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Obama, Ryan in budget rematch

The bell for Round Two of the fight between President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is about to ring.

Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, was bloodied in the first round after his proposal to revamp Medicare became a campaign poster for Democrats.

Obama, who skirted major proposals to reform Medicare and Social Security in his own budget last year, invited Ryan to a speech and then ripped him from the stage, saying the proposal would “end Medicare as we know it.”

Ryan’s plan soon became a campaign theme that Democrats credited with handing them a special election victory in upstate New York.

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  • donl

    Now that we all know obama is a communist maybe Ryan can deal with him like he really is, liar,cheat, and very unhonest.

    • American

      Proverbs 17
      7 Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool—
      how much worse lying lips to a ruler!
      11 Evildoers foster rebellion against God;
      the messenger of death will be sent against them.
      23 The wicked accept bribes in secret
      to pervert the course of justice.
      Proverbs 18
      2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding
      but delight in airing their own opinions.
      9 One who is slack in his work
      is brother to one who destroys.
      15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
      for the ears of the wise seek it out.
      17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,
      until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

      • matt

        You are right on

  • Gordon

    WHAT BUDGET ?? The house has had a budget every year. The Senate leader just said
    there will be no budget !!! Obama talks budget, but lie’s every time he opens his mouth.
    Don’t you understand my friends under a Marxist Dictatorship they don’t need a budget.

    • Mike

      We haven’t had a budget in over a thousand days under this administration. I believe the last one submitted by the President was rejected 100-0 in the Senate. Why have a budget if you can get by on emergency continuing resolutions? Let’s not let a good crisis go to waste, right?

    • Mike

      After we get Harry Reid out of there as majority leader, we can then have a budget passed by both houses. The new Republican President will sign a budget with the necessary cuts to the bloated bureaucracy and get the nation back on track for economic growth. Harry has been announcing that every bill arriving from the House is DOA. Way to go Harry, you are an imbecile.

  • Glenn

    Gordon has it right. No Senate approved budget for the past three years! Omin-bus bypass is the Obama way of life! This country is on by-pass life support at best!

  • Laura

    Nothing new.

  • linda miskolci

    Obama needs to be impeached for many offenses against the USA and the Constitution. Those in congress do not have the guts necessary to do that.
    Ryan is trying very hard to do the right thing.

    • Laura

      Yea but i’d be surprised if anything good happens

  • Kathie

    Don’t you see—if Obama doesn’t have a budget –he can spend whatever he wants and he has no guidelines. He can blame it on the Republicans without impunity. Now he says he is going to come up with a budget, before the election, but it will be worded so that Republicans will reject it —and once again he gets a blank check and no blame for anything. What a treacherous rodent this Obama is. Americans have to fight back somehow.

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Paul Ryan tries to explain that social security and medicare will be defunct yet it falls on deaf ears. Last time OBAMA tried to scare seniors that Ryan was throwing them “under the bus”. That’s what the dems are good at, twisting the truth so they can get all the votes, but the truth is all they want to do is spend. Look at the financial mess we’re in because they can’t stop spending!