DEMAND to see the WARRANT issued that authorizes them to do that.

      • dago dave

        AGAIN ALLEGEDLY?—————————————-B>S>

  • Dntmkmecmoverther

    I love how the media always uses the term ‘allegedly’…especially when an existing video exists showing the whole crime taking place. Allegedly my rear end! The TSA continues to function as a denial of our constitutional rights….there is no ‘alleged’ in that.

    • BruceD

      I believe that that term “allegedly” is used to protect the reporter and their employer from being sued should the person be found not guilty. There is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. It protects those who are falsely accused from being tried in the media.

    • Old Faithful Geyser

      Remember P.C. and I don’t mean Personal Computer.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    TSA is a gestapo federally assisted joke;; abolish the fools; that is OUR RIGHT.

    • nifongnation

      Janet Napolitano is like Obama; both have Mussolini expressions of insolence.

      • wireline

        yes she does and who can ever forget Janet Reno, ugh

  • T nana

    Good! pilfering through our belongings an taking our stuff, makes them no better then a thief, they should be prosecuted. Someone needs to investigate TSA, most of them are over bearing rude and insulting. I went to the airport to pick my son up, two of them at Philadelphia airport standing to the side of the line, behind a wall Not visible to the passengers, they were yelling across the line at people because they were walking through the wrong line, even though there was 4 lines, not a sign to direct the patrons. The TSA agents were laughing laying over the podium an sleeping at times. I was there for 2 hours watching this an waiting. When they weren’t doing that they were goofing around with the other TSA buddies, not paying attention to the passengers. Every now an then they would look up and yell. I actually contacted the TSA and never got a response back. I even had a picture of the two ignoring the passengers sleeping over the podium. They are arrogant an use the uniform to search you luggage, push you around insult you. yeling at us and we can’t defend ourselves because we could be charged for disobying them, TSA needs be investigated an fairly treat people. We aren’t the terrorist we are the American people that were attacked. In the end, give someone a desk with a little authority they take it over the top.

    • John Hand

      Surprised that you never mentioned color…..

  • Leslie85223

    Too much latitude, not enough common sense used with this organization. It’s just another way for Obama to keep uneducated, minority drop-outs employed on the Federal payroll.

  • US Citizen born and raised

    We had to have a camera to prove it? One company I worked for…..the employees carried laptops when they traveled. When luggage was checked in at the airports (more than one airport) with the laptops packed inside other luggage……the laptops never made it to their destination.
    The laptops, checked at the counter INSIDE another suitcase, so the only people who touched it from that point on were the baggage handlers…..and the laptops were removed from the luggage before it arrived at it’s destination. Someone was making some cash everyday.
    Company had to issue a policy to keep the laptop with you. No checking them.

  • J.M.R.

    a criminal breeds more criminals thats all we have running our great country to day

  • US Citizen born and raised

    It is time to change how our country operates. The last several elections, I have struggled and voted for the lesser of two evils. We can no longer afford to vote this way. We must have a candidate who will follow our Constitution and follow in the footsteps of our forefathers in their faith in the Lord. Stop looking at international law but at our founding documents. Men who are not afraid to go on bended knee to pray to our Lord. Men who fear our Lord. Men who will listen and follow our Lord. We have lived in darkness for too long. We have been silent for too long and allowed our country to back slide to where it is today. Good men can no longer remain silent. Good men need to rise up and place our country back on it’s rightful course. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke) WE have done nothing for too long. It is time to restore our families to a mother and a father, married in the eyes of the Lord. For men to be leaders in their home and community. To set strong examples of character and integrity to their children and to raise their children up to be leaders as well. Are Godly men ready to step up and step out.

    • http://CowboyByte John Dunn

      2 Chronicles 7 – 14

  • Dale DuBois

    Get rid of Obama and you will get rid of these Bastards.

    • jack

      There is only one person running for president who has not publicly supported the TSA and its actions. That person is Ron Paul. He has said it’s wrong, it, unconstitutional, and he will put a stop to it.
      Every other candidate supports the TSA as well as unconstitutional legislation like the Patriot Act and NDAA.

      • John Hand

        Oh yes, Paul will end all the problems in the world. You Paul nuts are on every site, cluttering it up. Getting very tiring.

      • Riverdweller

        One Candidate for the Senate in my State says the TSA is not needed.
        He is for getting rid of it. I pray he gets on the ballot.
        He is also for repealing obamacare and the recently passed NDAA and says we need to get rid of the EPA and DOE (should be under the States) is anti-abortion and very 2nd Amendment as it protects all our other rights.
        WATCH your State candidates for Congress this year. Go meet them and talk to them. Go to dinners where all the candidates get a few minutes to introduce themselves and what they hope to accomplish. If you can’t afford a ticket call your State Senator’s or Representative’s offices. They buy 1 or 2 tables for these functions and sometimes have extra seats available that they paid for. I go to a lot of functions free that way.

    • gsto

      Nicely Said Dale!!!!! Lets just get rid of the king obozzzzo, throw him in prison in his home town in Kenya or we could send him to iran so he can rub shoulders with his partner muslim terrorists. Then if America can get a brain, we can get some folks in the White House that care about the American people and start getting our house back in order…

      • SweetOlBob

        Don’t forget that we have to replace the SLL*in the white house with someone who isn’t just as bad and will actually change (there’s that word again) his policies and repeal his unconstitutional measures.

        The Manure Stream Media and the RNC are trying to convince all of us that there only two viable candidates. There are three. And I don’t mean some old kook from the Southwest.
        *Slimey Little Liar

        • Riverdweller

          Well, if you mean Santorum. Google him. His record is more liberal than conservative. That’s the main reason he lost his bid for re-election to the Senate.

  • Leo

    The Union well get hem off. They found hem on bait car

  • exbuckeye

    Interesting that thereis video of the ‘watchers’.
    Hmmmm we have watchers watching the watchers.
    Now who is going to watche the watcher who are watching the watchers?

    As J.M.R. said earlier criminals breed criminals -and- they will only breed
    more criminals.
    If the TSA agent had only split with the guy who was running the video, they’d
    have gotten away with it. (UhOh I’ve just siggested to them how to do it!!)


    Enojugh of this unconstitutional bullshit.

    • Renellin

      I like you, old dad.

  • True Patriot

    This is in direct parallel to what Ayatollah Moron Obama is doing to America. These thugs are embolden to commit these crimes because Da man be in charge. :-)

  • doug

    we have to change the congress because they are ineffective. obama’s way or the highway.

  • RobinPC

    TSA – touchy, squeezing, a**holes. Obama loves it, encourages it, embraces it. These are his people, trained to lie, steal, cheat, abuse, demean everyone including Senators and old women in diapers. Obama we love you, we want you to be our savior (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

  • Theodore J Gager

    So, what’s new about this? First they take away our liberty and then they rob us!

  • Lou

    I bet she was a dark cookie hired on affirmitive action

  • Don39

    For the type of person that it takes to do the TSA job, I am surprised it does not happen more!


    Well the TSA is not very good doing its job, because they have stopped no-one. The threats that were caught were caught by the passengers. But they have proved they are good at robbery, child molestation, attacking senior citizens and nuns. Please keep writing and complaining to your Senators & Congressman.

  • gparra9

    I’m just wondering how much more has actually been stolen & they haven’t been caught or that the TSA is hiding or covering up !!!!

  • Washington76

    SPRING CREEK — A city officer arrested a Spring Creek man Wednesday morning at the Elko Area Regional Airport, where he works for the Transportation Security Administration, on a warrant charging six counts of lewdness with a child.


    Wake-Up Proud Americans And Listen What “King Obama” Is Doing And Saying, This BS Is The Way The Liberal Goons Love, Gimmie, Gimmie And I Will Worship Your Muslim Belief, Yikeess, Lets Check In With “Judge Mahili” Man Of The Year From Georgia State, God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    • Jerry

      Every state in the US should follow suit with the judge’s consideration haandling in issuing a default judgment!!!! This is telling all those who voted for this inept psychotic psycho-path that he is in the wrong place if soros doesn’t be brought down!!!@!!!!

  • wayne

    It’s Bush’s fault…It’s Bush’s fault. Poor George is catching it just like Jesse James did. Jesse was in so many places at the same time it’s a wonder how he kept up with himself.

  • Larry E

    So perverts are thieves too? Isn’t that a surprise!

  • Marylou

    TSA steals ALL the time! They stole $300 in an envelope in my purse at Reagan airport in DC.
    It was there when I put my purse on the conveyor belt and TSA took my pusre to “examine it over here”, out of my sight!
    I reported it as soon as I boarded the plane, the flight attendant called it in.
    You guessed one wanted to hear it!!!
    Do not let your purse/carryon out of your sight….say “NO” when they try to turn around with it or go to another table.

    • Riverdweller

      Better yet. QUIT FLYING – unless absolutely necessary for business.

  • retired air force cop in marana az

    Well, comments from Ken, Paul and Rocky tell me that the liberal element has infiltrated the Cowboy Byte to be bold enough to use ‘the communist-in-charge’ tactics and blame Bush. When 9-11 happened, the whole country wanted swift action, so the OHS was formed. Bush was out of office when J. Nepalitano was appointed the head of OHS. I’m from Arizona, and I know what our former Governor is capable and incapable of. So, don’t blame Bush!!!!

  • WillyT

    It’s sad what the 9/11 terrorists have been able to do to Americans by turning us against each other. The lynch mob mentality on this blog is just one of the many victories those Islamo-fascists have scored. Loose the dogs of mindless rage. The level of anger has to spill over somewhere and actually I’m glad there are outlets like this where people can vent. You (obviously) don’t have to be correct here yet the 1st Amendment doesn’t discriminate. Folk can vent and sing in the “them against us” choir and in large part will be protected. That’s the way it ought to be when some of the most hideous enemies of America are zealous fascists hiding behind religion. Sure, there are Hitler, Maoist, Stalinist types but these Islamists really need to be contained. Folk here might remember that. Don’t let barking dogs chasing stray cats lead you away from our true enemies.

  • Rian

    If the topmost is a seasoned liar and yet the main stream media trumpeted him like a messiah ,why shouldn’t the bottom reflect what the top wants ?

  • Buck

    Calm down now , you can’t really expect these fine people to work for a living ,can you ? That would be downright un-American of you , just ask the OWS .

  • Buck

    WillyT is 100% right , the terrorists have WON .

  • Kurt of LA

    I have been through many big International airports. Los Angeles TSA is an embarrassment

  • dr jon

    allegedly ? she either did it or didnt

  • John Adelman

    Little people with lot’s of authority, little pay, little training, and little future; what can you expect. I’m surprised that the body scans haven’t gone viral yet. They started with the employees of private contractors and the Federal Government hired them. Still, many of these people, who I am sure try their hardest to be good, but with frail elders, children, and inconsistent interpretation of rules airport to airport this group of discouraged civil servants is only more motivated and entitled than Postal Service and Department of Prisons personnel.

    Last time I was returning to Boston from Fort Myers and the TSA Agents disassembled my laptop computer telling me that they never saw one before. They were successful in causing me to miss a flight. My last experience with TSA was having my father 75 years old, get out of his wheelchair and take off his shoes. They refused to allow me to assist my invalid father until I asked if I could put his right shoe on his right foot, and left shoe on his left foot?

    They reluctantly agreed to allow this WWII Regular Army Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart recipient get assistance from his son after being humiliated by the TSA Personnel. As a college student I was a security guard working for the University Police. My usual lead was a Sargent who was an MP for twenty years in the Army prior to joining the University Police. This Sargent, Big Jim (325#, 6’2″) taught me more in a few minutes of instruction each shift than a typical TSA Agent would learn in a life long career.

    I worked weekend parties at the University with plenty of booze and drugs. My job was to observe, instruct, and report. Being small in stature, those violating security, usually large men, would threaten me. If it was loudly, Jim would intervene. If I needed help, I just announced “JIM” and he would intervene with hand on service revolver. The men who were physical with me, got a lesson in a nearby garage.

    We picked out the trouble makers. If picking on aggressive men using phony ID’s was profiling, we were profiling. Everyone who we observed breaking the rules were excluded. There should be a difference between profiling and weeding out bad seeds. Oops, was that politically correct, I really didn’t mean to leave the genetic reference with regards to the trouble makers.

  • linda miskolci

    I refuse to fly anywhere anymore because of the TSA.
    They haven’t saved us from a single terrorist threat. They search old ladies in wheel chairs…..they search babies…………they are a terrible joke from the gov’t on to the American people. Now they steal……they probably have before and haven’t been caught.
    TSA needs to be discontinued.

  • Jerry

    I have always wondered why things like this happen in a dim-witted dim admin!!!!!!

  • Bob Bowen

    How about the TSA person ho stole it is responsible not Bush,not Obama ( who I dislike )

  • Cas

    It’s all merely & simply a POS ROW inculcated by the present OPA that creates the schism of CWW between BH’s & the BHN’s.
    This creates the prevailing attitude that what someone ELSE has, is there for the taking.
    Can’t wait for the TON to lay that string upon my arm & queue me up to have my internal organs redistributed by the OHCP’s…..

    Ovens??…What stinkin’ Ovens???!! (Does any one ELSE smell smoke”??)

    Decipher Key IOOA:
    (Point of Service)
    (Redistribution of Wealth)
    (Obama Presidential Administration)
    (Class Welfare-Warfare)
    (Bengalese HAVES)
    (Bengalese HAVE-NOTS)
    (Tattooer of Numbers)
    (Obama Health-Care Panels)
    (In order of Appearance)

  • dago dave


  • http://conservitivebytes george morrison……….mayflower decendent

    thats real good this person is doing like her leaders higher up in government stealing from the public because she thinks she deserves it

  • the boss

    Yep, Bush is just a guilty as Obama…the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats…Get a grip sheeple…Free people can and do vote themslves into slaver but slave never vote themselves free…at least not with a ballot box…

  • Jason Burns

    Abolish the TSA!