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Canadian PM in China trying to sell Keystone oil, says Sen. Hoeven

Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) on Tuesday said that thanks to the Obama administration’s delay of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, at this moment, hawking his nation’s excess oil to the Chinese administration.

“Right now Prime Minister Harper is talking to Hu Jintao, president of China, and believe me, China wants that oil,” Hoeven said. “[W]e will see what kind of agreement he comes back with from China.”

Harper arrived in China on Tuesday with a delegation of Canadian businessmen, and plans to meet with Chinese officials on the topic of energy.

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  • Doug Henslee

    ya well Obama says he is for jobs here in the u.s but not really he is here to dissenter to the u.s. He is a no good son of a bitch!

    • Larry E

      Doug you’ve given him WAY too much credit.

      • E

        You mean there is a bigger insult than Obama is a son of a bitch?

      • BUD


    • Bobby

      It’s Bad enough Obama Debt is owned by the Chinese!!! If a Deal is worked out and China gets all that Oil from Canada, China could Justify Placing Combat Troops in Canada “Protecting” their “Vital Interests” for their National Security!!!!

    • Infidel

      Please don’t talk that way about “THE FOODSTAMP PRESIDENT” He is going to feed all of us, don’t worry comrades.
      He won’t let us starve the way Stalin starved 12,000,000 rebelious Ukranians.
      He’ll find another way

    • Walter

      It time for all voters to learn that Obama is not our american friend. He act more like he the enemy of all of us looking for jobs. He kill jobs instead of helping business to create them. He sitting on permits for three years stopping jobs . He kill the pipe line jobs. He wasted our money of failed company”s . and gave his friends waver and the other hell. He lied to all of us and wants to tax us more so he can spend more………………

      • BUD


  • john robison

    BHO will wait till the last moment to get the oil pipe line started it would not give him big play yet only if he took it right away and that chance is gone if you have not noticed this President (and I use that term loosely) is late to every thing like its his job,,typical attitude,of somebody who has never been in charge before..likes to make everybody anxious to see him, problem is he has mistaken irattion for his tardiness as a great need for people to see him..worse dressed president of all time, worse ojt,on and on,,,, some one get him a tie and jacket..geezzzz

    • BUD


      • Mike

        China will probably provide the cheap labor to build the pipeline to Vancouver and their ships will be waiting to get filled up. Meanwhile, Obummer will continue to fund green energy and watch each one go belly up after getting billions in uncollectable loans. Both he and the ones in Congress who are against Keystone will be held accountable in November for this travesty.

      • EWH


        • BUD


  • Motorcycle Man

    And no one could possibly see this coming? And China will help build this pipeline with THEIR imported people to Canada to do it. All that needs to be done is for the pipeline to take a right turn and head for the west coast of Canada to ship the oil to China…….thank you Barak Obama!

    • J Pro

      All the Alaskan oil since day one has been shipped to Mexico and China. Not so much as a drop stayed here in the USA. We The People were told repeatedly that the USA voted against refinerys here. Yet, it is the USA that imports millions of barrells daily – Refines it, then, ships it out as gasoline, kerosine, liquid propane, and other products.

      It is We The People that are being systematically lied to day after day after day. We The People are being told the USA is running out of natural resorces and that is why crude oil is needed to be imported. BOLD FACE LIES.

      • doghouse_thumper

        Running out of resources? Last time I looked the sun was still shining …

        • Neal Olson

          What kind of drivel is that? Say something that makes sense!

      • JoJo

        That’s true. Actually, the oil went to Japan refineries when the pipeline was completed. Apparently, the oil contained too much sulphur for american refineries to handle. I was quite young when I heard it, but I remember thinking then why not build or retrofit a refinery to handle the oil…The oil embargo was still very fresh in my mind and I thought this was insanity…but then, look who was in office….Jimmy Carter.

      • Jim213

        They new when they built the Alaska Pipeline that the sulphur content was to high to be used in the US

      • patriotrenegade

        that’s because of globalism. The good of our nation to be redistributed worldwide. What a damn shame.

    • Vladilyich

      That will be almost impossible. The pipeline would have to go through British Columbia. The First Nations will not allow that. They have never signed a treaty with Canada and the reservations own the majority of property in the province. They have already stated that the reservations will not allow a pipeline through their critical territory.

    • http://FaceBook ron yurchak

      Thanks BHO for the oil and jobs we did’nt get. This is the change you promised?

    • martin

      They will probably make the pipes for the pipe line. Like they made the bay bridge in San Francisco and MLK statue.

  • Dr. Real

    Politics is all about timing…and now is not the time for America.

  • Tony N
    • E.McNew-Higgins

      Thank you so much -I was from Brookings Or But know that country well & we have seen the dams being taken out in central Or Then the peoples Homes flooding this year I only got to the 1st web site But what an eye opener—I live out north of Salem now & have heard nothing of the Great Sheriffs getting together but I am tea party–Thank you again for posting this E.McNew

  • CAllenDoudna

    Dear Resident Obama:

    Since you have never been in business you perhaps do not understand that making money to pay the bills and get a little reward for all your hard work cannot be put off indefinitely. While you are in the Wait House trying to decide whether or not you want to buy Canadian oil the Canadians have lined up an eager buyer in China.

    Please be more Johnny-on-the-spot next time.

    Money talks,


  • mike

    THIS is happening because we did not tell the fraud in chief that he was going approve this line or get out of office…by refusing to build this line in time of was while oil prices are costing the citizens jobs and higher cost…one could declare this act as treasonous.

  • Edward Shick

    Why have we not impeached Obama ” the Destroyer of America” before now Bohner is still leaving Pelosi run the house I’ m sure up set that whe we need the oil that Washington would leave it go to China , We just gave Soros 2 Billion to drill wells off of Brazil which goes to China, This should be the strew that breaks the camels back,,

    • John Hand

      To advance an ‘impeachment’ or a resignation, you must have the press on your side and against the president. Nixon had the liberal press against him. The Obama Administration has already committed impeachable offenses, with “Fast and Furious being a way more serious matter that was Watergate, but nothing is happening. Since the conservatives control virtually none of the press, our only hope it so to get Obama out this time around. If he serves another four, there might be more years…

  • Dee

    With obummer fiddling while the Canadian is in china trying to sell the pipline to them, we will miss it. obummer makes me sick. He will do anything to ruin this country.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Obama is bad for US Economy and Job Creation. He is a LIAR.

  • John Looper

    He’s the single worst thing that ever happened to this country. He is highly skilled at wasting money and knows less about economics than I do. Wake up America!!! This guy needs sending back to wherever he comes from and given a good forgetting!

  • doghouse_thumper

    And all the Cannucks are going to have to do is to route this environmental-disaster-waiting-to-happen (Not IF, but WHEN) through British Columbia. Good luck with that.

    • Dale on left coast

      Dog . . . there are 10’s of thousands of miles of pilelines in North America . . . and you think another 900 miles is a problem . . . you are a friggin enviro-loon!!!
      Canada and the US are probably the two cleanest countries on the Planet . . . let us know when the rest catch up . . . then we’ll talk about your dopy solar panels . . . lol

  • Thomas Wilson


    • Apollo

      If this is Mandrin. You’all better start learnen the language, Or you be left behind.

      • jack

        English would be a good starting point for you.

  • Don

    Wait til all America hears of this. Obama will not get re-elected, period. He continues on his plan to destroy America and if he is not careful he will be the one that Americans throw away.

  • CaptTurbo

    I wish Canada would wait for us to bounce Obozo the Commie clown out on his worthless arse.

  • Eli Jones

    I may be repetitious but once again, Obama is here to destroy us. He’s doing a hell of a job too.

    • http://FaceBook ron yurchak

      And he is’nt even paying rent to live in the PEOPLES’ house.

  • Dell

    I am going to e-mail Prime Minister Harper –,,, and request of him to wait till after elections to complete any deal with China, If Americans put B.O., ( Bad Ordor) bach in office we do not deserve any oil, if, if we are that degenerated, I pray we are not, B>O> knows what he is doing, he is trying to strangle America with energy and gross debt, we are sinking, he wants a smaller military, he plain just wants to weaken America, and bring us down so Islam can rise, anyone whom cannot see this is either full of hate, not watching or just plain stupid, may The great God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have mercy upon us and deliver us from the hands of the enemy in the white house and soon, Amen!

    • Cliff

      I too have sent an email to the Canadian Prime Minister. I had previously contacted my elected representatives, Senators Kolobuchar and Franken, and Representative Kline.

      Putting pressure on our elected representatives is what we need to do now!!!

      It seems that some of our elected representative forget how they got their jobs, we to get their attention and then hold their feet to the fire.

      We can ventilate on these forums, which relieves some of pent up frustration and makes us feel good for awhile, and take that frustration and put in writing and send to those that have the job of listening to us then acting on it!!!!!!!!

      My two cents worth.

  • Apollo

    What do you think your attitude will be like when gasoline is $5+ a gal. this summer due to Borak “Hussien” Obama still being in Office. Keep an eye on your gas tank. May find a hole in it this summer. Mat’l and labor for a new one $$$$.

  • Barbara Simpson listener

    How sad it is that Ottawa has a leader that is more concerned for Canada the Washington DC has The United States of America.This is just another example of the current tit turd in the oval office sitting there playing with himself and not doing anything but that.It was that liar Dumbo Obummer who said he will take us off foreign oil.What the heck has that lying idiot done to do this?GAS PRICES ARE AT A NEAR HIGH FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR AS IT WAS BACK ON 12/25.WHEN IS THIS CRAZINESS GOING TO STOP????????????????????????????????????????????I AM SICK OF IT!!!!

  • Washington76

    Oil trade groups: Drilling deregulation could create 190,000 full time American jobs Published: 12:04 AM 07/12/2011| Updated: 2:34 AM 07/12/2011

    Gasoline Taxes Vs. Exxon Profit, Per Gallon. So, who profits the most?

  • big T

    OOOHH , he’s going to take us off foreign oil allright, no one is going to be able to afford oil in any form at the rate this %*%&L&$$( is going !1

  • E. Leuelling

    The Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas would be “job intensive” and would ” reduce our dependence on Mideast Oil.” Both conclusions are incorrect.

  • Brian

    As a Canadian I know our Prime Minister would not turn his back on our good friends to the south irregartless of your political situation or dilemma. Yes, Canada is fortunate to have a huge supply of crude oil but it will not jump into a situation that would jeopardize our very close ties with the U.S. of A. I know many of us feel this way and our Prime Minister would get quite an ear full if he does not step gingerly.

  • Larry E

    Obummer and his worthless green buddies are fully convinced that the world will be under water if we use oil, gas, and/or coal for very much longer so he has to shut off oil to and for this country. They’re trying to close down the Bakken wells in ND and Montana, don’t want drilling in the Gulf, and don’t give a big fat hairy rat’s behind about this country. Four more years of this terminal stupidity will destroy the country.

  • Daryl

    Warren Buffet and his cronies had contributed heavily to Obama campaign.Buffet owns Santa fe rail line from Canada south and he wants to rail car the oil to Texas refineries. He then calls in his markers that Obama owes and therby killing the pipeline. So the oil will go to China but neither of them gives a shit. Politics as usual!

  • donald oesau

    To better understand obamas actions go to you tube and type in agenda 21- glenn beck and you will see the connection.

  • Kathleen

    Obama said “no” to the pipeline, evidently that is not his cup of green tea. I believe he made a deal with Saudi Arabia, as a favor for the Clintons, to get him elected. They play dangerous, dirty rotten games, let us americans know at the last minute. Dont forget Sarkozy’s election will be this year ,too. Funny about Sarkozy, I guess France has better teachers then the US, I wonder whats next with food, education, I wonder if France is going broke. People pay attention to who is traveling to the other countries, watch that Panetta for some reason I think he is hiding info on Eric Holder, if we daydreamed in court I wonder what would happen? Go home Obama, go back to your country.

  • Larry Owens

    Thanks to our “Chief of Do Nothing” we will pay higher prices for oil & gas from the ME. Unreliable source, if the arabs want to hold us hostage with their oil. But it is all part of his plan to destroy us from within. IF the stupid voters re-elect this Clown then we are in deep Doo-Doo.

  • http://yahoo thomas

    I thought we were getting jobs to build the pipe line across the middle of America, to texas
    so canada can send oil to our refineries, so then we send to china.either way we as Americans are getting screwed by this piece of shit of a president (muslim PIG)

  • David R (Canada)

    PM. Harper doesn’t have to try and sell the oil to China. Chinese investors have already bought into numerous oilsands companies and are already preparing for the inevitable.

    Chinese leaders have been quietly rubbing their hands with glee since Obama stopped the pipeline from being built. They’ll take every drop we can deliver. The US will be freezing in the dark.
    Of course, you can always buy a Chevy Volt! That should work out just fine, eh!

  • http://n/a AH.H

    Don’t Yous All Know OBAMUSE Agenda Destroy AMERICA Any Way Or Shape !! Impeach Now Then Guillotine !!!

  • Sick of Barry

    Would somebody, and I don’t care who it is, please get rid of this as hole President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VS

    The “Bastard”, in more ways that one, that sits in the Whitehouse, told everyone that he wanted to see Gas at least $5.00 a gallon if not $10.00 a gallon, and the welfare crowd still elected him! I guess I wonder why everyone is surprised at All of his Anti-American Actions?
    You should also check out the Critical US Mineral Deal REID Brokered with the Chinese, giving them right to these Minerals Found in HIS STATE!!!!
    Everyone needs to Quit Waiting for GOD to do OUR JOB for Us, GOD will Help Us When We Stand-Up and Begin to Help Ourselves!
    We need to FAX / Email / CALL / TWEET / FACEBOOK / Etc. OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and DEMAND THEY GET OFF OF THEIR ASSES AND DO WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO, THEY were Elected to look after the Interest of Legal United States Citizens! NOT Illegal Aliens, NOT Anchor Babies, NOT Chain Migration, NOT Legal Immigrants, NOT Foreign Nationals of any kind, NOT the Interest of Mexico / India / China / or any other Foreign Government!
    We Need THEM to Focus on doing what is for the Benefit and Interest of Legal US Citizens and Only Legal US Citizens! It is time to take care of US Citizens! No one has the right to come to this country unless we invite them, and it is time to stop inviting anyone into this country until US Citizens are ALL EMPLOYED!
    It’s time that US Charity is focused on US Citizens and only US Citizens, it’s time to take OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!!!

  • E.McNew-Higgins

    I can’t imagine how this many of us feel this way & we don’t know how to change it—Now Obama is back to making things look good But where are the Job figures coming from??? not from that Sheriffs Video if you haven’t opened it go to Tony N s comment about 20 down & ck. on the 1st site you see it’s 108 minutes but worth every bit of your time. & alert your Sheriffs to join Them I know that area well & everything they are saying is true—I’m just sick about this as I still know people who are bent on Voting for Obama —why can’t we make them see this for what he is????

  • John

    I think that as time goes by, and O’Bamacare is exposed, this will hurt him more, as all the ills he has done come to light. I think he has hurt himself(thank God), and his chances of re-election are dimming. This ILLEGAL/MUSLIM has got to go, one way or another.