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Wild mustangs find job with Border Patrol

The Border Patrol is saving money while gaining horses particularly skilled at patrolling in rugged mountainous terrain.

Six wild mustangs were delivered to the Tucson Sector’s Border Patrol Horse Patrol Training Center in Kansas Settlement, 15 miles south of Willcox, last week.

The mustangs had been gathered by the Bureau of Land Management from areas where the wild mustang population was considered too high, said Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Bobbi Schad, who is also the Tucson Sector Horse Patrol Coordinator.

“BLM selectively reduces a population, just as the Arizona Game and Fish Department watches herd populations. They determine where to pull them from and how many,” she said

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  • liberalsownfalsehood

    Btw, the animal rights extremists would have you believe that these are endangered species, historical relics of the Spanish explorers. Hogwash. These critters destroy habitat for just about every indigenous species in the west where they graze the edible grasses down to roots. Contact your Congressmen to allow selective culling of these horses.


      you know your family may be getting to large , ever think about you should thin the herd a bit ?

    • ladykroft

      liberalsownfalsehood… you’re an idiot and have a bad case of oral dysentery. AND you know nothing about horses.
      Horses do not destroy grazing lands and they don’t eat down to the roots. Sheep eat down to the roots which created a lot of range wars in the old days.
      Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. It’s talking without thinking that causes so many problems.

      • Colonialgirl

        Ladycroft; I’d suggest the same for you only more so. The Spanish DID bring the horses to this country they are NOT indigenous to the USA or the Americas despite how much you horse lovers would like to pretend to the contrary. The fact is too that they destroy the grass lands with over grazing UNLESS the herd size is reduced. Would you rather have a smaller HEALTHY herd of horses, or a large sickly mass of underfed horses and drive every other ruminate off the landscape?
        Speaking of idiots, LOOK in The mirror !!

        • Yahweh aka DOG

          -_- … Takes one to know one…

    • osama obama islam hater!

      If you want to do something for the indigenous population, cull the demo-commies before you even think about the mustangs!

      • Pauli

        And cull Obama.

      • Lee

        You are so right!
        Get the muslim sympathizers out of Washington!


      You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Colonialgirl

        Obviously they know better than you.

    • Dwain Holmes

      I agree that something needs to be done about mustangs.They are a non native invasive species.Those and the wild burros should be eliminated period not pay some one to keep them because some group like Seirra Club demands their protection.I know of one ranch that does nothing but take care of these horses for the feds.They make much more then they can raising cattle.They are just one of many that costs the taxpayer millions of dollars per year.They should round them up and sell them for slaughter and use the money for something that makes sense.You can thank PETA<SEIRRA CLUBetc.for this.These tree huggers and animal rights people are a joke[BAD Joke]

      • Lee

        Frankly, I would rather send you to the slaughter house!
        The horses are indigenous to this country, the Spanish only brought them home to their own lands!
        Anyone, but ANYONE who would eat a horse is eating God’s most beloved creature!
        People like you should be euthanized!

        • Testa Sterone

          Then pick on the Euros – horse meat is a delicacy over there…

        • Colonialgirl

          Lee, you are completely in error; go get an education BEFORE you make yourself look like an idiot too.
          They were NOT indigenous to this country; No where, NO Way.
          Go check with some intelligent people with a degree in Biology that have knowledge in the field.
          You do NEED to leave the koolade alone, its too strong for your brain cell.
          Never tried Horse meat unless the army served it, wonder if it tastes better than beef.

      • Patty B.

        Non native, invasive species, dumb ass, are you talking about wild burros, or Obama?

        • Colonialgirl

          I think BOTH along with horses.

      • HUSTLER

        Holmes you don’t know what you are talking about either.
        The mustang was here long before you and will be here long after you.
        If we agreed with you then we would have to eliminate the entire wild
        life known to be in this country. Imagine eliminating all the bears, deer, elk, mountain lions, coyotes and other species. The mustang does not
        present a physical danger to people like some of the other species.

        • Colonialgirl

          Go hustle on a sidewalk somewhere.
          Anyone with a good education KNOWS that horses were originally imported to this country by the Spanish and DID NOT exist here prior to that time and THAT includes MUSTANGS. Nice try with the usual liberal BS of dragging in other subjects which prove nothing, the ones you listed ARE native species and the histoory on them goes a long wat back in contrast to the rather short history of horses in the Americas.

          • HUSTLER

            Hey Colonialgirl have you ever been in the wilderness with the mustang? Didn’t think so. As far as a liberal agenda you got that all wrong since I am far from liberal and have been in the horse business for over 30 years, have ridden with wild mustangs in their natural habitat—they are beautiful wild horses that need to be maintained as a part of the history of this country regardless of who brought them here.
            Reading some of your other comments it appears that you
            have some misguided agenda of your own concerning the extinction of the mustang.

    • Windrinker

      I think we should “cull” a few from the human population first…why don’t you volunteer!

  • sherry

    liberal what ever you are…you got your animals mixed up. horses do not eat the roots of anything, its sheep >> sheep will, and pigs will, thats where rotation comes in, get your crap straight, these horses were here first, not >> you!! they helped the united states to be a united states, so get off it, they have as much rights as the indians do.soon enough, there won’t be any horses to see, pet or look at,, if you don’t like america>> get the f$$$ out!!!
    leave the mustangs alone,BLM ought to step out of it too!!!

    • Colonialgirl

      What a lot of horse poop sherry. Horses were NOT “here first”; they arrived with the Spanish and they don’t have the “rights as the indians do”. The rest of your brainless rant isn’t true either as people will always continue to raise DOMESTICATED Horses and their numbers will be kept in check.

  • horsethunder

    Let nature do the selective culling; the strong will survive.

  • BillG

    Nice to hear a ‘win-win’ for a change.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Well…The HORSES are working.
    Who said the government can’t create jobs?
    They must be paid “minimum oats”

    • skip

      hahahaha… good one!!!

  • guy

    after they break and train then whos going to ride them whoever it is hope they know how to keep there heads down

    • Lee

      Don’t worry, they’ll be good for the bridle path!
      Many of the Border Patrolmen are cowboys, dimwit!

  • ARR

    Been raising horses for 20 years never seen a horse graze to the roots!
    May be you are thinking of Sheep — come to think of it sounds like a sheep
    herders comment!

  • FLChristyB

    Glad to see a Government department using a little common sense, I thought that was extinct in Washington!

  • Jim Laubscher

    If they are headed for either Babeaus’ or Deavers’ area the guys on them will know how to ride and keep their heads down. I would be OK if they had a 82A1 in their saddle sheath.

  • Mo

    You have it all wrong…..they are providing transportation for the illigals….. they should use
    burros, their transportation of choice…..

  • http://YAHOO Bob

    The horses are not hurting anyone or thing leave them alone BML are selling them an putting the money in their Owen pockets an other LIBERAL program at work! needs to stop. those HORSES and Donkey’s are a part of history of this COUNTRY and should be protected.

    • Nonnie

      I hardily agree as a horse owner for some odd 50 years.

    • Dwain Holmes

      You need to get educated.These are an invasive species that need to be eliminated.If you pay taxes you are supporting these horses.There are ranches that do nothing but care for the horses that are not adopted and make far more then they could with cattle.The Feds pay out millions of dollars every year because of idiots that want them protected.The surplus should be slaughtered and sold.A horse can live well into it’s 20 under good care.This is stupid!!!

    • Lee

      They are protected. However, this just does something the horses themselves would approve of–being useful, and doing a good job!

    • Windrinker

      Absolutely, they should be protected, not slaughtered! The government rounds up these wild horses and sells them to the slaughter houses…making a bit of cash on the side! Go watch the videos that show what terror, and abuse the horses endure when they go to slaughter. It is inhumane, I can’t watch it.. I can’t imagine where they find people to commit such atrocities all day long, every day.

    • Colonialgirl

      Nonsense Bob; you have in the horses an Invasive Species brought to this country by the Spanish, along with the donkey. The horses that were “part of the history” of this COuntry were the DOmeticated ones, NOT the wild herds which do OVER GRAZE the grass lands. Also these large herds of wild horses are subject to many treatable diseases and can also continue genetic faults degrading the quality of the horse strain.
      Reduce the herds to very small sustainable size, BUT not unlimited breeding.

    • Neil R

      Whether brought here, or returned to their origins, horses are the symbol of travel and commerce from when America was being explored by Europeans. And, our automobile lanes are STILL the width of pairs, or teams of pairs of horses hauling carriages and wagons.

      Obviously, horses are large, and as wild animals, have few natural enemies in the U.S. So over the last couple hundred years, escaped and free-range horses have formed into groups in the West, herds which have grown unrestricted, THE main reason herds overgraze their areas. We have also killed off most of the bears, cougars, and wolves, the only ones large enough to kill a horse. Why? To protect our cattle, sheep, and farm animals (yes, including HORSES), and the few predators left are severely restricted to protected areas. These areas are also being squeezed, with development being done immediately adjacent to them.

      Therefore, in the absence of nature, to preserve and strengthen survival genes, we should also cull the slow, the weak, lame, and sick (or at least treat the last two!)! Until this, the natural way of the predator, is able to contain unrestricted growth, WE MUST! Tragically, the ones most desired for adoption are the strong and quick, the same needed for survival genes. The great unwashed greenie crowds will NOT condone us to keep strong herds, they want to coddle the slow, and weak! This is self-defeating, if they want to keep wild horse herds!

  • John

    Soylet green to all commies.musliums,illegals, all violent prison inmates,sexual pervs too,new world order group, all liberals ,judges,supporters of the above following.

  • Richard Ward

    I lived in Mohave County Arizona for 8 years, and saw the wild horses numerous times, quite a few times on my property. Once in a while two or three burros would wonder down to my property an just appear to be nosey. I was told by a retired BLM person that there have been times when someone would take their horse and turn it loose with the mustangs. The horse might be very old, or some other reason that would make it difficult to sell. If the Border Patrol can use these mustangs, then all power to them. Anything that will assist in getting these dam illegals back where they belong.

  • Buck

    I train horses for a living and can attest for my own personal needs the Mustang is easy to train willing, and can’t be matched for endurance and durability. Once you have their mind you have have their heart and a partner for life.

    • Lee

      Absolutely! I have known a number of mustangs in my life, and can’t praise them enough for friendship, durability, and strength!
      Good move on the Border Patrol’s part!

    • Windrinker

      Said like a “true horseman!”

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Finally a good decision on what to do with the mustangs. Sure beats shooting or canning them.
    I have owned several mustangs and they make very dependable mounts. On an indurance race over very hard country it is unlikely any other breed can beat them.

  • Ellis W. Moses

    Alright PETA members, excess mustangs should go to the packing plant and the rendered meat to go to the poor. Saves ranch land and the government money as they typically want to relocate ‘em so they can destroy new grasslands. P(eople)E(ating)T(a sty)A(animals)!

    • Windrinker

      What is up with you! Americans don’t eat their companion animals! You are sick. How about we take your dog and make some barbecue! Wait, people like you wouldn’t have a dog!

  • Adrian

    With Obama in the White House, wild Mustangs are the least of our worries.

    • Windrinker

      How about finding our “packing plant candidates,” in Washington. They are costing us a lot more money to keep around!

  • Rita

    I think it’s great. Saves money we would spend purchasing already trained horses!!!!!!! And the Border needs to be protected. win win situation if you ask me.

  • Const40

    Great! We need all the help we can get on our borders!

  • Rod Sanders

    Mr. Holmes is the one who needs to be educated. Yes, I do pay taxes, and yes, some may go to support and protect these horses. I would much rather see my money used for this, as apposed to providing money, housing ,and FREE medical services to illegal immigrants!!!! And chances are good that your ancestors relied on the horse to navigate the wilderness to expand this country! So, get off of horses and find something more constructive to occupy yourself with. The relationship between a person and their horse is only rivaled by that of a person and their dog. Protect and preserve the wild Mustangs….the Indians relied on them too. As said before, nature should be doing the culling. BLM’s methods are BARBARIC and should be stopped. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment……watch some videos.

  • Patty B.

    Horses helped develop America. Ever hear of the Pony Express, the terms HORSE Sense, HORSE Power? Before cars horses were THE mode of long distance transportation.

  • Bob

    Very simple. Need to cut spending and help the economy? Unload Abbey, Salazar and the BLM totally. Nice savings of millions of taxpayer dollars that is spent on immoral issues such as rounding up innocent animals etc etc.

  • Joe

    Now that we have dirt bikes and ATVs, the only thing a 4 legged foddergy burning clippen clopper is good for is dog food. However, rumor has it that desert buffalo makes a dam good Bar-B-Q; Looking forward to trying it.

    By the way, for the person who mentioned dog, dog is very delicious!

  • Patricia

    A lot of idiots are protected species in this country. Most of them reside in Washington but many are on this page. Horses not only carry their own weight but the weight of others, just like tax payers. Every horse they get rid of should be balanced out with a Liberal idiot.

  • David

    First off these horses are not native to this country. They were brought by spaniards looking for fools gold or new lands to conquer. Second horses do not eat grass down to the roots unless there is nothing else to eat in which case they will crop the grass very short.
    Finally spending tax dollars to support a wild horse population is ridiculous, and a horse is no different than a cow when it comes to eating them. Horse meat is considered fine eating in many countries and race horses or breeding stallions that have served their purpose are considered a delicacy and strong meat. The reason you all are crying about wild horses being slaughtered is that we don’t generally eat horse meat in this country…….don’t foist your beliefs on the whole world.
    In most countries animals are treated like animals instead of being humanized to the point of being called a part of the family. Because of touchy feely movies put out by Disney and others, in this country we have a completely unrealistic view of animals. They are not human, they don’t think like humans, they do not love each other. They survive based on instinct. They are animals and nothing more…..they don’t love you……they don’t know you love them……they just think you are a bigger horse/dog/cat whatever. Get a grip on reality and leave those that choose to eat their meat of choice alone!!!!!!!

    • gypsyrose

      Horses do have feelings for each other. Whether or not it is “love” depends on your definition. If you watch horses in a herd, they form distinct friendships with each other. I have a mare in my field that refused to walk away from her friend even when she was injured and had to be walked to the barn When we took her friend with her, she quieted down. I also have a mare that tries to protect her aged mother when the herd starts running. She will put herself between her mama and the other horses and tries to chase them away from her. I’ve seen these horses do this on a regular basis. It isn’t a one time aberration.

    • Colonialgirl

      Excellently said David !!!

  • Screamin Mimi

    For all you fools …… “The horse EVOLVED in the North American Continet!” not in Europe. It got to Europe via the land bridge between alaska & Russia thousands of years ago. Man got here via the same land bridge about the same time. When man saw the horse he killed it for food. Thus all horses that evolved here and didn’t go to Europe (via the land bridge) were killed off for food.
    Now along came the Spaniards with the Spanish Mustang and re-introduced it to the North American Continent.
    The LIBERALS don’t want you to actually know this. They want you ignorant & stupid so they can control you. (That’s why kids graduate from school who don’t know how to speak, spell, or have any skills necessary to achieve success in this life.) After all ingnorant and/or stupid people are easy to control!
    Who are you? What do you want to be ……
    Educated or Ignorant?

  • John

    I have owned race horses and if you eat one of these you are taking your life in your hands as the vet who took care of mine was constantly giving them shots and other medications which should not be consumed by humans. You may think they are tasty but what may happen to your health later will not be worth a tasty meal. Europeans eat horse meat however, they also eat other things which more prosperous Americans decline.

    The horse is a noble animal and should be treated as such. If we would cull herds intelligently I would not be opposed to that, however, the government does not do anything well as we know by the government programs which we have observed during our lifetimes and on that basis I think government should keep its hands off the wild horse populations. Its a shame to sell them for dog food while we take our corn and make into fuel for automobiles. Another good example of how completely stupid our government operates. Corn is great food for horses, so lets drill for oil and let the horses and the people have the corn.

  • Miroco

    The way I figure it, by the time y’all get done agufying about who got here first I’ll be up to my A– in Dinosaurs. In Florida, where the intellectually challenged branch of my family settled , I told them they’d be up to their A– in alligators if they listened to Yankees. Try swimming in a golf course water hazard in Orlando— it’s a real hazard.

  • AppraisHer

    Cull the congress first (cost too much, work too little), then the prison population (too many, eat too much), then take the gangbangers out of the city (too stupid, too many litters) and ride them, leave the horses alone, (low cost, low maintenance, smarter than most, rarely land in jail).

  • ED Bertolas

    Did you know 95 out of 100 Horses bred are sold to slaughter ? Thats right .

    • Patty B.

      Did YOU know the Cavalry rode HORSES and Jesus rode a BURRO?