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Ron Paul cites ‘travel constraints’ as reason for skipping CPAC

Ron Paul, the two-time winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, isn’t attending this year’s conference in Washington because of “travel constraints” – but the Texas congressman hasn’t held a campaign event since Tuesday.

The American Conservative Union, which hosts the annual confab issued a statement last week that Paul’s son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), would address the conference in his father’s stead “due to the travel constraints of his Presidential campaign.”

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  • Terry Black

    The family that works together, stays together!

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    • Greg F

      If MITT ROMNEY is the GOP nominee this would be the time to run a third party RON PAUL for President.

      A lot of Dems would vote for RON PAUL instead of Obama. A lot of Republicans would vote RON PAUL instead of MITT ROMNEY the CULT leader. MITT ROMNEY isn’t even a Republican or conservative.

      • BobbieSue

        Greg F., I agree this is the time for Ron Paul to get out as as Independent. I truly hope he does so.


          I hear, I see, I feel your frustration. However, we must keep the big picture in mind. Defeat barry. Please do not let your frustration get in the way of the goal. A third party guarantees a win for the dems.

          • Greg F

  ,————-If you think Republicans are going to fall in line and vote for your establishment LDS, CULT leader MITT ROMNEY you have another thing coming. I’ll NEVER vote for MITT ROMNEY!

            Real Republicans and conservatives won’t vote for ROMNEY!

          • Sunshine49

            Do you realize that there were 13 people running for President in 2008 and that less than half of the country voted. Obama won with just 70 million votes and supposedly got 62% of the vote. Of course if you eliminate all the ACORN fraud and all the voting machines that were “changed”, he would have lost then too.

            The biggest competition in this election will be the fraud vote!

          • GreginNc

            I for one will never vote for Rumney the liberal. What does surprise me is how many of my conservative friends feel the same way, while many but not all support Ron Paul almost all say they will abstain from voting for president if the establishment Repubs attempt to force obama light down our throats.
            Lets face it people and establishment republican is nothing more than a democrat light, certainly will pay lip service to the conservative base then when elected will go along with the liberal bureaucracy. He may slow our fall into socialism but will in no way attempt to reverse it.

        • Jason Burns

          Why would Ron Paul run as an independent? He is winning as a republican!

      • Barbara

        You’re right on the ball….AMEN

      • Bob

        You are so full of it. All that a 3rd party run would do is guarantee Osama Obama a win.

      • Maynard Merrell

        Grag F: The republican party is no different than the democrate party, even though the republian elite will say that it isn’t so. But thats just more deception. They’re still trying to shove Romney, Ringrich and Santorum down our throughts. Thay don’t want Ron Pau because they can’t lead him around by the nose; l and they don’t want us to have him either, because they are socialists and he is a Constitutional Conservative. We’re with you Ron. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

        • Maynard Merrell

          Thats suppose to be “throats,” not throught. Well, thats what I get for failure to edit again.

    • A Smith

      The thing I find the most amuseing is the fact that obama is getting 52 persent of the demacratic vote. That would mean 48 persent of democrats think hes not worth voting for and hes their only real candadate Thats 48 persent that will vote republican or third party. Ron Paul bringing dems and repubs together with independants for A land slide victory.

      • Maynard Merrell

        A. Smith: Sounds good, win or lose. I’m not going to vote for our country to go deeper into communism. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils which helped Obama, or one just like him. I’d reather hang with Ron Paul than any of the rest of them. “Give me liberty or give me death!”- Patrick Henry.

    • MArmonV16Indiana

      It is amazing how the the “Paul-estinians” (Michael Medved’s excellent name for the Ron Paul fanatics) conjure up bogus “facts” out of thin air to try to convince us that Ron Paul can win as a third-party or “independent” candidate.
      A vote for Ron Paul, either in the GOP primary now or as a tird-party (sic) candidate in November, IS A VOTE TO RE-ELECT MAO-BAMA!

      • wnettles

        Sometimes, things have to get worse before they get better. If the “sheeple” are possessed of the intellectual sloth to place Mr. Obama in the White House for another term, then, they will reap their rewards in the tyranny that results. As for me and my family, friends, and associates, we will be voting FOR the candidate that best exemplifies the literal intent of the founders of this great nation, Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Terry Black

    Re Look Up: 10 Things Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve

    • libertarian58

      Just got back from reading this, thanks. Now if every American would read and understand this, Ron Paul wouldn’t need to be elected, we would just appoint him KING. :^)

  • Greg F

    If RON PAUL really wants to be President he should run as a third party candidate. This GOP election is fixed in favor of the LDS, CULT leader MITT ROMNEY. ROMNEY is the establishment pick.

    • Patriot 101

      Fight now to keep Ron Paul in the Republican Party! He has a better chance running as a Republican than as a 3rd Party candidate.
      Support him now, it will be worth 100x as much, so send him a donation$$$!

      • Mike

        I see that the Paulbots are out in full force. Your candidates mouth is what is keeping him down to the 3-7% range in these primaries. Time to go home and admit yourself to the nursing home and start getting treatments for dementia.

        • Leslie

          @Mike- do you Ron Paul bashers just cut & paste the “I see the Paulbots are out in full force today” statement? really, you can’t come up with something new? and does it have to be everytime someone has something nice to say about him? how original you are, when you refer to a Ron Paul supporter as a Paulbot, you’re implying that we’re robotic and can’t think for ourselves, the funny thing about that is, generally, Ron Paul supporters do our homework, we take the time to seek out the information, read, watch videos on the subjects, but you and your group of Ron Paul bashers don’t and its so obvious everytime you repeat the garbage you’ve heard from someone else without taking the time to find out if he really said the things he’s accused of saying or if its in the right context and that makes you a lemming.

          • 13degree

            Right on Leslie!
            Unfortunately when you reply to their posts, it feeds them.
            Replies to their ignorant rants is like air and water to them.
            If they receive no replies, they shrivel and die.

            America Rising.
            The Constitution Stands.

          • Julius Lohr

            Oh, and nothing lemming-like in your slavishness to Ron Paul and his catastrophic views on American security? There isn’t a single candidate in this election that doesn’t have questionable philosophies on at least something. I’ll give Ron Paul credit for talking like a conservative but, as we’ve seen, talk and actual performance don’t always coincide. However his stance on foreign diplomacy and military protection (particularly with an multi-national enemy that distorts religious beliefs as a platform for their waged war against us rather than fighting in the interests of their given nationality) is disastrous!

          • C.Davis

            Mr. Lohr, your chosen talking head is well paid to lie to you. I know you have been accustomed to him, but consider what I say as a sort of intervention. Parroting what you hear on the TV doesn’t make you seem smart, except to those of a compromised intellect. Just because Dr. Paul refuses to adopt the recent custom of going around the world committing international war crimes, does not mean that he is not committed to defending his country which is a legitimate power given to the federal government.
            Perhaps you can tell me what kind of distortion of religious beliefs has prompted supposed followers of the Prince of Peace to embark on a campaign of bloodshed and mayhem against families who have no desire to do anything but live their lives as they see fit.
            Most people can’t figure it out until the blood is splashed across their own shirt.
            Dr. Paul is strong on defense. That’s why he’s committed to our constitutional ideals and the cessation of the manufacture of more enemies as our current policy produces.

          • AlleyOops75

            Leslie, it must be difficult and somewhat embarrassing to Randy Paul to have to sit in his father’s stead. There’s good reason why Ron doesn’t want to face the questioning from the representatives of CPAC.

        • Leslie

          @Julius, Slavishness? how does being a supporter = slave? are you a slave to the one you’re going to vote for? or are you referring to the task of looking things up and educating myself as slavery? You’re right that talk and performance don’t always coincide as the current administration is good proof of that but if you’re trying to accuse Ron Paul of that then I would like something specific if you have it, and please throw in some of those catastrophic views on American security while you’re at it.

          • Leslie

            @Alley, I’m guessing that was supposed to be a dig at Ron Paul, Rand Paul has good and honest character like his father, doesn’t really matter if he sits in for him. I’m sure there is a reason and its probably not what you think it is.

        • Marv

          Mike is a Obama lib-turd or a GOP edtablishment Romneybot. He is probably not an American but a foreign illegal Alien.

        • Sumerian Man

          It’s the idiots like yourself that are twisting this country into the socialist state it is becoming. Your obviously too stupid to realize that the idiots you are supporting are in fact nothing less than Obumass look-alikes and if any of them just happen to win the presidency it will be the death knell for America. Pull your head out of your arse and take a good look at the turncoat, flip-flopping RINO, money grabbing, business as usual, phony players your trying to pass as conservative republicans! Ignorant blind buffoons like you are a good part of the reason America is in the mess she’s in. Enlighten yourself with some facts about what’s going on around you before you go off trying to belittle the only guy running for office that actually cares about this country more than his personal well being and pocketbook, maroon!

          • Sumerian Man

            In case there is any doubt, this post was to Mike the Ron Paul basher idiot.

        • robert

          thats right mike,we ron paul people are out in full force,and not your big mouth,or the lying medis means nothing to we the people.everyone i know in new york and tri state area and a lot more our all voting for ron let your big mouth say what it wants to say.means absolutly nothing to us.were used to the bought and paid media not saying a word about ron paul.and some people like you with big mouths say what you want.god bless all american veterans and all american citizens

        • http://facebook pat

          i see the paid trolls are out too mike,,which party u getting paid by,,the GOP,,OR THE DNC,,or maybe both

          • wnettles

            To paraphrase a comment from a former president, “… there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. ” Don’t know who is paying these talking idiots to bash Ron Paul, whether it is the RNC, the DNC, or both, but, it sure is OBVIOUS. They sure aint trying to hide behind any intelligence.

            New ideas are sometimes a hard sell, but, this coming election, let’s elect a STATESMAN to be our president, instead of just another political hack who is willing to sell our souls down the river for a few pieces of silver.

            Ron Paul is the only STATESMAN who is running in the Republican party. Don’t just take my word for it, though, research his voting record for yourself. Do your homework or suffer the consequences of knowing that your intellectual sloth has placed you in the company of other “sheeple”.

      • BH

        Actually, what will keep Ron in the GOP, or drive him out, is the Republican establishment. If they accept him, he will accept them. There are a few good signs. I believe that each of the other Republican candidates have indicated, at one time of another, that if Dr. Paul gets the nomination, they will support him over Obama. Yes, they like to imply that he is crazy. But they know better.

        And as I have indicated in the past, he would make the perfect modern American VP. No one on the left would want to try to kill a president if that would leave Ron in charge, who would work to kill their favorite programs. All recent VPs have been painted as loony, stupid, or irresponsible. This keeps the president alive.

      • OB1

        Yes. Ron paul is a lifetime Republican. The MSM has spun it otherwise. Ocer 10 times re-elected in his district as a REPUBLICAN! Romney, one term. Santorum, not re-selcted. Newt left after the ethics charges got him. We all must go forward.

        • sc

          Those charges agaist Newt were dismissed, there was no evidence against him, so quit the innuendio about ethics, if you don’t like him that’s fine, just don’t spread gossip that is wrong. But for me as of now I have to go with Ron Paul.
          I have no use for the man who gave barry the blueprint for obama care. Romney could not even beat out “old cave in John McCain, and John couldn’t beat barry because he didn’t have the guts to expose the imposter.
          Then there is the looser from Pennsylvania who voted for ever gun control bill that came down when he was in washington.
          The lame stream media know that neither one of these can beat barry, that is why they keep pushing those two on us.
          There were a couple of others I would have perfered but they didn’t run, so that only leaves one person running that still believes in the Constitution as it was written and intended by the founding fathers.

      • Wayne

        If Mr. Paul thinks he can skip major venues for any reason and still have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning come primary time he is wrong…he will be a flash in the pan.

        • Tired of the bull

          @ Wayne – I agree 100%. CPAC isn’t the only thing he’s skipped. At least one of the debates, maybe two. This doesn’t look good for ANY candidate. Why doesn’t he expose himself as much as possible. And how many times must one run for president and lose to realize that the American people just don’t trust him?

    • patriotrenegade

      HEY RETARD, a third party run will give it all to bama. He is done, his kid is an inbred caught in a time warp, L ron is out of dough, no plane tickets, and NO VOTES. FINI. Now his toxic supporters can go back to bama. Good riddence.

      • Rene

        @patriotrenegade, Your information is wrong, for one thing, Ron Paul doesn’t have the Big Banks and Corporate backing as do Romney, but he does have the money to carry out his campaign, and he keeps getting donations from the Grass Roots and Military donors.

        I can tell from your careless and ignorant rant, you probably don’t really know what is going on, but just have to say something even if it is incorrect. Grow up, and educate yourself, I’ll bet you have never read the US Constitution.

        • Anthony San Diego

          Be gentle, patriotrenegade can’t help it, apparently he ingested a quantity of thalidomide while basking in the womb.

        • Tired of the bull

          @ Rene – you talk of his support from the military. Speaking for several I know that are or were in the military, the ones that support him are the ones that have stayed in the states, not the ones that have been in combat. They know he’s weak on foreign policy and doesn’t agree with ANY war. Sometimes a country just has to protect itself. He thinks 9/11 was our fault. Do you? And how many times must a person run for president before they realize they just aren’t who America wants? These campaigns are costly – if he has so many supporters, I’d think he could get a plane ticket to go to CPAC.

      • http://Cowboybyte Major

        Renegade a wise man speaks when he has something to say, a fool speaks when he thinks he has to say something, i think you had to say something.

      • Dennis Johnson

        Right on Patriotrenegade! 90% of these Ron Paul supporters are nothing more than scum sucking liberals that are mad as hell at Obummer for not giving them all the freebies that they think they deserve. The other 10% are just idiots and Morons. These Chumps prove what they are when they say they would only vote for Paul, or if he isn’t the nominee, they will vote for Obummer or not vote. What a bunch of scumbags.
        You’re right. Good riddance to the Ron Paul voters. There are enough true conservatives in the US to take back the WH without these Morons polluting the waters.

        • Tired of the bull

          @ Dennis – you’re right about the RP people saying if he doesn’t get the nom, they’ll vote for Obama. That’s real patriotic! Shows they’re NOT loyal to the country. Anyone that could vote for him doesn’t deserve to be an American. It just shows their immaturity – if my guy doesn’t win I’ll vote for the enemy! Most of us have our picks but don’t say if they don’t win, we’ll vote for Obama. It’s very childish. Most of us say if our pick doesn’t win, we’ll vote for whomever the R is. Like them or not, we know barry needs to GO and is the ENEMY. Guess that’s why mostly the young (NOT ALL, BEFORE I HEAR EVERYONE WHINE ABOUT THAT) like RP. They like the legalized drugs and prostitution. Yeah, that’s exactly what America needs to bring her back. A bunch of whores running around the country and legal heroin. Doesn’t sound like God’s country to me, which is what the Founders intended – they mentioned our Creator many times and put many references to God in the monuments and buildings in DC. Anyone that is a Christian or knows anything about it would know God wouldn’t approve of legal prostitution! He says sex AFTER marriage, not sex paid for and rampant STDs so Dr. Paul has a good business as an OB/GYN!

    • bld4uone


    • MArmonV16Indiana

      No, Greg F, if Ron Paul wants to HELP OBAMA GET RE-ELECTED, he should run as a tird-party (not a typo!) candidate!

  • Mark

    Ron Paul is clueless. He shows up to a nationally televised debate so unprepared, that he actually claims that “the income tax should be 0% because that’s what it was in 1913″

    But he has magical powers.. he can change Iran simply be “talking to them” He’s like Gandhi, if Gandhi’s followers:

    – blamed America first for every problem in the world
    – wore tinfoil hats and believed that 9-11 was an inside job
    – smoked way too much pot throughout their lives and are now paranoid
    – secretly wanted to see Israel destroyed

    Yes, Paulbots are truly special.

    • MArmonV16Indiana

      Mark, you are absolutely right about the Paul-bots. I like Michael Medved’s word for the Ron Paul fanatics: PAUL-ESTINIANS.
      BTW, when the “Paul-estinians” compare Paul to Gandhi, we should inform them that Gandhi suggested that Jews in Nazi Germany commit mass suicide; after WWII, Gandhi glibly declared the deaths of the Jews who were killed by the Nazi Final Solution would have been more meaningful if those Jews had committed mass suicide as he suggested.

  • Washington76

    Protest the Cancellation of ‘Freedom Watch
    Never Fear – Here is what you can do……let’s roll

    Protest the Cancellation of ‘Freedom Watch’

    If you are as outraged as I am at the cancellation of Judge Andrew
    Napolitano’s magnificent “Freedom Watch,” here is something you can do.

    Please contact Fox Business to ask them to reverse their decision.

    Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President
    Media Relations
    Phone: 212-301-3608
    Fax: 212-819-0816
    E-Mail: [1]

    Be respectful be be sure to convey your outrage at this matter, and state that you and many others will boycott the network if the show is taken off the air.

    • littlefox

      Epic fail on the part of Fox Business. Thanks for the info and the link.

  • Ron H.

    ???????????????? has ron given up???

    • Patriot Diva

      Not a chance.

      • geordie

        Not a chance is right..Hes ran out of Geritol and needs his beauty sleep..Sorry Pop Pop Paul is HissssTowRY..The only good thing i can say about Uncle Ronny is if IFFFF he does get the nom i would vote for him..I wouldnt give Odumbas the sweat of my..Well will just see hunh..Oh buy the way..YES ive done all the research been to his site on an on..

    • BH

      No, Ron hasn’t given up. As I previously suggested, I think he wants Rand to have face time in front of CPAC.

      It is all about delegates. As long as no single candidates has a majority for the first round of voting, then delegates are free to vote for whoever they want to on the 2nd+ rounds. Seems quite clear to me that Mitt will not have his majority. So it will be an open convention. We are working on not only having as many delegates committed to Ron as possible, but more important, as many liberty-leaning delegates as possible, no matter who they are committed to vote for in the first round.

  • JThaddeustoad

    Ron Pauls’ thinking is correct in principle and I whole heartedly agree with him…. The unfortunate reality is there are to many folks waiting for a check from this government that vote my paycheck and at the same time fear that Ron Pauls’ plan on fiscal responsibility would put an end to the free lunch ….. Perhaps the best thing that could happen here would be bankrupsy after which the productive entities would rise to the occasion and those looking for a hand out would have to fend for themselves….

  • SdTrader

    @Greg F….I want Ron Paul too but a conservative divide will only insure Obama’s re-election.

  • Patriot Diva

    What many people in America do not understand, is that the federal reserve and the defense of the nation go hand in hand. When the fed was created in 1913, it was done in secret on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. A handful of very powerful men decided to form a private central bank that would control the money supply. They hatched a plan to “sell it” to the country in such a way that Americans would believe it would be beneficial to the nation. These men did not have the interests of the country in mind at all. They were actually forming a cartel to protect their wealth and power in perpetuity. Such was the wealth and power behind the fed, they now had the means to control major events. With a little manipulation they could start wars and watch their fortunes grow exponentially. They say that art imitates life. After watching the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, I couldn’t help but think of how the evil Professor Moriarity’s schemes mirror George Soros of today. Moriarity cleverly creates the conditions for war as leaders of countries seek his advice. Meanwhile he’s secretly purchasing a major weapons plant in Germany that would bring him untold wealth if war breaks out. This is exactly what the gloablist elites are doing today. Their loyalty is to no party or ideology. They seek only more money, power, and most of all CONTROL of the masses.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      Your comment is well-written and demonstrates your grasp of the situation well, except that the first sentence seems almost contradictory to the rest. No, I’m not criticizing you, but I’d sure like you to help me understand how your opening sentence relates to the rest of your presentation.

      Thank you!

    • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

      Andrew Jackson (by the way, not one of our best presidents) saw the danger of an institution similar to the Fed of today, as a grave usurpation of the monetary and political policies as outlined in the Constitution. Two thumbs up to him for his killing of that takeover. Two thumbs down for present government allowing a cabal of wealthy globalists to control our country’s fortune and policy after formation of the (privately run) Federal Reserve in 1912 . Yes, Soros is one of the cabal.

      • Richard Wm. Faith

        Amen, and amen. What you have said is precisely the thing that too few people understand.

      • C.Davis

        You are correct Mr Moore, and Jackson’s campaign mantra was “Jackson and no bank”. How about “Paul and no Fed?”
        It seems I read somewhere recently that the “Federal” Reserve’s charter expires in 2012 or 2013(100 yrs.?) which might explain why they’re so desperate to pay so many bloggers and lamestream, also controlled opposition radio and internet commentators to torpedo or at least ignore Dr. Paul.
        They own the presses so money is no object when it comes to perpetuating their survival as the monkey on America’s back.
        Nobody said this wouldn’t be an epic battle but it is one patriots are honor bound to fight.
        At least a lot of the turncoats are identifying themselves to the patriots with their fawning obeisance to their masters, so that they can be prevented from continuing their perfidy once our republic is restored with Dr. Paul at its helm.

    • Sue

      The Fed was also introduced on Christmas eve when most were home for the Christian holiday.

    • Observer

      Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those that have the money make the game rules, etc., etc.
      Question: By what legal means do the rest of us level the playing field?

      • Bill

        They have no answers they just get a kick out of complaining. Our currency is about to devauled by around 30%, so it really dosen’t matter.

  • mary Smith

    A third party run will split the vote and help obama to re election

  • Mildred Eselin

    NOT INVITED is the reasonb RonPaul will not be attending CPAC–they know he would win again so they are excluding him!

  • Richard Wm. Faith

    Having Rand get out and speak could be a good opportunity to audition him as a possible running mate for Ron. Ron can carry the ticket with his policies of limited government and fiscal responsibility, and Rand can be our champion for gun rights. Putting it all together, we can have a solid platform for the restoration of our sovereignty, our freedom, and our prosperity. It must be in that order of priority, because there is no prosperity without freedom, and there is no freedom without sovereignty.

    • C.Davis

      Well put, Mr. Faith. One might also ponder that though the good Doctor won CPAC’s poll for the last two years, the establishment minions in charge of the convention awarded the committee’s endorsement with extremely sour looks on their faces, so the word I got was that this year they will switch to electronic voting at the conference. Hmmm… Early polling, however among attendees shows that Dr. Paul leads the second place contestant (Sarah Palin) by a five to one margin, so I don’t know if the black box voting scenario will be able to circumvent the wishes of the attendees as it easily could if the tally was close.
      All of which illustrates the fact that only an election heavily weighted in favor of a particular candidate can unseat an incumbent. None of the establishment’s other three candidates can possibly produce that weight. Only By Ron Paul’s clearly demonstrated ability to draw support from all political stripes can such a preponderance be amassed.
      It all boils down to whether the GOP really wants to win or if they are simply propping up their leg of the hobbling golem animated by the dark arts of our self appointed owners, as I suspect the case to be.
      There is great cause for optimism, as time is on our side, so be patient and hang in there.

    • Windrinker

      The virtues of Ron Paul are not of the utmost importance to this country. Who owns the responsibility for the newsletter he published is not important. There is too much energy wasted about these topics and it is ridicules.

      No matter what people think of Ron Paul, right or wrong, he is not going to be POSTUS!
      Rational people know this and have gone on to support the next candidate of their choice.

      I say it should be Santorum… We all need to get behind someone that has a chance of winning.
      Santorum is the most conservative, and he needs your support.

      • C.Davis

        Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger, the bad news for you is that neither Your man Santorum nor Gingrinch is capable of cinching the nomination because they are ineligible for 500 odd delegates due to failure to do their homework in getting on the ballot in various primaries.
        Gingrinch is in trouble in VA for blatantly fraudulent submission of signatures.
        Anyway the only reason they have for remaining in the race is so they can jockey for favor with the GOP in exchange for”throwing” their delegates to Romney in the interest of preventing Ron Paul whom they fear as a threat to their dictatorship from winning the nomination. So a vote for Santorum or Gingrinch is really a vote for Romney. How ya like me now? That was meant rhetorically, but just wait and see if I told you the truth when the convention rolls around. How do you think Romney got to be the darling of the establishment? He fell on his sword in ’08 to keep Paul out of the white house in the identical maneuver then.
        Are you liking the results of that back room dirty deal? Because you can expect an identical outcome this time around, if you play ball with this den of thieves again.

        • Windrinker

          Davis, you may be correct…we will just have to wait and see.

          I certainly am not for Newtie, the NWO Candidate! I knew he was off the ballot in a couple of States. Talk about an “unelectable candidate!” Gingrich is the most unlikely to get the nomination!

          Santorum may just be “the flavor of the week” who knows. But, with the limited choices we have he is at the top of the list for me..

  • Sam

    Dr. Paul is neither a Republican, nor a conservative. He is a Libertarian. His blief in a small military, legalized drugs, abortion on demand, abandoning our allies, the gold standard, blaming U.S. for 9-11, allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons, and open borders are not Republican values. The ACLU gives him a very high liberal rating. Trying to make him into something he is not, and never has been, is the height of intellectual dishonesty.

    • C.Davis

      Mr. Sam, your post is such a cobbled together mishmash of inaccuracies, distortions and outright lies that it is beneath the dignity of a rational person to waste their breath attempting to enlighten a person who would propound such an insult to the principals of public discourse.
      The most I could say is, have a good life, but I am convinced that that horse has done left the barn.

      • Chuck

        You are full of s—, I have lived in his part of Texas for more than 30 years and he is exactly what I said. He is very engaging and has some great ideas, but my friend, he is not conservative, nor a Republican. His Libertarian philosophy is diametrically opposed to the Republican Party platform. He is not going to the CPAC meeting because he is not a conservative by any standards. In his last two runs at the Presidency, he ran as a Libertarian.

        • C.Davis

          Sorry, my friend, I don’t know where you get your information but it is incorrect on various counts. Ron Paul ran as a republican over a 30 year career in congress and for president in ’08. He has won the endorsement of the CPAC in ’08, ’10, and ’11. Perhaps you should read the republican platform, my friend and then get back to me with your apology. Thank You

      • http://COWBOYBYTE SQUEAK

        We sure have a lot of Liberal Democrats, in disguise, on this page promoting Ron Paul…do not fall for their underhanded scheme..we have seen it before & here they are again…they want Paul to win because they know their Socialist, Marxist president will beat the hell out of Paul !

        Sorry , nice try but you can not fool all the American voters as we are wise to all of you liberals !! How much are you all getting paid ?? Probably a lot of bucks , Obama, Soros has the Moo la to see to it that this will be another crooked election as in 08, right ???? Most of this page is nothing but down right lies, blame game, bashing & promoting Paul, isn’t that what the Democrats are good at doing ??? The only thing they are good at !!

        • Richard Wm. Faith

          Some questions that may sharpen your thinking skills if you dare to open-mindedly take them on:
          1) Which candidates have ties with a) Bilderberg Group, b) CFR, c) Trilateral Commission, d) North American Union, e) UN?
          2) Which candidates have ties to none of the above?
          3) Why does it matter?

    • Jim VanBeek

      Ron Paul actually has the traditional Republican positions. The key characteristic is that he believes in a limited govenrment as our founders did. The Republican party and our founders believed in avoiding military entanglements with other nations. The recent Republicans in power have become Big Government Republicans. And many people back Ron Paul because he is still a Small Government Republican.

      • Windrinker

        Jim what I like about Ron Paul is that he realizes that the Federal Reserve Bank is out of control and needs to be audited! They have stolen Trillions of dollars out of this country.

        No candidates talk about this, as it seems to be a “taboo topic” and has been keep out of any discussions for decades..

        One of the most critical things this country has to do is to “free itself” from the grasp of the Federal Reserve Bank and its Bilderberg owners (that includes Soros and all the richest family in the world that want control of the NWO.

        • Dagny

          Windrinker, you are absolutely correct about the Fed as far as you go, but I think you need to go a little further. A full audit of the Fed (Ron Paul managed to get a partial audit through, which is why we KNOW they have given away over 15 trillion of our money with no accounting) is a good next step. We really need to get rid of that monstrous agency entirely. Unfortunately, very few people realize how critical this issue is to the very survival of our country.

          You might “enjoy” (not quite the right word, but I couldn’t think of a better one) the books “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, and “End the Red” by Ron Paul. Of course, you probably won’t sleep very well after reading either one.

          • Dagny

            Sorry for the typo. That was supposed to be “End the Fed,” of course.

          • Richard Wm. Faith

            Every parent should MANDATE his (or her) high-school or college-age kids to read to read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” well before attending college, so as to prepare those kids to resist the lies that they will soon be indoctrinated with.

  • Dave

    Ron Paul is NOT A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN………… he is and always has been and always will be a LIBERTARIAN. His goofy foreign policy ideas are proof that he could NEVER be a CONSERVATIVE………. he is another Obama in sheep’s clothing….. just slightly different stripes is all!

    • C.Davis

      Meaningless inaccurate labeling and ad hominem. About what is to be expected. I understand you can not let a good deed go unpunished, but most people who come on this board are able to read and are therefore immune to your infantile invective, due to their ability to research things and think for themselves. May I suggest PBS kids?

      • JRRS

        WOW! What a mouthful of baloney you have. You are the winner of the pompous ass of the month award.

      • JRRS

        WOW! What a mouthful of baloney! You are the hands down winner of the pompous a– of the month award.

        • C.Davis

          Jrrs:Meaningless inaccurate labeling and ad hominem. About what is to be expected. I understand you can not let a good deed go unpunished, but most people who come on this board are able to read and are therefore immune to your infantile invective, due to their ability to research things and think for themselves. May I suggest PBS kids? I don’t involve myself in flame wars, unless I see that it’s nescessary to protect the public from an automaton parroting MSM drivel. I could care less when a hapless drone attacks me, have at it. But I take it personally when loudmouth ingrates spout falsehoods about an American hero who, for over 30 years has faced down the dragon that sits astride our country’s back grinding away at us until we are at the point we now face. He’s a fountain of courage few in history would have imagined would ever become nescessary. Despite all the cheating, ignoring, ad hominem attacks and everything else the dragon has thrown at him and the republic he’s sworn his sacred oath to protect he still battles on, bolstered by the knowledge that untold numbers of his fellow oath keepers have his back, and the evidence of his countrymen awakening to the threats which have been allowed to creep in. So when you next decide to exhibit the evidence of your foolhardiness in spouting attacks against the next President of the United States I am serving notice of what you can expect.

    • Patriot 101

      First time on here? I doubt it; probably just re-saying what you have heard.
      You certainly aren’t professing anything that you actually learned from factual information.
      On this site there seems to be one thing (that tries to be) stronger than the honest support for RON PAUL. That is the uninformed parrots, or the miss-informed parrots that just can’t find or form a thought on their own!

  • LouiseCA


    Second-He’s skipping it because he’s not conservative on foreign affairs nor on certain social issues and he has no desire to be nailed on them in front of a roomfull of conservatives. It could get embarassing.

    • Dagny

      First- Rand will be there.

      Second- He has won 3 of the last 4 years and in advance polling is ahead of the 2nd place person (Palin) by a factor of 5. You’re either a paid shill or astonishingly ignorant. Which is it?

      • Leslie

        I would have to go with “astonishingly ignorant”

  • Windrinker

    First Glen Beck and now Napolitano!

    Fox has been wavering ever since Murdock was called to testify in his own defense after attacks by the illegal foreigner. The illegal foreigner has been “leaning on Fox” ever since. Look at OReilly, he isn’t reporting on the abuses perpetrated on Americans by this regime! He is protecting his job because he sees his conservatives buddies being “shutdown.”

    As for Fox, they have been wavering since they sold a portion of the corporation to a saudi prince. My posts were never allowed on their blog. I believe the use of the word, “muslim” was not allowed….. I didn’t like being censored…

    I hope that Napolitano can rebound and become even more influential, and keep Americans informed. Right now, it looks like the communists are taking conservatives out, one by one! We can expect more of the same..

    Americans need to start responding to all the abuses of their freedoms, like the Catholics have! If the Catholics can do it….all the other Christians should follow suit! It is going to take, masses of Americans voicing their displeasure at actions taken against them and their families.

  • Chuck

    Hillary, nor any of the radical socialist, believe that a President must have been born in this country to be eligible to run for the office. They also want to change the current Electoral College system so that each candidate receives a proportionate number of votes from each state. Several states have already signed on to this new system. They need to get a few more to be in favor the change before they can get the law changed. In effect, what they are trying to do is split the vote into so many pieces that a candidate could be declared the winner without having receied a majority of the votes. Making it theoretically possible for someone with say, 20 – 25 percent of the popular voter, to be the winner.

  • Maxine

    Obummer is not my Prisadent and wont untill he shows me he was born here and his father was american untill then I will not vote for him or go by his rules Ron Paul is the one to give us back are country

    • sc

      Max you could have added that he also should apply for a legal name change from Soetoro to Obama as that is his legal name, as it was given to him when he became a citizen of Indonesia, then he needs to apply for citizenship here because he listed himself as a foreign student when he applied for the grant to go to college in california and that grant is only given to foreign students, no U.S. citizen is allow to receve it.

  • jane bark

    Not sure that Paul missed the CPAC because of travel constraints. Earlier I read that he refused to speak because he wanted to be on the campaign trail. He should always take opportunities that the other candidates do. It makes him look bad, like it wasn’t important to him.
    He knows that he will never be elected. He is just so disconnected regarding foreign affairs.

  • Terry Black

    This is very alarming and dangerous!

    Lyndon La Rouche has openly stated, that if we do not get Obama out of power immediately – we are all in danger of being devistated by Nuclear Hallowcaust!

    Listen to the radio broadcast Interview on pretty much the last interview – Feb. 10/2012

  • Duane Kalember

    Ron Paul is 2 years my senior and in my opinion is really to old to be seeking any office. Like some of his ideas resy are as if head was hiding his head in the sand like and ostrich

    • Dagny

      Duane, all people age at different rates. If you are not aging well, I’m very sorry and wish you well. However, on more than one occasion Ron Paul challenged the rest of the Republican field to a 20-25 mile bike ride in Houston, with 100 degree temps and 100% humidity. They all laugh nervously because they know he could do it and they couldn’t, and they’re afraid to take him up on it.

      Also, both of his parents lived well into their 90s, in full possession of all their faculties. To steal a line from Mitt, I’ll bet you $10,000. he outlives all of his opponents (especially the Pillsbury Doughboy Newt). Of course the bet is off if he’s assassinated (a horrifyingly real possibility. A lot of very evil, greedy people have a lot to lose if he’s elected President).

  • Kurt

    RonPaul,RonPaul……… The American people should really listen to the whole picture of what he has to say. Learn from history and the past blunders and how history repeats itself with the same result. Sad is it not. He probibly will not win but he does bring to the table things the American people should be thinking about in the near future and how they might be changed.Food for gray matter and it does matter.

  • Rob McKenney

    Thanks to Ron Paul I know about Santorums voting record:
    He votes for gun control, Voted against Border Patrol Agent funding, Voted for giving Social Security to Illegal Aliens. Voted for Sarbanes-Oxley that increased small business regulations, endorsed Arlen Spector who switched from Republican to Democrat in Pennsylvania, supported Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by encouraging more Fed involvement, worked as a Corporate Lobbyist, voted to raise the debt ceiling 5 times, supported big Labor Unions. Another smiling destroyer of American prosperity for his own power and greed.

  • MArmonV16Indiana

    Ron Paul is skipping CPAC because he has to meet with the rich Democrat operatives who are helping him sabotage the Republican party and get Obama re-elected.

    • mark


  • Rob McKenney

    Patriot 101 and Windrinker hit the nail on the head. There was a secret meeting when Obama won the nomination, ……between Obama and Hillary. They do not like each other but do take orders from the New World order Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission and the Council On Foreign Relations,….not to mention Soros. Where is Seal Team 6?
    This is why Hillary was moved out of the country to the Secretary of State position,….for now. So they wouldn’t have to deal with each other.

  • Rocketman

    I’m getting really tired of repeating this but I’ll do it again for those of you who have the position that Ron Paul is a libertarian and won’t investigate to see if your wrong, which you are. Ron Paul is not a libertarian. He is what the Republican Party in the midwest, west and south used to be prior to about 1952. Read the article on the web entitled “Why do GOP bosses fear Ron Paul” by John Nichols. It lays everything out and explains that the eastern establishment GOP co-oped the party back then with media influence and banking money and became what it is today which is the party of the neo-cons.

  • oath keeper

    Why would Paul bother? He’s won CPAC twice and the establishment neocons don’t like it, he won’t win this time because they will be using the vote changing electronic voting machines. CPAC neocpons want war spewing idiots speaking at the event not a constitutionalist.

  • Mike


    • Carol Fryer

      I would totally believe they just left him out. After what theyve been doing? They are capable of anything. If it wasnt for him I would have gone independent by now.

  • Jamin Jayman

    Rick Santorum for president!!!

  • mark

    Damn “they” are sooooo frightened of Mr. Ron Paul. They must have financial motives cause any other reason would just be IGNORANT!

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      We are dupes and pawns under a one-party system, of which the DNC and the RNC are nothing more and nothing less than TWIN FRONTS. Any SO-CALLED “debates” that they stage are just STAGED. They are DIVERSIONARY DRAMA, and as such are simply staged so as to hide the IMPORTANT thing that’s going on: GLOBALISTS CHEWING UP OUR SOVEREIGNTY. THEY don’t care whether a Democrat or a Republican wins, because they OWN BOTH. They FEAR Ron Paul because he’s the ONLY candidate who is a real threat to the inauguration of THEIR one-world government, one-world currency, and one-world SO-CALLED “religion” (which I’m CERTAIN that God wants NO PART OF!).

  • Brady

    To vote for anyone other than Ron Paul,will be the same BS we’ve had for the last 100 yrs. The real problem of getting him elected are 2 things. No.1-the manipulated news media,who are the same people that own the Federal Reserve.No.2 -are the many people that think,if you vote RP,then it will take away votes and Obama will get in.
    No.2-we have to explain to people what he stands for and especially explain his stance on Foreign Policy.If our country is broke,how on earth can we afford to have all these 900 bases thru-out the world ? How can we afford to have another war ? Because we are going to close our bases overseas,doesn’t mean we will sacrifice our nat’l security.Far from it! We can defend ourselves just fine from our shores.Nowhere does it say in our Constitution,we are to police the world. If a spat comes between 2 nations,fine,it is their problem not ours.Washington said in his farewell address,”we are to stay out of foreign affairs”. So,we should get out of NATO and SEATO and let those countries defend themselves.

    As far as No.1-they really control our nation and really the world with their deceitful news reporting and we know its for a purpose.The elites have control.We know they pretty much control the White House,congress and all the gov’t depts.

    But one thing for sure is the American people are getting fed up.They just don’t know what is REALLY going on.They need people to educate them and not by watching or reading the mainstream “news”.Everyone I see,I talk to them about what is going on and to vote RP and why.But saying and talking in a positive way,as not to offend. I have converted many people.

    Anyway,these are my thoughts. I would like to say to the people that trash Ron Paul. Why would you vote for the other candidates ? Have you really investigated what they stand for and what has been their track record ? If anyone is a hunter or shoots,beware as those candidates are anti-firearms,despite the cheap talk during the debates.You can’t go wrong with someone who defends the Constitution and our Liberties !! Go Ron Paul 2012 !!

  • Sunshine49

    I’ve had two comments stopped because they said I was posting too fast. What kind of reason is that for taking down my comments?

    Is there a limit on how many comments you can post?

    • Carol Fryer

      I just got the same thing, and it was my first post…lol.

    • Richard Wm. Faith

      The very first comment I tried to put up with here met up with exactly the same fate, and then I put in another one RIGHT AWAY and it went through! What this inclines me to believe is that it’s just an innocent (although annoying) glitch in their system.

  • The Judge

    Foreign Policy–Ron Paul has it right. Please check out a document and a video that are listed below:
    We have been at War for the last 30 years or more with No Progress to show. Newt, Romney and Sanitarium offer No change from that dismal course. Just like Obama–all the same.
    Vote Ron Paul 2012—for the Best and only Real Choice for President 2012. Return to Sanity and the Constitution, before it is too late.

  • Carol Fryer

    At this point he could skip everything, and I would still vote for him. The rest are just liars playing a part and telling people in each state what they want to hear. Im fed up.

  • BH

    Ron Paul wasn’t managing the newsletter. He was not its editor. He was effectively its publisher.

    Out of thousands of articles posted, only a couple dozen are objectionable. In 20/20 hindsight, his editor should not have included those articles. But realize that the newsletter was much like this blog. Someone has to decide when to exclude stuff. Get too picky and there is no debate, no heat.

  • G Schmidt

    Do not be silly!!!!
    If Obama was in any way not a legit American, why would Hillary’s organization not surfaced that information during the 2008 primaries???

    Why would not the Republican establishment not shown any evidence? I am sure they all know what brand of toilet paper he uses !!!!

    The fact of the matter is that the “birthers” are just residing in the dark corners of the Internet and random e-mails with the UFO and crop circles as naive people still pays credence to it.

    Let it go dude!! Concentrate in the elections!!!

  • Windrinker

    Schmidt, I can tell you why Billary didn’t “out” Hussein! They are both on the same side!!

    As for the establishment, are you talking about Congress? Congress is complicit! They know what Hussein is all about…Congress is too busy stealing as much as they can before the cockroach crashes the economy! They are stealing as much wealth out of this country as they can, right along with him!

    For your information, people have the right to seek the “truth” no matter how much you may resent it! You are the naive one! Many lawsuits have been filed in courts, by very legitimate, educated people that are trying to find out the “identity” of the cockroach in the oval office! He has spent nearly Two Million Dollars “hiding his identity and sealing all his records!” No other American President has had a problem with releasing any information requested. Neither should the cockroach!

    The problem has been, your liberal, activist judges have decided that “no one” in this country has “standing” to seek the truth about this degenerate! That is a crock because every American is being adversely effected by the unconstitutional, treasonous activities of this foreigner…and we all know that he is a foreigner! If you have any doubts, you need to move your sleeping bag to Huffpost with all the other libturds!

    BTW, all this talk about the elections and candidates is nothing but a “diversion.” While we argue about this one and that one, our enemies are racing full-speed toward Agenda 21…before Americans “wake-up” and get really angry!

  • jane bark

    You are the one that is silly. There were a million or more alarms about “O’s” anti-american beliefs. You just weren’t paying attention.

  • Patriot 101

    G Schmidt,
    Here is why: GEORGE SOROS is the boss of both! The deal has been made back at the Democratic Convention in ’08!
    HERE’S the deal! Hillary (and Soros) keep their mouth shut on Obama’s elgibility letting him be the “radical” that starts the “Transformation” of America. Soros knows there will be HUGE BLOWBACK against this far leftist movement and keeps hillary in the wings as the MODERATE to complete the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF aMERICA!
    Hillary is not moderate! She is a PROGRESSIVE through and through! A socialist and Marxist to the very core of her being!
    There will be no “challenge” from Hillary. I think this deal (Hillary next pres.) was already struck back at the democratic convention in 2008. Part of that deal was that Hillary got to be Sec. of State. Hillary probably could have taken the nomination away from Obama. She had many delegates that were ready to “dump” Obama! SOROS is the “boss” of both, so they concocted a deal. Remember when Lyndon Johnson announced he would not run? It has happened before, so don’t rule it out as impossible!

  • sc

    G. the reason that hillary quit talking about barry not being eligible to hold the office was because she was told to shut up or she would NEVER hold any public office and like a good little camp follower she shut up.

  • Windrinker

    Patriot, you got it right!

    Some Americans still think THEY actually choose their presidents!! What a joke!

    Those deals are done behind closed doors, then the “details” are taken care of so the anointed one is the winner.

    And when people talk about “obamacare” they forget that billary came up with billarycare when she was nothing but the “wife of the president!” Billarycare was so bad, the demonrats made her “give it up!”

    There isn’t an ounce of difference between billary and hussein! She would be the only person that could possibly be worse!