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Farmers and ranchers asset rich, cash poor

On Feb. 13 President Barack Obama proposed a multi-trillion-dollar-budget.

The president said the budget is designed to spur job creation and impose higher taxes on the rich. However, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President J.D. Alexander said the president’s take on the estate tax threatens job creation and punishes the producers of food and fiber.

“Farmers and ranchers are asset rich and cash poor. Land and machinery does not equate to cash unless it is sold. When families are forced to sell off property to pay for the estate tax, the land seldom remains in production,” he said. “This outdated tax is escalating the depopulation of rural America.”

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  • jerry1944

    So true and when the goverment tax the land and small farmer have to sell it eather bought by large companys that can control the price easyer are it goes to subdvtions. Like the death tax has been the ruin of many 200 acare farms and smaller. Farmers have the land but its not worth mush to him if he dont work it and get some help from mother nature. Then the EPA says dont make dust when you plow the DEQ says you cant let kids learn the trade. The way the goverment treats farmers its a wonder the price is as low as it is


      Right-On jerry1944 Like The Imposter Pres Obamacare Just Stall Until After The Nov Election, Yikeess, What Is Really Needed Is Anyone “Butt” Obama, ABO, Just Remember What Milton Friedman Economist Said, “Govt Are Not Markets” If You Put The Obama Govt In Charge Of The “Sahara Desert”, In 4 Years There Would Be A Shortage Of Sand!! How True. God Bless America And Newt Gingrich

  • Patrioticnut

    “This outdated tax is escalating the depopulation of rural America.” That’s the idea. They want all of the U.S. population within the bounds of large cities so they can be “sustainable”. Part of agenda 21. Besides that, just in case you think that’s just some conspiracy theory, it is a way to control food production. If everyone lives within the large cities then we will have no use for privately owned vehicles, privately owned land, or privately owned anything for that matter. Wow, a means to accomplish the utopian life that the liberal socialists have wanted for so long!

    • ldmstr

      Agenda 21 is in the works. Look at the following website: See if your city is listed there. See if your city has signed on to their agenda.

      The Un has established Agenda 21 as the future organization of the world’s population. we will be brought back into the cities where we can be controled more easily. Cities will build up rather than out. Farming will be moved into local highrise farms where farming will take up less space and be closer to the population centers. Manufacturing will be established in the cities providing work for the masses. Entertainment and other circus’ will be provided to keep us entertained. We will not be able to leave the cities because the outside areas will be reserved for protecting those threatened animals we all love.

      So once we re-elect Obama and his enviro friends we can look forward to being cooped up in our concrete prisons while the animals run free as a bird. But hey who are we to complain?

  • Laura

    Patrioticnut…I am a farmer and you took the words right out of my mouth. There are so many government imposed tactics that put extreme pressure and hardship on hard-working Americans and way too many people don’t even realize what they are. And, if you take enough time to really understand all the government “red tape” that we have to deal with, then it becomes plainly clear what the government is trying to do…take our land, control food production, and everything else. Our freedom is being taken away inch by inch continuously…not because we are not capable of making our own livings as we see fit, but because we have elected power-hungry, socialists, marxists, communists types to run our government.
    Have no doubt folks, too many people in control in government think that they are taking care of their constituents by making them dependent on entitlement programs instead of independent by their own means. (Hence the term “bleeding-heart liberals.”) Entitlement? Mere existence doesn’t make anyone entitled to anything. I am not even entitled to survive a disaster if I don’t do anything to prepare myself and my family accordingly, but I am not going to rely on the government or anyone else for my survival. And, it would not be fair for me to take (loot, steal) from my neighbors and put them at greater risk during a disaster.
    Remember the horrific mess after hurricane Katrina? That’s what we’ll have, only on a larger scale, if people continue to let government “take care” of them.
    People need to realize that too much of our government has become power-hungry, greedy, selfish and corrupt. Don’t believe any promises that anyone in government tells you. Believe in yourself instead. Rugged individualism helped form and build this country and it needs to be rekindled in the American spirit to get us back on track.

  • Dingbat36

    The “GUBMINT” is doing the same thing to ALL private enterprise from the owner of the corner candy store to the people who can not compete with foreign imports and had to ship jobs offshore just to stay afloat. It’s getting worse. Pick up any item in a store and it’s either made in China or assembled in China. That is where all our minimum wage jobs have gone and Washington is to blame for every stifling regulation!

  • http://www.oilcrusher, Daniel E McAmoil

    We have a govt,, who says that kids under 18 cant work on a farm, ( so how do they learn), Taxes, (local land tax,, income tax,,, and death tax all add up), and inflation spiking the values now to deal with.. Then throw in all the EPA mandates on farm tractors , and combines engines that adds $00000s to the new costs and repair costs and cuts the engine life in 1/2..

    Seems to me,, in the next 15 years we will all be eating import food from China?



    Being asset rich and cash poor is very dangerous. It is the easiest way to lose eveything. DO YOUR DAMDEST TO CONCENTRATE ON BUILDING CASH. THIS GOVERNMENT WILL TAX YOU DRY AND AUCTION YOU OFF TO FRIENDS OF THE PARTY.

  • David USAF

    It’s not just the federal government, but the state governments as well that hurt the people they claim to help. I have seen first hand the control of the state and how it hurts the people. The stat of Kansas sued Colorado for $29 million over water. As a result, the wells in Southeastern Colorado have been shut off. Nobody in Kansas that was supposedly hurt by the water situation was helped, and there isn’t any more water then there was before. Colorado farmers aren’t allowed to use as much water as is needed to grow crops and the result has been desasterous to the economy of South-Eastern Colorado. When the farmer can’t produce, he can’t hire workers or buy equipment which help the economy.

    The regulations that the state of Colorado has placed on wells is outragious, because Denver wants to have complete control of the water in the state. And I’ve also seen that the people in Denver don’t think that we exist or do they care.

    • ldmstr

      We have known about the water issue in the western plains for decades and no one has done anything about it. The cities on the west coast take billions of gallons of water out of the Colorado and other major rivers and the government has not made the effort to get them off. California talks about building desalination plants on the coast to produce water for these cities but fail to put forward the bonds necessary to build them.

      The federal government has known about the coming water shortage sence the dust bowl era. The Mississippi River floods almost every year and we fail to pull water our of the river to move it our into the plains where it can be used for farming. There should be a network of canals running from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains moving water across the plains for use in the cities and for farming. Large reservoirs should be built to hold the excess water allowing storage for the lean times. Hydrogen generating stations should be built near these reservoirs and electrical power can be created in hydrogen gas turbines power stations. The hydrogen can also be used to fuel the new transportation system we should build to elliminate gasoline fueled vehicles.

      So as you can see, we can kill a lot of birds if we only made the decision to do so. the government calls for new economic growth. What better way than to build the system above and create all those jobs supporting the process.


    Wake-Up Proud American Farmers “The White House Is Manipulating “All” Numbers On Jobs, Yikeess, Plus If You Think Differant Just Mention “Audit The Feds” Now And Watch The Dhimmitude Kick-In With Daily Sermons From “Motor Mouth” Himself. And Remember The Day The “Liberal Goons” Took Over Was “Not” 2009!!!! It Was Actually 2007 The Day The “Liberal Goons” Took Over The House And Senate, “Audit The Feds” Now For The Nov Election And “Anyone Butt Obama” ABO. God Bless America And Farmers And Ranchers Of The USA. “Audit The Feds”

  • ldmstr

    Lets look at the tactics used. If you control water you control food production. If you control food production you control the people. The government has been building it’s control over farming and food production for a hundred years. In the early 1900s they began regulating how farmers grew their crops and who they would go to for their funding for the coming year of planting and harvesting. The government began controling what farmers could grow when they would tell farmers to stop one crop for another, and now they pay farmers not to grow certain crops.

    The government began organizing industrial food production by allowing large scale farming to start and allowing large corporations to invest in food production. The small farmer has been slowly forced off the land by these corporations and we now see our food prodcution controled by fewer and fewer producers. We also see our food stocks shrink as the government buys up surplus to maintain price supports and useit as foreign aid to other countries. But our largest problem is how the government has taken over the financing of farming byforcing out local banks from giving loans to farmers. The money drys up and farmers are forced to sell. Credit runs dry and they are forced to sell out to large corporations.

    So how do we reverse this trend?? Well first we elect a republican who will reverse the actions of the government. We re-establish small farming and stop large corporate farming from expanding. The government has to reopen credit to the local banks so they can fund farming again making it easier for small farmers to make their living. The American people need to purchase their goods from small local farmers, avoiding food processed by large corporations that is over processed, lacking good nutrition value. then maybe our farming willreturn to the people.