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Reid Seethes as Rubio Pressures Obama on Latin America

What arguably had been the quietest dispute in Washington, D.C., ramped up a bit today when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid challenged freshman Sen. Marco Rubio’s political approach and questioned his constituency.

The Florida Republican obviously has rankled the Nevada Democrat with his tack of fighting President Barack Obama’s policy on Latin America by blocking diplomatic appointments, Politico reports. The Spanish-language media generally have been the only ones covering the spat.

The dust-up started last year, when Rubio challenged the White House on its selection of Mari Carmen Aponte for ambassador to El Salvador. He acted to force the State Department to take a stronger stance against authoritarian regimes in Nicaragua and Cuba.

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  • JMJ

    Well, “devil” Reid is condescending and offensive to everyone who doesn’t agree with him and his pathetic, illegal boss in our White House. Reid has no respect for conservatism. Obozo and Reid are joined at the hip and they don’t want to take “a stonger stance against authoritarian regimes in Nicaragua and Cuba.” They are the biggest dictators in the history of this country. What do you expect from then in dealing with foreign nations? See website:

    • JMJ

      Correction to last sentence: What do you expect from them in dealing with foreign nations?

      • teadog

        Git a liffe……………..if u want 2 B a spel cheker 4 coments, u reely hav a dul liffe.

    • Eddie76

      How the whole Group of Senators can pick a Jerk like Harry Reid mystifies me.. The Peoples of 49 States DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS Jerk and the only way that I can show my disgust for this small man – is to NEVER ENTER THE STATE OF NEVADA until their voters think about the rest of America instead of the PORK this criminal steals from the American Treasury..
      I Choose to AVOID Nevada until nevada dumps Reid.. Please Join Me in this boycot…

      • pipelinepete

        I have suggested that each of us be allowed to cast a vote for the most dispictable Congressman in each Federal election. The elected representative receiving the greatest number of votes would then be recalled from office by federal mandate. I know that my suggestion is idealistic but I am soooooo tired of see these movie-star representatives effect my life and values while I have no recourse. What do you think???


        Right-On Eddie76 Every Now And Them Reid Or Pelosi Wake-Up And Make Some Un-Brilliant Statement Just To Take Some Pressure Off The Imposter Muslim Pres Barry Soetoro AKA ??? However Anything The Organizer Talks About Other Than Chi-Town, Yikeess, I Will Choose The Other Side, God Bless America And Rubio.

      • Betty

        I’m with you 100% Eddie. When I was a snowbird I hated having to go through Nevada. Easy for me to boycott that dumb state

        • smeethow

          The citizens in Nevada have more freedom that the rest of the west coast, in spite of reid. Their environmental protection agency just told a group of control freaks that they’d keep mining along with the jobs that creates. Washington state would never do that. My Grand-kids live there so I’ll keep visiting Nevada. Sometimes I think I’d like to move there just to get away for the peoples republic of Wa.

        • VegasLarry

          Betty…. Just because we made one mistake by sending Old harry to DC, please don’t take it out on the people who reside in Nevada. We all have senator’s remorse now, but that shouldn’t make you want to boycott Nevada ,which is by no means, a dumb state. Come for a visit sometime. There is sooo much more to do here than gamble. I have raised my family here. We have churches of all denominations, schools, Universities, shopping malls, Scenic drives just like any other state. Try it before you bash it.. OK?

          • budman

            VegasLarry: I am from Florida and I know Reid didn’t win the election fair and square because he used the union to rig the voting machines and he even admitted and bragged about using the illegal immigrant vote to win the election.
            I have to say that your State though has the most despicable Senator in Congress and I hope the lawsuit on the election results makes progress because Harry Reid needs to go. We are tired of his never ending blocking of key legislation on jobs, energy and health care.
            For the record, Rubio is correct in blacking the appointment because this woman is a known radical.

      • Bob Laughlin

        With you.

      • DB

        Nobody in NV, voted for him , his son was in charge of the voting booths and now his other son is in charge of Henderson, during the primary angle was ahead by 5000 votes as the last hour approached she lost by 5000 but nobody challenges them!

      • catluvr

        The voters of Nevada didn’t elect Reid!

    • macandterry

      If Obama is illegal, it’s pretty sad none of you can prove this. You got the long Birth Certificate but couldn’t prove it was illegal, you got the natural born interpretation of Presdiency to be recognized by activist judges and that went no where, you got a crazy lady working on this for years, you’ve got Donald Trump with investigators swarming all over Hawaii and you go no where in 3 years. This tells me a volume on how totally ineffective the base is on actually accomplishing this If Obama is so strong to defeat your proving the obvious, then he’s too strong to beat and will be President. Why not quit calling names and get some action. Majority of the electorate is totally turned off by this discussion and most think you guys are ‘nuts’, not operating at full speed. Not the way to win elections.

      • Orville Covert

        How come you didn’t mention the phony social security number?????That’s the one that is going to burn him…………

        • F J KELLY


      • Joe

        If you follow the investigations outside the main stream media, you will find that the social security number is one from a french man. The doctor did not exist at the time of Obama’s birth and O’Bama is a known Musselim. Get you head out of the sand and start researching the informaiion in the social media.

      • D Fowler

        You clearly do not understand just how powerful George Soros, the Chicago mob and the neo-left are at covering up truths. Using old shyster trial lawyer tricks to hide and manipulate the truth so someone like Dumbo can break the law and walk free is a reality…and it doesn’t just apply to his bogus citizenship. What is sad is that people like you wear blinders and demand instant gratification instead of patience.

      • tjz

        The first time a judge hears the case on its merits and on the evidence Obama will be done. Refusing standing and ruling that you don’t have jurisdiction is not a win: It a cover up. If Rubio declares he is ineligible because his parents weren’t citizens, then Obama will be on the spot. Why is Rubio ineligible but you are? Both your parents weren’t US citizens either.

      • tjz

        Nixon was almost impeached because he knew about the Watergate break in and covered up the crime. This administration has several cover ups going on including the fact that Obama knew the COLB he posted in April 2011 was forged. Consider this using a false Social Security number to register for the selective service felony…using that number to file tax forms for twenty years felony. These are high crimes and Congress should wake up and do its job. Reid is a collaborator and we should see him for what he is.

        Rubio can not be the VP candidate for the same reason Obama is ineligible to be President: They are not NBC and changes to that law is part of an even bigger cover up.

    • http://cowboybyte Rhoda64

      I sent Reid an email today and ask him to step down that the American people are tired of him and his allies bankrupting our country and everyone of them need to be fired and then start all over again. Reid was trying to say that Obama needs to go over Congress head and hire some more people that Obama wants to hire and Congress says no. Reid is trying to say that Obama will do like he did in December and hire several people that Congress dems them unfit. It is going to take more than myself to get these evil people out of the WH. We need at least a million people to step up to the plate and call for their Impeachment or resignations immediately. Please help do this.

    • GENE

      Could not agree with you more. This scrawny punk needs to be fired.

    • Hold Our Politicians Accountable

      We the People Demand a Full Scale Investigation into the Eligibility Requirements of President Obama to be President and to run again for a second term.

    • joanne

      I hope Nevada remembers what Harry Reid has done come election day. Then again the Unions will probably steal it for him.

  • AliveStillKickin

    Anything that rankles Harry Reid has to be a good thing…but then….Marco Rubio doing it makes it twice as juicy!!

    • Tucci78

      How does Mario Rubio dare to defy the leadership of the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) like this?

      After all, as a Hispanic Sen. Rubio is supposed to be completely en el barrio de las Socialistas, isn’t he?

      (Pardon my lousy Spanish; I’m just another wop who’s better in Sicilian.)

    • OLD MAN

      Harry Reid is a sick, demented person…… the Democrats can support this sorry mass of flesh is beyond reason!

    • Dave Langdon

      They roll the dice in Nevada,but I think Harry has bitten off more than he can chew, in challanging Marco.

  • HardnoseMP

    Anything the Obstructionist Senator Reid does is not in our best interest, thank goodness Senator Rubio is on top of these radical Obamas policies on Latin America !

    • “Kid Richie”

      Down with Reid!(and others like him). Up with Rubio! (and others like him).

      • smeethow

        Wouldn’t it be great if We The People could vote for Senate majority leader and Speaker of the house?

  • Greyhound44

    I really can’t add anything as each and every night I fall asleep dreaming of Nuking DC!

    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE (60’s and 70’s)

    • Jimbo

      Ditto Greyhound44, and thanks for your service…carrier blue shirt here 66-68

      • Dolores F. Tamoria

        Thanks to both of you for your service….my husband was 45 to 67 Carrier Man also same with my son. GO NAVY!

    • del


      • macandterry

        I believe this is how Nazi Germany got started…..with calls like this from the citizens. THen Hitler stepped in. You should really post this on lots of web sites so that you can get a following and follow in the steps of the Nazi’s. That would be a battle against the Nazi and the Kenyan Mao Communists. Nukes available to the Kenyan but you guys can sure obtain some from foreign states. That’s what you are implying in a comment on a rather innocuous press piece on disagreement on Latin American foreigh policy. That’s something the American electorate is really putting high on their list of things they worry about. Go Rev Reps

        • eddy james

          I see a lot of post comparing Obama with Hitler.But The difference tell it all. No matter how destructive Hitler turned out to be the one thing you can say about him. Is that he did everything in his power to make Germany the strongest power it could be. He misused his power to cause great harm sure. But he did unite the Germans(Not in a good way) to excel in science, he didn’t cut any programs that would benefit Germany.He didn’t ship all of his manufacturing facilities across the world.He made sure the education in schools were heavy on math,and the sciences.He never apologized for Germany and he never bowed to anyone.He was a rotten low down person and the world would have been better off if he never had been born, but unlike Obama he never set out to Destroy Germany,Just conquer the world.Obama is just trying to destroy America and American jobs.

          • sc

            you should have added that he is setting the world up for a muslum take over, or as some say a world run by sharia law.

      • David Msg ret

        Hey ya’ll let’s drop the “nuke” talk…let’s “nuke’m with VOTES!!!”
        WE the People have the power of TERM the bastards OUT!
        How the heck Reid – Pelosi – Waters – Frank – Dodd – McConnell (remember gang of six traitor-knee capped Ryan/Boehner -weak sister RINO) on debt extention —keep getting reelected just flbbergasts me.

        • sc

          Sarg. you can vote all you want, but your going to find out that your vote doesn’t count, just look at what has been happening to Ron Paul; in Nevada they just didn’t count the votes that were cast for him. Then in Maine there were about 2 dozen citys that didn’t get their chance to vote. And there may have even been some “mistakes” made in the other elections that have been held.
          Sarge the fix is in and you are going to get one of the two RINO losers[romney or sanatarium] to run against barry, or maybe both; and it will go down just like old “Cave in John McCain” did.
          That is the reason the Newt is getting the dirty end of the stick, he is probably the only one that can go toe to toe against barry and come out on top, but that will never happen so get ready for another four years of the same old crap if the country last that long.

      • d rash

        Hey, del, …. why don’t you move to Iran, if Washington is so bad, and Iran is so good? Or, could it be that you simply hate Jews, is the reason you “appreciate” Iran?

      • Orville Covert

        A big AMEN to that

        • Orville Covert

          My big AMEN was in response to Del’s remark about Washington

  • celador2

    Neither Rubio nor any Senator needs a state or group constituency to make a policy challenge. They can cite US interests as the reason to challenge Obama and Reid. In fact a Senator need not justify on whose behalf he or she speaks. We take for grantedetd his objection is on behalf of overall American interests.

  • Ruth

    Reid, you SOB – you belong in a rocking chair! You are unqualified to be a senate majority leader! You and Piglosi are a big joke! Everyday you dumbocrats get your talking points from the white house dirtbags for the week and you’re going to watch it all backfire on your stupid asses.

  • U.S. Citizen and I can prove it..

    I wish Rubio was qualified to be President. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    • jeff willis

      He is! Read the 14th amendment! He is my choice for President. In a brokered convention, he could emerge as Barack Obama’s general election opponent! A Rubio-Condoleeza Rice ticket would create nightmares for Obama and the Democrats!

      • David Msg ret

        NOW that makes sense..I’d VOTE..VOLUNTEER…SPEND MONEY!! to see THAT ticket!
        Condi Rice is a SUPERIOR intellect..EXCEPTIONAL person and RIGHTOUS SOUL…

        and TOO damned smart to ever run for office…she NEEDS to be DRAFTED, or appointed (ala Bush, who got highjacked by Dems in congress’s spending).

      • Baldeagle

        Jeff W…Right on with your choice of Rubio & Rice I would add Santorum at State and Newt at Job Creation….

      • Riverdweller

        WRONG. The 14th Amendment says they “are citizens of ” and does not say that they are Natural Born Citizens, which is what the requirements are for POTUS and also for V.P..

      • GFM2012

        You are in error. Marco Rubio is eligible (I did not say qualified) to become President or Vice President. His parents were resident aliens when he was born in 1971, in the process of obtaining their status as naturalized U.S. citizens. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, “all persons born…in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the states wherein they reside.” This “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause shows why Rubio is — and Obama almost certainly is not — a “natural born citizen of the United States.”

        Read more:

        • d rash

          GFM2012, you are talking through “wishful thinking”! The 14th amendment only clarify’s “citizenship”. It does NOT clarify or define “natural born citizenship”, and there is a HUGE difference. The Constitution requires a person to be a “natural born citizen” to be president. Unfortunately, the Constitution does not “define” what a natural born citizen is. To get that definition, we must go to the 1875 Supreme court case of “Minor vs. Happersett”, which clearly states “the children of 2 American citizens” is required. The key word her is “required”. It requires the individual to have “2 citizen parents. The child of a “resident alien” does not qualify as a replacment for “citizen”. Rubios parents did not even apply for citizenship until 1975, whenMarco was 4 years old. You can twist it and turn it any way you want, but the 14th Amendment DOES NOT qualify Marco Rubio to be president, and he doesn’t fit under the definition laid down in the “Minor v. Happersett” case. I also think he could make a fantastic VP and possibly Prez some day, but I am not willing to further destroy our Constitution even more by putting him there. HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE!

      • sc

        Sorry guy but Rubio is not eligible to be the President or Vice-President, and he has said so on several different occasions, so quit trying to beat a dead horse. if you still have any doubt check out Art.2 Sect.1 Paragraph 5 of the constutution

    • ABO

      You’re not alone on that one, U.S. Citizen. Marco Rubio is an intelligent guy, he’s honest and straightforward. Just what we need in the White House now. There’s another gentleman from Marco’s state that I’d like to see on the ballot, but the RNC doesn’t like him. He too is intelligent, honest and straightforward, a strong leader. He is Lt. Col. Allen West and I don’t believe the Republican Party could ask for a better candidate. But for the last decade or so the party doesn’t seem to care what republican voters want, they prefer to decide who gets to seek the nomination and in the end who gets to be the nominee. It’s not working well for the party but party leaders are seemingly as disconnected from the people as the dems are. Bad sign.

      • Lonnie W. Lynch

        And the Party (establishment-elite) are trying to do it again… They have been very much in the destruction of Newt Gingrich and everyone else with the exception of the one candidate that they want and that would be Mr. Romney !!! I will be doing all in my power to get someone other than Romney!!!

  • Rose Marie Russell

    I just love it when Reid seethes–he does it so well. We have to beware that this episode is genuine,though, because he can fake it so-o-o easily!

  • donl

    Hey Rubio go for the throat!! The white house is full of these rats. You are the MAN. Keep up the good work.

    • soldiermom11

      Amen! We all love Rubio. He is from a family that understands first hand what it is like to live under socialism and communism and is why they came to America.

  • jeff willis

    This is exactly the kind of awareness that needs to be actualized. Rubio understands these “people” who are being appointed. We do not need a socialist leaning presence in any Latin American country. It’s good to see Harry Reid sweat!

  • John G.

    Let Harry Reid seethe, but let him seethe in hell.

  • Dolores F. Tamoria

    Rubio is the kind of Republican that we need more of in both Houses. FIGHTERS most of our former Party is full of cowards and appeasers. WE NEED A BIG CHANGE!

  • John

    Any time that someone can make that weasel seeth, it is a good thing !

  • Omar

    Viva Rubio for v.p. or President!

  • David Msg ret

    REID…. Your FIRED!
    VOTE the bastard OUT!

  • Jose C

    Marco Rubio should and I hope will – run for higher office in the near future.
    For all those who question whether he can be president – the answer is YES HE CAN.
    He is a legitimate American Citizen from birth. Period.

  • Keith

    All together now 1,2,3 Reid is a RASICT!!!!!!! Proable would NEVER v0te for Rubio!!!! That Makes him a RASICT! Right I mean if YOU don.t vote for Oblammer YOUR a racist right????? Or is that only when your CONSERVATIVE????That’s fair Right? or LEFT!!!!!

  • Bob Marshall

    First post today but i am posting too quickly. This site is becoming a joke.

    • Soldier of Fortune

      Happened to me, too. I refreshed the screen and went back to repost and it went through. Go figure!

  • Arnold McG

    Dirty Harry is an idiot. He only won re-election because of the Dems in Reno and Las Vegas, when he stopped here in Fernley, Nevada he was booed.

    WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!! These fools have been in DC too long and have no idea what goes on in the real world.

  • lizaz

    Poor Harry….he’s senile and doesn’t know it. He needs to be sent to the back of the room in NOV 2012 and maybe out the door at his next reelection. When will NV wake up?????

  • Soldier of Fortune

    Harry Reid playing the race card… something the dems do so well.

  • Dood

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are hollow, vile people who shouldn’t even be allowed to besmirch the reputation of used car salesmen, much less members of such an august and honored position of members of the United States Congress. They have no redeeming characteristics at all.

    • jaxum

      Did you really say august , honorable and congress in the same sentence?

  • Skeptical

    So Harry is miffed because any Obama nominee to a Latin American post, having a spanish last name MUST catagorically be acceptable and rubberstampable.
    Gosh, that sure looks like ‘racism’ spelled, R-E-I-D.

  • RIpete

    Reid thinks ALL Hispanics need him and the democrat party to sustain their lifes – Reid does not realize that most Hispanics are hard working, have familys, family values and are religious.
    They also don’t want Reid, Pelosi, Schultz and Obama inserting their amoral beliefs into their religious beliefs.

  • jaxum

    Three cheers for Rubio, it’s about time someone had the guts to bite Reid in his Marxist a**

  • Shawn

    “The war is lost” Harry Reid.

    I believe he and his son(s) have been involved in a number of shady land deals in Nevada. What if Harry Reid and Maxine Waters bred? Wonder if it would be human???

  • E

    “In Nevada, Aponte is seen by the Puerto Rican community, the Hispanic community, as really somebody who is an up-and-rising star . . . I just think it’s a mistake for someone who is supposedly representing Hispanic issues to do what [Rubio] has done.”

    Why should Rubio (FL) care what a bunch of (MAYBE legal) Hispanics think in NV? HE represents HIS constituents, which the country would be the better for if Reid (NV) concentrated more on doing himself.

  • http:Windowslive Kcatt

    I’m with Rubio on this one. And as to dingy Harry Reid? Well lately I’ve been seeing Obama as a glorified , self appointed, Godfather and the rest of them like Reid as Mafia bosses”” not Senators, Congressmen etc. And the Unions and the occupiers just complete the (mob rule ) picture.

  • Reneesluse

    Is there any footage of ole harry seething? If so, I’d love to see it.
    If it exists, put it up on you-tube and show the whole world what a poor sport that S.O.B. is. He can dish it out- but he sure can take it can he?… LOL

  • Larry E

    Were I black or hispanic (whatever that means) and some dolt like birdneck Harry Reid said that because I wasn’t a Demorat on their plantation and following their orders I was bad, wicked, evil, and nasty it’d really upset me. It’s good for that old coot that nobody really takes him seriously because if they did someone would likely wring his little skinny chicken neck.


    anyone that can piss that old scarecrow off has got my vote.

  • red-white-blue

    Reid is practicing to be a comic in the near future, as you can see by his comical statements. Even funnier, is Pelosi. She is a riot! Watch the 2007 speech she made about the gas prices during the Bush administration. She goes on and on about how high the prices are, and badmouths Bush to no end. Why doesn*t she say anything now that the gas prices are double the cost, then they were in the Bush administration? Can anyone say* Two Faced?*

  • Don Charleboix

    TO: Eddie76 Dingy Harry stole the election by busing 30,000 laborers, dishwashers etc, etc, etc to the voting machines and registered them same day they voted. DO NOT blame rank and file Nevadans for Harry. 84% of us want Yucca Mountain to open but Harry has based his entire career (over 40 years) on not allowing Yucca Mt. to go ahead. Ask Lefty Rosenthall about Harry.

  • Leslie85223

    I’d be more interested in knowing when Harry Reid is not seething about something . . .