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Michigan Governor Endorses Romney, GM Posts Record Profit

To the surprise of nobody, a former corporate CEO turned Republican governor has endorsed a fellow former corporate CEO turned Republican governor for president. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder used a Detroit News Op/Ed to offer his support to Mitt Romney ahead of the state’s important primary a week from next Tuesday:

Let’s start with one important fact. Our country has never elected a president born and raised in Michigan. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit. His father served with distinction as governor. Before that, he was president of American Motors. Mitt grew up with the prospects of the auto industry and of Michigan discussed around the dinner table. He has deep ties to our state. Mitt understands the challenges confronting Michigan as few Americans do. Mitt Romney is not a career politician. He stands alone among the candidates, Democrat and Republican alike, with his extensive experience in business, having spent two decades helping to start companies and turn around failing ones. Most important, he has a credible plan for jumpstarting the economy and putting it on the path of sustained growth.

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  • Greg F

    Mitt Romney was endorsed by George Soros, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore why don’t you give all of RINO Romney’s endorsers

    • patriotrenegade

      You are a drunken, inbred, very uneducated, moron. soros-CFR said that to get people to run to knewtie bird CFR. It was not an endorsement. cahtuh and gore have not endorsed Mitt.

      • Greg F

        You must be a Romney FAG your constantly stalking me.

      • AliveStillKickin

        Romney is an elitist GOP RINO and you are an idiot for supporting his sorry butt.
        Even Mitt doesn’t know who Mitt will be or what he will be for tomorrow.
        He is the GOP pancake….flip, flop….flip, flop….

        • Meralu

          Romney is the choice we have that can run against Obama right now.
          Have you never changed your mind about any issue. It is called growing.

    • JMJ

      Don’t be fooled by Gov. Snyder of Michigan endorsing Romney. It’s just one corrupt/Judas Gov. endorsing another corrupt/Judas Gov. Gov. Snyder is corrupt as hek just like Romney. We lived in Michigan the year Snyder won the governor’s race. We helped him win. But, he turned into a Benedict Arnold and turned on we, the voters. Michigan, don’t vote for Romney. He’s as corrupt as Snyder and Obozo. See website:

    • Darryl Hanson

      You are nuts. Romney is not a RINO. If you knew anything about politics you would understand why he took positions he took to get elected Gov. of Massachusetts. When he got in, he was very conservative, so much so, that he probably wouldn’t have been re-elected. And he ran against lefty Teddy Kennedy because Teddy was a liberal nut case. That doesn’t sound like RINO to me.

      • Old Sarge

        He was so conservative he gave Massachusetts Romneycare that was the model to Obamacare.

        • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

          Old Sarge you got it right.

      • David Msg ret

        NO to Obamney!!!!
        Good GRIEF!
        If he’s damned wonderful? How come a lameass like McCain beat him in the reflublican contest in ’08 and WE the PEOPLE got Okenyan as president….
        The only reason obamney is in the contest is HE has BEEN running since ’08 and doesn’t know when to QUIT!
        I’d rather see a brokered convention than see this plutocrat as “our” candidate….
        We NEED more than 2 parties…(yeah I know 3rd party guarentees 4 more years of this crap )==I DON’T THINK SO…

  • Greg F

    Your an obsequious buffoon and bitch. I can call you names too asswipe.

  • AliveStillKickin

    You are a rude SOB and a coward hiding behind a keyboard.

    Snyder is another elitist and his endorsement just shows how much the base of the GOP hates the tea party.
    The more of these RINO endorsements Mitt Rinomney gets….the more tea partiers will turn on him.
    We must be winning.

  • jim 28th reg.

    Funny about all the Muslim sht in Mi. and your Precious Gov. allowing their sherry law to enter your courts . You people up there just keep bending over don’t cha-tee hee. Now don’t get upset pretty boy. Ob just may not slip another couple billion of everybody elses money to GM so they can claim another profitable quarter. What a joke!

  • bob white

    When will I get my GM dividend check, my tax money was invested in GM, why won’t the good hearted president send me my check?

  • celador2

    Rick Snyder’s endorsement is a big thing and to minimize it is sour grapes. Romney may or may not win Michigan. Compared to 2008 when he took its votes for granetd, 2012 will be a contest. Rick Santorum has a manufacturing message that strikes a cord all over Great lake and industrialized north.

    • Darryl Hanson

      What’s Santorum’s message that resonates ?

  • jerry1944

    It does matter who endorment he gets he want get my vote He seam like a mean person but guess thats why he owns companys but his laugh at others being lied about gets me and with his getting this health care going to help ruin the country and his gun laws. Nope i want vote for him even if the gop put him up i dont change my principle are my bible for anyone

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Jerry I don’t care for Romney either but if he wins the GOP I will vote for him over Ovomit, in fact I’d vote for a Monkey over Ovomit.


  • sargentrage

    Where is the money we gave GM for bail them out wewill never see it back

  • Pappadave

    Can anyone explain to me WHERE in this article GM’s “record profits” are mentioned?? What am I missing? “Record” compared to what?

  • MM

    It would be very hard and I mean very hard for me to vote for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich for president of my United States of America. I never did nor I never will vote for Barrack Obama for president or any office.

    • Patrick Henry

      MM then the answer is simple, (ABO), ANYONE but Obama, because people not voting last election is what got us into this mess the last election…………

  • Studi30

    So all you people out there who won’t vote for whoever is our Republican Candidate and won’t vote for Ovomit want to see 4 more years of Ovomit. If we don’t stand behind whoever is candidate we enable Ovomit too finish murdering our Country. Just like my wife and I did in 2008 just hold your nose and pull the lever or push the button for the Republicans. Anyone but Ovomit. A Republican majority in Congress will take care of everything that needs to be done (hopefully anyway).

  • Bill Stanley

    “GM Posts Record Profit” … and Czar Obama wants to force taxpayers to give $10,000 instead of $7500 to Chevy Volt buyers.

  • doug

    record? how about if they pay back the obama loan? what would their profits be then? I saw a volt commercial yesterday 2-16-12… they have a lot of balls. can i still buy solyndra stock?

  • AliveStillKickin

    GM is now writing $7000 bonus checks to all UNION blue collar workers.
    They must be selling a lot of Chevy Vomits Volts that we don’t know about to be able to afford that.
    BTW….I helped fund the GM bailout….Where’s my $7000?

  • John

    Yesterday I heard on 2 talk shows that GM will not have to pay the 35% corporate income taxes for 10 years. I was stunned. I googled the topic, and sure enough- GM is exempt from those taxes. It seems obviouis to me that the Obama administration is using crony capitalism as a tactic to make Jugears look good in November. It also re-affirms that Herman Cain had something with his 9-9-9 proposal. Think about it ! If all businesses did not have to pay the 35% corporate taxes, jobs and profits would soar. Meanwhile, the mainscream media will be flaunting GM’s profits as ” proof ” of Obama’s policies having worked. Obama and his leftist, marxist, alinskyite minions will manipulate stories like this to achieve their goals. This GM ” success ” story is all smoke and mirrors ! Don’t be fooled. The UAW is getting its reward for backing Jugears in 2008. Why do GM and othe Obama suck up companies get the tax break and others don’t ? It’ all about Obama’s re-election. We are in DEEP trouble if Obama and his minions retain power for anothe 4 years. No accountability, no observance of the U.S. Constitution, etc. Katie, bar the door !

  • Patrick Henry

    Well I see even many so called Conservatives on here fall for the sound-bites and out-of-context statements of the Liberals that know Romney would be hard for Oblamer to beat. The idea that a Liberal would endorse ANY Republican against Obama is in itself BS….I am sure there are trolls on here as well. Romney is the one candidate that didn’t spend his life & career in Washington, DC.

  • kevin

    We just have to beat the scum that is in the W H now. My dogcatcher would be better than anything the left has.

  • Terry Black

    I wouldn’t endorse Romney, to clean leaves out of my yard! The man stands beheind NDAA Act, Patriot Act, Agenda 21 and a whole host of Oligarchial Globalist objectives! All Romney really is – is Obama less the ears!

    Best News Articles to Copy and Search:

    Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Cheated By Grand Old Party In Maine!?!?! – Civilian News


    Voter Fraud in Maine Caucus Investigated

  • george

    So GOVERNMENT MOTORS is hauling in the dough…………..maybe we should all get bailed out an make a killing on someone elses’ dollar.

    Dam…………….I forgot! We are the SOMEONE else.

  • Jose C

    GM posts record profit. Fine and dandy.
    But why didn’t GM start paying the taxpayers back for the money we lent them?
    That should have been priority number one, pay off your loan, then if you have any money left you can give it to your union employees. No wonder I can’t stomach your silly commercials about the new Volt, you guys do everything backwards. You have no respect for the taxpayers of this country who in fact bailed your rear out of bankruptcy court. Shame on you.




    “Those who know Romney and what he believes don’thave to resort to unfounded lies and emotional retoric and name calling! You may not like Romney for whatever reason, but he should be judged for his capabilities and appreciate the fact he is not part of the Congress who got us into the mess we are in! If you want Socialism or Communism to continue to influence our govt then vote for someone besides Romney! The Evangelicals did a good job last election because of their fear of Mormonism….maybe they should try to just understand what they truly believe and not what they have been taught in ignorance by those who clam they know!!! Christian, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days are…and there is ample evidence to convict us of being so!”

  • lizaz

    Oh, good…if government motors made such a big “profit”, then they should be able to pay back the taxpayers the rest of the money obama gave them…right?? NO,??? They’re going to give each of their employees a bonus check for $8,000 or something like that??? Wow! It’s great to be friends with the “president”, isn’t it??? Too bad the American people aren’t in that category!!

  • An American Conservative

    I am a Tea Party Conservative and I believe Romney is the right choice no matter what contrived and arrogant words come forth on this forum especially from a very hateful Greg F. Their are a great deal of us that are a silent majority and see what needs to be accomplished and can see who has the ability and values to do it and I respect Rick and even Ron but we need a LEADER and Mitt is the right person no matter what the embedded liberal left in this forum would have us think. They can’t even get their fact right. You have the right to say what you want but again many comments are based on hate and not facts….this is our country so I hope you can get over your hate and look for leadership and values that will restore this country to its rightful place in the world.

  • ARMYOF69

    GM makes billions, gives out thousands to the union thugs as bonuses, and pays none of what WE THE PEOPLE gave them to keep them alive.
    Now the government wants us again to give away $10, 000.00 per Volt sold as discount , so they can sell more VOLTS…………DO YOU HAVE THOUSANDS TO GIVE AWAY to morons?


      FYI : just the battery charger on this lemon is eight thousand dollars thats $8,000.00 not a misprint, I just bought a 2011 Cadillac with the rebates for $38,00.00 what kind of a schmuck would you have to be to pay approx $45k plus $8k for this lemon, also you have to have access to electric for the 12 hour charge so that makes it impossible to charge the battery if you dont have a garage ei. city dwellers, condo dwellers, ppl without outside electric. MORE government waste. no planning on the maintenance aspect, another BIG problem is who is going to work on this lemon NO ONE BUT A DEALER so get your check book out .those misfits in Washibgton couldn’t run a lemonade stand without screwing it up ( unless someone would pay $75.00 for a cup so they could at least break even ) keep your hands out of the private sector, do what you do best chase whores and take 6 martini lunches , you know stuff your experienced at.

  • oath keeper

    The governor is a crooked scum bag.
    It’s fitting he would support another scum bag like Romney.

    Read this about the gov….

  • SEaston

    Romney is best choice to beat Obama in the general election, and will govern conservatively.

  • eric johnson

    Romney is endorsed by a squish. Is this news?


    dont believe the GM profit statement, GM has to sell 8 million six hundred thousand cars just to NET break even because of the rediculous pension load, I dumped my GM stock yrs ago thank God. Ford will be the number one car maker in the world by 2015.