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CPAC: Sarah Palin says long GOP battle will strengthen nominee

Sarah Palin argued Saturday that the Republican presidential nominee would only be strengthened by an extended nomination battle, and she urged conservatives to unite behind whomever the party’s eventual choice is.

Palin’s closing speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference was a populist rallying cry, heavy with criticism not just of President Obama but of the “crony capitalism” that she says has infected Washington more broadly.

Too often, she said, those who decry Washington as a “cesspool” become comfortable in the “hot tub.”

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  • Greg F

    Sarah Palin would have a been a much better candidate than this LDS, CULT, leader MITT ROMNEY.

    MITT ROMNEY’s Obamacare and Romneycare are going to DESTROY America.

    • JMJ

      I agree with you that Mitt Romney’s Romneycare will destroy America as much as Obozo’s Obamacare. There’s another word for their “care” — that word is “Murdercare”. It’s all about killing, blood money and playing God — saying who should live and who shouldn’t. (Only God can say who should live and who shouldn’t.) See website:
      “The integrity of the 2012 elections is now under a sustained and systematic assault by the corrupt Obama political machine.” By: Thomas Fitton, President of Judical Watch, a watchdog organization that does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office but wants elections to be honest, open and free of fraud. If you want to help please contact: Judicial Watch, 425 Third Street SW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20024; Tel: (202) 646-5172; FAX: (202) 646-5199 email: website:

    • Samuel

      Nancy Pelosi and he thug lawyers wrote Obamacare in total secrecy. The Republicans had no input and none voted for the bill.

  • Greg F

    Mitt’s magic mormon underwear won’t save him, he won’t ever be President..

  • Bob D

    Not sure we need a protracted battle to see who will represent the Republican party. Also I can’t get excited about polls that show who has the best chance of beating Obama because once a canidate is selected many folks will vote for that person (“anybody but Obama” comes to mind). Maybe it’s best we spend a lot of time learning about our rep and taking to heart what he says. We didn’t listen to what Obama said and now we are paying for it.

  • Riverdweller

    I wish she had been the candidate in ’08 instead of McCain. He’s a wimp.
    Maybe in another 4 years. She is so different from gun control crazy, socialized medicine Hitlery.

  • Lonnie W. Lynch

    I keep saying that we must look at each candidate our selves and not listen to the damn media, they are going to tell you what they want you to hear about each one…. from his accompishments and the direction of those accomplishements I for one like Newt Gingrich… For my money Mr. Romney has been too liberial in his past and I don’t believe that anyone changes that much that quickly as he say he has done… Gingrich has years of conservative history… And accomplishment, none of which compares to Romneys health care program !!!

  • patriotrenegade

    I USED TO BE a fan and defender. When she and her idiot husband came out for knewtburger CFR, I was appalled. In 08, she was “taken” to NYC to meet world leaders at the UN. It was only mentioned on fox that on the way over, mccain CFR had them stop at a globalist event of 2,000 hosted by lilbilly CFR, TC, bilderberger and kissinger CFR, TC, and bilderberg. I saw a photo of her sitting next to henry the k. I thought here we go, they got to her. After that her relationship with mccain soured. I thought she felt set up, but now after getting used to CFR murdoch’s money, or just being damn ignorant, she supports a CFR. bye bye sarah.

  • Clarence Jaeger

    A long GOP battle will strengthen the nominee especially in an educational campaign. The best way to educate the electorate on ideas is to run for office and use the political platform as your bully pulpit. The nice thing about running an educational campaign like Ron Paul is doing is that you are bringing an understanding to the electorate. If enough people come to an understanding the candidate may get elected but even if he doesn’t the movement he started will begin to manifest itself on the political scale as people begin to concur with the ideas. We may lose the battle but will win the war.

  • Walter

    I like Sara and she has a lot of good points and make good sense. Too bad she not in the race herself. However Our gold is to get rid of our failed leader. He is a trader in my bood. He seem to be on the wrong side of most good american issues. He seem to be the enemy in many cases. He wasts to sue states instead of helping them . He want to sue law enforcements .He should be helping them. He wants to sue the churches . He should be on there side instead. He does not want to enforce voters laws or other federal laws. He also listed as one of the most corrupt in the white house……………

  • linda miskolci

    I disagree with Sarah Palin on a long drawn out campaign for the nonmination.
    Those of us who have been keeping up on what each candidate “SAYS” they stand for and represent…….already know what they are going to keep on saying.
    We don’t really have much of a choice …….. but I will vote for anyone but Obama. It is vital to get rid of him. I wish everyone could understand that issue first and foremost.
    WE also have a lot of people in congress to get rid of from each state. Boehner is one, Pelosi, Reid, and a lot of the others.